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The Best Beat Drops, Vine Songs, Popular Songs & Some Awesome Sport Drops 2015 -
Published: 2 years ago By: Skip to the Beat

By: Skip to the BeatPublished: 2 years ago

6, 725, 197 views

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This is a compilation of the best music found in Vines, awesome sport drops and popular songs. (Including the names of the songs)
Enjoy these awesome songs!

You might have seen this video before because it was part 1 in my beat drop series but YouTube removed it because I had tags in my description. There goes 4 million views. So I changed it a bit and fixed my mistakes, here we go again. Thank you for your support!

I hope you enjoy it! Be sure to check out part 2 - 17!
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Songs used in this compilation:
00:00 - Tremor (Original Mix) - Dimitri Vegas & Martin Garrix & Like Mike
00:09 - Get Low - Dillon Francis & DJ Snake
00:14 - Don't Drop That Thun Thun - Finatticz
00:21 - Boy Oh Boy - Diplo & GTA
00:29 - Money in Da Bank (ORIGINAL MIX) - Caked Up
00:36 - TaKillya - Vinnie Maniscalco
00:44 - Turn Up (CAKED UP REMIX) - VIC
00:52 - Hermetico (Deorro Bootleg) - DJ Marvel & Ford Fairlane
01:01 - Lose It (Original Mix) - Deorro
01:09 - Last Chance (Clockwork Remix) - Kaskade & Project 46
01:18 - Afrojack (Kickstart Remix) - GutierrezJean
01:26 - Booty Me Down - Kstylis -12
01:33 - Turn Down For What - Lil Jon
01:42 - Bottoms up - Trey Songz*
01:50 - WOP - J. Dash ft. Flo Rida
01:59 - Boneless - Steve Aoki, Chris Lake & Tujamo
02:06 - Earthquake - DJ Fresh VS Diplo Feat. Dominique Young Unique
02:15 - #SELFIE - The Chainsmokers (Creaky Jackals Festival Trap Remix)
02:27 - Hate Bein Sober (Dotcom's Festival Trap Remix) - Chief Keef -19
02:37 - Hit It! (Original Mix) - GTA & Henrix & Digital Lab
02:46 - Loco - Joel Fletcher & Seany B
02:56 - WTF - Brillz & Willy Joy*
03:04 - BaDINGA! - TWRK
03:14 - I'm Different (Explicit) - 2 Chainz
03:21 - Cannonball - Showtek & Justin Prime -25
03:31 - LRAD (Albzzy Remix) - Knife Party
03:39 - Send It Up (Feat. King L) (Yeezus) - Kanye West -27
03:49 - Satisfaction (RL Grime Remix) - Benny Benassi
03:56 - Gas Pedal Remix - Sage The Gemini
04:08 - Turbulence - Laidback Luke & Steve Aoki Ft. Lil Jon

If you have any suggestions feel free to comment below or tweet me @EpicBeatDrops. Simply click on this link to directly compose a tweet @EpicBeatDrops (

I do not own any of these songs!

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----Thanks for watching!!----

Elite Gaming
'Elite Gaming' 16 hours ago
this may be a gay video but at least i found out a song that ive been wanting to add on my vids check them out pls any clash royale players
Abdullah Ismail
'Abdullah Ismail' 1 day ago
can i download the songs
Nathan Taylor
'Nathan Taylor' 2 days ago
gives you something to DJ at my next club
Lump Universe
'Lump Universe' 2 days ago
The beat dropped.. Oh wait.. *realizes I have nothing to say *silence 😶
Berk Yuksel
'Berk Yuksel' 2 days ago
Beat dropped harder than your jokes
Brayan Smith Sanchez P
mcgalaxy !!
'mcgalaxy !!' 2 days ago
Beat hit me harder than a brick wall
'Torderd' 2 days ago
the beat dropped harder the the hello kitty servers
'Chairini' 2 days ago
Sancte BlancTM
'Sancte BlancTM' 3 days ago
Mr Rey
'Mr Rey' 3 days ago
before the song (booty me down) is the all song that used in SLAPTrain channel on his 700k subs video ... thanks found everything i wanted for
Billion Expet
'Billion Expet' 4 days ago
ȼh€ȼЌ ๏µţ ʍ¥ ďя๏ρ$ ɨɲ ʍ¥ ȼhąɲɲ€ℓ
Gamer Achi
'Gamer Achi' 4 days ago
Ayris Zentelion
'Ayris Zentelion' 4 days ago
Can someone send me the link of Afrojack-Kickstart?
Inferno Agario
'Inferno Agario' 4 days ago
the beat dropped harder than my balls
EliteBikeRace Dischinger
Beat dropped harder that when Donald trump got dropped on his head
TriK Galaxy
'TriK Galaxy' 5 days ago
Let me take a selfie xD😂😂😂
Youtube wolf
'Youtube wolf' 5 days ago
Beat dropped harder then my ps4 when I was on rage 😐😐😐😐
Ann W
'Ann W' 5 days ago
thanks so much I finally find the music that i was crazy for
Trent Riley
'Trent Riley' 6 days ago
Dropped faster than teenage girls undies
Vicente Bello
'Vicente Bello' 7 days ago
Francisco Padron
'Francisco Padron' 7 days ago
what about im an albatraoz?
Mia Belax
'Mia Belax' 1 week ago
Josh J
'Josh J' 1 week ago
Am I the only person that realised that LITERALLY ALL of the songs have the EXACT SAME monotone unoriginal beat and drop
The Wolf Awakens
'The Wolf Awakens' 1 week ago
beat dropped harder than the death Star exploding I'm a nerd don't judge me
Jack YT
'Jack YT' 1 week ago
Jack YT
'Jack YT' 1 week ago
Caden the gamer
'Caden the gamer' 1 week ago
beat dropped harder then my grades
'DaveLikesCookies' 1 week ago
Last time the beat dropped that hard, this was actually good mu- oh wait no it wasn't
Oj Gamer1234
'Oj Gamer1234' 1 week ago
This is the best
Markellos T.
'Markellos T.' 1 week ago
The beat dropped harder than my grandma falling down the stairs..
Daemon Martin
'Daemon Martin' 1 week ago
how could you forget darude sandstorm 😑
Heriberto Dearo
'Heriberto Dearo' 2 weeks ago
Paulo Dybala
'Paulo Dybala' 2 weeks ago
I can't find the Chief Keef WTF
'ImSoHYPEE ImSoHYPEE' 2 weeks ago
The beat dropped harder than my virginity.
'DO A BARREL ROLL' 2 weeks ago
Beat dropped harder than Americas IQ when we elected Trump
Toxic Gaming
'Toxic Gaming' 2 weeks ago
doesn't Loco sound like a headless chicken running around in the streets lol
KawaiiCookie Sloskwsoos
this beat dropped as hard as Harambe
Rekan Kamandi
'Rekan Kamandi' 2 weeks ago
1:11 & 2:06 & 2:30 & 2:57 !!! is so F! awesome
Regah Productions - Steven Universe
dude this video is not ypurs is from petridish oozen
Sons Injeleh
'Sons Injeleh' 2 weeks ago
Beat drops. Is my. Favoret thing and. I. Can. Do. It I. How. Do. It a. Gamer. Whith beat. Drops
CB LB Vids
'CB LB Vids' 2 weeks ago
These are so good
Matt G
'Matt G' 2 weeks ago
these beats dropped harder than rohnda rousy
Trap Army
'Trap Army' 2 weeks ago
Please look at my chanal I have made a best of 2016. I would look froward when you like it :)
'Lucifer36' 2 weeks ago
Yooooo they're missing Darude Sandstorm 😟
'AyeeKinq' 2 weeks ago
Awesome list!
Redkiwi •-•
'Redkiwi •-•' 2 weeks ago
Hello Mr. Steelyogurl
'AniMooTM' 2 weeks ago
For the Takiylla one I was expecting someone to shout PATRICIA!!!!!
Louie Mcmillan
'Louie Mcmillan' 2 weeks ago
Roses are red Violets are blue Hears a new one Roses are red Violets are purple Not fricking blue 😂👍🏻
'ƊƁƝαтιση' 2 weeks ago
are these copyright free
Theodor Kroslid
'Theodor Kroslid' 2 weeks ago
Jamarion Blacksher
'Jamarion Blacksher' 3 weeks ago
We new all the song
Emem Malabanan
'Emem Malabanan' 3 weeks ago
The beat dropped harder than my grades
'Guestie' 3 weeks ago
I am the 72,001th liker
'PavelowDaWolf' 3 weeks ago
I like all the music .
Luke Michels
'Luke Michels' 3 weeks ago
whats the Name of that song where a Little Boy says something like "kareo kareo" at the beggining?
HARAMBE !!!!!!!
'HARAMBE !!!!!!!' 3 weeks ago
These beats dropped harder grades
'WATCH IT!!' 3 weeks ago
checkout my channel for top 5 beat drops !!
Bubbly Kid
'Bubbly Kid' 3 weeks ago
These beats dropped harder than artillery
Beat dropped lower than mcdonalds wifi bars
stephan andell
'stephan andell' 3 weeks ago
this is kinda cool in a way some shitty and some normal
Diamond master 56 56
Awsome beat drops
Anthony Blue
'Anthony Blue' 3 weeks ago
well what about drop it
crazy native
'crazy native' 3 weeks ago
the last time the beat dropped that hard , Chris Brown ended up in jail.
Usman Salim
'Usman Salim' 3 weeks ago
harder then ma ballz
Tuňťa Dnešní
'Tuňťa Dnešní' 3 weeks ago
very good ... nice songs :DD good job !!!
Viliami Naulu
'Viliami Naulu' 3 weeks ago
Sohan chowdhury
'Sohan chowdhury' 3 weeks ago
'JJwillzFTW' 3 weeks ago
'Dittos' 3 weeks ago
The beat dropped harder than youtubes rates when these cancerous jokes came out
Titanium _
'Titanium _' 4 weeks ago
I like Money In Da Bank
Trapped Nation
'Trapped Nation' 4 weeks ago
Trapped Nation
'Trapped Nation' 4 weeks ago
BOY OH BOY lol 😂
Hibs3-2 Yass
'Hibs3-2 Yass' 4 weeks ago
Beast songs👌
wizzy _bear
'wizzy _bear' 4 weeks ago
I like them all
top 5
'top 5'z' 4 weeks ago
Kate Ambrosi
'Kate Ambrosi' 4 weeks ago
beat dropped so hard that Dora stopped exploring
Kasey Gardner
'Kasey Gardner' 4 weeks ago
you put in taco king
Jaidyn Eagles
'Jaidyn Eagles' 4 weeks ago
this beat dropped harder than harambe
arbi putra Kusuma
'arbi putra Kusuma' 4 weeks ago
Alexis Barnett
'Alexis Barnett' 1 month ago
insert good joke here
Anwar Khan TO
'Anwar Khan TO' 1 month ago
100% beat drop harder than jokes guys just please stop with these beat dropped harder than jokes Just drop it....
'OsClasherHD' 1 month ago
'TheREALObbyMaster' 1 month ago
My favorite one is Earthquake
were gonna edit that out
what ii the song on 0:1
Greg Stellhorn
'Greg Stellhorn' 1 month ago
Annierey Mortel
'Annierey Mortel' 1 month ago
I subscribe u and u sub me.
Васил Димитров
Where Dafuq is Bap U ,?
Michelle Eaton
'Michelle Eaton' 1 month ago
Michelle Eaton
'Michelle Eaton' 1 month ago
'SheepGod101' 1 month ago
You spelt it Takillya but it's Tequila
Bailee Lyons
'Bailee Lyons' 1 month ago
these beats dropped harder than... *tries to think of smt* *can't* o whale
'marmaduke1970' 1 month ago
Thanks for putting the name of the songs
Jayonna Dawkins
'Jayonna Dawkins' 1 month ago
thank you :)
Lizze Girl
'Lizze Girl' 1 month ago
Beat hit me harder then my step dad did .-.
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