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Syd - All About Me -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: SydVEVO

By: SydVEVOPublished: 2 weeks ago

801, 059 views

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"All About Me" from Syd's upcoming debut solo album, Fin. Buy and stream "All About Me" now:

Video directed by Calmatic


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SammyB Poeticly
'SammyB Poeticly' 3 hours ago
this go hard as hell...I pray that the Internet didnt break up tho
'SirMyaTheBee' 5 hours ago
The chick from the internet is having her own album? I hope it's more dynamic than this..This song is very dry. Ego Death was amazing and I'm not really feeling this..
'Amandine' 11 hours ago
"My good taste got me this much, too sweet for your taste buds" 🔥 FIRE 🔥
'Viper' 12 hours ago
I swear every member of odd future is making such fucking good music right now
Lucas Casablanca
'Lucas Casablanca' 13 hours ago
still better then young m.a
ILU Ent.
'ILU Ent.' 15 hours ago
Deodrick Watson
'Deodrick Watson' 17 hours ago
Sooooo??? Is this a guy or a girl?! I'm confused 🤔 nevertheless; I like "it" ☺️
Edson Charlotin
'Edson Charlotin' 18 hours ago
Dope shit
That Nigga Jimbo
'That Nigga Jimbo' 19 hours ago
its crazy where odd future went in 5 years
Zu Nobi
'Zu Nobi' 22 hours ago
Man, imagine if Mick Jenkins had a verse on this joint? Sheeeeesh
Sydney Williams
'Sydney Williams' 1 day ago
...will we get another internet album...?
tk madziya
'tk madziya' 1 day ago
Tracks wavy as hell what you talkin about and the production was maaaad nice
Jade T
'Jade T' 1 day ago
Why does everyone have those shoes?
Elijah Mateo
'Elijah Mateo' 1 day ago
The NEW Dimension
Kilers-x -94
'Kilers-x -94' 1 day ago
'acoolcoonrod' 1 day ago
I was on my way to judge her because if it sounds like the internet what would be the point of going solo. It's decent. Kinda still the same.
mischell poborilovic
'MIDΛS' 2 days ago
that frankie?
'simplyimanx' 2 days ago
Here before a million
//kass//aesthetic soundd
Cameron Ulysses
'Cameron Ulysses' 2 days ago
Yasmeen Ahlan
'Yasmeen Ahlan' 2 days ago
Love her! I can't stop listening.
neokenni me
'neokenni me' 2 days ago
no tits, no big butts, no twerking, but still this is so dooope
'Cleto' 2 days ago
Didn't know the dude from Far Cry 4 started rapping
Jimmy Cen
'Jimmy Cen' 2 days ago
Is she black
Drew Steptoe
'Drew Steptoe' 2 days ago
Tears in the rain
'Tears in the rain' 2 days ago
'Andriucurli' 2 days ago
OF 'till OD.
Maan Sikkel
'Maan Sikkel' 2 days ago
"He will merit to bestow a bountiful gift on anyone who grasps the Shield of David."
'KC OCEAN' 2 days ago
Ced Rolyes
'Ced Rolyes' 2 days ago
▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀ #🌸🌸 #🌸 #🌸 *Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven! He died and arose from the dead to give us eternal life.* 💕💕💕💕 💕💕💕💕 💕💕#🌸🌸 #🌸 #🌸💕💕 💕💕💕💕 💕💕💕💕 💕💕💕💕 💕💕💕💕 💕💕💕💕
'NahStyle69' 2 days ago
C'est dommage la coupe a baracouda sinon bien le son
'alprasam93290' 3 days ago
Syd ? comme dans l'age de glace, lourd
'RegularRy' 3 days ago
love this new Justin Bieber track
Kinnidy Nicole
'Kinnidy Nicole' 3 days ago
Sub to me...maybe :p
mykale jania
'mykale jania' 3 days ago
syd=lyrical master mind,she just speaking truth! man! BLESSINGS TO THE KID!!! #LEGEND #CROWNHERNOW
Ale Filoteo
'Ale Filoteo' 3 days ago
i only came here bc of the thumbnail bc shes slav squating
james richardson
'james richardson' 3 days ago
See this is Wt I mean when I say u gotta fuck Wt everybody who in odd future. they all got special talents 2 bring 2 the table. I always fucked Wt Tyler earl domo hodgy super 3 now known as the internet trash talk all them dudes. GOLF FUCKING WANG 💨💨😤
Cherrelle Monae
'Cherrelle Monae' 3 days ago
I knew this was going to happen
karina murison
'karina murison' 3 days ago
yess to this! so musically gifted
Adamari Herrera
'Adamari Herrera' 3 days ago
Me encanta Me encanta
'popcookie10' 3 days ago
Oh what it's not the internet anymore????
Junelle Milfort
'Junelle Milfort' 3 days ago
😍😍😍 Syd !
Venecia Brantle
'Venecia Brantle' 3 days ago
this song is HIGH KEY lit AF!!
jay ostro
'jay ostro' 3 days ago
this was actualy so great to see the hole odd future crew back together in a music video again, appart from earl and taco, they were all there. fucking happy man tonighy ghees
Kinnidy Nicole
'Kinnidy Nicole' 3 days ago
I like this song, I just hope the internet isn't over 😬🙏🏽
'v2511' 3 days ago
something classical about this beat
Courtney Thornton
'Courtney Thornton' 4 days ago
Where has Jameel been? Did he leave the band? Are they gonna release a statement??
Ised Lo
'Ised Lo' 4 days ago
Yes Syd
'MrFunkadelic10' 4 days ago
as if she has ditched her crew
EreQ Beats
'EreQ Beats' 4 days ago
1.25 speed. You're welcome
E.N.G Creation
'E.N.G Creation' 4 days ago
Berto Chuggs
'Berto Chuggs' 4 days ago
Yo close your eyes and its Kehlani
Hello Hello
'Hello Hello' 4 days ago
Hello Hello
'Hello Hello' 4 days ago
My name is sydnee I'm 12 tho
Cheyann Leal
'Cheyann Leal' 4 days ago
She slappppps! 🔥
Blaine Burkett
'Blaine Burkett' 4 days ago
damn, let travis hop on this beat. ya know what im sayin.
Ubuntu Game
'Ubuntu Game' 4 days ago
в начале чисто такой гопник сидел на кортах
'INTERESTING UHguy' 4 days ago
I think this is the absolute wrong way to go Sydney mostly after hearing the track special affair and curse this sounds like a horse ass and i think going as a solo act will hurt her act as a artist as well the instrumental to this is extremely weak, bland, putrid i simply despise this i really hope this is not going to become a thing so that she can get funds for herself
Ernesto José Peck
Here before 10 millions of views 👀
Aaron Gomez
'Aaron Gomez' 4 days ago
this is HEAT
Tristen D. Mowatt (WHITE L
I fck with this
'32KEYS BEATS' 4 days ago
this hard......pause
Weed maah
'Weed maah' 4 days ago
It's a girl? Sorry I am French
'FOX' 4 days ago
Bianca Rosembert
'Bianca Rosembert' 4 days ago
I can feel all the "I miss the old Syd" comments coming lmaoo I still love her and I'll grow with her.
John Tyler
'John Tyler' 4 days ago
Syd certainly ain't no Kyd no more that's for sure
'Subporter' 4 days ago
Did Syd convert to Judaism?
Ingo Lambertina
'Ingo Lambertina' 4 days ago
Maybe I'm overreacting but is one of the best beats I heard so far in 2017
Madu June
'Madu June' 4 days ago
I love everything she creates 😍
Shirley Pierre
'Shirley Pierre' 4 days ago
Who convinced her that going solo was a good move? She is better as a lead of the Internet.
Rime Hodeib
'Rime Hodeib' 4 days ago
Oh shit it's a girl
'Joseph' 4 days ago
Why are Syd, Mike G, and Domo the only ones who try to keep OF together in their music videos?
Haley Lewis
'Haley Lewis' 4 days ago
this is fire. I love her sound. is she on Spotify? I'm hungry for more
Neo Music
'Neo Music' 4 days ago
Me encanta.
Zacarias Goldstein
'abby' 4 days ago
nasty lesbos
Alec Veach
'Alec Veach' 4 days ago
OF till I OD and I probably will
fereirra _
'fereirra _' 4 days ago
need this instrumental a.s.a.p
'김호연' 4 days ago
와 진짜 씨발 존나 멋있다 시드 존나 쩐다 I LOVE SYD !!!!!!!
Julian Harris
'Julian Harris' 5 days ago
everyone is talking about how basic the song is . I like it , even better when this isn't the type of shit she usually puts out .
creativefruit tree
yey she is solo
Arlene Armand
'Arlene Armand' 5 days ago
Don't be mad if I switch up, my good taste got me this much....
Malik R Washington
This is hard
M. Greene
'M. Greene' 5 days ago
Who Are You?
'Who Are You?' 5 days ago
Drake's lesbian sister can really sing
Bob Idk
'Bob Idk' 5 days ago
This vid will hit 2 mil easy
'FREAQU' 5 days ago
YES I AM COMPLETELY HERE FOR THIS WHISPER SONG. I was lowkey kinda hoping for some highs from Syd though. Btw, she's "solo" but all the same band right??
Yorgelis Gonzalez
'Yorgelis Gonzalez' 5 days ago
i love this song
'mina' 5 days ago
take care of the family that you came with
Christian Blalock
'Christian Blalock' 5 days ago
syd is going to be the biggest star out that crew, even bigger than frank.
Tacklebox kid
'Tacklebox kid' 5 days ago
lol... Syd got on her trap soul real quick.... i feel it! back to the music though...
Earl Sweatshirt
nice to see hodgy and tyler in the same video again
'Felix' 5 days ago
god if this beat had more bass this song would be fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire
'SDoGx54' 5 days ago
I fuck with this so heavy
Find Frank
'Find Frank' 5 days ago
is that steve lacy in the beanie
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