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iPhone Turns 10 Years Old! A Nostalgic Look Back -
Published: 1 year ago By: EverythingApplePro

By: EverythingAppleProPublished: 1 year ago

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Happy 10th Birthday iPhone! A Look Back at The Last 10 Years of iPhone History. Steve Jobs Announced iPhone on January 9th 2007!

iPhone 2G vs iPhone 7 Here:
All iPhones Comparison:

Stefan luca Negrei
Marimba!!!! Marimba Marimba Marimba Marimba Mirimo Opening Opening Opening sill marimba Maripening
The Retronians
'The Retronians' 5 days ago
Huge 3.5" display, eh?
Jake vd. Westhuizen
Wht about my beloved iPhone 8? :( LOL!
Xgraphics K
'Xgraphics K' 1 week ago
“Who needs a stylus”! -Steve Jobs, 2007
XxAwesomeManX9 XA
'XxAwesomeManX9 XA' 1 week ago
What happened to the iPhone 2G?
'Samke 's channel' 2 weeks ago
iPhone iPhone 2G iPhone 3G iPhone 3GS iPhone 4 iPhone 4s iPhone 5 iPhone 5c iPhone 5s iPhone 6 iPhone 6+ iPhone 6S iPhone 6S+ iPhone SE iPhone 7 iPhone 7+ iPhone 8 iPhone 8+ iPhone 10 Happy Birthday iPhones
Adriane Olszko
'Adriane Olszko' 2 weeks ago
Ummmm what happens to the 5c
E Shirk
'E Shirk' 2 weeks ago
Literally makes me cry. Y’all know the dislikes r from shitty Samsung users
Nabranes TwistyPuzzler
Almost 5!
Joey Abbadessa
'Joey Abbadessa' 2 weeks ago
Man I love the iPhone, but I’m more Samsung, but still, apple is great
Stanley Wong
'Stanley Wong' 2 weeks ago
Amare Khan
'Amare Khan' 2 weeks ago
I love Samsung
Cheryl Soper
'Cheryl Soper' 3 weeks ago
Mysterious Person
'Mysterious Person' 3 weeks ago
3:05 are those phones tablets laptops wts is the bright screen
'God's Soldier' 3 weeks ago
Iphone 5 anyone??
Md Nouman Aftab
'Md Nouman Aftab' 3 weeks ago
I love Nokia king I hets iPhone
'HACKLE CHEEZZE' 3 weeks ago
Apple is obsessed with thin Should make iphone printed from a printer
Danao beauty corner
'Danao beauty corner' 3 weeks ago
I am born when the first iPhone came out😂
I love Paris city of love
I have an lg when i grow up to afford im getting iphone 8 plus
Gerard Van Der Zwan
'Gerard Van Der Zwan' 3 weeks ago
10 years later and what's the difference???? What a joke is this phone
moien haider
'moien haider' 3 weeks ago
Who knows that iphone that falied apples first phone
Bethany Brown
'Bethany Brown' 4 weeks ago
Omg back when iPods were still a thing. Oh and when you had to have at & t to have an iPhone.
Glenn Mathew
'Glenn Mathew' 4 weeks ago
If apple never existed, there won’t be Samsung galaxy s series, no android phones with touch screen and we would have Nokia 3310 still alive
#1 Mario Fan 2.0
'#1 Mario Fan 2.0' 4 weeks ago
Now there is the iPhone 10
'IKristof' 4 weeks ago
Hapy birthday
Emerald Gaming
'Emerald Gaming' 4 weeks ago
skipped the 5c WHY its my phone
'GreenSheep' 1 month ago
i hope they make iPhone,iPad and Mac with his name!
Visioning Abyss
'Visioning Abyss' 1 month ago
R.I.P Steve Jobs. You really changed technology and the way people think.
Stranger Things Edits
iPhone 2G iPhone 3G iPhone 3GS iPhone 4 iPhone 4S iPhone 5 iPhone 5C iPhone 5S iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 6S iPhone 6S Plus iPhone SE iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X
Emmet Tc93
'Emmet Tc93' 1 month ago
iPhone iPhone 3G iPhone 3GS iPhone 4 iPhone 4s iPhone 5 iPhone 5S iPhone 5C iPhone SE iPhone 6 iPhone 6S iPhone 6+ iPhone 6s+ (my phone) iPhone 7 iPhone 7+ iPhone 8 iPhone 8+ iPhone X
Cringe boi 2017 Litfam
Steve jobs in heaven: I could create a better I phone than I phone x Wait I didn’t hire you Jimmy!
Snake Joaca
'Snake Joaca' 1 month ago
"Nobody wants a stylus". Unfortunately Apple forgot about Steve Jobs...
'Blu3' 1 month ago
Jackozon Bon
'Jackozon Bon' 1 month ago
The iPhone X is already here fillip!
Sadie Brown
'Sadie Brown' 1 month ago
Watching on my 7 ♥️
Septyx Stars
'Septyx Stars' 1 month ago
RIP Steve Jobs have a good time in heaven thank you for iPhone, iPad,iPod,Mac,... we will always remember you 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👼👼👼👼👼
'MojiMaster' 1 month ago
Noh Sam
'Noh Sam' 1 month ago
7:51 is my fav one too
Maxkeilberg TV
'Maxkeilberg TV' 1 month ago
iPhones=Not innovative Samsung Galaxys= Very Innovative
Jper Gaming
'Jper Gaming' 2 months ago
Just wait until one day all there will be is electronics. Then somehow all of it will just go away. Then we will have to make a new device sort of like the 1st iPhone and start all over
'B0LTZ GAMING' 2 months ago
Rip headphone jack 2007-2017
'iiTrainloverii' 2 months ago
3:33 The best phone ever
Sonic The Hedgehog
'Sonic The Hedgehog' 2 months ago
*R.I.P. Steve Jobs*
Sonic The Hedgehog
'Sonic The Hedgehog' 2 months ago
*i miss Steve Jobs already,even if i didnt met him*
'Theoddguy' 2 months ago
Watching this on my iPhone X 🤫
Triple IA
'Triple IA' 2 months ago
Why you so sentimental about a phone
Let’s draw ,
'Let’s draw ,' 2 months ago
iPhone x
Piedo Jay
'Piedo Jay' 2 months ago
Samsung better dou
'Maximus' 2 months ago
The last digit of your like in this comment is the iPhone you will have for life 👀💦 1- iPhone 2 - iPhone 3G 3 - iPhone 4 4 - iPhone 4s 5 - iPhone 5 6 - iPhone 5c 7 - iPhone 6 8 - iPhone 7 9 - iPhone 8 0 - iPhone X
'Maximus' 2 months ago
I'm getting my X today!!
'Cozmo's Generation' 2 months ago
Jennifer meyer is the authour to the book "twilight"
The Fierce Tiger
'The Fierce Tiger' 2 months ago
I agree
TepigplayzHD - Roblox & more!
Why am i even here.....
Nailed It!
'Nailed It!' 2 months ago
Zamaya Mcguirk
'Zamaya Mcguirk' 2 months ago
Happy birthday to me im 10 and i've changed :)
'lukeyplays' 2 months ago
iPhone 2g iPhone 3g iPhone 3gs iPhone 4 iPhone 4s iPhone 5 iPhone 5c iPhone 5s iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 6s iPhone 6s Plus iPhone SE iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 8 iPhone Plus iPhone X 🎊 🎉
Jacob Esparza
'Jacob Esparza' 2 months ago
happy birthday iPhone 😀
Roman Productionz TV
'Roman Productionz TV' 2 months ago
Ian hecox would love this, if his hologram wasn’t charged with murder
'METAL STAR' 2 months ago
Iphone boooy yeah i like iphone se yooooooooooo
'LingerousLeroy' 2 months ago
iPhone X
The Asian Apple Wolf
'The Asian Apple Wolf' 2 months ago
The iPhone is older than me I’m 9 : |
lpz Saiyan
'lpz Saiyan' 2 months ago
This iPhone is 1 year younger to me
Milod Amin
'Milod Amin' 2 months ago
Steve Jobs is a great man
Kinq Inferno
'Kinq Inferno' 2 months ago
Too many ads.
Tyrant Rex
'Tyrant Rex' 2 months ago
Who wants a stylus ... cough cough applepencil
Tomley TheDemon_
'Tomley TheDemon_' 2 months ago
“Let’s not use a stylus” couple years later Apple pen comes out
Abbie 51304
'Abbie 51304' 2 months ago
I still have 2 iPhone 4s that used to be my mom's and dad's. They suck now, but they were the best thing when they first got them.
Dorien Nation
'Dorien Nation' 2 months ago
But he skipped his nineth birthday
christian pruitt
'christian pruitt' 2 months ago
We wouldn't have the 10 years of phones without Steve jobs founder of the iPhone R.I.P Steve jobs
Xtreme tours & other stuff
iPhone 2G iPhone 3G iPhone 3GS iPhone 4 iPhone 4S iPhone 5 iPhone 5C iPhone 5S All iPhone models! iPhone 6 iPhone 6+ iPhone 6S iPhone 6S+ iPhone 7 iPhone 7+ iPhone 8 iPhone 8+ iPhone X Made on NOV 23 2017 Thanksgiving Day
'DJrufiDJ' 2 months ago
CoolUlises Paz
'CoolUlises Paz' 2 months ago
I turned 10 this year
Matt Jervis
'Matt Jervis' 2 months ago
Happy birthday apple 😂
Oscar Ventura
'Oscar Ventura' 2 months ago
Who want a stylist Cough cough Apple Pencil
'Cmusg' 2 months ago
this is gay
Dr Wolf
'Dr Wolf' 2 months ago
"Who wants a stylus?" *a few years later* Introducing: Apple Pencil
Ryan B
'Ryan B' 2 months ago
“Or hell” says a Samsung fan...
TJ 2
'TJ 2' 2 months ago
I want to just test the iPhone 2g are you giving a giveaway plz yes
'MidNightWolf' 2 months ago
Just appreciate what Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak has done for all of apple Since Apple 1 to iPhone X.
'Blecher_2311' 2 months ago
I was 4 years in the official launch of the first Iphone
EasyEasy Song
'EasyEasy Song' 2 months ago
the iphone se
'MuchVlog' 2 months ago
"Can't wait for another 10"?! Think about it :) 11:35
'justTECH' 2 months ago
If they patented it, why do other companies like, Nokia, Windows, BlackBerry, Motorola, Huawei, Samsung, and Google use it?
'justTECH' 2 months ago
Sad thing is my baby sister was born after the iPhone 7.
ItsDDiamond Gamer - Roblox
Iphone Iphone 2g Iphone 3g iphone 3gs iPhone 4 IPhone 4s iphone 5 iphone 5c iphone 5s iphone 6 6plus 6s iphone 7 iphone 7plus iphone 8 iphone 8plus iphone x Iphone Iphone plus
Zeno Machine
'Zeno Machine' 2 months ago
If you look at the history of the commercials, you can see right when Tim Cook fucked up with the 5s.
Idiot lol
'Idiot lol' 2 months ago
I used to have an iPod :( I lost it and it did not work but when I got it I was so happy and I was young.
Madden mobile legend
'Madden mobile legend' 2 months ago
What about the iPhone 9
Mr Epicgamer 67
'Mr Epicgamer 67' 2 months ago
The Specialist
'The Specialist' 2 months ago
My brother still has iPhone 5s and I have the 4s!
Vandana Kumari
'Vandana Kumari' 2 months ago
Apple is the best.
'noel996' 2 months ago
From chubby to small to *LARGE*
Harrison Ranier
'Harrison Ranier' 2 months ago
Steve jobs had a massive boner the whole presentation (No homo)
Karol Roszkowski
'Karol Roszkowski' 2 months ago
1. iPhone 2G 2. iPhone 3G 3. iPhone 3GS 4. iPhone 4 5. iPhone 4s 6. iPhone 5 7. iPhone 5c 8. iPhone 5s 9. iPhone 6 10. iPhone 6 plus 11. iPhone 6s 12. iPhone 6s plus 13. iPhone SE 14. iPhone 7 15. iPhone 7 plus 16. iPhone 8 17. iPhone 8 plus 18. iPhone X
Cathy DeBeaulieu
'Cathy DeBeaulieu' 2 months ago
I don't think that the iPhone is going to last much longer. 5 years, at most.
Jason Santasiero
'Jason Santasiero' 2 months ago
Hello. I think the new ads are not as good. They are only for the retalers like AT&T not just the iPhone its self like 3. I like the iPhone 3 and 4 ad and 3g ad.
Ilian Xxxx
'Ilian Xxxx' 2 months ago
Apple was better with steve RIP steve steve will be disappointed with the apple pen
Shawn Harper
'Shawn Harper' 2 months ago
Ha! Watching this on my iPhone X
'THANK YOU' 2 months ago
Amanda Atkins
'Amanda Atkins' 2 months ago
You know the 1st iphone is not bad its ok
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