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Quran Recitation 10 Hours -
Published: 2 years ago By: 10HoursOfEverything

By: 10HoursOfEverythingPublished: 2 years ago

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Muhammad Siddiqi
'Muhammad Siddiqi' 11 minutes ago
hamzA is going
Nuora Saeed
'Nuora Saeed' 5 hours ago
masha Allah
Hani Mohamed
'Hani Mohamed' 11 hours ago
Dhs Cbcs
'Dhs Cbcs' 14 hours ago
Basharat Hussain
'Basharat Hussain' 18 hours ago
sleep with listening quran
Maulana Fadly
'Maulana Fadly' 20 hours ago
allahu akbar
Romul Khan
'Romul Khan' 1 day ago
=='''''==very nice ==''''==
Tima Omar
'Tima Omar' 1 day ago
me too i listen to this when i go to sleep too😉👌
jalil viswas
'jalil viswas' 2 days ago
poran jureya jai sunlay shotti osadaron
Zenash  Sade
'Zenash Sade' 2 days ago
Mashallah alhmdulilah ala nimtel islam
Sadiq Sadhiq
'Sadiq Sadhiq' 2 days ago
Salihah Farihin
'Salihah Farihin' 2 days ago
oum abdennour
'oum abdennour' 2 days ago
macha ALLAH
Shaheen Miah
'Shaheen Miah' 2 days ago
Shaheen Miah
'Shaheen Miah' 2 days ago
মাসা আল্লাহ
ዘምዘም በሺር
ዘምዘም በሺር
jaimais 2sans13
'jaimais 2sans13' 3 days ago
Abir Akbar
'Abir Akbar' 3 days ago
Farraj Ajmi
'Farraj Ajmi' 3 days ago
i love al qur,an
Hamza Hassani
'Hamza Hassani' 3 days ago
macha allah
'MANIK MIA' 3 days ago
Ikra Abdi
'Ikra Abdi' 3 days ago
Ikra Abdi
'Ikra Abdi' 3 days ago
I always listen to this Quran when I am going to sleep
al hassan
'al hassan' 4 days ago
firoz akhtar
'firoz akhtar' 4 days ago
Jajak allah
firoz akhtar
'firoz akhtar' 4 days ago
Very nice
shafi erayassan
'shafi erayassan' 4 days ago
Hussain Kader
'Hussain Kader' 4 days ago
Azamcic Ali
'Azamcic Ali' 5 days ago
wen I lesson Quran my heart fill happy and became freshman in my life ya Allah give every imam's parades Amman
Azamcic Ali
'Azamcic Ali' 5 days ago
mashallah. ya Allah
Eric Lundholm
'Eric Lundholm' 5 days ago
Never read the Quran. Is the book in it's entirety? I'll listen to it if I can get the whole thing.
Abdulamin Mannan
'Abdulamin Mannan' 5 days ago
Fatima Albalooshi
'Fatima Albalooshi' 5 days ago
zahra zahra
'zahra zahra' 5 days ago
Boshir Ahmed
'Boshir Ahmed' 5 days ago
Masa Allah ,Allah save ur voyes
'HAWBASH XALID' 6 days ago
Istkharkhan Istkharkhan
rAz tHe bAd BoY
'rAz tHe bAd BoY' 6 days ago
3 days i listen it at the time of sleeping. i swear of GOD if you start falling in love with these words of GOD. you will not like music.
Hamed Kader Nchoungou
mash 'allah
C Howard
'C Howard' 6 days ago
1 John 4:7-8 7 "Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. 8 The one who does not love does not know God, for God is love." Can any Muslim anywhere in the world show me in the Qur'an where it says, ALLAH IS LOVE?
Sultan faze
'Sultan faze' 6 days ago
Idris Ali
'Idris Ali' 7 days ago
how can people dislike the words of Allah (swt) recited with the golden voice of Hazza Albalushi? May Allah (swt) guide us all into the light of Islam and Quran. And guide all who is in darkness. Amin!
'SidSadGaming' 7 days ago
Can I get some likes Pls.....
m yousaf ali warsi
Saran1 Q
'Saran1 Q' 1 week ago
Hfygghff Vhvfjgugf
কুরআন শুনতে খুব ভালো লাগে
Sada Sada
'Sada Sada' 1 week ago
يا الله جزيكا الله خيرن سبحنا الله
Fayiza Fayiza
'Fayiza Fayiza' 1 week ago
masha allah
Rukshona Rahmat
'Rukshona Rahmat' 1 week ago
Asif ali
'Asif ali' 1 week ago
Akhtar Maher
'Akhtar Maher' 1 week ago
Mustafa Bakari
'Mustafa Bakari' 1 week ago
i feel blessed when am listening such recitations MashaAllah
Md Iman
'Md Iman' 1 week ago
vv v
'Jack' 1 week ago
Muslims are the absolute worst scum of the earth. Muhammad was a pimp! Allah is shit! Islam is trash! Death to Islam! Muhammad was a homosexual. Muhammad loved to suck cock. Muhammad also liked taking a big dick in the ass. Muhammad was a slime ball. Muslims are filthy mother fuckers. Death to all Muslims. All Muslims should be rounded up and dropped off in the North or South Poles. Muslims are scum! Death to Islam! Muslims are scum!
Nazi Gul
'Nazi Gul' 1 week ago
Injamul Gaine
'Injamul Gaine' 1 week ago
all quran is the best book and great books.
Ahmed Conteh
'Ahmed Conteh' 1 week ago
nothing is equal to these beautiful words....... so praud to be a muslim can some please tell me the name of this cheik
Zitlali Dejesus
'Zitlali Dejesus' 2 weeks ago
it sounds great when you sleep
MahinJM Jinat
'MahinJM Jinat' 2 weeks ago
Sharma Rahmah
'Sharma Rahmah' 2 weeks ago
I always listen to dis before sleeping i really love it and i feel gud
يوسف الكثيري
ما شاء الله تبارك الله من القارئ؟
'Mohron' 2 weeks ago
I like to listen to this when I masturbate. I close my eyes and imagine being raped by a group of muslims, best stuff to masturabte I mean honestly. I just wish some muslim would actually rape me in my butt :c those goats get all of the action.
Saddam Habib
'Saddam Habib' 2 weeks ago
Fazal Ahmed
'Fazal Ahmed' 2 weeks ago
realy masha Allah subha nallah by F A ANSARI CTI Ratlam India
Wasim Miah
'Wasim Miah' 2 weeks ago
"mash allah"nice telawat
samad jbx
'samad jbx' 3 weeks ago
mashallah love it
Naeem Khan
'Naeem Khan' 3 weeks ago
ماشاء الله تبارك الله
Swat Pro
'Swat Pro' 3 weeks ago
this is the best 10 hours of my life i live it by relax it every night
Izzy Plays HD
'Izzy Plays HD' 3 weeks ago
what qaraa is that? whats his name?
HafiyDanish Craft
'HafiyDanish Craft' 3 weeks ago
good night anybadi
shahnaz _marshanda
'shahnaz _marshanda' 3 weeks ago
i love the qur'an cause im muslim like if you love Allah
Amir Kebede
'Amir Kebede' 3 weeks ago
can someone tell me the Surah and the reciter name? I couldn't get over listing to it.
Dr. Md. Sazzad Hossain
I am listening to this now .... I am going to sleep.......
Qamar ali
'Qamar ali' 3 weeks ago
mashe allha
barry ib
'barry ib' 3 weeks ago
Nazrul Islam
'Nazrul Islam' 3 weeks ago
Mashallah!What a heart-touching recitation.
ተወከልቱ አለላህ.
Masha Allah.. jezakumulah keyir
sojib miah
'sojib miah' 3 weeks ago
Moe Elmo
'Moe Elmo' 3 weeks ago
who's voice is this
Malyuun Abdikadir
'Malyuun Abdikadir' 3 weeks ago
Umut selimov
'Umut selimov' 3 weeks ago
Jannat Forazi
'Jannat Forazi' 4 weeks ago
Hamid Boferda
'Hamid Boferda' 4 weeks ago
Ragip Dobreva
'Ragip Dobreva' 4 weeks ago
gul gee
'gul gee' 1 month ago
Ma sha allah
gul gee
'gul gee' 1 month ago
sura al Hijr recited by Haza Al balushi
Al-akh Yasin Ibrahim
mashallah! i listen to this whenever i go to sleep. thanx alot
'SHEIKH DANISH' 1 month ago
Masha Allah nice voice
Zarrar Awan
'Zarrar Awan' 1 month ago
What the Glorious Quran does is make the Satan run away because it burns them inside and ultimately that gives people a different experience, one of pureness. Every single human being knows the Quran unknowingly.
Ahmad Khan
'Ahmad Khan' 1 month ago
Basile Keupon
'Basile Keupon' 1 month ago
Allah's my father
malaikah Khan
'malaikah Khan' 1 month ago
I listen to this every night How can people dislike this
HafiyDanish Craft
'HafiyDanish Craft' 1 month ago
islam Dan malikat
Salma Elmahy
'Salma Elmahy' 1 month ago
me too I like to listen to Quran when I sleep with my sister and baby boy
Faze amin Lol
'Faze amin Lol' 1 month ago
Allah is
Radwan Radwan
'Radwan Radwan' 1 month ago
is this complete quran
Radwan Radwan
'Radwan Radwan' 1 month ago
my name is Radwan Radwan to the reciter of this Quran may Allah grant you jannah it's hard to find a good Hafiz.p!ease if you read this make prayers for the radwan family.i know for a fact somebody did amal sihr to me this guy told. me so.and I'm experiencing difficulties in my life can't explain too you.
Radwan Radwan
'Radwan Radwan' 1 month ago
Allahu Akbar,I pray for all Muslims goin through hardships,may Allah guide us all Muslims on the pathway to jannah.I love this recitation.
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