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Chris Brown - Party (Official Video) ft. Gucci Mane, Usher -
Published: 1 month ago By: ChrisBrownVEVO

By: ChrisBrownVEVOPublished: 1 month ago

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Emelly Lopez
'Emelly Lopez' 4 minutes ago
This song kinda sounds like pull up by wiz khalifa ft lil uzi vert
tatyane cristina
'tatyane cristina' 18 minutes ago
Chris arrasando como sempre😉😄
'SAM- H' 20 minutes ago
hey i'm small youtuber i'm rapper and beat maker too i hope from everyone support me by subscribed in my youtube channel please and thx ;)
Xpertgaming Girl
'Xpertgaming Girl' 22 minutes ago
Who was the best dancer out of this video, Chris Brown, Ayo And Teo, Usher, or Gucci Mane
Maycon Cooze
'Maycon Cooze' 32 minutes ago
What kind of dance do have in this clip?
smallworlds with cc and panda
DontWorryBout B
'DontWorryBout B' 36 minutes ago
Chris brown reversing now!!!
Roselaine melo
'Roselaine melo' 38 minutes ago
Good, usher the Best 😍👌
Divas GoodyBags
'Divas GoodyBags' 48 minutes ago
🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 i love it Chris
LaQuanda Emerson
'LaQuanda Emerson' 50 minutes ago
I don't care how much $ Gucci has, I wouldn't go anywhere with him cause he's a maniac. I don't know him personally but he gives me the creeps
Dash Gaming
'Dash Gaming' 54 minutes ago
STRAIGHT UP BANGERRRR🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯💯!!!!
Sean W
'Sean W' 57 minutes ago
night wolf
'night wolf' 1 hour ago
chris brown was killing it its is so so 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 keep it one 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
Nicole Harris
'Nicole Harris' 1 hour ago
When a 10 year old be more lit than you 🔥
Ibrahim Fofana
'Ibrahim Fofana' 1 hour ago
love it
'ReeseyGotItTM' 1 hour ago
But who produced this tho
Son Goku
'Son Goku' 1 hour ago
where can I buy the Black pyramid hoodie?
Yazmine Glover
'Yazmine Glover' 2 hours ago
love the song ☺😍
jamal darr
'jamal darr' 2 hours ago
This song is LIT
Gravity Clothing
'Gravity Clothing' 2 hours ago
who's readin this
Bre Brown
'Bre Brown' 2 hours ago
that rollie tho 😛🙂🐐
Pascual Chino
'Pascual Chino' 2 hours ago
cris crosss
Kayden Dozier
'Kayden Dozier' 2 hours ago
Chris Brown killed that reverse🔫🔫🔫🔫
Jordan Parks
'Jordan Parks' 2 hours ago
Gotta learn the dance
Jose Alegria
'Jose Alegria' 2 hours ago
Does ANYONE think this sounds a lot like Pull Up by Wiz?
Rachael Baynes
'Rachael Baynes' 2 hours ago
4:28 - end😁
Jsjs Fcdf
'Jsjs Fcdf' 2 hours ago
One day he's a blood and the other he's a soft dancer 😂
Nashae Galss
'Nashae Galss' 2 hours ago
I love this song
Nichole S. Smalls
'Nichole S. Smalls' 2 hours ago
he said "I'm 125" bish where?
Hillary Agugbo
'Hillary Agugbo' 3 hours ago
patricia he Is So fake Harrell No lie
ayo and tyo was in this😘😘
Hillary Agugbo
'Hillary Agugbo' 3 hours ago
gabivxx Vasou
'gabivxx Vasou' 3 hours ago
after all these years chris brown is still HOT AS FUCK🔥🔥🔥
Kaysylvania Queen
'Kaysylvania Queen' 3 hours ago
i love the choreography
Tiago Fernandes
'Tiago Fernandes' 3 hours ago
Chris breezy the best hip hop
Karan Bhansali
'Karan Bhansali' 3 hours ago
Aaron Myers Jr
'Aaron Myers Jr' 3 hours ago
that footwork is crazy
Fun with Brian
'Fun with Brian' 3 hours ago
my niggas retarded 😂😂
Eva Marie
'Eva Marie' 3 hours ago
Eva Marie
'Eva Marie' 3 hours ago
Kiaya Pittman
'Kiaya Pittman' 3 hours ago
I love love this omg specially since ayo and teo and ill kinda and lil Dee Dee on here 😘😘😍🤔
kidnike 100
'kidnike 100' 3 hours ago
he got ayo and teo im hollin
Sonya Smith
'Sonya Smith' 3 hours ago
ayo and teo on there
onesty brown
'onesty brown' 3 hours ago
I no
Brycen Walsh
'Brycen Walsh' 3 hours ago
Gucci Mane🔥
Yannii _
'Yannii _' 3 hours ago
2:16 - 2:25 Best Part Of The Whole Song🙌🏽
Phillip Chetham
'Phillip Chetham' 4 hours ago
he needs to hit 10 mil subs already
Demiyah Scott
'Demiyah Scott' 4 hours ago
I can dance and you can dance
Amir Smith
'Amir Smith' 4 hours ago
Chrisbrown is my friend
'HERMES CRIS' 4 hours ago
I really know how to party...
Amaya Armstrong
'Amaya Armstrong' 4 hours ago
this song lit🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Roxanne Hamilton
'Roxanne Hamilton' 4 hours ago
Best Music video ever
Anaireia strider
'Anaireia strider' 4 hours ago
Tamya Washington
'Tamya Washington' 4 hours ago
I love Chris Brown and he is super cute party on Chris brown
'Dopeitslex' 4 hours ago
Subscribe to my channel if you love sneakers ?!
kevin ATIcore
'kevin ATIcore' 4 hours ago
soulja boy good luck
F h
'F h' 4 hours ago
``im 135``, like if that was funny
Jailyn Jacobs
'Jailyn Jacobs' 4 hours ago
I'm so confused
Renay B
'Renay B' 4 hours ago
I love this song on bruh
awesomeness gina
'awesomeness gina' 4 hours ago
I know I'm not the only one who thinks this sounds like kahoot
Yididiya Bekele
'Yididiya Bekele' 4 hours ago
yo I like the China kid. he say he is 125 years old. xd
Kyle Chen
'Kyle Chen' 4 hours ago
ayo& teo killed it
Saushea Reed
'Saushea Reed' 5 hours ago
gucci mane went in for real
Juliana Neves
'Juliana Neves' 5 hours ago
Zack Bordeaux
'Zack Bordeaux' 5 hours ago
catchy but i like the coreography
'JINX KHALIFA (GOSU)' 5 hours ago
Another great song for chris brown who's whatching in 2017
'Kingsta2000' 5 hours ago
Gucci Mane rap verse is the worst part of this great track. Just another example why he is a overrated rapper.
Nayara Maria
'Nayara Maria' 5 hours ago
amei ou melhor i love
ella welch
'ella welch' 5 hours ago
Hi have learnt this routine already I love breezy sooooo much
ella welch
'ella welch' 5 hours ago
Chris brown is very talented if you don't like him ur just jealous he is a changed man and I am inspired in him very much so yo don't doubt yourself xx
KenNyiah Johnson
'KenNyiah Johnson' 5 hours ago
Michael Sydney
'Michael Sydney' 5 hours ago
2:15 to 2:30 is the best part hands down
tazmon connley
'tazmon connley' 5 hours ago
That was LITT
Tiara Jones
'Tiara Jones' 5 hours ago
love this song
Tinashe Zvirahwa
'Tinashe Zvirahwa' 6 hours ago
nikka is lit to the fullest
Niquisha Lunnon
'Niquisha Lunnon' 6 hours ago
love this song and video but in this video..I gotta admit I'm feeling Chris Brown moves more than usher..I love them both tho ❤
Nia Moriah
'Nia Moriah' 6 hours ago
Please subscribe to my channel 😊
Davidson Ramos
'Davidson Ramos' 6 hours ago
like 663 k
John Lankford
'John Lankford' 6 hours ago
This is an Original
LilRese Balling
'LilRese Balling' 6 hours ago
This sound like pull up by lil Uzi
Jose Rodriguez De Brown
El mejor ... Chris Brown ...
Ayrton Milner
'Ayrton Milner' 6 hours ago
Gucci like I cant dance but... I fuck yo bitch.
jennifer Moreau
'jennifer Moreau' 6 hours ago
who is watching in 2017 😍
Connor Baugher
'Connor Baugher' 6 hours ago
who else saw ayo and teo?
Logan Andrews
'Logan Andrews' 6 hours ago
Run up on that man soulja, and I won't tell him I'm sorry
'Layla's Channel' 6 hours ago
Chris Brown always killin it !
Jay Miller
'Jay Miller' 6 hours ago
If I can dance like breezy I wouldn't even need to know how to sing
Class F
'Class F' 6 hours ago
I know who is the retarded nigga now, its the one who doesn't dance but only sings. (Gucci Mane)
Saimabou Jamme
'Saimabou Jamme' 6 hours ago
waww 💖💖
Samuel Ewing
'Samuel Ewing' 7 hours ago
Tm Mt
'Tm Mt' 7 hours ago
He copied Ciara
'LITT DANCER' 7 hours ago
I could've been on the video
Kyanah Colbert
'Kyanah Colbert' 7 hours ago
Best 2016 song to turn up to.
muhammad abdul
'muhammad abdul' 7 hours ago
lovin this
'YFWTK?' 7 hours ago
Promoting the hell out of Black Pyramid
takai lorraine
'takai lorraine' 7 hours ago
lmao i need to get like ayo and teo
Ashraf zaman
'Ashraf zaman' 8 hours ago
gucci mane has to ruin every song 😞
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