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People Live Without Eyebrows For A Day -
Published: 1 year ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 1 year ago

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“My forehead just looks extra huge…"

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It’s All The Same To Me
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Traveling Circus
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Junk In The Trunk
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Makeup Artist:
Lili Kaytmaz
IG: @lekmakeup

Made by BFMP

brandon hickey
'brandon hickey' 5 hours ago
I shaved my eyebrow
pill diet
'pill diet' 8 hours ago
this is how blondes feel
I don
'I don't know' 10 hours ago
When Im scrolling down I see this. I dont know why but I laughed then I clicked it. Hohoho😂
Cinnabun Cat
'Cinnabun Cat' 15 hours ago
My eyebrows are literally transparent, you can’t see them at all.
Crysta Rose
'Crysta Rose' 20 hours ago
My brother never had eyebrows so like this looks normal to me
Beany Belle
'Beany Belle' 1 day ago
Tiana 10
'Tiana 10' 1 day ago
The thumbnail looks like rice gum
Natsu4Fairytail Flame
Super saiyan 3 And for male - super asian 3
Sheika Aj Garcia
'Sheika Aj Garcia' 1 day ago
0:46 the look on his face 😂😂 he's kinda shook ( no one should ever judge a human by it's looks with or without brows or * any part, from the face to the bottom * if they are in their situation they will just then realize how bad it was. ) in short, " Don't Judge a Human by its figure " no one is perfect even our creator.. * i'm just saying 😅😉😁
Agam JAin
'Agam JAin' 1 day ago
They look weird
Melissa Moore Marshmallow
When I was 14 years old I had thick eyebrows and I used to shape them with my dad's shaving razor
dreamie boat
'dreamie boat' 2 days ago
The lady with blue hair always looks like she's crying 😂😕😐😯☺😆😕😕😕
Thorn Clark
'Thorn Clark' 3 days ago
I shave my eyebrows off every once and a while (like 3 times a year) bc it's fun to paint random stuff on your face
Xx Slothee xX
'Xx Slothee xX' 3 days ago
'I do not look as good as Lord Voldermort' BAHAHHAHAHAHHA
Paige WWE
'Paige WWE' 3 days ago
Haha gooldberg gooldberg
emerald kid and friends
I have no eyebrows
Brookey Cookie
'Brookey Cookie' 6 days ago
It was actually so obvious with that makeup
'Sancyjojo' 6 days ago
I have blond eyebrows so you can't see them
Shooketh 0
'Shooketh 0' 7 days ago
Who does this makeup? Oh no no no! 😂😭😭
Jet Packinski
'Jet Packinski' 1 week ago
I want Ken’s eyebrows
Ling Yang
'Ling Yang' 1 week ago
I’m ready to look like lord Voldemort
Blootoof Speeker
'Blootoof Speeker' 1 week ago
They looks like my people drawings
'Josh' 1 week ago
I shaved my eyebrows once it took 8 weeks for them to grow back
Gabriella Renteria
The blonde haired looks the best
Paul Maher
'Paul Maher' 1 week ago
The boy looks like a fish
Kaitlyn Shits her pants
Y'all look like me
Mariam Sadek
'Mariam Sadek' 1 week ago
Sooo i just knew that the monaliza didn't had eyebrows
Cynthia Mutua
'Cynthia Mutua' 1 week ago
omg that looks so weird but cool at the same time
Will Michael
'Will Michael' 1 week ago
gaming hunter
'gaming hunter' 1 week ago
fun fact i actually dont have eyebrows i wasnt with
Marie G.
'Marie G.' 1 week ago
I just realized mona liza has no eyebrows
Kylie Miller
'Kylie Miller' 2 weeks ago
The blonde girl does not look that bad
Amber Nich
'Amber Nich' 2 weeks ago
I have blonde eyebrows😂
'scotty10211' 2 weeks ago
Theirs look weird but other people can pull it off
Zara Meehan
'Zara Meehan' 2 weeks ago
I think it would look better if they shaved them
'Periodism' 2 weeks ago
I have No eyebrows😢
Twister E
'Twister E' 2 weeks ago
'xXLilKayXx' 2 weeks ago
0:55 Anyone could notice that
Pimpin Pepa
'Pimpin Pepa' 2 weeks ago
I berly have eyebrows they are light on me so it looks like I don’t have eyebrows
5cvdance Aj
'5cvdance Aj' 2 weeks ago
to me it's nearly unnoticeaple sorry i failed english i can't spell lol
Daniel Ignacio
'Daniel Ignacio' 2 weeks ago
Eye brows are useless.Change my mind
Charlotte Robertson
'Charlotte Robertson' 2 weeks ago
I actually don’t have eyebrows be happy!
Harmony Pate
'Harmony Pate' 2 weeks ago
thegoldendogandferizon Rawlings
New phone who dis? New phone who dis? New phone who dis? New phone who dis? New phone who dis? New phone who dis? New phone who dis? NEW PHONE WHO DISSSSS? XD Jk I know buzz feed
'•HarmonyJH•' 2 weeks ago
Eyebrow game: WOOPI GOLDBERG!
Ultra Instinct Dustin
Reminds me of ssj3
SAS IronEnderDawq
'SAS IronEnderDawq' 2 weeks ago
Make your hair longer and paint it blond
'Cow' 2 weeks ago
Their eyebrows are on fleek :)
Guillermo Espinoza
'Guillermo Espinoza' 2 weeks ago
It makes your forhead look bigger
Ayano Aishi
'Ayano Aishi' 2 weeks ago
“I am ready to look like lord Voldemort”Me:chokes on water. I LOVE HARRY POTTER! I LOVE HARRY POTTER ALMOST AS MUCH AS I LOVE SENPAI!
B Smith
'B Smith' 2 weeks ago
Hannah looks the same without eyebrows.... TO ME.
Adéla Tománková
'Adéla Tománková' 2 weeks ago
0:48 Omg is that 🍷 wine Mom?
'berryxx' 2 weeks ago
The girl with the blue hair reminds me of jenna from pll!
Bananarulesme Animating and animaljam
The thumbnail just makes me one go ewwwwww and cringe. Idk I just really don’t like it. Random question: who else doesn’t like it when you rip some of your pancake (the type that’s small and fat and you don’t flip it and it doesn’t go in a frying fan) and there are loads of these tiny little holes??? I even hate thinking about that
'Theoretic' 2 weeks ago
Does that mean i would get eyebrows cuz mine are non existent 😂
'*Nick*' 2 weeks ago
Jesus the one guy is wearing lipstick
Erikas Žaidžia
'Erikas Žaidžia' 2 weeks ago
I have a simpthon that my eyebrows looks allmoust imvisble i get bullied for that
Do You Know Teh Gerard Way?
Humans look weird without eyebrows. But dogs look weird with them. 😂😂😂
im bea
'im bea' 2 weeks ago
The girl with brown hair looks good without eyebrows
Marit Hoebel
'Marit Hoebel' 3 weeks ago
Well I have so light eyebrows that you can't see them ...... so that's normal for me
Silva and friends
'Silva and friends' 3 weeks ago
Welcome to my world Bc i plucked mine off from stress
Rebecca Lanahan
'Rebecca Lanahan' 3 weeks ago
Dang that one guy had AMAZING EYEBROWS
Galactic CatsAndWolfs
BuzzFeed needs better makeup artists.
Shauni Gillingham
'Shauni Gillingham' 3 weeks ago
Who else at 0:53 just bust out laughing
efti hosen
'efti hosen' 3 weeks ago
WTF without Eyebrows 😕
Faded 427
'Faded 427' 3 weeks ago
Yesss harry potter
It looked like they still ad eyebrows
Dima Ali
'Dima Ali' 3 weeks ago
they need better makeup artists man
'osnapitzfeltbeats' 3 weeks ago
I’m being bullied for having very pale eyebrows at the moment. These people are lucky.
Jake Fitzhugh
'Jake Fitzhugh' 3 weeks ago
The makeup cover was horrible.
Faith Rademacher
'Faith Rademacher' 4 weeks ago
Try being blonde.
Pizza is here I like pizza
Side at 0:45 seconds looked like an alien
Yua Li Cheun
'Yua Li Cheun' 4 weeks ago
The blond hair girl can pass off with no eyebrow.
tbs x
'tbs x' 4 weeks ago
There was one girl in secondary school who purposely and continually shaving her eyebrows off
Pres B
'Pres B' 4 weeks ago
I shaved off my eyebrows on purpose, I didn’t like them and I honestly don’t care about not having them anymore, I don’t really think it’s as big of a deal as they make it up to be but everyone has their own opinions and insecurities
Get Skull74
'Get Skull74' 4 weeks ago
You are too Chinese ugly chineses
'iiKxvraa' 4 weeks ago
As a blonde, I laugh at them realizing how weird it is to have no eyebrow color at all.
Emily Scott
'Emily Scott' 4 weeks ago
Me everyday
Mirtza Griffin
'Mirtza Griffin' 4 weeks ago
In general people are callous to people who look different. That is because people forget they are all souls in a body. They categorize and judge based solely on illusion.
Whiskey Zulu
'Whiskey Zulu' 4 weeks ago
2:01 we need to learn something right now
Grace S
'Grace S' 4 weeks ago
My sis has no eyebrows
Bjarnfríður Ólöf Bjarnadóttir
I dont have eyebrows cuz my hair red so They are invinsible and í feel like Im too young to color em so
forever_ blablabla
'forever_ blablabla' 1 month ago
That guys look like a 80 years oldan that dyed his hair
AK-47 killem
'AK-47 killem' 1 month ago
That forehead tho
Jenny Trejo
'Jenny Trejo' 1 month ago
I lived without eyebrows for 14 years. Since my hairs are not visible. .-. until i started to fill them because a lot of people made fun of me for it.
Tessa Elezan
'Tessa Elezan' 1 month ago
I think people look better without them
'CuteSunRise' 1 month ago
Lord Voldemort 😂
Loopy Lois
'Loopy Lois' 1 month ago
0:40 why does that remind me of Jenna marbles
iroblox_ runwayi
'iroblox_ runwayi' 1 month ago
0:54 he looks like a baby
Saucy Squad
'Saucy Squad' 1 month ago
i dont have eyebrows :( im so ugly
Olivia Maria
'Olivia Maria' 1 month ago
buzzfeed running out of ideas
Darla Faithhh
'Darla Faithhh' 1 month ago
Finn Rudebeck
'Finn Rudebeck' 1 month ago
The guy looks like an alien😱😱😱😱😱
Hailee Jacobs
'Hailee Jacobs' 1 month ago
Y do they look alright?
Amelia Jones
'Amelia Jones' 1 month ago
Wow they are just living my life for a day I’m blonde 😑
'molly' 1 month ago
@0:20 why they do her like that
Maria Rodriguez
'Maria Rodriguez' 1 month ago
figure skater sandi
'figure skater sandi' 1 month ago
The girl with the blue hair looks like Jenna marbles 😂😂😂
'INFINITE BROS' 1 month ago
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