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Would You Believe That You Can Charge a Phone with Lemons?! -
Published: 3 weeks ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 3 weeks ago

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30 lemons to be exact. When your phone is out of juice, you can charge it with this juice!

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Stacey Nathania
'Stacey Nathania' 2 weeks ago
mark rober.
Barnesrino Kripperino
you dont need 30 lemons, you need 1 lemon, what you need is 30 pairs of electrodes
Flip Green
'Flip Green' 3 weeks ago
lemons cost 89 cent a peice were i live thats almost 30 bucks. NOPE!
Aidan Ringel
'Aidan Ringel' 3 weeks ago
A flip phone isnt a smart phone
Jakob Chan
'Jakob Chan' 3 weeks ago
not a really good science channel if you dont even know that the positiv side is the anode and the negative the cathode not the other way round... also 30 lemons cost more than one charge with a normal charger
Rebirth Index
'Rebirth Index' 3 weeks ago
Totally not an actor, totally.
Alaskan Bull Worm
'Alaskan Bull Worm' 3 weeks ago
Are you kidding me this dude really just pulled out an artifact
Daisy Ellis
'Daisy Ellis' 3 weeks ago
a flip phone?😂
Mr. Sarvy
'Mr. Sarvy' 3 weeks ago
i think is cheaper to charge your phone from the wall
Erenos Andrew
'Erenos Andrew' 3 weeks ago
is gta 2007 los santos or something I thing smels awfl
Erenos Andrew
'Erenos Andrew' 3 weeks ago
Erenos Andrew
'Erenos Andrew' 3 weeks ago
charge a delorean stuck milions years into the past
'J-Pocket' 3 weeks ago
Cool but we all know that it's not a smart phone. it's probably take a lot more lemons
Tarek itani
'Tarek itani' 3 weeks ago
that "random" guy was 100% a paid actor lol
cristion morales
'cristion morales' 3 weeks ago
The flip phone is the strongest tool
'Zack' 3 weeks ago
If life gives you lemons...charge your phone
kyle jones
'kyle jones' 3 weeks ago
That phone though
Squid Daddy Crabcakes
What smartphone? Smartphones weren't even around.
go crazy
'go crazy' 3 weeks ago
Grid Gaming
'Grid Gaming' 3 weeks ago
who tf uses those phones anymore
Mickiddy Michael
'Mickiddy Michael' 3 weeks ago
You can look up why this works right here on YouTube (probably this channel even). And why not a smartphone? My guess would be dual ports. Plug your smartphone into the wall then pull it out quick. Do that a bunch of times to simulate the fluctuating current and you should have an answer why he isn't using a smartphone.
Derek Chambers
'Derek Chambers' 3 weeks ago
this couldn't get anymore fake
'Viperi' 3 weeks ago
Combustible lemons.
'FocusMrbjarke' 3 weeks ago
I think the real question is for how long does it work?
'Neueregel' 3 weeks ago
Is that Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles?? I went there a few times to hit some chicks. Nice place
Vincent Bours
'Vincent Bours' 3 weeks ago
Secretly their is a car batter under the table.
'Brilliant's Designs' 3 weeks ago
since tbbt ofc
Nayib Noyola
'Nayib Noyola' 3 weeks ago
was this video made in 2005? that phone ain't no smartphone.
'thememeasaurus' 3 weeks ago
Daniel harman
'Daniel harman' 3 weeks ago
That dude walking up was so fake
Grimm_ Ace
'Grimm_ Ace' 3 weeks ago
Can you charge an apple phone with an apple?
Robin Chiwawa
'Robin Chiwawa' 3 weeks ago
Lol how fake is this... this is 2016 most ppl don't hv flip phones especially people that dress like that
'WhoLock' 3 weeks ago
o hi Mark Rober...
headread gamer
'headread gamer' 3 weeks ago
'trckojr' 3 weeks ago
What if the voltage is too high? Wouldn't that damage the battery somehow?
'Rotary20' 3 weeks ago
Mark rober?!
hugo Caldera (XXjeffkiller907XX)
Whelp life give you lemons du dun de tu it's that old meme when life gives you lemons
TF2 scout memes
'TF2 scout memes' 3 weeks ago
That aint a smartphone that a dumb phone
Reece Williams
'Reece Williams' 3 weeks ago
Fake prank as you can see, the only phones that are in this are flip phones. This is 2016.
The Charizard Club
'The Charizard Club' 3 weeks ago
ahi hari
'ahi hari' 3 weeks ago
first one
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