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Quran Recitation 10 Hours -
Published: 1 year ago By: 10HoursOfEverything

By: 10HoursOfEverythingPublished: 1 year ago

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gul gee
'gul gee' 21 hours ago
Ma sha allah
gul gee
'gul gee' 21 hours ago
sura al Hijr recited by Haza Al balushi
Al-akh Yasin Ibrahim
mashallah! i listen to this whenever i go to sleep. thanx alot
'SHEIKH DANISH' 2 days ago
Masha Allah nice voice
Zarrar Awan
'Zarrar Awan' 4 days ago
What the Glorious Quran does is make the Satan run away because it burns them inside and ultimately that gives people a different experience, one of pureness. Every single human being knows the Quran unknowingly.
Ahmad Khan
'Ahmad Khan' 5 days ago
Basile Keupon
'Basile Keupon' 7 days ago
Allah's my father
malaikah Khan
'malaikah Khan' 1 week ago
I listen to this every night How can people dislike this
HafiyDanish Craft
'HafiyDanish Craft' 1 week ago
islam Dan malikat
Salma Elmahy
'Salma Elmahy' 1 week ago
me too I like to listen to Quran when I sleep with my sister and baby boy
Faze amin Lol
'Faze amin Lol' 1 week ago
Allah is
Radwan Radwan
'Radwan Radwan' 1 week ago
is this complete quran
Radwan Radwan
'Radwan Radwan' 1 week ago
my name is Radwan Radwan to the reciter of this Quran may Allah grant you jannah it's hard to find a good Hafiz.p!ease if you read this make prayers for the radwan family.i know for a fact somebody did amal sihr to me this guy told. me so.and I'm experiencing difficulties in my life can't explain too you.
Radwan Radwan
'Radwan Radwan' 1 week ago
Allahu Akbar,I pray for all Muslims goin through hardships,may Allah guide us all Muslims on the pathway to jannah.I love this recitation.
Radwan Radwan
'Radwan Radwan' 1 week ago
subhan Allah, islam is everywhere.Quran is on YouTube now.i still have cassette tapes from the 80s
Radwan Radwan
'Radwan Radwan' 1 week ago
I love it this is new,may Allah reward who ever recited this beautiful Quran.i always look for different reciters.
Radwan Radwan
'Radwan Radwan' 1 week ago
beautiful voice maa Shaa Allah
'ماكل SANTANA' 2 weeks ago
maashaa'Allah maashaa'Allah
Shameem Akhtar
'Shameem Akhtar' 2 weeks ago
beautiful mashallah SubhanAllah Allah hu Akbar. all praise to the one and only Allah the king of the heavens and world
Mohammed Abdul Mannan
আমিন amin
'SAVAGE WOLF' 2 weeks ago
'Today's story' 2 weeks ago
اسم القارئ جزاك الله خير ؟؟
Gha Na
'Gha Na' 2 weeks ago
allah is really wonderful
Gha Na
'Gha Na' 2 weeks ago
maasha allah
'ItsNewtownPvP' 2 weeks ago
Allah is the best :)
'ItsNewtownPvP' 3 weeks ago
This is beautiful
mohammad almahzry
'mohammad almahzry' 3 weeks ago
it smoothens my heart, time and time when I'm upset, sad or having some problems, it makes me calm and feels better... Masha Allah what a very nice voice and the pronunciation will really smooth your heart and feels better...jazakallah khair to the reader...may God give you more BARAKALLAWFIK, peace and joy with you love ones...thanks ALOT
Munira Abbabiya
'Munira Abbabiya' 3 weeks ago
My perfect sleeping aid
Sihaam Abdirisaq
'Sihaam Abdirisaq' 3 weeks ago
Mash Allah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Allah is al-Wahhab
Ayub Ali
'Ayub Ali' 3 weeks ago
allah yashfiiq
Ayub Ali
'Ayub Ali' 3 weeks ago
masha allah tabarakallah
Amina Said
'Amina Said' 4 weeks ago
if I lisan to quran I sleep and if soo beautiful
'G G' 4 weeks ago
alhamdu lillah
'G G' 4 weeks ago
masha allah
Nebu Cat
'Nebu Cat' 4 weeks ago
I wish I created a Quran and how do I have a beautiful voice? I'm a girl and I'm 10 years old and I know how to read 3 more Quran My Dad Is Learning me how to read Quran I was putting Duaa and my dad is so glad Love you all people <3but I don't like bad people only good people:)😊🙂🕋🕌inshalla you all go to jannah Have A Great Day!! Love you all:)❤️
'A B' 4 weeks ago
May Allah answer all our prayers
Md Azhar Khan
'Md Azhar Khan' 4 weeks ago
Masha allah
'A B' 4 weeks ago
maasha allah
Istar Dirir
'Istar Dirir' 4 weeks ago
ma sha Allah Beutifulll Voice😍😍❤❤❤❤
nopa dwi
'nopa dwi' 1 month ago
indonesia view (oh ini sangat menenangkan<
Malyuun Abdikadir
'Malyuun Abdikadir' 1 month ago
mash alllah
adoomygang saleh
'adoomygang saleh' 1 month ago
losing some one you can listen to the when you're upset or just sad.
Abdo Zin
'Abdo Zin' 1 month ago
'_ALAESC1_ VLGS' 1 month ago
Asad king
'Asad king' 1 month ago
Israa Ghaeb
'Israa Ghaeb' 1 month ago
+Anwar Abdulkadir Same
Juma Said
'Juma Said' 1 month ago
where can i go and taught quran please? my number is +351910271394 it is real good.
M. Moin Azizi
'M. Moin Azizi' 2 months ago
MashAllah JazakAllah Khair
Maryam Abdullahi
'Maryam Abdullahi' 2 months ago
I try to put this on revert.night for sleep so calming
'rerebaby27' 2 months ago
So beautiful
Carazy Gamer
'Carazy Gamer' 2 months ago
I like to lessen Quran 😀😀😀😃😄😃😁😀
Carazy Gamer
'Carazy Gamer' 2 months ago
ilove quran
Hussein Salahi
'Hussein Salahi' 2 months ago
I love it
'Exeleris' 2 months ago
quran is life!
Emir KaribasicNICE
'Emir KaribasicNICE' 2 months ago
মোহাম্মদ শাহা পরান
মাশা আল্লাহ
Salma Yarey
'Salma Yarey' 2 months ago
Allah is my hero all the time
Victor Edward
'Victor Edward' 2 months ago
Allah is grate
Victor Cifuentes
'Victor Cifuentes' 2 months ago
what is quran?
mohamed gad
'mohamed gad' 2 months ago
HIS NAME IS . Hazza Al Balushi
'N_A-R_U-T_O' 2 months ago
yay i love Quran
neima babirye
'neima babirye' 2 months ago
Assia Messaoudi
'Assia Messaoudi' 2 months ago
i cant get enough maschaALLAH!! i can hear it everytime ♡♡♡♡
The Ghost Mind-CS:GO and more
you literally have everything in 10 hours............ wowzerz my boi
kendji drac
'kendji drac' 2 months ago
Kashka Luqman
'Kashka Luqman' 2 months ago
All həmdullah, allah hu arbak.
lokman hossain
'lokman hossain' 2 months ago
Anwar Abdulkadir
'Anwar Abdulkadir' 2 months ago
I listen to this when I go to sleep👌🏽😴
sans 9000
'sans 9000' 2 months ago
it so sogoiiiii XD
Hafiz Abdulwahab
'Hafiz Abdulwahab' 2 months ago
Mujahid Shahzad
'Mujahid Shahzad' 2 months ago
Masha Allah very nice recite
adoomygang saleh
'adoomygang saleh' 3 months ago
Masha Allah
power tube
'power tube' 3 months ago
Thanks Allah for letting us to be mosllems and I love qoran alhamdorelah
راشد عبدالله عثمان الهمامي
I like to lesan quran 😗😗
راشد عبدالله عثمان الهمامي
very nice 😍😍😍
crazy cotton
'crazy cotton' 3 months ago
Mashallah so beautiful ❤️
noushu ponnani
'noushu ponnani' 3 months ago
mashaa allaaah....
Hawo Farah
'Hawo Farah' 3 months ago
he reads so so so solw
'U AE' 3 months ago
home and school and when I am doing homework and I also i study at bakery cake at summer they teach me and all of this place I hear quran also at mall all of this at mic I hear it also at home
salsabeel ahmed
'salsabeel ahmed' 4 months ago
I love listeing to quran while I'm cooking cleaning and even doing my homework :)
Yolanda Cribbs
'Yolanda Cribbs' 4 months ago
'Ghali TIOUALE' 4 months ago
masha allah i love you göz i love you very much
kojonew betam ketlbet aeyizoh berta Gh
aelah yiwefken hulachinenm
sadiya ibrahim
'sadiya ibrahim' 4 months ago
mansh allh
Reda L
'Reda L' 4 months ago
'hi' 4 months ago
The Quran always make me cry
Anass Mocro
'Anass Mocro' 4 months ago
Allah is the best
Rasik 9899
'Rasik 9899' 4 months ago
nalla kiraathu....
Rasik 9899
'Rasik 9899' 4 months ago
masha allah.
David Holt
'David Holt' 5 months ago
Which suras please?
Katarina Mendelova
'Katarina Mendelova' 5 months ago
MASAALLAH my Allah blessing all muslim people brother and sister
Jack Sanderss
'Jack Sanderss' 5 months ago
Allah is the greatest
Yasemin Osman
'Yasemin Osman' 5 months ago
nsamba ghadaffi
'nsamba ghadaffi' 5 months ago
Sounds 👍🙉 mashallah.
Ameer Saramah
'Ameer Saramah' 5 months ago
I want to listen to this all day
Ayub Nuur
'Ayub Nuur' 5 months ago
mohamed yare
'mohamed yare' 6 months ago
masha-Allah what a beautiful voice I love it
yassin Darei
'yassin Darei' 6 months ago
thank you Allah, for this i love you more then everything, i love Quran and everyday i am listening to this when i am sleeping a thip to you guys out there, never eat with your left hand because then you are eating with shaaytan and we dont like shaaytan, spit on your left side of shoulder right shoulder is the one and the best in the world😍
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