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The Funniest Table Tennis Match in HISTORY -
Published: 3 years ago By: Official ITTF Channel

By: Official ITTF ChannelPublished: 3 years ago

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Watch as Jean-Michel Saive (BEL) plays against good friend Chuang Chih-Yuan (TPE) Tai-Ben International.

From what I read, this match was a dead rubber from the start and the result was of no consequence for either of them (Jean was out and Chuang was progressing). They played seriously for the first set and part of the second, when it was quite clear that Chuang was better than Jean. They then proceeded to give the crowd (and themselves) some fun.
Carmelo Torre
'Carmelo Torre' 3 days ago
Che coppia!!!!!
gowtham p
'gowtham p' 4 days ago
omg.. funny .. superb
'DeadlyGaming' 5 days ago
Sorta funny how I got to this while trying to find Pigeons playing Ping Pong from Big Bang Theory.
vlad samsonov
'vlad samsonov' 1 week ago
Побольше бы таких матчей) Именно такие игорки и развивают зрелищность и популизм настольного тенниса !
'BetaZockt' 1 week ago
If you would only hear the sound of the players what would you think you're watching
Ngawang Chokdup
'Ngawang Chokdup' 2 weeks ago
Jan Nie
'Jan Nie' 2 weeks ago
kto z polski? podbijamy, dawać!!
Jan Nie
'Jan Nie' 2 weeks ago
ten mecz to mistrzostwo
'Cheesle2' 2 weeks ago
when the vitemin gummies kick in
'Cheesle2' 2 weeks ago
Collins Banks
'Collins Banks' 2 weeks ago
I've been ignoring this video for so long because I refuse to believe this was the funniest table tennis match ever.. I was wrong
Salty John
'Salty John' 2 weeks ago
This is what sports should be about .... having fun !!!
Kelly Morris
'Kelly Morris' 2 weeks ago
couldn't take my eyes off for a second-each so incredibly skilled that they can just have fun doing what they do so very very well. Amazing-and fun to watch the judges go from disapproving to quiet amusement as they see players and audience having such a good time. Best video I've seen in so long!
Sarcastic Giraffe
'Sarcastic Giraffe' 2 weeks ago
Ping Pong is not the macarena. It takes patience. She is like a fine, well-aged prostitute. It takes years to learn her tricks. She is cruel. Laughs at you when you are naked... but you keep coming back for more, and more. Why? Because she is the only prostitute I can afford.
'Studipity' 2 weeks ago
12:01 Now THAT'S using your head!
Ameya Benare
'Ameya Benare' 2 weeks ago
My first time watching table tennis match, I hope all matches are like this lol
kuaimin zheng zhang
'kuaimin zheng zhang' 2 weeks ago
minute 5:10 diying of laugh jajaj
'dogott1' 3 weeks ago
this man is dead :3
Lily C
'Lily C' 3 weeks ago
I just laughed so hard I banged my head against the wall. It hurt like hell but I kept laughing 😂
Trolling Bozz
'Trolling Bozz' 3 weeks ago
14:46 I laughed so hard!!!🤣
Dhia Kumar Rana
'Dhia Kumar Rana' 3 weeks ago
My bf sent me these link, they are so damn cool playing it :v makes me giggles as fuck! so funny 😂
Elijah M
'Elijah M' 3 weeks ago
This can't be a real match right?
SkatePixta :
'SkatePixta :' 3 weeks ago
eles foram fodasticos kk cadê os brasileiros
lucas and oscar
'lucas and oscar' 3 weeks ago
Another episode of "Why is this on my recommended"?
Rodrigo Silva
'Rodrigo Silva' 4 weeks ago
algun sacoweas por aqui?
Dominik Schropp
'Dominik Schropp' 4 weeks ago
OMG can't stop laughing this is so funny XD
Anthony Bareno
'Anthony Bareno' 4 weeks ago
'CoLd_Friction' 4 weeks ago
I really should have muted this. Now my wife thinks I'm watching gay porn
Никита Морозов
11:23 MULTIBALL!!!!!!
GsOuOcGkLsE Bigtime
'GsOuOcGkLsE Bigtime' 1 month ago
my mother thought i was watching gay porn
Ours is the Fury
'Ours is the Fury' 1 month ago
This is like WWE but table tennis.
'TheDrexxus' 1 month ago
lol wtf is going on here? Is this an exhibition game or something?
Daryl Aye Nuez
'Daryl Aye Nuez' 1 month ago
Daryl Aye Nuez
'Daryl Aye Nuez' 1 month ago
Daryl Aye Nuez
'Daryl Aye Nuez' 1 month ago
RKJ DoesGaming
'RKJ DoesGaming' 1 month ago
Obey .Water
'Obey .Water' 1 month ago
와ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ저것도 대단함
'J G' 1 month ago
Not bad for a HONKY! (I'm allowed to say that because I am a honky)
'Ryder' 1 month ago
These are the lesser known "Korean Street Rules" instead of the Tae-Ben International rule set. All still very legal in underground table tennis. Sudden death is also allowed. But with real death.
Raymond Allen Ghozali
they are crazy!!hahahaaa
Ling SUN
'Ling SUN' 1 month ago
Is this a real match or a demo play?
'タママ二等' 1 month ago
Lmg Satun
'Lmg Satun' 1 month ago
ha ha ha
Filip Hák
'Filip Hák' 1 month ago
they trolling :D
'Ghost' 1 month ago
Loved how he was making fun of Tennis lmao
'Marius' 1 month ago
i first thought this was like a planned fun meeting but then i saw ovtcharov sitting in the back and i was like shit this is a real game :D
ankush yadav
'ankush yadav' 1 month ago
Hehehe 7:00
Steffen Swoboda
'Steffen Swoboda' 2 months ago
If you can't be on the same level of the opponent just entertain the people so they get something for what they paid for.
Yatin kumar
'Yatin kumar' 2 months ago
Funniest match ever.....serving with racquet and head...and those moaning was so carzy... Haha ...really amazing amusing....m laughing like a mad ...
Malek Tubaishat
'Malek Tubaishat' 2 months ago
they made a boring sport so funny
Jake Ganoy
'Jake Ganoy' 2 months ago
Is the white guy having an orgasm?
Satyendra Sonwani
'Satyendra Sonwani' 2 months ago
Antoni Haggipavlu
'Antoni Haggipavlu' 2 months ago
No offense.There are 4 levels of table tennis: easy ,middle ,difficult and China
skiller 07
'skiller 07' 2 months ago
Muhammed Navfal
'Muhammed Navfal' 2 months ago
WTF !! xD
Niall Turley
'Niall Turley' 2 months ago
i am vegan
Evan Wang
'Evan Wang' 2 months ago
thats like me when i play my friend in ping pong, he turns into the hulk and smashes everthing
Ice Blaster
'Ice Blaster' 2 months ago
Is this something like an Allstar game where u can do whatever u 1?
Jaylo Haylo
'Jaylo Haylo' 2 months ago
Sound effects on point !!😂👌🏽
Mng Pssn
'Mng Pssn' 2 months ago
jajaja buen partido
magic unicorn
'magic unicorn' 2 months ago
Is it just me or are these the first guys to give birth
Sok Makara
'Sok Makara' 2 months ago
I like this sport
manfred rodrigues
'manfred rodrigues' 2 months ago
Is this a real match?
Baba Baba
'Baba Baba' 2 months ago
can't stop laughing amazing
Baba Baba
'Baba Baba' 2 months ago
hahahahaha 😂😂😂
'WITCH NEKO' 2 months ago
This one of the best anime ping pong scene I've ever watched.
Luke Early
'Luke Early' 2 months ago
I don't think the judges found this amusing.
caleb raleigh
'caleb raleigh' 2 months ago
stop moaning it's creepy
Hk Master
'Hk Master' 2 months ago
There are four levels of table tennis: 1) Easy 2) Medium 3) Difficult 4) Chinese Agree?
'veman4' 2 months ago
We need fun,not examinations
'Mundane' 2 months ago
Wait...I was watching gun animations The hell did I end up here
na th
'na th' 2 months ago
what a great sense of humour!!! Sports are supposed to bring people together and show that all people are same :)
Jumpanderen Walk
'Jumpanderen Walk' 2 months ago
I love this two guys...! :D
GamingWithRoyale Jr
'GamingWithRoyale Jr' 2 months ago
the Chinese man already knows he is going to win so y not play along with him
tiên Duy
'tiên Duy' 2 months ago
Chau vc
Pouya Vagefi
'Pouya Vagefi' 2 months ago
6:45 Look how the Chinese defends. Marvelous!
Daniel S
'Daniel S' 2 months ago
This is like the Harlem Globetrotters of ping pong
Jack Connor
'Jack Connor' 2 months ago
Is this a real game?
Jack Connor
'Jack Connor' 2 months ago
Now I geit it why it's called table tennis.
Frank Yao
'Frank Yao' 2 months ago
Come I love Taiwan, Taiwan is our baby island~
Surachet Karnchana
'Surachet Karnchana' 3 months ago
Funny Sport ..ha ha ha..
Steivene Kres T. Quintana
Thanks for sharing this!
Arm depp
'Arm depp' 3 months ago
ฮ่าดีว่ะ 555
'ziasong' 3 months ago
2583 ppl wonder "are they playing ping pong or ping pong?"
wijit somsaard
'wijit somsaard' 3 months ago
Alexander Quinn
'Alexander Quinn' 3 months ago
Honestly I thought this was just gonna be click bait, but it was hilarious. I do not regret watching this instead of studying for the AP US history exam.
Mr Adr
'Mr Adr' 3 months ago
Just close your eyes after 2:24 and keep them like that and use your imagination.
ปุยฝ้าย ค่ะ
Michael Gomes
'Michael Gomes' 3 months ago
I wonder if they are friends after this
Sagar Patil
'Sagar Patil' 3 months ago
Recommend me More Youtube... :D
Annika Cookie
'Annika Cookie' 3 months ago
anyone else wondering why he`s watching this...
Atul Dev
'Atul Dev' 3 months ago
It was so funny 😁😁😂😁😂😂😁😂😁😂😂😁😂😁😁😁😂 I had a good laugh after a very long time ... thanks uploader ☺️😊👍
'luchiboy' 3 months ago
When having a laugh with your opponent means more than the sport itself, life happens.
'BeatdownHATEcreator' 3 months ago
damn ... this Saive has a great sense of accuracy
James Morris
'James Morris' 3 months ago
the Harlem globtrotters called...they want their antics back
sung gu lee
'sung gu lee' 3 months ago
love it
M. Gara
'M. Gara' 3 months ago
i seriously have no idea how i ended up here
Luqman NH
'Luqman NH' 3 months ago
combining skills and comedy is the perfect way to entertain people...👌
'LUIS FRANCO' 3 months ago
Amazing sportsmanship. Great fun to watch.
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