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Everything Wrong With Saw III In 16 Minutes Or Less -
Published: 6 months ago By: CinemaSins

By: CinemaSinsPublished: 6 months ago

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Today we return to the Saw franchise in order to thoroughly confuse ourselves trying to keep up with it. Sins aplenty.

Next week: Recent space sins & pretty recent comedy sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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Steven Stein
'Steven Stein' 7 hours ago
*Meanwhile, in G R E Y S A N A T O M Y*
Exalted Fox
'Exalted Fox' 1 day ago
5:46 Roll Credits.
CatchingThatClout Rules Of Survival
At 5:53 I saw some tit
Japanese Journey
'Japanese Journey' 2 days ago
Hell no.
The woman of truth
This makes horror movies less scary
'ToGaedDuchess8' 5 days ago
But... the saw is a hacksaw it CAN cut through metal why didn't he cut the cuff on his leg
'MWAG' 1 week ago
In the first Saw movie, Amanda tells Danny Glover's character that the 'corpse' that she cut open wasn't really dead and woke up while she was gutting it.
legendary nikoproyou
Still can't believe I watched this 10+ years ago
Devon Tennison
'Devon Tennison' 1 week ago
This girl named Shannon Elizabeth who is interested in playing Shannon Elizabeth Jigsaw games where the people are related in some way.
Devon Tennison
'Devon Tennison' 1 week ago
Dr.Lynn asks who Shannon Elizabeth as Jordan Kramer from American Pie Saw is?
Devon Tennison
'Devon Tennison' 1 week ago
Dr lynn asks who Shannon Elizabeth as Jordan Kramer is?
Devon Tennison
'Devon Tennison' 1 week ago
When Shannon Elizabeth as Jigsaw does the typical home invasion kidnapping.
Devon Tennison
'Devon Tennison' 1 week ago
Lets not forget how Shannon Elizabeth as Jordan Kramer from American Pie's version of Saw even figured this information out.
Devon Tennison
'Devon Tennison' 1 week ago
Sean William Scott as Dr.Gordon.
Devon Tennison
'Devon Tennison' 1 week ago
Amazing,incredible,astonishing,fascinating,fantastic and marvelous that Shannon Elizabeth as Jigsaw seems to find people who are related.
Devon Tennison
'Devon Tennison' 1 week ago
In American Pie's version of Saw 3 Matthew Lillard as Detective Kerry might as well resign.But if he's trying to get out of this,why is he wasting his time trying to pull the trap apart rather than sticking his hand in the acid to get the diabolical Shannon Elizabeth Jigsaw key?
Devon Tennison
'Devon Tennison' 1 week ago
Or Did Shannon Elizabeth as Jigsaw from American Pie's version of Saw 3 actually go ahead and do the voice for the diabolical tapes even though Shannon Elizabeth as Jigsaw didn't condone the traps he was setting up?
Devon Tennison
'Devon Tennison' 1 week ago
In American Pie's version of Saw 3,how exactly did Devon Tennison as Adarin imitate the terrifying and diabolical Shannon Elizabeth Jigsaw voices in American Pie's version of Saw 3?
Devon Tennison
'Devon Tennison' 1 week ago
Devon Tennison as Adarin is one of the killers behind these new terrifying,horrifying,intimidating,and diabolical Shannon Elizabeth Jigsaw murders and Devon Tennison as Adarin,he followed Shannon Elizabeth as Jigsaw's work in American Pie's version of Saw,expect for giving the victims no opportunity to survive the diplomatic,instincts,circumstance of the situation.
Annick Williams élève
But the guy that Amanda had to kill was actually alive
'dmf1301' 1 week ago
We don't find out until later in the series, but Amanda was indirectly responsible for the death of Gideon, John Kramer's child. She knows that, even though I don't think he ever did. That might be why she joined him?
Kingsley C
'Kingsley C' 2 weeks ago
He’s so salty 😂🥨 you should say some good things too
Darkle Sparkle
'Darkle Sparkle' 2 weeks ago
He shoved the sock in his mouth in order to not bite off his tongue. People used to do this during the Revolutionary war when they didn't have anesthetics but they had to amputate a limb
Oliver Gaming
'Oliver Gaming' 2 weeks ago
I actually found the swearing annoying
Fabulous Fairy Bull
'Fabulous Fairy Bull' 3 weeks ago
me: "oh so hes just gonna rip the chains off that works-" *realizes one of the chains are attatched to his lower jaw* "OH HEEELLL NOOOO"
Esmeralda Chavez
'Esmeralda Chavez' 3 weeks ago
Smart ass
Esmeralda Chavez
'Esmeralda Chavez' 3 weeks ago
You have to mess up every move I hate you
'N3xus' 3 weeks ago
Amandas soulmate wasnt dead, he opened his eyes right before Amanda stabbed him
Kyle Stubbs
'Kyle Stubbs' 3 weeks ago
12:58 If that's the case, then aren't you as well?
Cody Osborn
'Cody Osborn' 3 weeks ago
16:25 hahaha
Chomperguy 29
'Chomperguy 29' 3 weeks ago
I hate jigsaw because of the lighting it never changes I mean it’s this ugly green or this dark blue and those colors make the skin look place and just gives me a bad feeling. Not like I’m scared but it just makes me feel sick.
Brailyn Veloz
'Brailyn Veloz' 3 weeks ago
So wait? Did Timothy live?
Alex Waring
'Alex Waring' 4 weeks ago
Wtf u gay
kermit the frog
'kermit the frog' 4 weeks ago
Dude ur so retarded, the man was alive, amanda had to kill him in under 60 seconds, why would u say hes dead
Darius Walker
'Darius Walker' 4 weeks ago
So Jigsaw is basically an anti-hero? Definitely a better one than Rorschach from Watchmen
RoseBts Chara
'RoseBts Chara' 4 weeks ago
Mm.... not so scary....
Rebecca Lowe
'Rebecca Lowe' 4 weeks ago
While I agree that Amanda’s trial was easier, if you remember, her cell mate wasn’t dead when she cut the key out. He woke up just before she cut him open.
Luke Queen
'Luke Queen' 4 weeks ago
Loved the little reservoir dogs reference 15:55
Luke Queen
'Luke Queen' 4 weeks ago
I enjoyed the brain surgery scene.
Scouting 101
'Scouting 101' 4 weeks ago
Is it just me or did anyone else hear John say that all those people killed his son. Like “this is the person who killed your son... lol jk that dude over there killed him... jk again!
ion zende
'ion zende' 1 month ago
Stick your hand in acid? It will only start to slowly burn your hand after a few minutes, and it’s so little acid that it won’t do much anyway, should have added a sin just for that, or 5
alex_harnar_ 618
'alex_harnar_ 618' 1 month ago
Saw 3 Saw Saw 2 Saw 4 Saw 6 Saw 5 Saw 7: the final chapter That's my list..."Saw 3 was the best, it's the 2nd goriest in the series (the first goriest one was "Saw 6") the traps were epic, and the way it ended was perfect! 👌
Chanel Mosley
'Chanel Mosley' 1 month ago
well I guess we should've Saw this coming🤣
georgie peorgie
'georgie peorgie' 1 month ago
You'd need an engineering factory/tool room to produce all the parts for the traps.
Speed Demon
'Speed Demon' 1 month ago
your first sin is that it isnt child friendly, i dont see your crap at school or letting parents let their kids watch it
Mustachino :P
'Mustachino :P' 1 month ago
Its just the poison i cant watch cuz if that shit happened to me idb be dead on the spot
'Swiftcat-mooshi' 1 month ago
That ending... was that a Braveheart reference? xD
Nightmare 12
'Nightmare 12' 1 month ago
He can control the t.v he's has camras
BizMark Key
'BizMark Key' 1 month ago
Do Everything Wrong With The Strangers: Prey at Night. Just show the entire movie and every ten seconds say “this.” *Ding!
'Litzergam' 1 month ago
Jigsaw should have been put in one of his own traps. This is a man who spent 3 years of his life obsessing over other people after abandoning his wife. They both felt depressed over the death of their infant, but John justified his actions to abandon his whole life, job, family, friends, etc, to move into a super villain lair & play "games."
Athul Raj
'Athul Raj' 1 month ago
"Cuban minute " funny
The Star
'The Star' 1 month ago
Half of these sins are bullshit... I don't get it how this channel is so popular
'GD RAGEChaoZ' 1 month ago
Oh shit I didn't read the warning sign in the beginning FUCK
'LetsPixel' 1 month ago
My favorite Saw film
Patrick Kempfer
'Patrick Kempfer' 1 month ago
js: John "cleaned up (had Hoffman do it)" Amanda's "mistakes (traps w/out escape)" by sending Hoffman, and also Redundntsis, The Great Destroyer of Continuity!! Am I right?
'ANTI-SATAN PRO-LIFE' 2 months ago
Have you ever seen the movie tusk ?... Unbelievable
'samatic2008' 2 months ago
Do Everything wrong with motorcycle man the last car maker
Chaynah Remy
'Chaynah Remy' 2 months ago
I feel really bad for the people that have epileptic seizures and watch this movie
Milan Turner
'Milan Turner' 2 months ago
*Ahem* A CUBAN time limit
Kian Sheridan
'Kian Sheridan' 2 months ago
The one where he’s biting the sock is to stop him biting his own tongue
Kaiden the Lombax
'Kaiden the Lombax' 2 months ago
If you think this movie has just some sins you are naive...DUDE THE WHOLE GOD DAMN MOVIE IS MESSED UP!!!
Kaiden the Lombax
'Kaiden the Lombax' 2 months ago
If you think this movie has just some sins...DUDE THE WHOLE GOD DAMN MOVIE IS MESSED UP!!!
Joseph Payne
'Joseph Payne' 2 months ago
ok, so you made a really stupid point at the start. the sock wasnt to stop the pain, it was to stop him biting down really hard and damaging his teeth, gums and/or jaw. he was about to cut off his own foot, and biting hard is something people do when under pain
Tired Woomy.
'Tired Woomy.' 2 months ago
Pro tip: Don't be a cunt Then you won't get into jigsaws games
Becca ThyBloodRedSandman Taylor
No guy was alive when Amanda cut him up
'Platinum_Wolfie' 2 months ago
Big theory what if Jigsaw never died?
Wiz Tech
'Wiz Tech' 2 months ago
Can someone please give me everyone’s punishment and what the person did? That would be awesome.
Hotlobstar3D 1325
'Hotlobstar3D 1325' 2 months ago
Im so haunted
'xTheCaptainx' 2 months ago
Just for the sake of facts. The test for Amanda, the roommate she cut open was not in fact dead.
'TheWienerDogVlog' 2 months ago
Yeah there is literally no way he would be walking on that crushed foot. I fell off my porch last Jan and when we got to urgent care to see if i did in fact break it, which i knew i did because when i fell i heard it crack, but we were trying to walk into the building, my mom had to hold on to me while i hopped, but that wasnt working, so this guy was coming out and he too tried to help me walk, but my brain was literally not letting me move, so the guy held me up so my mom could go get a wheel chair.
'TheWienerDogVlog' 2 months ago
But the guy amanda got the key from wasnt actually dead, but she didnt notice and ended up actually killing him.
Daniel Nikkelen
'Daniel Nikkelen' 2 months ago
The man that amanda cut open for her key was alive
Ultimate MankeyKing
'Ultimate MankeyKing' 2 months ago
i like how they always adjust the sin time to where they always get the sins in a time under what they set it to
Jia Feng
'Jia Feng' 2 months ago
Cuban minute lmao!!!
butt lers
'butt lers' 2 months ago
Just one thing : Amanda didn't cut open her dead soulmate. She found out in the first one after cutting into him he was actually still alive but she kept going because she valued her own life more That's what I think happened Don't quote me on that
Another random account
a sin to cinema sins for not knowing that the sock is so he doesn't break his teeth from the pressure of pressing them together
untitled 000000
'untitled 000000' 2 months ago
actually dr. gordon was never cheating on his wife get ur facts straight
Fox pack 101
'Fox pack 101' 2 months ago
Let's see is many dings there wwre
'Bobo' 2 months ago
Wait were the teeth on the movie art a trap?
Lillith Rose
'Lillith Rose' 2 months ago
With Amanda’s trial the guy isn’t dead, he’s still alive when she cuts hi. Open, just paralyzed.
I Try To Draw
'I Try To Draw' 2 months ago
You can’t unlock ice You gotta get the dlc
mongo r6
'mongo r6' 2 months ago
Min 9.00 he isnt dead dont do a video if you arent invormatet
'Ruptu'' 2 months ago
Kerrys trap wasnt even hard to escape(if it was escapable in the first place) . The recipient could have just been lifted and the acid be spilled safely on floor. There was nothing holding it in place.
Robin Citroen
'Robin Citroen' 2 months ago
Identify oral quote hello bench effectiveness feedback colleague stress citizen closed.
Elias Birgersson
'Elias Birgersson' 2 months ago
the saw music theme is pretty dope though
'BRADOS25Z STAR' 2 months ago
Lol funny you mention house, I used to love that show as a kid
Angel Lightell
'Angel Lightell' 2 months ago
I'm just going to address the fact that Donnie Wahlberg is an actor in Blue Bloods
sleekpvz king
'sleekpvz king' 2 months ago
9:38 jigsaw wouldnt have made it one movie if the cops where that smart XD
'SoundHouse' 2 months ago
01:19 best sentence ever spoken in Movie history
'NotCoolKari' 2 months ago
You need surviving people in saw IV
'Tanukhi' 2 months ago
this guys sound like a huge cry baby inb4 "these are only jokes". i can give you that if they were funny
Buddy Trex
'Buddy Trex' 2 months ago
Non of them r for the children
'Jintce' 2 months ago
After watching the part of the girl having her ribs pulled out, I've had a nightmare of having the spaces between my ribs being slit.... I'm a little f*cked up....
'SLiMmcl' 2 months ago
to be fair you said "go to this adress and kidnap this person" ya could have been the persons house she was cheating on him... YOUR CINEMASINS... i hold you up to i higher standerd no matter how old your videos are lol
'SLiMmcl' 2 months ago
Stockholm syndrome...... that came out of nowhere.... plus he needed to get laid look how old he is..... THATS WHY SHE GOT OUT. HAhaha
Melissa Scholefield
'Melissa Scholefield' 2 months ago
Couldn't he have avoided sticking his face to the ice just by pulling up his jacket a bit?
shadow splicer
'shadow splicer' 2 months ago
Gabe Soporowski
'Gabe Soporowski' 2 months ago
Fuck you
'TheBEAST1184' 2 months ago
16:39 minutes.It says 16 or under
Ruth Campbell
'Ruth Campbell' 2 months ago
feck off
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