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People Live Without Eyebrows For A Day -
Published: 5 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 5 months ago

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“My forehead just looks extra huge…"

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It’s All The Same To Me
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Makeup Artist:
Lili Kaytmaz
IG: @lekmakeup

Made by BFMP

Cady Hanzelka
'Cady Hanzelka' 5 minutes ago
this is my legit everyday struggle I having super light colored brows
Gabriela C
'Gabriela C' 15 hours ago
I've bin born with Out any eyebrows. Some people are just RUDE.
Larissa 8228
'Larissa 8228' 17 hours ago
0:20 something in her teeth😂😂
Eclipse Le Wolf
'Eclipse Le Wolf' 20 hours ago
It wasn't very hidden
Ire Nwo
'Ire Nwo' 1 day ago
kenaya uninting
'kenaya uninting' 1 day ago
I actually want to see more of the functional/practical side of this, like if they sweat will it just go straight down into their eyes, or something like that.. but nope, no one said anything about it.
Milky Ladypug
'Milky Ladypug' 2 days ago
Hi I'm Shannon ,I'm lonely 1 subscriber=1 friend Subscribe to me if you care
'clumsygymnasts' 2 days ago
this is rude
Sydney Ly
'Sydney Ly' 2 days ago
I think drag queens do better covering up their eyebrows
'Classroom-Muggle' 2 days ago
@ 0:08 I was literally like "I love this man's eyebrows"
goth sans :3
'goth sans :3' 2 days ago
James Bond
'James Bond' 2 days ago
this is sad because I really don't have eyebrows there just not there
Queen kayle
'Queen kayle' 2 days ago
the one with ombre hair acc looked the same
Buzzfeed really needs a new makeup artist...
boy 666
'boy 666' 2 days ago
lol i have no eyebrows (there blonde)... so uhm welcome to hell i guess
Amanda Ng
'Amanda Ng' 2 days ago
Without eyebrows they look cute too
'B1ackf1re' 2 days ago
they need another person to do the make up looks super obvious that it's fake
Lovely Lps Productions
The blonde girl looks nice!
Madi from Cali
'Madi from Cali' 3 days ago
yassss an HP fan
Kitten Love
'Kitten Love' 3 days ago
I live without eyebrows every day
Noot Noot
'Noot Noot' 3 days ago
I only half eyebrows
'SilentFaces' 3 days ago
I want Kens eyebrows ha
Jeremy Jolivet
'Jeremy Jolivet' 3 days ago
0:08 congratulation , you're officially gay
Isaiah Phyfiher
'Isaiah Phyfiher' 4 days ago
who else cringed at the thumbnail
'PuppyAriel' 4 days ago
the makeup artists need some lessons
Rôâśtêr BøŠŚ__ Luke
As my sister would say "Eyebrows are the cheekbones of the upper face." Lol!
Saarah Stocking
'Saarah Stocking' 4 days ago
lizza koshy should be on this
Elisa Princess
'Elisa Princess' 5 days ago
the girl with the blonde ombre hair looks the same
Melody Chen
'Melody Chen' 5 days ago
I feel so bad for those people
Marcus Felix
'Marcus Felix' 5 days ago
Effa games
'Effa games' 6 days ago
lol my nephew can do better than their makeup artist.. lol
Dreamz 4everr
'Dreamz 4everr' 6 days ago
Buzz feed make up artist are always terrible no offence
Emna EXO-L
'Emna EXO-L' 6 days ago
that's the silliest video i've ever seen actually 😣
Lindsey Clark
'Lindsey Clark' 7 days ago
Bro I'm a serious dirty blonde so my eyebrows are basically gone but I make it work😂
Miruku Boys
'Miruku Boys' 7 days ago
This makeup artist...
Ileighia Pilapil
'Ileighia Pilapil' 7 days ago
you should get a new makeup artist
Angie Mend
'Angie Mend' 7 days ago
They did a HORRIBLE job at covering their eyebrows.
Katie Jamie
'Katie Jamie' 7 days ago
wow ive been looking for makeup jobs for months and ur hiring these kind of makeup artists, this isnt fair gimme the job
Candy Dog
'Candy Dog' 1 week ago
Voldemort, voldemort, ooo voldy voldy voldy... where are my potterhead squadddd? ^-^
Dynasti Alexis
'Dynasti Alexis' 1 week ago
Okay but Kenneth. 😍
Cassandra Applesmith
My eyebrows are white lol and I'm Very pale and white..
Kawaii Princess
'Kawaii Princess' 1 week ago
My eyebrows are so fucking light that u can't see them and I live happily
Schnauzer Life
'Schnauzer Life' 1 week ago
Can they get a new makeup artist???
Potato Got No Chills
i'm here for the peel porn
Destinee casapao
'Destinee casapao' 1 week ago
Jefree star doesn't have any brows
jazzy anathema
'jazzy anathema' 1 week ago
i have to put on eyebrows every day because i have extremely light brows normally....
Kayla Simon
'Kayla Simon' 1 week ago
This video should be called "People Live My Everyday Life"
basically elle
'basically elle' 1 week ago
the blonde doesn't look half bad 😂
Panic!FallOutBoyWith21PilotsWhoWere Crybabies
hey its hannah your friendly neighborhood wine mom
Kaylie Brooks
'Kaylie Brooks' 1 week ago
How I feel everyday... I have eyebrows just very blonde brows
Iara Vaz
'Iara Vaz' 1 week ago
I tough they were gonna shave their eyebrows. BRUH.
Henna Rahman
'Henna Rahman' 1 week ago
the only reason I liked this video is when she said that I want too look like Lord voldemort
Mi Lum
'Mi Lum' 1 week ago
His eyebrows, though! Give Them to me!!!
'Lalaine' 1 week ago
DAMNNNNN that guys eyebrows are fuckin goals. tbh it's better than most instagram girl eyebrows
Humairah Nazneen
'Humairah Nazneen' 1 week ago
The guys eyebrows look rlly good!
Ballerina Bun
'Ballerina Bun' 2 weeks ago
I already have no eyebrows!! They're to light!!!!😑😢
Pamela Sanchez
'Pamela Sanchez' 2 weeks ago
Ay Wine mom
Emma Louise
'Emma Louise' 2 weeks ago
they always have really bad makeup artists for this type of stuff
TwentyØnePhanicing! :Potatoes
my bangs hide my eye brows so it wouldn't be too bad for me
Yasmina Habib
'Yasmina Habib' 2 weeks ago
The blonde girl doesn't look bad at all
Brendon Capri-Sun Urie
It was honestly bad makeup. Ahh I cringed so hard. I don't wanna be mean it's just too hard!
'JuiceTrue' 2 weeks ago
they look like a stickman lol
Kobdrei Productions
'Kobdrei Productions' 2 weeks ago
Every Filipino will really laugh to this because of the ''Pabebe Girls'' hahaha
Hogwarts Alumni
'Hogwarts Alumni' 2 weeks ago
Lord Voldemort looks better cause they aren't blended
'PaperMoon' 2 weeks ago
Mookian Miaou
'Mookian Miaou' 2 weeks ago
Jared Leto's Joker doesnt have eyebrows ;) <3
Crystal Prince
'Crystal Prince' 2 weeks ago
Hey! Gaara i found your Family!
'-,' abigail ,'-' 2 weeks ago
Dudes forehead changes 4 skin tones
McKenna Williams
'McKenna Williams' 2 weeks ago
i want that guys eyesbrows 😭💀
PancakeStack _
'PancakeStack _' 2 weeks ago
Now THAT is social suicide
nicole davis
'nicole davis' 2 weeks ago
the blond one didnt make a difference
'NEPTUNE' 2 weeks ago
damn ,ken. eyebrows 😭
Quinto Sandejas
'Quinto Sandejas' 2 weeks ago
the dude looks the worst but has amazimg eyebrows
'Diana45251' 2 weeks ago
I love her blue hair 😍😍😍
Jackie loves mel
'Jackie loves mel' 2 weeks ago
The dude has better eyebrows than me 😤
'Mei' 2 weeks ago
omg the subscribe button is talking to me ..
ox. shae
'ox. shae' 2 weeks ago
I live without them everyday😭😂
'runped83' 2 weeks ago
i know ur struggles , i hardly have any eyebrow's and i didnt do that , i live with it :(
'Ancention' 2 weeks ago
Y'all need to hire some new makeup artists.
Samantha Sherman
'Samantha Sherman' 2 weeks ago
"i'm ready to look like lord volde-" *WE DO NOT SPEAK HIS NAME*
dickrider exposed
'dickrider exposed' 2 weeks ago
so yea umm that white girl with the blonde hair dosent look different
'carthansays' 2 weeks ago
0:49 Jenna Marbles is that you?
Grace Valentine
'Grace Valentine' 2 weeks ago
The blonde looks the same
whatda27 aj
'whatda27 aj' 2 weeks ago
i look like i have no eyebrows anyways
'Lotte' 2 weeks ago
I just have to take off my makeup to go without eyebrows >:(
Meera Salah
'Meera Salah' 3 weeks ago
they should have done this one people with thick eyebrows, seriously these people barely have eyebrows to begin with.
YouTube Addict
'YouTube Addict' 3 weeks ago
some people pretend they don't have eyebrows. others spend half an hour drawing them on.
'SENPAI NOTICE ME' 3 weeks ago
There was a girl in my middle school who had no eyebrows and it took me a month to realize it.
'Izabella's Channel' 3 weeks ago
I have eye brows just they are so light people say i have no eye brows
Cassaundra R
'Cassaundra R' 3 weeks ago
Me everyday.. 😂... so I jus draw them on
PastelKitty Gamer
'PastelKitty Gamer' 3 weeks ago
'RickRemixx' 3 weeks ago
The girls look the exact same. The guy looks like a FREAK! Lol.
Andrea Smith
'Andrea Smith' 4 weeks ago
The girl with the blue hair has BEAUTIFUL eyes
ThatOneIndianKid IzHere
Wait. Only ken has eyebrows tho.
's.e.' 1 month ago
did they survive?
Emily Sage
'Emily Sage' 1 month ago
Jelly asf of his eyebrows😍
Jin and Sowon
i think people were staring at the horrible makeup
I've lived with no eyebrows most of my life. I know how that feels and it really isn't nice.
'Misscandygurl467' 1 month ago
The thumbnail gave me goosebumps, anyone else?
Amber king
'Amber king' 1 month ago
they didnt do a very good job its so noticeable that they have so much makeup on
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