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Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Kevin Durant! (NBA) -
Published: 10 months ago By: EverythingTop10

By: EverythingTop10Published: 10 months ago

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▶EverythingTop10 is proud to present, The Top Ten Things You Didn't Know About Golden State Warriors Small Forward Kevin Durant! Some of the amazing facts include who his favorite NBA player was when he was growing up and the reason why he wears the #35 as his jersey number! Some other fun facts include what he enjoys doing in his spare time and which WNBA player he briefly became engaged to in 2013! Hope you guys enjoy these interesting facts about Kevin Durant!

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'kab00mKap0w' 1 day ago
XRealGamertasticX [gamerboy6ks]
Nice video! 😁
Micah Freeman
'Micah Freeman' 4 days ago
Do James harden
'datboiD' 5 days ago
i only clicked cuz i thought they were goin to speak on his secret girlfriends smh
T Bone
'T Bone' 1 week ago
Wait to bait us, no talk of him smoking or with girls. Wack video
Regina O
'Regina O'Guinn' 1 week ago
My boy Kevin Durant. If he is so kind why is the thumbnail showing other wise?!
'J APATHY MEADOWS' 2 weeks ago
DMV we in the building 💯 zoooooooooo
Keegan Wright
'Keegan Wright' 2 weeks ago
Russel Westbrook
'GamingMaster35' 2 weeks ago
Kd literally makes every shot. Insane skill
Wapp Fetty
'Wapp Fetty' 2 weeks ago
I think he the best scorer in the league because first that’s my fav player and just look at his stats
Jëv Ç.Hüñçhø
'Jëv Ç.Hüñçhø' 2 weeks ago
He needs to brush his hair
Brittanie Hadlock
'Brittanie Hadlock' 2 weeks ago
Tojia Dawkins
'Tojia Dawkins' 2 weeks ago
He is not kind.
The NBA guy
'The NBA guy' 2 weeks ago
Steph curry is a goat
'matthew' 2 weeks ago
This mong legit clickbated everyone on to this video
Rogelio Osinsao
'Rogelio Osinsao' 3 weeks ago
I hate this i want lebron
'Multigem' 3 weeks ago
horrible thumbnail, its so easy to see that the picture on the right is photoshopped
Shelby Strandberg
'Shelby Strandberg' 3 weeks ago
Not true
Rachelle Hernandez
'Rachelle Hernandez' 3 weeks ago
I love KD and respect the person he is and an amazing basketball player... BUT LeBron James is still my #1 Love you both KD and LJ
vivian elohor
'vivian elohor' 3 weeks ago
kd is the best.
'TheKmonee1' 4 weeks ago
300 things you did not know about KD
Richboyalive Lol
'Richboyalive Lol' 4 weeks ago
Brock Long
'Brock Long' 4 weeks ago
yes Kevin durant is the best scorer
Jaylandlogken Srp
'Jaylandlogken Srp' 4 weeks ago
People did not now he was the best do not leave trash connects
Jameskidd 1357
'Jameskidd 1357' 4 weeks ago
You should do klay Thompson or Kyrie Irving
Bob Lee
'Bob Lee' 4 weeks ago
Do LeBron James
I love KD
'I love KD' 4 weeks ago
Good for kd!
Alishia Madison
'Alishia Madison' 1 month ago
Kyrie Irving and Damian lilliard
Dakota Anderson
'Dakota Anderson' 1 month ago
Im 6 ft and I just turned 13 a little over a month and a half ago I was wondering what you think my height will be my dad is 6’2 and my mom is 5’8
'BS PLAY' 1 month ago
I am 6 feet tall in primary school
Gridiron Hard Knocks
I'm pretty sure we all knew Kevin Durant played in the 2012 film Thunderstruck.
Sophia Harriott
'Sophia Harriott' 1 month ago
I believe that
Gavin Thorne
'Gavin Thorne' 1 month ago
Thilly Thailor
'Thilly Thailor' 1 month ago
Kd is a soft pussy
Brady Hoover
'Brady Hoover' 1 month ago
'Gr_Byron' 1 month ago
I am in 9th grade and 6ft where’s the not usual thing
'Dalena' 1 month ago
black men are hot
Rachelle Cueva
'Rachelle Cueva' 1 month ago
Curry please
Allen McCaulley
'Allen McCaulley' 1 month ago
I swear I read all of this from his wiki
Dalan Jennet
'Dalan Jennet' 1 month ago
KD is been my favorites players since he was still playing for his school!! he's a nicest guy in NBA of course he is.
Noni Lumanlan
'Noni Lumanlan' 2 months ago
Team Durant!! I love his kindness☺
Tara Bobo
'Tara Bobo' 2 months ago
Murkem Bih
'Murkem Bih' 2 months ago
Sooooooo wassup with the thumbnail tho? Lol
Beverly Thomson
'Beverly Thomson' 2 months ago
Cedric Summerhill
'Cedric Summerhill' 2 months ago
he is
Gil Dela Vega
'Gil Dela Vega' 2 months ago
He is really good. Gifted
Found It Vegan Gourmet Shop
Kadarius Davis
'Kadarius Davis' 2 months ago
DogDome domes
'DogDome domes' 2 months ago
These aren't new facts
Kimberly Cook
'Kimberly Cook' 2 months ago
Do Stephen curry nest
Christopher allen
'Christopher allen' 2 months ago
patric beverly [ bahahahaha ]
Faezali Aguam
'Faezali Aguam' 2 months ago
#11 He's a snake and a cupcake and a COWARD!
'thetiler' 2 months ago
Very impressed with KD! Love the fact he is a Warrior!
'BIG ELL' 2 months ago
wanna be tuff guy
alex bass
'alex bass' 2 months ago
Angela Bledsoe
'Angela Bledsoe' 2 months ago
my STAR,,,still the best!!!
hurlee tumee
'hurlee tumee' 2 months ago
He is a great athlete
Amalgam X
'Amalgam X' 2 months ago
Like the Video. Hate the click bait. Thumbs down.
'GRAY WOLF' 2 months ago
Come on KD no smoking!!!
Slots Baby
'Slots Baby' 2 months ago
Louie Bejo
'Louie Bejo' 2 months ago
Fucked up KD haters
Tanner French
'Tanner French' 2 months ago
Do Stephen curry
Ricardo Barnes
'Ricardo Barnes' 2 months ago
Todd Toure
'Todd Toure' 3 months ago
Where's the smoke dog? Click bait.
Minister Oxford
'Minister Oxford' 3 months ago
I think you should have said who the number one prospect was the year Kevin came out of high school, but I really loved the video!!😎
nicholas gamer
'nicholas gamer' 3 months ago
Your the best
Sour Lemons
'Sour Lemons' 3 months ago
Steph curry
Jephty Joseph
'Jephty Joseph' 3 months ago
Do Kyrie irven next .and KD is okay Kyrie irven is the best point garde
lens the gamer
'lens the gamer' 3 months ago
How do you know
Terry Smith
'Terry Smith' 3 months ago
Just an all around good guy.
Victoria Tigue
'Victoria Tigue' 3 months ago
what was last night's score
Redline Maness
'Redline Maness' 3 months ago
Not impressed with their brand building and most are worthless to blacks. He goes to church, so does Trump! He also abuses women.
Redline Maness
'Redline Maness' 3 months ago
He gave 1 million directly to the Red Cross that is an outrage. Why didn't he directly target that kind of money? Knucklehead! priceless.
Redline Maness
'Redline Maness' 3 months ago
"When he was an infant his father deserted the family." The language used by an American fool reporter. Sick!
Michael Glover
'Michael Glover' 3 months ago
Inaccurate the father didn't leave the family. The mother told him to go.
Gary Steele
'Gary Steele' 3 months ago
What happened to the rebounds when he went pro?? he stopped working because he thinks hes entitled !! same when he played in Okc !! Rebounding was out and loafing was in. My toe hurts so im sittn out a month or so!! Im entitled folks!! Hey im certain i can hang in Okc and build a dynasty, but why when i can go to a pre made team and get me a ring, because im entitled !!! What a loser !!
'pfunk298' 3 months ago
Great player and generous humble man right there 😊😎 great facts to know.. thx
The real AJ 2007
'The real AJ 2007' 3 months ago
Lol the thumb nail was click bait
Sara ilustre
'Sara ilustre' 3 months ago
I'm a avid fan of Kevin Durant ,, good luck on everything you of the great NBA players..
Rogelio Magarro Jr.
'Rogelio Magarro Jr.' 3 months ago
Noella Mahungo
'Noella Mahungo' 3 months ago
Lebron James next
Jake Amano
'Jake Amano' 3 months ago
This video is 5:21 minutes long. Take the last two digits of 5:21 and you get 2 and 1. 2 + 1 is 3. The warriors blew a 3-1 lead. 😂
squire isabell
'squire isabell' 3 months ago
Click bait at its finest
Ricardo gentil Riquito
Yeah i see
Trey Solo
'Trey Solo' 3 months ago
Nice knowledge to know.
Jody Gindt
'Jody Gindt' 3 months ago
Nice video can u keep these videos up I love them and I subbed
Jason Garza
'Jason Garza' 3 months ago
do one on koby bryant
junjun gerodias
'junjun gerodias' 3 months ago
yah thats true and i see ssee
Lakeita Dotson
'Lakeita Dotson' 3 months ago
James Harden
'SayWin' 3 months ago
What about the one about him being a bitch? Oh yeah everybody knows that all ready.
Aleksandra Buquid
'Aleksandra Buquid' 3 months ago
The kind snake
William Thomas
'William Thomas' 3 months ago
When you grow up in hell(Seat Pleasant MD). And you actually make it out. I think you learn not to take for granted what it is to be a kind person.
I Wierd Gaming
'I Wierd Gaming' 3 months ago
Everybody should know that he snake
Jamelle Thomas
'Jamelle Thomas' 3 months ago
He smoke weed bet he go to the loker and share weed with his team
Mauricio A Garcia H
'Mauricio A Garcia H' 3 months ago
So much clickbait
Savage Realm
'Savage Realm' 3 months ago
Kevin is part of the reptile domain. Has been a snake since high school 🐍
'irocee' 3 months ago
I've always respect and liked (KD) his demeanor and character. His humility as a star is what I like most about him; he is more likely to encourage than lash out at others and that's a true sign of a great leader. I didn't know he was a Christian but it was obvious base on his character; and that is a wonderful thing; not necessarily to be a Christian but to live your life in such a manner that what you are, and represent, is clear. He is one of my favorite!! Go KD
Lenard Polk
'Lenard Polk' 3 months ago
He still a BITCH 😒 fuck Dude real tlk
what arethose
'what arethose' 3 months ago
We have Google
The UnOfficial Doctor
Lol. He just read it on KD's Wikipedia page. What a total douche
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