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Chris Brown - Party (Official Video) ft. Gucci Mane, Usher -
Published: 9 months ago By: ChrisBrownVEVO

By: ChrisBrownVEVOPublished: 9 months ago

165, 744, 881 views

1, 300, 105 Likes   63, 196 Dislikes

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Carla Peña
'Carla Peña' 2 hours ago
Fuck the judge and the sentence, I got a good lawyer.☺
'EASTON M. SMITHE' 2 hours ago
praveen sharma
'praveen sharma' 2 hours ago
Zy Thomas
'Zy Thomas' 4 hours ago
i love this song
Princess Cole
'Princess Cole' 5 hours ago
it's my birthday
'ANGELINA Coooer' 7 hours ago
Yo man i love this song
Karolina Jaric
'Karolina Jaric' 10 hours ago
the best music video <3 you're the best chris ly <33
Alfie Ryan Muring
'Alfie Ryan Muring' 12 hours ago
Release On My Bday :)
luan vitor
'luan vitor' 16 hours ago
algum brasileiro ai?tá like👍
3P1X 3QU4L
'3P1X 3QU4L' 16 hours ago
Why da hell she look russian
Deseray Johnson
'Deseray Johnson' 18 hours ago
I need a full version of the song at the beginning!!!!!
Jordan Huntsinger
'Jordan Huntsinger' 18 hours ago
Chris Breezy with the fresh moves!
Laraye Mae
'Laraye Mae' 19 hours ago
Laraye Mae
'Laraye Mae' 19 hours ago
Love you
Zacky Nack X X
'Zacky Nack X X' 19 hours ago
Chris brown has the 1 zxx song
Carrione Culp
'Carrione Culp' 19 hours ago
this my song 😘
Tyler Mattox
'Tyler Mattox' 20 hours ago
'Tageth' 20 hours ago
What shoes is he waring 1:45?? Please help!
James Blankenship
'James Blankenship' 21 hours ago
awesome just awsome
Moseh Arnaud
'Moseh Arnaud' 21 hours ago
hi chris i'll like to know if u can come to trinidad and come and take me to do arecoring with u
'Mikeiplier' 1 day ago
One of the best chris brown songs
LaMetria Virgo28
'LaMetria Virgo28' 1 day ago
I love 💘 watching them dance!
Bom Do Barato
'Bom Do Barato' 1 day ago
Party, Yes! Do you like party?
Elani Spencer
'Elani Spencer' 1 day ago
Monté Bella
'Monté Bella' 1 day ago
The way usher slid down the escalator 😩🤤🤤🤤
mateus aguiar
'mateus aguiar' 1 day ago
Esse cara dança d+
'AlphaFlame' 1 day ago
Chris brown and usher together are FIRE. LIKE IF U AGREE
ryder Clews
'ryder Clews' 1 day ago
is it me or does it seem like mouth masks are the new trend for music videos?
Mike Ember
'Mike Ember' 1 day ago
Chris Brown seems to be inspired by les twins.
Ben Tladi
'Ben Tladi' 1 day ago
chris is my favourate R&B singer
Neezus Brist
'Neezus Brist' 2 days ago
The Weeknd >>>>>> Chris brown
St Cesp
'St Cesp' 2 days ago
great for kida the great
Jeeten Chaulagain
'Jeeten Chaulagain' 2 days ago
We know how to party. How to party yeah. We know how to party. How to party yeah. We know how to party.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Myesha Miles
'Myesha Miles' 2 days ago
I love this song
'It's Not Me' 2 days ago
Shmateo _
'Shmateo _' 2 days ago
Gud song
Hanamichi Sakuragi
gusto ko to
Kale Real
'Kale Real' 2 days ago
Watching him dance is the best thing ever😍😍
CAKdog09 G
'CAKdog09 G' 2 days ago
Awesome gamer cat lover Sparkle girl fairy mermaid
I love you CHIRSBROWN ahhhhh when I grow up I want to be your song writer you inspire mr chirs I want to be famous just like you omggggggggggggggg!!!!! I love you so much
Awesome gamer cat lover Sparkle girl fairy mermaid
Omg Chris brown your so good at dancing and c$$
Chloe Paniccia
'Chloe Paniccia' 2 days ago
Luv this song 😍😍😍😍❤❤❤
'PrinceImA09' 2 days ago
Lyrica and a1 made a slapper
Dinise Farrior
'Dinise Farrior' 2 days ago
Who luvs dis song
Ikram Dato
'Ikram Dato' Rahim' 2 days ago
usher got style. chris com'on now ya look like a dancing monkey ape. shave nigga
Ibtissem Benrahou
'Ibtissem Benrahou' 2 days ago
i love him so much
# Flawless
'# Flawless' 2 days ago
THE music of 2017
'CHICALIKID BOSS' 2 days ago
'Kishimyu' 3 days ago
Yo can we get a full dance vid to this song? Damn, Breezy and Ush killing it.
'YoungGangster' 3 days ago
1 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0
Kimm Irving
'Kimm Irving' 3 days ago
Gotta respect his grind, creativity and courage to try new things... Excellent leadership skills...
Maiden Hokianga
'Maiden Hokianga' 3 days ago
my song <3<3
Mary Paschal
'Mary Paschal' 3 days ago
Heaven on earth. Shout out to breezy not by this cute dance
cashmere Cat
'cashmere Cat' 3 days ago
Gucci Mane part is so shit lol ruining the bomb song with his shitty rap
Debbie Lemons
'Debbie Lemons' 3 days ago
1:52 that footwork the yasss! Love this song
Margo McVaugh
'Margo McVaugh' 3 days ago
Who else came here from TFIL's video to see if it was the same abandoned mall they were in?
Guilherme Aguiar Cunha Ferreira
Sou seu fan chrisw braow
Jania Luke
'Jania Luke' 3 days ago
Jania Luke
'Jania Luke' 3 days ago
Ray Bernal
'Ray Bernal' 3 days ago
2:20 Anyone else wanna learn that footwork by Breezy? I need some help 😂
'Ławr1Bejb.' 3 days ago
chris brown numero uno
Micah-David Saunders
This song & video are so good, even Gucci Mane couldn't ruin them.
Nasiya Watkins
'Nasiya Watkins' 3 days ago
Who else saw ayo and teo reversing and being litt as always!!!💯💣😂
Prix Nige Cyan Malik
A Guy who can dance and has a blessed voice
Sandro Rodrigues
'Sandro Rodrigues' 3 days ago
Lindo o
James Games
'James Games' 3 days ago
Bro why are ayo and Tao on it they are stupid mutha fuckas
Emmanuelle Jebez
'Emmanuelle Jebez' 3 days ago
Getrude Boateng
'Getrude Boateng' 3 days ago
So cool
Kendyll Gairnese
'Kendyll Gairnese' 4 days ago
How long did all of the moveing take them and how did the timeing was so good all the dancing took so long but it was good👌 that means good symbol
Pope Francis
'Pope Francis' 4 days ago
the song is lit except for the fake gucci. dont say he aint fake , im the pope, i know everything.
Caitlyn Yamashita
'Caitlyn Yamashita' 4 days ago did they shoot all this without getting caught???!! security is all around the mall's perimeter!     (:P)
Misha Gayle
'Misha Gayle' 4 days ago
Talia Ryans
'Talia Ryans' 4 days ago
OMG I just realized he was saying "hold that rollie up" lol damn
Kayla Arnold
'Kayla Arnold' 4 days ago
nice song c brown
Alyssa Rouse
'Alyssa Rouse' 4 days ago
Chris when I am so depressed and feel like shit I listen to your music and I feel so happy and no one can touch me. Thank you for your music. You are truly a god in my book. Idc what anyone else thinks. You help so much.
Mike Tucker
'Mike Tucker' 4 days ago
Ayo teo i love them no homo
Dominic Garcia
'Dominic Garcia' 4 days ago
Ayo & teo 2:32
Violet Cook
'Violet Cook' 4 days ago
dd key so
Lily Taylor
'Lily Taylor' 4 days ago
Who else saw Ayo and Teo? i heard that so many upcoming singers are getting help from *A U T H E N T I C VIEWS D O T C O M*
Aniyah Bear
'Aniyah Bear' 4 days ago
Don't worry, I am not a good idea, but I have been a bit more. 4
Jonathan Alatriste
Kaci Hyde
'Kaci Hyde' 4 days ago
Betty Tanner
'Betty Tanner' 4 days ago
This is instantly my favorite song
Crystal McLeod
'Crystal McLeod' 4 days ago
Looking sexy
Ambitious Deaf Kid
Catch the backup dancer that doesn't spin at 2:28
'AwkwardTones' 4 days ago
Usher can't take the stairs like everybody else, nooo he gotta come sliding down...😒😂
'AwkwardTones' 4 days ago
I just want the background dancer with the long hair to come teach me how to dance.
Skit Techx
'Skit Techx' 4 days ago
When is he gonna make criss cross and really done 2 yr old kid saying I'm 125
Joshua Isaac
'Joshua Isaac' 4 days ago
Like my mix
Carmen Chung
'Carmen Chung' 4 days ago
Kea , Sheaden , Tahani , Aidan , Ayo&Teo and all the kid dancers are LIT af🔥❤️
James Chen
'James Chen' 4 days ago
I do it like a nigga doing it. I swing I hit Cabrera i'm smart I don't part clara what you staring for.. car math i'm down in town when i'm around civilians are chirping. i'm tired of rappers saying they're murking. I don't play around it's not really business it's the conundrum. i'm always finished rapping. it's two none
Hassan DM
'Hassan DM' 4 days ago
Should tge fact that without YouTube, there wouldn't be nearly as mush effort put into music videos as there is now
Leon Graves
'Leon Graves' 4 days ago
i love this song george
AxleDizzy Plays
'AxleDizzy Plays' 4 days ago
Just party party party like my shitman just got out of yt
connie mumbi
'connie mumbi' 4 days ago
what are ayo and teo doing there anyway the best beat and move is at 2:27 and that girl made me laugh at three :thirty two and i am the cousin to ayo like
Prateek Verma
'Prateek Verma' 5 days ago
Big Fan Of U r Dance Moves... & Voice..☝😉😘😘👌👏
Chezter Rias
'Chezter Rias' 5 days ago
Sushma S
'Sushma S' 5 days ago
God I love these men!!! <3
Celia Lewis
'Celia Lewis' 5 days ago
Come on we all knew Gucci was not bout to dance!!😂
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