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5 Amazing Science Experiments -
Published: 11 months ago By: MrGear

By: MrGearPublished: 11 months ago

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'JOHN CENA!!!!!' 9 hours ago
cool dsdsdsd
Kelly Voon
'Kelly Voon' 3 days ago
Ahhh inertia
ravindu madushan
'ravindu madushan' 2 weeks ago
كوكب العلوم
How to make spiner
Abdul Waris
'Abdul Waris' 3 weeks ago
3:50 what liquid was that ???
irolyn caillan
'irolyn caillan' 3 weeks ago
Mr gear Wow Your Amazing
paresh parmar
'paresh parmar' 1 month ago
Moral of the session : You shouldn't drink coke when you are near fire
shivani sethi
'shivani sethi' 2 months ago
MR.Grear I like your fist one is so cool
Raja Peric
'Raja Peric' 2 months ago
3:25 omfg
Farhaj Khan
'Farhaj Khan' 2 months ago
Subcrisbe I will sub you back
John chary
'John chary' 3 months ago
Super ga undi
mhaybz robi
'mhaybz robi' 3 months ago
dami nyong alam xD
Pingu McPing
'Pingu McPing' 3 months ago
How the fuck are any of these "science experiments"?
bryan joiner m
'bryan joiner m' 4 months ago
Esto no es nada cientifico :v
Aman Singh
'Aman Singh' 4 months ago
wow awesome science tricks
purushottam ahuja
'purushottam ahuja' 4 months ago
which chemical was in blue bottle
dikki diko
'dikki diko' 5 months ago
what is the chemical you use
Amit Singh
'Amit Singh' 5 months ago
i will try the firirst one
Akshay17 COOL GUYZ z
'Akshay17 COOL GUYZ z' 5 months ago
VERYYYY OsM I ever seen than q so much tqsm
Doni Adi saputra
'Doni Adi saputra' 5 months ago
'COC ATTACKS' 5 months ago
u r best sir
Jam Gallardo
'Jam Gallardo' 5 months ago
ginagao !!
Smit V
'Smit V' 5 months ago
it's to good
Vinayak Tandon
'Vinayak Tandon' 5 months ago
What was the last chemical used in plastic bottle??
Adjie Prasyadewa
'Adjie Prasyadewa' 5 months ago
Aalam Virk
'Aalam Virk' 5 months ago
What's that sponge like thing?
TheApple Head
'TheApple Head' 5 months ago
4:44 Circuit Style:hot wire jutsu
uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas
1:22 I hope you had a taste of that..
chris daniel ortanez
'chris daniel ortanez' 5 months ago
i love science
'AdamTyndall1' 5 months ago
It doesn't seem to me that many of these "experiments were truly scientific in nature
'aman' 6 months ago
Mercedita Blazo
'Mercedita Blazo' 6 months ago
'RandomStuff' 6 months ago
U should've told us what the materiel was
Esteban Riviere
'Esteban Riviere' 6 months ago
Sorry ah sale twelve especially punish alleged.
YoungstarGamerz TV
'YoungstarGamerz TV' 6 months ago
cooles Video, Mega cool! Wünschte ich wäre auch so erfolgreich :)
Rizki afsana
'Rizki afsana' 7 months ago
not bad for experimence
'COOL GUY YT' 7 months ago
what is that material which burn out with a cell #LIFE_HACK5
Soy Chabe
'Soy Chabe' 7 months ago
Hola amigos este es Un simple Comentario😥, Que entre tantos se va A perder Y no creo que Muchos Lo lean.😏pero Me Gustaría que Unos Pocos se Den una Vuelta Por Mi canal aún que No soy Tan Bueno Con YT quiero que Me digan Si les gusta mi contenido😌😼, O me dejen Una Pequeña reseña Donde Me digan Cómo está El Contenido que debería Subir No se XD😎 ¡Que pasen Buen día!
Ayush Kushwaha
'Ayush Kushwaha' 7 months ago
what is the name of liquid material,that you have used in your sparklers experiment?
Avaneesh Rai
'Avaneesh Rai' 7 months ago
I love your channel
Dr. Doom
'Dr. Doom' 7 months ago
Hey, go subscribe to my channel! Your subscribing makes sure new videos come sooner. Thanks!
Chantal Altamirano
'Chantal Altamirano' 7 months ago
Was the highlighter part of the whole experiment ?
Al Nahian Rahman Ongkon Al Nahian Rahman Ongkon
Wow . This very amazing science.
Md soad Md soad
'Md soad Md soad' 8 months ago
Very nice
Jose Alexander
'Jose Alexander' 8 months ago
stormchaser 234
'stormchaser 234' 8 months ago
do a face reveal
Caco Invader
'Caco Invader' 8 months ago
Mahnoor Ali
'Mahnoor Ali' 8 months ago
very bad
'KINFLEZ' 8 months ago
Первый эт тип вейп ?)
lil Divine
'lil Divine' 8 months ago
0:25 pass the weed !!
Sonic Hedgehog
'Sonic Hedgehog' 8 months ago
What was that stuff in that blue bottle?
Nazmul Nafis
'Nazmul Nafis' 8 months ago
the 4 one was scary
Aryan Aggarwal VLOGS
'Aryan Aggarwal VLOGS' 8 months ago
At 2:39 in the bottle there is water ?????
Football everyday
'Football everyday' 8 months ago
what is the name of liquid shown in 3:49
Cagan Oyunsevertr
'Cagan Oyunsevertr' 8 months ago
good video
'scooperlynn' 8 months ago
emirhan ulubay
'emirhan ulubay' 8 months ago
ağbi sen türkmüşsün
'CLUTZ TV' 8 months ago
Angel Hercules
'Angel Hercules' 8 months ago
Hey, stop scrolling down and watch the video geez!
'kickbox41' 9 months ago
there is no thing to be amaze
Max Steel
'Max Steel' 9 months ago
'dankmemerino147' 9 months ago
so i usually just kinda look at the materials for one of these experiments and just say "this is gonna be a terrible idea, but not in the way i think"
'EVILBUNNY28' 9 months ago
Jeez, we get it. You vape.
B. K.
'B. K.' 9 months ago
wtf adam turk mu la
ppalgang chic
'ppalgang chic' 9 months ago
can you pls tell me what is the name of the 1st experiment
Policy Cars!
'Policy Cars!' 9 months ago
smoke wtf omg!
Aftab Alam
'Aftab Alam' 9 months ago
MrGear what kind of liquid is that pls reply
'sebaekfordx' 9 months ago
what's the name of the 1st experiment??? pls respond!! thank you!!
Technical boss
'Technical boss' 9 months ago
Mushfique Islam
'Mushfique Islam' 9 months ago
'MoNeY MaN' 9 months ago
Louai ahmed
'Louai ahmed' 9 months ago
Who can help me the names of experiences
Soi Io
'Soi Io' 9 months ago
What is the liquid in 03:50?
Dave Mok
'Dave Mok' 9 months ago
Oh man . Amazing
Om Gajjar
'Om Gajjar' 10 months ago
2:17 what is in the botter ????
Sarah Sylph
'Sarah Sylph' 10 months ago
Who want sprarkel juice or colaspark juice lol
Selvy Jacob
'Selvy Jacob' 10 months ago
why does the cocoa COLA jump out can U plz tell me
Canan Gecer
'Canan Gecer' 10 months ago
MRgear turkmusun
Revita Dewi
'Revita Dewi' 10 months ago
as as
psycho 83
'psycho 83' 10 months ago
è italiano nn leggere il titolo
Alex Rodriguez
'Alex Rodriguez' 10 months ago
4:04 I thought he screamed
Alex Rodriguez
'Alex Rodriguez' 10 months ago
1:52 not science just a skill
yair lol
'yair lol' 10 months ago
music pls intro
Michael Baines
'Michael Baines' 10 months ago
dude just stop.
Michael Baines
'Michael Baines' 10 months ago
i dont know if I should be bored or angry.
projex xd
'projex xd' 10 months ago
Mr.Gear ur content is coo but u need to learn how to title ur vids
Leena Shah
'Leena Shah' 10 months ago
Hey wats the thing like foil in the first experiment???
GS- BatuDeniz
'GS- BatuDeniz' 10 months ago
as bayraklara asasas
Sajan Baidar
'Sajan Baidar' 10 months ago
whats the name of the blue bottle used for second last experiment
Nisha Rao
'Nisha Rao' 10 months ago
MR Gear what liquid did you used in the last experiment
Rakesh Dubey
'Rakesh Dubey' 10 months ago
Hello Mr grear I am a big big fan of your my name is Om so please send me anything to me
Lemønade Cake
'Lemønade Cake' 10 months ago
4:40 What is that material?
Dagfinn Eikseth
'Dagfinn Eikseth' 10 months ago
wow Cool trick
MR.Nadzha Hacker
'MR.Nadzha Hacker' 10 months ago
2:49 i have do that it cool!
GamingZic Games and More
the 2nd one, most people and I know that thing u know
'' 10 months ago
wow..nice experiments.
'KING KHAN PRESENTS' 10 months ago
indudhara vivek
'indudhara vivek' 10 months ago
'FBFC PrAcTiCaL cHiLd' 10 months ago
mrgear hellooooooooo❤❤❤❤❤❤
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