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Quran Recitation 10 Hours -
Published: 2 years ago By: 10HoursOfEverything

By: 10HoursOfEverythingPublished: 2 years ago

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Hhb V
'Hhb V' 1 day ago
masha allah masha allah masha allah j z k
ahmad mahmoud
'ahmad mahmoud' 1 day ago
ماشاء الله تبارك الرحمن
Jowel Khan
'Jowel Khan' 1 day ago
Ineed Allah is My life
masha allah
Ineed Allah is My life
masha allah
Akhtar Ali
'Akhtar Ali' 2 days ago
Jí mmy
'Jí mmy' 2 days ago
*1k dislike. I wonder why !*
Mory Diakite
'Mory Diakite' 3 days ago
i love it
Mory Diakite
'Mory Diakite' 3 days ago
this is Very Nice
M Rafeeq
'M Rafeeq' 3 days ago
Jamila ስራጅ
'Jamila ስራጅ' 3 days ago
ألله أكبر مش ألله مش ألله برك ألله فيكم😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Jamila ስራጅ
'Jamila ስራጅ' 3 days ago
مش ألله مش ألله مش ألله ☝👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Jamila ስራጅ
'Jamila ስራጅ' 3 days ago
مش الله تبرك ألله بركلله فيكم وم يتقب ألله مين ومينكم ❤💝👍👍👍
Medina Mohammed
'Medina Mohammed' 4 days ago
Rowe Rowe
'Rowe Rowe' 4 days ago
Allhe is the best
Rowe Rowe
'Rowe Rowe' 4 days ago
አልሀምዱሊላህ ረበል አለሚን ሙስሊም አድርገህ ለህለቀኝ ጌታ
sheikha kouthar cader
Subhaanallaah Subhaanallaah سبحانالله سبحانالله سبحانالله سبحانالله
Abdusee Rase
'Abdusee Rase' 6 days ago
its so beauty full recitation me i need to get the reciter please can you tell his name jezeakumullah?
Zakarya El Saleh
'Zakarya El Saleh' 6 days ago
Ciise Xersi
'Ciise Xersi' 6 days ago
masha allah
Marissa Timichelk
'Marissa Timichelk' 6 days ago
Allah akbar
NurHossain nUr
'NurHossain nUr' 7 days ago
মাশা আল্লাহ্‌ খুব সুন্দর তেলাওয়াত,
matata boy
'matata boy' 7 days ago
Mansha'alaaaah. Can you please tell me the sheik reading this Quran ? I defenetly want all his recitations.
Guttural Cannibal
'Guttural Cannibal' 7 days ago
go to hell and burn with this heretic religion
Ilhan Axmed
'Ilhan Axmed' 1 week ago
Allah Akbar Manshall allah
Hal Ty
'Hal Ty' 1 week ago
I'm trying to hifiz the Qur'an and im 14 and memorized 9 to 10 juzez and inshallah I hifiz the Qur'an in this year
Elfo Konjo
'Elfo Konjo' 1 week ago
Maha allah
Bubacarr Jallow
'Bubacarr Jallow' 1 week ago
Quran is nice
Bubacarr Jallow
'Bubacarr Jallow' 1 week ago
Quran is the best book
Yunus Abid
'Yunus Abid' 1 week ago
br A a Kum I want to download whole quran of this recitor please get me Link or name of application. Jazakallah
Muna Sulub
'Muna Sulub' 1 week ago
may allah forgive the person who is reading and everyone for all the bad deeds and may allah guide us to the straight path to jannah. may allah bless us health, clothes, money, a beautiful family and a great job. may allah make us hafithul quran and salaad. and may allah agree to all duaa's we say!!★★★amiin and allah is the best!!!!!!!
Yunus Abid
'Yunus Abid' 1 week ago
MasaAllah br what is name of this recitor please .
deqa yyusuf
'deqa yyusuf' 1 week ago
Rahimah Ahmad
'Rahimah Ahmad' 1 week ago
Menasser Awad
'Menasser Awad' 1 week ago
it makes me feel much better about myself masha alla I love this
Hafida Sadki
'Hafida Sadki' 1 week ago
machalah baraka alaho fik☝☝💖
Babaei Hekmet
'Babaei Hekmet' 1 week ago
الا الله آله
Axmed Qadar
'Axmed Qadar' 1 week ago
'KiltedCanuck4' 1 week ago
It's not cool to fuck a 9 year old
Mostafa Janu
'Mostafa Janu' 1 week ago
Masah Allah
Kalam Saha
'Kalam Saha' 1 week ago
মোঃ আবুল কালাম আজাত
আবদুল আলীম
'enderninja619' 1 week ago
md Khairullah
'md Khairullah' 1 week ago
Maryan Sharif
'Maryan Sharif' 1 week ago
mashaallah may allah pay him in the day of judgement
suman kumari
'suman kumari' 2 weeks ago
suban aallha masa aallha
Hamayun Khan
'Hamayun Khan' 2 weeks ago
I love Quraaan
Hamayun Khan
'Hamayun Khan' 2 weeks ago
I am going to sleep and I am listening to it
Hamayun Khan
'Hamayun Khan' 2 weeks ago
Thank you Allah your the best
Abdirahmaan Arab
'Abdirahmaan Arab' 2 weeks ago
masha allah
Amara Turay
'Amara Turay' 2 weeks ago
nice recitation
awais hashmi
'awais hashmi' 2 weeks ago
Saynab Sicid
'Saynab Sicid' 2 weeks ago
juweer ilhaan
'juweer ilhaan' 2 weeks ago
Allah is the best
almadina ams
'almadina ams' 2 weeks ago
garat g
Harvey Donna
'Harvey Donna' 2 weeks ago
mashallah ❤
SEADA Mohammed
'SEADA Mohammed' 2 weeks ago
What is your name shekiy
Seynab Aweys
'Seynab Aweys' 2 weeks ago
masha Allah wan jeclahay dhageesiga aquranka I love Quran every time I am lisenting
Venhanna Guiaman Hana
I love qur-an
amjad ali
'amjad ali' 2 weeks ago
Aziza Mussa
'Aziza Mussa' 2 weeks ago
mashallah tebarekllah
Hamisi Chazzega
'Hamisi Chazzega' 2 weeks ago
Masha-Allaahu! peace be on you.. this way is special for all who follow way of Salaf swaalih
Rahmanzxb Zxb
'Rahmanzxb Zxb' 2 weeks ago
masha allha
ayaan feysal
'ayaan feysal' 2 weeks ago
masha allah
abdul jaleel
'abdul jaleel' 2 weeks ago
masha allah
نويد پددیسی
kule gutt neymar
'kule gutt neymar' 2 weeks ago
Thank you allah for this beautiful life and world and I thank allah everyday to be living and I am normal and I have no problems and I have food and I have parents and I live under a roof and I thank Allah that I am a Muslim, this sound is so beautiful I listen to quran every night and I feel so relaxed and I feel so happy and i see things and I learn and forgive I have hope in life. This is beautiful no matter what anyone says about Islam no matter what people think Islam is only we know and Allah knows and we are safe and peaceful. To all the people out there you're beautiful and amazing hope you have a good day listening to this beautiful voice:)❤️ Read more
Faysal Ismail
'Faysal Ismail' 2 weeks ago
masha allah jasaa akalaahu khayr
zalmai Hamidi
'zalmai Hamidi' 2 weeks ago
Asiya Ahmed
'Asiya Ahmed' 2 weeks ago
Roomal Kochai
'Roomal Kochai' 2 weeks ago
nice marshal lah
Asiya Ahmed
'Asiya Ahmed' 2 weeks ago
md Khairullah
'md Khairullah' 2 weeks ago
Shafqat Khan S.K.A
'Shafqat Khan S.K.A' 2 weeks ago
Thanks allha for this beautiful life
Adam Adam
'Adam Adam' 2 weeks ago
Ma-shaAllah beautiful..! can some tel me name of the réciter??
Pinda Ali
'Pinda Ali' 2 weeks ago
love it☝☝
رنده الجبالي
ماشاء الله سبحان الله لا اله الا الله 🎀
Fowizya Bedel
'Fowizya Bedel' 2 weeks ago
MashaAllaah I love listening to the Quran Allah blessed us all mashallah . 💖💕
Kamlai Hssen
'Kamlai Hssen' 2 weeks ago
Kamlai Hssen
'Kamlai Hssen' 2 weeks ago
Mubarik Mohamed
'Mubarik Mohamed' 2 weeks ago
Putridiana Putri
'Putridiana Putri' 2 weeks ago
y allah adem bbgt hati ini dengar nyyy. pengn nangis rasa ny
Ahsan Ullah
'Ahsan Ullah' 2 weeks ago
Masha allah
Md Mohammad
'Md Mohammad' 2 weeks ago
Skinny TT.K.P
'Skinny TT.K.P' 2 weeks ago
I really love Muslim ❤❤❤❤❤
Gha Na
'Gha Na' 3 weeks ago
allahu akbar
Najim ahmed
'Najim ahmed' 3 weeks ago
Abdullah Walizada
'Abdullah Walizada' 3 weeks ago
Khayal Jafarzade
'Khayal Jafarzade' 3 weeks ago
Xaliimo Abdulahi
'Xaliimo Abdulahi' 3 weeks ago
what a voice manshaallah may Allah bless you when am sad or i have a problem i do listen
Vishwas Kumar
'Vishwas Kumar' 3 weeks ago
so lovely very sweet listing... give peace and
Nicki nicki Jallow
'Nicki nicki Jallow' 3 weeks ago
Md Morshd
'Md Morshd' 3 weeks ago
আহু আকবর
Iman Hassan
'Iman Hassan' 3 weeks ago
It helps me sleep very goo👌👌👌😴😴😴😴
Iman Hassan
'Iman Hassan' 3 weeks ago
Iman Hassan
'Iman Hassan' 3 weeks ago
You have a beautiful voice mashAllah
Iman Hassan
'Iman Hassan' 3 weeks ago
My Allah give you Jannah.
abdiin kiyaa rabbumaa betami.deseyrlale
mashaa allaah jzk mashaa allah
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