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Everything Wrong With Saw III In 16 Minutes Or Less -
Published: 3 months ago By: CinemaSins

By: CinemaSinsPublished: 3 months ago

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Today we return to the Saw franchise in order to thoroughly confuse ourselves trying to keep up with it. Sins aplenty.

Next week: Recent space sins & pretty recent comedy sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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Laney 111
'Laney 111' 8 hours ago
Everything wrong with IT!!! (2017)
'QuickStix26' 3 days ago
@ 13:21 "Oh come on. What are the odds?" LMAO!
'xboxer214' 4 days ago
Im in pain while watching this
Super Glue
'Super Glue' 5 days ago
Why would you censor out shit when your seeing people being brutally murdered ???
mr. Something
'mr. Something' 5 days ago
The saw movie... I cant watch this movie because its just to gross...
'ZeedoPox' 6 days ago
Tbh I enjoy having my favorite series criticized it’s fun to see what other people think of it.
The Dragon Expert
'The Dragon Expert' 7 days ago
Recently watched this movie, and the worst part I saw was when one character focuses SO MUCH on the camera that she didn't think it was a trap (like some from certain anime I watch)
ChrisPhil Gaming
'ChrisPhil Gaming' 7 days ago
9:36 you wanna play a little game
ChrisPhil Gaming
'ChrisPhil Gaming' 7 days ago
Please do saw V
Veda Fowler
'Veda Fowler' 1 week ago
Meanwhile in greys anatomy
'That1Wierdo' 1 week ago
I’d kill myself in this situation.
David The Welder
'David The Welder' 1 week ago
+CinemaSins epic usage of Dio \m/
penywize the dancing clown
These are the only movies that make me ! Pennywise! scared!
Raul Jaimes
'Raul Jaimes' 2 weeks ago
Just by surgery, 20 more sins!! That's nothing.
'DigBick96' 2 weeks ago
Sin 109 is kinda wrong if you consider that she had to kill her because of the note
Moosay Moosay
'Moosay Moosay' 2 weeks ago
Dylan Plays
'Dylan Plays' 2 weeks ago
When u wanna watch the movie but it’s too hard not to watch this version instead
Oliver Choi
'Oliver Choi' 3 weeks ago
8:50 lmAo her lover wasn’t dead he was asleep and had to kill him to get the key ;)
AwesomeRex and TBK
'AwesomeRex and TBK' 3 weeks ago
4:12 Got to sin Cinemasins since Detective Hoffman kidnapped Lyn not Amanda.
Murdoc Montenegro
'Murdoc Montenegro' 3 weeks ago
Not to mention that Karry could have just tipped the jar of acid and poured out some of it, even though she couldn’t have escaped anyways.
Dominik Calvesbert
'Dominik Calvesbert' 3 weeks ago
Meanwhile on grey's anatomy
katato_1335 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
every time someone dies in a trap i would have enough money for a 30-48 dollor rainbow six seige for ps4
'baila666' 3 weeks ago
do the rest!
Panic! AtTheFallOutBoy-concert
8:55 *ACTUALLY* that was her soulmate.. and he was still alive and she had to kill him by herself. While getting out of the cuffs around her wrists.
Beautiful Spoon
'Beautiful Spoon' 3 weeks ago
If i got a dollar for everytime i think of you... id have one dollar... becaude you never leave my mind ;)
Alexa Wall
'Alexa Wall' 3 weeks ago
"ALL he had to do? ALL he had to do was release himself from those chains??" Did you SEE the trap?!
Unknown Artfteak
'Unknown Artfteak' 3 weeks ago
Cinemasins should really put "more" instead of "less" when titling his movies because it is never yes, it's usually a few minutes more, cinemasins you get a sin for not sticking with your time frame lol
Brian Griffin The Really Bad Impersonator
This movie was just nothing but a gore-feast. But still not as bad as The Emoji Movie.
'TheGamingMurray' 3 weeks ago
Most of the time I don’t even watch the movie, I just watch a funny summary here. 😂😂😂
The Dragon Slayer
'The Dragon Slayer' 4 weeks ago
Fuck u
Cerena Leigh
'Cerena Leigh' 4 weeks ago
The guy Amanda kills in her test was alive, we find out when she goes to cut open his stomach for the key.
'Hleghe' 4 weeks ago
8:10 this may go against the rules of the movie, but wouldn't that mean there are more people who could do whatever they need to do if set free?
Jesus my lord and Saviour
Do scary movie please
Miranda Stalba
'Miranda Stalba' 4 weeks ago
Why didnt she pour the acid out to get the key
'Dexxisw' 4 weeks ago
*nice video*
z a myers
'z a myers' 4 weeks ago
Gordon was NOT cheating on his wife. Where the hell did you get that from?
'rangers679' 4 weeks ago
u forgot that amandas hands holding the Pistol changes between shots before she shoots the woman
Anubea_ things
'Anubea_ things' 4 weeks ago
Saw ok if I’m in an insta kill trap Ima just let it happen XD Also I WNANANAT TOOO PLLAAAYYYY AA GGAAMAMAMMAMAMAMAMAMEEE
Larinda 101
'Larinda 101' 4 weeks ago
jhon sempai
Kyle J
'Kyle J' 4 weeks ago
"Super lit" lmao
😂😂😂😂This Movie Involves saw Traps Not Ghost
3k Longplays.
'3k Longplays.' 1 month ago
Pretty sure the dirty sock prevents biting off his tongue or crushing his teeth due to pain
Oscar Memo
'Oscar Memo' 1 month ago
wheres street fighter 2 with van dame sins=?
Albert Nave
'Albert Nave' 1 month ago
I'm confused. Why would Kramer have to put the doctor through a game? She's a doctor. Isn't it in the Hippocratic Oath or something that a doctor has to save a life if they can? Hell, when the terrorist is bleeding from his chest after the shootout, you gotta block the wound before you can give him a sentence.
Dexo Plex
'Dexo Plex' 1 month ago
Category: Film and a n i m a t i o n
'Stella's World' 1 month ago
I only counted 38 of those as REAL sins
WolfyKellielpe563 jj
Um... on 19... *IT'S A VOICE CHANGER!!!* 😑😑😑😠😠😠
'sightinsight' 1 month ago
is that the bitch from sopranos, the tonys daughter? She looks anorexic as fuck, compared to what she was
Crystal Hall
'Crystal Hall' 1 month ago
Let us not forgot about the retard movie clichés. Unless these aren’t retarded. Wait, is it retarded?
'LoveLyCM '' 1 month ago
I felt so bad for Timothy😓
'LoveLyCM '' 1 month ago
Hailie Leonard
'Hailie Leonard' 1 month ago
I've always said to myself:" if I wake up in a bathroom and have to cut my leg off I'm going to make sure I don't get a disease."I mean does jigsaw even clean the trap room so if anyone actually escaped they don't die because of a disease that got into a wound?
Lori Wolfcat
'Lori Wolfcat' 1 month ago
"Jeff! Just standing there, you're an accomplis to murder!" "You can't force anyone to take a bullet to save someone." True, but if you're the key to him dying or living, you'd be an accomplis.
'Abadbanana2and3' 1 month ago
Thank you for the how I met your mother "crazy eyes" joke at the end
Radiated Turtle
'Radiated Turtle' 1 month ago
I have a scary story Feminists
Jacob Eberhardt
'Jacob Eberhardt' 2 months ago
After watching these, they make more sense.
Carson Cummings
'Carson Cummings' 2 months ago
12:37 why are is teeth so yellow?
Masterof Evrything
'Masterof Evrything' 2 months ago
10:23 the ting goes
'vodka' 2 months ago
Watching this While Watching Saw III
panda monium
'panda monium' 2 months ago
Also, I did some research and jigsaw motives are that he kills people that dont value there life, so he is giving them a life death situation but only death situation so they might value there lives.
'BonecrusherT800' 2 months ago
Barring the excellent music score, damn near everything is wrong with Saw III. By far the worst of the series in my opinion, even taking into account some of the so-so good entries like 4 and 7. I surely can't be the only one who regards it as the worst? Such a boring movie and a low point in the series for me.
Marcus Withers
'Marcus Withers' 2 months ago
The movie cared more about amandas backstory then her downfall. I would have liked to know why her games were unwinnable.
Rob kankerboef
'Rob kankerboef' 2 months ago
What really weird is Jeff almost needing a full 2 hours to get through the tests. All the tests are in a single building and only last for a minute or 2. When has anyone ever needed 2 hours to walk through a meatpacking plant? Even more so when you factor in that Riggs in Saw 4 had to walk from trap to trap all in different buildings and locations in 90 minutes
Gabriel Ullman
'Gabriel Ullman' 2 months ago
I think The Rack deserves at least three sins for how poorly structured it is. A. Key is not so far in that Jeff couldn’t simply loosen it and then move to the side before yanking it out. B. Shotgun pellets stay mostly compact for a considerable distance, meaning that even if Jeff had to reach further in he could simply have pressed his arm to the bottom of the cage and would probably only gotten grazed by the pellets. And don’t give me that ”it’s a sawed-off” bullshit because then the judge would have had quite a few more holes in him and Jeff would have not gotten away with just his ear being hurt. C. There was an obvious delay between the key being pulled and the shotgun firing. Granted, Jeff could not have known this but even with his dramatic-ass yank standing right in front of it, he still manages to dodge most of it. D. There is nothing preventing anyone from just yanking out their shoelaces, tying them around the key and yanking it out without even standing in the pellet cone. Granted, this would have been a very time consuming strategy but with a pair of deft hands it had the possibility of succeding without anyone getting hurt because guess what?.. E. THE SHOTGUN WASN’T POINTED AT TIMOTHY!
'Smoketurtle55' 2 months ago
Rollins Gaurano
'Rollins Gaurano' 2 months ago
Reveal 2
'bad2dabohn1992' 2 months ago
I know i keep sayin this but after seeing Jigsaw 2017 this year you guys will continue to "LOVE" whats left of the saw franchise lol
Austin Grossman
'Austin Grossman' 2 months ago
Suppressing that this video is not at least a hour
Julian van den Berg
'Julian van den Berg' 2 months ago
iDavid Avila ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
Well of course something has to go wrong so that the movie can become famous you bitch
Pinky Lee
'Pinky Lee' 2 months ago
Also also, at sin 104, 13:02 if what the judge says about Jeff just standing there makes him accomplice to murder, in that light, wouldn’t the judge also be an accomplice because he sure and sh*it doesn’t do anything to help the man escape??? Making this sin a 2fer’.
two little turtle sh*ts
The acid could have been tipped out. No reason to put your hand in that shit. Surprised you missed that.
Illusiongaming25 /Mini Craft25
Here is a little fact the angel trap had a lock that would allow her to stay alive by not unlocking it because the lock could hold the trap shut
'TheRealJujuBB' 2 months ago
House M.D. Season 9 Episode 1
'zach's here' 2 months ago
Nefeli Chrysostomou
'Nefeli Chrysostomou' 2 months ago
I love your videos!But you should remove a sin from the Saw 1 because it explains how he stayed still for so long. So that makes 52 sins!😉
Zayne simard moore
'Zayne simard moore' 2 months ago
Why did Kerry have to die? She should’ve been saved for the ending and they should’ve left her alive at the end, and she should’ve gotten it on with Amanda. That would’ve been hot, in a F’ed up kinda way.
Gavin Clark
'Gavin Clark' 2 months ago
First of all, 16 minutes or less?? Can it be a rounded number like 20? 2nd, all movies have tiny mistakes. And btw if you want to get technical, this video is 16:39 so it’s not “16 minutes or less”.
Regan Mendes
'Regan Mendes' 2 months ago
☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️⛅️☁️☁️☁️ 💵🕊 🏃🏽‍♀️💨 come back...
Sandford000 000
'Sandford000 000' 2 months ago
'flashy' 2 months ago
You're talking so fast lmao
Gary Winthorpe
'Gary Winthorpe' 2 months ago
Don’t swear if your gonna bleep it out its so god damn annoying
O Arthur
'O Arthur' 2 months ago
Okay but what if Jigsaw was like "You're obsessive over your son's death" and the dude was like "I'm not?? I came to realize that I can't bring my child back??" And then Jigsaw had to try and explain why the guy needed to go through the trials and then eventually release everyone because there wasn't any reason for it.
Jenson Webb
'Jenson Webb' 2 months ago
warm white big become compensation description casual satisfy recommend french horror.
Jen K
'Jen K' 2 months ago
Jigsaw designed these traps and made the videos for them Amanda set them up only she rigged them after the fact. She didn't need to fake his voice or get him to record under false pretenses
Benjamin Guzman
'Benjamin Guzman' 2 months ago
how is it that you gave the open brain surgery 20 sins, but didn't give 50 or 100 sins to when that guy was in the Trap where his bones were twisting and breaking?
Kaylia Richardson
'Kaylia Richardson' 2 months ago
I hate you cinemasins I haven’t seen u do one on pennywise yet oh wait I guess ur a fan sooooo saaaaaad
Josh Cruz
'Josh Cruz' 2 months ago
That brain surgery scene is more disturbing than all the traps
Bobby The Rainbow
'Bobby The Rainbow' 2 months ago
Can you do despicable me 3?
Chris Lucian
'Chris Lucian' 2 months ago
I think it makes sense that this game is for Jeff since he never hurt or directly put anyone else in danger himself, but hurt others with his neglect, he would not have to go through physical pain himself but would have to pay attention to others and help them with their problem
Aleman Bates
'Aleman Bates' 2 months ago
A Cuban minute !! Gold man i love this damn channel!! I have watched every last one of y'alls videos love'em all !
Aiko Amami
'Aiko Amami' 2 months ago
Is it bad that I actually love the saw movies? XD
'i'm okai' 2 months ago
im so fucking scared
Alan S
'Alan S' 2 months ago
Sounds like Saw is copying Seven.
Death Mage
'Death Mage' 2 months ago
8:25 you forgot to blur out the tit
Squishy Yehets
'Squishy Yehets' 2 months ago
One sin you forgot is how Amanda stabbed the shit out of that guy in Saw I without any hesitation but was shaking and acting remorseful while pointing a GUN to that Doctor Lynn.What a fake
K Trigs
'K Trigs' 2 months ago
0:25 & 0:40 LMAO!
Trey Ciano
'Trey Ciano' 2 months ago
One thing you got wrong. When she cut open her "soulmate" to get to the key I'm the first movie the reason it was so hard for her was because he was actually still alive. So she killed him to get to the key.
Bat Anonymous
'Bat Anonymous' 2 months ago
Kerry could’ve just flipped the jug and dumped all (or most) of he acid away first rather than sticking her hand in there like a f*cking idiot.
'gor9027' 2 months ago
This movie had way too many plot conveniences even for a horror movie. Jeff could have failed his test entirely before he even woke up. Lynn could have failed to save Jigsaw during the surgery. Amanda could have severely wounded Lynn well before Jeff arrived to see it happen. Jeff was completely incompetent and failed to get any of the people to the end. You would think the judge would have at least stayed out of the way. Lynn, for some reason, couldn't tell Jeff that killing Jigsaw would cause the collar to explode. There is no way Jigsaw could have planned it to play out EXACTLY like that. Just a complete mess of a screenplay.
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