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The Funniest Table Tennis Match in HISTORY -
Published: 4 years ago By: Official ITTF Channel

By: Official ITTF ChannelPublished: 4 years ago

15, 209, 293 views

103, 942 Likes   2, 843 Dislikes

Watch as Jean-Michel Saive (BEL) plays against good friend Chuang Chih-Yuan (TPE) Tai-Ben International.

Raihan Fawwaz
'Raihan Fawwaz' 3 days ago
'Archirno' 3 days ago
This is what i call sports
'AWSOMEPOSSUM16' 4 days ago
These guys are GODS
Michael Collins
'Michael Collins' 4 days ago
But can they clean house
'mk0246' 5 days ago
3am and the internet has taken me down this rabbit hole. Wtf am I doing with my life
Lt. Nimitz
'Lt. Nimitz' 5 days ago
A lifetime friendship made this is for sure
Paulo Dutra
'Paulo Dutra' 6 days ago
Excelente exibição...
Matthew cky
'Matthew cky' 6 days ago
when he had been shouting he was as if he was having sex at the same time😂😂🤣
'解彦明' 1 week ago
'ZiiRaZoRiiZ' 2 weeks ago
whats with the noises they marking?
Jackson Fang
'Jackson Fang' 2 weeks ago
close your eyes and listen
boubacar keita
'boubacar keita' 2 weeks ago
haaa heuuu ahhhh ough heuuu haaaaaarg arrrrrgh
Toshimeren Jamir
'Toshimeren Jamir' 2 weeks ago
When the coach tells you to have fun and enjoy the game...
Shivam Vaid
'Shivam Vaid' 2 weeks ago
Oh this is what we do when too bored after playing for hours. 😂😂😂 Any tt player will get this. 😂😂😂
'JoshTheSpy' 2 weeks ago
when you enter a ping pong tournament with your best friend
Muhammad alfani13
'Muhammad alfani13' 2 weeks ago
dahsyattt . . .
'VictoryanBladeFair' 3 weeks ago
No game has ever been so intense as this one
lionel 1989
'lionel 1989' 3 weeks ago
chin chu mama
leoo buche
'leoo buche' 3 weeks ago
Silmarien Prince
'Silmarien Prince' 3 weeks ago
These two are brilliant . Yeah it's not a serious match but those two are not only funny but world class as well :
Double V
'Double V' 3 weeks ago
весело, но зачем?
Rolly O. Catampongan
it has more views than any Ma Long matches combined. lol!
Leeman Harrington
'Leeman Harrington' 3 weeks ago
Ovtcharov laughing his butt off in the team seats xD
Lewis Edmondson
'Lewis Edmondson' 3 weeks ago
Now this is entertainment. True sportsmanship and professionalism. Maybe other sports can take a few tips from this....
'Valaha' 3 weeks ago
7:49 lolololol fckin cheaterrrrr
'HeavenReservation' 3 weeks ago
ModoAModo q
'ModoAModo q' 3 weeks ago
Now if all althletes had this humor sports would be a million times more fun to watch.
Terrence Bollard
'Terrence Bollard' 3 weeks ago
Starts at 1:20
Tanveer singh
'Tanveer singh' 3 weeks ago
The black shirt one was total savage
h freeman
'h freeman' 3 weeks ago
you already know these dudes smash
double a
'double a's' 3 weeks ago
i cant stop [email protected]#$%^&
double a
'double a's' 3 weeks ago
ha!what a match!!so [email protected]#$%^&*()_+
'RangerX' 3 weeks ago
good reflex...
Nat Rezer
'Nat Rezer' 3 weeks ago
'punkedish' 3 weeks ago
this joke
Franco Mung
'Franco Mung' 4 weeks ago
WT* is this for real?
Ben Cooper
'Ben Cooper' 4 weeks ago
Kudos to Chuang he was a superb and a great sport with the comedy, others wouldn't have played along so well xd
'hAk' 4 weeks ago
now watch Ugress - Harakiri Martini music video
TableTennis BelgiumTV
Nice Show !!
Richard Peralez
'Richard Peralez' 4 weeks ago
I'm stuck at home during the hurricane Harvey. I needed a good laugh. I'm on the northside of Houston...
'Aletheran' 4 weeks ago
Title was not exaggerated
'rimax82' 4 weeks ago
table tennis is so boring that they need to do some 'fun' ;-D
'Małcin' 4 weeks ago
Every sport should be like this and every player should be like them...
'ARandyUserName' 1 month ago
Now that is entertainment at it's finest
'csykes23' 1 month ago
Didn't stop laughing for 16 minutes!! Will be back tomorrow night to replay!!
'Tr1ll' 1 month ago
Surprise that Video is actually insane
Luis Cruz
'Luis Cruz' 1 month ago
Worth it.
Rocky Wong
'Rocky Wong' 1 month ago
Fresh air for the match ! Love it !
monkey king
'monkey king' 1 month ago
Ngomong oopppppooooo.....
bayu kresna
'bayu kresna' 1 month ago
Gilbert Carrizales
'Gilbert Carrizales' 1 month ago
Balls of Fury brought me here.
Blue Moon
'Blue Moon' 1 month ago
I always thought sport is boring, but after watching this X).....
Magic Inc.
'Magic Inc.' 1 month ago
I watched till 11:24 and I can't stop someone help
R Almario
'R Almario' 1 month ago
3 years later... Worth the watch.
Union Jack
'Union Jack' 1 month ago
Brill game.
Oliver Andersen
'Oliver Andersen' 1 month ago
Zottffss Fun
'Zottffss Fun' 1 month ago
Lol I remember Jean-Michel Saive! That was quite an entertaining match!
Strawberry pumpkin
'Strawberry pumpkin' 1 month ago
glad they didnt forget theyre childhood .
Susah G3lis4h
'Susah G3lis4h' 1 month ago
Henry Liu
'Henry Liu' 1 month ago
That European dude is such a troll
Jokoko Lopopo
'Jokoko Lopopo' 1 month ago
Fuck Chinese
'PkGam' 1 month ago
The title did not lie! lol!
Oliver Bukor
'Oliver Bukor' 1 month ago
why are they moaning
tony flamingo
'tony flamingo' 1 month ago
How did i end up watching the wjole video
'ZimTV' 1 month ago
'NocturnalNick' 1 month ago
So much better than I thought this could ever possibly be lol
Prazed Platoon
'Prazed Platoon' 1 month ago
*16 min later* wait wtf
Nixam Chanel
'Nixam Chanel' 1 month ago
Omg very funny Like for who is death from laughing
Ski June
'Ski June' 1 month ago
Do you guys want me to translate what they are saying?
Shahrizal Ijal
'Shahrizal Ijal' 1 month ago
He look's like mr.bean
Mike Regis
'Mike Regis' 1 month ago
you just decide to watch a bit of a video. than another. than its 4AM and you watch this entirely. what im I doing
'charlottesasaki' 1 month ago
2:53 1. Close your eyes 2. Listen to the wonderful sound of balls hitting the table and men orgasming
'Gayretardhere' 1 month ago
those sounds he made :)
'Beyri' 1 month ago
and how did i end up here o.O , what was i actually watching and now im watching this !!!!
Carl Rundle
'Carl Rundle' 1 month ago
12:37 I can't tell wether she finds it amusing but try to contain the laughter or if she doesn't find it amusing but try to smile..
Joss Dionne
'Joss Dionne' 1 month ago
"Power play" in Action!
Cesar Guerrero
'Cesar Guerrero' 1 month ago
This was just a lot of fun to watch. Good job!
Harsh Gupta
'Harsh Gupta' 1 month ago
Faith in humanity- RESTORED!
Gemma Scerri
'Gemma Scerri' 1 month ago
fiky firmansyah
'fiky firmansyah' 1 month ago
They're having fun. That's what a sport supposed to be 😂😂
Kelvin Wang
'Kelvin Wang' 1 month ago
funny how the white guy keeps saying 'ah!'
A. K.
'A. K.' 1 month ago
It's 8:23AM and I haven't even slept, but I'm having a blast watching these guys and I don't even like this sport
hosanna bb
'hosanna bb' 1 month ago
Fernaldi Haris
'Fernaldi Haris' 1 month ago
What the heck are they doing... XD
Wayne Hartley
'Wayne Hartley' 2 months ago
So much fun to watch this. What good spirit between these players and the refs!
'nenissaK' 2 months ago
Antonio Delpeshe
'Antonio Delpeshe' 2 months ago
What is going on there ?
'TAHITIAIRLINES' 2 months ago
Trop excellent mdr
Канат Идрисов
Супер супер )))
'Keopi' 2 months ago
You play to have fun don't you?
'BND GAMING' 2 months ago
when mr bean played ping-pong
Jagadish Shrestha
'Jagadish Shrestha' 2 months ago
can we even do these things ?? amazing lol
Фото Мир
'Фото Мир' 2 months ago
Супер игро
Фото Мир
'Фото Мир' 2 months ago
Vicky Gajadhur
'Vicky Gajadhur' 2 months ago
Agario VirusXXX
'Agario VirusXXX' 2 months ago
Agario VirusXXX
'Agario VirusXXX' 2 months ago
Trung Dai Phan
'Trung Dai Phan' 2 months ago
this must to be fake
Jun Hu
'Jun Hu' 2 months ago
He wanted to reproduce the scene happened once when Ma Lin VS Wang Li-Qin :-). It is really very difficult to exchange their position but without making mistake
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