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The Funniest Table Tennis Match in HISTORY -
Published: 4 years ago By: Official ITTF Channel

By: Official ITTF ChannelPublished: 4 years ago

16, 121, 086 views

110, 938 Likes   3, 156 Dislikes

Watch as Jean-Michel Saive (BEL) plays against good friend Chuang Chih-Yuan (TPE) Tai-Ben International.

Koray Avaci
'Koray Avaci' 1 day ago
tasakmi geçiyonuz
'himanshu9639' 2 days ago
This is all about sports just enjoy
Guy Ballard
'Guy Ballard' 3 days ago
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Asiek Jawanska
'Asiek Jawanska' 4 days ago
Poor referee
Elmer Elliott
'Elmer Elliott' 4 days ago
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'Jeraziah' 7 days ago
5:17 i srsly almost just blacked out from laughing so hard
Tiger Dath
'Tiger Dath' 7 days ago
What game love u bro with black game should be like this
Yongky Wibowo
'Yongky Wibowo' 1 week ago
very interesting...not boaring
Carlo Agassi
'Carlo Agassi' 1 week ago
I love this pretty match
Daniel Akbari
'Daniel Akbari' 1 week ago
Look Dima’s there 😆
andiant azza
'andiant azza' 2 weeks ago
ha ha ha....good..good... like it
Vishal Farma
'Vishal Farma' 2 weeks ago
It's amazing how they don't understand each other's language probably but making jokes and having a good time.
Creepy GuardianTroll
At 6:27 the judge smiled
Genc Asker
'Genc Asker' 2 weeks ago
Legend Mach 😉
'Abliskarian' 2 weeks ago
uuuuuggnnnnnnnn aaaaaahhhhhh
Simeon Helten
'Simeon Helten' 3 weeks ago
Tears of laughing after that Video. Gonna totally share it with everybody i know ;)
Andy Choi
'Andy Choi' 3 weeks ago
Булат Фатхутдинов
Я русскии
Quick reviews
'Quick reviews' 3 weeks ago
Cool video ...I love Table tennis fun videos ....really funny is this one as well
lденис лежников
Phuntsog Namgysl
'Phuntsog Namgysl' 4 weeks ago
one of the best game i ever seen
Crocodile crocomare
'Crocodile crocomare' 4 weeks ago
Très beaux spectacle des deux joueur de tennis de table , le show américain sa j'adore. Bravos à eux de donner un super spectacle. Crocodile
'AK A' 4 weeks ago
Aww close one dude you'll get'em next time
Albert Cai
'Albert Cai' 4 weeks ago
Jame The Supreme Hypebeast
I was watching this on speaker because my headphones broke and my brother walked in and yelled " ARE YOU WATCHING GAY PORN OR SOME SHIT? "
Aapo Lumiaro
'Aapo Lumiaro' 4 weeks ago
How did i get here from Bright Side life hack videos.
'partha1331' 4 weeks ago
balls of fury
Balwarte McChekee
'Balwarte McChekee' 4 weeks ago this one
Balwarte McChekee
'Balwarte McChekee' 4 weeks ago this one
Balwarte McChekee
'Balwarte McChekee' 4 weeks ago this one
Леонид Якубович
uuuuh aaahh uhhhh aaaaaaaahh uuuuuuuuuuuhhh ahhhhhh uuuuuuuuuuaaaaahhh
Wander R
'Wander R' 1 month ago
I note that the American is the one with the sense of humour, that leads the fun. Would be nice if it would be the other way around for once in history.
Areeba Naseer
'Areeba Naseer' 1 month ago
Haha this is so awsome I would go anywhere to watch a match b/w these two again
maulana fariz
'maulana fariz' 1 month ago
These guys joke around while playing in competition I can't even play properly with a focus mind
Howard Kim
'Howard Kim' 1 month ago
This is the funniest? Sad
'RCakraa' 1 month ago
Agent 007 playing tennis table
'vizzez' 1 month ago
goddam love this :)) fuck the system
Vincen Cohan
'Vincen Cohan' 1 month ago
This was a very tiring match 😄🤣🙄🍼😁👍🏻
Khmer Neighbors
'Khmer Neighbors' 1 month ago
Why are they moaning?
'Beloax' 1 month ago
"Ahhhh" "Uhhhh""Ahhhh" "Uhhhh""Ahhhh" "Uhhhh""Ahhhh" "Uhhhh""Ahhhh" "Uhhhh""Ahhhh" "Uhhhh""Ahhhh" "Uhhhh""Ahhhh" "Uhhhh""Ahhhh" "Uhhhh""Ahhhh" "Uhhhh""Ahhhh" "Uhhhh"
Chromwell A
'Chromwell A' 2 months ago
I think as time pass they forgot that this is a match and just have fun 😅
Samuel Müller
'Samuel Müller' 2 months ago
They should start a comedian career xD
Jigar Bhinde
'Jigar Bhinde' 2 months ago
That guy turn the table at 7:10 .....this is valid in table tennis?? I dont know..!! That makes me laugh so hard OMG..!!
Icepacalypse johnson
'Icepacalypse johnson' 2 months ago
Watching it totally explains the 15 million views.
Multi Topic
'Multi Topic' 2 months ago
Anyone 2018
Nashriq Nashkichime
'Nashriq Nashkichime' 2 months ago
this is probably the best ping pong match i have ever seen in this world
'Medic' 2 months ago
When you drink too much before the match
Justin Wang
'Justin Wang' 2 months ago
14:47 Calmly flips the scoreboard.
'alfpolo29' 2 months ago
Two great players and awesome funny SHOW !!!!! :)
'Adam' 2 months ago
What's all that grunting..?
'이현이' 2 months ago
천상계에서 탁구 즐겜하는 방법 이로군 ㅋㅋㅋ
'SterbendDSBM' 2 months ago
True, this is how sport should be, that's why it's called entertainment. Well, this was entertainment.
Layvi Litton
'Layvi Litton' 2 months ago
Harlem Globetrotters of Ping Pong!!!
Potato Chip
'Potato Chip' 2 months ago
I’ve never seen someone lose so hard but played for he fun of it.
Marilza Ribeiro
'Marilza Ribeiro' 2 months ago
Who1235 Games
'Who1235 Games' 2 months ago
Watch this with your eyes closed
My sweet Lord
'My sweet Lord' 2 months ago
Adwaith Gopichand
'Adwaith Gopichand' 2 months ago
Is this an official match?
Ice cream
'Ice cream' 2 months ago
Still funny WoW
Νικος Βογια
Thats an awesome ping pong game
Van Fahnel
'Van Fahnel' 2 months ago
I love their spotmansship. it's like jean-micheal called chuang. "JM: yo bud, wanna play table tennis in a stadium full of crowds?" "CC: sure why not, let's give them some entertainment"
عمار علي
'عمار علي' 3 months ago
Manjunath Manja
'Manjunath Manja' 3 months ago
How cool was that😎
Semina Azyu
'Semina Azyu' 3 months ago
Semina Azyu
'Semina Azyu' 3 months ago
Semina Azyu
'Semina Azyu' 3 months ago
Rd *
'Rd *' 3 months ago
Anyone 2018?
Theo Froger
'Theo Froger' 3 months ago
Super échange
Hatsune miku
'Hatsune miku' 3 months ago
VERY good game keep it up you guys
Henryk Mariusz
'Henryk Mariusz' 3 months ago
fantastic people, excelent
Pooches Kooches
'Pooches Kooches' 3 months ago
Legend!!!!.....Even I will do this in ittf tour
'tomgar3' 3 months ago
when sports go perfect..."wow"
Spiros Floros
'Spiros Floros' 3 months ago
Amazing nice video
Robert S.
'Robert S.' 3 months ago
Those two can bring me a joy and hapiness even on my sad days!
'barryschwarz' 3 months ago
Ah, that was marvelous to watch. Great spirit and good humour in a match where the outcome didn't make a difference in the tournament. Well done to both players for seeing beyond the competition.
Sean Yeung
'Sean Yeung' 3 months ago
This is the purpose of sport! to entertain
jatin singhal
'jatin singhal' 3 months ago
awesome , just awesome
'Mr N3ON' 3 months ago
Isamu czy to ty?
Gary Yuan
'Gary Yuan' 3 months ago
this was the funniest game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :)
อาจารย์ ฮําดํา
'Maytricks' 3 months ago
Whys he moaning
Goku sucks
'Goku sucks' 3 months ago
secret mr bean in ping pong?
'Markianooo' 3 months ago
uuuuuhhh aaaaaaah uuuuuh aaaaaaaaaaahhhh
xunan tunich
'xunan tunich' 3 months ago
Less ego , more fun , so many that play at a level far below these guys and have a chip on their shoulder . Nice to see them having fun.
'Math323kill' 3 months ago
They are moaning like crazy lol
'sotxmatt' 3 months ago
Class act!!!
Elias Lazaro
'Elias Lazaro' 3 months ago
😂 bom perfeito top
'birimbaue' 3 months ago
Now i want to play ping pong :-)
Hugo Huynh
'Hugo Huynh' 3 months ago
This is how we seperate our differences from communist and democracy. Through ping pong 🤘✌️
Dmytro Picky
'Dmytro Picky' 3 months ago
now i know why u need 4k video. for videos like this. but 360p is all we get(
Felipe Miranda
'Felipe Miranda' 3 months ago
ohhhhh los culiaos chistosos xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD jfsdopho
'flisko' 3 months ago
any other matches like this?
Masa Tenisi T - T Power
2:15 'e kadar izledim adamla dalga geçmiş;)
Carl Siemens
'Carl Siemens' 4 months ago
100 times better than _Balls of Fury._
PM William
'PM William' 4 months ago
This is true sportmanship, worth it to pay for a ticket
Krisha Diyora
'Krisha Diyora' 4 months ago
The Wanderer
'The Wanderer' 4 months ago
4:00 in and already more amusing than any football, or basketball I've ever watched. He's just trolling them. Epic levels of trolling.
murat yimal
'murat yimal' 4 months ago
R.I.P Jonghyun SHINee
11:52 I feel bad for the judges lmao, how does that even count?
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