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iPhone Turns 10 Years Old! A Nostalgic Look Back -
Published: 8 months ago By: EverythingApplePro

By: EverythingAppleProPublished: 8 months ago

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Happy 10th Birthday iPhone! A Look Back at The Last 10 Years of iPhone History. Steve Jobs Announced iPhone on January 9th 2007!

iPhone 2G vs iPhone 7 Here:
All iPhones Comparison:

Benedict Mohr
'Benedict Mohr' 4 days ago
TobyThe Giraffe
'TobyThe Giraffe' 1 week ago
It's still faster than my iPad mini 1
Jeremy MB
'Jeremy MB' 2 weeks ago
Fuck you android ! IOS is the best !!!
'KEYS' 2 weeks ago
wait here comes these guys that say samsung did it first
'0Creeper124' 2 weeks ago
Rip Steve amazing man.
Caedmon Akers
'Caedmon Akers' 2 weeks ago
Adventures 101
'Adventures 101' 2 weeks ago
Happy Birthday 🎊 to one of the greatest phone brands on Earth.
timsi Timo
'timsi Timo' 3 weeks ago
There was two iPhone 4s boxes
Aswini Kumar
'Aswini Kumar' 3 weeks ago
Bro plzz give me one iphone
Liam The Best
'Liam The Best' 3 weeks ago
I'm older than it but it knows more than me !!!
Dead Poool
'Dead Poool' 4 weeks ago
I'm as old as the iPhone so I'm it's twin
'IncaPlushies' 4 weeks ago
I was born on June 28, 2007 and the iPhone was born on June 29, 2007! No wonder why i'm so fascinated with tech and especially Apple!
Andrew Loftus
'Andrew Loftus' 4 weeks ago
It is not water resistant it is splashproof
TheMostRandomGuy Official
6:00 Steve Jobs doens't want a stylus, yet Apple Pencil was made few years after he died, great job Apple...
Mast Mastoi
'Mast Mastoi' 1 month ago
Wtf man how much iphones do you have 😲😲
Keaton A
'Keaton A' 1 month ago
Right when the commercial came up I got a windows ad. 😂
Hamza 2
'Hamza 2' 1 month ago
iPhone 2G iPhone 3G iPhone 3GS iPhone 4 iPhone 4s iPhone 5 iPhone 5c iPhone 5s iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 6s iPhone 6s Plus iPhone SE iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus
Stjepan Borak
'Stjepan Borak' 2 months ago
If Jobs stick around for a bit longer Iphone would not compete with other devices... It would be 5 years ahed from everything else
Ben Law
'Ben Law' 2 months ago
Steve Jobs is my hero what a driven guy he was nobody knows how to excite people about apple products quite like he did
khalil cherif
'khalil cherif' 2 months ago
where is the iphone 5c son of bitch
'SHARKBYTE TECH' 2 months ago
I phone 2g to i phone 7 plus and then 🎉🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊
David asistent Marusic
sad music
Jordan Brandon
'Jordan Brandon' 2 months ago
Person at start, we aren't dumb!
Yogita Phapale
'Yogita Phapale' 2 months ago
Missing steve jobs
Ernesto is Awesome
'Ernesto is Awesome' 2 months ago
I call Samsung sammysung
TheBlueBallG Roblox
'TheBlueBallG Roblox' 2 months ago
I'm ten years old and this iPhone is 10 years old and we are same
Delilah Harter
'Delilah Harter' 2 months ago
The best one is iPhone 6s
SsorNiix Lreesx
'SsorNiix Lreesx' 2 months ago
Savage Panda
'Savage Panda' 2 months ago
Im old as the 📱
Meanygreeny Squad
'Meanygreeny Squad' 2 months ago
I want original I phone pls I'll give 3000 US dollars 💵 even if it's broken
Firebeast Gaming
'Firebeast Gaming' 2 months ago
My dad still has a iPhone 3G are they rare?
J Mar
'J Mar' 2 months ago
Technically the iPhone was released on June 29, 2007.
Ramen Squad
'Ramen Squad' 2 months ago
Omg the freaking iPhone is older than me omgggggggg
'Jamie' 2 months ago
Missed iPhone 5C and iPhone SE
Max Pell
'Max Pell' 2 months ago
Haha 😂 the car sale online before responsive web development
Sans The skeleton
'Sans The skeleton' 2 months ago
6:17 we are going to use our fingers (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Do A Kpop Roll
'Do A Kpop Roll' 3 months ago
'this is a call' no shit sherlock
'ChickenIsEvil' 3 months ago
I'm watching this on the old iPhone
Kenneth Kid Gaming Plus
Subscribe to me
Christian Montano
'Christian Montano' 3 months ago
even though i dont like apple if Steve Jobs wouldve been alive till this day i wouldve owned an iphone. Steve Jobs had great ideas and was very creative right now apple is mostly the same every year and their phones arent that great who ever is running the apple company is doing a horrible job.
'ItsJermaineXP' 3 months ago
Still using the first iPhone ❤️
minecraft Dj
'minecraft Dj' 3 months ago
I 10 year old
'mmiiirra' 3 months ago
i still have an iphone 4s.
'Rawr' 3 months ago
3:56 Show me the carfax
Breian dunne Music
'Breian dunne Music' 3 months ago
Welcome to the first floor iPhone
Nawnp MCPE
'Nawnp MCPE' 3 months ago
Nastolgia going with those commercials.
'TheGamer47' 3 months ago
I am watching dis on meh iPad Pro
Josh Patterson Nintendo
Why can't Nintendo make Nintendo consoles advert like the first iPhone
goldendonetts hexagonain
it's the best of apple and it's the iPhone 8 with no problems and no home botton USB C up and down camera and the flashlight in the middle of the camera and the two cameras one is on top and the other one is at the bottom
'mc_gamer_16' 3 months ago
It came out on June 29... I know that because its my birthday too
'Sandcastles' 3 months ago
You forgot the Iphone 5c 😁💙
Kobe AL
'Kobe AL' 3 months ago
A giant screen!
Aaron Penyami
'Aaron Penyami' 3 months ago
I'm fine with small phones
Nige Turner
'Nige Turner' 3 months ago
Good video, shame apple didn't celebrate it
'leilani789' 3 months ago
Why are Apple conferences the cringiest shit ever?
'ShadowWolf98073' 3 months ago
I was born in 2007
MagmaCreeper YT
'MagmaCreeper YT' 3 months ago
I really like how he reviews
'Neksio' 3 months ago
who needs a Stylus? GALAXY NOTE SERIES Triggered
Laurent de backer
'Laurent de backer' 3 months ago
Man i love these designs! :-D
'ChaoticHUE' 3 months ago
Sheldon Williams
'Sheldon Williams' 3 months ago
Thank you Apple.
Warning Genie
'Warning Genie' 3 months ago
'DestroyedTech' 3 months ago
anybody who isn't watching this video from an iPhone ?
Alyssa Vernice
'Alyssa Vernice' 3 months ago
lol!im near 10 this year
'Zoe' 3 months ago
The nostalgia is soooo real xD
'Antphoneigh' 3 months ago
Features of iPhone 8 are still rumours as of this video.
Ayush Singh
'Ayush Singh' 3 months ago
but, iPhone was launched on September 2007 so, how It could be the 10th anniversary on 29th June ? #help
The epic Gamer
'The epic Gamer' 3 months ago
I'm watching this on an iPad mini2
katie laparne
'katie laparne' 3 months ago
i had a samsung ad before watching this video
'Zeekay' 3 months ago
I'll never THROW my iPhone 5s😘
Praise Fiatepe
'Praise Fiatepe' 3 months ago
how is Apple so good at everything? devices, commercials, softwares, etc etc I need answers please
Harum Afif
'Harum Afif' 3 months ago
i'm 9 year old
'FLAC MURRY' 3 months ago
well, the reason now why they go so far distances with how they compete, is cuz Jobs was angry and fired those who did not listen, he said we NEED IT not that they want it, he made it happen, now, stuff just, goes by and its like "meh its not what people want"
Tech God
'Tech God' 3 months ago
You forgot the iPhone 5C and SE
Daniel Roa
'Daniel Roa' 3 months ago
this video was about 5 months too soon!
Olivia Williams
'Olivia Williams' 3 months ago
NOBODY wants a stylus. -Apple with Steve Jobs And here is the iPad pro with the Apple Pencil! -Apple without Steve Jobs
Juwan Jastillana
'Juwan Jastillana' 3 months ago
He forgot the se
Wubble Comedy
'Wubble Comedy' 3 months ago
'iOSAndroidRebel' 3 months ago
Lakeyshia Dunnican
'Lakeyshia Dunnican' 3 months ago
Lakeyshia Dunnican
'Lakeyshia Dunnican' 3 months ago
what about me
AmazinglyCool YoutubeKid
The iPhone 3G is so old on my 3G YouTube doesn't work. 😢
AmazinglyCool YoutubeKid
I liked when he went through the iPhones.
Fat Cat
'Fat Cat' 3 months ago
Omg I remember seeing those old apple 2g and 3g commercials...
Aryaman Mehrotra
'Aryaman Mehrotra' 3 months ago
5c was missing
legit lam gaming boii
I was born the year they came out
'S S R P' 3 months ago
That is some good security
'Diamond_Pro9562' 3 months ago
This makes me cry
True smith
'True smith' 3 months ago
Cool I wish I had a iPhone 7
Joe Thorsaland
'Joe Thorsaland' 3 months ago
Google pixel ad comes on after this video
Sans wife Offical Named Kallie
I am watching on a iPhone 2g
Buttercup lover2011
'Buttercup lover2011' 3 months ago
Rudolph Sedlin
'Rudolph Sedlin' 3 months ago
He forgot the 5C, the worst iPhone.
Santoso Ferdinand
'Santoso Ferdinand' 3 months ago
iPHone old 3g 20067!m?mm
MC Gamer
'MC Gamer' 3 months ago
iPhone was released the same month and year I was born
Dragon He
'Dragon He' 3 months ago
Steve: It's got awesome security *shows flashback of everythingapplepro using a glitch to bypass passcode* lmfao
'Felinelovers' 3 months ago
Thank you apple!
Magic S
'Magic S' 3 months ago
There have actually bin 15 phones not 11 there have bin 15
Finlay Mitchell
'Finlay Mitchell' 3 months ago
Sorry Steve, but IBM beat you to the touchscreen phone with their Simon
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