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The Best Beat Drops, Vine Songs, Popular Songs & Some Awesome Sport Drops 2015 -
Published: 2 years ago By: Skip to the Beat

By: Skip to the BeatPublished: 2 years ago

6, 993, 409 views

76, 993 Likes   1, 647 Dislikes

This is a compilation of the best music found in Vines, awesome sport drops and popular songs. (Including the names of the songs)
Enjoy these awesome songs!

You might have seen this video before because it was part 1 in my beat drop series but YouTube removed it because I had tags in my description. There goes 4 million views. So I changed it a bit and fixed my mistakes, here we go again. Thank you for your support!

I hope you enjoy it! Be sure to check out part 2 - 17!
Please like if you liked it and feel free to comment below that like button!

Songs used in this compilation:
00:00 - Tremor (Original Mix) - Dimitri Vegas & Martin Garrix & Like Mike
00:09 - Get Low - Dillon Francis & DJ Snake
00:14 - Don't Drop That Thun Thun - Finatticz
00:21 - Boy Oh Boy - Diplo & GTA
00:29 - Money in Da Bank (ORIGINAL MIX) - Caked Up
00:36 - TaKillya - Vinnie Maniscalco
00:44 - Turn Up (CAKED UP REMIX) - VIC
00:52 - Hermetico (Deorro Bootleg) - DJ Marvel & Ford Fairlane
01:01 - Lose It (Original Mix) - Deorro
01:09 - Last Chance (Clockwork Remix) - Kaskade & Project 46
01:18 - Afrojack (Kickstart Remix) - GutierrezJean
01:26 - Booty Me Down - Kstylis -12
01:33 - Turn Down For What - Lil Jon
01:42 - Bottoms up - Trey Songz*
01:50 - WOP - J. Dash ft. Flo Rida
01:59 - Boneless - Steve Aoki, Chris Lake & Tujamo
02:06 - Earthquake - DJ Fresh VS Diplo Feat. Dominique Young Unique
02:15 - #SELFIE - The Chainsmokers (Creaky Jackals Festival Trap Remix)
02:27 - Hate Bein Sober (Dotcom's Festival Trap Remix) - Chief Keef -19
02:37 - Hit It! (Original Mix) - GTA & Henrix & Digital Lab
02:46 - Loco - Joel Fletcher & Seany B
02:56 - WTF - Brillz & Willy Joy*
03:04 - BaDINGA! - TWRK
03:14 - I'm Different (Explicit) - 2 Chainz
03:21 - Cannonball - Showtek & Justin Prime -25
03:31 - LRAD (Albzzy Remix) - Knife Party
03:39 - Send It Up (Feat. King L) (Yeezus) - Kanye West -27
03:49 - Satisfaction (RL Grime Remix) - Benny Benassi
03:56 - Gas Pedal Remix - Sage The Gemini
04:08 - Turbulence - Laidback Luke & Steve Aoki Ft. Lil Jon

If you have any suggestions feel free to comment below or tweet me @EpicBeatDrops. Simply click on this link to directly compose a tweet @EpicBeatDrops (

I do not own any of these songs!

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----Thanks for watching!!----

Chirag Khosla
'Chirag Khosla' 1 minute ago
Those beat dropped harder than my old iPhone 4s 😂👌🏼
'Precedentbug' 4 hours ago
when i say beat drops... i mean make my fucking speakers vibrate and bounce and shit not some lame ass sound with no drop..
'FluffypurplepOp' 13 hours ago
what genre of music is this? does anyone know?? like in the first minute
Diego Garcia
'Diego Garcia' 15 hours ago
the beat drop harder than obj dance
'Kleankiller' 18 hours ago
The beat dropped harder than Ray Lewis cracking Brady
Gangster Cool Boy 789
This goes with Channel name
Taylor Frazerhurst
'Taylor Frazerhurst' 22 hours ago
Awesome f...n music
Masson Richardson
'cepc724' 2 days ago
Shadow Gamer
'Shadow Gamer' 2 days ago
wheres the CALEO CALEO
Kksks Hsjsjs
'Kksks Hsjsjs' 3 days ago
beat dropped harder than my child pornography servers.
Kksks Hsjsjs
'Kksks Hsjsjs' 3 days ago
beat dropped harder than titanfall's popularity
Kksks Hsjsjs
'Kksks Hsjsjs' 3 days ago
beat dropped harder than my GPA
Kksks Hsjsjs
'Kksks Hsjsjs' 3 days ago
beat dropped harder than my nuts
David HD
'David HD' 3 days ago
Someday Someone Will Find This Comment
'DodgeWayner' 3 days ago
Beat dropped harder than twin towers
Brandon Taylor
'Brandon Taylor' 3 days ago
The beat dropped harder than my jaw when I heard this!
petronilo rodriguez
Halla 😎 beat drops
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 4 days ago
beat drops harder then my grades :(
'DaNcInG StArS' 4 days ago
'GR IM' 4 days ago
thanks bro...I leave a like
'Master_Jayden' 5 days ago
The beats dropped harder then Donald Trump dropped the Mexicans
Leticia Gonzalez
'Leticia Gonzalez' 5 days ago
guess this movie 🌝🌍🙊 like if u found out the movie
Maria Martinez
'Maria Martinez' 5 days ago
i was going to say a joke but i dropped it thumbs up if you get the joke
Jacob Medina
'Jacob Medina' 5 days ago
Mr. Chill
'Mr. Chill' 5 days ago
The beat droped so hard 1k people missed the like button!
Daniel Tek
'Daniel Tek' 6 days ago
Beat dropped harder then my heart when I dropped my choclate milk on the floor
Jessy Quiroz
'Jessy Quiroz' 6 days ago
beat dropped harder than hillary run for president
The Golden magikarp
Thx been looking for boneless for like a year
TwizT NeoNzZ 3D
'TwizT NeoNzZ 3D' 6 days ago
Another good one is: Benga - Smack your bitch up.
Isaiah Negrete
'Isaiah Negrete' 7 days ago
beat drop harder than my fist to this boy's face
Redstone Logic
'Redstone Logic' 1 week ago
The beats dropped harder than the amount of Hillary Clinton memes after the election.
awx 333
'awx 333' 1 week ago
(⊙⊙) loco
Maria Gonzalez
'Maria Gonzalez' 1 week ago
badass depstup
'MetroX' 2 weeks ago
beat dropped harder that my grades😐😐😐😐
lolplayer lolplayer
'lolplayer lolplayer' 2 weeks ago
the beat dropped so hard that my galaxy note7 exploded
Deon van der Walt
'Deon van der Walt' 2 weeks ago
the beat dropped harder than donald trumps fame
Sean Kaknjo
'Sean Kaknjo' 2 weeks ago
Viktor Kecskes
'Viktor Kecskes' 2 weeks ago
Beat dropped harder than mY iPhone down the stairs
Nellyda Cazares
'Nellyda Cazares' 2 weeks ago
( .: )
Cat Gurl475
'Cat Gurl475' 2 weeks ago
<3 I love this! It's my fav Beat Drops video! ^-^ What's your favourite beat drop/s in this video? Mine is: Boneless and Don't Drop That Thun Thun =D EYY =P
Jake Dubord
'Jake Dubord' 2 weeks ago
'XenoChrono' 2 weeks ago
is this copyright free?
Nicholas Kurbanov
'Nicholas Kurbanov' 2 weeks ago
dat good
Jessica Thaxton
'Jessica Thaxton' 2 weeks ago
me: mom mom: what me: I DID MT HOME WORK DONE! mom: OK now go no scope some scrubs me: yes!! 2:06
Jessica Thaxton
'Jessica Thaxton' 2 weeks ago
me:come on! friend:you can do it! me:I just no scoped him in the head!! friend: OOOOHHH OOOHHH!!!! 1:36
Jessica Thaxton
'Jessica Thaxton' 2 weeks ago
love all these song
_ReD_cLoUd_ __
'_ReD_cLoUd_ __' 3 weeks ago
NɨK ɨ
'NɨK ɨ' 3 weeks ago
Beat dropped so hard that 1k people miss like button :D
Jonathan Conran
'Jonathan Conran' 3 weeks ago
I am 2 lazy to search thru 100 videos so does anyone know that song with that white statue face song?
Ann Capri
'Ann Capri' 3 weeks ago
Who is Filipino in here
Eddy Alejandro
'Eddy Alejandro' 3 weeks ago
Beverly Loonskin
'Beverly Loonskin' 3 weeks ago
I subscribed
Samantha Velazquez
'Samantha Velazquez' 3 weeks ago
Ho Ho Ho 😣😣😣😣😣😣🐫🌋🌋🌋🌋🛃🚬🚣🚼🚾🚫🛇☠☢☡⚠🚷🚱🚯🚭🚳⛌⛍
Flying Pikachu
'Flying Pikachu' 3 weeks ago
Ellé Shanks
'Ellé Shanks' 3 weeks ago
Love this ❤👑👌
Alycee Yager
'Alycee Yager' 3 weeks ago
Beat drop so Hard My Phone even Stopped Because I DROPED My phone
Pirotehnika I clash royale
this is the best thing ever
Gradient Clan
'Gradient Clan' 3 weeks ago
Rain Drop Beat Drop Don't skip the beat Until the bass Drop(Drop) Listen to this music ima Fly fly fly To the fucking sky sky sky we came for music or nothing
cameron guest
'cameron guest' 3 weeks ago
beat hit harder than twin towers
Commenting to some videos
Arttu Lindeman - Läikkyy
George Malas
'George Malas' 3 weeks ago
Daniz Aptax
'Daniz Aptax' 3 weeks ago
Can you tell me the grandpa one that showing his self and rap in news?
Doge Adventures
'Doge Adventures' 4 weeks ago
I was trying to do homework when this came on and my body shook and danced unknowingly and I couldn't stop the epic beats
Pupul DAB
'Pupul DAB' 4 weeks ago
kyle lewin
'kyle lewin' 4 weeks ago
:-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-) this is what I think of this song :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)
CoiN Presents
'CoiN Presents' 4 weeks ago
Ygyfvgyvgy High hg
George Springer
'George Springer' 4 weeks ago
Y these not on Spotify
Geoxis Magro
'Geoxis Magro' 4 weeks ago
DaFuq FuqDa
'DaFuq FuqDa' 4 weeks ago
Beat dropped harder than Claudio Bravo's saves.
Røses aj
'Røses aj' 4 weeks ago
Beat dropped so hard Robbie rotten stopped saying one
'DoubleSquirell' 4 weeks ago
These beat dropped harder then laris kursi
swift neptune
'swift neptune' 4 weeks ago
beat dropped harder then Hillary in 80 degree weather
Marcio Chang
'Marcio Chang' 4 weeks ago
2017 \o/
declan eccles
'declan eccles' 4 weeks ago
They are sick beats
Johan Geven
'Johan Geven' 4 weeks ago
Creeptor HD
'Creeptor HD' 1 month ago
'BloodyGamingHD' 1 month ago
this beat dropped so hard that my neighbours threw a brick trough my windows because this joke sucks
'afrizzellc' 1 month ago
Where is Skrillex?
De Bros
'De Bros' 1 month ago
Back in day of the vine 😏😏😏
Casper Jef Kjær Hansen
i love this Songs
Tachibana mei
'Tachibana mei' 1 month ago
Amazing beat drops love them all!!!
'DomT' 1 month ago
Beat drop harder that skittles when someone touches them
Demon wolf
'Demon wolf' 1 month ago
the song freaks has a great beat drop in it :/
Pika Clan
'Pika Clan' 1 month ago
Beat dropped harder than fine bros sub count
'GAME GEEK' 1 month ago
when the beat drops so as my Grades too..
Natanael Ventura
'Natanael Ventura' 1 month ago
these beats dropped harder then a fat boy
Flips4Days #swag
'Flips4Days #swag' 1 month ago
fael FAEL
'fael FAEL' 1 month ago
I have screenshots all video songs name....
Elite Gaming
'Elite Gaming' 1 month ago
this may be a gay video but at least i found out a song that ive been wanting to add on my vids check them out pls any clash royale players
Abdullah Ismail
'Abdullah Ismail' 1 month ago
can i download the songs
Nathan Taylor
'Nathan Taylor' 1 month ago
gives you something to DJ at my next club
Lump Universe
'Lump Universe' 1 month ago
The beat dropped.. Oh wait.. *realizes I have nothing to say *silence 😶
Berk Yuksel
'Berk Yuksel' 1 month ago
Beat dropped harder than your jokes
Brayan Smith Sanchez P
mcgalaxy !!
'mcgalaxy !!' 1 month ago
Beat hit me harder than a brick wall
'Torderd' 1 month ago
the beat dropped harder the the hello kitty servers
'Chairini' 1 month ago
Sancte BlancTM
'Sancte BlancTM' 1 month ago
Mr Rey
'Mr Rey' 1 month ago
before the song (booty me down) is the all song that used in SLAPTrain channel on his 700k subs video ... thanks found everything i wanted for
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