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Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener Test -
Published: 6 months ago By: Taras Kul

By: Taras KulPublished: 6 months ago

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Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener -

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'NATUR UND HUND -' 3 months ago
No ...
Fresh Mann
'Fresh Mann' 3 months ago
Ok it appears that the file system works. Yet, what about the rakers? I'm trying to find one tool that does everything well. Haven't found it yet.
'BK K' 4 months ago
No that first chain was supper supper dull .
Jeppe Blomgren
'Jeppe Blomgren' 4 months ago
Ok - protection pants man! Yes, I am your mommy! :)
Joe Lourie
'Joe Lourie' 4 months ago
What a waste of time it barley even sharpens it’s
'hæstegutten' 5 months ago
We got the same chainsaw☺️
'LogitechXibanga' 5 months ago
4:02 why does that log has a bird on it?
captain gamer 3
'captain gamer 3' 6 months ago
why would someone want to cut wood
'Exetic' 6 months ago
Chainsaw chaps Taras!
Naval Kishore
'Naval Kishore' 6 months ago
I thought you sharpened it 6 days back.
Christian Bott
'Christian Bott' 6 months ago
4:05 the bird shape in the wood
'friscoHub415' 6 months ago
The first sharpened cut the fresh piece looked like a bird flying logo did anyone see 4.02
Mr. the avg. gamer
'Mr. the avg. gamer' 6 months ago
did anyone see a black bar when he was sharpening his chain saw or no?
Alex Buss
'Alex Buss' 6 months ago
Wow only $100
Buddy Boy
'Buddy Boy' 6 months ago
Just buy a new chain
Trigon Playz
'Trigon Playz' 6 months ago
when he cuts down a tree, he uses it for many videos and saves it sometimes, RESPECT
Michael Harrill
'Michael Harrill' 6 months ago
I liked the before and after shoots. That was cool
The black nigerian Prince that keeps e-mailing you
In soviet russia, you sharpen chainsaw.
Calvin Baccus
'Calvin Baccus' 6 months ago
He is going to loose a hand make sure you put that thumb under the grip
dylan waalewyn
'dylan waalewyn' 6 months ago
Anyone see the proline symbol at 4:07
'mike97525' 6 months ago
overpriced pos
Link Sh33p
'Link Sh33p' 6 months ago
Crazy Russian Terrorist
Lars S
'Lars S' 6 months ago
nice invention
'OppaiSenpai' 6 months ago
Honestly this seems really tedious.
Rohan Gisiawan
'Rohan Gisiawan' 6 months ago
no leaves were harmed during this video
David Hirsch V
'David Hirsch V' 6 months ago
That sharpener is better than the last one.
'wolf40k' 6 months ago
That chain saw was so dull that as someone who used to use on for a living, it made me shudder
'NO DESCRIPTION' 6 months ago
Why no more mre show
Redi Getti
'Redi Getti' 6 months ago
Nice this would only take 30 years for a 32" bar and chain.
'Taka-Kevz' 6 months ago
Who thinks taras would make a good leatherface?😆
Gavin Lundquist
'Gavin Lundquist' 6 months ago
Touch one of your ferrocerium rods to a chain saw and see how much sparks come off
'xstanley' 6 months ago
So satisfying. I am sure he could do it all day.
Runk 1000
'Runk 1000' 6 months ago
second video was clearly sped up...
David Krappenschitz
'David Krappenschitz' 6 months ago
This guy looks a lot like the crazy russian hacker.
'crushers900' 6 months ago
and he said tomorra
Aangus Beef
'Aangus Beef' 6 months ago
After you sharpened it, and you cut the log, there was a bird shape in it. It looks pretty cool
'crushers900' 6 months ago
4:08 best way to hold to hold chainsaw
Bob Ross
'Bob Ross' 6 months ago
Usw the front of the Chainsaw its better for the Chain and Saw
'TheHonorOfGuard' 6 months ago
Jinwoo Lee
'Jinwoo Lee' 6 months ago
4;07 looks like seagull lol
'飞虎网络' 6 months ago
Felix Weber
'Felix Weber' 6 months ago
make a video of your car, the orange one
Jax Nean
'Jax Nean' 6 months ago
john samuel
'john samuel' 6 months ago
After sharpening it is cutting through the wooden log like butter.
Jonas O
'Jonas O' 6 months ago
Jeans protective pants :)
DR. Skillz
'DR. Skillz' 6 months ago
Giveaway a t shirt
Louis Portocarreros Français
That's incredible cuts more faster than before it does
'SAEU' 6 months ago
Thumbs up if your boom Amazing
Taj Mohamed
'Taj Mohamed' 6 months ago
is that user friendly?
Birton Tamás-András
Red Parbo
'Red Parbo' 6 months ago
MatrixZ HH
'MatrixZ HH' 6 months ago
Or you could buy a new chainsaw.
Jeff Griffin
'Jeff Griffin' 6 months ago
now you actually have a sharp chain unlike last video lol
DatChaffee C
'DatChaffee C' 6 months ago
I do this with a axe so even though it's dull it's still quicker
balmukund soni
'balmukund soni' 6 months ago
Boom t shirt
Corey S.
'Corey S.' 6 months ago
I can see how your blades keep getting dull. Every time that blade it's anything other than the log, (leaves, foliage, the ground) your speeding up the dulling process by 5.
'GodsWarrior' 6 months ago
Patrick Gil Villaruel
Do a vlog
Intars Ābols
'Intars Ābols' 6 months ago
My Oleo Mac goes faster through bigger tree + it`s faster to sharpen chain by hand, but still, good sharpener
Mocha Flakes
'Mocha Flakes' 6 months ago
In Mother Russia Chainsaw sharpens you
'Wolfy' 6 months ago
cool vid :) But U say Safety is nr1 priority. Well did u use safetyboots when cutting those logs? :)
Jason MacDonald
'Jason MacDonald' 6 months ago
compare the sharpened chain to a brand new out of the box chain
Leonardo Tomassetti
'Leonardo Tomassetti' 6 months ago
"Tomorra" you're the man!
Crazy Gamer
'Crazy Gamer' 6 months ago
It seems like it would be easier just to buy a new chain
Eivind Krey Hanssen
'Eivind Krey Hanssen' 6 months ago
but did you put equal amount of downwards pressure before and after sharpening? Hmm... Love the videos as always! Love from Norway
'Yosyp' 6 months ago
how much does this cost?
DualShock 2
'DualShock 2' 6 months ago
3st like and 5nd view
Bandito Dorito
'Bandito Dorito' 6 months ago
Holly ##### it's so fast props to the creator of this
sai kiran
'sai kiran' 6 months ago
'Suiblade' 6 months ago
New model of t-shorts are announced tomorra. Boom
ashraf nagm
'ashraf nagm' 6 months ago
why does it look like a bird in 4:01
Andreas BS
'Andreas BS' 6 months ago
why am i watching this
Charles Kelley
'Charles Kelley' 6 months ago
He was pushing down harder 2nd time
alex herridge
'alex herridge' 6 months ago
this seems like it would take ages
'Andrew' 6 months ago
Just buy a new chain like your suppose to lol
dhoom_alzhrani 07
'dhoom_alzhrani 07' 6 months ago
before shaping it press half the way fuel pedle after sharping it press all the way now its sharper
Young Guns
'Young Guns' 6 months ago
Well, i already saw what kind of t-shirt you're announcing tomorrow.
'Zaid' 6 months ago
Nice car
Dr. Guava
'Dr. Guava' 6 months ago
how long did it take you to sharpen the chainsaw
James Holbrook
'James Holbrook' 6 months ago
That looked real dule the first cut
Daniel Bahena
'Daniel Bahena' 6 months ago
'PaintSnake' 6 months ago
Way to complicated :/ I do that in half a time without this "tool"
'DEAD MEME' 6 months ago
dˀoˀeˀsˀ yˀoˀuˀrˀ bˀeˀaˀrˀdˀ gˀrˀoˀwˀ
'spyrmac' 6 months ago
Build a pond. You ve got a pool but apparently ponds are all the rage
The Gender Bender
'The Gender Bender' 6 months ago
Why did i think this was a pencil sharpener
Mubeen Ahmed Jawad
'Mubeen Ahmed Jawad' 6 months ago
Another cool gadgick. BOOM!
Jordan Wilson
'Jordan Wilson' 6 months ago
If you had a Husqvarna you wouldn't have this problem
'Leeyum_exe' 6 months ago
Where do you get all these dull chainsaws is the real question
Spark Tech Review
'Spark Tech Review' 6 months ago
Maybe new design is #"Pashtyet"
Howard Davis
'Howard Davis' 6 months ago
Try turning the file the other way it will shape the tooth finer.
Retro_ Fe4rLess
'Retro_ Fe4rLess' 6 months ago
Takes to long
Juan Lopez
'Juan Lopez' 6 months ago
I could see him on tv commercials👍🏼😂
jotai _
'jotai _' 6 months ago
Lol if you compare that to my chainsaw thats doll still.
Ondris Bartos
'Ondris Bartos' 6 months ago
still dull, but my question is why are ur hands so shaky? and how can u even do such things without cutting your self?
'Jaden.Pereira' 6 months ago
I'd just buy a new chain
'Nayaaz' 6 months ago
thats a long process
Cristian Portillo
'Cristian Portillo' 6 months ago
At 4:02 the log looked like a bird😂
Reuben Salazar
'Reuben Salazar' 6 months ago
peter pan
'peter pan' 6 months ago
Dude just get the electric sharpener that Stihl makes
Colby Troutman
'Colby Troutman' 6 months ago
I could do it better by hand....
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