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6 AWESOME Magic Tricks -
Published: 4 months ago By: MrGear

By: MrGearPublished: 4 months ago

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'TheAndroidGamer' 2 days ago
can u show a tutorial on this
Lincoln Kush
'Lincoln Kush' 2 days ago
Hongwen1234 Hongwen1234
the Pepsi trick I see it before in tricky Tv
'FreddyMiRaZDaTeL' 2 weeks ago
ynvg swag
'ynvg swag' 2 weeks ago
3 hours
Humera Tariq
'Humera Tariq' 3 weeks ago
Marcus Winer
'Marcus Winer' 3 weeks ago
+MrGear what is the music called?
JUST FUN!!!!!!
'JUST FUN!!!!!!' 4 weeks ago
Inferno Scorpion
'Inferno Scorpion' 4 weeks ago
no freakin magic.
Kız Oyuncu-ASKER
'Kız Oyuncu-ASKER' 1 month ago
as bayrakları as as as as
Kenya Carpenter
'Kenya Carpenter' 1 month ago
Kenya Carpenter
'Kenya Carpenter' 1 month ago
so cool
Filip Drogosz
'Filip Drogosz' 1 month ago
He is good
day1 man
'day1 man' 1 month ago
13 years
'flaming112' 1 month ago
this is science
That Dude Endy
'That Dude Endy' 1 month ago
4:09 I would have laughed so hard if the bit he was holding onto broke
Rohan Ratchagan
'Rohan Ratchagan' 1 month ago
this is not magics this is tricks idiot
Hazeemo Games
'Hazeemo Games' 1 month ago
WHAOOOOOO that was AWESOME oMFG fhfhskgbrxkhlr
Ali Yigit Adıgüzel
baslik turkce
Simal Aygun
'Simal Aygun' 2 months ago
türk musun yoksa fudysuorri
Hana AlNahdi
'Hana AlNahdi' 2 months ago
WOW the last one was unbelieve
Funtime Freddy
'Funtime Freddy' 2 months ago
i will show u a trick Read More
Yiğit Öz
'Yiğit Öz' 2 months ago
abi başlık türkçe
Lava Lemonade
'Lava Lemonade' 2 months ago
Only today
Enrico Calegari
'Enrico Calegari' 2 months ago
che video del dio porco porco dio che merda dio cane
Awkward With Glasses
'Awkward With Glasses' 2 months ago
MMOderator is right
Awkward With Glasses
'Awkward With Glasses' 2 months ago
thats not even cool
Maham Saeed
'Maham Saeed' 2 months ago
These aren't technically magic tricks
Austin Harendt
'Austin Harendt' 2 months ago
When u hit 5mil subs do a video where u talk like if u agree
'DarkDayTR' 2 months ago
adam türk
Preston Garvy
'Preston Garvy' 2 months ago
dude, where the Fuck did you learn how to open your skittles
Dog Slaughterer
'Dog Slaughterer' 2 months ago
I have been watching your channel for 4 months and never knew you are Russian XD
Daxer TV
'Daxer TV' 2 months ago
Are you from Macedonia?
mangal yürek
'mangal yürek' 2 months ago
türkler bu videoya el koydu
papapn flims
'papapn flims' 2 months ago
subscribe me i have done to you also and even to all i will do and subscribe and like videos who will subscribe me
İlker Özdemir
'İlker Özdemir' 2 months ago
Abi Türkmusun
Aditya Nugraha Pradana
can i do this with coca cola?
7 TV
'7 TV' 2 months ago
Rachel Kity
'Rachel Kity' 2 months ago
ha green fire
Rachel Kity
'Rachel Kity' 2 months ago
what the....... how did u do with the pepsi
mercy borde
'mercy borde' 2 months ago
GTFO My Pancake!
'GTFO My Pancake!' 2 months ago
Don't mind me. I'm just a regular English-speaker leaving a comment here. c:
Little Good boyXD
'Little Good boyXD' 2 months ago
On my way to Madrid today from Barcelona, didn't have much time to get this video up (surprised I actually managed with the lack of Wifi hotspots here). Sorry for the lack engagement, I'll be answering comments later next week! Hope you all enjoy the new Lonely Palace release though, one of my favorites so far! :)
Julie Villa
'Julie Villa' 2 months ago
Damm cool tricks lol
felipe ideias
'felipe ideias' 2 months ago
bem louco
Josh the jelly
'Josh the jelly' 2 months ago
please like otherwise my mum will take away YouTube for some reason and I really like watching these videos so please like 😁😁
Josh the jelly
'Josh the jelly' 2 months ago
good video
Scotty blue
'Scotty blue' 2 months ago
this really shit as !!!
'A'lp U'sta' 2 months ago
oha turkce baslik
Game Tekno TV
'Game Tekno TV' 2 months ago
turk usulu cay tasimaa amk cok isimize yaradi
Emre Sancar
'Emre Sancar' 2 months ago
as bayrakları as as as
Murked Boy
'Murked Boy' 3 months ago
I love the video and its really interesting, but I clicked looking for magic this is science so topic can be a little deceiving. But other than that the facts are awesome! Thumbs up.
Ankur Kumar
'Ankur Kumar' 3 months ago
that ain't a magic trick
Ramp Gaming
'Ramp Gaming' 3 months ago
Adam bomb Schmidt
'Adam bomb Schmidt' 3 months ago
My mind is shattered!😱
Black Kakarot
'Black Kakarot' 3 months ago
What paper did he used at the first scene?..
Aredonaz Serah GAMING
To mrgear, about 2-3 years now
Benjamin Voyle
'Benjamin Voyle' 3 months ago
I know how to do that magic trick
Manjinder Randhawa
'Manjinder Randhawa' 3 months ago
green fire me vo konsa white salt tha pls tell me and that is water in bottle
'Hubert' 3 months ago
Meagan Lam
'Meagan Lam' 3 months ago
Such a waste of skittles
Sasuke kun
'Sasuke kun' 3 months ago
please for the song name
iqbal Allauddin
'iqbal Allauddin' 3 months ago
last wala magic aisa kyun huwa
rene roman
'rene roman' 3 months ago
We did a science experiment on the skittle one. At school for science in specials
Gokce helen Ozcan
'Gokce helen Ozcan' 3 months ago
Sen turkmusun?
rs ninuk
'rs ninuk' 3 months ago
hi mr.Gear...first watching magic simple realy making food dissaper so easy
Teamtielegends GamingYT
*I found RUSSIAN TEXT* Are you Russian?
ahmed khalid
'ahmed khalid' 3 months ago
I know the first magic turick of you videp already
चन्दू च
'चन्दू च' 3 months ago
hi i like it
Ali Raja
'Ali Raja' 4 months ago
Bruno Miguel
'Bruno Miguel' 4 months ago
Music name please. Thanks ;-)
'花謝花飛' 4 months ago
I just can not stop watching next one.
Gameron Gaming
'Gameron Gaming' 4 months ago
You can only say magic if you don't know the mathematical or scientific reason behind it
jaya ram
'jaya ram' 4 months ago
tell me what material is used...while playing video. just scorl it
Matthew Stack
'Matthew Stack' 4 months ago
26 like and 172 comment
Reicky REQ
'Reicky REQ' 4 months ago
nice video :) i have a "science experiment" video too, if you want, just see on my channel :)
Tony Bray
'Tony Bray' 4 months ago
Mika Zahar
'Mika Zahar' 4 months ago
Can anyone explain in details the green flame thing ?
Emily Girl
'Emily Girl' 4 months ago
русские есть ???? и почему видео название на русском ??//
Kasar Shazad
'Kasar Shazad' 4 months ago
This ain't magic , this is bullshit on a plate!!!
'WhisGivesMeTheSpooks' 4 months ago
Everything seems higher quality in "Russia"
Kira 012
'Kira 012' 4 months ago
How the hell did you do the mentos one, tell me now!!!
'Electroimpex' 4 months ago
Please say me the Name of the Music, pls
abdullah alnhdee
'abdullah alnhdee' 4 months ago
'Ahmetumut' 4 months ago
Teknoloji dersi için buraya geldim jskssksk
BlueSlimePro Diamonds miner
I've watching your videos for months
Davide Rio
'Davide Rio' 4 months ago
what is the first song?
'TheDarkness' 4 months ago
mrgear 1. deneyi yaptim yere dokuldu
Mârq Glézx
'Mârq Glézx' 4 months ago
'SRF TRKY' 4 months ago
As bayrak ları as as as as as as
Iordan Cvetkov
'Iordan Cvetkov' 4 months ago
ti si bulgarin
'Ciguli' 4 months ago
niye başlık türkçe sadece bendemi öyle türkmü
Belal Ahmed
'Belal Ahmed' 4 months ago
'Zmootth' 4 months ago
0:50 i always do that on school when math started becuz math is very very boring lol xD
Gamer Vova
'Gamer Vova' 4 months ago
MrGear you from Ukraine
gameplayer88 ignore this part
that Pepsi one isnt magic I have done it before
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