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Life as a Shia Muslim in Saudi Arabia - BBC TRENDING -
Published: 2 years ago By: BBC Trending

By: BBC TrendingPublished: 2 years ago

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As part of a BBC special series, "Saudis on social", we share the stories of three anonymous accounts on Twitter that are searching for virtual freedom in Saudi Arabia.

"Hussein" tells of what life is like for a religious minority in Saudi Arabia.


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البريق اللامع
Shia have all what others have as citizens.
Jad Reslan
'Jad Reslan' 4 months ago
Man I disliked I feel bad
mudu abdi
'mudu abdi' 5 months ago
shias are not Muslims they follow a religion founded by a yameni Jew ibnu saba
'ridzuanrush' 9 months ago
Sunni are killed daily in Iran so we're not really fair yet
Blank Hammer
'Blank Hammer' 10 months ago
can BBC cover that 23 police officers were killed in qatif last year
Daily Life Hacks
'Daily Life Hacks' 2 years ago
Yes ,your country isn't your home ,it's the home of al saud only ,if anyone gets in their way ,will be beheaded
oshin wane
'oshin wane' 2 years ago
the only truth i heard from BBC
Tehreem Zehra Hussain
this is true i personally knew a man who was sentenced to jail with hursh punishments just cause he was a shia activist .
Bakhtawar Bukhari
'Bakhtawar Bukhari' 2 years ago
you are right .. this is actually saudians do with Shias in Saudi Arabia...
Bakhtawar Bukhari
'Bakhtawar Bukhari' 2 years ago
gr8 video👍👍
Bakhtawar Bukhari
'Bakhtawar Bukhari' 2 years ago
labaik ya Hussain a.s
Halima AlKhazali
'Halima AlKhazali' 2 years ago
U tryna say sunnies are bad and Shia r good. BBC SUCKS! delete this channel.
'killer108' 2 years ago
bbc where truth come to die
The Question
'The Question' 2 years ago
Western media outlets being mouthpiece for the Iranian propaganda campaign
Guess Who
'Guess Who' 2 years ago
BBC has lost any credibility it had in the Arab world.....pure propaganda machine for the new meddle east global plans .
'Shock' 2 years ago
#BanBBCFromSaudiArabia lets hit them where it hurts!! those money hungry vile swines are taking Iranian money to spread bullshit propaganda, lets ban their channels from Saudi to hit those greedy pigs where it hurts!!
'Shock' 2 years ago
nasty and vile proPIGanda. All lies. BBC = bullshit brainwash channel
'Anime' 2 years ago
Shia, ? go and kill yourself, what are you targeting to is so clear u hater , f**k off , ima so sick of seeing people like you !!
Nada Alshareef
'Nada Alshareef' 2 years ago
Yeas it is the home for every one life with us as patriotic a countryman who is not ally to any other country be part of us and regardless if you are Shia or not do not betray us and you are one of us we can life in harmony building our country to be one of the best among all ... If in case you do not like it this way you can go anywhere else but not among us
'SoulsHunter' 2 years ago
disgusting and misleading report, i wont be surprise of this was showed in khomanie tv chanel . but BBC ...
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