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Idiots Of The Internet Pt 12 -
Published: 10 months ago By: Joe Santagato

By: Joe SantagatoPublished: 10 months ago

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Kelly Tyler
'Kelly Tyler' 2 days ago
You are adorable!
Sarah Marie
'Sarah Marie' 2 days ago
1:28 “Chris mystery”
Alan Elson
'Alan Elson' 4 days ago
This is the only episode that makes me laugh more an more every time
Mika The Supreme Overlord
I love u joe...
Liz Foster
'Liz Foster' 5 days ago
"She does the books" 😂😂😂
'EmJ666playes' 6 days ago
Is “you dildo” supposed to be a insult?
Monika Golianek
'Monika Golianek' 6 days ago
Bird leaf
'Lerm' 7 days ago
My name is Liam, my Starbucks cup said lean
Sheree Stafford
'Sheree Stafford' 1 week ago
Is no one gonna say anything about the SPAGHETTI IN THE VASE? What even?
'UNICORN_ BIXCH' 1 week ago
Ohh mehh gershhh people are fucking stupid😂😂
Lidia Bhabie
'Lidia Bhabie' 1 week ago
4:45 gave me a migraine istfg my head hurts so bad. Listening to him read that made me lose braincells.
Lidia Bhabie
'Lidia Bhabie' 1 week ago
I wanna make one Bone Apple Skeet
Liv Legend
'Liv Legend' 1 week ago
It's exhale you dildo 😂😂👏
Aley Houston
'Aley Houston' 1 week ago
im rewatching all my favorite Joe vidoes, bc ive watched every single one of his videos almost, and i am literally laughing so hard im crying
Archie Crawley
'Archie Crawley' 1 week ago
4:17, Wrestle mania, not Russle mania u dildo
'Frank' 1 week ago
Came home and put up the Chris mystery 😍👌🏻🌴The least knobby dot! 🎄💯
Da dragon Guy
'Da dragon Guy' 1 week ago
I went to Starbucks once and I said “Elliot” and it turned up as “Enio”
Joey boy S.
'Joey boy S.' 1 week ago
The Christmas song one my sister always sung THE POLICE GOT MY DOG
KA Bunnie
'KA Bunnie' 1 week ago
You know the funny part of that $th of July on 15th or 16th is probably she is Chicana (Mexican American) And she might be mixing up The Mexican Independence which falls on both the 15th and the 16th BUT OF SEPTEMBER because of the history (to much to write to be honest) And to shorten her question instead of saying Mexican Independence day she said the 4th of July ( US independence day) But maybe she just thinks they are all ht esame and she needs some history lessons XD
Albert Calis
'Albert Calis' 1 week ago
My brain just suffered the blue screen of death trying to read that last one.
Care Bear
'Care Bear' 1 week ago
"she does the books" XD
'BehindTheMind' 2 weeks ago
Its exhale ya dildo
Brandi Aragon
'Brandi Aragon' 2 weeks ago
This is the best one
Joelina Cuello
'Joelina Cuello' 2 weeks ago
im Fing dying
Jacob Braun
'Jacob Braun' 2 weeks ago
Auto correct at its worst
Mya Staine
'Mya Staine' 2 weeks ago
That last question looks like on of my schools test questions
'CJDIY's' 2 weeks ago
0:53 the rest of the tweet XD "i just whipped up a case idea, call me guard on ram see."
D Jbarros
'D Jbarros' 2 weeks ago
Rickn Morty
'Rickn Morty' 2 weeks ago
smack the pony and leave - i'm dead
Chip Flip
'Chip Flip' 2 weeks ago
Joe's definition of a librarian: Someone who does the books.
Aegis Stormblade
'Aegis Stormblade' 2 weeks ago
Bryan Adams
'Bryan Adams' 2 weeks ago
i just realised how many videos that joe calls idiots "Dildo"
'Yandere-chan' 2 weeks ago
They didn't say damn
Triston Herrera
'Triston Herrera' 3 weeks ago
You deserve more subs
Tim Marrion
'Tim Marrion' 3 weeks ago
I like all of your videos bro
'Brady' 3 weeks ago
I feel like I need a nap after reading that last one
Cristi Burton
'Cristi Burton' 3 weeks ago
Omg he is hysterical
Emmanuel Hoyos
'Emmanuel Hoyos' 3 weeks ago
Off topic but does anyone know where Joe got that shirt??
Shannon Matthias
'Shannon Matthias' 3 weeks ago
'Mrjlee93' 3 weeks ago
Joan crack the feet
'Kiwisen' 4 weeks ago
HAhahahhahahah. The breath thing is for you to focus on something else than your panik or What caused it😂 Love this video
'xXFieryDragonzXx' 4 weeks ago
4:20 Is from impractical jokers.
YourAmIGo Cyrah
'YourAmIGo Cyrah' 4 weeks ago
Omg I went to Starbucks yesterday and I told then how to spell my name (Cyrah) and they spelt siren
John Christensen
'John Christensen' 4 weeks ago
Love ya Joe but, that shirt is wow.
Anthony Lee
'Anthony Lee' 4 weeks ago
"It's exhale not outhale you dildo"
Julie Byrne
'Julie Byrne' 4 weeks ago
3:02 the irony oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh THE IRONY
Shay lanay
'Shay lanay' 1 month ago
Your laugh is hella funny
Zachary Backmeier
'Zachary Backmeier' 1 month ago
Hey outhale is a word
'peenkkitten' 1 month ago
Omg i cant breath lol lord this funny i miss him he hilarious
'rzeka' 1 month ago
Honestly when I was a kid I thought it was "fleece knobby dot"
Maddie Pelkey
'Maddie Pelkey' 1 month ago
Jesus Christ, I go to school with NIni...
Unknown User
'Unknown User' 1 month ago
Canus The Immortal
'Canus The Immortal' 1 month ago
She does the books? The fuck Joe?
Summer Gardner
'Summer Gardner' 1 month ago
on the joan crack the meat ice she fuckin calls neapolitan ice cream "metro politician" like what the actual fuck
David Cross
'David Cross' 1 month ago
Ok, I'm watching this at two o clock in the morning. I heard bird leaf and just went "Yeah ok, sounds about right"
Joseph Keeler
'Joseph Keeler' 1 month ago
Beware danger ropes (snakes 🐍)
niko la
'niko la' 1 month ago
Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like
Dawnika Snow
'Dawnika Snow' 1 month ago
Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
Dawnika Snow
'Dawnika Snow' 1 month ago
Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
Kyle Bevers
'Kyle Bevers' 1 month ago
0:58 loves politician ice cream
Alexis Deitrich
'Alexis Deitrich' 1 month ago
Who else has accidentally made the bird leaf mistake
Jhene Yeoman
'Jhene Yeoman' 1 month ago
When I was 9 I asked my mom when was the 4th of July and she said I just said it. I kept asking and we got into an arguement 30 minutes later I thought about how dumb I was and said I was sorry. 😂😂😂
Anonymous Girl
'Anonymous Girl' 1 month ago
Joe!!! You didn’t mention where the person who said “Joan crack the meat” also said “metro politician”.... it’s Neapolitan...
Seve Hynes30
'Seve Hynes30' 1 month ago
It's sad that during the first one when they said bird leaf, like i knew what they were talking about but I was like "shit it's called something else" looks like I'm the idiot this time
'Voidxxedits' 1 month ago
2:15   Holding your breath actually can stop a Panic Attack... So yeah, that is good advice
Optimus Prime
'Optimus Prime' 1 month ago
“She does the books” 0:40
#Xtreme Gaming85
'#Xtreme Gaming85' 2 months ago
"outhale". That's nothing😂😂😂😂😂
Matthew Robison
'Matthew Robison' 2 months ago
I thought the stain on your wall was a smudge on my phone screen and I tried to scratch it off😂
rob thatsme
'rob thatsme' 2 months ago
This is one of the best ever Joe. I was literally “rolling on the floor laughing”. Keep em coming.
Justin Long
'Justin Long' 2 months ago
Remember that jumbled status that guy had? Well I posted one similar to that one night on a comment feed on something while I was drunk and high as shit. Kinda looked familiar. I wonder if that was my drunk ass. If the pic wasn't blurred I could give you an answer.
Nora Valkrie
'Nora Valkrie' 2 months ago
*Inhale* *Outhale*
• Lacey Spamzu •
'• Lacey Spamzu •' 2 months ago
"And alright I'm not even going to try to decipher that shit. Not even Nicholas Cage and National Treasures could figure that one out" He kills me 😂😂😂
Radical Trains
'Radical Trains' 2 months ago
Fun Fact buses don’t use oils they have alternate fuel
jennifer hasting
'jennifer hasting' 2 months ago
'-Titan_Scout-' 2 months ago
4:20 How much you wanna bet that was an autocorrect story
Brad Smith
'Brad Smith' 2 months ago
I dig Joeh.
Zachary Jaraczewski
'Zachary Jaraczewski' 2 months ago
How do you find so many of these. I don't see too many of these type of people.. 😧
Shealynn Filek
'Shealynn Filek' 2 months ago
You are my favorite youtuber. You're funny as heck and i watch your videos on days that im down. Thank you for being your funny self!
K and R vlogs
'K and R vlogs' 2 months ago
Metro politician ice cream
'MegaJacob456' 2 months ago
I think the lady who thought the Fourth of July was on the 16th meant a certain french holiday that I can't remember the name of where there were these asscracks who were being asscracks and doing asscrack stuff, but the people didn't like that, so they killed them. Bone asshole queef
Deez Nuts
'Deez Nuts' 2 months ago
Let's not overlook the bony African feet guy spelled romantic Roman attic
'Satchel1300' 2 months ago
That last thing sounds like something Charlie Kelly would say
'SalFrosterGamer' 2 months ago
4:23 is the next Shakespeare lol
SoldierBoy fun&gaming
Love it!
Red War
'Red War' 2 months ago
I use to say, backfoward instead or rewind.
Maegan Z.
'Maegan Z.' 2 months ago
A fucking bird leaf 😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀
Rhayne Hamrick
'Rhayne Hamrick' 2 months ago
my friend laughed so hard he shit himself
'QuadkillsGaming0414' 2 months ago
My version: bone app a tit
D. Mac634
'D. Mac634' 2 months ago
this dude watches some weird porn...
Brian Ellsworth
'Brian Ellsworth' 2 months ago
Metro Politician ice cream tho😂😂😂
'Knorkie' 2 months ago
"Hey dad, guess what? I lost my virginity!" "Oh that's great son, come sit down and tell me all about it" "I can't my ass hurts"
kyle spencer
'kyle spencer' 2 months ago
Was this shot in the new backroom casting couch studio?
'BasedGod' 2 months ago
4:21 damn it, Joe, that's a copypasta lol
Nightingale Miller
'Nightingale Miller' 2 months ago
I love these videos! Keep it up, a keep supplying the laughs!
'Underive' 2 months ago
"ITS EXHALE YAH DILDO" im dead 😂😂😂
'SentrySqaud' 2 months ago
1:13 Spain get the E Choke all late milk There is plain milk in that jar, and also why is that spaghetti in a god damn flower vase WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS GOING ON.
'Panda_MelVlogs' 2 months ago
"Its exhale you dildo!" -Joe 2017 I died a bit XD
'MinK' 2 months ago
the reason why Starbucks misspells your name is because they get free publicity when ppl post it on social media.
Lauryn Anne
'Lauryn Anne' 2 months ago
when joe said "nini" i was really confused for a minute there 😂😂
Caius Nair
'Caius Nair' 2 months ago
4:27 XD not sure what you dropped but that's hilarious
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