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Would You Listen To Music On These Blood-Powered Speakers? -
Published: 6 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 6 months ago

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An artist collects his blood for 18 months, creating batteries with them. The blood provides the electrons that moves between the electrodes powering speakers.
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Gautam Iyer
'Gautam Iyer' 2 months ago
Clickbait. The speaker wasn't powered by the blood, the blood simply acted as an electrolyte
Luna Rose
'Luna Rose' 3 months ago
Fucking grim
Atrax R
'Atrax R' 5 months ago
Pretty cool in a way. But let us hear the freakin music!
Some Dude
'Some Dude' 6 months ago
Oh, great. Blood Batteries. Do you know what these means? Now we're going to have vampire robots! Stop giving the machines further incentive to kill us! They hate humanity enough already. I'm all for having an eco-friendly alternative energy source, but I don't want to BE that eco-friendly energy source!
Drake Magnum
'Drake Magnum' 6 months ago
I think they are very handsome things. Still, how do they keep the blood from rotting? Blood gets disgusting pretty quickly if left out in the open.
Dark Arts Astrophotography
This is the most metal thing I've ever seen.
Sam Ba
'Sam Ba' 6 months ago
Would not the blood get clot in such a long time??
Nemanja Koviljac
'Nemanja Koviljac' 6 months ago
0:52 she sounds like some professor at Hogwarts :D
กฤตยา รมยาคม
I don't know why? How can it make me smile!? Lol 😦😒😱😏😂 (The beauty of creative Science!!!!) I think...I would like to hear full of this blood sounds wave! And what the matter about the density between Hydrogen dioxide and real blood, it could be a big different.
Thomas Bias
'Thomas Bias' 6 months ago
Parents, please pay attention to your children and interact with them. Give your children a reasonable knowledge of right and wrong because this could be the least you could blame yourself for conceiving. Somebody is trying too hard to enjoy music.
Claus Pane
'Claus Pane' 6 months ago
Next episode on Drive Blood... The Audio Killer, Idk what I'm saying 😂
'rebecarmor' 6 months ago
Sooo... we can't hear the music right now? :(
Christopher Nielsen
'Christopher Nielsen' 6 months ago
The night is dark and full of terrors.
Anakin Skyobiliviator
Huh, how does it not clot after all that time?
StrongAlways Good
'StrongAlways Good' 6 months ago
Oh geez-Blood *HE NEED SOME BLOOD*
Mr. Varanium
'Mr. Varanium' 6 months ago
Something I can actually donate blood too
Marcus Royale
'Marcus Royale' 6 months ago
0:56 "Charged species"
Blanca Mendez
'Blanca Mendez' 6 months ago
That boy nasty doe, he need Jesus.
Diego Bernardi
'Diego Bernardi' 6 months ago
Downvote because the bad jokes.
'Sassyx90' 6 months ago
'Hatty' 6 months ago
What a weirdo. Hardly art 🤢
Microwaved Pizza
'Microwaved Pizza' 6 months ago
Waste of time
'papabeanguy' 6 months ago
this is not even cool its just some emo kid trying to be edgy
'CrypticVacancies' 6 months ago
Karee Damm
'Karee Damm' 6 months ago
Chris Martin
'Chris Martin' 6 months ago
Thats disgusting 😨
kayt mukama
'kayt mukama' 6 months ago
SO CHILDISH, this is not art, he could have gave his blood for medical use...
'ShadowDrift' 6 months ago
So that's how vampires take over the earth, huh.....
Fernando Cedillo
'Fernando Cedillo' 6 months ago
Anybody else's skin felt weird
Raihan Islam
'Raihan Islam' 6 months ago
Potato Majesty
'Potato Majesty' 6 months ago
That's weeeeiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrddddddddddd...
e vil
'e vil' 6 months ago
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