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Idiots Of The Internet Pt 12 -
Published: 2 months ago By: Joe Santagato

By: Joe SantagatoPublished: 2 months ago

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Martin Bleeker
'Martin Bleeker' 4 hours ago
2.05 JOE THEY MEAN TO Inhale and exhale deeply Idiot
Drew Miller
'Drew Miller' 8 hours ago
The ambiguous question is a reference to Impractical Jokers...
'matthew98405' 9 hours ago
Markipliers pissed off brother
Gabriel Pinnock
'Gabriel Pinnock' 10 hours ago
"I've said too much" XDDD
elena pg
'elena pg' 20 hours ago
YGS ft joe
Dwelt Venus
'Dwelt Venus' 1 day ago
haha has anybody else noticed his favourite insult. " ya dildo"
Mike Cassanova
'Mike Cassanova' 1 day ago
Need more
Austin Berger
'Austin Berger' 1 day ago
this is my favorite video ever
Noah Kelly
'Noah Kelly' 1 day ago
Do you not know the phrase "come on"?
Muffin Bullets
'Muffin Bullets' 1 day ago
I just can't wait to go to the mall with me the rest day I'm gonna be home alone all the time and aggravation my dad with my dad sister and sister of the year now I'm gonna miss you too late night school.
Gracelee Pettit
'Gracelee Pettit' 1 day ago
'Xcog' 1 day ago
I've just binged all of these. It's not perfect, but my face still hurts from laughing.
Justine Brijmohan
saw part of this on Ifunny
'superstevo189' 2 days ago
youve got to be kidding me. ive been further even more deided to use even go need to do lookmore as anyone can. can you really be fareven as decided half as much to use go wish for that? my guess is that when one really been far even as decided once to use even go want, it is then that he has really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like. its just common sense.
'superstevo189' 2 days ago
the last one is so old, idk how he hasn't heard of it
'nightdumo' 2 days ago
'Miata_and_chill' 2 days ago
Who else is here because of ifunny?
kaitlyn rose
'kaitlyn rose' 2 days ago
'Fae' 2 days ago
'kvm1999' 2 days ago
The last one is the quote of a meme
Hayden Howard
'Hayden Howard' 2 days ago
IFunny brought me here
BlueEclipss Gaming
Anyone else comes here from I funny?
Martin Smith
'Martin Smith' 2 days ago
hello ifunny users
Adam Lagunas
'Adam Lagunas' 2 days ago
Sent from I Funny.
Domonique Moss
'Domonique Moss' 2 days ago
This just got featured on ifunny!
Kaleb Berl
'Kaleb Berl' 2 days ago
Joe!!! BIRD LEAF Means well... something else... ummm... look it up...
Cody Farkas
'Cody Farkas' 2 days ago
would you go so far as to even pretend to go and do more like
Richard C
'Richard C' 2 days ago
Saw this on ifunny
Cinders & Ashes
'Cinders & Ashes' 2 days ago
Make more
Callie K
'Callie K' 2 days ago
The darkest bon apetit one was "find my dead niece"
Robert Partenza
'Robert Partenza' 2 days ago
The really long and confusing tweet is a quote from the show "impractical jokers"
'Soulberrry' 2 days ago
Once i told my crush i was an outrovert AN OUTtrovert !!!!!! I hate myself
'FishyTheDragon' 2 days ago
lol just say this one on ifunny
juan carlos Felix Mtz
i want to see you with Derek Gerard(I'm a new sub btw)
Lolzor Potatoe
'Lolzor Potatoe' 3 days ago
Erik 206
'Erik 206' 3 days ago
Hi I am not sure how you feel that this time you have a single one that is the same but you have a good time and aggravation that is a big issue in this time and I think I Try reading that
Amiee Irene
'Amiee Irene' 3 days ago
"Joan crack the meat" I CANT BREATHE!!😂😂😂😂😂
'EngineerPCDoctor' 3 days ago
barely funny.
afihene antwi
'afihene antwi' 3 days ago
Yall should pause on the bon appetit pics, and read the entire posts!!! theyre hilerious
Hey I
'Hey I'm had' 3 days ago
instagram anyone?
Sery Aimé Camacho
😭😭😭 I laughed so bard on IG
Rampage Venomous
'Rampage Venomous' 4 days ago
4:20 made me laugh so hard
Angela Smith
'Angela Smith' 4 days ago
I love that shirt. 😉
Slim Steele
'Slim Steele' 4 days ago
"Sounds like a porn title.. brakes his ankle and gets blown 10 minutes later"
'JJarts' 4 days ago
1:46 😂😂 I can't
McKenna LaFleur
'McKenna LaFleur' 4 days ago
"She does the books."
Eli McClellan
'Eli McClellan' 4 days ago
At 3:47, he is talking about the Fifa picture. He says that it has to be a British expression even though the banner clearly says FIFA WORLD CUP CANADA... If he would have said French, it would have made more sense since the french originally settled Canada.
'fiscer247' 4 days ago
I hope some of these people are trolling. If not the internet is way worse than I thought.
'Jonas' 5 days ago
Bob kraken tree
XXX Kimberly
'XXX Kimberly' 5 days ago
This is Hilarious! New Subscriber! Thanks for making my day..😘
Abhishek S
'Abhishek S' 5 days ago
The last dumb sentence was from the TV prank show "impractical jokers".
Mario C. Castillion
Undoubtedly one of the funniest guys I've seen here on YouTube. Instant subscription!
Dexi Dadzie
'Dexi Dadzie' 5 days ago
when you're Liberian
Annie Nutku
'Annie Nutku' 6 days ago
Starbucks intentionally spell the names on the coffee cups incorrectly, as it leads to people instagraming/facebook/tweeting the images... Free advertising. Actually extremely clever marketing!
u got p0wn3d
'u got p0wn3d' 7 days ago
Boney African feet 😂😂
Maddie Taylor
'Maddie Taylor' 1 week ago
Are you Italian
Jennifer Johnson
'Jennifer Johnson' 1 week ago
watch out, joe! there are some idiots watching your videos, hahaha.
David Johnson
'David Johnson' 1 week ago
Hey Joe. Who is the bigger idiot? The person who sent out that impossible to read post, or the idiot who liked the impossible to read post
Lisa Plant
'Lisa Plant' 1 week ago
Found this one for you...can't spell trying or girl..."Hell I liked trin do it for my gurl"
Duo Bros
'Duo Bros' 1 week ago
What state is miami in?Just asking.
Nicholas Cannon
'Nicholas Cannon' 1 week ago
'Outhale' is definitely a word. It is synonymous to exhale.
Super Busy Mum
'Super Busy Mum' 1 week ago
Bird leaf! PMSL!!
'riku134' 1 week ago
do a YouTube video shirtless.
Trixxii Labelle
'Trixxii Labelle' 1 week ago
I love how often this man calls people a dildo!
'Gurdian5' 1 week ago
he reminds me of deadpool
Abok Deng
'Abok Deng' 1 week ago
make part 13
'Abeloth' 1 week ago
Joe's CLEARLY never had a panic attack, or he's just being insensitive as fuck. During a panic attack, 9 times out of 10 you have trouble breathing to a major degree. I normally like Joe, but holy fuck right now.
'MsStargirl143' 1 week ago
I'm like hoping he does a video on ridiculous protest signs 😂 some of the ones I've seen are downright hilarious
Scotty watts
'Scotty watts' 2 weeks ago
Don slap the meat
StressedBike86 Gaming
I got one.... joe has the teets
Gemma G
'Gemma G' 2 weeks ago
its been 2 months and im still laughing at "bird leaf" 😂😂😂
Don CS
'Don CS' 2 weeks ago
Joe, a bus can also drive with electricity instead of oil.
'bellomasscro6909' 2 weeks ago
Hey..will you marry me??!Bone apple teeth
Priime Photo
'Priime Photo' 2 weeks ago
Jesse Kruse
'Jesse Kruse' 2 weeks ago
anyone else notice "Chris mystery" in the least knobby dot
First Last
'First Last' 2 weeks ago
The worst thing about the last idiots post is that it had 1 "like" lol
James Murduca
'James Murduca' 2 weeks ago
"Is this a magic fucking school bus" Reference on point.
'Zireael' 2 weeks ago
Pretty sure 90% off these are just bad auto corrects lmfao
Adriana Lucia
'Adriana Lucia' 2 weeks ago
Joe, I love you, but breathing (deeply) is an extremely useful thing to do when you're stressed. As someone with really bad anxiety, deep breathing helps you focus because when your mind is everywhere, focusing on your breathing helps you, well, focus on one thing, which is this case is breathing. (I apologize for the excessive use of commas.)
'LIBBY TV' 2 weeks ago
He said it has to be a British expression but it says Canada on it😂😂😂😂
'thata82' 2 weeks ago crack me up Joe!! come to Germany!!
Abraburger Parnada
'Abraburger Parnada' 2 weeks ago
come on means lets go
Sierra Malave
'Sierra Malave' 2 weeks ago
just made some spag eddie toe tap a flee!!
Angie 626
'Angie 626' 2 weeks ago
Bon Apple tea
Aiten Hassib
'Aiten Hassib' 2 weeks ago
i literally died laughing lol
Brittanie Merrick
'Brittanie Merrick' 2 weeks ago
haha my friend got starbucks and they spelled her Lorra. it's spelled Laura.
Alicia Skinner
'Alicia Skinner' 2 weeks ago
When he said "Peter" and "The Fourth of July" tho!!!!!! My poor Fall Out Boy heart!!!!!!!!! I just hysterically lost it. GOD I LOVE THOSE BOYS SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!! <333333 :D
alexandra silva
'alexandra silva' 2 weeks ago
Hi Joe ! Just found something to add to you videos ! Good luck trying to understand this ...... I don't even know what to call it !
Anna C
'Anna C' 2 weeks ago
I lost it on Joan crack the meat!
Emily Staley
'Emily Staley' 2 weeks ago
Emily Staley
'Emily Staley' 2 weeks ago
Nini reminds me OF KUBZSCOUTS
Rex Narciso
'Rex Narciso' 2 weeks ago
man enterview deadpool XD
Chissy Sweetz
'Chissy Sweetz' 2 weeks ago
Can we talk about Joe's expression after he explained what the banner seemd to him? He looked so sheepish I'm dying
Chissy Sweetz
'Chissy Sweetz' 2 weeks ago
"bong asshole queef".... im and "Boney african feet" I literally choked with this one and finally "Joan crack the meat" I only have one important question: who the fuck is Joan and why is he cracking meat? How does one even crack meat?
Devin Berge
'Devin Berge' 2 weeks ago
Got anymore Idiots of the internet?
Xero Luckyy
'Xero Luckyy' 2 weeks ago
2:11 - 2:20 is so unbelievably true it makes the "it's not even funny" not funny
Eric Parada
'Eric Parada' 2 weeks ago
did anyone notice "just got done putting up the CHRIS MYSTERY.....the least nobby dot" lmao JOE!!!!! HOW DID YOU NOT COMMENT ON THAT?! JOE CRACK THE MEAT!!!
Milly Maganda
'Milly Maganda' 3 weeks ago
i can't believe i just subscribed when i've seen all your videos on fb.. hahaha. love this series!
Shannon Conley
'Shannon Conley' 3 weeks ago
Joe do you take it in the face? Lol
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