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People Live Without Eyebrows For A Day -
Published: 6 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 6 months ago

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“My forehead just looks extra huge…"

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It’s All The Same To Me
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Makeup Artist:
Lili Kaytmaz
IG: @lekmakeup

Made by BFMP

Brooke Marie
'Brooke Marie' 4 days ago
omfg buzzfeed would take a haha silly thing and turn it in to a lesson lmao i feel like im in grade school
'Sweetleth1' 5 days ago
That guys eyebrows look so fleek!😮
cindy lo
'cindy lo' 6 days ago
wow!!! you are really courageous to do that!!!
Shalinie P.
'Shalinie P.' 6 days ago
haha my mother in law is soo blond. that i never noticed she had eye brows.
daysi417 lol
'daysi417 lol' 1 week ago
once i got of my eyebrows i was 7
ღριηкєѕ єιηнσяηღ
Hahahaha how funny especially for the persons who don't have eyebrows.
Sophie Grace
'Sophie Grace' 1 week ago
they needed to matte the cover up😂😂😂😂
Fantasy Stat
'Fantasy Stat' 2 weeks ago
they looks good even without eyebrow
'NomiTheKiwi' 2 weeks ago
They should of done the drag queen trick with glue sticks
Elinor Munn
'Elinor Munn' 2 weeks ago
The girl with the black and blue hair looks like Jenna Marshall from Pretty Little Liars who agrees
Bella Devineni
'Bella Devineni' 2 weeks ago
Jesus.. the FX makeup on these looks are terrible.
Ajaxe Brra
'Ajaxe Brra' 2 weeks ago
TheAngelina Rose
'TheAngelina Rose' 2 weeks ago
Koral Del Mar Silva
'Koral Del Mar Silva' 2 weeks ago
who else thought they looked the same
Karen Princess
'Karen Princess' 2 weeks ago
The guy with the on fleek eyebrows👌🏼is fine😍💦/not😍🔥 asf
Hazel Artillazo
'Hazel Artillazo' 2 weeks ago
I subscribe
Jaylynn Figueroa
'Jaylynn Figueroa' 2 weeks ago
welp now you know how i feel 😭
Georgiataylorvlogs X
They did it with makeup go over to Jenna marbles she's shaved them of
Bella Montefalco
'Bella Montefalco' 2 weeks ago
I've been living my life without eyebrows for 13 years
Jayla Buckner
'Jayla Buckner' 2 weeks ago
I don't have eyebrows||oh well
Dash- The Life
'Dash- The Life' 2 weeks ago
Better makeup artists.
'Bibi'sworld' 2 weeks ago
I don't have eyebrows Always☹️
Complete Corruption
'Complete Corruption' 2 weeks ago
they didn't even match the makeup with their skin
Kaylee Sweeney
'Kaylee Sweeney' 2 weeks ago
they shouldve called in a drag queen to do this 👌
cookie daugh21
'cookie daugh21' 2 weeks ago
the woman who has blond black hair still looks good.
Canadian Jade
'Canadian Jade' 2 weeks ago
Does the girl with the (semi)blue hair look a bit like avril lavigne??
'Sky's Life' 2 weeks ago
ypu need to improve your skin color Lmao
'Haileyyy' 2 weeks ago
You all are lucky you even HAVE eyebrows... Mine are blonde ;-;
Kakyoin is awesome
'Kakyoin is awesome' 2 weeks ago
You can still see their eyebrows
Shmiria love bird
'Shmiria love bird' 2 weeks ago
tht man looked like chicken little
Jakó Bj
'Jakó Bj' 2 weeks ago
id love to have eyebrows mine blend into my skintone
Sadie Howes
'Sadie Howes' 2 weeks ago
I think the brown and blonde haired girl didn't look that bad
Amani Dorsey
'Amani Dorsey' 2 weeks ago
i have none
Kenneth Phillips
'Kenneth Phillips' 2 weeks ago
whoever did that makeup sucks
Svenska Topplistan Spotify
Gingers doesn't have eyebrows
Shirley astacio
'Shirley astacio' 2 weeks ago
i never had eyebrows only hairs
no more time for homework just youtube
I dont look as good as Lord Voldemort
Iya Espino
'Iya Espino' 2 weeks ago
you look like Voldemort 😂😂😂✌✌✌
Eddie Mier
'Eddie Mier' 2 weeks ago
That white girl with blonde hair didn't have eyebrows to begin with ✅
'kxlaa' 2 weeks ago
1:37 the guys laptop sticker!!!! 😂😂 miles chronicles
Hi, It
'Hi, It's me' 2 weeks ago
00:59 still cute bro, still cute
Hi, It
'Hi, It's me' 2 weeks ago
0:14 = #flawless
'Lanceyboyyy' 2 weeks ago
The girls already looked like they had no eyes
Kazandra Gaming514
'Kazandra Gaming514' 2 weeks ago
*That thumbnail made me vomit like really*
'Brody's Blog' 2 weeks ago
The dude looks like Jacob sartorious
Victor G
'Victor G' 2 weeks ago
now i understand why woman do draw their eyebrows..
'hentsu' 2 weeks ago
so sad
Gracie N Cierra Roberts
im blonde and u can't see my eyebrows sooooo
kiwi turtle
'kiwi turtle' 3 weeks ago
I don't have eyelashes though
Emma Haralson
'Emma Haralson' 3 weeks ago
Any one who likes SUP3RFRUIT or PTX Scott with no eyebrows looks the same
Garcon Feerique
'Garcon Feerique' 3 weeks ago
I can cover my eyebrows better than that lmao
Kyla Belfon
'Kyla Belfon' 3 weeks ago
Why are the workers even shocked! This is supposed to be normal on buzzfeed
'5ünfminuten' 3 weeks ago
this channel is a copy from BOLDLY
Its A Bros Fist
'Its A Bros Fist' 3 weeks ago
U can look a ghost
viviane shesha
'viviane shesha' 3 weeks ago
Mia Ramirez
'Mia Ramirez' 3 weeks ago
tell me im not the only one the girl with blue strips in her hair looks like jenna from pretty little liars
Λουνα Παρασκευοπουλου
- You look like Voldemort. - Thank you. If someone ever told me something like this i would be like : My father will hear about this!
Brendon! At The Disco
omg they did it so bad
Allie Smh
'Allie Smh' 3 weeks ago
I shaved my eyebrows :)))
Joel Hurtado
'Joel Hurtado' 3 weeks ago
Well I mean Lizzy Wurst doesn't have eyebrows 🤷🏽‍♀️
FunnyHeart Family
'FunnyHeart Family' 3 weeks ago
Welcome to my world. I Have eyebrows but the colour is the same as my skin colour. So some in my school says to me Omg you dont hqve eyebrows and thats sucks
Becca Alas
'Becca Alas' 3 weeks ago
2:30 peel porn
'Exotic' 3 weeks ago
"I'm gonna get my eyebrows removed? Wow! I'm going to like like Lord Voldemort!" Is it just me or was Voldemort's main feature not having a nose. Oh, that's right I must be sane. Unlike the entire Buzzfeed community.
Hnn Smsdn
'Hnn Smsdn' 3 weeks ago
if humans doesn have eyebrows.. it same like monkeys
Kaitlyn Ryan
'Kaitlyn Ryan' 3 weeks ago
Queen Spongebob
'Queen Spongebob' 3 weeks ago
The makeup sucks.
Lenalee Walker
'Lenalee Walker' 3 weeks ago
funny. they can get every single person on the world they want to be in tear videos but they can't still get a better makeup artist.
Novus Wolf
'Novus Wolf' 3 weeks ago
The Blonde girl looked much better without eyebrows.
KiChi Kiwi
'KiChi Kiwi' 3 weeks ago
I came here to say that makeup doesnt match his face
Nancy Paris
'Nancy Paris' 3 weeks ago
where does buzz feed get its make up artists ?
'givalerie' 3 weeks ago
Keisha Lei Dela Cruz
um he right he does has on fleek brows
princess pri Minors
'princess pri Minors' 3 weeks ago
the blode one looked regular
Cassie James
'Cassie James' 3 weeks ago
0:19 She has something stuck in her teeth on the right side of the screen
Mary Sartorius
'Mary Sartorius' 3 weeks ago
the makeup artist did a pretty bad job
Mary Sartorius
'Mary Sartorius' 3 weeks ago
kens eyebrows are on fleek🔥
Pearl Redman
'Pearl Redman' 3 weeks ago
that is a terrible makeup artist....
Apolonia Crawford
'Apolonia Crawford' 3 weeks ago
my eyebrows blen in to my skin
ცՆυ૯ Dıคɱ૦Ոძ
'Koshi' 3 weeks ago
i have thick eyebrows but they have no color at all! ;-;
fabulous nutella unicorn
the thumbnail scard me 4 life
Elizabeth .
'Elizabeth .' 3 weeks ago
His eyebrowss😍😍
Vines Funny
'Vines Funny' 3 weeks ago
They all look ugly in the beginning
Kirana B6lue
'Kirana B6lue' 3 weeks ago
Jhon Medina
'Jhon Medina' 3 weeks ago
drag queens do better job covering eyebrows
'JustAnotherFangirl' 3 weeks ago
Oh my god Ken has LITERAL eyebrow GOALS daaaaaaaaayuuuummm
Coolguy 27
'Coolguy 27' 3 weeks ago
My eyebrows are white and so is my face Soo... I know how it feels
Rhapsodic Bean
'Rhapsodic Bean' 3 weeks ago
i already live a life with my faded eyebrows :,))
'alysha's Everything' 4 weeks ago
I feel like when people don't have eyebrows they look like 👶
Elizabeth Bridge
'Elizabeth Bridge' 4 weeks ago
I'm blonde. Never had eyebrows. Never met them either. Eyebrows if your out there please come home. Edit: Wow, red heads and blondes unite!🙌🏻
Jaretzy ibarra
'Jaretzy ibarra' 4 weeks ago
People say if I do my eyebrows but I don't
bob jones
'bob jones' 4 weeks ago
the lady at 0:42 looked the same to me, is why though.
Janine Isabelle Villalobos
if your a Filipino, THEY LOOK LIKE.............LUCIA JOAQUIN .......
'-splash-' 4 weeks ago
weird... when goku did it it was so cool:/?
maya the dog!
'maya the dog!' 4 weeks ago
without your eyebrows it makes your forehead looks so much they have a chance to call you big head
Yakeylah Anderson
'Yakeylah Anderson' 4 weeks ago
2:13 she don't look no different with eyebrows or none tbh
Lillian Creel
'Lillian Creel' 4 weeks ago
My hair is a dirty blond but my eyebrows are blond so u can barley see them but there
Polar Bear K
'Polar Bear K' 4 weeks ago
My teacher tryed this the only difference is he does it every day
bby jay
'bby jay' 4 weeks ago
the blonde/brown looked fine tbh (without her eyebrows)
Marcia Bibbins
'Marcia Bibbins' 4 weeks ago
The thumbnail gave me anxiety
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