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People Live Without Eyebrows For A Day -
Published: 2 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 2 months ago

3, 288, 682 views

30, 936 Likes   1, 542 Dislikes

“My forehead just looks extra huge…"

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It’s All The Same To Me
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Makeup Artist:
Lili Kaytmaz
IG: @lekmakeup

Made by BFMP

'Whatassignments' 20 hours ago
Does buzzfeed even have makeup artists or do they just pull people wearing makeup off the street
'katgurl' 1 day ago
"I'm ready to look like voldemort". Not quite yet. You need to get your nose removed too :P
Julian Cool
'Julian Cool' 1 day ago
I'm exactly the same when something is not normal it's hard to not freak out. Lol. Proven in this video from some reactions.
Wolf Warrior
'Wolf Warrior' 2 days ago
bella d
'bella d' 3 days ago
next time get drag queens to cover their eyebrows
'HassanLechkar' 4 days ago
0:21 Is that Hannah A.K.A. Wine Mom?
C5 Flippers
'C5 Flippers' 6 days ago
The thumbnail looked kinda satisfying
'loren.' 6 days ago
Sylvia Kwan
'Sylvia Kwan' 6 days ago
the girl with the blue hair is ignorant and annoying
Olympiada Makriyianni
"You look like Voldemort!" 😂😂😂😂
'Ronnie' 1 week ago
Whoppi  Goldberg   has no eyebrows!!
Israel Rios
'Israel Rios' 1 week ago
I could block that brow with a glue stick better than what that person did. Lol. Oatmeal realness.
Yali A
'Yali A' 1 week ago
Those are some oatmeal eyebrows
Laura James
'Laura James' 1 week ago
and this is what i look like lol my eyebrows are so fair
Caitlin Grall
'Caitlin Grall' 2 weeks ago
Why don't they just shave them?? JennaMarbles did it. They apparently grow back in less than a week.
Crazy Berry
'Crazy Berry' 2 weeks ago
This just look wrong
Signe St Sure
'Signe St Sure' 2 weeks ago
i'm blonde so this is me when i don't fill in my eyebrows :)
Lone Wolf1
'Lone Wolf1' 2 weeks ago
I could do makeup better than this artist at 9 ffs
Jaq Devajah
'Jaq Devajah' 2 weeks ago
Sam Lauren
'Sam Lauren' 2 weeks ago
I think people were staring not becoz there's no eyebrows, but becoz it was CLEARLY there are eyebrows but covered up real bad.
'MooshieGaming' 3 weeks ago
They look like fUCKING MIIs
Sophie Darcy
'Sophie Darcy' 3 weeks ago
They actually don't look that bad
Alexandra Gonzalez
'Alexandra Gonzalez' 3 weeks ago
The girl with the blonde hair looks the same
'Oreo's AJ' 3 weeks ago
The girl with the blue hair has gorgeous eyes!!
Bea W
'Bea W' 3 weeks ago
Lol that lady with short hair looks like a suburban single mom that forgot to fill them in, why is that natural? 😂
'Doctor_HooLock' 3 weeks ago
They should have had a professional drag queen come in and do the make up for this. You can still see their hair shape underneath the make-up! That's not how it's supposed to look.
Rose Mary
'Rose Mary' 3 weeks ago
The guy's eyebrows look better than mine 😲
I look like a potatoe
is it just me or does it look super obvious and the skin tones were completely different
igirl hellogir
'igirl hellogir' 3 weeks ago
They couldve done a better job at the eyebrow part but ok good video tho
Julia Nguyen
'Julia Nguyen' 3 weeks ago
as someone with no eyebrows, i feel
xxduhshelly rulesxx
'xxduhshelly rulesxx' 3 weeks ago
the blond girl looks good without eyebrows and with eyebrows
Janae Allen
'Janae Allen' 3 weeks ago
The girl with short hair kinda looked normal the skin doesn't really match like you can kinda tell i understand its hair under it but still they kinda just look like they have bigger foreheads though
KimTheKnight Gamer
'KimTheKnight Gamer' 3 weeks ago
They look the same without it
Madelynn Cool
'Madelynn Cool' 3 weeks ago
00:38 why does she look like Jenna Marbles when she shaved her eyebrows off omg😭😭😂
Jaylene Rose
'Jaylene Rose' 3 weeks ago
The blonde girl looks like she still has her eyebrows
Abby Alexa
'Abby Alexa' 3 weeks ago
i dont have eyebrows anyways -_-
Colors of the Galaxy
The girl with the blonde hair looks normal without any eyebrows
Lola Malik
'Lola Malik' 4 weeks ago
the thumbnail tho YUCK!
Powrunastic 1453
'Powrunastic 1453' 4 weeks ago
Never mind they need to get better makeup artis
Powrunastic 1453
'Powrunastic 1453' 4 weeks ago
I think they did great
Rosslynne&Sophia 1808
i came from buzzfeedyellow to buzzfeedblue
Queen Pickleina
'Queen Pickleina' 4 weeks ago
Buzzfeed desperately needs to get a new make up artist
The Nicola Project
'The Nicola Project' 4 weeks ago
MelaninMonroe 02
'MelaninMonroe 02' 4 weeks ago
ken has fantastic eyebrows
Madi L.
'Madi L.' 4 weeks ago
Finally! They get to see what it's like to be me!!! #NoBrows
zxcLiza Lizazxc
'zxcLiza Lizazxc' 4 weeks ago
i dont have eyebrows,so i call myself an alien
'Ego159ify' 4 weeks ago
a drag queen can cover those brows better
Doge At Midnight
'Doge At Midnight' 4 weeks ago
slot of people say I have good eyebrows and I never do anything to them I've never pullked them or put makeup on them
'MissRenae' 4 weeks ago
The girl with the short hair looks the same lmao XDDD
Clorox Bleach Crystals
they all look like jacob sartorious
Liliana Castaneda
'Liliana Castaneda' 4 weeks ago
lol if I put that on my eyebrows they would come off for real
SsjMaster Ultimate
'SsjMaster Ultimate' 4 weeks ago
ssj3 goku
'beccamac03' 4 weeks ago
His eyebrow were amzinggggggg 😍😍
poop hahah
'poop hahah' 4 weeks ago
yall checkout my channel and subscribe
queeen sumimi
'queeen sumimi' 4 weeks ago
Damn that guy had some amazing eyebrows
ImBrianne Tho
'ImBrianne Tho' 4 weeks ago
I never had eyebrows so I'm used to it 😔 of course i put makeup on but I don't look that bad without eyebrows cuz I always have hair in my face
Dayona Oliver
'Dayona Oliver' 4 weeks ago
They need a better makeup artist! Plain Blank Period!
Dayona Oliver
'Dayona Oliver' 4 weeks ago
So the whole lesson is to appreciate your eyes brows got but on a serious note I feel like if you were going to try and encourage people to appreciate what they have they should of did it in a better way because eyebrows isn't something you need. People need clothes, people need a roof over there head and people need food in their bellies.
Social Duck
'Social Duck' 4 weeks ago
people probably stare because the makeup is so bad
'MH12' 4 weeks ago
The blond one she barly has eye brows any way
Epic dominance :-D
'Epic dominance :-D' 4 weeks ago
My eyebrows are invisible anyways
Susanne Harlaar
'Susanne Harlaar' 4 weeks ago
Welcome to my life! XD
oh , why ?
'oh , why ?' 4 weeks ago
I hate u .
'Hazelnutsareyum' 4 weeks ago
F- on the makeup
puppy turner
'puppy turner' 4 weeks ago
Come on. I could do a better job with an Elmer's glue stick, toilet paper, and whatever the skin coloured make up that MATCHES your skin tone is called.
Iliana Kada
'Iliana Kada' 4 weeks ago
the girl w blue hair kinda looked like Caspar Lee
Galaxy Angel
'Galaxy Angel' 4 weeks ago
There we have a thumbnail showing peel porn ~Simplynailogical
Kawaii Unicorn123
'Kawaii Unicorn123' 4 weeks ago
My eyebrows are basically invisible :(
Sarah 18274
'Sarah 18274' 4 weeks ago
Tbh the blonde haired woman looked normal without the eyebrows because how her skull was made gave her a small shadow on one side of the eyebrow. So it just looked to me like she had very light or thin eyebrows
Alisa Chen
'Alisa Chen' 4 weeks ago
Gemma Sigley
'Gemma Sigley' 4 weeks ago
I live with light coloured eyebrows so yea I live with basically no eyebrows 365 days a week
Stela Matković
'Stela Matković' 4 weeks ago
the dude looks like that talking orange
this is what it's like everday having blonde eyebrows
Mercy Weiss
'Mercy Weiss' 4 weeks ago
I do this everyday bc I have none😂😂😂 there VERY BLONDE but I fill them in now
Louis Mart
'Louis Mart' 4 weeks ago
If your really noticing then u go ahead and do it then let's see who potukeche needs to learn Avbitten
TJ Prins
'TJ Prins' 4 weeks ago
People can now understand what it feels like it is to be me
J. Aust
'J. Aust' 4 weeks ago
Imagine if evolution made one simple mistake with our eyebrows and we never had them, we would look so weird. Almost seems like they were made for a reason....
DJTiger xox
'DJTiger xox' 4 weeks ago
Lol "im ready to look like voldemort" LOL
'MIssSpaceCadette' 4 weeks ago
"My forehead is like, half my face" well... the thing is, your forehead is basically half your face anyway sooo
Awesome Aniyah
'Awesome Aniyah' 4 weeks ago
What is the differen between buzzfeed blue and buzzfeed yellow?
Twitter is her :P
'Twitter is her :P' 4 weeks ago
I have like a little bie
Simply Kai
'Simply Kai' 4 weeks ago
That blonde looks the same, she actually looks better without them😂
Daniela Sanchez
'Daniela Sanchez' 4 weeks ago
I live like this every single fucking day of my life so meh😒
Meher Chand
'Meher Chand' 4 weeks ago
Wow the foundation is off
Meghan Roy
'Meghan Roy' 4 weeks ago
Buzzfeed needs to get better sfx artists
Aqua MSP
'Aqua MSP' 4 weeks ago
I don't have eyebrows...
life with kera
'life with kera' 4 weeks ago
their make-up was not even good!!
Suga`s Future Wife
'Suga`s Future Wife' 4 weeks ago
0:10 I love his eyebrows so fucking much, omfg. I`m so jealous af Q3Q
'JessicaListens' 4 weeks ago
this guys brows are p o r n
Lillybear 337
'Lillybear 337' 4 weeks ago
Weefa A.
'Weefa A.' 4 weeks ago
His eyebrows are just 😍💖✨👌🏻
øh ciara
'øh ciara' 4 weeks ago
His eyebrows so nice omg.
Brown Brat
'Brown Brat' 4 weeks ago
"Uh can you not do that around me" 😭😭😭😭😭
'Ravenclaw' 4 weeks ago
This offends my because I have no eyebrows 😞😞
China Dee
'China Dee' 4 weeks ago
The blonde lady looks normal to me lol
Olivia Lesch
'Olivia Lesch' 4 weeks ago
The blonde girl looks that exact same.
pretty girl pink
'pretty girl pink' 4 weeks ago
i did not realize how important EYEBOWS are if you don't have them you just look like you have a giant forehead
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