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Chris Brown - Party (Official Video) ft. Gucci Mane, Usher -
Published: 2 months ago By: ChrisBrownVEVO

By: ChrisBrownVEVOPublished: 2 months ago

81, 186, 630 views

830, 501 Likes   32, 060 Dislikes

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Donovan Dunn
'Donovan Dunn' 6 minutes ago
Kriss Kross by Chris Brown, you're welcome!
tommie belcher
'tommie belcher' 7 minutes ago
ayo and teo is there
'Bvnktv' 8 minutes ago
anyone think gucci's about to pop out at any second
Shakina Hickson
'Shakina Hickson' 9 minutes ago
love this song😘😘😘😍😍😍
Marcos Porras
'Marcos Porras' 33 minutes ago
'AviatorKidYT' 41 minutes ago
Pull up on my wrist. Make my momma sorry! (my mom got us separated because she drank God dang it
Eli Coffey
'Eli Coffey' 43 minutes ago
Was that kida?
Yada Caldwell
'Yada Caldwell' 44 minutes ago
ayy bae killed it love you chris brown
Facundo Quintana
'Facundo Quintana' 45 minutes ago
como se llama la cancion? 0:56? what's the name of song ?0:56
Sofia Ramos
'Sofia Ramos' 54 minutes ago
what is the name from the song of the beginning??? <3
Helena Nzango
'Helena Nzango' 58 minutes ago
I can't wait for the PARTY TOUR !!
Aniyah Howard
'Aniyah Howard' 1 hour ago
Biell Henriique !
'Biell Henriique !' 1 hour ago
Cade Oos Br ?? haha '
sosobel 974
'sosobel 974' 1 hour ago
slt les boufons
'EasternSkating' 1 hour ago
chris brown dance so smooth
Bryana Colbert
'Bryana Colbert' 1 hour ago
Sorry but only Chris Brown and Usher made this lit. I have know idea who that other guy was but I don't like him, sorry but they should've took him out.
Nicholas Mays
'Nicholas Mays' 2 hours ago
chris brown and usher are best dancers
GAsiane Woodhood
'GAsiane Woodhood' 2 hours ago
who dislike i love this song
Latifah Collaso
'Latifah Collaso' 2 hours ago
are they in that abandon mall that sam and colby, Elton, heath and Corey snuck in??
'Abelxo' 2 hours ago
Wiz Khalifa - Pull Up ft. Lil Uzi Vert
DareMe Dirty
'DareMe Dirty' 2 hours ago
hello people scrolling the comments while the music playing
DareMe Dirty
'DareMe Dirty' 2 hours ago
feeling kinda horny like if u feeling the same
dylan Martinez vlogs
Camilla P
'Camilla P' 2 hours ago
nice gold clock bro
'JULIE SMITH' 2 hours ago
I'm so pissed I wasn't in his video!!!!! SOOOO PISSED
McKenzie Hunnicutt
'McKenzie Hunnicutt' 3 hours ago
I love his singing dancing AND I LOVE HIM! but fr the dancing is LIT!
K Trigs
'K Trigs' 3 hours ago
never heard this song or watched this video but.... . I'm fckn speechless. Awesome!!!! Go Usher! and ol boy @ 2:47 killed this shit!
William willison
'William willison' 3 hours ago
teo and ayo on there
Cosmic King
'Cosmic King' 3 hours ago
Med  Sidimed
'Med Sidimed' 3 hours ago
That moment when you are a filthy weeb and you understand what the woman in the beginning is saying without reading the subtitles.
Josue Luis jr
'Josue Luis jr' 3 hours ago
This music video/song is stupid lit
Tau Teaka Rhind
'Tau Teaka Rhind' 4 hours ago
irvin jackson
'irvin jackson' 4 hours ago
Those kids at the beginning fucked up the video
pispa dollar
'pispa dollar' 4 hours ago
who did This sound phone ring??
Deandre Segrest
'Deandre Segrest' 4 hours ago
Marlon Sandoval
'Marlon Sandoval' 4 hours ago
"She party" 🔥🔥🔥
Jamilah Snells
'Jamilah Snells' 4 hours ago
Chris Is literally good at everything what a GOAT
FrenZo Beats
'FrenZo Beats' 4 hours ago
Hot Instrumental Beats!!! On my channel!!!
Jordhana Dias
'Jordhana Dias' 4 hours ago
Tanajah Moore
'Tanajah Moore' 4 hours ago
Chris Brown is cute and hot
Max Alaoui
'Max Alaoui' 4 hours ago
Nice chris brown
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Hot Instrumental ! Beats On My Channel Too!
Tonika Pearson
'Tonika Pearson' 5 hours ago
Judy Whitehurst
'Judy Whitehurst' 5 hours ago
ll Patamon ll Digitiert zu ....! ll
I like the song but i dislike Gucci Mane. Who else is with me ?
kevyn Vines
'kevyn Vines' 5 hours ago
Cris brow Brazil love you
Mike Harris
'Mike Harris' 5 hours ago
Gucci Mane
Joshua Nunnaley
'Joshua Nunnaley' 5 hours ago
Les twins in everything.they deserve more camera time though
Homer Coolinson
'Homer Coolinson' 6 hours ago
Run! Вася Run!
Nathan Gomes
'Nathan Gomes' 6 hours ago
chaviiio chris
Carlos Reyes
'Carlos Reyes' 6 hours ago
cool cool.pretty cool
Chidiuto Uzoma
'Chidiuto Uzoma' 6 hours ago
Nassh Rodriguez
'Nassh Rodriguez' 6 hours ago
alguien que me diga como se llama la canción del principio pls
'Я- ХЕЙТЕР' 7 hours ago
'xCarlviggo' 7 hours ago
Did i just see ayo and teo
nilay ibrahimli
'nilay ibrahimli' 7 hours ago
perfecttt dance and music chris brown👍❤👄
divulgacao hm
'divulgacao hm' 7 hours ago
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Brandie Fountaine
'Brandie Fountaine' 7 hours ago
a thousand times
'서민재' 7 hours ago
we don't have a party~~~!!
Kirsten Rewis
'Kirsten Rewis' 7 hours ago
"You don't look a day over 60" loll"Im a 125"
Courtlyn Lowe
'Courtlyn Lowe' 8 hours ago
usher can dance better without trying so hard
Yolanthy Lopez
'Yolanthy Lopez' 8 hours ago
I love this song
Kevin Jaecker
'Kevin Jaecker' 8 hours ago
Zac Clark
'Zac Clark' 8 hours ago
Legit want his watch real bad
Cynthia Moore
'Cynthia Moore' 8 hours ago
do yall see Chris and Usher entrance to their verses OMG😘😍 #effortless# can dance THEY ass off !!!!!
Salyon Princer
'Salyon Princer' 8 hours ago
Dammmm the best vídeo of the2016🤙🏼👌🏼
Cynthia Moore
'Cynthia Moore' 8 hours ago
theres no competition between Usher and Chris bc both of their skillz are certified and official its no secret that theres a slight age difference but they both are great singers and dancers AND THIS WAS A GREAT WAY TO SHOW JUST HOW AWESOME TWO ARTIST CAN BE AND NOT BE IN COMPETITION.
'IRYN JAZMINE WANZA' 9 hours ago
I love it 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥♥♥♥♥
'Jete' Slaughter' 9 hours ago
AYO AND TEO ARE IN THIS VIDEO??????!!!!!!!!!!!!
Samson Wamwanga
'Samson Wamwanga' 9 hours ago
chris is acc a goat
Samson Wamwanga
'Samson Wamwanga' 9 hours ago
Zulma Rivera
'Zulma Rivera' 9 hours ago
wow me encanta esta tremendo el baile chris tu eres especial para mi me facina cm bailas y usher tu voz es increible y bailas buenos a los 2 les deseo lo mejor suerte si asi fueran todos los rappers unidos y no guerra hay intrumentos para todos es sabelo manejar y chris tu eres bello no dejes q nadie te derumba lucha q tienes valor suerte a mis 2 cantantes famosos dios los proteja love 💋🙏
Tori Hightower
'Tori Hightower' 9 hours ago
Is that Kyndall Harris at 4:06?
Sabrina Philomène
'Sabrina Philomène' 9 hours ago
'WarenGaming' 10 hours ago
Ayo & Teo is the going to be the best dancer in the world when Chris brown will be old
Love Lashay
'Love Lashay' 10 hours ago
ok turn up
Donaldprince Michel
'Donaldprince Michel' 10 hours ago
OMG I think I just had a heart attack,the songs too LIT
tarcisio felix
'tarcisio felix' 10 hours ago
Arwa Star
'Arwa Star' 10 hours ago
How does Chris brown know and understand Japanese? 🤔😍
Alandria Calhoun
'Alandria Calhoun' 10 hours ago
This song is LIVE
Ledanien Nash
'Ledanien Nash' 10 hours ago
Ledanien loves your videos and I like the song kriss kross
Gemini witda3rdeye
'Gemini witda3rdeye' 10 hours ago
fuck what anyone say . Chris be killing shit out . my dawg is lit
Wiz Khalifa
'Wiz Khalifa' 11 hours ago
Man, Instagram famous people move fast lmfao. Chris got the reverse boy in here and his brother I can't. I don't care Chris Brown buy youtube views from *AUTHENTIC* *HITS* *dot* *com*
Maxwell Ryan
'Maxwell Ryan' 11 hours ago
am only watch Chris dance ,y am I not watching his dancers 😂😂
Nhlamulo Lucky Khosa
'Nhlamulo Lucky Khosa' 11 hours ago
Who is still plsyin this after 2017 february 23
Dance Chris Brown
'Dance Chris Brown' 11 hours ago
chris brown best dance in the world
Maurice Raymond
'Maurice Raymond' 12 hours ago
80mil in 69 days
anthony elenga
'anthony elenga' 13 hours ago
I almost forgot that this guy can dance for days
Emma Bugee
'Emma Bugee' 13 hours ago
80 million views 😁
Ash Underhill
'Ash Underhill' 14 hours ago
Jason Derulo, Chris Brown, & Usher are the kings of dancing.... where did Jason Derulo go? He fell off the face on the earth in the last two years. I sure wish he would release something! Usher & Young Breezy steadily release killer hits...
Lavorn Ingram
'Lavorn Ingram' 15 hours ago
2:22 phenomenal footwork what's the name of that
Imran Ahmed
'Imran Ahmed' 15 hours ago
Luzolo Lukengi
'Luzolo Lukengi' 15 hours ago
you writed schoy doo doo
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