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People Live Without Eyebrows For A Day -
Published: 8 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 8 months ago

4, 251, 149 views

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“My forehead just looks extra huge…"

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Cmon Now
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It’s All The Same To Me
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Traveling Circus
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Junk In The Trunk
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Makeup Artist:
Lili Kaytmaz
IG: @lekmakeup

Made by BFMP

'BobbylovesPoppy' 22 hours ago
Correction "BuzzfeedBlue tries to copy Jenny Mustard"
Zozie the Human
'Zozie the Human' 2 days ago
the dude looks like an emoji
'NELLI' 2 days ago
I'm redhead and i have blond eyebrows. :((
Runes And Scars
'Runes And Scars' 3 days ago
If you have very fair eyebrows clap your hands 👏 👏
Jerome Valeska
'Jerome Valeska' 3 days ago
Then your eyebrows longer than you wax them.
toffik sweet
'toffik sweet' 4 days ago
Sóley Erla
'Sóley Erla' 6 days ago
wth the makeup artist did a totally okay job? what is everyone whining about
'Londonevann' 7 days ago
that guys eyebrows r so beautiful 😍
daphthedoge yeet
'daphthedoge yeet' 7 days ago
Lmao I legit don't have eyebrows
jenna dyer
'jenna dyer' 2 weeks ago
Buzzfeed needs to stop wasting 1000s of dollars on "worth it" and hire a fucking decent makeup artist, theses eyebrow covers are horrible.
That 1 Demon Child
'That 1 Demon Child' 2 weeks ago
Right infront of my salad?
Red Velvet Cake
'Red Velvet Cake' 2 weeks ago
hah. try being a redhead.
some gal
'some gal' 2 weeks ago
the guys eyebrows are so nice though
Luke Thomas
'Luke Thomas' 3 weeks ago
It would be interesting to see them radically reshape someone's brows and see if anyone notices
Hannah Dahmash
'Hannah Dahmash' 3 weeks ago
Buzzfeed i swear Im ready to donate, but please fucking hire some good makeup artists.
'aurobla' 3 weeks ago
The vedense Grand paser test is a multi
When I saw the thumbnail I was like OMG YOUR PEELING SOMEONES EYEBROWS AND SKIN OFF but I realised they put something on the face
Gamer Neko
'Gamer Neko' 3 weeks ago
Saw the thumbnail and I was like DID YOU PEEL THEIR SKIN OR SOMETHING!!??
Unicorn_ Jo_209
'Unicorn_ Jo_209' 3 weeks ago
I've seen non make up artist do better job than that
Crimea ball
'Crimea ball' 3 weeks ago
Buzzfeed lives without coworkers for a day
Midnight Goddess
'Midnight Goddess' 3 weeks ago
jenna marbles did it better!!
Raquel Lula Hugo
'Raquel Lula Hugo' 3 weeks ago
Well this is terrifying
Temepara REIHANA
'Temepara REIHANA' 3 weeks ago
Huh where were the Harry Potter fans at at the beginning?
'SolarRefrigerator' 3 weeks ago
Plot Twist: when they rip the makeup off their eyebrows, it pulls them out. New title: People live without eye brows for at least a month
'Kendraft' 4 weeks ago
Ken's Eyebrows doe
Morgan Brianna
'Morgan Brianna' 4 weeks ago
Ha, I have blonde eyebrows, I have no eyebrows anyway!
Jennifer Kim
'Jennifer Kim' 4 weeks ago
They all look suprisingly normal without eyebrows
I am A tree
'I am A tree' 4 weeks ago
Oh my that makeup SUCKS
Anna Malene Dahl
'Anna Malene Dahl' 1 month ago
Dang.. Am terryfied
Kaia The Cheeze
'Kaia The Cheeze' 1 month ago
but they did not cover his eyebrows well at all ew
Kaia The Cheeze
'Kaia The Cheeze' 1 month ago
Sarah Lee
'Sarah Lee' 1 month ago
I have a friend with no eyebrows..😂😂😂😂
Mihir Sharma
'Mihir Sharma' 1 month ago
'Sandythecat04' 1 month ago
Buzzfeed needs a better makeup artist
Lps Screenshot
'Lps Screenshot' 1 month ago
Beemovieislife e
'Beemovieislife e' 1 month ago
The makeup artist didn't do a good job
Evan Hovey
'Evan Hovey' 1 month ago
The makeup artist put foundation that wasn't even theirs onto the WHOLE FACE. You are supposed to BLEND IT HENNY. Like come on buzzfeed this was so half assed
cypsparodies T
'cypsparodies T' 1 month ago
where is pickleboy
Scribble Cloud
'Scribble Cloud' 1 month ago
i dont have eyebrows anyway since im ginger haha
x Harmony x
'x Harmony x' 1 month ago
When your black af and everyone can see your eyebrows very clearly
Kiki Noodle
'Kiki Noodle' 1 month ago
When you have Trichotillomania and are watching this. :/
Celia Labarbera
'Celia Labarbera' 1 month ago
Actually ur eyes are in the middle of your head
'AJS VID SHACK 2k16' 2 months ago
It's so badly done
Shealynn Foster
'Shealynn Foster' 2 months ago
wow I was looking for a confidence boost and I did not find it in this video... i just want eyebrows wtf.
Lili Lifestyle
'Lili Lifestyle' 2 months ago
Far Out
'Far Out' 2 months ago
I'm ready to look like lord Voldemort. Wow offending to people who have light eyebrows, and look like they have none. And not looking as good as world Voldemort. Heh that's what people like us with light eyebrows. And laughing about having no eyebrows. I have very light eyebrows which makes me look like I have a big forehead I couldn't finish this video I am so ashamed of having no eyebrows
Mina Larson
'Mina Larson' 2 months ago
I'm a ginger... I have eye brows but.... you can't see them 😐
Brooke Marie
'Brooke Marie' 2 months ago
omfg buzzfeed would take a haha silly thing and turn it in to a lesson lmao i feel like im in grade school
'Sweetleth1' 2 months ago
That guys eyebrows look so fleek!😮
cindy lo
'cindy lo' 2 months ago
wow!!! you are really courageous to do that!!!
Shalinie P.
'Shalinie P.' 2 months ago
haha my mother in law is soo blond. that i never noticed she had eye brows.
sasha 12
'sasha 12' 2 months ago
once i got of my eyebrows i was 7
ღριηкєѕ єιηнσяηღ
Hahahaha how funny especially for the persons who don't have eyebrows.
soph Ü
'soph Ü' 2 months ago
they needed to matte the cover up😂😂😂😂
Fantasy Stat
'Fantasy Stat' 2 months ago
they looks good even without eyebrow
'Nomi' 2 months ago
They should of done the drag queen trick with glue sticks
Elinor Vlogs
'Elinor Vlogs' 2 months ago
The girl with the black and blue hair looks like Jenna Marshall from Pretty Little Liars who agrees
Bella Devineni
'Bella Devineni' 2 months ago
Jesus.. the FX makeup on these looks are terrible.
Ajaxe Brra
'Ajaxe Brra' 2 months ago
TheAngelina Rose
'TheAngelina Rose' 2 months ago
Koral Del Mar Silva
'Koral Del Mar Silva' 2 months ago
who else thought they looked the same
Karen Thick
'Karen Thick' 2 months ago
The guy with the on fleek eyebrows👌🏼is fine😍💦/not😍🔥 asf
Hazel Artillazo
'Hazel Artillazo' 2 months ago
I subscribe
Jaylynn Figueroa
'Jaylynn Figueroa' 2 months ago
welp now you know how i feel 😭
Georgiataylorvlogs X
'Georgiataylorvlogs X' 2 months ago
They did it with makeup go over to Jenna marbles she's shaved them of
Bella Montefalco
'Bella Montefalco' 2 months ago
I've been living my life without eyebrows for 13 years
Jayla Buckner
'Jayla Buckner' 2 months ago
I don't have eyebrows||oh well
Dash- The Life
'Dash- The Life' 2 months ago
Better makeup artists.
'Bibi'sworld' 2 months ago
I don't have eyebrows Always☹️
Complete Corruption
'Complete Corruption' 2 months ago
they didn't even match the makeup with their skin
Kaylee Sweeney
'Kaylee Sweeney' 2 months ago
they shouldve called in a drag queen to do this 👌
cookie daugh21
'cookie daugh21' 2 months ago
the woman who has blond black hair still looks good.
Canadian Jade
'Canadian Jade' 2 months ago
Does the girl with the (semi)blue hair look a bit like avril lavigne??
'Sky's Life' 2 months ago
ypu need to improve your skin color Lmao
'Haileyyy' 2 months ago
You all are lucky you even HAVE eyebrows... Mine are blonde ;-;
Eat shit fall off your horse
You can still see their eyebrows
Shmiria love bird
'Shmiria love bird' 2 months ago
tht man looked like chicken little
Jakó Bj
'Jakó Bj' 2 months ago
id love to have eyebrows mine blend into my skintone
Sadie Howes
'Sadie Howes' 2 months ago
I think the brown and blonde haired girl didn't look that bad
Amani Dorsey
'Amani Dorsey' 2 months ago
i have none
Kenneth Phillips
'Kenneth Phillips' 2 months ago
whoever did that makeup sucks
Svenska Topplistan Spotify
Gingers doesn't have eyebrows
Shirley astacio
'Shirley astacio' 2 months ago
i never had eyebrows only hairs
no more time for homework just youtube
I dont look as good as Lord Voldemort
Iya Espino
'Iya Espino' 2 months ago
you look like Voldemort 😂😂😂✌✌✌
Eddie Mier
'Eddie Mier' 2 months ago
That white girl with blonde hair didn't have eyebrows to begin with ✅
kyla boney
'kyla boney' 2 months ago
1:37 the guys laptop sticker!!!! 😂😂 miles chronicles
Hi, It
'Hi, It's me' 2 months ago
00:59 still cute bro, still cute
Hi, It
'Hi, It's me' 2 months ago
0:14 = #flawless
'Bustdown415' 2 months ago
The girls already looked like they had no eyes
Kazandra Rbløx
'Kazandra Rbløx' 2 months ago
*That thumbnail made me vomit like really*
'Brody's Blog' 2 months ago
The dude looks like Jacob sartorious
Victor G
'Victor G' 2 months ago
now i understand why woman do draw their eyebrows..
'hentsu' 2 months ago
so sad
Gracie N Cierra Roberts
im blonde and u can't see my eyebrows sooooo
kiwi turtle
'kiwi turtle' 3 months ago
I don't have eyelashes though
Emma Haralson
'Emma Haralson' 3 months ago
Any one who likes SUP3RFRUIT or PTX Scott with no eyebrows looks the same
im toast
'im toast' 3 months ago
I can cover my eyebrows better than that lmao
Kyla Belfon
'Kyla Belfon' 3 months ago
Why are the workers even shocked! This is supposed to be normal on buzzfeed
'5ünfminuten' 3 months ago
this channel is a copy from BOLDLY
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