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iPhone Turns 10 Years Old! A Nostalgic Look Back -
Published: 5 months ago By: EverythingApplePro

By: EverythingAppleProPublished: 5 months ago

706, 282 views

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Happy 10th Birthday iPhone! A Look Back at The Last 10 Years of iPhone History. Steve Jobs Announced iPhone on January 9th 2007!

iPhone 2G vs iPhone 7 Here:
All iPhones Comparison:

'AdrenoFX' 2 days ago
+ has a headphone Jack
D& T
'D& T' 3 days ago
iPhone. the revolution phone that inspire any phone
Kain Humphries
'Kain Humphries' 5 days ago
Steve Jobs was a piece of shit, iPhone or not. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY OF YOUR DAUGHTER YOU DEAD FUCKER.
'xxboygamer12xx' 7 days ago
iPhone is a pre-teen now. Anyone agree with me?
Still Trying To Figure Out The Name
"And boy have we patented it!!"
'Lylewargamer' 1 week ago
apple is one year behind me
Poke Bro-D
'Poke Bro-D' 1 week ago
I'm the same age as an iphone
androide box alltra
if its your birt day your birtday is bullshit and shit and your birt day is use less
'dscool67' 2 weeks ago
Iwata was like stevejobs
Warrior 54
'Warrior 54' 2 weeks ago
699,800th view
Gabriel Dimalanta
'Gabriel Dimalanta' 2 weeks ago
Christian Luis Quimno
The Birth Smartphone A Real Smart Phone
mr evergreen
'mr evergreen' 2 weeks ago
man apple went to shit when Steve died. Steve was about inovation and amazing things and now apples just money hungry. :(
'alcaponed16' 2 weeks ago
"Security" hahaha
Ohh Ame
'Ohh Ame' 2 weeks ago
You missed 5c i was really waiting for that one 😭
Sam Cleary
'Sam Cleary' 2 weeks ago
I Still have an iPhone 5c! White 16Gb 😂
'Haroto' 2 weeks ago
wait the one who introdusing the iphone is like roasting the other phones well listen even black berry is better than iphon
'Michael' 2 weeks ago
I like how completely skipped the headphone jack fiasco. fanboy
zz hasan
'zz hasan' 3 weeks ago
That iPhone is so cool! My first iPhone was iPhone 5 and then I moved to 6 and then 7 plus
Juan David Antonio
'Juan David Antonio' 3 weeks ago
iPhone 4s is the best phone
Shamsul Islam
'Shamsul Islam' 3 weeks ago
Where's the iPhone 5C
marios aggourakis
'marios aggourakis' 3 weeks ago
Steve Jobs:Who want's a stylus? Tim Cook: I do!
androide box alltra
'androide box alltra' 4 weeks ago
Aidan S.
'Aidan S.' 4 weeks ago
Steve jobs is scrolling through this comments section in heaven, it's scary down here!
Amber Wood
'Amber Wood' 4 weeks ago
I have a stylus heh iPhone user here
Tim Possible
'Tim Possible' 4 weeks ago
Oh, how I miss the album scroll
Sports Extravaganza
'Sports Extravaganza' 4 weeks ago
I thought you were just gonna play that Steve jobs video that really scared me when you started to talk but R.I.P Steve Jobs I will always remember you...
Grace Muir
'Grace Muir' 4 weeks ago
This guy is so weird!!!!!! He is attached to a piece of metal and glass. What a weirdo
Blooka Burpburp
'Blooka Burpburp' 4 weeks ago
Blooka Burpburp
'Blooka Burpburp' 4 weeks ago
And iPad Air 3 rumors
Blooka Burpburp
'Blooka Burpburp' 4 weeks ago
Can you please do iPod touch 7 rumors
Breanna vlogs
'Breanna vlogs' 4 weeks ago
this was my bday
Dylan Ogle
'Dylan Ogle' 4 weeks ago
Gosh... I feel really old... I remember everyone had the brick phones and then one cool kid had one
Josh rules
'Josh rules' 4 weeks ago
I've never had a iPhone
'RJL' 1 month ago
5:43... giant screen. Ah. Cough 7+ cough
'FastLikeUNO' 1 month ago
I wonder if the black berry Storm 9550 came out before this which had NO physical keyboard? So there may have been one device after all that kick started the touch revolution.... one we don't know.
souparno mallick
'souparno mallick' 1 month ago
nilay sawant
'nilay sawant' 1 month ago
who else remembers photo booth app which was inbuilt
Isaiah Matos
'Isaiah Matos' 1 month ago
have you ever commented on a YouTube video and someone who replies gets more likes than you? it happened to me twice. :(
'4js123' 1 month ago
What do you have against the iPhone 5c
Skitz Gaming
'Skitz Gaming' 1 month ago
6:33 no stylus 10 years later Are you sure about that
مهند للمعلومات
every ds owner need a stylus
Kwame Bridges
'Kwame Bridges' 1 month ago
I was born on iPhone day!!!
'Natez' 1 month ago
Hey, I'm starting my iPhone collection. Is their any iPhones you would sell to me.
kiwi seeds
'kiwi seeds' 1 month ago
He skipped the 5c
'TheEmeraldVortex' 1 month ago
"The iphone has technology at least 5 years ahead of any other phone" 5 Years Later: 1) Steve is dead (sos for the news siri) 2) There apple is with the iPhone 5, practically the same thing but faster and slimmer
Ethan Playz
'Ethan Playz' 1 month ago
Steve Jobs we miss you thanks for putting these devices in our life
Edwin Magdaleno
'Edwin Magdaleno' 1 month ago
Quite frankly. I have to say that this is one my favorite videos, ever created by you.
Amy Mai
'Amy Mai' 1 month ago
Man I can't believe I am older than the first iPhone and some of my friends aren't
Dylan Hicks
'Dylan Hicks' 1 month ago
Incredible like a Android
TheOrangeJoodi [TOJ]
Steve jobs was the best
'Pikachu' 1 month ago
No, apple *didn't create the first touchscreen phone* Those existed way back, although they didnt have multitouch. but the point is they didnt create it so get the fuck lost fanboys and fangirls. -From a user who has used both ios and android.
Manila Cuber
'Manila Cuber' 1 month ago
It's 2017 and I still use a 5s. Like if you still use a 5s
'Mannyy' 2 months ago
It felt like today we will love u
Lolol XD
'Lolol XD' 2 months ago
Happy 10th birthday! Are you inviting me to the party iPhone?
'AGirlThatLove'sLifex' 2 months ago
I had the iPhone since the 4, and i never change my mind to buy a Android product, i just love Apple! Happy birthday Apple!
'Sam's World' 2 months ago
I used to have a phone, i get bored when Steve passed. Now i use iPad
SuperMario Fan
'SuperMario Fan' 2 months ago
I thought there was 11 phones launched cuz of the iPhone 5C
Kornel Lakatos SÖKV
'Kornel Lakatos SÖKV' 2 months ago
Fantastic history ! Happy 10th iPhone very simply system and fast all Apple changed technologi is very inteligent pheople and suport
Quân Nguyễn
'Quân Nguyễn' 2 months ago
If Steve Jobs still alive...
'FunkyGameTime' 2 months ago
Yeah Steve Jobs changed the world....with his high priced phones...
Killer 03_17
'Killer 03_17' 2 months ago
Steve died because he won't see iPhone 7
Jordan the gamer Perek // TeamJTGP
You forgot one iphone. The IPhone 5c
'DogOfFire' 2 months ago
We will really miss you Steve thanks for making everythingapplepro a thing! R.I.P Steve... :(
M Power Group
'M Power Group' 2 months ago
I have an iPhone 2g! happy Birthday iPhone 2G!!!!
rip iPhone 5C i guess
aaronT FPV
'aaronT FPV' 2 months ago
iPhone 5s or iPhone SE??
Kaylon Williams
'Kaylon Williams' 2 months ago
sad 😔
Diana & Jorge Loyal Ones
R.I.P Steve Jobs🙏🏽You Would Be Missed😢..Thank You For Creating The Best Phone📲Out Here Your The Best☺️Wow Been 10Yrs Since The First IPhone Was Created📲My First Ever IPhone Was The 5 Silver To 6 Space Grey & Now The 6S Rose Gold A Big Upgrade..Defiantly A Big IPhone Fan..Cant Tell Me. Nothing Can't Get Enough Now I Feel Like I Would Watch The Movie Steve Jobs🎥🎬Now
'TypicalGamesPowers' 2 months ago
who wants a STYLUS!? now who wants AIRPODS!?
Uimax Bai
'Uimax Bai' 2 months ago
Any videos instead of only Apple pro and Android?
'coulcraft' 2 months ago
lol I still use a 4
Lily Coloboo
'Lily Coloboo' 2 months ago
IPhone 2G IPhone 3G IPhone 3GS IPhone 4 IPhone 4s IPhone 5 IPhone 5c IPhone 5s IPhone 6 IPhone 6 plus IPhone 6s IPhone 6s plus IPhone SE IPhone 7 IPhone 7 plus HAPPY B-DAY IPHONE! LOVE YA
Hero Number Two
'Hero Number Two' 2 months ago
When steve died, Apple became stupid. R.I.P Steve.
Ciana Grande
'Ciana Grande' 2 months ago
I miss him he was so funny during these type of things
Victor Santanna
'Victor Santanna' 2 months ago
Happy birthday Apple, I love yours products❤️❤️🎈👏🏻👏🏻
Carys Michael
'Carys Michael' 2 months ago
Gosh I had an iPhone 3gs now 10years later after having samsung and HTC phones I got a 7 I can't believe how far apple/technology has come 😮😮😮
TheReal Tropics
'TheReal Tropics' 2 months ago
Apple has done nothing, Steve has...
Ahmad Islam
'Ahmad Islam' 2 months ago
You forgot iPhone 📱 se
drilon muzika games-lojra
happy birthday iphone
Gamingzone 6069
'Gamingzone 6069' 2 months ago
R.i.P steve jobs
Mihai Muntean
'Mihai Muntean' 2 months ago
I like iphone first generation because it was small and cute:)
FuzzyBee TV
'FuzzyBee TV' 2 months ago
Rui Zhi Kuan
'Rui Zhi Kuan' 2 months ago
I tried to watch this vid on my old 2G
Green Stacks
'Green Stacks' 2 months ago
How come iPhone SE isn't included
Alex Falkenstrom
'Alex Falkenstrom' 2 months ago
- [LBP person]-
'- [LBP person]-' 2 months ago
The 11 iPhone edition lets see and apple are no problem
- [LBP person]-
'- [LBP person]-' 2 months ago
Is been long time iPhone and it change lots now is 10 th b- day all to frist iPhone 📱
'PhoebePlaysMC' 2 months ago
I was a month old when steve jobs announced the first iphone
Hero Number Two
'Hero Number Two' 2 months ago
iphone 2g iphone 3g iphone 3gs iphone 4 iphone 4s iphone 5 iphone 5c iphone 5s iphone 6 iphone 6 plus iphone 6s iphone 6s plus iphone SE iphone 7 iphone 7 plus 10 years of iphone?! very fast one
'Sulphurous' 2 months ago
my favourite kids toys 1. balls 2. lego 3. iPhone
'gulechapavan' 2 months ago
Superb❤Happy birthday iphone!
lucky love lick
'lucky love lick' 2 months ago
iphone is poop is the worst phone ever fuck u iphone kys
Darian Kalember
'Darian Kalember' 2 months ago
finaly you are not breaking iphones
Elijah Rohi Villegas
'Elijah Rohi Villegas' 2 months ago
steve jobs said that the iphone is five years ahead of any phone in that year but in this year the iphone is actually getting behind five years in terms of features, design, display, and cameras from fellow phone companies like samsung, lg, huawei, sony, and microsoft.
I was born in 2007 when apple was born
'MichalLP' 2 months ago
That crash your iPhone
'MichalLP' 2 months ago
LightningBoltAlex Alex
Nope iPhones birthday is June 29
Eshaal Vlogs
'Eshaal Vlogs' 2 months ago
Who is Seeing it in an Apple device and then sees the first iPhone And be like what the hell My IPhone Is much better then this this doesn't look like an iPhone 😜
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