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Idiots Of The Internet Pt 12 -
Published: 1 year ago By: Joe Santagato

By: Joe SantagatoPublished: 1 year ago

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Em Rachel
'Em Rachel' 15 hours ago
Are we all going to ignore the fact that the person at 1:13 is eating spaghetti out of a vase?
Biosystem Studios
The "has anyone ever been as far" one is a meme. Copypasta.
Rob Raymond
'Rob Raymond' 2 days ago
Tip of the day: Don't go to bed with itchy butt, or you will wake up with stinky finger.
They are all gone
'They are all gone' 3 days ago
bon appetit that's how you spell it
'Keallei' 4 days ago
Omg. Bird leaf!!! Oh that's good.
Patricia Holbrook
'Patricia Holbrook' 7 days ago
I love that shirt.
Whoo Youu
'Whoo Youu' 1 week ago
I want that shirt!
Axew Meme
'Axew Meme' 1 week ago
NANI?! 3:27
'tgguitarguy' 2 weeks ago
0:53 don't miss the "just whipped up some Case ideas!" 0:56 My gf is so Roman attic! 0:57 Metro Politician ice cream! 1:13 the whole friggin thing "made me some spain get the e with some choke all late milk" 1:19 "Smack the pony and leaves" Yeah that's definitely it! 1:28 Chris Mystery???!??!?!?!
Speedpaint Bavvy
'Speedpaint Bavvy' 2 weeks ago
EternalLove OfWriting
Fml I'm dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂
with the emojis 😩😍👌😋💦 Boner Ankle Three deniably sounds like a porno
G. Mendes
'G. Mendes' 2 weeks ago
Oh my god those attempts at Bon appetite 😂
Timmy Pecoraro
'Timmy Pecoraro' 2 weeks ago
My favorite one is the one with “I made Fettuccine Alfredo ❤️❤️ Osteoporosis”
Dimas Bagaskara
'Dimas Bagaskara' 2 weeks ago
'NYAN SPACE' 2 weeks ago
You hating on people when you said a word that didn't exist "worded" 3:55
'TrendyChase' 2 weeks ago
Wilson Then
'Wilson Then' 2 weeks ago
That last one sounded like an alien trying to learn our language.. buh dum donnnn
Amy Erlanger
'Amy Erlanger' 2 weeks ago
My friend and I said "the least knobby dot" to each other this Christmas.
Sayosabah Chikara
'Sayosabah Chikara' 2 weeks ago
Dang I wish I was as "roman attic" as the girl in 0:56
'EmJ666plays' 2 weeks ago
Bone apetitties
'JB13' 2 weeks ago
The outhale one almost killed me 😂😂😂
Dylan Hamm
'Dylan Hamm' 3 weeks ago
1:29 " Chris mystery
Shakiel Akhalwaya !
'Shakiel Akhalwaya !' 3 weeks ago
Part 15 please
Colin Clipsham
'Colin Clipsham' 3 weeks ago
You’re laugh is literally the bedst!!!! 😂😂 she does the books 😏👵🏻🤣🤣🤣
ExE BlaZe
'ExE BlaZe' 3 weeks ago
I love how he doesn't realize that the bon appetit memes are autocorrect
Henry Hamilton
'Henry Hamilton' 3 weeks ago
Each post containing a misspelled bon appetit also contained various other even more idiotic words. First one: Case Idea Guard on ram see Second one: Roman attic (Also how the hell are chicken nuggets romantic?) Fourth one: Spain get the e Choke all late milk (Also the cup of milk is clearly just regular milk, not chocolate milk) Fifth one: smack the pony gurl (Without the picture I couldn't even tell that he meant macaroni) Feliz Navidad Bonus one: Chris mystery (You call that twig a Christmas tree?)
roverboy1105 awsome 5
Boner apple d
'ansarifutbol' 3 weeks ago
Dude my Starbuck name is Kim and somehow they managed to make it as Kevin
Zarif yusufi
'Zarif yusufi' 3 weeks ago
Bird leaf 😅😅😅😭😭
hannah Stickells
'hannah Stickells' 3 weeks ago
You should make a video about idiot protesters 😂
Depressed Hippo
'Depressed Hippo' 3 weeks ago
sum off thes peepol ar just autistastick
Depressed Hippo
'Depressed Hippo' 3 weeks ago
Un imploid 👌😂👌
Walker Owsley
'Walker Owsley' 3 weeks ago
The last one is a meme circulating the internet. Enjoy.
'LDPanter' 4 weeks ago
3:25 NONI?!?!
xXBRODJXx Rutland
'xXBRODJXx Rutland' 4 weeks ago
1:12 he/she spelled chocolate wrong... how?
Genavieve Scott
'Genavieve Scott' 4 weeks ago
I hear that Starbucks spells names wrong for free publicity, because people take photos of it like "haha how did they mess my name up" and post on social media
dark melody5172
'dark melody5172' 4 weeks ago
*claps* wow
Hooligan G
'Hooligan G' 4 weeks ago
You: feather Me, an intellectual: bird leaf
Cloe Stein Muñoz
'Cloe Stein Muñoz' 4 weeks ago
Is he not going to talk about the person that’s eating spaghetti out of a vase? 1:17 like... da fuck?
Meghan Pfohl
'Meghan Pfohl' 4 weeks ago
lmao how does he even find these😂😂😂
HD Birds
'HD Birds' 4 weeks ago
Lmao how did he not see " smack the pony and leaves "
Ariana Louise
'Ariana Louise' 4 weeks ago
“You dildo!” Is my new insult
Alexa Poppy
'Alexa Poppy' 4 weeks ago
You sound like fucking Shakespeare in that last one😂
Deusy Deus
'Deusy Deus' 4 weeks ago
The last one is from an episode of Impractical Jokers.
'Charlie267' 4 weeks ago
Finn Smith
'Finn Smith' 4 weeks ago
"she does the books" -joe santagato 2017
Becca Robichaud
'Becca Robichaud' 1 month ago
bong asshole queef
'BAcERJustPlaysGames' 1 month ago
The last one isn't even dumb, it's just someone referencing a meme of someone who edited a commercial to make it seem stupid.
Hannah St. Clair
'Hannah St. Clair' 1 month ago
I watch these videos to get abs
Peach Noch
'Peach Noch' 1 month ago
Did anyone hear "Russell Mania" instead of "WrestleMania"??😂😂
KauaVloggs &More
'KauaVloggs &More' 1 month ago
Joan crack the meat
Evie Cummings
'Evie Cummings' 1 month ago
Actually if you breath slowly when stressed/having a panic attack it helps trust me I've had a few in my life
'Spence' 1 month ago
I laugh so hard at these vids I cant breathe
Paul Dean
'Paul Dean' 1 month ago
Bone apple tea will forever be funny to me lmao
Queen Of hell
'Queen Of hell' 1 month ago
Is he high
'Blitzen' 1 month ago
Is it bad that I have literally never had a bad Starbucks experience
Danyal Nassar
'Danyal Nassar' 2 months ago
My friend’As name is Jose and in Starbucks they wrote Joshen😂😂😂😂
'DauntlessForever〈4' 2 months ago
His laugh make everything so much funnier
'the_random_guy' 2 months ago
"it's exhale you dildo" Yeah you plunger
Tavon Fenwick
'Tavon Fenwick' 2 months ago
Your laugh is so infectious, it's so hilarious.
jAc0b dlr
'jAc0b dlr' 2 months ago
4:23 is from a show called impractical jokers
Carly McKinney
'Carly McKinney' 2 months ago
Joe is me in math class
TwylaDraws •The Empty Coke Can•
4:21 Top 10 Questions Scientists Still Can’t Explain
Mazie Ferreira
'Mazie Ferreira' 2 months ago
The reason why people say breath when someone panics is because taking deep breaths has a calming effect on the body, Joe.
The Mysterious Wolf
'The Mysterious Wolf' 2 months ago
I think there will be a temporal anonomly that will affect the 4th of July next year. It'll be on the 24th
Sans The Skeleton
'Sans The Skeleton' 2 months ago
That random word one was from impractical jokers
Paigelynn Wiseley
'Paigelynn Wiseley' 2 months ago
What was this person trying to say with that super confusing comment
Paigelynn Wiseley
'Paigelynn Wiseley' 2 months ago
Kelly Tyler
'Kelly Tyler' 2 months ago
You are adorable!
Sarah Marie
'Sarah Marie' 2 months ago
1:28 “Chris mystery”
'xXxSnoopdawgxXx' 2 months ago
This is the only episode that makes me laugh more an more every time
Mika The Supreme Overlord
I love u joe...
Liz Foster
'Liz Foster' 2 months ago
"She does the books" 😂😂😂
'EmJ666plays' 2 months ago
Is “you dildo” supposed to be a insult?
Monika Golianek
'Monika Golianek' 2 months ago
Bird leaf
'Lerm' 2 months ago
My name is Liam, my Starbucks cup said lean
Sheree Stafford
'Sheree Stafford' 2 months ago
Is no one gonna say anything about the SPAGHETTI IN THE VASE? What even?
'UNICORN_ BIXCH' 2 months ago
Ohh mehh gershhh people are fucking stupid😂😂
Lidia Bhabie
'Lidia Bhabie' 2 months ago
4:45 gave me a migraine istfg my head hurts so bad. Listening to him read that made me lose braincells.
Lidia Bhabie
'Lidia Bhabie' 2 months ago
I wanna make one Bone Apple Skeet
Liv Legend
'Liv Legend' 2 months ago
It's exhale you dildo 😂😂👏
Aley Houston
'Aley Houston' 2 months ago
im rewatching all my favorite Joe vidoes, bc ive watched every single one of his videos almost, and i am literally laughing so hard im crying
Archie Crawley
'Archie Crawley' 2 months ago
4:17, Wrestle mania, not Russle mania u dildo
Frank the Handy Man
'Frank the Handy Man' 2 months ago
Came home and put up the Chris mystery 😍👌🏻🌴The least knobby dot! 🎄💯
Da dragon Guy
'Da dragon Guy' 2 months ago
I went to Starbucks once and I said “Elliot” and it turned up as “Enio”
Joey boy S.
'Joey boy S.' 2 months ago
The Christmas song one my sister always sung THE POLICE GOT MY DOG
KA Bunnie
'KA Bunnie' 2 months ago
You know the funny part of that $th of July on 15th or 16th is probably she is Chicana (Mexican American) And she might be mixing up The Mexican Independence which falls on both the 15th and the 16th BUT OF SEPTEMBER because of the history (to much to write to be honest) And to shorten her question instead of saying Mexican Independence day she said the 4th of July ( US independence day) But maybe she just thinks they are all ht esame and she needs some history lessons XD
Albert Calis
'Albert Calis' 2 months ago
My brain just suffered the blue screen of death trying to read that last one.
Care Bear
'Care Bear' 2 months ago
"she does the books" XD
'BehindTheMind' 2 months ago
Its exhale ya dildo
Brandi Aragon
'Brandi Aragon' 2 months ago
This is the best one
Joelina Cuello
'Joelina Cuello' 2 months ago
im Fing dying
Jacob Braun
'Jacob Braun' 2 months ago
Auto correct at its worst
Mya Staine
'Mya Staine' 2 months ago
That last question looks like on of my schools test questions
'CJDIY's' 2 months ago
0:53 the rest of the tweet XD "i just whipped up a case idea, call me guard on ram see."
D Jones
'D Jones' 2 months ago
Rickn Morty
'Rickn Morty' 2 months ago
smack the pony and leave - i'm dead
Chip Flip
'Chip Flip' 2 months ago
Joe's definition of a librarian: Someone who does the books.
Aegis Stormblade
'Aegis Stormblade' 2 months ago
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