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Chris Brown - Party (Official Video) ft. Gucci Mane, Usher -
Published: 6 months ago By: ChrisBrownVEVO

By: ChrisBrownVEVOPublished: 6 months ago

142, 859, 188 views

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Alexion Sample
'Alexion Sample' 48 minutes ago
I saw Ayo and teo
Lenigel Bell
'Lenigel Bell' 1 hour ago
Chris hit the reverse
'MosMoneyENT' 1 hour ago
If Usher And Chris Brown dropped more projects together shit would Dope AF 💉💉💉
Rozaria ly
'Rozaria ly' 1 hour ago
i love dance and your song
Lamont Hurley
'Lamont Hurley' 2 hours ago
Natasha Gashkova
'Natasha Gashkova' 2 hours ago
💖💙💖👫 *_Cliсk herė tȯ сhat with live sėху girl_* ➤➤➤
Alexandra Surdu
'Alexandra Surdu' 3 hours ago
00:42 song name??
Mckenzie Edwards
'Mckenzie Edwards' 3 hours ago
Didn't we say Chris not aloud to go to dark places and valleys by his self he always get in some trouble lol
Kesthn Moore
'Kesthn Moore' 3 hours ago
show do no how to party crazy
'Nik' 3 hours ago
The way Chris moves is amazing. I wonder does he like the white sneaker thing, similar to michael and the white socks? I just stare at his feet, its like its nothing to him when it dances. Its like breathing air or blinking. Its the most effortless dancing I've ever seen. He just might be a better dancer than michael Jackson...I literally love to watch Chris dance.
Paige Walker
'Paige Walker' 4 hours ago
Song starts at 1:22 thank me later
Edward Clay
'Edward Clay' 4 hours ago
me neither😍😍😍😍
Catriona Begum
'Catriona Begum' 4 hours ago
lol put on calll me maybe turn off the sound for party and it will be funny!
Andrew Zhoe
'Andrew Zhoe' 5 hours ago
Its funny how women love this woman beater.
karisa rhoda
'karisa rhoda' 7 hours ago
this is cool
The Eves
'The Eves' 9 hours ago
kahoot theme music, is that you?
Laquanjai Chiles
'Laquanjai Chiles' 9 hours ago
love it
'#AWESOMENES gamer' 10 hours ago
pull up on your b*tch abuse her sorry
Ado Ndoro
'Ado Ndoro' 11 hours ago
i like party
Ayub Faisal
'Ayub Faisal' 11 hours ago
I like the starting part it's different from songs
Travis Burgess
'Travis Burgess' 11 hours ago
breezy brings the hype back to the summer tho.
Miguel Bartlett
'Miguel Bartlett' 12 hours ago
can you teach me how to do the footwork
luke yung
'luke yung' 12 hours ago
Gucci snap harder than a rubberband on anything thats breathing!
Youtube Professor
'Youtube Professor' 12 hours ago
How does dis guy still get views didn't he beat the shit out of Rihanna
Melissa Rivera
'Melissa Rivera' 13 hours ago
Lady Kathie
'Lady Kathie' 13 hours ago
0.40 to 1.10 AWESOMEEEEEEE 😍
Hardgamer 10
'Hardgamer 10' 13 hours ago
whats the logos on their shirts
papito arriaga
'papito arriaga' 13 hours ago
kareuche kattyfuckme or whatever the fuck it is
rhuan silva
'rhuan silva' 15 hours ago
muito bom essa musica
Kaelin Byrd
'Kaelin Byrd' 15 hours ago
Song in the beginning??
Anabel Vargas
'Anabel Vargas' 16 hours ago
love this song 😘😘😎😎
'ExOtIcVeNoMz' 17 hours ago
Am i the only one who saw aiden xiong
Ahmari smith
'Ahmari smith' 17 hours ago
the hashtag sisters are in this
Montreese Robinson
'Montreese Robinson' 18 hours ago
Chris brown I love you soooooo much 💖💖💖💖💖💝💝💋💋💋💋💋
pl4l me
'pl4l me' 21 hours ago
if you are at a party and you don't play this song is you really at a party 😆😆
Adjany marzo
'Adjany marzo' 21 hours ago
liked it Of this video
xavier gaines
'xavier gaines' 21 hours ago
favorite song ever
Tyreon Taylor_Ford
'Tyreon Taylor_Ford' 21 hours ago
by to t to you ggd yo 7yu have jt uuuiiyuyuu ggvugug gggg
Daunte Santos
'Daunte Santos' 22 hours ago
ay I and teo
Daunte Santos
'Daunte Santos' 22 hours ago
ay I and teo
Janae Sadler
'Janae Sadler' 23 hours ago
I love your song
lone rose
'lone rose' 23 hours ago
that look like the abandoned mall that Sam and Colby went to
Erk Flunn
'Erk Flunn' 24 hours ago
Starts at 1:23. You're welcome.
Uriel Tchakounte
'Uriel Tchakounte' 24 hours ago
if your nigga is retarded why is he your nigga?
Dominic Remulla
'Dominic Remulla' 1 day ago
what's with the gas masks???
Duane Cooper
'Duane Cooper' 1 day ago
Is it just me or is this song kinda underrated
Imali Brown
'Imali Brown' 1 day ago
Why Does It Have To End With Gucci Mane And He Is My Favorite Rapper
Kadi ᗩᑎᗪ tali E͟D͟I͟T͟
If I saw what Chris brown got I will get some popcorn and start yelling AYEEEE
oussama chennib
'oussama chennib' 1 day ago
cool music
Adam Mohamed
'Adam Mohamed' 1 day ago
How did Usher slide for so long @3:11
Monica Chege
'Monica Chege' 1 day ago
who else played it in a real party
cdenise daniel
'cdenise daniel' 1 day ago
Chris Brown use to be so handsome. Now looking at him, it is clear he's not living a healthy lifestyle otherwise he wouldn't look like the walking dead. Chris don't be a statistic.
'ロード。' 1 day ago
Youg Clus
'Youg Clus' 1 day ago
que tipo de dança é essa ?
'GamerClashBoy' 1 day ago
Please Subschribe my Channel when you Wan't i make Party from Chris Brown Instrumental
'AIM ANONIMOUS' 1 day ago
Skip at 1:32 for real music.
sandra mbuvi
'sandra mbuvi' 1 day ago
shandria clayton
'shandria clayton' 1 day ago
give me your number😘😘😘😁😁😃
Jeriah Scurry
'Jeriah Scurry' 2 days ago
did teo do that split👈👉
Sam martinez
'Sam martinez' 2 days ago
chris brown is a bitch ass woman beater i hope he gets cancer
אליה גדיי
'אליה גדיי' 2 days ago
Shanice K Alexande
I thank Chris Brown for keeping dance alive. I can't wait to be in one of his videos one day. And I promise I'll put my heart into it.
Cole Higgs
'Cole Higgs' 2 days ago
Gucci ruined the flow easily
Abdullahi Hassan
'Abdullahi Hassan' 2 days ago
I can't stop listening to this song
Jessica Adam VDS VDS nr ts
I love you so muth😍
chris duck
'chris duck' 2 days ago
he wearing that big coat and it may be hot
'AYOCANNI HD' 2 days ago
how did you so good😶😶😶💗😵
Christolyn Smith
'Christolyn Smith' 2 days ago
What's good bro send me a comment
Lady Au-tumn Ra
'Lady Au-tumn Ra' 2 days ago
That's a Bad Azz Video. Damnnnn
d lefty
'd lefty' 2 days ago
Ayo an teo cool
Latrice Spears
'Latrice Spears' 2 days ago
at the gym and almost busted my ass trying to get crunk😂😂
Christolyn Smith
'Christolyn Smith' 2 days ago
What's good
Christolyn Smith
'Christolyn Smith' 2 days ago
jilfry guzman
'jilfry guzman' 2 days ago
at 4:50 what is that can't reverse
Antonio Thomas
'Antonio Thomas' 2 days ago
Coraline Gaming
'Coraline Gaming' 2 days ago
I wish I could dance like that 😭
Mikayla Sutton
'Mikayla Sutton' 2 days ago
My brother said he can dance better than Chris Brown
Mikayla Sutton
'Mikayla Sutton' 2 days ago
My brother said he didn't better than Chris Brown
TheSecret Kitty
'TheSecret Kitty' 2 days ago
Nobody can pull off chris browns outfits lmao
Starkedra Hamlin
'Starkedra Hamlin' 2 days ago
I like your music
Derionah Burnett
'Derionah Burnett' 2 days ago
i saw ayo and teo
fun tv
'fun tv' 2 days ago
Is it just me or the kids and teens did better than the adults
Christopher Belliard
I subscribed
Tealy Fox
'Tealy Fox' 2 days ago
My Fav Part Was When Chris Said suck it in silence mode
kale nation
'kale nation' 2 days ago
When everybody wishes they could dance like Chris brown
'ublevingston57' 2 days ago
My untie is a big fan of you and when she saw you on tv she stared to cry and she said she loves you Chris brown
RealJoshua Love
'RealJoshua Love' 2 days ago
Y'all niggas had fun doing this😂😂
Gildasio Silva
'Gildasio Silva' 2 days ago
Video Mais Foda Do Mundo Eu Amo Essa Música Escuto Ela Todos Os Dias
Johnson Masai
'Johnson Masai' 2 days ago
Go to a higher level
Young Thug
'Young Thug' 2 days ago
Ayo&Teo are the best at dancing
Kimberly Mayfield
'Kimberly Mayfield' 2 days ago
Loving that it's ANOTHER ONE! These Dudes are FLY ALREADY! When they get together!!!!!! Aww man! They make you Dance!!! I mean, get your BOUNCE ON Dancing! I'm glad.
Hui Pong
'Hui Pong' 2 days ago
l like it Christbrown so little dope fuckin good
Hui Pong
'Hui Pong' 2 days ago
l like it Christbrown so little dope fuckin good
Mercedes Reyes
'Mercedes Reyes' 2 days ago
Can't stop watching
Mercedes Reyes
'Mercedes Reyes' 2 days ago
love this song
Angela Sogne
'Angela Sogne' 2 days ago
salut jesui un fan de ayo et teo
'metria4eva' 2 days ago
Damn I noticed Ayo&Teo in the video ❣
Sharene Miller
'Sharene Miller' 2 days ago
Yo they killed that shit
'ParanoidMarmar' 2 days ago
*Better than those Kpop dance music vids*
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