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Syd - All About Me -
Published: 1 month ago By: SydVEVO

By: SydVEVOPublished: 1 month ago

1, 442, 352 views

34, 661 Likes   1, 709 Dislikes

"All About Me" from Syd's debut solo album, Fin, out now. Get it here:

Video directed by Calmatic


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Nicole Coleman
'Nicole Coleman' 1 hour ago
Was hodgy nails painted green?? Or am I seeing stuff? 🤔
Mongezi Ntshangase
'Mongezi Ntshangase' 2 hours ago
i love your music guys
Amber Lopez
'Amber Lopez' 3 hours ago
'NIGHTMVRE B' 16 hours ago
andshoutouttohodgy.....Fireplace was the best album this year
'NIGHTMVRE B' 16 hours ago
Sade Tucker
'Sade Tucker' 18 hours ago
I admire Syd. She's herself, her voice is beautiful, and she's exceptionally talented. Go queen!😍😍😍👑💎
L Ja
'L Ja' 18 hours ago
her Flow is dope
bloo blah
'bloo blah' 21 hours ago
fucking love that everyonne is doing their shit AND NOW EVEN SYD , but am happy that a majority of the OF crew can actually be in the same room , like to see that hodgy and tyler in the same video in 2017 is beautiful LET ALONE A SYD SOLO PROJECT VIDEO. fuck yeah 2017
'MIGAS ODC' 23 hours ago
OFWGKTA days ... damn I been sleepin on her
Sul Fell
'Sul Fell' 1 day ago
Steve lacy smashed it with this beat
'BlackEss3nce' 1 day ago
This song makes me feel like I'm drowning underwater. Falling slowly, deeper and deeper from existence
hassaan haider
'hassaan haider' 1 day ago
this Singer need to take medicine for his throat...!
Kato Murphy
'Kato Murphy' 1 day ago
Anyone know who the guy at 3:14 is? I don't know if there was any significance on showing him but he seems cool
Patrick Pereira
'Patrick Pereira' 1 day ago
música massa
Patrick Pereira
'Patrick Pereira' 1 day ago
massa viado
'Ee'Rah' 2 days ago
Что за афро-гопник, господи. На музыку мне все равно, не любитель такого, но ее стиль в одежде...
Sam OP
'Sam OP' 2 days ago
the best female hip hop artist i know
Irnes Bašić
'Irnes Bašić' 3 days ago
She would look cool with a beard
'nosashuly' 3 days ago
Is Syd male or female pls?
'Esther' 3 days ago
Quer namora comigo te amo
Leonardo Saldanha
'Leonardo Saldanha' 3 days ago
Que instrumental é esse meu deus?! Syd, tu é do caralho. Salve do brasil.
x Chloe_Datgurll x
the song is in 1.25 speed
'thisissoshitify' 3 days ago
Sexiest woman alive shark energy
nicola celentano
'nicola celentano' 3 days ago
i'm here because i saw the instagram stories of ghali
Zaire Jacobs
'Zaire Jacobs' 4 days ago
do that black guy have yellow nails if so he gay
Zaire Jacobs
'Zaire Jacobs' 4 days ago
once u listen to this song u can't stop
'alwaysbusiness4' 4 days ago
I always love the internet,but DAMN by herself, OH my Damn. str8 FIRE.......
Mj DeGawd
'Mj DeGawd' 4 days ago
Get em Syd! 🔥🔥
Saleemah Cartwright
Carsten Helvie
'Carsten Helvie' 4 days ago
Can some one explain the differences between Syd and The Internet?
Shay Jackson
'Shay Jackson' 4 days ago
A new favorite song and artist
'Kangruv' 5 days ago
Dope! Check out my music if you got a minute!
'alee7805' 5 days ago
same flow from silkk da shocka
'RarelyVegan' 5 days ago
love this song
aspirin 01
'aspirin 01' 5 days ago
Steve looking like a whole snacc
Don Pablo
'Don Pablo' 5 days ago
Kalim :D
'이승훈' 5 days ago
목소리 개 섹시하네
Madysen Owens
'Madysen Owens' 6 days ago
Mason Leifried
'Mason Leifried' 6 days ago
If you guys like this check out this up and coming group MT$ they're super dope !!
Domonita Purvis
'Domonita Purvis' 6 days ago
just realized she's the girl from the internet... love her
H.H Hayat
'H.H Hayat' 6 days ago
yaaaaaas 🙏❤
'thisissoshitify' 6 days ago
que mujer!
Omar Cota Torres
'Omar Cota Torres' 6 days ago
For a sec, i thought tht was Hopsin lol 1:57
Cee A
'Cee A' 7 days ago
Eileen washington
'Eileen washington' 1 week ago
WTF you can't even hear the lyrics
Billy Kerr
'Billy Kerr' 1 week ago
Only after listening to this a few times did i start to hear the 'whoop!'
izzy doodle
'izzy doodle' 1 week ago
average MSFT
'average MSFT' 1 week ago
isn't this the internet did she change her name
guci aaagatha
'guci aaagatha' 1 week ago
syd la rapera
Leonardo Medina
'Leonardo Medina' 1 week ago
shits dope man
Visu C.
'Visu C.' 1 week ago
Hey can you please take the time out of your day to check out my new youtube page please?? Just a young hungry musician tryna get his music heard.. just like and subscribe..thanks in advance!!
troy cooler
'troy cooler' 1 week ago
I love her voice
jocelyne sanchez
'jocelyne sanchez' 1 week ago
Irene Kim
'Irene Kim' 1 week ago
아 진짜 너무 좋아
Arturo Senganov
'Arturo Senganov' 1 week ago
sick stuff
Lord Roc
'Lord Roc' 1 week ago
I feel like this should be getting alot of radio play...
NiNi Woo
'NiNi Woo' 1 week ago
She killed this ENTIRE album 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️✨❤️✨✨
Nathan Martini
'Nathan Martini' 1 week ago
this song is BOSS !!!!!!!!!!!!
'SWEETDEE007' 1 week ago
Lord. I just came.
'Jeyness' 2 weeks ago
That's so amazing
Franklin Bluth
'Franklin Bluth' 2 weeks ago
I really like the beat on this track @ColoredSpaces
jalene marie
'jalene marie' 2 weeks ago
shit is dumb ass hell
'rizznrk77' 2 weeks ago
seeing Tyler and everyone in the back I'm happy to see and shit but meanwhile: still waiting on that WOLF album movie, but you know I'm still here.*
'alextheman' 2 weeks ago
Dropped harder than Hiroshima
Izzy Star
'Izzy Star' 2 weeks ago
Nice video!new favorite song. :)
Talia Oliver
'Talia Oliver' 2 weeks ago
Syd's album is DOPE AF! This song and "Know" are my favorites. I can't stop playing "Know"
letranger beats
'letranger beats' 2 weeks ago
this snare is fire!!!
//kass//aesthetic soundd
No fuckin way 1 million views
Jafari Burrell
'Jafari Burrell' 2 weeks ago
'AJ. F [III]' 2 weeks ago
is that a guy or girl...
Perry Hudson
'Perry Hudson' 2 weeks ago
Angélica Quintero
'Angélica Quintero' 2 weeks ago
Syd , i love your voice <3 <3
'MsCeeCee' 2 weeks ago
Annie Afrilu
'Annie Afrilu' 2 weeks ago
can't get enough of this vibe.
Jaylon Lair
'Jaylon Lair' 2 weeks ago
when she change her name
Danny Mendoza
'Danny Mendoza' 2 weeks ago
that beat tho 🔥
'Takamiko22' 2 weeks ago
Syd, please please please, make the "Know" music video next. Fin is the first time I'm hearing of you and I am shook. The album is hot. Know is my shit. Thank you for it.
Giovanna Duarte
'Giovanna Duarte' 2 weeks ago
Sarah Michelle
'Sarah Michelle' 2 weeks ago
My new Favorite artist!❤😍 Just heard "Body" and I love it!!!!🙌
'SAMMY Cook' 2 weeks ago
drake stimulus package anyone ? THE OVO SWEATSHOP WOULD MURDA THIS !
Christian Villegas
'Christian Villegas' 2 weeks ago
For all those talking ish saying this don't sound like Internet or Syd in general she already has a verse for you in the song! Syd: "Don't be mad if I switch up, my good taste got me this much, too sweet for your taste buds" 🔥🔥!!
Criminal Thought
'Criminal Thought' 2 weeks ago
the same shit we've heard time and time again. This another drake song sang by a new puppet
'PegbordFegs' 2 weeks ago
atrocious snare
Beatrice C
'Beatrice C' 2 weeks ago
'yan' 2 weeks ago
enamorá toi.
Yosief Eyob
'Yosief Eyob' 2 weeks ago
So lit!
Diego Inzunza Segovia
Best thing since the Obama mic drop. Beat is fire
Justin Smith
'Justin Smith' 2 weeks ago
that moment you realise she she is a girl
Tristan Kereopa
'Tristan Kereopa' 2 weeks ago
Pull up skrr
'chickenwityamz' 2 weeks ago
Im a hetersexual male that doesnt know how to feel about this attraction to Syd. I'd tuck it in and let her have her way with me tho.
Chelsea Garvin
'Chelsea Garvin' 2 weeks ago
shameless plug with the vans promo, we know you're the posted child this season Syd lol
dorell Lockhart-Watson
this song is toooo raw!!
key rowie
'key rowie' 2 weeks ago
everybody selling out
Fatma Khalifa
'Fatma Khalifa' 2 weeks ago
issa great song💯
Sense of Steph
'Sense of Steph' 2 weeks ago
Eden Mugar
'Eden Mugar' 2 weeks ago
I could see a syd and Bryson collab
b47ance indigo
'b47ance indigo' 2 weeks ago
its good to see a lot of them still together in this video smiling
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