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EXPERIMENT! iPHONE 7 vs. SHREDDER! (Reacting To) -
Published: 9 months ago By: Kwebbelkop

By: KwebbelkopPublished: 9 months ago

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Outro Song:
Can't Stop Won't Stop - Mighty & High
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Intro song:
[Nu Disco] - Televisor - Neon [Monstercat Release]

Moises Soto-Cortes
2 days and it's my birthday
Taylor Marshalsey
'Taylor Marshalsey' 5 days ago
Please can you do more satisfying videos
Marcus Patdu
'Marcus Patdu' 6 days ago
Its actualy a shreder not a crusher
Luke Ban
'Luke Ban' 7 days ago
'Bruh' 1 week ago
React to Asmr
Kue Yang
'Kue Yang' 1 week ago
Since the teddy bear got shredded my teddy bear is sad now ;(
Renz TGM
'Renz TGM' 1 week ago
wtf that is useful
Hamster Shed
'Hamster Shed' 1 week ago
Mandy Clagg
'Mandy Clagg' 2 weeks ago
You are you listening to a traitor
Charline Macalalag
'Charline Macalalag' 2 weeks ago
i fell bad for the guy with his car getting chrush
Arthur Lagerlöf
'Arthur Lagerlöf' 3 weeks ago
The song that you sayd was good was thefatrat
'Odd50x' 4 weeks ago
Be a maverick
Jenn Brown
'Jenn Brown' 4 weeks ago
What about 5bil?!
kumar nila
'kumar nila' 1 month ago
Tanya Cox
'Tanya Cox' 1 month ago
not the teddy bear
Isaiah Taylor
'Isaiah Taylor' 1 month ago
Diana Mjulianarie slesOliva
Yousif Al-Obaidi
'Yousif Al-Obaidi' 2 months ago
U are so smart
homayara hassan
'homayara hassan' 2 months ago
hey jordy the song is winfall by fat rat
Mild cornette
'Mild cornette' 2 months ago
Its nokia not nOkia
Oli Ostružiar
'Oli Ostružiar' 2 months ago
on you
Toni YT
'Toni YT' 2 months ago
i dont know why but i was laughing every single second of this video
Jackapoo Gaming and more
Kwebblekop your the best
Isaac S
'Isaac S' 2 months ago
I know one all of these tubers
Kaela Anderson
'Kaela Anderson' 2 months ago
In corner there is a vid about him
Kiriakia Reutov
'Kiriakia Reutov' 3 months ago
glenda Richardson
'glenda Richardson' 3 months ago
Next time don't destroy the tennis ball
Jack Brown
'Jack Brown' 3 months ago
Rocket Games
'Rocket Games' 3 months ago
Jordi make a kwebblekop reacts channel
'xZApexWolfVexZx' 3 months ago
That should go in a horror movie
Manikandhan Raja
'Manikandhan Raja' 3 months ago
do you like playing online game [super mechs]
vaibhav kishor
'vaibhav kishor' 4 months ago
it's very oddly satisfying..... so good
'gamestair' 4 months ago
The scienctist
Fatimah Salie
'Fatimah Salie' 4 months ago
wow amazing
Corvera Sonia
'Corvera Sonia' 4 months ago
'TEXT 1' 4 months ago
What's up with the hate coments
Juan Martinez
'Juan Martinez' 4 months ago
Would you rather burn in a small room feeling every pain or put your finger in a smasher orrr Cut your arm off with a 1000 degree knife
Dakota Steele
'Dakota Steele' 4 months ago
play Roblox
Pieceofmind 09
'Pieceofmind 09' 4 months ago
you are running out of ideas so just play more roblox. there is a trend going around in roblox
Luck Star
'Luck Star' 4 months ago
Kwebbelkop, hehehe
vesko Borisov
'vesko Borisov' 4 months ago
No the tedi bear
Βασίλης Τζιμούλης
Night bot
'Night bot' 5 months ago
its called a megaminx
'SNG CM' 5 months ago
noooo the Teddy Bear
'JAMES IVAN MANANGAN' 5 months ago
try watching shredding Donald the Dump
Leilani Tuazon
'Leilani Tuazon' 5 months ago
im gona try this home
Varun Soni
'Varun Soni' 5 months ago
If u do a q and a Here's a question How did you find the name 'kewbbelkop' please tell
Varun Soni
'Varun Soni' 5 months ago
Hi kewbbelkop please don't mind that is not rubiks ball that is megaminx cube
Sara Atkinson
'Sara Atkinson' 5 months ago
Sammy Jr
'Sammy Jr' 5 months ago
the sound of that phone getting crushed 😌😌😌
Bhakti Kosambia
'Bhakti Kosambia' 5 months ago
That rubix ball is actually a rubix icosahedron
dragin blaster
'dragin blaster' 5 months ago
play spore on steem
keifer batutay
'keifer batutay' 5 months ago
Tech Swap
'Tech Swap' 5 months ago
Mikha Nathaniel
'Mikha Nathaniel' 5 months ago
play roblox
doru stancuna
'doru stancuna' 5 months ago
kweblokop poti sa
Royale Clashers
'Royale Clashers' 5 months ago
hey idiot don't shout!!!
priscilla yanthi
'priscilla yanthi' 5 months ago
The Shredder crush everything you guys know how satisfying is that!
priscilla yanthi
'priscilla yanthi' 5 months ago
So Satisfying crusher ever!
Davyd Bychkov
'Davyd Bychkov' 5 months ago
Will he reply??
Davyd Bychkov
'Davyd Bychkov' 5 months ago
Kweb just telling this song is Windfall
Filip Gaweda
'Filip Gaweda' 5 months ago
the teddy bear one was really sad
'Sebster332' 6 months ago
The teletubbie ruined my childhood
The Black Sun.
'The Black Sun.' 6 months ago
Dog Lover729 HD
'Dog Lover729 HD' 6 months ago
That song you sad whas Nice that name is TheFatRat-Whindfall!
winnie borbon
'winnie borbon' 6 months ago
Galaxy Dash
'Galaxy Dash' 6 months ago
my eorst nightmare is teletubbies
yash koshi
'yash koshi' 6 months ago
QA:YOU CAN CALL ME 7639478990
'Chris' 6 months ago
"rubik's...ball?" BOI THAT'S A MEGAMINX
Tom Pritchard
'Tom Pritchard' 6 months ago
Leo Koleske
'Leo Koleske' 6 months ago
leave a like if you think he should do a hydraulic press video
Super mii
'Super mii' 6 months ago
Ernesto g
'Ernesto g' 6 months ago
hey man can you make a vid about your play button
Finn ThePerson
'Finn ThePerson' 6 months ago
dude the salad was not the same one because look at the perfectly sliced peppers in the final salad there is no way a shredder can do that
xoshera rivera
'xoshera rivera' 6 months ago
I'm sorry your dad pass away
Christian Lorenzo Bautista
The music is "Windfall" from TheFatRat, right?
Denise Potter
'Denise Potter' 6 months ago
R.I.P teddy bear. 😩😩
Pun Nil
'Pun Nil' 7 months ago
Pun Nil
'Pun Nil' 7 months ago
Rog 2005
'Rog 2005' 7 months ago
ohhh that ball got fucked
the destroyer boss
'the destroyer boss' 7 months ago
this video was recommended to me...i watch it...i wasted 1 hour of my life watching dog abuse after this and left hate for the abusers
Pandis06 Karlsson
'Pandis06 Karlsson' 7 months ago
the musik that you liked is named fade on spotyfi :)
Bataka M
'Bataka M' 7 months ago
kebbelkop azzyland you have found roblox kebbelkop you okay bye kebbelkop sir
Beau Richlass
'Beau Richlass' 7 months ago
hi kwebbelop i have been a fan seen you started you are a AWESOME YOUTUBER I AM GOING TO DAB FOR EVERY VIDEO AGIAN BEST YOUTUBER
sami Khan
'sami Khan' 7 months ago
i subscroibed
Mike Duim
'Mike Duim' 7 months ago
kweb wil je met me trouwen
Callum O
'Callum O'Neill' 7 months ago
React to hydraulic press
Nigel Sampson
'Nigel Sampson' 7 months ago
SCIENCE WITH KWEBBELKOP at the lighter one
elrubius el pro
'elrubius el pro' 7 months ago
kwebbelkop vs cops and the winner is cops :O
'Kwebbelboss' 7 months ago
Kwebblekop is boss
Rex Valdez
'Rex Valdez' 7 months ago
Rex Valdez
'Rex Valdez' 7 months ago
Kyle Crane
'Kyle Crane' 7 months ago
is this like a new porn or not ? :D
Proxima Centauri
'Proxima Centauri' 7 months ago
Oh yea the Salem one soundes good but Will you be my friend
Connor Morant
'Connor Morant' 7 months ago
do a live video
Aiden Alexander
'Aiden Alexander' 7 months ago
you are the best
'SimpleKhajiit' 8 months ago
you can hear the terrifying shreaks of try hard....
Robux destroyer
'Robux destroyer' 8 months ago
ummm if I can't shred stuff at home I will do it at school
goodness zulu
'goodness zulu' 8 months ago
Owen plz do more dead by daylight
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