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Idiots Of The Internet Pt 12 -
Published: 2 months ago By: Joe Santagato

By: Joe SantagatoPublished: 2 months ago

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'GodTaeyong' 45 minutes ago
Inhale then outhale 😂
Aminah Taylor
'Aminah Taylor' 21 hours ago
my name has a silent h that they always miss.
Shakira Suter
'Shakira Suter' 1 day ago
I'm Brazilian-British, and the FIFA banner was supposed say: come on, our girls! As in "yeah, lets go girls!" you were right, hahah. Punctuation is CRITICAL in a situation like this! Hahahah. Quality video as always, Joe. Much love from the UK. 😂😊🙌🏿
'MLKvLOGS 7' 2 days ago
"BIRD LEAF?? You mean..a feather?"
'MsMoe2007' 2 days ago
the one sounded like they were having a stroke when they wrote that.
rabah wael
'rabah wael' 2 days ago
I thought like i'm the idiot because I didn't know what a bird leaf is
'akkeyroomi' 2 days ago
"the least knobby dot" has "chris mystery" in the beginning
Candy Serrano
'Candy Serrano' 2 days ago
Your videos helps me study xD
Xander Josiah
'Xander Josiah' 2 days ago
Its bon appetite for the love of god.
logansplayhouse 4
'logansplayhouse 4' 2 days ago
bone apple tea when the foods gooder then a bitch
Inez Villela
'Inez Villela' 3 days ago
I love this shirt on him tbh it looks nice 🤙🏽
Manuela C
'Manuela C' 3 days ago
Omg dying laughing
Makaela Howard
'Makaela Howard' 3 days ago
"Hmmm what the fuck is outhale? ITS EXHALE YOU DILDO" OH.MY.GOD. 😂😂😂
Depressed Freak
'Depressed Freak' 3 days ago
Joe, inhale and don't fail
Alexis Dunaway
'Alexis Dunaway' 3 days ago
Did anyone else notice that it said metro politician instead of metropolitan?
coloured braids
'coloured braids' 3 days ago
"It's outhale you dildo!!"
Nessie H.
'Nessie H.' 3 days ago
i love this guy way too much
Lawrence Lepes
'Lawrence Lepes' 3 days ago
Who else needs oil; I ride the bus. LOL!
Rainbow Dash X Rainbow Blitz
the last one the guy just hit the middle button on his phone
'HardcoreZGamer' 3 days ago
Thx good advice dick lol
'EilatanYmalleb' 4 days ago
Dildo is my favorite insult now because of Joe lol
Chris S
'Chris S' 4 days ago
U know that half of these mistakes r from auto correct right?
Pity Bbies
'Pity Bbies' 4 days ago
Joan crack the meat
Kyle McMillan
'Kyle McMillan' 4 days ago
Your laugh is hilarious. It's contagious.
Meme Lord
'Meme Lord' 4 days ago
What's Trump's last name?
'Ray211m' 4 days ago
Joe, you are amazing... Will you marry me? :')
'MICHAEL MASSIMO' 5 days ago
I think that they are all talking into the phone, and misheard them
'TheIciestCream' 5 days ago
My brother's friend went into Starbucks and said his name was Brayden.....5 minutes later..... "HOT CHOCOLATE FOR BRYAN" -_- Boi no...
Jeanna Gammelgaard
"you dildo" 😂😂
'Skullcandy' 6 days ago
Bone crackle teeth Bone cracker teeth
Sharnay Camargo
'Sharnay Camargo' 6 days ago
omfg i love this guy
Eric Champlin
'Eric Champlin' 6 days ago
Duuuude where can I get that awesome shirt!?
Lil Pixels
'Lil Pixels' 6 days ago
Bone Apple Feet
Lil Pixels
'Lil Pixels' 6 days ago
Bone app the teeth
'fangirlforeva' 6 days ago
Omg your are so funny. I'm seriously laughing to hard. This cray is priceless. Do more of these.
'nojimmyprotested' 6 days ago
0:34 his laugh omg
Ashton Hyden
'Ashton Hyden' 6 days ago
Joe, where did you get that shirt? I love it. Also, kickass videos man. Entertains every time.
I Just Kidding Don
Bon Appétit Please, a slice of cheese Horny Anal Tease
'WillyOmNom' 7 days ago
4:22 Redone: Has anyone ever really been as far as they decided, even if the want to go look more like Beyonce?
Ants Awesome Fishing
Alanis Ferber
'Alanis Ferber' 7 days ago
oh my gosh!!! have to say this one was probably one of my favourites!
'RatTasticMB' 7 days ago
Oska Wright
'Oska Wright' 1 week ago
1:28 anyone notice "Chris Mystery"?
'LilaBear' 1 week ago
There's nothing wrong with that Fifa banner. Have you never heard people yell "come on!" as an encouragement at a sporting event? Maybe not in the US. Anyway, then it becomes "Come on (insert team name)" eg. "come on Cowboys!" So obviously there's a women's event so they're referring to them as 'our girls' - so the phrase isn't entirely grammatically correct - would make more sense to say "come on girls" rather than "come on our girls" but it still makes sense.
'inuyasharocks0511' 1 week ago
I just realized spelling lactose intolerant or intolerance is actually pretty easy. I only realized it after I was diagnosed with it earlier this week.
Luke Dom Chambers
'Luke Dom Chambers' 1 week ago
please please more of these, they make me laugh so much
'ClydeThePlant' 1 week ago
One time I went to Starbucks they asked my name and I said Jess and when they gave me my drink it said JAZZ.
Emily Monaghan
'Emily Monaghan' 1 week ago
the starbucks thing is so true. i have a friend named farrin and they spelt her name pharrin
Noot Noot
'Noot Noot' 1 week ago
"What the f*** is outhale????? It's EXHALE ya DILDO!! "Outhale" wha- what is outhale?? Tha-That's nothing.tha- da- thats not even a word." Joe Santagato
Tastefully Rude
'Tastefully Rude' 1 week ago
"Bone Trump and leave"
Leo Powell
'Leo Powell' 1 week ago
Need more idiots videos pronto! LMMFAO
Lily bloodmore
'Lily bloodmore' 1 week ago
I just binge watch this and I can't stop laughing at the stupidity that these people have XD lol
Big Billy
'Big Billy' 1 week ago
that last one was from a joke commercial i think
Dylan Dang
'Dylan Dang' 1 week ago
The 4th of July is actually on Stardate 95108.6 Duh
Oh Shit dawg
'Oh Shit dawg' 2 weeks ago
Bird leaf....😂😂😂😂😂
'Tymanmodel101' 2 weeks ago
How about: Just maid Cram Chandler. I'm lovin it. Boner Apple Tit That is a joke and I don't need anyone's help.
Kana Kizza
'Kana Kizza' 2 weeks ago
"Has you talk to your sun about cyberbullying?" Cringe.
Ella Gallant
'Ella Gallant' 2 weeks ago
I love it when you are walking on the beach and you find a bird leaf
Jay A
'Jay A' 2 weeks ago
Blind refugees😂
wisie harry
'wisie harry' 2 weeks ago
Lmaoo he lowkey a big freak
'dsh122' 2 weeks ago
You are hilarious! But WTF is up w that shirt? 😜
'StellaCorn' 2 weeks ago
Oml I can't stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Zoey Brown
'Zoey Brown' 2 weeks ago
I have a girl friend of mine has a girl friend and ur not the intended addressee and ur not the night my nose and ur night and ur with us also I got me please I will I hope u call destiny come u
'hawj24' 2 weeks ago
😂😂😂... this guy cracks me up..!!!
DJ Gibreheim
'DJ Gibreheim' 2 weeks ago
I saw some say arthemstics
Dillan Noory
'Dillan Noory' 2 weeks ago
bird leaf
Sam Doiron
'Sam Doiron' 2 weeks ago
His laugh makes me so happy 😂😂😂
maranda snyder
'maranda snyder' 2 weeks ago
You should make a video that's if the worst/funniest protest signs 😂🙌🏽
Gabe Stephens
'Gabe Stephens' 2 weeks ago
haha i was looking at facebook and my friend wrote, "i must have got a ducted by aliens".... hahaha i was like joey!!! He'd love this
'iseestatic' 2 weeks ago
ShadowKnight03 Gaming
joe : "ya dildo" me: *dead* 😂😂😂
Andrew Schneider
'Andrew Schneider' 2 weeks ago
Anyone know where to find that shirt he's wearing?
Leora Ruzin
'Leora Ruzin' 2 weeks ago
Holy shit. That last one sounds like Charlie from Its Always Sunny. 😂😂😂😂
Sarah Midnight
'Sarah Midnight' 2 weeks ago
These comments make me want to pore salad in my wounds
Suanne H
'Suanne H' 2 weeks ago
cant stop laughing now
Bradly Moore
'Bradly Moore' 2 weeks ago
I'd also like to point at the fact that when he talks about the Christmas was, it says Chris mystery isn't sad of Christmas tree
Jen Swisher
'Jen Swisher' 2 weeks ago
Mel Tee
'Mel Tee' 2 weeks ago
I slapped the table when he said "not even Nicholsa Cage in National Treasure could figure that one out!"
Travis Lahey
'Travis Lahey' 2 weeks ago
You are my ducking spirit animal
neilj 345
'neilj 345' 2 weeks ago
He should do Idiot of the Internet YouTube comment edition
'SarahTehSenpai' 2 weeks ago
My friend and I actually made a list of ways to incorrectly spell bon appetite.*Ahem* John slap the beef
'shamus248' 2 weeks ago
who loves it when Joe calls someone a dildo?
Lord Dingles
'Lord Dingles' 2 weeks ago
4:30 sounds like if you made a sentence using the iPhone autocorrect suggestions
Rita Wade
'Rita Wade' 2 weeks ago
I love your shirt
Jaynna Lerro
'Jaynna Lerro' 2 weeks ago
Where did u buy that shirt ?
Ashleigh Orange
'Ashleigh Orange' 2 weeks ago
Daniel Teeter
'Daniel Teeter' 2 weeks ago
Where can I get that shirt?
'AllyKat' 2 weeks ago
The last one, omg I died!
Pie Romania
'Pie Romania' 2 weeks ago
4:21 Where is Christopher Walken at when you need him to read a post?
Python Gaming 26
'Python Gaming 26' 2 weeks ago
July the 4rth isn't on the 4 or julye it's on the 45nd of Feburly lol yor dumbbbbbb
Sinead O
'Sinead O' 2 weeks ago
"Outhale? It's exhale, ya dildo" hahaha
MtnDewandDoritos Supporter
i fucking love this guy....Proving idiots wrong ❤😂
Ashlyn Tipton
'Ashlyn Tipton' 2 weeks ago
I mean... wasn't that last one an Impractical Jokers reference??
'lynkozz' 2 weeks ago
For that last one it was probably made with hitting the word suggestions on iPhone
Jessy Lee
'Jessy Lee' 2 weeks ago
Two things... 1. Dat shirt though... 2. when you read the nonsense at the end, the (second time) you sounded like Christopher Walken!
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