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iPhone Turns 10 Years Old! A Nostalgic Look Back -
Published: 1 year ago By: EverythingApplePro

By: EverythingAppleProPublished: 1 year ago

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Happy 10th Birthday iPhone! A Look Back at The Last 10 Years of iPhone History. Steve Jobs Announced iPhone on January 9th 2007!

iPhone 2G vs iPhone 7 Here:
All iPhones Comparison:

Shawn Murphy
'Shawn Murphy' 2 days ago
2107 iPhone 100 it is as big as a iPad pro now R.I.P. steve jobs my old iPod touch 2g wants him to come back from the dead
Redzii LLX
'Redzii LLX' 3 days ago
Made me cry
Felisha Lee
'Felisha Lee' 4 days ago
Who wants a stylus a couple years later Apple pen same thing different name but awesome quality
Eating Away Time
'Eating Away Time' 4 days ago
Hah I thought It was the original keynote
10k Subscribers Without a single video?
How Siri is in reality vs How Siri is in Ads: Ads: 9:37 Wake me up at six. Reality (What Siri heard) : I’m gonna have sex Siri’s reply: Sorry, I didn’t quite get that.
Shay TGM
'Shay TGM' 6 days ago
Happy 11th birthday
Rock gaming
'Rock gaming' 7 days ago
hello call me in 9416875224 to take knowledge
'JavierPhoenix' 7 days ago
I should get the iphone because in 2007 i was born and happy 10th birthday to me! 🎂 and Apple was made in 2007 and Happy birthday to the 1st iPhone! ✌
[GD] Bjoslin
'[GD] Bjoslin' 1 week ago
'Super' 1 week ago
Actually 13 iPhones iPhone 2g iPhone 3g iPhone 3gs iPhone 4. iPhone 4s iPhone 5 iPhone 5c iPhone 5s iPhone 6 iPhone 6s iPhone 7. iPhone 8 iPhone 10
Sayyed Jamil Abbas
there will iphone 8 and iphone x not iphone 9
The original iPhone was released 4 days after I was born (June 29 2008)
oyun buzu
'oyun buzu' 1 week ago
steve i need your help!
Lil Slump
'Lil Slump' 1 week ago
Steve was a funny little fellow.
Friendly neighborhood Fashionista 55
😢 I got a little emotional seeing Steve Jobs present the first iPhone. That was pretty AWSOME
Ethan P18
'Ethan P18' 2 weeks ago
0:44 John Appleseed??
Daniyal Ahmad
'Daniyal Ahmad' 2 weeks ago
Pls do beamng vid on channel
'Life' 2 weeks ago
He announced it a day after my b day ❤️
Doreen Wu
'Doreen Wu' 2 weeks ago
Rip Steve! We love you!
Roan Vlaeyen
'Roan Vlaeyen' 3 weeks ago
iPhone 2G iPhone 3G iPhone 3GS iPhone 4 iPhone 4s iPhone 5 iPhone 5S iPhone 5C iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 6S Plus iPhone SE iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus IPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus iPhone X
LorenzAssassin 1O1
'LorenzAssassin 1O1' 3 weeks ago
Happy birthday phones
'SupremeGamer' 3 weeks ago
10 years of loot from people's pockets
Cringey Sh*t
'Cringey Sh*t' 3 weeks ago
Oh steve jobs ;( why u died ;( 1 like = respect
'JackyGamer123' 3 weeks ago
RIP Steve Jobs
TheAdamBros Official
6:05 EYUGG!
Dhruv Mattapalli
'Dhruv Mattapalli' 4 weeks ago
7:04 i be like: iphone X in 2009?!?! Steve Jobs is a guy who can see the future!?!?
Andrei Montoya
'Andrei Montoya' 4 weeks ago
happy birthday
Speed Gamer
'Speed Gamer' 4 weeks ago
OMG I'm now 10
Phaxay Thammavongsa
'Phaxay Thammavongsa' 4 weeks ago
The first 5 iPhones were da best
Explosion Nightmare
'Explosion Nightmare' 4 weeks ago
True this phone changed my life now idk why people hates apple... I mean I’m using iPhone 8 Plus now
Fares Shamea
'Fares Shamea' 4 weeks ago
Now its 11 years old
PandaTuba CP
'PandaTuba CP' 1 month ago
im 10 years old xD
Sparks NS
'Sparks NS' 1 month ago
People are so stupid and stupid to hate it over and over me and like me to do stupid
'MicherExtremeGaming' 1 month ago
5:56 if Apple doesn't want styluses then why did they make the iPad Pro
Vita Kerspylaite
'Vita Kerspylaite' 1 month ago
Rip Steve jobs
Winton Nguyen
'Winton Nguyen' 1 month ago
The original iPhone password is 0000
Naim Fattal
'Naim Fattal' 1 month ago
ahh past
'WinteRS' 1 month ago
Actually when i look back to my 3gs now its such a nostalgia.The battery died,sim tray broke,cracks on the back......when i compare it to my iphone 8 and 5s how much apple changed
'SpeedyLightning' 1 month ago
Oh Steve Jobs.... Where are you when apple need you the most
Tom 24/7
'Tom 24/7' 1 month ago
Without Apple I wouldn’t be able to watch this since I’m watching this video on my Iphone
Andre Hiwale
'Andre Hiwale' 1 month ago
'MasterYehuda816' 1 month ago
Steve is looking at the iPhone X like “What have you done to my creation?”
R-Games Offical
'R-Games Offical' 1 month ago
11:15 A.K.A the iPhone X (10)
Kamyn Mason
'Kamyn Mason' 1 month ago
Ahhh this was filmed on my BIRTHDAY and I was ten last year❤
Luka Heiler
'Luka Heiler' 1 month ago
What’s with the iPhone 5c
*I Like Dogs*
'*I Like Dogs*' 1 month ago
Who wants to use a stylus, Nobody Years later The Apple Pen. Steve Jobs Thoughts In Heaven, "Apple Is Dead."
Apple ios
'Apple ios' 1 month ago
Happy birthday iPhone.....
Bardos Csaba
'Bardos Csaba' 2 months ago
I still have this iphone. Only needs a battery update and good to go.
The Derpy rabbit
'The Derpy rabbit' 2 months ago
Wait Steve johns is in heaven if he is I want him to live a happy life in heaven
'StarKill3r' 2 months ago
Steve Jobs... the only nerd that is a full fledge savage
'Mchogey' 2 months ago
There has been 17 iPhones not 10
im ana
'im ana' 2 months ago
Samsung has much more series , bot iphone is very good
'SDOG SDOG' 2 months ago
I heard somewhere that Google was developing a touch screen phone but Apple released one first
Justines Art Channel
'Justines Art Channel' 2 months ago
Happy birthday Steve Jobs (if it’s February 24 for anyone)(it is for me)
Hubert Gameplays
'Hubert Gameplays' 2 months ago
Steve jobs Chang the life of phones 📱 I hop that you have nice time in heven
Twobroesandagal Record
Ya boooo Samsung
Laugh Samsung
'Laugh Samsung' 2 months ago
Oh the IPhone is so cute
vLinh dh
'vLinh dh' 2 months ago
iPhone x
mr bluesheep
'mr bluesheep' 2 months ago
There are 16 iPhones iPhone iPhone 3g iPhone 3gs iPhone 4 iPhone 4s iPhone 5 iPhone 5c iPhone 5s iPhone 6 iPhone 6 plus iPhone SE iPhone 6s iPhone 6s plus iPhone 8 iPhone 8 plus iPhone x
samurai mic
'samurai mic' 2 months ago
Happy birthday iphone, we love you
Team Kids/Deaf
'Team Kids/Deaf' 2 months ago
'Zeke' 2 months ago
Weeb Trash
'Weeb Trash' 2 months ago
It 11 years old now
Lunar Studios
'Lunar Studios' 2 months ago
Holy crap this was posted on my birthday
The Splooshy
'The Splooshy' 2 months ago
Rip Steve jobs hope he have good time in heaven spectate Apple store we will never forget you 🙂🙂🙂🙂😇😇😇😇🌹🌹🌷🌷💐💐🌸🌸🌼🌼🌻🌻
Pugsoul Pug
'Pugsoul Pug' 2 months ago
Yuck, I hate Stylus ~ Steve Jobs 2015- The all new Apple Pencil
'ardish' 2 months ago
IPhone 2G?
'RavenRing' 2 months ago
I used to like Apple and Steve Jobs, until he died and got replaced with Tim Cook (the faggot which made headphone jacks dead)
Mr flame thrower Gamster
Samsung add came out so I had to leave
Nobody wants a stylus (Apple didn’t listen to his wishes RIP)
The Irish Furry
'The Irish Furry' 2 months ago
Who's watching on an iPhone
The Irish Furry
'The Irish Furry' 2 months ago
3650 days later
sami sami
'sami sami' 2 months ago
i have a iphone 4s :(
'GuhanIyer' 2 months ago
Fluffy Puppy
'Fluffy Puppy' 2 months ago
but...I'm 10
'DabbinqDvst' 2 months ago
what if steve never wanted an iPhone X
Oli Vlogs
'Oli Vlogs' 2 months ago
Apple Store
'Apple Store' 2 months ago
Kimberley H
'Kimberley H' 2 months ago
My first smart phone was the 3GS. I remember how amazed was when I first used the touch screen I thought it was just magic but now I sit her typing this comment on my iPad screen and it’s now it’s just apart of everyday life now. Remember the old days when we had to press a key a number of times to get one letter?
Adrian Phillip
'Adrian Phillip' 2 months ago
IM BORN IN 2007 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Earth and the Wolves
'Earth and the Wolves' 2 months ago
What does a weasel look like
Aksyfy 25
'Aksyfy 25' 2 months ago
Me and the iPhone are the same age
Beluga 1337
'Beluga 1337' 3 months ago
10:20 here apple fucked up
PandaCopter 74
'PandaCopter 74' 3 months ago
R.i.p. steve jobs
Kitty. Vlogs!
'Kitty. Vlogs!' 3 months ago
Samsung is gonna turn 9 #AndroidUser
'iOS FiNN' 3 months ago
I have an iPhone X and I love how they knew so much about it one year ago
Indah Permatasari
'Indah Permatasari' 3 months ago
You're a really apple fan boy, aren't you? Even they got their monopoly
Yuvraj Paygude
'Yuvraj Paygude' 3 months ago
Who Is Watching On Samsung?
Sonia Gutiérrez
'Sonia Gutiérrez' 3 months ago
I’m ten
Jaime Gonzalez Rauda
'Jaime Gonzalez Rauda' 3 months ago
I'm older than the OG iPhone
Well it’s 11 Years old now :)
'[]' 3 months ago
Audi A4 costed 32k, a current Audi A4 costs more then 40K (with decent options)
Blueberry Tech
'Blueberry Tech' 3 months ago
did you hear that? a GIANT screen?
Puppy cat
'Puppy cat' 3 months ago
Happy birthday iPhone
iApple OS
'iApple OS' 3 months ago
11 years now
Hussein Awwad
'Hussein Awwad' 3 months ago
Is there the 11th years anniversery?😂
Stefan luca Negrei
'Stefan luca Negrei' 3 months ago
Marimba!!!! Marimba Marimba Marimba Marimba Mirimo Opening Opening Opening sill marimba Maripening
The Retronians
'The Retronians' 3 months ago
Huge 3.5" display, eh?
Jake vd. Westhuizen
'Jake vd. Westhuizen' 3 months ago
Wht about my beloved iPhone 8? :( LOL!
Xgraphics K
'Xgraphics K' 3 months ago
“Who needs a stylus”! -Steve Jobs, 2007
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