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Chris Brown - Party (Official Video) ft. Gucci Mane, Usher -
Published: 4 months ago By: ChrisBrownVEVO

By: ChrisBrownVEVOPublished: 4 months ago

120, 839, 083 views

1, 069, 842 Likes   48, 410 Dislikes

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Robthom _x
'Robthom _x' 4 minutes ago
I hate freakin' ayo and teo
'LabDiamondsGold' 6 minutes ago
Any one else seen ayo & teo
queen lumaa
'queen lumaa' 20 minutes ago
is that teo my boyfrined
Essence Eregbu
'Essence Eregbu' 53 minutes ago
SEAN, JOSH,Dede,Tahani all in the video! Wish Julian and Kaycee was in it! #LilBeast
Tylan Lee
'Tylan Lee' 1 hour ago
ayo and teo
AuraKiller HD
'AuraKiller HD' 2 hours ago
Who else noticed he started with white shoes and ended with brown color shoes?
AuraKiller HD
'AuraKiller HD' 2 hours ago
Who else noticed he started with white shoes and ended with brown color shoes?
gabison umboxing
'gabison umboxing' 3 hours ago
da hora
gabison umboxing
'gabison umboxing' 3 hours ago
musica daora d+
Tawona Reeves
'Tawona Reeves' 4 hours ago
Kill it
Mia Lloyd
'Mia Lloyd' 5 hours ago
good job
Adrianna Davis
'Adrianna Davis' 5 hours ago
who else thinks Chris Brown is the 2 best male dancer nd singer
Asiaa McLorin
'Asiaa McLorin' 5 hours ago
I love it when Chris brown dances , he's so talented ❤️
kilah murphy
'kilah murphy' 6 hours ago
Virginia Loury
'Virginia Loury' 6 hours ago
I love this song and I like Chris Brown 😍😘😉😝😜 for you Chris
'gydpkkimfx' 6 hours ago
ardecichway1976 *CLICK > **#zc0T0g5Qxq** < CLICK* ardecichway1976 ardecichway1976 *CLICK > **#zc0T0g5Qxq** < CLICK* ardecichway1976 ardecichway1976 *CLICK > **#zc0T0g5Qxq** < CLICK* ardecichway1976
'iiMxlon' 6 hours ago
at 1:20 it starts 😊
Sofía Rodriquez
'Sofía Rodriquez' 6 hours ago
I came here from 1million dance studio..who else??
'SkyDavisHigh' 7 hours ago
What's the age thing at the beginning? Is this set in some post apocalyptic future world or am I reaching and way off? lol
Yoryanys Zayas
'Yoryanys Zayas' 7 hours ago
ayo and teo were there
'xvid' 8 hours ago
this video is crazy. damn chris brown your videos keep getting better every time.
Jeaniris Mendez
'Jeaniris Mendez' 8 hours ago
love how ayo & teo dance. Didn't know they where in this video 😍😍
Teniquah Reid
'Teniquah Reid' 8 hours ago
2017 anyone
Kayla Xelhua
'Kayla Xelhua' 8 hours ago
keeps freezing
Debbie Wright
'Debbie Wright' 9 hours ago
Suele Su
'Suele Su' 9 hours ago
Oh! Music Beautiful
Kimarni Clahar
'Kimarni Clahar' 9 hours ago
Ahbreanna Bell
'Ahbreanna Bell' 10 hours ago
Chris your music is their it is doing good and I will listen to it in their rest of my life I will listen to it today 😀😁😃😅😆😇😊☺😉😆😅😄😃😁😀😊😊🐕🐶🐮🐴🐍🐸🐥⛲🎱🎳👔
'The AWAKENING' 13 hours ago
Everybody killed it! Cut the track up!
Robloxian FixIt
'Robloxian FixIt' 13 hours ago
I heard Ayo and Teo was in this.... New Title "Ayo and Teo - Party"
Chrisbrownfan fr
'Chrisbrownfan fr' 14 hours ago
Chris Brown fans stand up!!!!!
Leonel Xavier
'Leonel Xavier' 15 hours ago
I'm here for Gucci 👌🙌
'Griffon' 15 hours ago
I've seen this a million times just for those dance moves.
troy smith
'troy smith' 15 hours ago
lil uzi vert feature on wiz track...
Bob Thes
'Bob Thes' 16 hours ago
This song perfect, breezy killed the hook, killed his verse with the singing, usher did the same, gucci came in with the rap and bodied his verse, that scar face like went hard.
Malique Dorsey Pierce
this is the abandoned mall that all the Youtuber go to
Micro Voi
'Micro Voi' 16 hours ago
Gucci Mane look like Dwyane Wade lol
Kxng _Flash
'Kxng _Flash' 17 hours ago
I was on this shit before all yall faxxxx
'Myonnakayla123' 18 hours ago
I bet y'all didn't know that Woody the Great (Woody McClain) is one of Chris Brown's dancers in this video.
Bryneen Gary
'Bryneen Gary' 18 hours ago
Me and My Niece learning the Moves
yolanda arredondo
'yolanda arredondo' 20 hours ago
My grandma thinks he is bad but I thing he is bad sexy in my bed
Damian Burgos
'Damian Burgos' 20 hours ago
Ayo and teo is d best dancer they inspired me to be one again #AyoandTeo
yolanda arredondo
'yolanda arredondo' 20 hours ago
Best line we know how to party
Alexis Santillan
'Alexis Santillan' 20 hours ago
the one that has long hair he dance good and Chris Brown dance good too
Damian Burgos
'Damian Burgos' 20 hours ago
antuan XII
'antuan XII' 20 hours ago
The cameraman is lit fam deadass b 😩😍👌🏽
Rhaniyha Walker
'Rhaniyha Walker' 21 hours ago
I love you
Coraline Gaming
'Coraline Gaming' 21 hours ago
Know I wanna be a dancer.
'92wishbone' 21 hours ago
Whats the song he dances to at the beginning with the asian people
Christina Dubose
'Christina Dubose' 21 hours ago
Hi,Chris.I'm a big fan.
Gregory Brown
'Gregory Brown' 21 hours ago
love it chris brown
Keyonna Ochoa
'Keyonna Ochoa' 21 hours ago
love this song💪💪💞💞
liz willow
'liz willow' 22 hours ago
I can exercise longer listening to this song
liz willow
'liz willow' 22 hours ago
Usher n Chris got off this will never get old to me I love watching this video
Darrel P.
'Darrel P.' 22 hours ago
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Adhitya Chhetri
'Adhitya Chhetri' 22 hours ago
You dance so good I don't dance that good but I am good at danceing
'LeonardoBMokriski' 22 hours ago
I like it but it sounds just like pull up by wiz and lil uzi
Rytisha Pearson
'Rytisha Pearson' 22 hours ago
shmateo and ayo litty
Courtney Kennedy
'Courtney Kennedy' 23 hours ago
wait was that just Ayo and Teo?????
ace to high
'ace to high' 23 hours ago
jack fred
'jack fred' 24 hours ago
danm nice 1mil likes
Fabio Silva
'Fabio Silva' 24 hours ago
Neymar 👌
Sai Barnes
'Sai Barnes' 1 day ago
the only reason I hate ayo and teo is because they copy les twins.
Alan Rabago
'Alan Rabago' 1 day ago
does gucci mane have a clone or am i just trippin
Beatriz Tavares
'Beatriz Tavares' 1 day ago
Adoro esta música 😍 de Chris Brown
Athena Rowe
'Athena Rowe' 1 day ago
who else listen to the music and read the comments at the same time
Galaxygaming 123
'Galaxygaming 123' 1 day ago
this is a cool song it's mt favourite one thank you for making this god bless you!
Vanessa Phillips
'Vanessa Phillips' 1 day ago
every body kriss kross
Anita Adams
'Anita Adams' 1 day ago
party party party fun I know how to party we know
SexyGirlTrucker Cleveland
This video Litty AF.......makes my hairs stand up and has me feeling turnt inside!!!!!
Sasharra Burks
'Sasharra Burks' 1 day ago
i love watching this i know all the dance moves
Kareema Richards
'Kareema Richards' 1 day ago
the best party song in the world
Dante August
'Dante August' 1 day ago
Mj would be proud
Bailey Cavitt
'Bailey Cavitt' 1 day ago
come to my house chris brown
Somiya808 West
'Somiya808 West' 1 day ago
I love this vid I almost cried. I said almost!!!!!
'VenomFire' 1 day ago
The video did not match the song
Killcam Xp
'Killcam Xp' 1 day ago
Yo Teo in here
Yvette Mampoundzo
Je l'aime trop c'est mon mari 😍💓💜💜👌👌👄💋👑
Unique Wright
'Unique Wright' 1 day ago
Avikshit Gokhale
'Avikshit Gokhale' 1 day ago
Guys have you listened to Don Thrilla?
Galaxy Unicorn
'Galaxy Unicorn' 1 day ago
Ayo and Theo dancing at 2:30
ciara in the building !!!
How is listing in 2017
Leloba Miziyonke
'Leloba Miziyonke' 1 day ago
This song makes me crazy
Eden 01
'Eden 01' 1 day ago
Woody 😍🔥👌🏾
Raven Davis
'Raven Davis' 1 day ago
ayo and teo with the drop and naenae they killed it @shmateo_ and @ogleloo
'Dnateion' 1 day ago
what is that dance they Do with their feet
Hunter Respawn
'Hunter Respawn' 1 day ago
Juicy j. I love u so much u are the best😜😋😅😀
'LarryBandz313' 1 day ago
Hunter Respawn
'Hunter Respawn' 1 day ago
I love all your songs on the redo
David Bahati
'David Bahati' 1 day ago
you're my nigga
Dakota Walker
'Dakota Walker' 1 day ago
i wish I had those moves
Mayky Maykinho
'Mayky Maykinho' 1 day ago
chris brown best actor
smiley marta
'smiley marta' 2 days ago
why can't I dance like this
Blanca fernandez
'Blanca fernandez' 2 days ago
Love dis shit da dance moves tho👏🏻😩
Ingrid Kassandra Flores
the dance is fucking amazing
Corbin Jackson
'Corbin Jackson' 2 days ago
dam, them kids lit.
Priscilla Gomez
'Priscilla Gomez' 2 days ago
Ago and teo up In here
Jolie Homan
'Jolie Homan' 2 days ago
I like the beat and the point that have a party anytime any day 🎧. plus gust saying happy birthday fam !
Jabari Nyela
'Jabari Nyela' 2 days ago
I told you all that his new album "Heartbreak On A Full Moon" will be released this June!
helainy Cristina
'helainy Cristina' 2 days ago
Adorei a musica , minha filha chora pois quer muito conhecer o Chris Brown mais não temos dinheiro, ela chora tanto que da até pena :(
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