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What Created This Massive Antarctic Feature? Could A Plane Crash Hold The Answer? -
Published: 3 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 3 months ago

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What on Earth? | Tuesdays 9p
Experts Investigate a mysterious formation in the Antarctic ice.
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'RR67890' 3 days ago
He said, in a whiteout, "there is no way to tell what's up, what's down". False. Pilots fly in zero visibility all the time. That's what the instruments are for. I am a pilot. I have flown from take off to landing without seeing outside, just the instruments. So, Yes, there is a way to tell up from down. In a whiteout the pilots go straight to the instruments.
phillip kalaveras
'phillip kalaveras' 1 week ago
I have been watching this thing on google earth since it hit. If this was just a rockslide or an ice tongue as the gov. trolls here claim then why has it all of a sudden been rubbed out on google earth? It is a shame there have been so many false claims of discovery in Antarctica and that is why this will be ignored by most but as God is my witness... This one is real. Watch it yourself and see how it will remain rubbed out until an old image of the area permanently replaces it. We are arriving at sight this vary moment.
jet li
'jet li' 1 week ago
Lance Baptie
'Lance Baptie' 2 weeks ago
The altimeter tells you up from down . they knew how high mount aris is . So whats the real story?
Carlo Joker
'Carlo Joker' 2 weeks ago
Evidence of the fallen angels...hollow earth...!!!
Carlo Joker
'Carlo Joker' 2 weeks ago
Goldie Boyardee
'Goldie Boyardee' 2 weeks ago
Did anyone else notice that the image analyst is proving his point using an image that looks an awful lot like the drawn animation at the end of the clip? Also go check out this other cool "crash site" at 54°39'44.62"S 36°11'42.47"W on google maps.
'koolerpure' 2 weeks ago
exactly at what point do they compare a plane crash to the antarctic mysterious crash that slid across the land
Patricia Dillinger
'Patricia Dillinger' 3 weeks ago
That was just on what on earth this past weekend, it freaking ice formations.
Buckley Junior
'Buckley Junior' 3 weeks ago
"there is no way to tell what is up what is down" how about the gauges in the cockpit? Its called flying by instruments and pilots dont need to look out the windows to take off and land at all if trained.
Melinda C Chambers
'Melinda C Chambers' 3 weeks ago
What!?!?!?! HUH!?!?!?!?! an ice flow???isn't that what all of that is ???but the question is why it ripply???
Bob Majew
'Bob Majew' 3 weeks ago
All airplanes have instruments with artificial Horizons for this reason, what happens at night when you can't see up or down? Instruments.
t north
't north' 3 weeks ago
joe mama
'joe mama' 3 weeks ago
Has anybody ever consider the very credible possibility that the abominable snowman took a dump a top of the mountain and it just rolled down?? Hmmm? Has anyone??...mystery solved!! You're welcome!
'TVBNHLWWE' 1 month ago
I don't care what they say. ALIENS.
'DRONE SA FORCE' 1 month ago
Do you still believe what nasa says
'ZombiesAteMyGF' 2 months ago
My penis
'BRUSH HOG' 2 months ago
it's a good possibility it was you scooping it up with your face. not really but it was electrical scarring,
Tom Stamos
'Tom Stamos' 2 months ago
wouldnt a simple bottle of water in the cockpit have prevented the new zealand white out crash?
Wojciech Wilk
'Wojciech Wilk' 2 months ago
Why is there only one video about this? This is more than awesome! A "feature?" More like, Holly Dung!!! This "shape" is more than enigmatic. So many questions, so little additional information. NASA involved = expect no altitude instruments in a cockpit of a passenger get in the 1970's. Expect it in 1945.
Mark Weaver
'Mark Weaver' 2 months ago
Sorry about this I didn't know I had to fill out an accident report for crash landing my shuttle craft. Next time I'll go back and rake the snow smooth again. Don't know what all the fuss is about its not like I knocked down a mail box jeez.
Maxxwell Hung
'Maxxwell Hung' 2 months ago
Everything looked fine until you brought up NASA they're just a bunch of fucking Liars.
Free Time
'Free Time' 2 months ago
An avalanche after the volcano erupted. I have before and after pictures before eruption and after. Not a plane crash.
The Kommandant
'The Kommandant' 2 months ago
An ice tongue? Well done NASA! You have never failed us.
Haier 57
'Haier 57' 2 months ago
Y doesn't new Zealand just walk over take see ,,,???
Haier 57
'Haier 57' 2 months ago
So wat is it ,,,,???
'WestcoastWheelman' 2 months ago
When all we ever hear about is small country sized chunks of the ice shelf breaking off, it's nice to see the other side of the coin how we're just now discovering new ice shelves being formed. I believe in climate change, but I also believe we severely underestimate the earth's natural ability to self-regulate. Just look at how increased carbon in the atmosphere has caused massive increases in plant growth and re-greened swaths of the planet, yet somehow we didn't see that coming. And it's easy to forget that throughout the history of the planet the default is a lot warmer than it is now.
'EARTH ONE' 2 months ago
*It's the path made by a GIANT ICE SNAIL!*
Mister Zee
'Mister Zee' 2 months ago
Caused by Nazi Aliens no doubt...
'fairday2' 2 months ago
I would like coordinates so I can find this. Sounds interesting.
Douglas Billman
'Douglas Billman' 2 months ago
Yep, something crashed and slid...!!!
Worth Haithcock
'Worth Haithcock' 2 months ago
I'm calling bullshit
'Tom' 2 months ago
Theres controvercy about that flight. Maybe they crashed it so that it can be seen as a place they should bever do sight seeing flights...... Ever.... Because theres secret shit
bubu mic
'bubu mic' 2 months ago
They might find the tesseract there ...
chris huss
'chris huss' 2 months ago
it was a, one eyed one horn flying purple people eater!.
'ZEZERBING' 2 months ago
Better call kevin bacon
'forestsoceansmusic' 2 months ago
Very cool (excuse the pun).
James Simmons
'James Simmons' 2 months ago
Sorry... Every aviator, even the rankest beginner, knows to switch immediately to instruments in the event of a white out. No matter what the visual conditions are the marble in kerosene will not deceive. And then there is the matter of auto pilot. Most pilots have it on and just tweak the computer controls to make adjustments. If they didn't do this the computer would continue to fly the airplane. Believe me computers don't look out the window. I just plain don't believe that pilots with airline certifications would be fooled by these condition. A pilot makes the switch automatically. Like second nature. Sorry folks. There is more to this story than meets the ear.
Pizentu DeWind
'Pizentu DeWind' 2 months ago
ABSOLUTELY horrible! Spend 95% of the time on something that isnt even relevant then the other 5% of the time explaining what really happened. Id be far more interested in spending 100% of the time explaining how, why, and what actually happened as that seemed far more interesting and more importantly INFORMATIVE.
Loren Shelby
'Loren Shelby' 2 months ago
WOW what a collection of idiotic remarks.
Yves Cloutier
'Yves Cloutier' 2 months ago
'Wassergekuhlt' 2 months ago
So, intsruments don't tell you anything on a plane?
Biff Tannen
'Biff Tannen' 2 months ago
Shit yain't sposta know unless you're me.
Hendry yyy
'Hendry yyy' 2 months ago
Im playin the video on silence.. but if its plane crash. Why cant theres any debris.. or plane wreckage.. its must be something else.. my guess are goverment experiment.. crack or slope on land.. and some eskimos just wastin their time creatin some art..
John Doe
'John Doe' 2 months ago
Kinda like the little hole in the Pentagon
Noor M Yus
'Noor M Yus' 2 months ago
Antartic ice dragon pushing up the ice from below.
Capt Zoom
'Capt Zoom' 2 months ago
we want to know more please
Capt Zoom
'Capt Zoom' 2 months ago
they had to stop there they couldn't explain it or at least linked to it
'Brem' 2 months ago
"When you think about something crashing in that part of the world, you think about the worst air disaster in New Zealand history." Half of New Zealand doesn't even know the answer to. "What's the worst NZ air disaster?"
Adam Kendall
'Adam Kendall' 2 months ago
What could it possibly be? Is it a crash sight? Is it a crop circle? It turns out it was just some guacamole on my computer screen from the burrito I had for lunch.
Kena Troll
'Kena Troll' 2 months ago
MH370 Malaysia airlines..
Dap 99 Neo
'Dap 99 Neo' 2 months ago
Joe papalardo... Wow... Nicr name man
ultra fan
'ultra fan' 2 months ago
wait white is not a color!
'Casey' 2 months ago
muh DICK
13Gladius 2
'13Gladius 2' 2 months ago
Oh dear what could it be? Just another glacier darling. The six pack commercial was better
The Great Mechanized Ape
no was to tell except all the instruments and your senses.
'Antimonous' 3 months ago
Interesting video as always! I'm making science videos as well as videos about tech so if you guys would like to check it out just click on my icon!
'WiCiED' 3 months ago
The Fucking *Squirrel*
Vince Xander
'Vince Xander' 3 months ago
Dam squirrel
Next2Me YT
'Next2Me YT' 3 months ago
It’s the Alaskan bull worm..
Kayezah J.
'Kayezah J.' 3 months ago
Lee Gen
'Lee Gen' 3 months ago
Goku's kamehameha.
'KeNi666' 3 months ago
Dick pics
SkyLz Skylz
'SkyLz Skylz' 3 months ago
911 was an inside job
deaf fly
'deaf fly' 3 months ago
It's just them nasa fags making shit up again
Belmont Kraft
'Belmont Kraft' 3 months ago
Cool clickbait, bro! 👌🏻 Unsubed.
pandya ravi
'pandya ravi' 3 months ago
It's look like earth curst maybe broke
mex herr
'mex herr' 3 months ago
Feature or Fissure?
Nilesh Darunde
'Nilesh Darunde' 3 months ago
I got all exited that it would be an Alaskan bull worm.
'furyfox13' 3 months ago
'furyfox13' 3 months ago
Awakened2Truth - Disciple of Jesus the Christ
+ScienceChannel You mean formed, not 'create' _(ex-nihlo)_ - How can you claim to know 'science' _(practical knowledge)_ and yet not even know basic Law of Conservation of Energy?
Bad Man Skill
'Bad Man Skill' 3 months ago
Why can't we view the south pole on digital maps or photos? It's blacked out. What exactly happened during operation highjump? They were attacked by who? Who could repel almost 5000 American soldiers, 13 ships and 33 aircraft right after WW2? It's strange that it's the only place in the world where almost every country has agreed to keep it off limits to 'regular' people.
Erick Donaldson
'Erick Donaldson' 3 months ago
weird that I can't get the video to work only the audio.. can still see the thumbnail preview when scanning the loading bar tho so I can still "watch" the video
Revic .44
'Revic .44' 3 months ago
What instruments are for?
Firebreath 87
'Firebreath 87' 3 months ago
Aint nobody think about some old new Zealand shit
Steve Martino
'Steve Martino' 3 months ago
bullshit, they didn't travel there to figure out its elevation, they can do that via satellite
The Great Saiyaman
'The Great Saiyaman' 3 months ago
The TRUE answer is global warming
Jordan Adams
'Jordan Adams' 3 months ago
Do they not have elevation instruments that tell them how high they are and at what nautical degree?
TheSpeeding Turtle
'TheSpeeding Turtle' 3 months ago
Subscribe to me
'S1DEWAYS' 3 months ago
It's the damn squirrel
J Staxx Aguirre
'J Staxx Aguirre' 3 months ago
Or is it all just a cover? #Aliens
John Smith
'John Smith' 3 months ago
How could it possibly be any older than a few years wouldn't it get snowed over year after year? And dissapear
Fairy Frequency
'Fairy Frequency' 3 months ago
Wow! Infinite like from the Fairy Frequency channel. Wishing you a beautiful day x) 🦋
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