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Syd - All About Me -
Published: 3 months ago By: SydVEVO

By: SydVEVOPublished: 3 months ago

2, 050, 606 views

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"All About Me" from Syd's debut solo album, Fin, out now. Get it here:

Video directed by Calmatic


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'Bluexhox' 1 hour ago
This girl is talented...
'hpzrgwpnpw' 6 hours ago
lautaisirbai1986 *CLICK > **#9Fa8YZs9sz** < CLICK* lautaisirbai1986 lautaisirbai1986 *CLICK > **#9Fa8YZs9sz** < CLICK* lautaisirbai1986 lautaisirbai1986 *CLICK > **#9Fa8YZs9sz** < CLICK* lautaisirbai1986
chyna. m4a
'chyna. m4a' 10 hours ago
Is she a girl?
Yvette Anderson
'Yvette Anderson' 21 hours ago
she's really real,and I'm feeling her music
Kamar Adams
'Kamar Adams' 1 day ago
leonardo da silva
'leonardo da silva' 2 days ago
Ashley Melendez
'Ashley Melendez' 2 days ago
Syd is just so talented. Incredible
'shortystopy' 3 days ago
i'm so in love with her its crazy... 😋😋😋
Elaine Olivka
'Elaine Olivka' 3 days ago
She has a beautiful voice. Really.
both have a tenor voice,RAP & Sing.That ra
Fauq U
'Fauq U' 3 days ago
she looks the same from 2011 no but love the song
Tyra Gardner
'Tyra Gardner' 3 days ago
Angy Olivier
'Angy Olivier' 4 days ago
Her voice reminds me of K.Flay.
President Donald Fucking TRUMP!!!!
i wana fuck a bad girl like syd
loft music
'loft music' 6 days ago
a blessing to gay girls, we love her
Trevor Hooks
'Trevor Hooks' 6 days ago
Syd and Isaiah Rashad need to make a song.
Khilur Jones
'Khilur Jones' 6 days ago
earl has a sound that would fye up this track
'Littlefot' 6 days ago
Why you so fly Syd?
MaddBody Boutique Keepin The Hustle Pretty
Yessssss I Love Y'all. Can't wait for you to come back to D.C.-v
Ay Wii
'Ay Wii' 1 week ago
penny for her thoughts
Missus Johnson-Palmer
found you only three videos ago and I'M IN LOVE
nicky 1748
'nicky 1748' 1 week ago
지렸어...더 인터넷일때 보다 너무 대중화된것 같아서 아쉽지만...!!!! LUV U Syd !!!!!
luan matos
'luan matos' 1 week ago
representa Syd !!!!! come to Brazil
Derek Chapman
'Derek Chapman' 2 weeks ago
she gonna aways be INTERNET marketing making bigger moves boss moves bro u would too!
Derek Chapman
'Derek Chapman' 2 weeks ago
0 thru 1.00 omg love you Syd dasf
Built4Battle Fitness
yea lit
Orielle Tone Lou
'Orielle Tone Lou' 2 weeks ago
sounds similar to aaliyah😨❤👏✨
'lauradg2012' 2 weeks ago
Damn I love this woman
Richard Morgan
'Richard Morgan' 2 weeks ago
more like the DAMN beat is incredable
Vice-Versa Beats
'Vice-Versa Beats' 3 weeks ago
this shit is fire mannnnn
'yikes19' 3 weeks ago
yo if Syd and Russ made a song together I think I might actually turn into star dust..??
Annette Goka
'Annette Goka' 3 weeks ago
The style of this video reminds me of Special Affair, but after dark and without the crowd.
Vivi Dark
'Vivi Dark' 3 weeks ago
Remember when Syd invented music?
The Creeture666
'The Creeture666' 3 weeks ago
LMAO fucking tyler haha he would be the only one wearing white nigga never wears black hahaha
Star Fox
'Star Fox' 3 weeks ago
hot ass beat clap
'Jay' 3 weeks ago
Came here from news about a Dean collab and I am not disappointed.
Gabby Torres
'Gabby Torres' 3 weeks ago
So this came out on my birthday😅 Why did I find this so late?🤔🙄
Lejuan Dean
'Lejuan Dean' 3 weeks ago
LOve me some Syd! and low key, she was the magnet to me listening to The Internet. Her album is Fire and has become my everyday fix. I could rock out to, "Insecurities" ... "Dollar Bills" ... and "All About Me" a sex intermission with "Body" and on my last swallow of Henny ... finish with "Over".
'marii_h' 4 weeks ago
Jiwoo brought here😏
Fabrina R
'Fabrina R' 4 weeks ago
Syd ,it's all about you indeed
Tomas Montealegre
'Tomas Montealegre' 4 weeks ago
The beat is pretty good you have to admit it 💯
Itachi Uchiha
'Itachi Uchiha' 4 weeks ago
this cures cancer yes
C.Stephanie EkpeHunter
The Dadhe brought me here🔥🔥🔥
Brandon La Flame
'Brandon La Flame' 4 weeks ago
bruh... i can't tell if this a guy or girl. HELP
Roger Smith
'Roger Smith' 4 weeks ago
Is anyone else in love with syd?
Giovanna Duarte
'Giovanna Duarte' 4 weeks ago
Purple Madness
'Purple Madness' 4 weeks ago
I like youuuuuu ~ oh yaaaah
Rranda mx
'Rranda mx' 4 weeks ago
Nice work ✌
Kal El
'Kal El' 4 weeks ago
Nice asf
Michael Kash
'Michael Kash' 4 weeks ago
I see you syd this shit smack
Ezequiel Oliveira
'Ezequiel Oliveira' 4 weeks ago
BR Graves 😍🎧🎵
'redreets' 4 weeks ago
They should play this when aliens finally visit 🙌.
Maha Aljayoussi
'Maha Aljayoussi' 4 weeks ago
ALL ABOUT ME LYRICs I be more than a god in my dreams, it's wishful thinking I sleep more than I need to, I drink more on the weekend I eat all meat but fish, I keep my niggas with me I see sharks in the water, I fiend for marijuana I pray for all my homies, I'm lyin’, at least I try I say that she’s my only but got you on my mind Today I'm only human, but know that when I die My grave gone be my music, my soul is living through it baby [Chorus] Take care of the family that you came with We made it this far and it’s amazing People drowning all around me So I keep my squad around me Keep it in the family that you came with Keep enemies close you know the basics People crowded all around me I guess it’s all about me We gettin’ checks in the mail, I don’t know if you could tell Stackin’ this bread on the shelf, stackin’ my bread on the shelf I see you mad at yourself, I see them mad at themselves I hear ‘em crying for help, I hear ‘em crying for help Don’t be mad if I switch up, my good taste got me this much Too sweet for your taste buds, I seen you sleepin’ hoe wake up They ain’t know what sauce was till we served it offa that tonka Drizzled all on your lobster, put shame to your roster Me broke, girl dream on, my team on, my weed strong Need more of what we on, my league always D1 We ball all season, Kobe’s on my feet bruh Pay attention to me bruh, pay me my fee bruh You seek answers to questions ‘bout me, it’s in my music You preach bout revolution and dreams, I really do this I lead by my example, I see fame as a nuisance I don’t take it for granted but god dammit Sometimes I can’t stand it [Chorus] Take care of the family that you came with We made it this far and it’s amazing People drowning all around me So I keep my squad around me Keep it in the family that you came with Keep yo haters close you know the basics People got they arms around me That’s cause it’s all about me
alaysia pickett
'alaysia pickett' 1 month ago
i say that she's my only but got you on my mind.......... me af rn 😪🔥
ShiNo Bi
'ShiNo Bi' 1 month ago
Harvey Thompson
'Harvey Thompson' 1 month ago
A feature from 6LACK on this would complete my life 🙏
'dakarver' 1 month ago
Hot af
Andrew Coleman
'Andrew Coleman' 1 month ago
These Lyrics....Chilling
'rradish' 1 month ago
Zoey Freeman
'Zoey Freeman' 1 month ago
ashley williams
'ashley williams' 1 month ago
Hopefully in campflognaw 2017 she performs this!
Soul Beats
'Soul Beats' 1 month ago
Respect from Italy ❤
BlackOps3 Uploads
'BlackOps3 Uploads' 1 month ago
i like the beat but the lyrics are so shitty.
'ThatChicNamii' 1 month ago
'Igmatic' 1 month ago
diggy from DOPE is kinda like Syd, like, yeah
'glitchy' 1 month ago
I just now realized she's from The Internet .
pooh bear poptart
'pooh bear poptart' 1 month ago
this damn song...omfgoodness.
Erna twice
'Erna twice' 1 month ago
wow <3
Sharia Yeaqub
'Sharia Yeaqub' 1 month ago
came here from farah dhukai's Instagram video
Kendall Glenn
'Kendall Glenn' 1 month ago
Lowkey this is her version of hit em' up😂😂💀
Baby Norah
'Baby Norah' 1 month ago
they ain't know what sauce was till we served it off a dat Tonka bruh I was like AYE THATS TO MUCH SAUCE🙏✨👋😭😂😂😂
'atwarwithsatan27' 1 month ago
'Tay' 1 month ago
am I the only old Odd Future fan geekin out rn. wish the gang was in this vid tho
Charity Young
'Charity Young' 1 month ago
I love her sm
'TheRealMissLorena' 1 month ago
she is freaking talented and amazing
Jenifer Calderón
'Jenifer Calderón' 1 month ago
Damn, you are in fireeeeeee
Jenifer Calderón
'Jenifer Calderón' 1 month ago
'ShaniBanali' 1 month ago
femhiphophead Lover
'femhiphophead Lover' 1 month ago
remix with F.ocean please
Mrs. J Quinn
'Mrs. J Quinn' 1 month ago
Omg... i swore that was a man just now bruhh
Alain Becker
'Alain Becker' 1 month ago
.. Wow strong
한국 Gamer
'한국 Gamer' 1 month ago
very stylish and songs
Onya B
'Onya B' 1 month ago
"too sweet for your tastebuds" ima get that ish tatted!!!!
Onya B
'Onya B' 1 month ago
Havent listened to your entire album just yet, though its great news because i absolutly love this song plus another!!!! Im for sure a fan, and am waiting to listen to the rest because im sure "there great" and i will have something to look forward to! Heart you syd!!!!! Your girl sun
Rem Araniva
'Rem Araniva' 1 month ago
Idk but the beginning reminds me of the first Legend of Zelda for NES hahah
Roisin Coffey Duff
'Roisin Coffey Duff' 1 month ago
#fav song
Rafael Torres
'Rafael Torres' 1 month ago
Syd look like handsome Squidward
'ASTO PASAM' 1 month ago
They ain’t know what sauce was till we served it offa that tonka Drizzled all on your lobster, put shame to your roster
Magz Free
'Magz Free' 1 month ago
Omg 😍😍😍😍😍 This girl is everythingggggg! Swag on a billion. Voice on point. Beat on fleek.
'MrRodQ' 1 month ago
Got that East Coast old school rap vibe with RnB illness!
Cameron Palmer
'Cameron Palmer' 1 month ago
was I the only one happy to see hodgy?
I always see Syd slouching down or kneeling down..
Ugly Steffy
'Ugly Steffy' 1 month ago
This soooo cold
jib hudson
'jib hudson' 1 month ago
a step up since the internet imo, love you Syd, always been my favorite :)
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