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Idiots Of The Internet Pt 12 -
Published: 1 week ago By: Joe Santagato

By: Joe SantagatoPublished: 1 week ago

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Tiffany X
'Tiffany X' 5 hours ago
Did anyone see the spaghetti in a vase?
Katie Minjarez-Smith
I'm literally crying at work oh my goodness
joe smith
'joe smith' 7 hours ago
dude as a Joe Smirh...I 110% feel the pain about the Joe nonsense!
Emely Santiago
'Emely Santiago' 9 hours ago
paint your apartment please, I like the effort on the door but those walls are starving for color. Other than that, love your videos! xD
Bone the amputee
Blonde amputee
Scott Logan
'Scott Logan' 10 hours ago
Where can I get a shirt like Joe's?
Steven Liemvongdeuane
omg the fifa thing was on 2015 in CANADA lol
Austin Prince
'Austin Prince' 13 hours ago
Toe tap a flea
Stephen Blakely
'Stephen Blakely' 13 hours ago
Did anyone else notice the horrible misspellings of the foods/drinks in the 'bonne appetite' bit?😂😂😂
'Nagzz21tv' 13 hours ago
I basically lost it when he dropped his phone, after reading the want to do look more like post. I literally lost it lmaoo
Elisa Welch
'Elisa Welch' 14 hours ago
OMG read the whole thing @ 0:56😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Carla Louis
'Carla Louis' 18 hours ago
nini meant 16 because fourth of July she probably though the fourth week or something idk
Ray !
'Ray !' 21 hours ago
I have a friend that has ADHD she's low key dumb and can choke on air and she even understood the 4th of July joke 😂😂
'JUNEBUG754' 21 hours ago
Bone smack the teeth 👌🏽😫💦
Kristy Kearney
'Kristy Kearney' 22 hours ago
bird leaf. I'm dead. HAHAHAHAAHHA
Charlotte Chong Qian Le
Where does he find all these stuff?! It's so funny btw. I love this series!
'SeraphineH' 23 hours ago
I literally spit my spaghetti on the screen of my laptop, while watching this! Holly shit! Can't stop laughing xD
Alyssa Martinez
'Alyssa Martinez' 1 day ago
Actually holding your breath does stop a panic attack 😄😄😄
she does the books lmfao
Jeichael H (Panaorios)
4:43 Christopher Walken impression?
Cameron Mask
'Cameron Mask' 1 day ago
bone apple tea
Fatima Naga
'Fatima Naga' 1 day ago
I'm dying help. These are hilarious during the day but at 4 in the morning they're killing me. *Passes out from lack of oxygen from laughing*
Brett Wilson
'Brett Wilson' 1 day ago
Why does he freakin yell!?
Colby Leggo
'Colby Leggo' 1 day ago
a bird leaf u mean a fether 😂
Sloppy Joe
'Sloppy Joe' 1 day ago
most of these are jokes....
Christina Burns
'Christina Burns' 1 day ago
This is one of the best. I'm crying. Legit tears. Your reactions to these are better than the actual things.
Taoming Lei
'Taoming Lei' 1 day ago
I just find that u r using that battery case.😏
Memory Card
'Memory Card' 2 days ago
i only watch his "idiots of the internet" category, please make more of them
'CharlieZuko' 2 days ago
Never fails to crack me the hell up!!!
Julieta Cruz
'Julieta Cruz' 2 days ago
HAHAHA I can´t stop laughing ! I need more of these videos!!!
'blacksmartie' 2 days ago
Bird leaf. LOL! I didn't even make that connection until you said it! Also, pretty sure Nini (pronounced Nee-nee) is an Igbo name.
Nanas Channel
'Nanas Channel' 2 days ago
I just found this on: : Christy Jones-Davis: I am currently in the same position. I was with my doctor seven years and never had a dirty you a whore in the midst pill counts but he went into a different position to where he closed down his office and I have seen two others since then who let me go when they did not do what they promised. Now because they have let me go my own family doctor will not write me any meds till I can find a new one. I can tell you from what I'm hearing when trying to find a new doctor most of them are not prescribing oxycodone anymore. I am terrified because I haven't even been able to get my doctor to send a referral and I run out of my oxycodone and my morphine extended release on the ninth and I've been told because I've been on them 7+ years I could die. It's a shame they allow the doctors to put us on high doses of this medicine and then scare the doctors to the point no one wants to help you in your left trying to figure out what to do. You a whore instead of a UA haha!!! Not sure where she got whore!? And what position with her doctor?
'Ginrael1' 2 days ago
dude you're funny!!! but the joke on your and you're was intentional......
Tom Randall
'Tom Randall' 2 days ago
4:20 it looks like he's trying to speak like yoda of star war
'MadeInAmerica1959' 2 days ago
just a clarification. "Come on our girls" is a British term. it's about cheering them on.
Jessica Keans
'Jessica Keans' 2 days ago
all of this was funny but the one part about the breathing when you're having a panic attack you really don't think about breathing....hence the hyperventilating
Jessica Smith
'Jessica Smith' 2 days ago
The Facebook comment at around 4:30 was originally a comment on another site (I won't name it) and became a meme.
Sage A
'Sage A' 2 days ago
"YA DILDO!'" that actually killed me. XDXDXDXD
juan martinez
'juan martinez' 2 days ago
I can't stop laughing great video
osnapitzrxti x
'osnapitzrxti x' 2 days ago
Im eating rice Boner touched by a priest! 🍚
Charidy LA
'Charidy LA' 2 days ago
omg the last post killed me! I shot coffee on my phone!
Hasan Naqvi
'Hasan Naqvi' 2 days ago
a lot of these sound like auto correct fails
Megan Weiss
'Megan Weiss' 2 days ago
I love the sticky note on his door window. So creative.
Lo Derryyy
'Lo Derryyy' 2 days ago
That last one XD
Maryssa Hubbard
'Maryssa Hubbard' 2 days ago
my favorite series!
aswedyar raja
'aswedyar raja' 2 days ago
"outhale" lol
efosa imafidon
'efosa imafidon' 2 days ago
hey joe, your videos are just too funny, always looking forward to them dude. keep em coming!
Andrew Ferris
'Andrew Ferris' 2 days ago
That last one is from Impractical Jokers
David Miller
'David Miller' 2 days ago
The one at 4:30 is an old meme. I assume there's a chance the original poster was an idiot, but this person is just repeating old jokes.
Mario Martinez
'Mario Martinez' 2 days ago
I like the shirt your wearing
Cameron Farrell
'Cameron Farrell' 2 days ago
4:29 is from an Impractical Jokers episode
'kamatong' 2 days ago
hold up real quick, what the fuck is that shirt you are wearing?
Ryan Mittel
'Ryan Mittel' 2 days ago
Did anyone notice she said "metro politician ice cream" instead of "neapolitan ice cream"?
'5winder' 2 days ago
Funny shizzle. Nice t-shirt.
Hannah Hassell
'Hannah Hassell' 2 days ago
Joan crack the meat.
'Fnaffever87' 2 days ago
I remember at Starbucks I said my name was Aaliyah but instead they wrote Flia like wtf?
guadalupe rodriguez
Your laugh 😂 I love it
'Edplusward' 2 days ago
I had a dildo once but it left before I could have a childhood filled with it.
potthead meg
'potthead meg' 2 days ago
bird leaf 😂😂😂😂
Neon Lights
'Neon Lights' 2 days ago
4:22 That's actually a meme, not a terrible grammar mistake Don't ask me why, it's the internet here.
Sally and Paul
'Sally and Paul' 2 days ago
lolol @ that sentence that was too hard to decipher!
Kat Surou
'Kat Surou' 2 days ago
Joe! Pt 12 has been too long coming bro! Please make more (in half hour sections ^.^) Love 'em XD
DaReal Orangey
'DaReal Orangey' 2 days ago
1:29 " Chris mystery"
Petrol Spice
'Petrol Spice' 2 days ago
Bong amputee, Joe.
Carlos Rodriguez
'Carlos Rodriguez' 2 days ago
man about time lol
Grayson Alm
'Grayson Alm' 2 days ago
I dream about idiots of the internet part 13
Saw of Sarcasm
'Saw of Sarcasm' 2 days ago
if there were no idiots we would laugh at you Joe. Now go cry yourself to sleep.
Blake Bunch
'Blake Bunch' 2 days ago
the "has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?" is an old 4chan meme buddy. just helpin ya out.
Michael Salazar
'Michael Salazar' 2 days ago
i really want to know if people see their posts on his videos and what they say . . . i wonder if anyone has sent him an angry post or thanked him cause they really didnt know
Sarah Engler
'Sarah Engler' 2 days ago
4:19 <-- this is from impractical jokers I think! Or it was used in one of the episodes when Q was posing as a reporter... not sure if it originated there though!
'khfan4life365' 2 days ago
If we didn't have idiots, we wouldn't have entertainment. Sorry, Joe, I love seeing you suffer for our amusement.
Shaun Watkins
'Shaun Watkins' 2 days ago
Come on my girls means lets do this girls or
Nick Coulter
'Nick Coulter' 2 days ago
My girl made me some smack the pony and leave don't mind if I do Mickey Mouse and Keith
A Clark
'A Clark' 2 days ago
I had a lady ask me when the 4th of July was... I just started laughing
'SuperZmby' 2 days ago
This is the first video I have watched of this guy and I already love this channel
The last one, would of sounded better as Christopher Walken narrating it. I instantly thought of Christopher Walken.
'JJNR' 2 days ago
the last one had me screaming crying laughing
Irish_ Soldier124
'Irish_ Soldier124' 2 days ago
"What the fuck is outhale ya dildo" ok....I'm crying I'm laughing so hard
Who puts the spaghetti in a vase
Nick Perez
'Nick Perez' 2 days ago
joe you are one funny mother fucker😂😂😂😂
Abbie Riley
'Abbie Riley' 2 days ago
hahahah Im dead
Jacob Meloon
'Jacob Meloon' 2 days ago
The last one is from impractical jokers
SuperBoy17/Imagination Ryan Productions
I friggen lost it at the bus sign and then you referenced the magic school bus, that was hilarious!
Sierra Kelly
'Sierra Kelly' 3 days ago
i always call people a dildo bc of him and one time starbucks spelt my name syrra.. lol
Olivia Elder
'Olivia Elder' 3 days ago
So my friend ordered my first Starbucks drink which was a tea cause I don't like coffee, but she said it's for Livi and they said "Liver? Liver???" And I died a little They wrote Roy for Ray instead which was just as bad
Levi Edinger
'Levi Edinger' 3 days ago
bong crack the meat
Evan Williams
'Evan Williams' 3 days ago
4:20 for those of you who don't know, this is a line from impractical jokers
Julz Love
'Julz Love' 3 days ago
4:45 is from impractical jokers lol
'drawing4_fun' 3 days ago
😂😂😂 <- me right now
Jesse Hayes
'Jesse Hayes' 3 days ago
"Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?" is a super old meme...
Vanessa Hodgins
'Vanessa Hodgins' 3 days ago
Is joe Santiago gay
Kyle McMillan
'Kyle McMillan' 3 days ago
"What the duck is outhale"? Hahaha
Christina McDowell
The last one and the 4th of July one xDDD!!!
Kev Man
'Kev Man' 3 days ago
“Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?” is an incoherent question which is often quoted on image boards, discussions forums and comment sections across the web. Origin The question first appeared in a thread on the /v/ (video games) board on 4chan about an upcoming Wii game The Conduit on February 12th, 2009. The original post featured a link to a YouTube video of someone playing the beta version of the game, accompanied by list of notable features. An anonymous user responded to the post asking “Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?” (shown below). Several users attempted to decipher the question, speculating that it was asking if a video game company had ever gone to such great lengths to make a game appear realistic.
'TheYeezy750Pizza' 3 days ago
One of the best ones😂
Caitlin Connors
'Caitlin Connors' 3 days ago
Did anyone else die at "Joan crack the meat"?
Johnboy Stubbs
'Johnboy Stubbs' 3 days ago
This was fucking hilarious!!! Keep up the good work
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