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The Candidates' First Myth: Are Deflated Balls Actually Easier to Catch? -
Published: 1 year ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 1 year ago

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We're putting Deflategate to the test! Do slightly deflated footballs give players an edge?

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Science Channel
'Science Channel' 1 year ago
Who's tuning in tonight?!
'im_c21' 1 year ago
wtf is the old guy wearing
Davo Sargent
'Davo Sargent' 1 year ago
all y'all dumb asses deserve to get ejected freakin embarrassment to the concept of Mythbusters
'Reach41' 1 year ago
Fun to watch, but clearly the scientific method isn't happy.
Ayo Jones
'Ayo Jones' 1 year ago
Honest question here. Is the Dreadlocks guy black or white? his face seems black, but his legs (see 2:38) looks white.
Chowder Stevens
'Chowder Stevens' 1 year ago
So we can confirm that Rodger Goodell is a fucking idiot
John Purdy
'John Purdy' 1 year ago
Rodger goodell is pretty pissed right now
'DAY DR3MER' 1 year ago
any 1 that knows anything about football it's way easier to throw with some air let out of it you get way better grip my dad showed me this trick every time i get a new ball o let just a little bit of air out of it and its nice
'GenocidalEdge' 1 year ago
Wait is this what MythBusters has become? Just die.
Smarty Pants
'Smarty Pants' 1 year ago
because science
Ray Slim
'Ray Slim' 1 year ago
This has to be one of the dumbest things I've seen in a little while, as dumb things tend to happen quite often now. This "science" is akin to taking 10 people who have never played golf and asking them to hit 20 golf balls with a nonregulation driver. You'd hardly see any difference with 10 average golfers who can actually swing a golf club, let alone 10 people who have no idea what they're doing. Is this show really on TV? And to think, Mythbusters used to be one of my favorite shows back in the day.
Jhe Wattimury
'Jhe Wattimury' 1 year ago
Charles Abell
'Charles Abell' 1 year ago
Why aren't Kari, Grant and Tori just running the show now. I don't like any of these douchebags.
'Mechaghostman2' 1 year ago
Man, even the narrator is different. Muh childhood. >:-c
'NegroMelon' 1 year ago
The problem with this is that these people just simply dont know how to catch a football. Professional football players can probably catch 49/50 of the balls that these people where trying to catch. So this experiment is inaccurate due to the fact of human error. If you did the exact same experiment with professionals you would get a much more accurate result
Steven Skeens
'Steven Skeens' 1 year ago
why did that guy bring his dog?
'DONALD TRUMP' 1 year ago
How the hell can you not catch a football
'Alex' 1 year ago
Maybe if you actually got some football players...
'JanitorIsBack' 1 year ago
dumbass. Deflated balls weren't about being easier to catch it was about better grip for the quarterback.
'THE CALI KING' 1 year ago
Ha! So Tom Brady got suspended for basically doing nothing!
hunter 0
'hunter 0' 1 year ago
thank you for doing this...this video will show the butthurt patriots haters calling them cheaters thinking the patriots deflategate their footballs for a better result. woo go patriots!!!
'PhxtoNash' 1 year ago
they should have used at least semi athletes to try to catch the balls.there are way too many variables using people that don't know what they're doing maybe they got better the further on they went, who knows
'Glorywhole' 1 year ago
Why is the Dread Locks guy wearing 80's running shorts?
'WakeeWakee' 1 year ago
This segment has been overly sponsored by the New England Patriots.
Your friendly Neighborhood pessimist
These are non athletes? Tiny sample size? Only ONE of the million possibilities in a football game? Garbage experiment, and they call themselves scientists
Ali Nasiri
'Ali Nasiri' 1 year ago
That ending was so anticlimactic xD
Bruce Wayne
'Bruce Wayne' 1 year ago
Bill Burr
john wayne
'john wayne' 1 year ago
Yeah, no advantage when you're catching the football from 10 feet away..
'nlitenurmind' 1 year ago
Fail. Not cold enough.
Najii naj
'Najii naj' 1 year ago
Was that a homeless person with the dreds?
'car' 1 year ago
But waht if the ball has rain,snow,or anything on it?
'GroundUpCursez' 1 year ago
That seems logical. Get a group of office workers with little to no experience in football or sports at that and go off their results. Seems legit
'Domtri1' 1 year ago
Is that first guy talking from the YouTube channel that does "Because Science"?
Spence H
'Spence H' 1 year ago
I miss Adam and Jamie also kari grant and tori
'Paul' 1 year ago
Nitin chandra
'Nitin chandra' 1 year ago
'WhoLock' 1 year ago
but why tho...
'Jojojosh' 1 year ago
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