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Idiots Of The Internet Pt 12 -
Published: 5 months ago By: Joe Santagato

By: Joe SantagatoPublished: 5 months ago

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Christian Stephens
'Christian Stephens' 4 hours ago
love how he calls everyone a dildo
'YetiTheGr8' 7 hours ago
you should definitely use that last one on the next what'd ya say! Keith would never get it xD
javon mcphee
'javon mcphee' 7 hours ago
"the 4th of July is on the 16th or 15th"? kml 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Molly Robinson
'Molly Robinson' 1 day ago
okay soooo this "boner ankle three" one... are we just gonna ignore the fact that this person had a vase... yes a fucking vase.. FULL of spaghetti. like the biggest fucking amount of spaghetti... in a vase... on top of a plate.
Ding Dong
'Ding Dong' 2 days ago
I have a really funny one I found a few years ago, how do I send it to Joe?
Olive.Da.Poobear 77
"Its exhale you dildo!" XD
claudia mansilla loayza
Ohh wait I thought you name was john haha sorry but hey I'm new and I'm gonna subscribe cuz you're funny 😂
Ariana Castaluccio-Vilani
"She.. She does the books!" THAT'S STILL FUCKIN HILARIOUS I CAN'T 😂😂
Vramyr Auvyndhar
'Vramyr Auvyndhar' 3 days ago
The answer to the last question is Yes. Most people have or do at some point.
Harinette Kpokai
'Harinette Kpokai' 3 days ago
having parents from Liberia, the part with the "librarian" was hilarious 😂😂😂
Melissa Sherriff
'Melissa Sherriff' 3 days ago
bwahah im dying
The nameless King
'The nameless King' 3 days ago
Bon appetite
'BallparkPug' 3 days ago
I laughed so hard I farted
Derek Simerly
'Derek Simerly' 4 days ago
OMG! It's like I'm listening to the idiots I work with on the daily! You sir, have found the diamond in the ruff!
FNaF Obsessed
'FNaF Obsessed' 4 days ago
just put up my cris mystery, the least nobby dot
sean lionberg
'sean lionberg' 4 days ago
love your videos funny as hell
'Hoppy's Batteries' 5 days ago
Ok I don't have a problem with this app and I have to go to the app app and it won't work
Sitara Amin
'Sitara Amin' 5 days ago
How to do with Hope
Actually outhale is a word...
Connor Vogt
'Connor Vogt' 5 days ago
4:20 When my brain shuts off in class
The Muffin Production
The first thing is to get your friends back to you and you have a lot to say to you and you can make sure they do not get a job because you can do that and then they can do you like a better job
'HPsnumber1fan8' 6 days ago
In case anyone didn't know, Starbucks employees purposefully misspell names because it's free publicity when people post about it online.
Lollipop _2
'Lollipop _2' 1 week ago
Am I the only one who thinks, "if I was the one doing the video, half of those I wouldn't get what was wrong with them"
Franky Wallace
'Franky Wallace' 1 week ago
show my video out of Utah naked pictures
Mitch Mitchell
'Mitch Mitchell' 1 week ago
i'm watching this but I can't get that flower vase full of spaghetti out of my head! not sure if I want one or I'm disgusted lol
Lord B
'Lord B' 1 week ago
Man, I hope Friday the 13 lands on a Monday this year
Unsafe Velocities
'Unsafe Velocities' 1 week ago
I used to think it was "the least snotty duck" when I was a kid. So...
AldenIsABoss Fernandes
-I can't stop laughing- 😂😂😂
'2FinnsUP' 1 week ago
Thanks for the fantastic ab workout LOL
william Scharnhorst
0:54 ayyy Pictophile watermark And Picto users here
Caleb Lennox
'Caleb Lennox' 2 weeks ago
wait bird leaf.... like a leaf from a bird? help i think trying to understand this level of stupid just gave me a stroke.
Shlomo Shekelstein
'Shlomo Shekelstein' 2 weeks ago
4:25 Is an old meme.
Jenn eh
'Jenn eh' 2 weeks ago
when I'm down man . i watch your vids, I swear IL live to 200
Jenn eh
'Jenn eh' 2 weeks ago
that liberian though dammit she is so damage beautiful
'Roro161' 2 weeks ago
the bon appetite bit was hilarious. i mean the wrong variations that people wrote had to be done on purpose. how can someone add the word ankle to it. 😂
Osbaldo Gallardo
'Osbaldo Gallardo' 2 weeks ago
@ 0:53 I fucking lost it "I just whipped up a case idea, call me guard on ram see, bone asswhole queef" 😂😭😭
Pills and Potions
'Pills and Potions' 2 weeks ago
i actually thought outhale was actually a word for a second, I was like yeah that makes sense. I'm special 😐
Flying V
'Flying V' 2 weeks ago
Katy Perry can spell bon appetit. Why can't anyone else? Tell me. Someone. Please.
'Creomortis' 2 weeks ago
Okay. 'Bird leaf' instantly won me over. Thank you for bringing this term into my life.
The Clasher for all your clash needs
there at the he sounded like captain curt reading that sentence lmao
'Shinji4life' 2 weeks ago
The bus needs oil ya moron!
Neat Advantage
'Neat Advantage' 2 weeks ago
4:24 that sounded like she was typing using her suggestions above the keyboard 😂😂 "to I will have a good time for me I was love was rly rusty but it's on the bus pirced it but it did she said stfu after school with me" like that
Matt k
'Matt k' 2 weeks ago
do you make money off this? i never see ads
cjdj 772
'cjdj 772' 2 weeks ago
Osteoporosis = bone atrafe
'WarPig' 2 weeks ago
Bong asshole queef
Flame Dash
'Flame Dash' 2 weeks ago
Feliz Navidad=> (Unidentified language) the least knobby dot?!
Skye Bartlett
'Skye Bartlett' 2 weeks ago
When I saw outhale I was literally trying to look for a mistake. I couldn't see it😂
'Acklon' 2 weeks ago
4:43 That there is a nice old meme from a young child in a video, they, for some reason, were quoting that i hope xD
Benjamin Matthews
'Benjamin Matthews' 2 weeks ago
2:50 My brother in law Dakota went to Starbucks and the girl wrote his name as Dick-yoda! XD
Shelby Larson
'Shelby Larson' 2 weeks ago
Did nobody notice that "Christmas tree" was spelled "Chris mystery?"😂
Kaelyn Ade
'Kaelyn Ade' 2 weeks ago
I love how dildo is a regular insult 😂😂😂
'TLN6915' 2 weeks ago
maybe auto correct made these people unable to spell😂😂
Crazy Artist chick
'Crazy Artist chick' 2 weeks ago
BlankTazer 6
'BlankTazer 6' 2 weeks ago
Just getting my Channel started! Everyone that subscribes to me, I will subscribe back!! Be patient! will have some good things to come!
Flame Dash
'Flame Dash' 2 weeks ago
Timothy Kibbey
'Timothy Kibbey' 3 weeks ago
lol hahaha bird leaf
Itz JustMe
'Itz JustMe' 3 weeks ago
4:26 WHAT😂😂😂😂😂😂
Izabell Martinez
'Izabell Martinez' 3 weeks ago
when he was reading the list of people who spelled words wrong pause on each one he reads and read the whole thing
'DarkHeartedTruth' 3 weeks ago
Good stuff
'GirlUnknown' 3 weeks ago
I now have to call every feather I see a bird leaf
nicholas dale
'nicholas dale' 3 weeks ago
4rth of July had me rolling
'FoodForBTS' 3 weeks ago
martina_12349 xx
'martina_12349 xx' 3 weeks ago
I friend got asked when is the Octoberfest and she answered July xD
Unicorn Lover
'Unicorn Lover' 3 weeks ago
I'm from Britain and that's said quite a lot. We belong to the country so we are there's and there cheering us on like go on u can do this
'MrCdub88' 3 weeks ago
Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like? Hahahaha love the way he read it the first time
Sarah Harris
'Sarah Harris' 3 weeks ago
omg lol ur funny
Ashia Jackson
'Ashia Jackson' 3 weeks ago
after he got done laughing at bird leaf his face was so red
Felicia Williamson
'Felicia Williamson' 3 weeks ago
Peacock....😂 Crying laughing the whole video.
Kieran Glynn
'Kieran Glynn' 3 weeks ago
This might be the best one 😂
'ZepkeZ' 3 weeks ago
He literaly admitted he watches porn.
Melanie Aaron
'Melanie Aaron' 3 weeks ago
Your videos are the worst to watch when all your classmates are STILL taking their test. THE WORST! lol I cant stop snickering.
rKuo Gaming
'rKuo Gaming' 3 weeks ago
Bird leafs FTW
Oscar TV
'Oscar TV' 3 weeks ago
the Starbuck I always spells my name Oskar
Sophia C
'Sophia C' 3 weeks ago
"it's exhale ya dildo" 😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀💀
Ashlee Jean
'Ashlee Jean' 4 weeks ago
Bone Apple Tit
Wendy Thomas
'Wendy Thomas' 4 weeks ago
good lord look at that like to dislike ratio!
Pink Magic Ali
'Pink Magic Ali' 4 weeks ago
Can we go back to 5:25 with the vase full of spaghetti and the rest of that tweet?!
Dillon Barnum
'Dillon Barnum' 4 weeks ago
the laugh at 0:09
Liz Fernandez
'Liz Fernandez' 4 weeks ago
Note to self: Don't watch Joe while eating. I have to vacuum everything I spat out now
Black Lotus
'Black Lotus' 4 weeks ago
Bon apple queff
'MrEnKaye' 4 weeks ago
'Casual' 4 weeks ago
a bird leaf killed me
amber Marie
'amber Marie' 4 weeks ago
his laugh is the best . 😂😍
'Anonymouse' 4 weeks ago
4:24 that is someone who did autofill on IOS
Melissa Wiertz
'Melissa Wiertz' 4 weeks ago
I bet some of those miss spelled words are caused by the dreaded autocorrect feature on phones and other mobile devices. Lol
Mad Ro Ro Dixon
'Mad Ro Ro Dixon' 4 weeks ago
yeaahhhh i'm pretty sure the 4th of July is on the 15th 👍🏽
Jacee Spillman
'Jacee Spillman' 4 weeks ago
oml your laugh i love it😂❤️
James Peterson
'James Peterson' 4 weeks ago
With the oil bus thing it obviously just means that OVERALL less fossil fuels are used if more people use public transportation...
starliegh budzios
'starliegh budzios' 4 weeks ago
Bro I have the exact same shirt as you!
sadie mccoy
'sadie mccoy' 4 weeks ago
i'm dying and i'm only 23 seconds in 😂😂😂
'WarlordX7' 4 weeks ago
Joe did you even read the rest of the sentences in these fucked up bone apple tees comments?. 00:53 to 01:30 the rest of the sentences are fucking funny.
'MrSuperman0044' 4 weeks ago
"Come on" is a Brittish thing, In Football(Soccer) when people cheer on their teams, they say "Come on you *insert team nickname here*" it was just a logic flaw
Ocarina Of Time - Link
Joe's videos are the kind of videos that I can watch over and over again, without ceasing.
Star vs the Zootopia
the "come on our girls" part is actually a thing in England where i live. I guess tv people just dont think right
Jordanne Adams
'Jordanne Adams' 4 weeks ago
oh my goodness 3:19 - 3:30 kills me 😂😂😂
'TheDevil'sAngel' 4 weeks ago
Bird leaf
Ashley Oswalt
'Ashley Oswalt' 4 weeks ago
I wanna meet you! Ha! You seem like a really fungi... kidding, fun guy! My family and you would fit right in with each other... thanks for the laughs!
Izsak Jorasz
'Izsak Jorasz' 4 weeks ago
So glad he's laughing a lot more in this one.
brad quijano
'brad quijano' 4 weeks ago
you look like ryan reynolds
'jpim75' 4 weeks ago
Hilarious this is!
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