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Idiots Of The Internet Pt 12 -
Published: 6 months ago By: Joe Santagato

By: Joe SantagatoPublished: 6 months ago

3, 225, 591 views

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Nancy Donaldson
'Nancy Donaldson' 1 hour ago
3:40 as a brit I can confirm it makes sense lmao
aliendude 303
'aliendude 303' 23 hours ago
Joe my name is also Joe I think it's cool that I have the same name as my favourite youtuber :P
Thomas Brown
'Thomas Brown' 2 days ago
Jerome suck my feet
'Particlepants' 3 days ago
"Has anyone really been far as decided to use even go want to do look more like?" that's a meme joe
Ila Willis
'Ila Willis' 6 days ago
"What the fuck is outhale? It's exhale ya dildo"
Ashley Hanel
'Ashley Hanel' 6 days ago
I like how he said the sigh was probably from Britain and it clearly says Canada
ShadeOf Pinks
'ShadeOf Pinks' 6 days ago
3:45 "This has to be some British expression" Banner literally fucking says Canada on it
claudette dalton
'claudette dalton' 6 days ago
love ya bay city roller t shirt haha
'Robotic_Llama' 6 days ago
About to enjoy a nice cherry limeade, bomb the Japanese!
Billy Hochstetler
'Billy Hochstetler' 7 days ago
Joe!! Where'd you get that shirt!! I need one!!
'Moron2themax' 7 days ago
That shirt kicks ass!!! Anyone know where they sell it????
Nate Kuchka
'Nate Kuchka' 7 days ago
Last one was just someone pressing the middle word selection 😂
Manda Jean Rabara
'Manda Jean Rabara' 7 days ago
You should come out with merch that says, "YA DILDO!"
Spence Muly
'Spence Muly' 1 week ago
"she does the books" 0:43
'GameZedd01' 1 week ago
Bruh that shirt is ugly.
'bbiin' 1 week ago
Angel Felix
'Angel Felix' 1 week ago
Does anyone notice on the tweet that read "Joan crack the meat" she also rote "metro politician" icecream 😂😂 is there such a thing or am I just a dumbass😂😂
'StavRants' 1 week ago
Anybody notice in the 'Joan crack the meat' post, the person said 'metro politician'?😂😂😂
Areebah Hashmi
'Areebah Hashmi' 1 week ago
Jone crack the meat! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
AFK gamer
'AFK gamer' 1 week ago
you should do a video with Alonzo
'BasicRaccoon' 1 week ago
Bone Apple tea
'xwardos' 1 week ago
lol...this is a good one
Paigey Paige
'Paigey Paige' 1 week ago
My name is paige, Starbucks has spelt it Alissa and Pagey 😂
The Wraith Summoner
'The Wraith Summoner' 2 weeks ago
Icy GamingXYZ
'Icy GamingXYZ' 2 weeks ago
dude your just so done that your laughing your ass off.
Lily Bug
'Lily Bug' 2 weeks ago
inhale and outhale
Florence Masson
'Florence Masson' 2 weeks ago
Le président la même source de sécurité et de son père qui a été un des meilleurs joueurs du club des pays du sud de la musique la même source de sécurité et de son père qui a été un des meilleurs joueurs du club des gens ils sont trop mignons et de la vie de ma vie de la vie de ma vie de la vie de ma vie est un des plus belles photos sur la photo 😂😂😂 j'avais rien a ajouté.
P.M. Laberge
'P.M. Laberge' 2 weeks ago
Actually, counselors DO tell people to inhale and exhale long, deep, slow, careful, breaths to calm down. If you are concentrating on breathing in and out, you are likely not be be jumping around yelling and screaming. It gives you a few seconds to compose and unjumble your thoughts. And the person might have been trying to be witty (fail?) with "inhale" and "outhale" .... we are missing context. As silly as it sounds.
Mariofnaf 496
'Mariofnaf 496' 2 weeks ago
" Boner Ankle Three" I died at that, even more when he said " It sounds like a porn title" 😆
Mariofnaf 496
'Mariofnaf 496' 2 weeks ago
"Boney African Feet"
Agentjake M
'Agentjake M' 2 weeks ago
'Champ's Empire' 2 weeks ago
Can't wait till Christmas, Febreeze gassy thot.
'Champ's Empire' 2 weeks ago
Can't wait till Christmas, Febreeze gassy thot.
Super Videogamer
'Super Videogamer' 2 weeks ago
I think that was a trump protest at 4:07
The Random Gamer
'The Random Gamer' 2 weeks ago
eating pasta Boner touch a priest.
Jennifer Busato
'Jennifer Busato' 2 weeks ago
Starbucks spells people's names wrong as an advertising stunt, how many social media posts could a company pay for? This wrong spelling of names has gone viral, even if only one person from each store posted a picture of their cup from every store in North America can you imagine how many people see the Starbucks logo over just one month?
Davis Straus
'Davis Straus' 2 weeks ago
I love 3:22 on because the 15th is my b-day
Silent Damfino
'Silent Damfino' 2 weeks ago
His laugh makes it all better 😂😂
charlie d
'charlie d' 2 weeks ago
Who else wants Joe as their best friend lmao?
Nat Wiires
'Nat Wiires' 2 weeks ago
"You dildo!" , ima use that now
Milo The Cat
'Milo The Cat' 2 weeks ago
This is why education is important
Abdallah El-hajj
'Abdallah El-hajj' 2 weeks ago
"Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?" -the people of the Internet
'Blackhatter' 2 weeks ago
Joe Santagato King of Idiots Of The Internet
Lord Christopher Hoffer
'SamRambles95' 2 weeks ago
@JoeSantagato I have an explanation for the last one!!
Some Canadian
'Some Canadian' 2 weeks ago
my friend works at Starbucks. they misspell names intentionally
Nick Leonard
'Nick Leonard' 2 weeks ago
Why he be saying its exhale you dildo
Michael Stop
'Michael Stop' 2 weeks ago
I'm so confused why joe doesn't have like 18 million subscribers. I've been watching him for like a year or two and he's definitely the funniest YouTuber out there.
Danny Jr
'Danny Jr' 2 weeks ago
I can actually read that last one near the end, sadly..
'BlueFlameBird' 2 weeks ago
you should make a compilation of people trying to spell bon appetite
'VipahhN00dle' 2 weeks ago
I am now calling feathers bird leaves
Alex Spencer
'Alex Spencer' 2 weeks ago
when some one says take a breath when having a panic attack, it mean to take nice slow breath's because panic Attacks usually cause you to spastically breath. Also yes I know he was probably joking but he doesn't know everything.
planet opolis
'planet opolis' 2 weeks ago
Dakota Zimmermann
'Dakota Zimmermann' 3 weeks ago
if Jennifer Garner and Ryan Reynolds did the coitus and it resulted in a child, it'd be Joe
'NotchApples' 3 weeks ago
*S H E D O E S T H E B O O K S*
Dalton Giddings
'Dalton Giddings' 3 weeks ago
Garath is just really bad at spelling, his real name is Garth
Dannielle Guerrero
'Dannielle Guerrero' 3 weeks ago
you are hilarious, I love your comedy!
'mickeyrad9' 3 weeks ago
'TheRealDirtyDan' 3 weeks ago
Call me *guard on ram see*
lol life sucks
'lol life sucks' 3 weeks ago
"a bird lead" come again?
Scottphil33 Serom
'Scottphil33 Serom' 3 weeks ago
Actually, telling someome to breath is a good way of stopping panick attacks, also that's what we say to a women giving labor right?
Agent Orange
'Agent Orange' 4 weeks ago
bone apple teeth
Aidan Gibbar
'Aidan Gibbar' 4 weeks ago
I love how I found this guy from Ifunny.
Makenzie Rose
'Makenzie Rose' 4 weeks ago
At 4:24 i almost screamed and threw my phone but then realised eithor the person who wrote this is stupid or drunk and auto-correct tried not to make it look like this; Jdhmjsoanrekhbbjhghbaosbe
Chris Clouse
'Chris Clouse' 4 weeks ago
@JoeSantagato You should do more Idiots Of The Internet video's. They are great. I laughed so hard it had my eyes watering.
yaakov grunsfeld
'yaakov grunsfeld' 4 weeks ago
every knows it's spelled bone Apple tea
Niels Åge Nielsen
'Niels Åge Nielsen' 4 weeks ago
The last one sounds like a Google translate gone horribly wrong :P
Via The Internet
'Via The Internet' 4 weeks ago
Jonathan Chevez
'Jonathan Chevez' 4 weeks ago
so I tried not to laugh while watching this video in the middle of the night and trust me boy is it hard
'DILANXESTREAMER_' 4 weeks ago
My names dilan I'm 10 so like this comment for no reason
'ITACHI THE GAMER' 4 weeks ago
i think the comment at 4:19 was from a show called Impractical Jokers
Qays Qays
'Qays Qays' 4 weeks ago
The last one tho he was so confused I can't stop laughing at his reaction 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Qays Qays
'Qays Qays' 4 weeks ago
I swear he is the funniest youTuber and my favorite one of all
Unique Designs
'Unique Designs' 4 weeks ago
happend to me today LMFAO . She says brandy with a B and it ends in Y.. I say um yeah... so it said " Randie " on the cup 🤔🤔
Unique Designs
'Unique Designs' 4 weeks ago
happend to me today LMFAO . She says brandy with a B and it ends in Y.. I say um yeah... so it said " Randie " on the cup 🤔🤔
Foster Tiersky
'Foster Tiersky' 4 weeks ago
Calling someone a dildo is almost as bad as calling someone a donut
'PhansFlowercrown' 1 month ago
"Bird Leaf" I wheezed
Tatiana Amatelli
'Tatiana Amatelli' 1 month ago
wtf the last one was well...........HOW DO U MESS UP THAT BAD
A random person You possibly know
No people working at Starbucks are purposely faggots I used to work their and we purposely fuck people's names just to piss people off
'Katy's Vlogs' 1 month ago
Idk if it's just me but I just realized outhail isn't a word 😂😂😂
Sunny shah
'Sunny shah' 1 month ago
I love my ramen noodles Boner in a queef
Albert Calis
'Albert Calis' 1 month ago
Funny irony: At 4:20 is a post from someone who is clearly hitting the 420!
Mason.rules Eads
'Mason.rules Eads' 1 month ago
Everyone read the full tweets that have bong asshole queef, boney african feet, andJoan crack the meat🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂
'Silver_Soulz' 1 month ago
"She does the books" 😂😂
Harys 8
'Harys 8' 1 month ago
I am but I am not connected to the Internet while I clearly have it since it works for other apps and sending this E-mail I really like this game I want to continue my adventure with and I'm sure I will be able to get a phone except I got an old Nokia so pls pls I can't afford it make me feel bad that I'm not going to be able to t it for y a pas de soucis
Calvin Rice-Besse
'Calvin Rice-Besse' 1 month ago
This series is starting to become YGS and I like it
that one girl
'that one girl' 1 month ago
at 1:13, I'm not sure if anyone else read the post or looked at the picture, but Ill translate the terrible misspellings into English. "Made some spaghetti with some chocolate milk. Bonné appetite." Now if you look at the picture, you will see spaghetti in a VASE and WHITE milk, not chocolate. This peron either can not differentiate brown and white, can not taste, or is crazy. THEY PUT SPAGHETTI IN A VASE FOR CHRIST SAKE!! A PLATE WAS RIGHT UNDERNEATH IT!
Alexa Morgan
'Alexa Morgan' 1 month ago
That last post he showed. 😂 When he was saying it out loud it reminded me of that episode of spongebob when he forgot how to make a Krabby Patty and just went delusional and he couldn't say his sentences right. 😂 Anyone else think the same? No? Just me? Oh okay.
Pokemon & DBZ fan don
4:08 this is not your everyday stupid this is... Advanced stupid.
Arilyn Kennedy
'Arilyn Kennedy' 1 month ago
So my friend went to Starbucks and her name is Kinnedy... her cup said Kenid... I have pics to prove it too
'gearsofwar3xXx' 1 month ago
Look at the beginning of the "blind refugees" post. This wrote "My Gurl made me some smack the pony and leaves (macaroni and cheese)" WTF...
Andre Triche
'Andre Triche' 1 month ago
I wanna see this boner ankle three porno lol
Robert Lemond
'Robert Lemond' 1 month ago
i think the July 4th one might have been because some towns(like my own)celebrate the 4th of July on a different day for money reasons
a bar of soap
'a bar of soap' 1 month ago
"Made some spain get the e" *what the actual fuck*
Mojojoe Beckett
'Mojojoe Beckett' 1 month ago
I had a friend who asked me what Obama's last name was.
Amber Something
'Amber Something' 1 month ago
You mean.... a feather
'gearsofwar3xXx' 1 month ago
Most people's access to vocabulary is the equivalent of a solid state hard drive. These people must be accessing spelling and sentence structure using cassette tape.
'Saphire_pone' 1 month ago
I like how Joe completely ignored the "Chris Mystery" and the "tree" in the picture
'AcorTech' 1 month ago
Czzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz z
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