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The Funniest Table Tennis Match in HISTORY -
Published: 3 years ago By: Official ITTF Channel

By: Official ITTF ChannelPublished: 3 years ago

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Watch as Jean-Michel Saive (BEL) plays against good friend Chuang Chih-Yuan (TPE) Tai-Ben International.

'DodgeX' 6 hours ago
'notlihvic' 13 hours ago
believe me it's not a click bait
Syafariansyah Wahyudin
Jonathan Singer
'Jonathan Singer' 2 days ago
Pretty cool to watch two people who are so good at what they do that they can screw around with it and still play better than most people on the planet.
Bjarne Larssen
'Bjarne Larssen' 2 days ago
They are not the best in the world...But let me see YOU save any of those insane ball-rallys !!!
Snow Death
'Snow Death' 2 days ago
Hue br , delicia pai de familia.
Nobody Ronny
'Nobody Ronny' 2 days ago
wow only i can say
Srikanta Dutta
'Srikanta Dutta' 3 days ago
Laughing clubs must display this
Crimrose Elesis
'Crimrose Elesis' 3 days ago
damn it!! i really laugh so har xDD
Mojo ckeck14
'Mojo ckeck14' 3 days ago
So funny😂😂
Patrick Wieckowski
This is so Awesome ^^
'Rusian' 3 days ago
Najciekawsza, najzabawniejsza i łamiąca wszelkie prawa logiki rozgrywka sportowa.
William Thomas
'William Thomas' 3 days ago
J.M. ! Belgium ! Yeah !
Zara Vanlal
'Zara Vanlal' 4 days ago
C. Ronaldo and Lionel Messi of ping pong. Them skills 👌👌
'Thewildwolf' 4 days ago
'Gonachy' 4 days ago
very cool match. I like it. :-D
Zureth Gaming
'Zureth Gaming' 5 days ago
Roses are red Violets are blue The title is in English The video should be too
Michael Atunim
'Michael Atunim' 5 days ago
it sounds so wrong! "eeeh" bounce...bounce..."uueeh" repeats more girly as it goes
Zane Gardner
'Zane Gardner' 5 days ago
ᄽкιllυαᄿツ મ
its 11:46 pm my life is fucked
'CreschHD' 5 days ago
'LieutenantLumy' 5 days ago
I don't know why this was in my recommended but I'm glad it was! This is so funny xD
'NEW MEMETH' 5 days ago
like .. The amazing playing
PlayZ Nox
'PlayZ Nox' 5 days ago
'BLANK13' 5 days ago
Thats probably his method of winning cuz he makes the opponent laugh
'TazerGlen' 6 days ago
This is like two 13 year old brothers playing ping pong! lol xD
'modusop8' 6 days ago
How did the ping pong ball stand up to a beating like this ?
Joey Van Dort
'Joey Van Dort' 6 days ago
Hahaha lol
Anna Blok
'Anna Blok' 1 week ago
i watched the whole video what am i doing with my life
Cool Cube
'Cool Cube' 1 week ago
I wish the Olympics were like this haha
Leon Fs
'Leon Fs' 1 week ago
nice 😅
ECCHI Big oppai
'ECCHI Big oppai' 1 week ago
'HowToDoAnything!' 1 week ago
Francoo Ortiiz
'Francoo Ortiiz' 1 week ago
anass chakik
'anass chakik' 1 week ago
Ian Edmonds
'Ian Edmonds' 1 week ago
Great video.
'Gnorf' 1 week ago
That lady was not amused, lol
Catalin Nastasa
'Catalin Nastasa' 1 week ago
I wasnt thinking it will last so long the fun , amazing players and so creative lol
Syahir Zafri
'Syahir Zafri' 2 weeks ago
bodo noob lai lawan aq syahir zafri kl 15
'Loftworthy' 2 weeks ago
I was hoping at one point they'd put one side of the table up and then both play against it on the other side.
Charles-Éric Lachance
This dude isn't a ping pong player, he's a humorist! 😂
valle_ xxy
'valle_ xxy' 2 weeks ago
so funny😅😂
'Simon0' 2 weeks ago
7:19 - she is not amused!
'Simon0' 2 weeks ago
thats nothing man. I am twice as funny as these guys. three times as funny even.
'Tdog' 2 weeks ago
the side effects of weed...  everything is more fun!!
AwesomePig 19
'AwesomePig 19' 2 weeks ago
Gets better and better 😂😂😂😂
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 2 weeks ago
remembered watching this the first time laughing my fucking ass off
'Ramel34' 2 weeks ago
The Harlem Globetrotters of Ping Pong.
Paper Tiger
'Paper Tiger' 2 weeks ago
The grunts are on point
Stephen Misko
'Stephen Misko' 2 weeks ago
The Harlem Globetrotters of Table Tennis...amazing video.
'Mirai' 2 weeks ago
Uhhh Ahhh Uhh Uhhhhhhh
JibRaN Ndut
'JibRaN Ndut' 2 weeks ago
'TheFinnDjinn' 2 weeks ago
what the hell type of tournament is this allowed in? xD
Ted 史
'Ted 史' 2 weeks ago
how to play ping pong with asian and never feel bad
hieronymous blackmane
Katzen Hunde
'Katzen Hunde' 2 weeks ago
'Malka' 2 weeks ago
Is he retarded?
'Ian RJM' 2 weeks ago
This didn't make me laugh once dammit I kept waiting for a smile to come, but nothing! nada! zip!
shahoo nadimpour
'shahoo nadimpour' 2 weeks ago
That was awesome
'ViRuZ XD' 2 weeks ago
haha😂 LOL xd
Gilberto Molinar
'Gilberto Molinar' 2 weeks ago
'BleedingRevenge' 3 weeks ago
This match is clearly unfair; everyone knows the more Asian people smile, the less they can see.
'NaHonDA' 3 weeks ago
Idam Ha
'Idam Ha' 3 weeks ago
this is why friends shouldn't be allowed to compete in international event
Michael Timaco
'Michael Timaco' 3 weeks ago
This is sooooo nice :D ahahahahah!
'X-Cell' 4 weeks ago
play the video and hit 4 all the time lol. thank me later!
Habes Yildirim
'Habes Yildirim' 4 weeks ago
Bir Spor dan daha fazlası.
Parth Vineel Garg
'Parth Vineel Garg' 4 weeks ago
I so watched it till the end. wasn't expecting this from myself
This is what sports is about ! HAVING FUN :) every game should be like this haha
Rohit Sharma
'Rohit Sharma' 4 weeks ago
Amazing part is sports wins this match !!!
'Phoenix' 4 weeks ago
sounds like he gets rape how anoying..
Hi Am Disturbia
'Hi Am Disturbia' 4 weeks ago
WHAT A MATCH!!! Fucking loved it, i can't believe that a match like that exists ahahahahaha. One of the best ones for sure!
Ripul Saxena
'Ripul Saxena' 4 weeks ago
Show this to someone who says TT is boring.
Unique Pulse
'Unique Pulse' 4 weeks ago
is this supposed to competitive
Mathieu Leproux
'Mathieu Leproux' 4 weeks ago
BMW 528i
'BMW 528i' 1 month ago
ilham kurniawan
'ilham kurniawan' 1 month ago
LOL :v
jasper budiono
'jasper budiono' 1 month ago
Official 1: Wtf are we doing here? Official 2: Shut up, we got paid! Official 1: u're right.
austin wilson
'austin wilson' 1 month ago
Why do they serve so weird? Is it just because the spin? It just looks odd
ALIenn DOtaa
'ALIenn DOtaa' 1 month ago
i think this must break time
'SuperProfi' 1 month ago
I understand the language also funny to listen
Valentino A
'Valentino A' 1 month ago
I bet both of them got executed for mocking the chinese imperial table tennis imperator
Jason Da Best
'Jason Da Best' 1 month ago
Ahahaha so funny
Irwan Taufiq Hidayah
njir kocak
Jochen ArcAngel
'Jochen ArcAngel' 1 month ago
hahahahahahahhaahah sooo great
TimThe German
'TimThe German' 1 month ago
I wish they would play badminton like that.
äcklig man
'äcklig man' 1 month ago
sounds like gay porn
'MoonLightu' 1 month ago
Tennis in a Nutshell Why is this on my recommended Page ??
can coşkun
'can coşkun' 1 month ago
yeah :DDD
Paddy Mc
'Paddy Mc' 1 month ago
Hahaha I actually started applauding and clapping at the end too! Just brilliant!
Jojo Anoche
'Jojo Anoche' 1 month ago
i love it . .
Heni Tri Utami
'Heni Tri Utami' 1 month ago
org gila lagi main pimpong
erez rosenhek
'erez rosenhek' 1 month ago
Hey guys :P I opened a Ping Pong Facebook page to share Tips/ Videos and News about the game. free products will be offered in the future!! Thanks All!!!
'DarkSunMC' 1 month ago
its NOT funny
'hiroshix' 1 month ago
Who the heck would say that table tennis was a sport for nerds after watching this??
'Aaron ANIMAL' 1 month ago
This was great, i enjoyed the entire video! LMAO!!!!!
Hanz David San Juan
'Hanz David San Juan' 1 month ago
this is the first time I've seen something like this.
Asa Chishi
'Asa Chishi' 1 month ago
this is fun
Supun Fernando
'Supun Fernando' 1 month ago
Namit Rathore
'Namit Rathore' 1 month ago
Indeed the funniest I have ever seen
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