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Chris Brown - Party (Official Video) ft. Gucci Mane, Usher -
Published: 3 months ago By: ChrisBrownVEVO

By: ChrisBrownVEVOPublished: 3 months ago

104, 021, 917 views

972, 431 Likes   41, 846 Dislikes

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'PETER DAWSON' 10 minutes ago
dam usher got them killer dance moves no homo
Morgan Awtry
'Morgan Awtry' 18 minutes ago
My man at 2:43 is LIT💯
mr butt
'mr butt' 25 minutes ago
this is obsessing I love his smile
Beau Mac
'Beau Mac' 27 minutes ago
aye that was ayo and teo
Hanzel Rodriguez
'Hanzel Rodriguez' 28 minutes ago
did he use the hook from a lil uzy vert ???
Julian Rodriguez
'Julian Rodriguez' 29 minutes ago
who is here just for the kriss kross scene?
Marquez Johnson
'Marquez Johnson' 32 minutes ago
Chris Brown has tha moves
my videos
'my videos' 1 hour ago
if you like Ayo and Teo like and Chris Brown
Nini Marks
'Nini Marks' 1 hour ago
Song so lit
Danilo Fernandez
'Danilo Fernandez' 1 hour ago
imposible no bailar con esta canción lml
Ms. Slayer
'Ms. Slayer' 2 hours ago
See you popin still
BeeJaii Williams
'BeeJaii Williams' 2 hours ago
Usher is the LEGEND OF MUSIC!!!!!!
'Stripes' 2 hours ago
We danced in gym class to this song
Nicholas Ulumenfo
'Nicholas Ulumenfo' 2 hours ago
when she suckin Dick... she know how to gobble!
Adysen Law
'Adysen Law' 2 hours ago
he so litt!!! like dang
jaonna Lattimore
'jaonna Lattimore' 2 hours ago
love this song😍😍😍😍😍
Marquis Ni`Shawn
'Marquis Ni`Shawn' 2 hours ago
fuck the judge and the sentence, ha I got a good lawyer!!
Kelise T.
'Kelise T.' 3 hours ago
Did yall see ayo and teo 😩 😍
Niyah Avents
'Niyah Avents' 3 hours ago
This lit i love u
Xondrea Shepard
'Xondrea Shepard' 3 hours ago
this has to be my favorite song in the entire world no lie....this song and video is mad litttt....if im feeling sad,angry or anything and i hear this song i smile and i dance and sin...i cant thank you enough for releasing this amazing song, I LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!
'YoungA170' 3 hours ago
i do rap songs, can you guys give my music a listen....
'CrazedSuspicion' 3 hours ago
Good no naked bitches... This song is lit and the dance moves are amazing! Seems like most music videos now always gotta have some naked bitch in it...
Caitlin Pichon
'Caitlin Pichon' 3 hours ago
i can watch this all day everyday for the rest of my life its to lit ;-;
marcel randall
'marcel randall' 3 hours ago
Megan Kopko
'Megan Kopko' 3 hours ago
i listen to it every day
Klarissah sampeur
'Klarissah sampeur' 4 hours ago
Am I the only one that see Ayo and Teyo?
Ameyah Carter
'Ameyah Carter' 4 hours ago
Is he wearing makeup
Camila Vaquera
'Camila Vaquera' 4 hours ago
i cant stop watching it
Camila Vaquera
'Camila Vaquera' 4 hours ago
love you Chris Brown
Shamil Poon
'Shamil Poon' 4 hours ago
This song lit
Shamil Poon
'Shamil Poon' 4 hours ago
Or thay can dance
Alexis Decker
'Alexis Decker' 4 hours ago
chris Brown is the best rapper he is a good dancer I love you chris brown you are my favorite rapper I like your song party chris Brown you are cool and the goodest dancer you are amazing and I listen to chris Brown party over and over again
'nilda4107' 4 hours ago
Love this osng
canal original
'canal original' 5 hours ago
Algum brasileiro aki 😂
daniela alday arteaga
chris brown is the best
Jarius Jonez
'Jarius Jonez' 5 hours ago
what your next song going to be
'JAWSxFTW' 5 hours ago
Riri 100emojies
'Riri 100emojies' 5 hours ago
i luh u but how you gone copy usher with ayo and teo
Kathrine Austin
'Kathrine Austin' 6 hours ago
who else say ayo and teo🤔💕
'KEVIN LEON' 6 hours ago
whats the song at the beginning please ?
Naomimarie Kessee
'Naomimarie Kessee' 6 hours ago
i really see his cheeck bones
Messie Mahoundi
'Messie Mahoundi' 6 hours ago
I saw ayo and teo
Claudette Toko
'Claudette Toko' 6 hours ago
beautiful Chris Brown 😍😘🎶🎤
Ronnie Smith
'Ronnie Smith' 6 hours ago
i only came for guwop...
'DHAN TM' 6 hours ago
what's the song at the beginning of the video
2C00lDIYS 335
'2C00lDIYS 335' 7 hours ago
2C00lDIYS 335
'2C00lDIYS 335' 7 hours ago
Hey my I saw ago and teo
Jacob Black
'Jacob Black' 7 hours ago
this song is on fire
'GAMEPLAYL' 7 hours ago
Whedonfh HD zyj
Breana Bradford
'Breana Bradford' 7 hours ago
Samad Hamilton
'Samad Hamilton' 7 hours ago
Pull on your bitch tell your man im sorry 🔥
'SavageBeckham' 7 hours ago
I'd like to see Chris Brown reverse lol bet he'd kill it
Joanna Salazar
'Joanna Salazar' 7 hours ago
They shot that at a abandoned mall.(watch it on TFIL)
Cornecia Henderson
'Cornecia Henderson' 8 hours ago
Chris should make a video to kriss kross
Londayesha Edwards
'Londayesha Edwards' 8 hours ago
y'all should of put me in it y'all don't know
Natalie Fino
'Natalie Fino' 8 hours ago
Usher is badass dancer so his CB i work out to this song i love the video and all the dancers *****
Nada Fahmaoui
'Nada Fahmaoui' 8 hours ago
Chris ❤.❤ yasmine and i love yuu , we love uuu , my boyfriend is uur bro hhh ! come to morocco plzz !
Robert costa
'Robert costa' 8 hours ago
This is sooooooo lit
Kylah Johnson
'Kylah Johnson' 9 hours ago
Cece was in there off kidgoals Ayo and Teo was in there
ihate french
'ihate french' 9 hours ago
TOO LIT!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 💛and when its says fuck the sentence is it a reference to the whole Riazy (Rihanna and Breezy) situation *AHEM AHEM BRUISE* Tis guy is peng and has amazing music. He is mostly perfect...❤❤❤❤
kriti bangar
'kriti bangar' 9 hours ago
that girl at 3:35 ...her move is so wow😍
alexis yobouet
'alexis yobouet' 9 hours ago
i love all your sing very good...i want to meet you.
me Store
'me Store' 9 hours ago
The choreography in the video is everything!!
kaboyaone morapedi
'kaboyaone morapedi' 9 hours ago
Jay Redman
'Jay Redman' 10 hours ago
Can anybody see my face amongst the guys breaking behind Breezy?
iyona mckenzie
'iyona mckenzie' 10 hours ago
get aah
'DJ PRATT' 10 hours ago
I know you waiting
Hillary Agugbo
'Hillary Agugbo' 10 hours ago
Hillary Agugbo
'Hillary Agugbo' 10 hours ago
Tokyo Ghoul
'Tokyo Ghoul' 10 hours ago
His voice is so cute❤
Angel stony
'Angel stony' 10 hours ago
Tyana Black
'Tyana Black' 11 hours ago
Chris Brown is the best
Shailon Breezy
'Shailon Breezy' 11 hours ago
Jean Rios
'Jean Rios' 11 hours ago
100million views #teambreezy
yessi ls
'yessi ls' 11 hours ago
hello family <3
StarrAngel Ballard
'StarrAngel Ballard' 11 hours ago
Hay lll2
Carter Barajas
'Carter Barajas' 11 hours ago
its very cool susspecialy gucci mane
Young King Gamer
'Young King Gamer' 11 hours ago
R.I.P to replay button
Liam Dean
'Liam Dean' 12 hours ago
Who els sees Ayo and teo at the back ground
'AlwaysYasin' 12 hours ago
Team Breezy where yo at
'Ayeenuh' 12 hours ago
Usher and Chris killed it !!
Rina Zeller
'Rina Zeller' 12 hours ago
Ayo Teo is in this if anyone noticed👅
Chilel Dubois
'Chilel Dubois' 12 hours ago
Ray Turner
'Ray Turner' 12 hours ago
Ayo & Tayo be going crazy🔥🔥👳
Tiffany Ashton
'Tiffany Ashton' 13 hours ago
Lisbeth Karina
'Lisbeth Karina' 13 hours ago
In the background when Usher was sliding down it locked like the abandoned mall in California.
Mademoiselle Liticia
'Mademoiselle Liticia' 13 hours ago
i love you
Rodrigo Soares
'Rodrigo Soares' 13 hours ago
algum BR aqui vendo essa musica foda
Anna Mcmillan
'Anna Mcmillan' 13 hours ago
This song is the bomd
Annette Seaton
'Annette Seaton' 13 hours ago
Kenneth Bibb
'Kenneth Bibb' 13 hours ago
guccis part was lit
'acUnity' 13 hours ago
voila pourquoi il faut un homme et une femme pour avoir des enfents douceur et brutalité equation reflexe instin etc on le pige bon voila moi jai eduqué les mec jallais les baiser pour oumaima
'acUnity' 14 hours ago
on est arrivé a egalité finaliment comme prevu tes vraiment forete BRAVO CHERIE ^^
'acUnity' 14 hours ago
bravo mon cœur tu mas eu tes sais eduqué moi faire peur mais le manqie de respect consciencet et deliberé je me retiens depuis 22 ANS j'allais ptué meme si je n'aime pas j'ai risqué ma vie pour prouvé ok bravo la faille d lenfant tué est injuste ok brvo on coeur
'acUnity' 14 hours ago
le fou prend le roi rania tu m'as eu mon cœur enfin
'acUnity' 14 hours ago
MERCI J4ALLAIS TUé si on ne comprenais la lesson lol ^^
Pacers adanna
'Pacers adanna' 14 hours ago
chris brown dace better than usher
Cecily Dossey
'Cecily Dossey' 14 hours ago
i love this song sm
Endia Word
'Endia Word' 14 hours ago
love love thisss I have been waiting for his new music
WTF. goals
'WTF. goals' 15 hours ago
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