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Idiots Of The Internet Pt 12 -
Published: 8 months ago By: Joe Santagato

By: Joe SantagatoPublished: 8 months ago

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'Satchel1300' 3 days ago
That last thing sounds like something Charlie Kelly would say
'SalFrosterGamer' 3 days ago
4:23 is the next Shakespeare lol
SoldierBoy fun&gaming
Love it!
Red War
'Red War' 3 days ago
I use to say, backfoward instead or rewind.
Maegan Z.
'Maegan Z.' 6 days ago
A fucking bird leaf 😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀
Rhayne Hamrick
'Rhayne Hamrick' 6 days ago
my friend laughed so hard he shit himself
My version: bone app a tit
D. Mac634
'D. Mac634' 1 week ago
this dude watches some weird porn...
Brian Ellsworth
'Brian Ellsworth' 1 week ago
Metro Politician ice cream tho😂😂😂
'Knorkie' 1 week ago
"Hey dad, guess what? I lost my virginity!" "Oh that's great son, come sit down and tell me all about it" "I can't my ass hurts"
Kyle Spencer
'Kyle Spencer' 1 week ago
Was this shot in the new backroom casting couch studio?
'BasedGod' 1 week ago
4:21 damn it, Joe, that's a copypasta lol
Nightingale Miller
I love these videos! Keep it up, a keep supplying the laughs!
'Underive' 1 week ago
"ITS EXHALE YAH DILDO" im dead 😂😂😂
'SentrySqaud' 2 weeks ago
1:13 Spain get the E Choke all late milk There is plain milk in that jar, and also why is that spaghetti in a god damn flower vase WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS GOING ON.
'Panda_MelVlogs' 2 weeks ago
"Its exhale you dildo!" -Joe 2017 I died a bit XD
'MinK' 2 weeks ago
the reason why Starbucks misspells your name is because they get free publicity when ppl post it on social media.
Lauryn Anne
'Lauryn Anne' 2 weeks ago
when joe said "nini" i was really confused for a minute there 😂😂
Caius Nair
'Caius Nair' 2 weeks ago
4:27 XD not sure what you dropped but that's hilarious
'Primary' 2 weeks ago
0:58 the best part of this one is "metro politician ice cream"
'CAPRILES USA' 2 weeks ago
What kinda of porn do you watch like really wtf!?!
itsjust ME
'itsjust ME' 2 weeks ago
Honestly though, telling me to breathe does help. When I have a panic attack, my breathing gets weird, and I never notice. I'm too busy focusing on whatever I'm worried about to realize that my breathing has gotten ragged and shallow. Once it took me so long to notice that I almost passed out. So telling someone to breathe during a panic attack might actually help a little bit.
'darkmagik25' 2 weeks ago
"the 4th on the 15th or 16th" I think I just peed a little, I can't deal with this lmao
thatdudejude 117
'thatdudejude 117' 2 weeks ago
0:55 "bong asshole queef" I actually just shit myself I'm rolling in my floor gasping for air and a good excuse for when my parents walk in thinking I'm having a grand maul seizure, please call somebody there's shit EVERYWHERE
Ally Nicole
'Ally Nicole' 2 weeks ago
"YA DILDO" 😂😂😂
Austin Garrett
'Austin Garrett' 2 weeks ago
Is the 4th of July in October or January?
Max Benson
'Max Benson' 3 weeks ago
Super sexual feet
Catherine Hache
'Catherine Hache' 3 weeks ago
My name's Catherine.... Pretty simple and easy.. Someone at Starbucks wrote Camaron on my cup.........
Darth Kaung Steel
'Darth Kaung Steel' 3 weeks ago
That last post though......😮😮😮
Darth Kaung Steel
'Darth Kaung Steel' 3 weeks ago
What in the entire fuck is "outhale"?
'4 RUS' 3 weeks ago
Sounded like christopher walken at the end. Lol
Miles loker
'Miles loker' 3 weeks ago
If you think 4:30 was hard to read then you should try to read the adventures of huckleberry finn
JuggerNog Soda
'JuggerNog Soda' 3 weeks ago
Boner stinky feet
Ahana Busime Murumbi
0:55 the guy wrote "I just whipped up a case idea" instead of quesadilla 😂
matt swanson
'matt swanson' 3 weeks ago
'PokeNerd' 3 weeks ago
Allen Catalan
'Allen Catalan' 3 weeks ago
Yo that last one had to be stolen from Impractical Jokers
Aster * ical*
'Aster * ical*' 3 weeks ago
"call me guard on ram see" , " My girl is so roman attic" , "Metro politician", *BEST ONE* --> " made me some spain get the e with some choke all late milk" , "smack the pony and leaves" , "Chris mystery" ,
'CutieYokai' 3 weeks ago
"She does the books!"
Kiko Tavino
'Kiko Tavino' 3 weeks ago
Where can I get that shirt??
Christina King
'Christina King' 3 weeks ago
shonta strange
'shonta strange' 3 weeks ago
Conor Kavanagh
'Conor Kavanagh' 3 weeks ago
He's so passionately salty it hurts :')
Laura Daigle
'Laura Daigle' 3 weeks ago
I'm. Crying. "The least knobby dot." It's even funnier when you try to sing it...
Kevin Mule
'Kevin Mule' 3 weeks ago
4:20 almost had a stroke reading this
Josiah Silva
'Josiah Silva' 3 weeks ago
the least knobby dot
uni - pig
'uni - pig' 3 weeks ago
"A bird leaf?.... you mean...a *feather* ?" I'M DEAD
Dylan Rorech
'Dylan Rorech' 3 weeks ago
My cousins name is Marc and at Starbucks he said his name was Mark but with a c and they wrote on his cup cark
'RenoVega88' 3 weeks ago
0:54 mark, pause and read that whole tweet.
'???' 3 weeks ago
2:17 I think that's more: "Just breath, don't hyperventilate and have your heart stop from breathing too fast..."
Jon Fil
'Jon Fil' 4 weeks ago
Roger Rogers
'Roger Rogers' 4 weeks ago
"Made me some Spain get with the E with some choke all late Milk" What. The. Fuck.
Joshua HG
'Joshua HG' 4 weeks ago
I'm pretty sure the Bon Appetit fails were due in part to some voice-to-text fail
Colby Tapp
'Colby Tapp' 4 weeks ago
4:40 it's like she clicked the middle suggestion over & over again!😂😂
'CompiLand123' 4 weeks ago
Now someone is gonna get an "inhale-outhale" tattoo 🤦‍♀️😂
Kimberly Schott
'Kimberly Schott' 4 weeks ago
He just casually calls people a dildo...
Anibal Medina Ubiera
The worst thing is that the last post had one like
The Wraith Summoner
'The Wraith Summoner' 4 weeks ago
Flying Pig
'Flying Pig' 4 weeks ago
Metro politician ice cream
Hoang Nguyen
'Hoang Nguyen' 4 weeks ago
Breathing actually makes you more calm if you breath long and slowly...inhale and exhale
Mary Mouse
'Mary Mouse' 4 weeks ago
I just want to say I want Joe to be my best friend. LOL
Lee Rogers
'Lee Rogers' 4 weeks ago
Bong crackle meat
Paola Frye
'Paola Frye' 1 month ago
I love bird "leaves" 😝
Maisie Bracewell
'Maisie Bracewell' 1 month ago
Joe kinda reminds me of spencer from icarly
'luciastrange' 1 month ago
How funny and ironic is it that the "catch phrase" for cystic fibrosis (a disease that afflicts the lungs and one's ability to breathe) is "Just breathe"?!! What kinda sick effing...
- sylvia
'- sylvia' 1 month ago
Silver Spearman
'Silver Spearman' 1 month ago
James Mackes
'James Mackes' 1 month ago
3:29 *N-NANI?*
Alexandra Carman
'Alexandra Carman' 1 month ago
Starbucks is great and all, but my name is Alex and somehow they got Pam. No kidding, I was the only female person there and it was the coffee I ordered
Will Erskine
'Will Erskine' 1 month ago
The idiot decipherer is here and I may know what there saying "has anyone really been far or even decided to look more like" ok this is a whole other dialect of dumb because I don't what they where trying to say
Caitlin Fulcher
'Caitlin Fulcher' 1 month ago
That laugh😂 0:35
abby casteris
'abby casteris' 1 month ago
I love that his only insult is "You dildo"
Mark Brown
'Mark Brown' 1 month ago
Omg a fuckin bird leaf. That's too funny! You're right though it is creative. Sad part is I instantly knew what he meant like I had to second question myself.... A fuckin bird leaf.... Classic.
'MisterTbone' 1 month ago
Someone needs to help that last person, they were having a stroke!
mygamefame 22
'mygamefame 22' 1 month ago
I almost messed up once I almost told my brother wouldent it be cool if Friday the 13th was on Halloween
Spyro Shurtagul
'Spyro Shurtagul' 1 month ago
I am dyyyyiiiinnggg from these videos. I'm crying over here in laughter XD I really wanna know if and what comments were on that last one cause maybe someone asked and she explained? Haha
'ItsZech' 1 month ago
"Some British expression" IT FUCKING SAID "CANADA 2016"
Maxx Berry
'Maxx Berry' 1 month ago
1:12 read the whole tweet
That revlon hair curler is a dildon't, not a dildo
Funny Ord
'Funny Ord' 1 month ago
3:20 he's holding up 5 fingers blind people.
Tales of Kimmy
'Tales of Kimmy' 1 month ago
I need a break from watching your videos Because I really almost bursted out laughing in a nail salon
Alexandria Cummins
'Alexandria Cummins' 1 month ago
The hard one to read was from Impractical Jokers I think.
Kirstin Rodriguez
'Kirstin Rodriguez' 1 month ago
Lmfao I'm not one to read through comments except yours 😂
Maddy Todd
'Maddy Todd' 1 month ago
OMG! I didn't even know that there was something wrong with bird leaf! 😂
'dyllthephill99' 1 month ago
0:54 guard on ram see HAHAHA its gordon ramsay
Emily Day
'Emily Day' 1 month ago
Joe sounds like Christopher Walken reading the last one! 😂
Crossover God
'Crossover God' 1 month ago
i think these buon apetite things are just auto correct since it's french but it corrects in english
'jennybobeeny' 1 month ago
The last one was a quote from the tv show Impractical Jokers
Alasdair Chisholm
'Alasdair Chisholm' 1 month ago
I thought you'd be some shitty reaction type channel but watching this video I laughed so hard I puked. Well done. Sub earned
Its Poussey Not Pussy
I laughed so fuckinn hard at "bird life"
Cynthia Guillen
'Cynthia Guillen' 1 month ago
Bone apple tit!
'khaleesi' 1 month ago
3:27 I lost it🤣
Life by Breanne
'Life by Breanne' 1 month ago
Your laugh is the greatest thing I've ever heard.
Delilah Burton
'Delilah Burton' 1 month ago
I will stay rewatching all the idiots of the internet😭😭💀💀💀🙌🏽
Ricardo Velez
'Ricardo Velez' 1 month ago
Phone Capital Teet.
Sarah McMurray
'Sarah McMurray' 1 month ago
Haha I'm dead
Trix Vaporize
'Trix Vaporize' 1 month ago
Love this series, hope it never ends.
evan miller
'evan miller' 1 month ago
lol me and my brother went to starbucks and his name is isaiah i came back to pick up the cup and it said isac lol
cameron mcclellan
'cameron mcclellan' 1 month ago
Joe uh you watch too much porn.
Emma Tilton
'Emma Tilton' 1 month ago
Wait why did I just accept outhale as a real word for a split second 😂
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