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People Live Without Eyebrows For A Day -
Published: 1 year ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 1 year ago

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“My forehead just looks extra huge…"

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Ani The Dinosaur
'Ani The Dinosaur' 3 hours ago
The girl with the blue ends was on Mom vs. Chef.
Isabella Di Leonardo
“My forehead just looks extra huge…" Not as huge as jacksfilms'... 😂😂
March Madness 420 Gang
That guy better appreciate how blessed he is with those brows
Alicia Lonsdale
'Alicia Lonsdale' 1 day ago
My eyebrows are so bushy
Karissa Jade
'Karissa Jade' 1 day ago
Why does he have better eyebrows than me?!?!!?!?!??!!?!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!??
Lily Flavin
'Lily Flavin' 2 days ago
I am so jealous of that dudes eyebrows I wish mine looked that good
'Creezek' 3 days ago
Taking a day of being xxxtentacion
Justin Brown
'Justin Brown' 3 days ago
How to look like a Cyborg for a day !
Slime vs Squishies_101
0:02 if you were voldamort you would have no nose
'emmmerz1999' 3 days ago
It just makes me mad at how poorly they covered them. Like it wasn't them living with out eye brows it was them living with poorly covered eyebrows.
'abbie' 3 days ago
The guys eyebrows omgggggg I’ve never been more jealous 😍
Bo Van den akker
'Bo Van den akker' 3 days ago
I dont have eyebrows at all
youhave alazyeye
'youhave alazyeye' 3 days ago
Chloe B
'Chloe B' 4 days ago
It's called being albino lmao
Livv Kerr
'Livv Kerr' 4 days ago
Jeffree star is shaking
Ericka Corine Mosuela
4 seconds in and I laughed because the girl said "I'm ready to look like Lord Voldemort"
'Shemeji' 5 days ago
So..... I went to get my brows done and she freaking left one eyebrow bigger than the other...????
Naudia Blanton
'Naudia Blanton' 6 days ago
I honestly hate when people stare at something abnormal. Like okay you never seen it before but no need to make anyone else feel uncomfortable.
Water Dragon390
'Water Dragon390' 6 days ago
A boy in my classs named owen shaved off all of his eye brows and he looks like a weirdo XD
Aliyah Chambers
'Aliyah Chambers' 7 days ago
They put foundation on his forehead that doesn’t match the rest of his face
Gd legendaryfire
'Gd legendaryfire' 7 days ago
That is one bootiful Forehead home boy
'DANNY BELLS' 1 week ago
it would have been better if they matched their skin tones with the foundation, the makeup was awful.
'AMC' 1 week ago
Why is that guys eyebrows flawless?
jonathan Robbins
'jonathan Robbins' 1 week ago
Back at it again with the trashy makeup artists lmao
Katie M
'Katie M' 1 week ago
This is how I feel every day if I don't wear makeup bc my eyebrows r so naturally blonde u can't see them! 😂😏
Unknown Person
'Unknown Person' 1 week ago
mellow blue
'mellow blue' 1 week ago
none of them had the right concealer shade 😕
Unicorn Muffin Dreams
I'm white, my hair is brown, my eyebrows are blonde. You cannot see them.
Lyndie Arango
'Lyndie Arango' 2 weeks ago
I'm laughing lmao 😂 the guy looks like very weird!
'RhodainChristJesus' 2 weeks ago
Case in point, don't start at people who are different... Just because they physically are different, dress outside the "norm", etc.
Alistare Wells
'Alistare Wells' 2 weeks ago
I never use to have eyebrows and now their thick as hell
Pine Sol
'Pine Sol' 2 weeks ago
It look so bad 😂
Vu Khanh Ngoc
'Vu Khanh Ngoc' 2 weeks ago
Eyebrow game strong,eyebrows game thick,eyebrow game sharpie,eyebrow game Whoopi Goldberg
'LPS KITTY' 2 weeks ago
I dont have eyebrows because i have blonde blonde hair so its hard to see them and every one bullies me
'Abahwhale' 2 weeks ago
I have no eyebrows and I don’t chose that, I’m a brunette they are blonde 😭
'KathPlayc' 2 weeks ago
The guy looks like "Hi Stranger"
Maggie Hanberry
'Maggie Hanberry' 2 weeks ago
At 0:20 blonde girl got something green in her teeth. Buzzfeed editors couldn't help a girl out?
Macy Proffer
'Macy Proffer' 2 weeks ago
I literally love like this everyday, because I am a redhead with blonde eyebrows
'Spoderman' 2 weeks ago
This is what xxxtentacion did but went wrong lmao 😂
Savanna Mckee
'Savanna Mckee' 2 weeks ago
Damn that guys eyebrows were perfect
dark lord cosplay
'dark lord cosplay' 2 weeks ago
This is high on the list of things i wish i could unsee...
Olivea Rodriguez
'Olivea Rodriguez' 2 weeks ago
I dont have eyebrows naturally and tbh people dont even notice until i say something
Caitlin Newman
'Caitlin Newman' 2 weeks ago
“I’m ready to be Lord Voldemort” Hahahaha 😂 Lol (Edit) Lumos OMG NO EYE BROWS 😱. Grrrr AVADA KEDAVRA😂😂😂😂
'Tirade' 3 weeks ago
“Hi” “UuUuHhhH can you NOT do that around me?”
Bob Sparklez
'Bob Sparklez' 3 weeks ago
The dude was attractive with eyebrows but as soon as they were gone his whole face changed
Xx Cook!ez xX
'Xx Cook!ez xX' 3 weeks ago
The make up artist is bad because it was way too oily for the face and it didn’t match their skin tone, plus it wasn’t strong enough and you can see a slight pigmented eyebrow underneath plus it wasn’t a flat appliance it was lumpy and uneven causing the eyebrows to bulge in random areas ...... get a new make up artist plesse
'Mitsuhacchi' 3 weeks ago
I’m literally living with no eyebrows *everyday*
yongwu bao
'yongwu bao' 3 weeks ago
Unicat Love7107
'Unicat Love7107' 3 weeks ago
The blonde girl doesn’t look ANY different
Rizki Anjani
'Rizki Anjani' 3 weeks ago
Ken 😍😍😍😍
smookiekins 123
'smookiekins 123' 3 weeks ago
Yeah as a person with blonde eyebrows who gets teased I'm glad people are recognizing how annoying it is
Raritydatdimoanddoe Offical
The thumbnail look so satisfying I don’t know why 🧝🏻‍♀️
'Galaxyheadamelia' 3 weeks ago
The only thing thats off is the fact that theyre orange
Blake Duris
'Blake Duris' 3 weeks ago
UG that’s the worst brow cover get s drag queen
Can we get to 1k subs With no videos
Lord Voldemort- no nose, no eyebrows, barley any lips, But still Better than umbrage
'Bulbasaur' 3 weeks ago
When you’re blonde and live like this everyday
'mya' 4 weeks ago
the girl w the blue hair looks like jenna marbles
melanie faith
'melanie faith' 4 weeks ago
your forehead is half of the face
'WolfRock0001' 4 weeks ago
Yo I lived without eyebrows for 5 yrs
Biora Miller
'Biora Miller' 4 weeks ago
This is so random
'R R' 4 weeks ago
Plot twist--- The fake skin rips their eyebrows out :P
dolly fox killer
'dolly fox killer' 4 weeks ago
But I never had eyebrows 😂
Well i dont have eye brows and it sucks
Think peace think Jasmine
Yass lord voldamort
Maria Andrews
'Maria Andrews' 4 weeks ago
I've lived my whole life without eyebrows-_-
Toby Mather
'Toby Mather' 4 weeks ago
I don't have eyebrows, not big deal 4 me 👍
'VIANCE GRANADOS' 4 weeks ago
the girl with the blonde hair doesn’t look different
'VIANCE GRANADOS' 4 weeks ago
“okay thanks” 😂
Nikki Narcissist
'Nikki Narcissist' 4 weeks ago
Tbh I love my shaven off brows but that’s just me :P
Psychedelic Rock
'Psychedelic Rock' 4 weeks ago
well i have very light blonde to white hair and my eyelashes and eyebrows are white so until i was 13 when i started tinting them i didn’t have either so lol
Wrigley Propp
'Wrigley Propp' 4 weeks ago
I feel this pain every day... blonde eye brows aka invisible ☹️
Hernan Medrano
'Hernan Medrano' 4 weeks ago
Sometimes on South Park the characters lose their eyebrows for a while and it's hilarious...
Kate Potate
'Kate Potate' 4 weeks ago
0:01 : I'm ready to look like lord voldemort! Me: but with a nose.
Mr. Unicorn
'Mr. Unicorn' 4 weeks ago
So bassicly they live in my life for a day
Mitchy Grassi
'Mitchy Grassi' 1 month ago
Needed more power, it was really shiny
swag money bitches
'swag money bitches' 1 month ago
this is me every day 😂 #noeyebrowlife
Fahim vlog video
'Fahim vlog video' 1 month ago
Your eyevrows is important you know that?
pretty pop
'pretty pop' 1 month ago
My eyebrows are huge you probably couldn’t even cover them up with makeup 😂
Yvonne Shitera
'Yvonne Shitera' 1 month ago
2:14 what she looking at she did the eye thing
Bookworm 224
'Bookworm 224' 1 month ago
Because of atopy I'm losing my eyebrow hair
'TrashcanDelight' 1 month ago
My sister always says “your eyebrows are so amazing” they are in a shape that people want them but it’s very bushy. Don’t even think that the foundation thing would work on me
'Eliza's Vlogs' 1 month ago
I laughed the whole video😂😂😂😂
Melidylolsweetpuff Truong
R.I.P eyebrowns
Sonia TheHorse
'Sonia TheHorse' 1 month ago
Am I the only person in the world who doesn't wear makeup bc it sure seems like it lmao
'p TURTELS' 1 month ago
What was that thumbnail?
Ify Ethel
'Ify Ethel' 1 month ago
I think I'll be keeping my eyebrows on my face!!!
Watercolored Cat
'Watercolored Cat' 1 month ago
This is the content I’m binge watching for.
Emily Lorteau
'Emily Lorteau' 1 month ago
Its funny how she says Im ready to look like lord voldemort!
'Meriu' 1 month ago
Bruh that guy be lookin' like a nintendo character.
Bambi Is Boss
'Bambi Is Boss' 1 month ago
It looks so fake tho....
I am Banana
'I am Banana' 1 month ago
I would feel so bare and unsafe without my brows!
tiffany minecraft
'tiffany minecraft' 1 month ago
i saw a girl without eyebrows 100% real no eyebrows
Johanna Gr
'Johanna Gr' 1 month ago
0:20 Girl you have something on your teeth...
Meghan Ray
'Meghan Ray' 1 month ago
I can relate to this so much.
Vani Jay
'Vani Jay' 1 month ago
2:26 looks like two pieces of play-doe on his face
ZO zone
'ZO zone' 1 month ago
Look old
Isabel Schultz
'Isabel Schultz' 1 month ago
im eating cheetos and they taste weird wtf
'SnackCat' 1 month ago
My hair is already light blond, so you can barely see my eye-brows already :\
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