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Chris Brown - Party (Official Video) ft. Gucci Mane, Usher -
Published: 1 year ago By: ChrisBrownVEVO

By: ChrisBrownVEVOPublished: 1 year ago

196, 144, 597 views

1, 461, 944 Likes   71, 297 Dislikes

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Grace Ken Rose Fuentes
Why can ayo & teo sing wit ya boi?
Rodney Walker
'Rodney Walker' 2 hours ago
Whoo 2:30 that reverse freez I love it
Alina Whalen
'Alina Whalen' 2 hours ago
The bass drop is lit bro like for real!!
Terrence Oates
'Terrence Oates' 4 hours ago
2018 anybody
Brea Rosa
'Brea Rosa' 4 hours ago
I got a crush on Chris Brown thumbs up if the same
Javaeh Nelson
'Javaeh Nelson' 5 hours ago
Cool man
Grace Ken Rose Fuentes
2:33-2:36 THATS AYO & TEO!
Survival mode
'Survival mode' 6 hours ago
this. is .my. song
Olivia Perry
Leia Palmer
'Leia Palmer' 7 hours ago
Chris Brown can Dance so good I wish he was my Dad
'OMG_ITS_ME 2000' 7 hours ago
He is soo fit my fav song ❤️🔥😘😍💋
Queen Panda
'Queen Panda' 7 hours ago
Ayo and Teo are my best dancers I love them so much
Nevaeh Brown
'Nevaeh Brown' 9 hours ago
2018 is like 😍 and that is when u like when u have that money 🤑 and u probably like 😒 in 🇺🇸 not 🇸🇦 and 👮have 😷
Nicole Breeden
'Nicole Breeden' 9 hours ago
The way Chris moves his feet at 2:21 is like watching Jesus walk on water. God this man is gifted
Marcelle Andrews
'Marcelle Andrews' 9 hours ago
Agam Ben ami
'Agam Ben ami' 9 hours ago
xx x
'xx x' 15 hours ago
Isabel Ortega
'Isabel Ortega' 20 hours ago
Lol Chris jumped Rihanna and now karma came back and he got jumped in the beginning and robbed Jk love Chris
Dj cnote from north carolina greensboro
song video dope ur boy djcnote from north carolina greensboro amen
Dj cnote from north carolina greensboro
niceeee ayeeeee dopeeee ouuuu litttt
Dj Rana
'Dj Rana' 23 hours ago
Jesy Norales
'Jesy Norales' 24 hours ago
Chris Brown is the best for ever 🔥🎶that is the best for the world
Jennifer Harrison
Love ya
Jennifer Harrison
Who is at a party
My name No
'My name No' 1 day ago
Why is the clone here ?
BeBe_ Queen_love
'BeBe_ Queen_love' 1 day ago
BeBe_ Queen_love
'BeBe_ Queen_love' 1 day ago
This looks like a awesome party I wish I was a good dancer and was ther
Air Jordan
'Air Jordan' 1 day ago
Women beater know how to party lmao
Laquinta Thimoleon
By qiana thimoleon you can dance chris brown i love you gooooooooooooood song i want to meet you so much i like your singing
Laquinta Thimoleon
My anut like you Chris brown she said call me bae
jacorey edwards
'jacorey edwards' 1 day ago
Mimim Silva
'Mimim Silva' 1 day ago
Love for you♥♥
Brenda Casselberry
boooooo just kidin this dude aint bad but im better
pink flame
'pink flame' 1 day ago
2018 ...why is the usher part turning my stomach !🤢🤢😱
'Vevo' 1 day ago
So cool
Curadka mamo Malyuun
lotte naujoks
'lotte naujoks' 1 day ago
Bin süchtig nach diesen Lied 😂
Raiane Ribeiro
'Raiane Ribeiro' 1 day ago
O melhor♥ #Brasil #2018
Gerard Paulse
'Gerard Paulse' 1 day ago
Love your song
not important
'not important' 2 days ago
name of da first song pls
SillY VidZ
'SillY VidZ' 2 days ago
All I have to say is HOW???
'Robson' 2 days ago
qual a musica que toca no início ?
Aarmau is everything to me R
Dindanya Kanda
'Dindanya Kanda' 2 days ago
2018 😘😘😘
He should make a song with Jay Park. They have similar dancing styles.
Zack Man
'Zack Man' 2 days ago
This song makes me wanna start a party
baby squish
'baby squish' 2 days ago
He got everbody on here ayeo toe dang chris and he started handwork and foot work
Lauren H
'Lauren H' 2 days ago
We going to have a great great party and that lil boy not 125
Suélli Gonçalves
chris brown
Brianna Robinson
'Brianna Robinson' 2 days ago
sariah mariah78
'sariah mariah78' 2 days ago
Ohhh can I show Chris Brown my moves? That I don't have ;)
Amaryai Watkins
'Amaryai Watkins' 2 days ago
Janiya Walker
'Janiya Walker' 2 days ago
Let's see who will win Chris Brown or Usher of dancing tell me who wins with a thumbs up
Janiya Walker
'Janiya Walker' 2 days ago
Let's party😎😀😎😀😎😀😎😀
krystal Morales
'krystal Morales' 2 days ago
Did you guys see ayo and tio
lolzy 101
'lolzy 101' 2 days ago
Minion Brats
'Minion Brats' 2 days ago
Where is ayo and teo
A. Townsend
'A. Townsend' 2 days ago
Chris is on motherfuckin fuego!! The Game is his.
Sophia Parish
'Sophia Parish' 2 days ago
Better than guccigane this is my favorite song I sing it at school im nine and I listen to it all the time
Dejonte Davis
'Dejonte Davis' 2 days ago
Ayo and teo r in this
Christopher Jones
'Christopher Jones' 3 days ago
2018 anyone :)
Brandon Oxendine
'Brandon Oxendine' 3 days ago
I love party
Monika Das
'Monika Das' 3 days ago
It weirdly reminds me of the rihana incident when he says "fuck the judge, I have a good lawyer"
Hiren Dihingia
'Hiren Dihingia' 3 days ago
LPS Audrey Animal Lover 2
Love it!!!❤️❤️❤️
Mpume Sibiya
'Mpume Sibiya' 3 days ago
If you catched it from the beginning raise your hand! Hahahaha I’m 300 years old. For real
Tiago Santos
'Tiago Santos' 3 days ago
My favorit singer
Jayden Tyler
'Jayden Tyler' 3 days ago
They do know how to party
'michaelazkie' 3 days ago
not a dancer, but makes me BUST SOME MOVES whenever I hear this
Greg Ameele
'Greg Ameele' 3 days ago
That dancing ayo and teo Chris and usher? Damn
'PaNdAz_AbYsS' 3 days ago
Darrion Clemons
'Darrion Clemons' 3 days ago
They got auto and yep in the video
SillY VidZ
'SillY VidZ' 3 days ago
He moves so slick omg
Jordan Daire
'Jordan Daire' 3 days ago
This is definitely a cult
Allie Black
'Allie Black' 3 days ago
Good song right derr
Dope Souls
'Dope Souls' 3 days ago
omg thats woody mcclain dancing with chris brwon !!!!!!! proud of him
'steve123yt' 3 days ago
Guccie Mane also did the It's Everyday Bro remix with Jake Paul
lone Johnson
'lone Johnson' 3 days ago
Peep the one white kid in the whole video
Peter Xayasith
'Peter Xayasith' 3 days ago
hindi afsomali
'hindi afsomali' 4 days ago
Justin Tesgezeab
'Justin Tesgezeab' 4 days ago
best dancer in world i really want to dance like that but hes gifted in dancing
hija johnson
'hija johnson' 4 days ago
love usher
Alia Krafía
'Alia Krafía' 4 days ago
ciara Lambert
'ciara Lambert' 4 days ago
I love this song so much me and my brothers go partying
Kyle Sigbert
'Kyle Sigbert' 4 days ago
I still come back to watch Gucci not dance.... Brrr
Donny Wright
'Donny Wright' 4 days ago
2:21....Chris Brown's ankles gotta be double jointed! Wow!!
Tamaira Woods
'Tamaira Woods' 4 days ago
I love Rolex 😍😍😎😎😎😀
Tamaira Woods
'Tamaira Woods' 4 days ago
I saw Rolex 😍😍😍😍😎😎😎😎😇😇😇😎😇
Thea Haynes
'Thea Haynes' 4 days ago
I love you chris brown and your music
Thea Haynes
'Thea Haynes' 4 days ago
you are so lit !!!!!
bakari ishiabwe
'bakari ishiabwe' 4 days ago
sarrive ishiabwe
Amber Loza
'Amber Loza' 4 days ago
'madmouse1975' 4 days ago
love it .crish
Amorai Diamond
'Amorai Diamond' 4 days ago
Kordaruis Phillips
Ayo and teo
ashley alexander
'ashley alexander' 4 days ago
I love chris brown i will kill someone not for real if they take chris brown
Springtrap Gamer18
Chris I love all your songs biggest fan
Finn Hermans
'Finn Hermans' 4 days ago
Diplomatic appeal back from aide return largely urge final tomato catch.
Cedric Dotson
'Cedric Dotson' 4 days ago
how ever said better than gucci gang you'll Wong for that because people think there songs better than Evey body else song pesss and this song sucks lick for real
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