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Quran Recitation 10 Hours -
Published: 2 years ago By: 10HoursOfEverything

By: 10HoursOfEverythingPublished: 2 years ago

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Yassin Ibrahim
'Yassin Ibrahim' 18 minutes ago
Thank you Allhah
'ABDURRAHMAN Very nice' 28 minutes ago
Rozana Sayed
'Rozana Sayed' 38 minutes ago
what's the name of the sheikh ?
Cnn Cnn
'Cnn Cnn' 2 hours ago
Nuralom Khan
'Nuralom Khan' 2 hours ago
Rubel Hossin
'Rubel Hossin' 3 hours ago
Nibal Issa
'Nibal Issa' 3 hours ago
mashaallah ❤
Nengroo Mukhtar
'Nengroo Mukhtar' 4 hours ago
Jazak Allah khair
Saud Shaikh
'Saud Shaikh' 4 hours ago
hii ma ap sa mil na cat hu
Irssi Boina
'Irssi Boina' 5 hours ago
you're the best ! it's so soothing ! masha'Allah
Isa Sulaiman
'Isa Sulaiman' 6 hours ago
Alhamdulillah, I love qur'an
masy mohiman
'masy mohiman' 10 hours ago
WOW I HAVE NEVER HEARD AN VOICE LIKE THIS Also I wish you can see my message
Haydar Shamerany
'Haydar Shamerany' 10 hours ago
beautiful recites may allah reward you.
Md Anis
'Md Anis' 11 hours ago
Ashraf Ali
'Ashraf Ali' 12 hours ago
masha allhaa...realy. my. heart tuching......
Suarez gaming
'Suarez gaming' 13 hours ago
Allah is the best and greatest
Suarez gaming
'Suarez gaming' 13 hours ago
mashallah nice voice
dilyar salar
'dilyar salar' 13 hours ago
I. love. listing. to. the. quran. because. it. is. carm
Abdul      Halim Halim
'Abdul Halim Halim' 13 hours ago
أمو محمد مدينا محمد
جزاك الله خيرا
Razib Razib
'Razib Razib' 15 hours ago
👌 oleic survival should know
Razib Razib
'Razib Razib' 15 hours ago
Shahin Hossain
'Shahin Hossain' 16 hours ago
i love my allah.and al quran.
Alleah Salendab
'Alleah Salendab' 17 hours ago
alhamdulilla ya Allah,👆
Mouhmina Abdullah
'Mouhmina Abdullah' 17 hours ago
masalh tbarklh
Abdul Latif
'Abdul Latif' 17 hours ago
I love quraan kareem
Emal Tanha
'Emal Tanha' 17 hours ago
ماشاءالله ماشاءالله
Mame Kene Sarr SAMB
'Mame Kene Sarr SAMB' 18 hours ago
masha allha
Arouna Maiga
'Arouna Maiga' 18 hours ago
Arouna Maiga
'Arouna Maiga' 18 hours ago
Mir Hosssin
'Mir Hosssin' 21 hours ago
Mir Hosssin
'Mir Hosssin' 21 hours ago
i love Quraan...
muslam uddin
'muslam uddin' 21 hours ago
masha alllah
Zaitona Zaiton
'Zaitona Zaiton' 23 hours ago
Valmir Podrimja
'Valmir Podrimja' 1 day ago
Abujafar Sadique
'Abujafar Sadique' 1 day ago
Who's the reciter?
Prince Mhark Mohammad Ali Paidumama
Its really amazing Ma Shaa Allah but why are the same surah till the end why not all surah
Phillip Ibrahim
'Phillip Ibrahim' 1 day ago
Masha Allah
Saadh B
'Saadh B' 1 day ago
ءاحمذ. ذل. مشالح. جزكمالحكر
md shaalom
'md shaalom' 1 day ago
ms sha Allah
Sageer Ali
'Sageer Ali' 1 day ago
Masha Allah
Sageer Ali
'Sageer Ali' 1 day ago
Masha Allah
Mohammadqais Aria
سبحان الله
MD hasan
'MD hasan' 1 day ago
Allah is the best
harith jai
'harith jai' 1 day ago
the reciter has a very soothing voice
mamunkhondokar Khondokar
'KatAwesomenessAJ' 1 day ago
This is literally the most beautiful thing I have heard in my life. MashAllah, I am a Muslim. I love Allah, the Quran and Prophet Muhammed more than anything! I love the good angles and prophets. 😊 I just felt so bad when I looked at how many dislikes there were.. 😢 Those people should think again, 1K DISLIKES!!?? AllahuAkbar! 🙂
Alishan Samnani
'Alishan Samnani' 1 day ago
brother you have a really good voice. when ever i am angry or sad i listen to quran or go to the mosque and read it
Saidi Tella Tella
i love you quran
Florence Kyeyune
'Florence Kyeyune' 1 day ago
Allah Kareem
Azam Javaid
'Azam Javaid' 1 day ago
s turk
's turk' 1 day ago
ماشاءالله سبحان الله ☝❤❤👈👈
zeshan ali
'zeshan ali' 1 day ago
Lal Miah
'Lal Miah' 1 day ago
the voice of best .masallah .amien
Md Sumon
'Md Sumon' 1 day ago
Kundukuli Ali
'Kundukuli Ali' 2 days ago
masha allah
Babu Anvar
'Babu Anvar' 2 days ago
'fridge_party' 2 days ago
Fuck Islam
Mr Mohamed Hassan
'Mr Mohamed Hassan' 2 days ago
I need to know the name of this sheikh . Any one who knows ? Thank you
mdsazzad islam
'mdsazzad islam' 2 days ago
Fafanlap Misool
'Fafanlap Misool' 2 days ago
Bismillah.....insyaAllah anak aq bsa mengaji seperti she
Saha Kumari
'Saha Kumari' 2 days ago
Allah hu Akbar
Halme Hamod,
'Halme Hamod,' 2 days ago
Masha Allah tabarakallah
Gold Gorach
'Gold Gorach' 2 days ago
thank you Allah, for this i love you more then everything, i love Quran and everyday i am listening to this when i am sleeping a thip to you guys out there, never eat with your left hand because then you are eating with shaaytan and we dont like shaaytan, spit on your left side of shoulder right shoulder is the one and the best in the world😍
Gold Gorach
'Gold Gorach' 2 days ago
allah is the best
'SK SAMIR' 2 days ago
masha allha
banda kassim
'banda kassim' 3 days ago
my heart is full of bless
Oshie Mitwally
'Oshie Mitwally' 3 days ago
Ramadan karim
pahjaa ali
'pahjaa ali' 3 days ago
someone to assist me the name of the reciter plz
Saada Msa
'Saada Msa' 3 days ago
hrakib hossain
'hrakib hossain' 3 days ago
Masah allah
Nasri Yah
'Nasri Yah' 3 days ago
nasriyay lee
Abdul  Awali
'Abdul Awali' 3 days ago
Masha Allah
Coco Pocco
'Coco Pocco' 3 days ago
Ma Sha Allah!If I'm very sad,it's the best Medicine for me hearing Quaran and i'll feel better.Thanks a lot for this recitation!!!
gold rush
'gold rush' 3 days ago
allah is the best
Mahin Sky
'Mahin Sky' 3 days ago
Sankarey Bintu
'Sankarey Bintu' 4 days ago
Mash'Allah 😘😘😘
Leyila yesuf
'Leyila yesuf' 4 days ago
Masha Allah
Md julhas miah val J
Ghulam Farooqi
'Ghulam Farooqi' 4 days ago
الله اکبر
Yaket Alpi
'Yaket Alpi' 4 days ago
mancha allaH illahoW AkHiroH ka zii mizkiin
Janur Khan
'Janur Khan' 4 days ago
jiyaa khan
'jiyaa khan' 5 days ago
thee( Alone) we Worship; thee ( alone) we ask for
'Moh'd Abdel-Halim' 5 days ago
تبارك الله ماشاء الله اسم الشيخ ايه بعد اذنكم
Layla Pink
'Layla Pink' 6 days ago
I love this and every time I hear it I cry and be scared of allah and we all should be.thank you Allah I always pray for you and I love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Muska Xasan 123
'Muska Xasan 123' 6 days ago
jazaka allh wll
nia Wati
'nia Wati' 6 days ago
menjadikan hati tenang..
Miftahul Faruq
'Miftahul Faruq' 6 days ago
Subhanallah.. Allahu Akbar..
'ThePlayer87' 6 days ago
Except for the ads like bruuuh dat many ads
'ThePlayer87' 6 days ago
This is so awesome no joke
Hafsah Ahmed
'Hafsah Ahmed' 7 days ago
Beautiful voice and mashallh this is making me cry
Khan Md
'Khan Md' 1 week ago
Masalla Quran good
Jaffar Shaikh
'Jaffar Shaikh' 1 week ago
masha allah
Kabir Shah
'Kabir Shah' 1 week ago
masha Allah g
Roma bayazed
'Roma bayazed' 1 week ago
Thank you Allah, O Allah my god help me and my family and everyone Muslim in the world 🙏🏻🕋📿🕌Amin
Nhorhan Pasandalan
tabarakallah rahman
Khan Md
'Khan Md' 1 week ago
Allah ho akbar
Khan Md
'Khan Md' 1 week ago
safir hotel salalah yusuf khan
Hafsah Ahmed
'Hafsah Ahmed' 1 week ago
Really beautiful and may allah bless you
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