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Syd - All About Me -
Published: 1 year ago By: SydVEVO

By: SydVEVOPublished: 1 year ago

3, 230, 577 views

64, 530 Likes   2, 340 Dislikes

"All About Me" from Syd's debut solo album, Fin, out now. Get it here:

Get tickets to the Always Never Home Tour:

Video directed by Calmatic


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Josh Estrada
'Josh Estrada' 2 hours ago
Is she Taco’s sister from odd future?
Neesha Marie
'Neesha Marie' 2 days ago
I love her 😍😍😍
KingLouie Nolden
'KingLouie Nolden' 5 days ago
Dope 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
'IDFWY W.' 5 days ago
I like her. I saw Tylers weird ass lol.
'핀란드' 1 week ago
내 기준 제일 멋있는 여자 보컬
hella ill
'hella ill' 1 week ago
Um why is she not on COLORS 😞😞😞
Khulan A
'Khulan A' 2 weeks ago
'357Franknitty' 2 weeks ago
Gaia brought me here!! 😍😍😍
Mcdonald most
'Mcdonald most' 3 weeks ago
2018 ..
Dottie Unicorn
'Dottie Unicorn' 3 weeks ago
The internet brought me here
N3sH Ren3
'N3sH Ren3' 3 weeks ago
Wait wait.... How long she been out? I need to investigate. I just LOVE when I stumble across new artist with DOPE ASS MUSIC!
landon lucas
'landon lucas' 4 weeks ago
I love this song🤩keep up the good work syd
Souks onlyjust
'Souks onlyjust' 4 weeks ago
Is this Bruno mars?
carlton matlock
'carlton matlock' 4 weeks ago
I love Syd she’s a hot babe
galaxy fanfan
'galaxy fanfan' 1 month ago
Tk Marshall
'Tk Marshall' 1 month ago
She always been lit yall sleep
Cyborea Mureithi
'Cyborea Mureithi' 1 month ago
JM studios
'JM studios' 1 month ago
2018 anyone ?
simon thom
'simon thom' 1 month ago
Does this remind anybody else of the "Crab Canon on A Möbius Strip" video on YouTube?
Stephon White
'Stephon White' 1 month ago
This song right here..... slaps bro. Piru
'griffiths' 2 months ago
I want to sleep with her but imagine she a man like the way she acts
Ian Merchant
'Ian Merchant' 2 months ago
She reminds me of the blue guy from guardians of the galaxy
La La
'La La' 2 months ago
Jada Mcdougal
'Jada Mcdougal' 2 months ago
xupa tula
'xupa tula' 2 months ago
i love this shit sooo bad conchetumareeeee
xupa tula
'xupa tula' 2 months ago
i love this shit sooo bad conchetumareeeee
Presth Bhardwaj
'Presth Bhardwaj' 2 months ago
Josh Williams
'Josh Williams' 2 months ago
Send this track to drake or trey songz I want a remix with both them on this 😩😩
Josh Williams
'Josh Williams' 2 months ago
God use to just listen to your beats back in 2012 all night
Sleezy Xx
'Sleezy Xx' 2 months ago
Alice Adorno
'Alice Adorno' 2 months ago
Les Twins brought me here!
'AChannel' 2 months ago
Kmarie S
'Kmarie S' 2 months ago
DeJah Hayes
'DeJah Hayes' 2 months ago
im obsessed
Raheem Forbes
'Raheem Forbes' 3 months ago
Awsome vid....
Diamond White
'Diamond White' 3 months ago
beautiful voice 😍😍😍
Greg K B
'Greg K B' 3 months ago
The true female mc right here, cardio b take note....
Akelah Atumeril
'Akelah Atumeril' 3 months ago
'문승식' 3 months ago
It's Lit
Xquavius Ellison
'Xquavius Ellison' 3 months ago
1:20 Guy on the far left. Isn't he from The Internet? He's always looked like Kendrick Lamar lol Edit: The whole gang is there. Including Tyler. I feel slow lol
Music Reports
'Music Reports' 3 months ago
Well done Syd!!!
'DanTheWoaMan' 3 months ago
DAMN this shit wild. love it.
Angel Jarvis
'Angel Jarvis' 3 months ago
dam she can sing
'BigDapPacino' 3 months ago
Syd is a talented producer and songwriter who makes some good music....she has come a long way since Odd Future and branching out with the Internet....this track is slapping!
Harriet Shearsmith
'Harriet Shearsmith' 3 months ago
Oh I loved watching this, you're awesome
'gabejcastro' 3 months ago
Pause 1:07... Why she look like yondu!
Hustle N Funk
'Hustle N Funk' 3 months ago
Sounds amazing, kind of cyberpu kish.
taco smuggle
'taco smuggle' 4 months ago
Slay syd 😍❤
Emmah Beckford
'Emmah Beckford' 4 months ago
Nice xxxxxx
Derek Chapman
'Derek Chapman' 4 months ago
She sing and rap that's two styles wutang on your ass and she damn good
Derek Chapman
'Derek Chapman' 4 months ago
Syd dope ASF
'drfunk1986' 4 months ago
Jordan Clarkson rapping now?
'kimkev111' 4 months ago
hows tyler going to be the only one dressed in white
'aspects' 4 months ago
Montana of 300 or Joyner lucas needa hop on this beat
'steezy.blaccboi' 4 months ago
I need a remix/instrumental that slapps as hard as this. I would do it myself but im not good at this xD
Kiki Love
'Kiki Love' 4 months ago
somebody needs to slow this track down on some texas shit fr 💯💯💯
'Let's B Real' 4 months ago
She Black?
Tobi Leuchtenberger
'Tobi Leuchtenberger' 4 months ago
So he/she is transgender?
Sandra Phoma
'Sandra Phoma' 4 months ago
I adore Syd so much
Rachel Brennan
'Rachel Brennan' 4 months ago
Les twins brought me here because I'm telling they killed that beat
Jake Andrews
'Jake Andrews' 5 months ago
Jeannette Tamayo
'Jeannette Tamayo' 5 months ago
I see sharks in the water! ayyyeee
Birgitta Rán Óskarsdóttir
Ive been so obsessed with this song! It sounds so smooth and the beat is so intresting. Probably my favourite song this year 😁👌
Lynita F.B. Jones
'Lynita F.B. Jones' 5 months ago
Jessica Pombo
'Jessica Pombo' 5 months ago
"I say that she's my only, but got you on my mind" 💙
Kola Kukaj
'Kola Kukaj' 5 months ago
This WOMAN came out of no where and owned her own style! lyrics and fem-swag x1000000000000000000000
Ty Harris
'Ty Harris' 5 months ago
steve lacy disrespectful for producing a beat like this have mercy DAMN
Kate-Lynn Hodges
'Kate-Lynn Hodges' 5 months ago
Sooo?? The all meat but fish is she saying she's gang related bc people under the 6 arent suppose to eat fish orrr am I just thinking too deep??
George Lucas
'George Lucas' 5 months ago
I like her cause my voice is smooth like hers😏😏😏
'VswayZ' 5 months ago
She's a Taurus!!!!! We are musically gifted/ gifted musically...and Always misunderstood!!!!
Landis Rowan
'Landis Rowan' 5 months ago
Les twins murder this song 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Kaleb Bell
'Kaleb Bell' 5 months ago
"syd stfu here's the number to my therapist." - tyler
Tyrone Brown
'Tyrone Brown' 6 months ago
I know my niece Trinity here in these comments, she loves Syd
fred williams
'fred williams' 6 months ago
She killed it 🔥
'Minachii' 6 months ago
Sean A
'Sean A' 6 months ago
So dope.
'Yoshihara' 6 months ago
'HaRaMbE' 6 months ago
Bruh, how OF had so many dope people, fuckin hell
Hope Skies
'Hope Skies' 6 months ago
I love the Internet! Keep it fresh and don't box them in. Let them create cuz they hot AF!
Zeno Planets
'Zeno Planets' 6 months ago
Love how this song makes me feel
Bianca Trindade
'Bianca Trindade' 6 months ago
Tyler is beautiful
كوره -Kora
'كوره -Kora' 6 months ago
Who came here from the fake Sudan video
Bryce Tapps
'Bryce Tapps' 6 months ago
Man I hate that people stay sleeping on all them. THEY BEEN DOPE.
RaeAnna Nichols
'RaeAnna Nichols' 6 months ago
Her music is amazing and I love her
Ahsan Baccus
'Ahsan Baccus' 6 months ago
Syd is so fire....
Seadrea Lewis Foulks
'Seadrea Lewis Foulks' 6 months ago
I love you!!!!!😙😙😙😙😙
Vervain Black
'Vervain Black' 6 months ago
Before my girlfriend and I got together I made it very clear that she had to share a place in my heart with my crush Syd. Understandably she was confused at first (I told there this a month after I met her.) I showed her a picture of Syd and she said “why would you do that? Now you have to share a place in my heart with my girl crush, Syd.” Lmao love her!
Jade Ramirez
'Jade Ramirez' 6 months ago
This is song is highly underrated and deserves as much recognition as any song on the charts today.
alina sage
'alina sage' 7 months ago
Syd be my gf
Nathalie Duverna
'Nathalie Duverna' 7 months ago
I love this artist
Arturo Williams
'Arturo Williams' 7 months ago
Myrtille Z
'Myrtille Z' 7 months ago
It’s girl or boy ? À girl ?
'thenameschelsea' 7 months ago
Her voice is very calming. I like it, and the beat as well. I'm so used to hiphop being loud and hard to make out the words. Not to say I don't like that too., but this is refreshing.
Eric S
'Eric S' 7 months ago
This comet...cuz this Fiya came outa no where
irob rf
'irob rf' 7 months ago
dope AF nuff said .....
Rashad Reid
'Rashad Reid' 7 months ago
A1 shit Syd fck wat da haters say this bang...Keep ya foot on they neck cause ya killing it Salute
Matthew Nguyen
'Matthew Nguyen' 7 months ago
"stacking my bread on a shelf" I feel you Syd
Ellis X
'Ellis X' 7 months ago
Nsskjssnd Sksnns
'Nsskjssnd Sksnns' 7 months ago
This guy is a fucking joke
Nsskjssnd Sksnns
'Nsskjssnd Sksnns' 7 months ago
Is this girl
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