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EXPERIMENT! iPHONE 7 vs. SHREDDER! (Reacting To) -
Published: 1 year ago By: Kwebbelkop

By: KwebbelkopPublished: 1 year ago

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Outro Song:
Can't Stop Won't Stop - Mighty & High
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Intro song:
[Nu Disco] - Televisor - Neon [Monstercat Release]

Michael Medina
'Michael Medina' 4 days ago
PaTaTaS Official
'PaTaTaS Official' 3 weeks ago
Honestly i see you on my dreams... I want to meet you 😿😿
toxic friend
'toxic friend' 3 weeks ago
hey dlp shlt ts a megamlnx not a rubcs ball
nisioanater 2007
'nisioanater 2007' 2 months ago
3:21 it's called a megaminx
World of Tank King
'World of Tank King' 3 months ago
RIP teddy bear
lars Stenberg
'lars Stenberg' 3 months ago
the master shredder put a juice on the shredder and lookat the magic
BiT GameR TV
'BiT GameR TV' 3 months ago
My friend try to crash NOKIA 3300 (FAIL)
'Minni_Midget' 3 months ago
iphone 7?
Jay Bennett
'Jay Bennett' 3 months ago
P.S. you should play cars the video game and tomodachi life🎮
Jay Bennett
'Jay Bennett' 3 months ago
Kwebbelkop, I am your biggest and #1 fan in the history of your kops. I'm from a historic town in Georgia, it is called Buford. I wanna meet you sometime. Also my name is jay.
Funtime Freddy
'Funtime Freddy' 3 months ago
Yay the Teletubby is dead!!😄😃😄😃😄... There creepy
'Bonglyza' 4 months ago
By the way, the music in the background is "Windfall" by TheFatRat.
Starboy Akshat Maurya
Kwebbelkop do some more Dead by Daylight
Minh Võ Đình
'Minh Võ Đình' 4 months ago
Stich the man Yo
'Stich the man Yo' 6 months ago
Wast of money
Steven Avila Calle
'Steven Avila Calle' 6 months ago
Thats spanish español mi amigo jeje soy de colombia
barry cank
'barry cank' 6 months ago
jordi when you show video`s like this it`s making us try and find the vids and not subscribe or like and comment to you and comment to them when we find they vids. stupid sos
Justin Sanders
'Justin Sanders' 6 months ago
I really like you playing happy wheels way better
frenzel garcia
'frenzel garcia' 6 months ago
Megaminx not Rubik's ball
'AzizRB-YT' 6 months ago
iphone 7 tha coast lots of money
Alex C
'Alex C' 6 months ago
It funny
GamerFox 5233
'GamerFox 5233' 6 months ago
His voice kinda sounds like the bat from Anastasia
Zoah Productions
'Zoah Productions' 6 months ago
*Says rubik's ball* All cubers are triggered.
Moises Soto-Cortes
'Moises Soto-Cortes' 6 months ago
2 days and it's my birthday
Taylor Marshalsey
'Taylor Marshalsey' 6 months ago
Please can you do more satisfying videos
Marcus Patdu
'Marcus Patdu' 6 months ago
Its actualy a shreder not a crusher
Luke Ban
'Luke Ban' 6 months ago
'Bruh' 6 months ago
React to Asmr
Kue Yang
'Kue Yang' 6 months ago
Since the teddy bear got shredded my teddy bear is sad now ;(
Renxplayz Crossfire
'Renxplayz Crossfire' 6 months ago
wtf that is useful
Mum Honey
'Mum Honey' 6 months ago
Mandy Clagg
'Mandy Clagg' 7 months ago
You are you listening to a traitor
Charline Macalalag
'Charline Macalalag' 7 months ago
i fell bad for the guy with his car getting chrush
Arthur Lagerlöf
'Arthur Lagerlöf' 7 months ago
The song that you sayd was good was thefatrat
'digimon' 7 months ago
Be a maverick
Jenn Brown
'Jenn Brown' 7 months ago
What about 5bil?!
kumar nila
'kumar nila' 7 months ago
Tanya Cox
'Tanya Cox' 7 months ago
not the teddy bear
Isaiah Taylor
'Isaiah Taylor' 8 months ago
Diana Mjulianarie slesOliva
homayara hassan
'homayara hassan' 8 months ago
hey jordy the song is winfall by fat rat
Mild cornette
'Mild cornette' 8 months ago
Its nokia not nOkia
Oli Ostružiar
'Oli Ostružiar' 8 months ago
on you
Toni YT
'Toni YT' 8 months ago
i dont know why but i was laughing every single second of this video
Jackapoo and lepsride Gaming and more
Kwebblekop your the best
Isaac S
'Isaac S' 9 months ago
I know one all of these tubers
Kaela Anderson
'Kaela Anderson' 9 months ago
In corner there is a vid about him
Kiriakia Reutov
'Kiriakia Reutov' 9 months ago
glenda Richardson
'glenda Richardson' 9 months ago
Next time don't destroy the tennis ball
Jack Brown
'Jack Brown' 9 months ago
'RocketGames' 9 months ago
Jordi make a kwebblekop reacts channel
'xXNovember_ReddXx' 10 months ago
That should go in a horror movie
Manikandhan Raja
'Manikandhan Raja' 10 months ago
do you like playing online game [super mechs]
vaibhav kishor
'vaibhav kishor' 10 months ago
it's very oddly satisfying..... so good
'gamestair' 10 months ago
The scienctist
Fatimah Salie
'Fatimah Salie' 10 months ago
wow amazing
Corvera Sonia
'Corvera Sonia' 10 months ago
'TEXT 1' 10 months ago
What's up with the hate coments
Juan Martinez
'Juan Martinez' 10 months ago
Would you rather burn in a small room feeling every pain or put your finger in a smasher orrr Cut your arm off with a 1000 degree knife
Dakota Steele
'Dakota Steele' 10 months ago
play Roblox
'DAN TDM' 10 months ago
you are running out of ideas so just play more roblox. there is a trend going around in roblox
Luck Star
'Luck Star' 10 months ago
Kwebbelkop, hehehe
vesko Borisov
'vesko Borisov' 10 months ago
No the tedi bear
Βασίλης Τζιμούλης
The CloudedLeopard
'The CloudedLeopard' 11 months ago
its called a megaminx
'SNG CM' 11 months ago
noooo the Teddy Bear
'JAMES IVAN MANANGAN' 11 months ago
try watching shredding Donald the Dump
Leilani Tuazon
'Leilani Tuazon' 11 months ago
im gona try this home
Inos 37
'Inos 37' 11 months ago
If u do a q and a Here's a question How did you find the name 'kewbbelkop' please tell
Inos 37
'Inos 37' 11 months ago
Hi kewbbelkop please don't mind that is not rubiks ball that is megaminx cube
Sara Atkinson
'Sara Atkinson' 11 months ago
Sammy Jr
'Sammy Jr' 11 months ago
the sound of that phone getting crushed 😌😌😌
Bhakti Kosambia
'Bhakti Kosambia' 11 months ago
That rubix ball is actually a rubix icosahedron
dragin blaster
'dragin blaster' 11 months ago
play spore on steem
keifer batutay
'keifer batutay' 11 months ago
Swapnil Soni
'Swapnil Soni' 11 months ago
Mikha Nathaniel
'Mikha Nathaniel' 11 months ago
play roblox
doru stancuna
'doru stancuna' 11 months ago
kweblokop poti sa
Joseph Abilash
'Joseph Abilash' 11 months ago
hey idiot don't shout!!!
priscilla yanthi
'priscilla yanthi' 11 months ago
The Shredder crush everything you guys know how satisfying is that!
priscilla yanthi
'priscilla yanthi' 11 months ago
So Satisfying crusher ever!
Davyd Bychkov
'Davyd Bychkov' 12 months ago
Will he reply??
Davyd Bychkov
'Davyd Bychkov' 12 months ago
Kweb just telling this song is Windfall
Filip Gaweda
'Filip Gaweda' 12 months ago
the teddy bear one was really sad
The Black Sun.
'The Black Sun.' 12 months ago
GlobularMagic _
'GlobularMagic _' 12 months ago
That song you sad whas Nice that name is TheFatRat-Whindfall!
winnie borbon
'winnie borbon' 12 months ago
Galaxy Dash
'Galaxy Dash' 1 year ago
my eorst nightmare is teletubbies
yash koshi
'yash koshi' 1 year ago
QA:YOU CAN CALL ME 7639478990
'Chris' 1 year ago
"rubik's...ball?" BOI THAT'S A MEGAMINX
Tom Pritchard
'Tom Pritchard' 1 year ago
Leo Koleske
'Leo Koleske' 1 year ago
leave a like if you think he should do a hydraulic press video
Super mii
'Super mii' 1 year ago
Ernesto g
'Ernesto g' 1 year ago
hey man can you make a vid about your play button
Finn ThePerson
'Finn ThePerson' 1 year ago
dude the salad was not the same one because look at the perfectly sliced peppers in the final salad there is no way a shredder can do that
xoshera rivera
'xoshera rivera' 1 year ago
I'm sorry your dad pass away
Christian Lorenzo Bautista
The music is "Windfall" from TheFatRat, right?
Denise Potter
'Denise Potter' 1 year ago
R.I.P teddy bear. 😩😩
Pun Nil
'Pun Nil' 1 year ago
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