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Chris Brown - Party (Official Video) ft. Gucci Mane, Usher -
Published: 1 year ago By: ChrisBrownVEVO

By: ChrisBrownVEVOPublished: 1 year ago

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Rafael Paolo Briones
I love this videos because ayo and teo is there in the videos
'Isak' 4 hours ago
Ushers dancing looks so effortless
Chanel G
'Chanel G' 6 hours ago
The beginnig of the video really confuses me!
BraylenOzele Tele
'BraylenOzele Tele' 10 hours ago
Awesome with headphones
Flying cup
'Flying cup' 11 hours ago
that dance is gay af but the song is good tho
devargo mackey
'devargo mackey' 11 hours ago
Anyone notice the Illuminati triangle on they're shirts !
Alejandro Molina
'Alejandro Molina' 13 hours ago
Never realized ayo & teo were in the video
KiD Rye
'KiD Rye' 13 hours ago
Shalisa Brown
'Shalisa Brown' 13 hours ago
Queen Bee
'Queen Bee' 13 hours ago
best song yet in 2017 but its 2018 now
Queen Bee
'Queen Bee' 13 hours ago
Dancing in the shower🚿 to this song 😘😉 also i love it
Dervon Bennett
'Dervon Bennett' 13 hours ago
They should make a parody to this with baby’s saying we know how to potty😭😭😭
Kaylee Cash
'Kaylee Cash' 14 hours ago
chic brown party it is good
Tori Hall
'Tori Hall' 14 hours ago
AYE! Its 2018 and this is still 🔥🔥!
Lakendra Lane
'Lakendra Lane' 15 hours ago
2018 anyone
Joan Mendez
'Joan Mendez' 15 hours ago
i love you
Jonathan Melara
'Jonathan Melara' 16 hours ago
There's ayo and teo
Natasha Parks
'Natasha Parks' 17 hours ago
Vfhc. Did😍😍😍😍😍🔮😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🔮😍😍😍
matt lopez
'matt lopez' 18 hours ago
Not a bad song
Monyea Brown
'Monyea Brown' 20 hours ago
Jeremy Squitieri
'Jeremy Squitieri' 23 hours ago
2:16 great song
Jeremy Squitieri
'Jeremy Squitieri' 23 hours ago
Kaeleigh Clark
'Kaeleigh Clark' 1 day ago
Whooooooo go Chris
Ayuub Saciid
'Ayuub Saciid' 1 day ago
Hi yes good
Gildo Luis Augusto
penso logo existo
Drake_Daequan D_D
The dancing tho that’s all I cared about oof
Yousef Shaban
'Yousef Shaban' 1 day ago
If any body love this like
The Buzzard
'The Buzzard' 1 day ago
The lady at the staircase at 2:35 kills me lmao
Jacob Blackamore
'Jacob Blackamore' 1 day ago
I’m sitting here watching the vid saying to myself “bro that dude on the left look just like Woody the Great” lmbo it is tho.. never knew this is how he started.. It makes me even more happy for him to see where his come from. Know look at him Bobby Brown and more..
the janitor
'the janitor' 2 days ago
more of the first beat please
Jermain Henry
'Jermain Henry' 2 days ago
Chris, ayo, teo, usher you lit man
Paula Connor
'Paula Connor' 2 days ago
Gucci lit
Joel Ashton
'Joel Ashton' 2 days ago
Cool song 😀
'B Z' 2 days ago
Qual a musica do começo ?
'Sa'Maria Barnes' 2 days ago
Did anyone else notice that ayo and teo are in this
David Lamé
'David Lamé' 2 days ago
Tyreek Spigner
'Tyreek Spigner' 2 days ago
Why is ayeo and teo there
גד בניזרי
'גד בניזרי' 2 days ago
גד בניזרי
'גד בניזרי' 2 days ago
, 1:34
Arounav Khan
'Arounav Khan' 2 days ago
'SEU HOMEM' 2 days ago
Q clipe foda!
Kamari Tatum
'Kamari Tatum' 2 days ago
How to party we know how to party
Jaron Everett
'Jaron Everett' 2 days ago
nice video
Ryan Minter
'Ryan Minter' 2 days ago
Ayo and teyo IS THAT U
mabelle beauty
'mabelle beauty' 2 days ago
We the best T
Flecha corrida
'Flecha corrida' 2 days ago
KingsOfEarth VEVO
'KingsOfEarth VEVO' 2 days ago
Michael Jackson who?
David Lordson
'David Lordson' 2 days ago
breeeeeeeeezy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't believe u guys missed kida the great
Eliana Esaete
'Eliana Esaete' 2 days ago
Savage Tunes
'Savage Tunes' 2 days ago
Who watched this Christmas?? It has Chris brown
Yaneth Lopez
'Yaneth Lopez' 2 days ago
love this song
Jniya Beckles
'Jniya Beckles' 3 days ago
Anyone 2018???...................Just me..........okkkk
'conman' 3 days ago
I think I saw ayo and teo
'Rocky' 3 days ago
Irrelevant rappers.
'ANONYMO' 3 days ago
68mil deslikes os gringo que sabe né
Ajahi Evans
'Ajahi Evans' 3 days ago
I 💘 him
Alyssa Miller
'Alyssa Miller' 3 days ago
2018 dance is still lit and good didn’t know he could dance like that shawty
Wed Alkazragy
'Wed Alkazragy' 3 days ago
Love this
'lelecooj' 3 days ago
oml lol he isnt a rapper!!!!! hes singing to a rap-like-beat!
Shalina Begum
'Shalina Begum' 3 days ago
I swear his dance moves are LIT!!!!!! I WANT TO LEAARNNNNNNNN. 1:35 is amazing dance moves godamn
muhanad kater
'muhanad kater' 3 days ago
Good man
Michael main Omg
'Michael main Omg' 3 days ago
He be amazing at footwork brooo
Its ya Boi
'Its ya Boi' 3 days ago
Lets get this video to 200mill!!!!!!!❤️
Emma Watson Akeriaco
I like this music
Christopher Alvarez
I like the video thumbs up 👍
Fionna Sampson
'Fionna Sampson' 3 days ago
Guy with the long hair cute the dancer
miracle adams
'miracle adams' 3 days ago
He killed that dance🤗🤗
Indangered Scholar434
"You don't look a day over 60"
Jada Mason
'Jada Mason' 3 days ago
Yes my song anyone
Brenno Vikttor
'Brenno Vikttor' 3 days ago
Brenno Vikttor
'Brenno Vikttor' 3 days ago
Brenno Vikttor
'Brenno Vikttor' 3 days ago
Brenno Vikttor
'Brenno Vikttor' 3 days ago
Shietta Moore
'Shietta Moore' 3 days ago
I fucking love Chris Breezy!!!!💋💕💖💞
Gabriel ™
'Gabriel ™' 3 days ago
Só gostei da música do começo
'KiingJae' 3 days ago
Imagine if Gucci Mane started dancing like usher and Chris Brown 😂😂😂😂
Laurie Gross
'Laurie Gross' 3 days ago
Hold up I thought I just saw ayo and teo
Laurie Gross
'Laurie Gross' 3 days ago
I wish I could dance like that!!
mt sheik do cm
'mt sheik do cm' 3 days ago
muito top cade os br
jacop mohan TV
'jacop mohan TV' 3 days ago
Amazing song
vichi soricel
'vichi soricel' 3 days ago
Tiegist Abajiru
'Tiegist Abajiru' 3 days ago
perfekt party Derek burden forester.....!!!!!!!!!😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Eugene Magsalin
'Eugene Magsalin' 3 days ago
I think i saw ayo and teo in there
Matthew Grant
'Matthew Grant' 3 days ago
he got a lot of move
Ughhh Mia310
'Ughhh Mia310' 3 days ago
0:41 music starts
Danni Brandon
'Danni Brandon' 3 days ago
What's the boy name with the dreads dancing with Usher?!
'DavPlay' 3 days ago
Chris Brown: Sings and Dances Usher: Sings and Dances Gucci Mane:.......
Nate skate0013
'Nate skate0013' 4 days ago
smash that 👍and subscribe
Jhay Z Briones
'Jhay Z Briones' 4 days ago
2018 ?????
Nana Anokye
'Nana Anokye' 4 days ago
All my dancers I love here! Sean Lew, josh price, ayo & teo, nat, kidathegreat, jay hancock, tahani, Gabe and more of the immabeast dancers!!
Briona Patterson-Smith
who saw ayo and teo ??
'Ajedaboss' 4 days ago
This had to be the most fun music video to ever shoot. I spotted a few people I knew at least I think: Ayo and Teo, Sheaden, Josh Price I think, and Tahani and some others. Crazy song and vid and I love the intro, lol so overall best music vid ever
dar3algmgent Gmg Ent
Matheus Torres
'Matheus Torres' 4 days ago
I Love you Chris
Pharrell Roberts
'Pharrell Roberts' 4 days ago
And I love his footwrok to and I wish he was my cool dad
Pharrell Roberts
'Pharrell Roberts' 4 days ago
This song making want to throw a party🎉🎊
'Cah'Marie Clark' 4 days ago
Chris Brown is great Lol
Janet Cotton
'Janet Cotton' 4 days ago
I love this song
Kristy Lindsay
'Kristy Lindsay' 4 days ago
Ayo and teo
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