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Lil Yachty x ASAP Ferg "Terminator" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Audio) -
Published: 11 months ago By: WORLDSTARHIPHOP

By: WORLDSTARHIPHOPPublished: 11 months ago

6, 126, 196 views

77, 525 Likes   3, 113 Dislikes

Listen to the official audio of Lil Yachty x A$AP Fergs "Terminator" a WSHH Exclusive.

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Jaki Stewart
'Jaki Stewart' 8 hours ago
'whoopess' 1 day ago
Damn, I might just fuck on my Uber driver Deep in that bitch like a scuba diver Hit buddy boy with the neutralizer Terminate, terminate, Schwarzenegger [A$AP Ferg:] I'm Fergenstein, I'm the Ferginator I fuck the pussy, you masturbator Diamonds is cut like a gladiator Terminate, terminate, terminate [Lil Yachty:] Tryna come to a young nigga crib It's the last button on the elevator And my bed so far from my kitchen I might build me an escalator I rock the fur like an eskimo You wanna fuck me? Bitch, yes or no? Wait... you wanna fuck me? Bitch, yes or yes? [A$AP Ferg:] Wait! Terminate, terminate Hold on, my yacht got an elevator Nigga try to stick me for my paper I keep my diamonds in the fridgerator Hold on, terminate, terminate Fergie be barkin' like I'm omega She suck me like Now & Later She ask me if I want it now or later Carlton dancin' on my Cartier Will Smithin', I'm the Fresh Prince Hold on, I mean the king 'cause I'm destined Hood Pope ain't got time for peasants You better bow at my presence [Lil Yachty:] Terminate, terminate, terminate Your lil' bitch's face is a sperm bank Woah, I don't believe in the term, "Can't" Coast on the block with a gold shank Earnin' my gold rank Pull up in No Limit army tank She see my hair, bet that bitch faint, Lil Boat! Terminate, terminate, terminate, damn No combo, I need my green eggs and ham [A$AP Ferg:] This Fergie Ferg, I'm from the Hungry Ham She make dick disappear like alakazam [A$AP Ferg & Lil Yachty:] Ugh, terminate, terminate, terminate Make that lil bitch face a sperm bank Swimmin' in that pussy like a mermaid Swaggin' like err day my birthday Terminate, terminate, Terminator Young Master Boat and the Ferginator You can't shit on me, boy you a constipator [Lil Yachty:] Came from the 6 with my brothers Got MCM covers, I love fuckin' mothers Gold chains for my brothers, I ride for my gang 22 diamonds, salsa in the chain Don't you dare ever talk down on my name Bitch, lil' bitch I got several spots like a cheetah One where I stay with Anita And one where I fuck on Jaquita [A$AP Ferg:] Hold on man, you mean Shaquita? I beat her I beat that pussy up, she sing like Aretha You're upper echelon? I don't believe yah Me and Yachty rich, still eatin' pizza Hood Pope and Lil Boat, I sing like a preacher Open my mouth and it feel like a freezer Airport, that lil' bitch, she came from Ibiza In the PJ 'cause she ain't got a visa [A$AP Ferg & Lil Yachty:] Ugh, terminate, terminate, terminate Make that lil bitch face a sperm bank Swimmin' in that pussy like a mermaid Swaggin' like err day my birthday Terminate, terminate, Terminator Young Master Boat and the Ferginator You can't shit on me, boy you a constipator Uh, uh, uh, uh Lil B
1 Aye
'1 Aye' 2 days ago
Damm that was fresh tho
Ireland Boys
'Ireland Boys' 1 week ago
why can't I find this on spotif
Angel Alvarez
'Angel Alvarez' 2 weeks ago
This song makes me wanna find yachty and cut his dick so he can't reproduce...I kinda like that beat tho
'Ghostlead141' 3 weeks ago
October 2017
'idarocks234' 4 weeks ago
Boi, you can't shit on me you a constipator.
Yung Swazy
'Yung Swazy' 4 weeks ago
Yo lil bitch face a sperm bank
'ArtisticApple' 4 weeks ago
FaZe Adapt
Lt123456 ava
'Lt123456 ava' 1 month ago
I hadn't heard this song in a long time ago
Search Pinball59
'Search Pinball59' 1 month ago
a$as has a higher voice
Search Pinball59
'Search Pinball59' 1 month ago
Search Pinball59
'Search Pinball59' 1 month ago
'BTP' 1 month ago
tell spotify to add this song fire
Violet Crisp
'Violet Crisp' 1 month ago
hey can u take me
by Kron
'by Kron' 2 months ago
Max Mahoney
'Max Mahoney' 2 months ago
bieber would get a HAM verse on this song
Orlando Paladines
'Orlando Paladines' 2 months ago
This shit go hard lyrically and the beat go crazy.
Arda Deniz
'Arda Deniz' 2 months ago
Clean version lyrics: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Sharnese Johnson
'Sharnese Johnson' 2 months ago
yatchy so fucking cool
Blaker Long
'Blaker Long' 2 months ago
straight gas
Clotaire Vilbrun
'Clotaire Vilbrun' 2 months ago
The Best👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👌💣
Arda Deniz
'Arda Deniz' 2 months ago
Put on my headphones and listened to this. My hair caught on fire
James Vixen
'James Vixen' 2 months ago
I actually love this Lil Yatchy... NO HOMO
Evan Gaming
'Evan Gaming' 2 months ago
Yachty voice at 1:04 was cold asf
DJ Snoopadelic
'DJ Snoopadelic' 2 months ago
Is this on spotify?
marshall ross
'marshall ross' 3 months ago
oh fuck no lil yachty life mota fucking dick sucking hoes no life moter fuker ill fuck your bitch and fuck ur ex
Emmanuel Jioklow
'Emmanuel Jioklow' 3 months ago
Who still bumping in 2017
Big Trouble
'Big Trouble' 3 months ago
Nigga said he might fuck on his uber driver... bruh
Jagat Pratap
'Jagat Pratap' 3 months ago
yachty was sick when he dropped this..... no wonder this go ill
Lil Og Sikk
'Lil Og Sikk' 3 months ago
Yeet God McNeckAss
'Yeet God McNeckAss' 3 months ago
Jacques Jacques
'Jacques Jacques' 3 months ago
untitled 7?
'IDoXx' 3 months ago
This shit is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #boat 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Trent Zimmer
'Trent Zimmer' 3 months ago
Yachty-do u wanna fuck me yes or no wait bitch yes or yes
Jade Lewis
'Jade Lewis' 3 months ago
almost all y'all hatin on lil yat
Jade Lewis
'Jade Lewis' 3 months ago
my jigga lil
'zedze' 3 months ago
This might be a up-point for lil' yatchy
'Rex' 3 months ago
Get this shit on Spotify yachty
Jack Lambert
'Jack Lambert' 3 months ago
ferg adlibs>migos
'Reaper' 3 months ago
anybody here on august 22 at 10:25 lol
Che Julian
'Che Julian' 3 months ago
Malcom Kenji
'Malcom Kenji' 3 months ago
the best ever RAPPER
Jules Paddio
'Jules Paddio' 3 months ago
Zero Letter Gation Area Sears Ally
Jules Paddio
'Jules Paddio' 3 months ago
lil Yatty Direder
Jules Paddio
'Jules Paddio' 3 months ago
'DingoYabuki' 3 months ago
Swimming in that pussy like a mermaid.
Rico Tv Tv
'Rico Tv Tv' 3 months ago
Y'all hating cuz y'all ain heard a to the d
'vlaeon' 3 months ago
the why
'the why' 3 months ago
Yachty! Wow! Love the cold flow
Raymond Alexander
'Raymond Alexander' 3 months ago
Warner Beach
'Warner Beach' 3 months ago
when will this come out
Random NameLol321
'Random NameLol321' 3 months ago
This song needs so many more views like how this only got 5 mil?
Carter Wilson
'Carter Wilson' 3 months ago
I got a terminator genisys ad on this video?
Brayan Alonso
'Brayan Alonso' 3 months ago
Ths chi is go hard🔥🔥🔥
Phil O
'Phil O'Math' 4 months ago
Bitch ass people are always quick to hate over nothing. Bet when u heard this u downloaded his whole album. Yachtys ill fuck u pussies.
'Speds77' 4 months ago
Fucking Ferginator
Nate Da Grrreat
'Nate Da Grrreat' 4 months ago
Hard 🔥🔥🔥
R DS ink
'R DS ink' 4 months ago
Types in Terminator to watch the movie but finds this instead
Renea Renea
'Renea Renea' 4 months ago
U wanna fuck me bih yes or no... wait... yes or yes 🔥
'KeYBuMp' 4 months ago
If his album had songs like this he would have done much better. How did he go from this to that fruity shit he put out???
'ULY' 4 months ago
Minchel Clarinda
'Minchel Clarinda' 4 months ago
first song by lil boat with out autotune
Damian McGhee
'Damian McGhee' 4 months ago
Why is this not on Apple Music
2 Tunechi
'2 Tunechi' 4 months ago
Tunechi Taylor "Terminator" Believe Yourself (2016)
'Molly' 4 months ago
Daymien Garcia
'Daymien Garcia' 4 months ago
not yachty it lil boat
Storm Gill
'Storm Gill' 4 months ago
Best song by yachty
'Microdiklopez' 4 months ago
All you niggas that think this is hard gotta listen to d to the a
Amanda Sullivan
'Amanda Sullivan' 4 months ago
Dick Head
'Dick Head' 4 months ago
fuck niggers
Sebastian Andresen
'Sebastian Andresen' 4 months ago
When this gonna hit spotify?
'Rhyme' 4 months ago
Follow me on instagram @simulect
Christian Arthurton
'Christian Arthurton' 4 months ago
The flow goes hard
'MintySoda' 4 months ago
Straight heat
lion circa
'lion circa' 4 months ago
autotune is like smoking sosa or crack :D xD
quavos dog skrt skrt
'quavos dog skrt skrt' 4 months ago
wack as hell
Jose Barcelona 3
'Jose Barcelona 3' 5 months ago
Heard this song like last year smh 😒
Aaro-Iivari Laakkonen
'YukoGamez247' 5 months ago
Madelin Inchaurregui
'Madelin Inchaurregui' 5 months ago
waitt for me papashh I'm love you pa .. G59
Madelin Inchaurregui
'Madelin Inchaurregui' 5 months ago
pa Im on my way to rehab noww
Patrick Harrison
'Patrick Harrison' 5 months ago
everyone saying yachty went in and he did but don't sleep on ferg. he was spitting some crazy shit. "open my mouth and it feel like a freezer"
Patrick Harrison
'Patrick Harrison' 5 months ago
this is so fucking fire i wish it was on spotify
Cameron Tarantino
'Cameron Tarantino' 5 months ago
I love lil yatchy i dont get why people hate him
'Dean' 5 months ago
people sleep on lil boat
jan rosic novak
'jan rosic novak' 5 months ago
Ashley Comb
'Ashley Comb' 5 months ago
m i the only one who see those faces on da mountains ☺
rndm lttrs
'rndm lttrs' 5 months ago
if there were any more vibrations, this would be 9/11
Shane Sylvester
'Shane Sylvester' 5 months ago
yachtys a cool ass person u don't gotta like his music but at the end if the day he's him n that's dope
Carlos Lee
'Carlos Lee' 5 months ago
make an official video
Antoinette Lasseur
'Antoinette Lasseur' 5 months ago
'MegaKangMan' 5 months ago
Yachty was sick while recording this. That's why his voice sound deep. They fucking destroyed this song too.
'Villasenor' 5 months ago
Here before all the corny yachts jokes
'Totosmile13' 5 months ago
Sucks that this song didn't get as popular ass his other music
'Totosmile13' 5 months ago
Ya little bitch face is a sperm bank
KiSwitch indeed
'KiSwitch indeed' 5 months ago
I bet the reason noone likes yatchy is because he raps to fast or they're retarded.
Chris Sullivan
'Chris Sullivan' 5 months ago
06-05-2017 STILL ON FIRE!
Lisa Hahn
'Lisa Hahn' 5 months ago
my lyics this shit cringey ;-;
Danny Noche
'Danny Noche' 6 months ago
Got different spots like a cheetah ? He stole that line from Shy Glizzy in his song "Awesome" lmfaaao
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