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People Live Without Eyebrows For A Day -
Published: 10 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 10 months ago

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“My forehead just looks extra huge…"

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Makeup Artist:
Lili Kaytmaz
IG: @lekmakeup

Made by BFMP

osama bin trapping
'osama bin trapping' 13 hours ago
Being like XXX for 1 day
John Whittington
'John Whittington' 15 hours ago
I have no eyebrows
imad leo
'imad leo' 2 days ago
The end is satisfying
'BrayanTheBeast' 4 days ago
Am i the only person that can clearly tell they have make up on
Ilona L.
'Ilona L.' 4 days ago
Who did that? Don't let them near make-up again.
Brandon Wilson
'Brandon Wilson' 4 days ago
I didn't know you could use oatmeal to block your brows : )
Gerald Huanetl
'Gerald Huanetl' 5 days ago
I love my eyebrows
Catarina Lopes
'Catarina Lopes' 5 days ago
0:18 she has salad on her tooth
Mystic Wolf
'Mystic Wolf' 5 days ago
The picture for the video made me gag. 💀
SuperHamster Cental
My eyebrows are so blonde that it looks like i don't even have any. I've had people come up to me and ask if i even have them XD
'Paige972' 5 days ago
I have blonde eyebrows and there practically invisible! Now u know how I feel!!!!!!
Ivan Zastavskiy
'Ivan Zastavskiy' 6 days ago
thumbs up if you were moving your eyebrows when watching this video
'KevinV' 6 days ago
Look like SSJ 3 Goku
Helen Akut
'Helen Akut' 6 days ago
This lowkey makes me sad cause I literally don't have eyebrows 😭🤧
Leigha Gippo
'Leigha Gippo' 6 days ago
They DEF could’ve gotten a far better makeup/SFX artist
Jessica ;-;
'Jessica ;-;' 7 days ago
The girl with the blond hair looks normal
My name is Blank space
I have no eyebrows so i live like this every single friggin day
Cassie Herbert
'Cassie Herbert' 7 days ago
sad they blocked out their eyebrows so bad. the color matching is so off too :(
summer. tsm
'summer. tsm' 1 week ago
They didn't do the greatest job covering the brows up, should have got a drag queen to do it.
Always Antonia
'Always Antonia' 1 week ago
My sister has alopecia universalis(white blood cells attack hair follicles) and these people are lucky nobody was really cruel. I remember one time somebody told my sister she had cancer
'Glufub' 1 week ago
Looks like a skin graft on their eyebrows
theo Shanahan
'theo Shanahan' 1 week ago
They did such a fucking bad job at co eating brows
Shaiba AbdulRazzaq
Damn that guys eyebrows are on fleek
5,000 subs with no videos.
Xxxtentacion watched this video.
D Penn3
'D Penn3' 2 weeks ago
This is how i felt my entire childhood. But now i have found the wonderful dye!
Madison Johnson
'Madison Johnson' 3 weeks ago
Who else has trichotillamania
Luca Perugini
'Luca Perugini' 3 weeks ago
the makeup isnt that great why didnt they get a drag queen?
abigail casas
'abigail casas' 3 weeks ago
The gut reminds me of my friend who died in a 'crash'
'neapolitan' 3 weeks ago
Xxx tentacion
'kay.' 3 weeks ago
'Pixie' 3 weeks ago
The blonde girl looked nice without eyebrows
MySoulUniverse 14
'MySoulUniverse 14' 4 weeks ago
I have shaved my eyebrows off Twice
'Jaaadeee' 4 weeks ago
The blue-haired girl looked lowkey like Jenna from PLL
I am sick Nibba
'I am sick Nibba' 4 weeks ago
X copping them By the way I love x 17
Pusheen_ Kitty_809
'Pusheen_ Kitty_809' 4 weeks ago
there eyebrows look really dusty when they took the fake skin off 😂
Ellen Chan
'Ellen Chan' 4 weeks ago
Lord Voldemort approves
'passableclown' 1 month ago
Literally a bunch of 18-25 year old drag queens I know can cover eyebrows better than this 'makeup artist'. Its super easy to block brows out and not make them look terrible like this
Abby ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
'Abby ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ' 1 month ago
blonde girl looks the same.
Ready Aim Fire
'Ready Aim Fire' 1 month ago
the dudes eyebrows are so perfect im insanely jealous
'Jada' 1 month ago
0:02 Don't say his name!
Emerald pyrenees
'Emerald pyrenees' 1 month ago
my eyebrows are blond, so...
Prescilla Dilamh
'Prescilla Dilamh' 1 month ago
The girl with colored hair looked like Jenna Marshall
Rose Vampire
'Rose Vampire' 1 month ago
My eyebrows are invisible mythical creatures.
'sujinjiyu' 1 month ago
'Emma's Life' 1 month ago
Me on a daily basis
iwana ko te pita
'iwana ko te pita' 1 month ago
The guy with the nice eyebrows is sooooo fucked up about that!!!!!Ahahahaha...No eyebrows fuckboy... 😝 😏
Grace Elizabeth
'Grace Elizabeth' 1 month ago
Ive been shaving my eyebrows off for years
Juli 548
'Juli 548' 1 month ago
I have so light blonde Hair that you can't like really see my eyebrows and I have to like try and draw them on and I get reaaally angry when it doesn't work and either they are too light or too dark and ugh. I Can't go swimming or go under the shower with my gf (yes I am gay xD) I have to try and sleep in a certain way so they don't rub off on my pillows (I don't have the time to do them in the morning before school) and like its a torture. Straight up torture.
'Tenazize' 1 month ago
And everyone becomes Brock Lesnar
Stijn Van Osch
'Stijn Van Osch' 1 month ago
This is ignorant af...
'Katy' 1 month ago
Omg that dudes eyebrows where amazing
'yxtxnified' 1 month ago
A day in my life...
omid ganjavi
'omid ganjavi' 2 months ago
If u don't have eyebrows plz come to me I'll share some with u, believe me I can share with couple of of people and would still have a bunch.
'Duh_Its_Hailee' 2 months ago
You can totally tell it's makup cause it's so shiny and darker
Zoey Celest
'Zoey Celest' 2 months ago
I do this everyday except mine are shaved off. And I like it.
'What's new' 2 months ago
My friend lives without eyebrows everyday.
'Blake' 2 months ago
The blonde lady looked fine
The_Bone _Crusher
'The_Bone _Crusher' 2 months ago
They look similar to Voldemort
JJ Neilan
'JJ Neilan' 2 months ago
Now you know how it feels to be me. Except you only have to deal with it for a day. I have to deal with it every day
kim jaime
'kim jaime' 2 months ago
Man brows better than two girls
'A MMS' 2 months ago
the and one looks normal like
Serena Morrison
'Serena Morrison' 2 months ago
One thing: New makeup artist ASAP
Panic! And BLINK !
'Panic! And BLINK !' 2 months ago
Am I the only one who could see the eyebrows still?..
'EMO PERSON' 2 months ago
His brows😍
moon shadow
'moon shadow' 2 months ago
I think people look nice without eyebrows lol
'luvylu1' 2 months ago
Why is that guy's eyebrows better than mine
'Makeuprockz' 2 months ago
Blonde gel kinda looks like my teacher
'earthgem' 2 months ago
lmaooo that dude "could you not do that around me"
Eilidh Grant
'Eilidh Grant' 2 months ago
Shoulda gotten a drag queen to do this. Would have looked wayyyyy better.
'floyd' 2 months ago
i wish i had that guys eyebrows
Jessica Leser
'Jessica Leser' 2 months ago
Whoopi Goldberg doesn't seem to mind having no eyebrows, so....
Georgia Barry
'Georgia Barry' 2 months ago
😱 She said you know who's name!!!
J. C.
'J. C.' 2 months ago
Buzzfed makeup artists are baaaad
deanna logic
'deanna logic' 2 months ago
It took me 3 month to realise my best friend had no eye brows because her brother
'BobbylovesPoppy' 2 months ago
Correction "BuzzfeedBlue tries to copy Jenny Mustard"
Zozie the Human
'Zozie the Human' 2 months ago
the dude looks like an emoji
'taetaee' 2 months ago
I'm redhead and i have blond eyebrows. :((
Runes And Scars
'Runes And Scars' 2 months ago
If you have very fair eyebrows clap your hands 👏 👏
Jerome Valeska
'Jerome Valeska' 2 months ago
Then your eyebrows longer than you wax them.
toffik sweet
'toffik sweet' 2 months ago
Sóley Erla
'Sóley Erla' 2 months ago
wth the makeup artist did a totally okay job? what is everyone whining about
'Londonevann' 2 months ago
that guys eyebrows r so beautiful 😍
daphthedoge yeet
'daphthedoge yeet' 2 months ago
Lmao I legit don't have eyebrows
jenna dyer
'jenna dyer' 2 months ago
Buzzfeed needs to stop wasting 1000s of dollars on "worth it" and hire a fucking decent makeup artist, theses eyebrow covers are horrible.
That 1 Demon Child
'That 1 Demon Child' 2 months ago
Right infront of my salad?
Red Velvet Cake
'Red Velvet Cake' 3 months ago
hah. try being a redhead.
some gal
'some gal' 3 months ago
the guys eyebrows are so nice though
Luke Thomas
'Luke Thomas' 3 months ago
It would be interesting to see them radically reshape someone's brows and see if anyone notices
Hannah Dahmash
'Hannah Dahmash' 3 months ago
Buzzfeed i swear Im ready to donate, but please fucking hire some good makeup artists.
'aurobla' 3 months ago
Gamer Neko
'Gamer Neko' 3 months ago
Saw the thumbnail and I was like DID YOU PEEL THEIR SKIN OR SOMETHING!!??
name isn
'name isn't important' 3 months ago
I've seen non make up artist do better job than that
Crimea ball
'Crimea ball' 3 months ago
Buzzfeed lives without coworkers for a day
Midnight Goddess
'Midnight Goddess' 3 months ago
jenna marbles did it better!!
Raquel Lula Hugo
'Raquel Lula Hugo' 3 months ago
Well this is terrifying
'SolarRefrigerator' 3 months ago
Plot Twist: when they rip the makeup off their eyebrows, it pulls them out. New title: People live without eye brows for at least a month
K 3 N D R A
'K 3 N D R A' 3 months ago
Ken's Eyebrows doe
Morgan Brianna
'Morgan Brianna' 3 months ago
Ha, I have blonde eyebrows, I have no eyebrows anyway!
Jennifer Kim
'Jennifer Kim' 3 months ago
They all look suprisingly normal without eyebrows
I am A tree
'I am A tree' 3 months ago
Oh my that makeup SUCKS
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