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5 Amazing Science Experiments -
Published: 1 year ago By: MrGear

By: MrGearPublished: 1 year ago

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Kabita Pal
'Kabita Pal' 19 hours ago
Jata lsta dakalo satar sisita ki chilo ta comand kora bola din
Hina kakadiya
'Hina kakadiya' 2 days ago
v nice
Wrestling Legends
'Wrestling Legends' 6 days ago
Vikram 123
'Vikram 123' 1 week ago
Σωτήρης Ρουμπάνης
Hemlata Garg
'Hemlata Garg' 3 weeks ago
2nd trick was done by law of inertia
Alvin A
'Alvin A' 3 weeks ago
Subscribe me and watch my video
Everybody Hugs
'Everybody Hugs' 4 weeks ago
3:35 When you masturbate after a month
Ronit Maitra
'Ronit Maitra' 4 weeks ago
At least tell the things you're using , not all of us know the commodities
sa she
'sa she' 1 month ago
Something new
intan Dita
'intan Dita' 1 month ago
I love science experimen
Jitendra Doiphode
'Jitendra Doiphode' 2 months ago
Rujul master
'Rujul master' 2 months ago
Your video was best
Rujul master
'Rujul master' 2 months ago
Plz tell me
Rujul master
'Rujul master' 2 months ago
Nice , but what was the last second chemical u put in bottle
Eshitwa Agrawal
'Eshitwa Agrawal' 2 months ago
Which thing u used in last experiment
Eshitwa Agrawal
'Eshitwa Agrawal' 2 months ago
For spark what material of bottle u use
Rohit Sehrawat
'Rohit Sehrawat' 2 months ago make a video in video you get a 1000 degree hot metal ball VS liquid nitrogen what will than please make a video
Neha Verma
'Neha Verma' 2 months ago
Nandini Aggarwal
'Nandini Aggarwal' 2 months ago
Some of them are really risky. Children should not do
'RIDDHI Jain' 2 months ago
Those 1k dislikers were those who failed in all these experiments 😂😂😂😂
iron man ironman
'iron man ironman' 2 months ago
can you make videos of experiments with magnesium
Abhay Shukla
'Abhay Shukla' 2 months ago
Kont Kont
'Kont Kont' 2 months ago
good work brooooo
La Ode Mukmin Napa
'La Ode Mukmin Napa' 2 months ago
'travesty869' 2 months ago
Why make a video about useless lame or stupid shit most did as a kid...
Mahesh Kalantri
'Mahesh Kalantri' 2 months ago
Is that water in the bottle
Udit Pratap Singh
'Udit Pratap Singh' 2 months ago
Which substance was that, that u used in last!
Moazzam Ali
'Moazzam Ali' 2 months ago
Pls watch my funny videos if you know hindi or urdu and sub please its my birthday not lying
Janvi Crazy Craft
'Janvi Crazy Craft' 2 months ago
The Lion
'The Lion' 2 months ago
And now I go to block you only for this video
The Lion
'The Lion' 2 months ago
It's to bad experiment I dislike your video in your video nothing is new I hate that type of all youtube
Uma Kc
'Uma Kc' 3 months ago
Lauretha Seetaldass
'Lauretha Seetaldass' 3 months ago
zeshan baig Baig
'zeshan baig Baig' 3 months ago
Bekaar video hai tere donkey
Angela Sinha
'Angela Sinha' 3 months ago
it's good ..but playing with science is not good😅😅😓😓
tamil tamil
'tamil tamil' 3 months ago
Good job
Anonymous Account
'Anonymous Account' 3 months ago
-Amazing- Super Amazing 😍
Leonardo Peña
'Leonardo Peña' 3 months ago
Great video, it was so nice
ojaswi verma
'ojaswi verma' 3 months ago
Marija Cakic
'Marija Cakic' 3 months ago
Jer si ti is srbije
Ayush Kumar
'Ayush Kumar' 3 months ago
But what had you added in last experiment😕😕
Ayush Kumar
'Ayush Kumar' 3 months ago
Good job👍👍
tima gay
'tima gay' 3 months ago
Кто русский ?
Alok Singh
'Alok Singh' 3 months ago
lil hoee
'lil hoee' 3 months ago
4:00 ohhhuhhu
A for Aniket gupta
'A for Aniket gupta' 3 months ago Our new vidro
fatima Shaikh
'fatima Shaikh' 3 months ago
At 3:49 what was that thing
Der Anonyme Gamer
'Der Anonyme Gamer' 3 months ago
This Video is stolen
Cristian de la Rosa
'Cristian de la Rosa' 3 months ago
On 4:30 the water bottles look like they have a face
Pranav PKD
'Pranav PKD' 3 months ago
you are just a ****and freak
only study
'only study' 3 months ago
Hey you used on crackers and water
Ashwin Panicker
'Ashwin Panicker' 3 months ago
What is water liked used in 2:17 pls rply fast
'YUVRAJ PUROHIT' 3 months ago
You are indian
Dazlyna Ely
'Dazlyna Ely' 3 months ago
Md Yasin
'Md Yasin' 3 months ago
5:04 what kind of wire
Adik Utara
'Adik Utara' 3 months ago
4.14 what was that luqiud
Rocket Bacon
'Rocket Bacon' 4 months ago
A moeda não tem atrito com o papel :)
vageta super saying blue
asa mane bhe keya hai
vageta super saying blue
very bakvas video
Garima Singh
'Garima Singh' 4 months ago
Is this water at 3:06 or any thing else?
Jai Parsana
'Jai Parsana' 4 months ago
Which liuid is used in experiments?
Mayank Yadav
'Mayank Yadav' 4 months ago
What is material in 5th experiment
Shagun Jaiswal
'Shagun Jaiswal' 4 months ago
Mr gear can you tell mee what thing you used in the experiment with 9volt battery please😊
Abhi Pandey
'Abhi Pandey' 4 months ago
Whats the sponge like object.?
Shubham Kumar
'Shubham Kumar' 4 months ago
Alex Guzman
'Alex Guzman' 4 months ago
Prabir Bera
'Prabir Bera' 4 months ago
What's that liquid
Reach DoTTai
'Reach DoTTai' 4 months ago
{ _ _ } =/
'DropLexA' 4 months ago
MrGeoar Or HawkGuroHacker? my favorite is MrGear
Anuj Vishwakarma Official
Second last one which liquid
Keshav Sorekar
'Keshav Sorekar' 4 months ago
Keshav Sorekar
'Keshav Sorekar' 4 months ago
'FLASH Dx' 4 months ago
What have u used with battery at 4:39
Fernanndo Gerth
'Fernanndo Gerth' 4 months ago
one vape!!!
Muhammad Fauzy
'Muhammad Fauzy' 4 months ago
No subcribe
zyro gt
'zyro gt' 4 months ago
What name is it,in 05:02
Hriday Chhabra
'Hriday Chhabra' 4 months ago
Hola je pu vous r tu appelle tu
4:42 what is that object? N
Krishna Vaviya
'Krishna Vaviya' 4 months ago
what was the name of material used in 4 experiment
Krishna Vaviya
'Krishna Vaviya' 4 months ago
what was putted in bottle at 4:22
'KUSHAL BAJORIA' 4 months ago
2nd one is example of inersia
Abhinav Raj
'Abhinav Raj' 4 months ago
Ashim Basak
'Ashim Basak' 4 months ago
what happen if u close the cap of the bottle after burning it in
Trufflé HUN
'Trufflé HUN' 4 months ago
3:34 dubstep coca cola
Stephen Stains
'Stephen Stains' 4 months ago
wat is the name of the sponch that u used at the last
vinod tripathi
'vinod tripathi' 4 months ago
Awesome Pushkar Anand
what was the last material plz which got flame with 9 v battery
Mandeep Sharma
'Mandeep Sharma' 5 months ago
Bro What Material U Took In Ur Last Experiment.. Other one from 9V Battery
Karan Shory
'Karan Shory' 5 months ago
What was that solution in 4th trick?
'AJAY KUMAR SINGH' 5 months ago
3:40 anyone wanted a smokey coco cola
Technical Faiz All Videos
Irfan Maniyar
'Irfan Maniyar' 5 months ago
irfan manuyar
'#PolyMATH' 5 months ago
What does the last one contain of
mobile Gamer
'mobile Gamer' 5 months ago
What u added in last second experiment
Harsh_ Rai
'Harsh_ Rai' 5 months ago
Which type of lighter this is?
Snehil Jain
'Snehil Jain' 5 months ago
What do you use in the last experiment ?
Ahmad Raza
'Ahmad Raza' 5 months ago
What is the name of the chemical used in 2nd last experiment
Whatsapp Zeal
'Whatsapp Zeal' 5 months ago
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