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People Live Without Eyebrows For A Day -
Published: 12 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 12 months ago

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“My forehead just looks extra huge…"

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Courtney lyn
'Courtney lyn' 6 hours ago
Love the voldermort at the beginning
'RainbowStriker_600' 8 hours ago
I have eyebrows but they so light you can't see them
TheOFFICAL TaiFletcher
Alice Greyheart
'Alice Greyheart' 1 day ago
Esther And Paris
'Esther And Paris' 1 day ago
For some reason I think them with no eyebrows it really doesn’t make a difference that’s my Opinion
CottonCandy 101
'CottonCandy 101' 1 day ago
Good ole, Voldemort 😂😂😂😂😂
'tsu' 1 day ago
xxxtentacion is shook
'Hamilton.Is.Life' 1 day ago
I have bArely have anyway
'Hamilton.Is.Life' 1 day ago
Y tho
Maria Lange
'Maria Lange' 1 day ago
The blond girl gets away with that and still looks fine some people still look good without brows
Milli Rock
'Milli Rock' 2 days ago
Yo so these liberals say u shouldn’t make fun of people being different but this girl in my school had something wrong with her where she didn’t have eyebrows. So when they start out the video with saying “oooh imma look like Voldemort ewww” then buzz feed hates people with physical abnormalities
AM Productions
'AM Productions' 2 days ago
Go big or go home. Wax them off!
Christian Hunter
'Christian Hunter' 2 days ago
I’m white and I have blonde eyebrows so I’m pretty used to “not having” eyebrows.
Queen Honorable the worst gamer
"I'm ready to look like Lord Voldemort" *ahem* TOUCH HARREH AND YOU DIE
Hadley Auster
'Hadley Auster' 2 days ago
The guy’s makeup was bad
Belle Lizbeth
'Belle Lizbeth' 2 days ago
did she say Lord Voldemort because that would be funny! If you don't know Lord Voldemort it from Harry Potter
Briana Danis
'Briana Danis' 2 days ago
your forehead is half your head
Nancy The Weirdo
'Nancy The Weirdo' 2 days ago
I am lord Voldemort myself 😂
Angel Stuff
'Angel Stuff' 2 days ago
You know, I have eyebrows but people can’t really see them. So, you have experienced my side.
2 awesome girls YouTube !
Instagram probably watched this and was like ong we need to praise our eyebrows #2017
'FangirlingUnicorn' 3 days ago
*Causally checking to see if I have eyebrows*
AYY hello :D
'AYY hello :D' 3 days ago
The guy looked better
Tristan Bradshaw
'Tristan Bradshaw' 3 days ago
My dad has no eyebrows, and I️ didn’t even notice until this video. I️ just keep looking at everyone’s eyebrows now.
khandker khaleda rahman
0:39 she looks like Jenna Marbles without eyebrows
Amy&Jose Rosario
'Amy&Jose Rosario' 3 days ago
Wow, that just goes to show how much people take for granted what we have and how much we take the simple things for granted as well. Imagine having all our everyday simple God given things taken from us and MADE to live like that for longer than just a day... say a MONTH. Can you say Anxiety Meds!!!
Lil Kelly
'Lil Kelly' 3 days ago
Now you know how pale irish people feel.
Leah Graham
'Leah Graham' 3 days ago
1:04 Is it just me or does she kina look like Jenna from PLL
BadAss Bitch
'BadAss Bitch' 3 days ago
the guuyyys eyebroowwsss♥️♥️♥️♥️ deeeyuuummmm
Zuri The Husky
'Zuri The Husky' 3 days ago
omg just get out of my recommendations now.
I need *M*ore *C*old *R*isks please
I would be SO HAPPY if I had the guys eyebrows
Kaitlin Marie
'Kaitlin Marie' 3 days ago
My eyebrows are blond so you can't see them at I basically do this EVERY single day lol
Sasekani Mabunda
'Sasekani Mabunda' 3 days ago
Thumbnail made me cringe
'evergreen' 3 days ago
Makeup was pretty bad tbh, you could totally tell there were different colored spots on their face
Daniel Matthews stan #001
i..... cannot live without my eyebrows the only thing i spend a lot of time on in the morning is the twin caterpillars on my face everyone compliments my eyebrows i’m leaving
Michael Cubillo
'Michael Cubillo' 3 days ago funny! Thanks for posting ! This is also awesome check it out!
Cassidy Birkhimer
'Cassidy Birkhimer' 3 days ago
the makeup artist did an awful job
'Omahgawdsukawaii' 4 days ago
0:14 ruby rose confirmed
Stupid Gamer Geeks
I have light eyebrows and people call me “Eyebrows” and it makes me feel really self conscious but people to mention this that much anymore but now I know I don’t care.
Aloma Bollen
'Aloma Bollen' 4 days ago
they honestly look normal
Mya Maroon
'Mya Maroon' 4 days ago
What will the little girls and boys who's eye brows fell out because of cancer think of this video?
T h e R e s u r r e c t o r
XXX Tentacion watched this.
'MazePlayz' 4 days ago
0:51 of course you don't Voldemort is an icon
Izzy Capefort
'Izzy Capefort' 4 days ago
Ricegum bout to roast you
'chanél' 4 days ago
weird as hell. ken looks just like my ex
Alice Crane
'Alice Crane' 4 days ago
Try being in a wheelchair....
Saymiey May
'Saymiey May' 4 days ago
I was born without eyebrows. They think it's hard for a day! Try your entire life lol
WolfySans 9094
'WolfySans 9094' 4 days ago
They are now VOLDEMORT!
grace is awkward
'grace is awkward' 4 days ago
ayy this was uploaded on my birthday
'PopapaG' 5 days ago
Being xxxtentation for a day, Just fixed the title.
Abby and hayley’s Channel
This is how I look every day I have eyebrow hair but you can’t see it at all
ᗰᗰᗪ ᖇᗴᑎ
That fucking thumbnail is so scary to me idk why
T Word
'T Word' 5 days ago
that dude looks like a fake Klingon also that color did not match his skin tone lol
Radiyah Ali
'Radiyah Ali' 5 days ago
Without my eyebrows, I AM NOBODYYYYY!!
ace of lols
'ace of lols' 6 days ago
I don't have eyebrows every day due to trichotillomania, and it's horrible to deal with😔
Sara Hassan
'Sara Hassan' 6 days ago
People live without noses for a day
Blerona Gashi
'Blerona Gashi' 7 days ago
Jeffree star is quaking
Jailyn Peralta
'Jailyn Peralta' 7 days ago
FACTZ tho his eyebrows are in FLEEK 👌🏼
Your Mum
'Your Mum' 7 days ago
The girl with blue hair looks like Jenna marbles
'Janecos' 7 days ago
lmao hahahhaa
Millie Grace
'Millie Grace' 1 week ago
I literally have no eyebrows there so light u cant see them so....
Matt DiGiovanna
'Matt DiGiovanna' 1 week ago
my eyebrows r so fucking blonde u can barely see them
'PØTÅTØ SQÚÅD' 1 week ago
Lord Voldemort. POTTERHEAD
Panda Duh
'Panda Duh' 1 week ago
Caitlin Newman
'Caitlin Newman' 1 week ago
Well this is.....SAD WE NEED EYEBROWS
Ethan Winograd
'Ethan Winograd' 1 week ago
It looks so noticeable! Hire new makeup artists!!!!
Morgan K
'Morgan K' 1 week ago
Cosplayers and drag queens can conceal their eyebrows way better than this, come on! Or you could go the Jenna Marbles route and shave them off, they grow back in a week.
Niya FBA
'Niya FBA' 1 week ago
This is me everyday, don't need this to happen to not have eyebrows.
Susuki Panda
'Susuki Panda' 1 week ago
My friends are like "My eyebrows are amazing" and I say "What eyebrows?" 😂😂 And before you say "You probably don't have eyebrows", I have a man's eyebrows they are so thick, huge, and dark...
Insidious Tiger
'Insidious Tiger' 1 week ago
Remember when xxxtentacion shaved his eyebrows
Natalie Hall
'Natalie Hall' 1 week ago
i’ve seen amateur drag queens do better
pelican slimes
'pelican slimes' 1 week ago
She did Voldemort dirty
EpicAwesomeStuff •
The blonde looks normal tbh
Levi Heichou
'Levi Heichou' 1 week ago
I feel like they could have done a better job w the prosthetics. They looked like they got burned.
Carissa likes to draw
I have eyebrows but you can't see them :(
Julia S
'Julia S' 1 week ago
Oh thats easy for my classmates! Half of them either have super hairy bushy eyebrows or they so thin and light you can barely see anything!
Panic! At twenty one Paramore concerts
Its Stefanie C.
'Its Stefanie C.' 1 week ago
Something is just sooooo off about there face
'Hailee_Kayann' 1 week ago
At 0:20 the girl has something in her teeth
LpsWorld Tv
'LpsWorld Tv' 1 week ago
The guys eyebrow at 0:12 are on fleek and I don’t think he did them like do makeup
McKayla Baker
'McKayla Baker' 1 week ago
*He who should not be named!*
Denise Reyes
'Denise Reyes' 1 week ago
That dude's real eyebrows are goals wtf
Daenerys Stormborn
that makeup artist is going to kill me someday
Aries Thomas
'Aries Thomas' 1 week ago
I was literally born without eyebrows. I hate it☹️
Emily Cox
'Emily Cox' 1 week ago
They are beautiful/handsome both ways
JBeatz Xclusive
'JBeatz Xclusive' 1 week ago
Should've called this Whoopi for a day. Lol
I wouldn't live without my eyebrows
Alyssa Riche
'Alyssa Riche' 2 weeks ago
it's the xxxtentacion challenge😂😂 edit: no hate i love x lmaoo
TakeOnn TakeOnn
'TakeOnn TakeOnn' 2 weeks ago
Jamie Davis
'Jamie Davis' 2 weeks ago
This an everyday struggle for me I don’t own/have make up to put on so it looks like I have no eyebrows. (My eyebrows are really blonde)
Háłłïē B
'Háłłïē B' 2 weeks ago
Me every day cuz I’m a ginger
Yummy Gummy
'Yummy Gummy' 2 weeks ago
I honestly don't think the makeup was done very well I honestly could still see there are rows under the makeup and it doesn't look like they've been shaved off
Quinn Howland Roblox and more!
sarah bernert
'sarah bernert' 2 weeks ago
they should have blend it more into the skin
'xKx' 2 weeks ago
I thought xxxtentacion was apart of this experiment
Toxic Helmi
'Toxic Helmi' 2 weeks ago
I had no eyebrows for 2 years cause i think i look better that way but im an athlete so i grew them back
'KeyboardWarrior' 2 weeks ago
Niki Lauda: check your eyebrow privilage
'KeyboardWarrior' 2 weeks ago
I would feel super confident doing this, because I would know its not real and own it, if it were real id be self concious for sure but knowing that its not id be fine
Reeyxz .0206
'Reeyxz .0206' 2 weeks ago
The blonde girl looks fine
'B0ut0n' 2 weeks ago
My Great gran has tattoo eyebrows because they came out when she was stressed after great granddad died when I was younger
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