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Quran Recitation 10 Hours -
Published: 2 years ago By: 10HoursOfEverything

By: 10HoursOfEverythingPublished: 2 years ago

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by Hazza Al Balushi

Mohamed Siddique
'Mohamed Siddique' 7 hours ago
May I know who is the Qari ?
Ahmad Harraz
'Ahmad Harraz' 16 hours ago
I had sleep paralysis a few years ago and when I did I saw the same hallucination a 8 foot figure with wings and a face of a goat. When I told my mother she played quaran in my room every night (I still do) ever since I have only had a few nightmares and no hallucinations. MashAllah amazing recitation.
'ahmedchelsea' 1 day ago
who is the reciter?
'ahmedchelsea' 1 day ago
pls some one who can tell me the reciter
Saleem Noman
'Saleem Noman' 1 day ago
I really needed this now. I am having bad times. Pray for me :)
Sany yaeahbdmzmm
'Sany yaeahbdmzmm' 1 day ago
Abdul Moeed
'Abdul Moeed' 1 day ago
subhanAllah mashaAllah
mo gaming 11
'mo gaming 11' 2 days ago
Maynuddin Molla
'Maynuddin Molla' 2 days ago
masha allah..
Maynuddin Molla
'Maynuddin Molla' 2 days ago
masha allah..
Maynuddin Molla
'Maynuddin Molla' 2 days ago
masha allah..
c z
'c z' 2 days ago
Ahid Kazi
'Ahid Kazi' 2 days ago
মাসাআল্লাহ. অনেক সুন্দর কণ্ঠ
Mariyama Kadir
'Mariyama Kadir' 2 days ago
ماشاء الله
Faisal Faisal
'Faisal Faisal' 2 days ago
ما اسم قارئ القرآن
Lam Mim Media
'Lam Mim Media' 2 days ago
masha Allah !!!!!!!!!! visit for more video
Abdirahman Said SK04b
تاةكخ علي باارب
Malak Zakariya
'Malak Zakariya' 3 days ago
I love quran
Mariatul Qiftiyah
'Mariatul Qiftiyah' 3 days ago
hm, those 3K dislikes..................
Jack Albright
'Jack Albright' 4 days ago
Here's a really good idea for you stupid fucks… Come to my home state of Kansas… We will show you some really good down-home "hospitality".. actually, we are more likely to blow the brains at the back of your fucking stupid heads! Stay the fuck out of America!
Jack Albright
'Jack Albright' 4 days ago
THIS is what western civilization is reduced to nowadays… Muslim WOMEN grilling a German MAN!! Jump up and beat their heads into the floor!
Jack Albright
'Jack Albright' 4 days ago
How dare you speak German by the way… This culture and its language was NEVER meant for you!! Get out of Germany right now… I don't care if you were born there… It was a disgrace if you were! Germany was meant for the Germanic tribes… Not some shit skin like you!!
'InfinityxInfinity' 4 days ago
Is this the whole quran?
Jack Albright
'Jack Albright' 4 days ago
Can you do me a favor? Can you please tell me where I can find the point in the Koran where Mohammed fucks his nine-year-old wife Aisha? Does it say in the Caraun, how much he enjoyed sticking his penis inside of a child?
Qalbi Diin
'Qalbi Diin' 4 days ago
Saheer Kp
'Saheer Kp' 4 days ago
Qurhan അമേസിങ്
Zubi zir
'Zubi zir' 5 days ago
Very clear..and beautyful..masha allah
alfred dela vega
'alfred dela vega' 5 days ago
Ameen ...i love Quran...
Saba Khan
'Saba Khan' 6 days ago
I am loud for being a Muslim 🕋🕌🕋🕌🕋🕌🕋🕌🕋🕌🕋🕌🕋🕌🕋🕌🕍
Saeed Alazami
'Saeed Alazami' 6 days ago
Allahu akbar
Youngassassin 1190
The Quran is fucking stupid
Talha Rahman
'Talha Rahman' 7 days ago
Nice ho r u kowmi or any
moftah bobaker
'moftah bobaker' 7 days ago
moftah bobaker
'moftah bobaker' 7 days ago
Me too
Nagi Abdulmalek
'Nagi Abdulmalek' 7 days ago
الهم اهديني لما تحب وترضى😢😢😭😭😭😭
Shaista Adil
'Shaista Adil' 1 week ago
Mas Allah
raziq khan
'raziq khan' 1 week ago
I hope avry muslim go to janha
raziq khan
'raziq khan' 1 week ago
This quran is the best
ismaila ibrahim
'ismaila ibrahim' 1 week ago
Swadaqallahul Azwim!
Dowlut Khadija
'Dowlut Khadija' 1 week ago
who can dislike this
Hassan Ali
'Hassan Ali' 1 week ago
Good 10000000000 20000000. 400000000700000
Saira Khatoon
'Saira Khatoon' 1 week ago
masallah biutyful voice
حبيبي انت دايما في قلبي f
رابي اهديناو فرج همنا
حبيبي انت دايما في قلبي f
سبحان الله العظيم صوت كتير احلو ♥
Emir Atahan
'Emir Atahan' 1 week ago
first reciters name,?
Aweys Galley
'Aweys Galley' 1 week ago
Masha Allah jazakumullah
JD AFC_shdi
'JD AFC_shdi' 1 week ago
Mashallah 😘
Abdur Rashid
'Abdur Rashid' 1 week ago
I love this tilawat. He's voice is very nice.
Ramla Mohamed
'Ramla Mohamed' 1 week ago
Mashaa Allah
Cookie Cup
'Cookie Cup' 1 week ago
It really is beautiful
The Legend of Gaming
Beautiful Ma'Sha'Allah 🙏❤
Abdulaziz Abdulkadir Jama
Masha Allah. ALLAH you are the greatest of everything. We are saying ALHAMDULILAH. You gave us the best thing of every thing Which is Quran. All my Muslim brothers ans sisters, let us read and listen Quran regularly. If we read today, it will help us tomorrow when there is no one want to help the other even his/her closest ones. I LOVE YOU ALL my MUSLIM brother and sisters. Thanks for uploading this beautiful Quran Recitation.
saleem raza
'saleem raza' 1 week ago
please tell me name of this qari
Razan Hemaid
'Razan Hemaid' 1 week ago
In allah whoall grfor I'll rahim
hfiza sraje
'hfiza sraje' 1 week ago
مشاء الله 🌷💕🌷💕🌷
Sonia Mahboob
'Sonia Mahboob' 1 week ago
I love it
Zahra Khodadadi
'Zahra Khodadadi' 1 week ago
Masha Allah Verye Nice Vioce
'Love 'S' 1 week ago
Mashallah ya allah give all muslim brothers and sisters jannah.
Meshal Sabrah
'Meshal Sabrah' 1 week ago
Most peaceful thing to hear
Ayub Muktar
'Ayub Muktar' 2 weeks ago
fatuma mursal
'fatuma mursal' 2 weeks ago
Amazing Ameen
'T ISMAIL' 2 weeks ago
Masha Allah super speech my like this speech
Abshiro Cumar
'Abshiro Cumar' 2 weeks ago
Mansha my Allah blessing all the Muslim brothers and sisters
muhammad tariq
'muhammad tariq' 2 weeks ago
بہت اچھی آواز ہے۔ اللہ اس کی زندگی میں برکت دے۔
Karwan Ahmed
'Karwan Ahmed' 2 weeks ago
Mashallah ❤️
'LOL LOL' 2 weeks ago
WE ARE MUSLIM we are proud to be muslim
'LOL LOL' 2 weeks ago
we are glad to be Muslim
'LOL LOL' 2 weeks ago
I love ALLAH
'LOL LOL' 2 weeks ago
so god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
irfan vk
'irfan vk' 2 weeks ago
جزاك الله
Me like
'Me like' 2 weeks ago
Can i listen to it when i am on my Period?
'MrFantom556' 2 weeks ago
Aaaa devlese sose marol halla nalje ❤ ilo oooooo devla najman mo dada taj mi dej😣 mozal e devlese boci vo vo devlla tu San jek 🕋😓
LorikMaps Tv
'LorikMaps Tv' 2 weeks ago
MashaAllah Elhamdulilah Subhanallah Allahu EKBER La ilahe ila llah💓💙
Yasir Shah
'Yasir Shah' 2 weeks ago
Very very very very beautiful 💓💓💓💓💓
Roaring King
'Roaring King' 2 weeks ago
MashaAllah MashaAllah
AAbfchxj AA1234BDB
'AAbfchxj AA1234BDB' 2 weeks ago
Masha Allahaa Masha Allahaa Masha Allahaa Masha Allahaa
'FurqanTV' 2 weeks ago
*Qur'an is my best friend....I love Qur'an sooo much*
Alaa Hawrami
'Alaa Hawrami' 2 weeks ago
amazing voice
Mama Kinasha
'Mama Kinasha' 2 weeks ago
Masha Allah
'Har1s_ALB' 2 weeks ago
Allahu Akbar!📿🕋☪️
Sandra Abdalla
'Sandra Abdalla' 2 weeks ago Who is Muhammad Qasim
'ABJAR QATAR' 2 weeks ago
I love quran so much!!!
'ABJAR QATAR' 2 weeks ago
And by the way the person who’s reading the quran is my dads friend
'ABJAR QATAR' 2 weeks ago
This quran is amazing
kuzema Abdela
'kuzema Abdela' 2 weeks ago
Masha Allah masha Allah -💚
amin el fakiri
'amin el fakiri' 2 weeks ago
mesa allah
Hafsah Ahmed
'Hafsah Ahmed' 2 weeks ago
Hey guys what’s up this always makes me and my family cry 😢 for this and roght now I am with my family
Jaama yare
'Jaama yare' 2 weeks ago
ماشاءالله تبارك الله
Shahjad Farooqui
'Shahjad Farooqui' 2 weeks ago
Masah Allah
Smail Mohammed Yassine
Ty for the video😁
Smail Mohammed Yassine
Mashallah very good 😀😁😁😀😁😀😘😍😘😍😘😍 inshalah Allah forgivn us😊😉
Daudi Paulo
'Daudi Paulo' 2 weeks ago
Nazir Ali
'Nazir Ali' 2 weeks ago
Md Parvez
'Md Parvez' 2 weeks ago
Abdul Amin
'Abdul Amin' 2 weeks ago
I love Allah Ta 'Ala because Allah Ta' ala
jaleel parakkal
'jaleel parakkal' 2 weeks ago
Firoj Mohd.
'Firoj Mohd.' 2 weeks ago
MashAllah amazing tone very nice
Mohamud Abdi mohamed
All alh
mhod furkan
'mhod furkan' 3 weeks ago
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