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The Funniest Table Tennis Match in HISTORY -
Published: 4 years ago By: Official ITTF Channel

By: Official ITTF ChannelPublished: 4 years ago

15, 521, 534 views

106, 095 Likes   2, 936 Dislikes

Watch as Jean-Michel Saive (BEL) plays against good friend Chuang Chih-Yuan (TPE) Tai-Ben International.

'RPGpro22' 3 hours ago
Aaa, Aaa, AAa, AAAAAhhhhhhh wtf?
'Bledder' 12 hours ago
I don't get whats so funny...
じん 高瀬
'じん 高瀬' 21 hours ago
Ayush Shah
'Ayush Shah' 5 days ago
i cant stop laughing
Tavi Sui
'Tavi Sui' 1 week ago
they're brilliant entertainer xD
'vaultkids' 2 weeks ago
How is this funny?
Cathy Doe
'Cathy Doe' 2 weeks ago
is this an official match or some exhibition thing?
Phil Jackson
'Phil Jackson' 2 weeks ago
Two friends meet in bracket and decide to goof on everyone.
Glyde Catucod
'Glyde Catucod' 3 weeks ago
David Larsen
'David Larsen' 3 weeks ago
I didn't know ping pong could be so funny. it's clearly a "show-off"-game but anyway. I didn't understand a word the chinese commentators said, but i'm pretty sure they had great fun
mitgegangen BW
'mitgegangen BW' 3 weeks ago
Best Game Ever 😂🏓
'HeavyFrog' 4 weeks ago
so crazy, them have 2 judges xD
Tournel Henry
'Tournel Henry' 4 weeks ago
Asians are crazy at this game. They seem more like aliens playing.
Gaejinn Quaztica
'Gaejinn Quaztica' 4 weeks ago
the pinnacle of sports!
Dazz Arias
'Dazz Arias' 4 weeks ago
It Surly Was The Funniest Table Tennis Match I Ever Saw
Dazz Arias
'Dazz Arias' 4 weeks ago
4:05 😂😂😂
akira kurosawa
'akira kurosawa' 4 weeks ago
not funny at all. Just another ridiculous show game from an old European player.
dramaface recordings
These two should get together and form a table tennis entertainment show haha, this was awesome
'WTFBOOMDOOM' 4 weeks ago
Interestingly, the video ID contains three Os (looking like ping pong balls) and three 0s (looking like ping pong balls when they compress upon impact with a hard surface (though I guess they can't compress THAT much without immediately cracking)) :P
'CARL BRAGANZA' 4 weeks ago
Who'd have thought it... ping-pong is a *FUNNY* sport!
'Master' 1 month ago
can't deny their immense skill
Sanaton Wangkhem
'Sanaton Wangkhem' 1 month ago
This game is one of the funniest table tennis game that I have ever seen.
'YEAH PING PONG' 1 month ago
Have you watched this Funny Video. FAIRPLAY in Table Tennis. Hope you ẹnoy it.
'c0rry' 1 month ago
3:25 !! 7:35 !!! 12:03 !!
Happy Error
'Happy Error' 1 month ago
got Respect.. NICE ^ ^
jasbeer singh
'jasbeer singh' 1 month ago
O my gosh its awsm .....i m also a tennis player but i cant do this ever sad 4 me
Brandon Solis
'Brandon Solis' 1 month ago
Lol this is so good!!
Anubhav Yadav
'Anubhav Yadav' 1 month ago
'Marcusmiller' 1 month ago
the judges are envious they are doing what they love doing.
'WhiteAce3' 1 month ago
It's so nice to see, that two pro-sportsmen having fun like this in a match that's recorded for TV. The guy from Belgium really made a comedy out of that match, and his opponent just plays with him, and not only that both have fun, no the whole audience has fun too. That's what sport should be.
Sumith Tukmaya
'Sumith Tukmaya' 1 month ago
funny men
'nukkefani' 1 month ago
lol funniest game
JoJo 874
'JoJo 874' 2 months ago
Allien 8l
'Allien 8l' 2 months ago
melhor partida do mundo
Red Red
'Red Red' 2 months ago
That was amazing.
Dem0nkez Gaming
'Dem0nkez Gaming' 2 months ago
i laughed my head off so much to this <3
first but not last
'first but not last' 2 months ago
Is this a new kind of sports comedy 😂
Skid Kev
'Skid Kev' 2 months ago
What a sport guy!!
Bodybuilding Videos
'Bodybuilding Videos' 2 months ago
Really Funny Ha Ha 😀👍😀
Mantis: Mega Outlaw Star Fan
Will that Asian stop his orgasms? I know they love table tennis, but Jesus...
Samrod Shenassa
'Samrod Shenassa' 2 months ago
If you close your eyes, it sounds like gay porn in front of a live audience.
'Everybody90' 2 months ago
i haven no idea wtf is happening
Chef Wilson
'Chef Wilson' 2 months ago
omg that was so funny
Chef Wilson
'Chef Wilson' 2 months ago
eleanorann lopera
'eleanorann lopera' 2 months ago
i never watch a very funny game like this
Raihan Fawwaz
'Raihan Fawwaz' 2 months ago
'Archirno' 2 months ago
This is what i call sports
'AWSOMEPOSSUM16' 2 months ago
These guys are GODS
Michael Collins
'Michael Collins' 2 months ago
But can they clean house
'Nighthawk' 2 months ago
3am and the internet has taken me down this rabbit hole. Wtf am I doing with my life
Lt. Nimitz
'Lt. Nimitz' 2 months ago
A lifetime friendship made this is for sure
Paulo Dutra
'Paulo Dutra' 2 months ago
Excelente exibição...
Matthew cky
'Matthew cky' 2 months ago
when he had been shouting he was as if he was having sex at the same time😂😂🤣
'解彦明' 2 months ago
'ZiiRaZoRiiZ' 2 months ago
whats with the noises they marking?
Jackson Fang
'Jackson Fang' 2 months ago
close your eyes and listen
boubacar keita
'boubacar keita' 2 months ago
haaa heuuu ahhhh ough heuuu haaaaaarg arrrrrgh
Toshimeren Jamir
'Toshimeren Jamir' 2 months ago
When the coach tells you to have fun and enjoy the game...
Shivam Vaid
'Shivam Vaid' 2 months ago
Oh this is what we do when too bored after playing for hours. 😂😂😂 Any tt player will get this. 😂😂😂
'JoshTheSpy' 3 months ago
when you enter a ping pong tournament with your best friend
Muhammad alfani13
'Muhammad alfani13' 3 months ago
dahsyattt . . .
'VictoryanBladeFair' 3 months ago
No game has ever been so intense as this one
lionel 1989
'lionel 1989' 3 months ago
chin chu mama
leoo buche
'leoo buche' 3 months ago
Silmarien Prince
'Silmarien Prince' 3 months ago
These two are brilliant . Yeah it's not a serious match but those two are not only funny but world class as well :
'AC-130' 3 months ago
весело, но зачем?
Rolly O. Catampongan
'Rolly O. Catampongan' 3 months ago
it has more views than any Ma Long matches combined. lol!
Leeman Harrington
'Leeman Harrington' 3 months ago
Ovtcharov laughing his butt off in the team seats xD
Lewis Edmondson
'Lewis Edmondson' 3 months ago
Now this is entertainment. True sportsmanship and professionalism. Maybe other sports can take a few tips from this....
'Valaha' 3 months ago
7:49 lolololol fckin cheaterrrrr
'HeavenReservation' 3 months ago
ModoAModo q
'ModoAModo q' 3 months ago
Now if all althletes had this humor sports would be a million times more fun to watch.
Terrence Bollard
'Terrence Bollard' 3 months ago
Starts at 1:20
Tanveer singh
'Tanveer singh' 3 months ago
The black shirt one was total savage
h freeman
'h freeman' 3 months ago
you already know these dudes smash
double a
'double a's' 3 months ago
i cant stop [email protected]#$%^&
double a
'double a's' 3 months ago
ha!what a match!!so [email protected]#$%^&*()_+
'RangerX' 3 months ago
good reflex...
Nat Rezer
'Nat Rezer' 3 months ago
'punkedish' 3 months ago
this joke
Franco Mung
'Franco Mung' 3 months ago
WT* is this for real?
Ben Cooper
'Ben Cooper' 3 months ago
Kudos to Chuang he was a superb and a great sport with the comedy, others wouldn't have played along so well xd
'hAk' 3 months ago
now watch Ugress - Harakiri Martini music video
TableTennis BelgiumTV
Nice Show !!
Richard Peralez
'Richard Peralez' 3 months ago
I'm stuck at home during the hurricane Harvey. I needed a good laugh. I'm on the northside of Houston...
'Aletheran' 3 months ago
Title was not exaggerated
'rimax82' 3 months ago
table tennis is so boring that they need to do some 'fun' ;-D
'Małcin' 3 months ago
Every sport should be like this and every player should be like them...
'ARandyUserName' 3 months ago
Now that is entertainment at it's finest
'csykes23' 3 months ago
Didn't stop laughing for 16 minutes!! Will be back tomorrow night to replay!!
'Tr1ll' 3 months ago
Surprise that Video is actually insane
Luis Cruz
'Luis Cruz' 3 months ago
Worth it.
Rocky Wong
'Rocky Wong' 3 months ago
Fresh air for the match ! Love it !
monkey king
'monkey king' 3 months ago
Ngomong oopppppooooo.....
bayu kresna
'bayu kresna' 3 months ago
Gilbert Carrizales
'Gilbert Carrizales' 3 months ago
Balls of Fury brought me here.
Blue Moon
'Blue Moon' 3 months ago
I always thought sport is boring, but after watching this X).....
Magic Inc.
'Magic Inc.' 3 months ago
I watched till 11:24 and I can't stop someone help
R Almario
'R Almario' 3 months ago
3 years later... Worth the watch.
Union Jack
'Union Jack' 3 months ago
Brill game.
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