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Quran Recitation 10 Hours -
Published: 3 years ago By: 10HoursOfEverything

By: 10HoursOfEverythingPublished: 3 years ago

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by Hazza Al Balushi

ugbad areb
'ugbad areb' 5 hours ago
mashallaha sheikh beuatiful voice sheikh
Tahmid Islam
'Tahmid Islam' 6 hours ago
xxm_ 52
'xxm_ 52' 7 hours ago
سـبحآن آللهہ وبحمـدهہ سـبحآن آللهہ آلعظـيم،❤
'Masti' 8 hours ago
Ayman Cabdi
'Ayman Cabdi' 13 hours ago
Masha allah
Rihab Adam
'Rihab Adam' 14 hours ago
Hey 👋🏾 the times we are 😢 I love 💖 Quaran
Najib Salad
'Najib Salad' 19 hours ago
masha allah
abdusemed worku
'abdusemed worku' 1 day ago
Hume Anity
'Hume Anity' 2 days ago
As Salam Alaikum Alhamdulillah great apartfrom the adverts
Haidar Sweeden dream
Inna nah'nu nazzal'na dikr wa inna lah'u lah'aa fid'uun
Jabba Wockeez-Fan
'Jabba Wockeez-Fan' 2 days ago
Bissmallah alrahman alrahim I love the Quran
Aaa Aaa
'Aaa Aaa' 2 days ago
Eat babies mmm good *burp*
who disliked this is a true disbeliver
car audio solutions
Thumbs down=lost souls.
jum ras
'jum ras' 3 days ago
Masha allah
mo tv mo tv
'mo tv mo tv' 3 days ago
Ya allah forgives me and all humanbeings
Sergio Ramos
'Sergio Ramos' 4 days ago
So comforting. Alx
Alison Sparks
'Alison Sparks' 5 days ago
So many people have rejected this video but is from Allah and they are rasim towards Muslims they should listen to the quran and know how beautiful the words of Allah are
FatumataT Kamara
'FatumataT Kamara' 5 days ago
'TheXoTop' 5 days ago
It really touched my heart 💖
'NoobGamer' 5 days ago
Mashallah soo beautiful :)
Hamid Ghasemi
'Hamid Ghasemi' 5 days ago
Farouk Darwish
'Farouk Darwish' 5 days ago
i love allah quran is so beautiful mashallah
Ikram Farah
'Ikram Farah' 5 days ago
Ikram Farah
'Ikram Farah' 5 days ago
MashaALLAH, Allah give us Janafardosa AMINE YA RABI. Quran is our live and relax for muslim.
Kamran Sayeedi
'Kamran Sayeedi' 6 days ago
mashaallah amazing
'manalagaraadbaa' 6 days ago
Maansha Allah
the great xenu
'the great xenu' 6 days ago
most ads I have even seen in a video before
Aaa Aaa
'Aaa Aaa' 6 days ago
Barole Omer
'Barole Omer' 6 days ago
Marshallah indeed beautiful voice
abul khair
'abul khair' 6 days ago
Thomas wooden railway Adventures
Dobro volim
Cilia - SM
'Cilia - SM' 1 week ago
there is literally over 20 advertisments here but the quran is very soothing masha'allah
William Jackson
'William Jackson' 1 week ago
Thank you
Hh Vv
'Hh Vv' 1 week ago
Hh Vv
'Hh Vv' 1 week ago
الله اكبر ما شاء الله
Hh Vv
'Hh Vv' 1 week ago
تالله صوتك جميل جدا ومريح
Hh Vv
'Hh Vv' 1 week ago
ما شاء الله الله يحفظك
SK SAHID Ali 8097382292
Sk said ali
'DJ U' 1 week ago
I belong to no religion but I love this religion
'NOWMAN HABIB' 1 week ago
Reciter name plz
Mes Sheik Dawood
'Mes Sheik Dawood' 1 week ago
Masha Allah Masha Allah Masha Allah allahu Akbar nice great our God allahu tha ha la
Rakib Hu
'Rakib Hu' 1 week ago
Love you
Rakib Hu
'Rakib Hu' 1 week ago
Rakib Hu
'Rakib Hu' 1 week ago
Coco C
'Coco C' 1 week ago
I’m a Buddhist and tbh this is so cool to me
Zayneb .06
'Zayneb .06' 1 week ago
Mashallah it is very Beautiful and soothing and it helps me sleep 😻
Happy Qaali
'Happy Qaali' 1 week ago
Masha Allah qurux badna 😍💞💖
Arif Mahammad
'Arif Mahammad' 1 week ago
I'm lucky to be a Muslim..
Arif Mahammad
'Arif Mahammad' 1 week ago
Quran is my life.. My everythings...
Arif Mahammad
'Arif Mahammad' 1 week ago
I love his reading...
Amina Yussuf
'Amina Yussuf' 1 week ago
Amina Yussuf
'Amina Yussuf' 1 week ago
I know dea wea
Md Rokun Ahmed Ripon
Masha Allah
morshad khan
'morshad khan' 1 week ago
Maria Abdikarim
'Maria Abdikarim' 1 week ago
Mashalla so beautiful I love it it makes me feel calm💆👳
Arbaz Siddhiqui
'Arbaz Siddhiqui' 1 week ago
I love Quran selyut qari sahab
Cutielemoncube 89
'Cutielemoncube 89' 1 week ago
Allah wants us to protect the Quran with all our power love and peace we hopefully can do that Ameen.
Agnes Ameerah
'Agnes Ameerah' 1 week ago
fatima mulla
'fatima mulla' 1 week ago
Who has exams right now? Oh ok just me I guess..
Fire Skull
'Fire Skull' 1 week ago
Simsim Osman
'Simsim Osman' 1 week ago
manshaa allaah quranka
Ahmed Ali
'Ahmed Ali' 1 week ago
All dose dislikes hurt my feelings 😢😢😔
Michal Absolon
'Michal Absolon' 1 week ago
you help mě Věry much. I love you
'WholeNewLevel2018' 2 weeks ago
القرآن الكريم تلاوة (Quran MP3 companion) القرآن الكريم تلاوة برنامج تلاوة للقرآن لأكثر من إحدى عشرة قارئ مميز يمكنك التطبيق من سماع قارئك المفضل في تسجيل عالي الجودة مع خاصية العمل، مع و بدون اتصال بشبكة الإنترنت حيث يتثنى لك تحميل ما تود سماعه. يحتوي التطبيق على نظام الإشعارت الذكية بحيث يمكنك التحكم فيما تود سماعه داخل و خارج التطبيق. هذا بالإضافة إلى واجهة تطبيق سهلة الاستخدام جميلة و عصرية تطفي طابعا خاصا على استخدامك. و لا تنسى لديك أكثر من 1350 تسجيل فائق الوضوح.... اجعل القرآن رفيق دربك... و الدال على الخير كفاعله... حمل البرنامج من الرابط أدناه
Adam Nasim
'Adam Nasim' 2 weeks ago
Beautiful recitation. May Allah guide us all to the straight path. I pray for our muslim brothers and sisters all over the world, especially in Gaza... When will the Ummah stand shoulder to shoulder on international issues against our brethren?
aasif khan
'aasif khan' 2 weeks ago
Really we are so lucky.. We have quraan nd Imaan....
Aicha Zoud
'Aicha Zoud' 2 weeks ago
The louder I put it is her snore it louder Omggg but masslah that voice
Aicha Zoud
'Aicha Zoud' 2 weeks ago
I have to put this one every night cause my sister snored alottt
shaikh siddiq
'shaikh siddiq' 2 weeks ago
having listened, i got into the peace
Hasnat Ali
'Hasnat Ali' 2 weeks ago
love my beautiful religion
Fatima Khodr
'Fatima Khodr' 2 weeks ago
Ma Allah bless you
Hindjo Bujeti
'Hindjo Bujeti' 2 weeks ago
Marshals tbaraka
Asmaa Garder
'Asmaa Garder' 2 weeks ago
kaium miah
'kaium miah' 2 weeks ago
I love Allah... I love quran.... I love propet mohammad (sm:)
King_Jihad YT
'King_Jihad YT' 2 weeks ago
Masallah ☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽 Allah
Tom Smith
'Tom Smith' 2 weeks ago
may shaytaan dissapear and everyones hearts will become pure ameen and everyone will become muslim ameen that is one of my two dreams
Narjes Ahmad
'Narjes Ahmad' 2 weeks ago
Itz Suffy
'Itz Suffy' 2 weeks ago
Karimulla Sk
'Karimulla Sk' 2 weeks ago
aa allah youre amazing.
Balla Ndiaye
'Balla Ndiaye' 2 weeks ago
soub hana lah
adamx93 Edits
'adamx93 Edits' 2 weeks ago
I'm so stupid for changing my religion to Christian. I was Muslim
asmaa hammache
'asmaa hammache' 2 weeks ago
amazing voice mashalaah tabarak allah
نوف محمد
'نوف محمد' 2 weeks ago
💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💙💙💙💙💙💙 لا اله الا الله
naeem cca
'naeem cca' 2 weeks ago
Allah hamy b Quran jesi Azeem Naimat Ko yad krny ki seadat naseeb frma\
naeem cca
'naeem cca' 2 weeks ago
Masha Allah _Allah protect our Hufaza Karam😔😔😔
Bad Boy 21
'Bad Boy 21' 2 weeks ago
Thanks for the upload its so BEAUTIFUL
elia alnemer
'elia alnemer' 2 weeks ago
Allah tested us to see if we were a real believers are not, like that story about the Jews who allah told them to not fishing in Saturday , but they did!
munem dawood
'munem dawood' 2 weeks ago
أين الأحرف العربية يا عرب
Shani Ahmad
'Shani Ahmad' 2 weeks ago
Alhamdulillah 😊
Xalimo Macallim Fiqi
Adrian Swaby
'Adrian Swaby' 2 weeks ago
ICT why are they doing it
Javed Ahmad
'Javed Ahmad' 3 weeks ago
Alla huakabar masa Alla how beautiful is it
'C' 3 weeks ago
Gamer Boys
'Gamer Boys' 3 weeks ago
Allah is the best❤️😇🕋
gaming boy
'gaming boy' 3 weeks ago
أنت عربي أو لا
TheGaming SPINO
'TheGaming SPINO' 3 weeks ago
Mashalla the Quran is beautiful
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