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Idiots Of The Internet Pt 12 -
Published: 3 months ago By: Joe Santagato

By: Joe SantagatoPublished: 3 months ago

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'Alicia' 1 hour ago
Romys Duran
'Romys Duran' 7 hours ago
How cool would it be if 4th of July landed on a Friday the 13th 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Zackbot gaming
'Zackbot gaming' 9 hours ago
Joe can i be your best friend
'Menicky' 10 hours ago
"It's exhale you dildo " he kills me
Nikohl Shorty
'Nikohl Shorty' 15 hours ago
You are so funny!
Caden Maguire
'Caden Maguire' 2 days ago
Hi my names pcock who laughed
II VirgöWölf II
'II VirgöWölf II' 2 days ago
A fucking bird leaf😂
Mason F
'Mason F' 2 days ago
at 4:21 well some other person somehow understood this post indicated by the one like
Pokemon and dragon ball z master
3:40 "zips" Alright.
Pokemon and dragon ball z master
"Yah dildo"
'Ky' 3 days ago
4:30 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
'joenissan' 3 days ago
I want that shirt!!!
'StridlingPlayz' 3 days ago
who else realized the girl in the second ones picture was a viner?
Daniel Jorge Parker
lol you said Russel mania
'NookieCrusher' 5 days ago
Worst shirt you own LOL!
'Ajian' 5 days ago
0:53 What the actual fuck!?! case idea guard on ram see bong asshole queef Edit: I just saw 1:19... there's no way. These people have to be trolling.
Caleb Harwell
'Caleb Harwell' 6 days ago
People pronounce my last name like(Harwell) it has a d in it and it was Hardwell. I'm like wtf are you dumb? Where tf do you hear a D.
icehornet 15
'icehornet 15' 6 days ago
4:20 was an impractical jokers reference
'LT.VLOGS' 6 days ago
Yeah buddy
'herpexiadean' 7 days ago
I love his laugh.
Jackie Kemmet
'Jackie Kemmet' 7 days ago
ahahahahaha "I just whipped up a case idea, call me guard on ram see, bong asshole queef" hahahahahahahaha priceless
Twambilire Laura
'Twambilire Laura' 7 days ago
the last one really hurt my brain
Sabre Tooth Momas
'Sabre Tooth Momas' 7 days ago
Nick Brannon
'Nick Brannon' 7 days ago
Those images going by too fast. This is the internet. We're all idiots! Slow down!
Tyler Robblee
'Tyler Robblee' 7 days ago
I actually didn't know what the fuck they meant by bird leaf lmfao thanks for clearing that up
'JKimberly' 1 week ago
charmaine head
'charmaine head' 1 week ago
I love you Joe. alwayz make me laugh my ass off. 😂😂
Tombstone Soda
'Tombstone Soda' 1 week ago
Tombstone Soda
'Tombstone Soda' 1 week ago
Erin Jackson
'Erin Jackson' 1 week ago
remember guys, we live on the same planet as these guys
Yipyap Nation
'Yipyap Nation' 1 week ago
I think 3:07 I think that one was a joke
Flying V
'Flying V' 1 week ago
Bong asshole queef. Boner ankle three. Love it.
Isaac Wilcox
'Isaac Wilcox' 1 week ago
In English Football, the generic chant is Come On You (insert team nickname here). For example, West Ham has Come on you Irons.
'pinkbeachlulu' 1 week ago
have you never heard of "come on Aussies, Come on"? true we spell in C'Mon Aussies
Britt Lair
'Britt Lair' 1 week ago
I'm dying 🤦🏼‍♀️😭
Beck August
'Beck August' 1 week ago
lol i love how his go to insult is "ya dildo"
'qwertydog979' 1 week ago
Joe needs to teach a How To Be Savage 101 class.
raven fallorin
'raven fallorin' 1 week ago
goes in a restaurant CHEF: "call me guard on ram see" opens chef boyardee's and serves in platter CHEF: "bong asshole queef"
No One
'No One' 2 weeks ago
either people are idiots or they are trying to make you (joe santagato) read their fake stupid sentence
XD Symphony
'XD Symphony' 2 weeks ago
Not sure if anyone said this yet but the whole breathing thing during panic attacks is distract the person. Especially if one of there symptoms is rapid breathing. During panic attacks my mind like shuts off and I don't think logically. If I hear just breathe or inhale exhale it distracts me from the panic attack a bit. Love your videos btw
569732732 5795325
'569732732 5795325' 2 weeks ago
About to eat 😋 Cone actress pee
'Big BOY' 2 weeks ago
Gotta love those case ideas -ram see once said
Ashley Chambers
'Ashley Chambers' 2 weeks ago
boner jaculate the beef
'Erikaistooawkward' 2 weeks ago
lol just made cereal. phone and the knees!
'Walsh' 2 weeks ago
British expression it says canada
Judith Derochowski
'Judith Derochowski' 2 weeks ago
Bonnie cackle street 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
Kevin711 Kevin711
'Kevin711 Kevin711' 2 weeks ago
Outhale is actually a word tho
KamikazeMatt 22
'KamikazeMatt 22' 2 weeks ago
Em Rachel
'Em Rachel' 2 weeks ago
I think that post at 1:44 was mine. XD A long time ago, I forgot about the word "exhale" so I asked my friend "What happens after you inhale? What is the word to describe when you breath out?" And she told me outhale so I wrote that...then after I posted it, I remembered the word "exhale".
Emily Carlson
'Emily Carlson' 2 weeks ago
I want your shirt
Carlos Andrade
'Carlos Andrade' 2 weeks ago
honey cummy tet
Bellana Lavalle
'Bellana Lavalle' 2 weeks ago
"HOW THE FOURTH?!?" 😂 😂 😂 I died of laughter.
'Ja'Crispy' 2 weeks ago
Hey! Is that from Impractical Jokers? 4:20 I think so 🤔
ijeoma ifediche
'ijeoma ifediche' 2 weeks ago
Joe if your reading this comment then I saw your teeth and it was sharp two of them... YOUR A VAMPIRE!!!!!!!
Aaron Money
'Aaron Money' 2 weeks ago
0:58 Did anyone else notice it said metro politician not neo politan?
Amy S
'Amy S' 2 weeks ago
While watching these I really try to convince myself that these posts are just jokes and I try to justify them in my mind like "no people couldn't possibly be that stupid" but inside I know some of these are so real and it kills me. How are you even living if ur that stupid, how has survival of the fittest not killed u off yet
Gina Aorahim
'Gina Aorahim' 2 weeks ago
you're perfect
'IAmRebar' 2 weeks ago
This meme has a lot to be made in my life I right there is a way of life to do so no matter how many people know what they say they don't have a problem they don't know how about a good life.
Danks for the memeories
"A bird leaf?! You mean... a feather?" I wheezed so hard when he said that
Keegan M
'Keegan M' 2 weeks ago
I think the last one is clicking on the autocorrect bar.
Green Collar Drums
'Green Collar Drums' 2 weeks ago
That last one has got to be one of those "middle word" things with iPhones.
phan trash
'phan trash' 2 weeks ago
my name is alexis and once someone at starbucks wrote "alecksus" how do you even
Sean Morse
'Sean Morse' 2 weeks ago
The reason they say just Breathe is, in your diaphragm there is the Vagus nerve which when you breathe with you're diaphragm activates it and allows better concentrated breathing
'Sympatriotic' 2 weeks ago
These are making me dumber.
Jaspreet Singh
'Jaspreet Singh' 3 weeks ago
you could explain them personally, make them learn their mistakes y r u exploiting them, their English may be bad but not their feelings​
Desperate Bagley
'Desperate Bagley' 3 weeks ago
Tom eat a leaf
'THE CREEPPY1' 3 weeks ago
'Ant12496' 3 weeks ago
At :54 the picture says case idea, ram see, and bong asshole queef. Looks like they need to go back to middle school
Kyle M. Andrews
'Kyle M. Andrews' 3 weeks ago
Dude, I'm crying. Funny af. +1 subscriber. Keep it coming. Please. #IdiotsOfTheInternet
'Shiv' 3 weeks ago
funniest guy in the worlsd
Yakub Al-Juhany
'Yakub Al-Juhany' 3 weeks ago
Has anyone else seen the movie and on twitter i i is the only guy in that pic he was wearing and he was like wow wow that is what i is saying he's a man of a big deal bro he's not a guy who has to come back to school with me????
gabriel ahmad
'gabriel ahmad' 3 weeks ago
Nini or Nine whatever the fuck your name is. LOL
Caveman Spongebob
'Caveman Spongebob' 3 weeks ago
4:29 legendary "What?"
Will Erskine
'Will Erskine' 3 weeks ago
Clearly he didn't find the other messed up writing yet
Will Erskine
'Will Erskine' 3 weeks ago
I just wright your 😕😐🙂
Joshua Lewis
'Joshua Lewis' 3 weeks ago
Joe should be in a book of you and I didn't say it for the new friend and you see it around School😂
Joshua Lewis
'Joshua Lewis' 3 weeks ago
4:25 when you try to make a sentence out of your suggestion bar
bobbert boi bakken
'bobbert boi bakken' 3 weeks ago
😂 ya dildo
Leanne Langton
'Leanne Langton' 3 weeks ago
What shirt is he wearing 😂🙌🏼
Kaitlin Porrini
'Kaitlin Porrini' 3 weeks ago
a bird leaf? you mean..a feather? 😂😂
Adams Lamberts
'Adams Lamberts' 3 weeks ago
Im trying so hard not to laugh in the bus😂
'Taylorboss7' 3 weeks ago
I just got why they put bone Appetit in photos of food... I'm an idiot plus I might have spelled that phrase wrong too
The Second Most Tsundere Nation
I love how he uses Dildo as an insult!
Georgie Doherty
'Georgie Doherty' 3 weeks ago
This is the funniest one I'm dying
Georgie Doherty
'Georgie Doherty' 3 weeks ago
Bird leaf 😂
Alan Mcintosh
'Alan Mcintosh' 3 weeks ago
I know what she is trying to say
Hunter Bell
'Hunter Bell' 3 weeks ago
Quote at 4:37 is from impractical jokers
Elizabeth Sefen
'Elizabeth Sefen' 3 weeks ago
I watched this like 10 times Only recently did I stop cracking up violently
:: LunarSolitaire ::
'rogueshdw' 3 weeks ago
for yeast on my dog
Shawn Eagle
'Shawn Eagle' 3 weeks ago
"your" Hilarious! :D
Ling Ling Wong Wai -
The first bon appetit is hilarious: read all of it, worst case of dyslexia I have ever seen !
Frisky Ghost
'Frisky Ghost' 3 weeks ago
Are we not gonna talk about "case idea" and "metro politician ice cream"?
Anne King
'Anne King' 4 weeks ago
Cynthia K.
'Cynthia K.' 4 weeks ago
I love you more than I care to admit. Please allow me mas bon apertifs of your hilariousity. STAT pls
Camberlynne Schaffer
Joe: jone crack the meat me : who is jone joe: boner ankle three and the least knobby dot me : Joe go back to school
Jon Ham
'Jon Ham' 4 weeks ago
If you pause the food pics and read them, they are absolutely hilarious!
Luigi Thebaud
'Luigi Thebaud' 4 weeks ago
I remember a guy once asked me, what day of the week is black friday XD I was speechless for like 10 seconds.
KatieKat 7733
'KatieKat 7733' 4 weeks ago
I came here from IFunny. 😂😂✌🏼✌🏼
Rachel Vandiver
'Rachel Vandiver' 4 weeks ago
To be fair, the "has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like" has been a long running sort of obscure internet joke for YEARS now.
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