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5 Amazing Science Experiments -
Published: 1 year ago By: MrGear

By: MrGearPublished: 1 year ago

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Kont Kont
'Kont Kont' 2 days ago
good work brooooo
La Ode Mukmin Napa
'travesty869' 6 days ago
Why make a video about useless lame or stupid shit most did as a kid...
Mahesh Kalantri
'Mahesh Kalantri' 1 week ago
Is that water in the bottle
Udit Pratap Singh
'Udit Pratap Singh' 2 weeks ago
Which substance was that, that u used in last!
Moazzam Ali
'Moazzam Ali' 2 weeks ago
Pls watch my funny videos if you know hindi or urdu and sub please its my birthday not lying
Janvi Sharma
'Janvi Sharma' 2 weeks ago
The Lion
'The Lion' 2 weeks ago
And now I go to block you only for this video
The Lion
'The Lion' 2 weeks ago
It's to bad experiment I dislike your video in your video nothing is new I hate that type of all youtube
Uma Kc
'Uma Kc' 2 weeks ago
Lauretha Seetaldass
'Lauretha Seetaldass' 2 weeks ago
zeshan baig Baig
'zeshan baig Baig' 2 weeks ago
Bekaar video hai tere donkey
Angela Sinha
'Angela Sinha' 3 weeks ago
it's good ..but playing with science is not good😅😅😓😓
kishore p
'kishore p' 3 weeks ago
Good job
Anonymous Account
'Anonymous Account' 3 weeks ago
-Amazing- Super Amazing 😍
Leonardo Peña
'Leonardo Peña' 3 weeks ago
Great video, it was so nice
ojaswi verma
'ojaswi verma' 4 weeks ago
Marija Cakic
'Marija Cakic' 4 weeks ago
Jer si ti is srbije
Ayush Kumar
'Ayush Kumar' 4 weeks ago
But what had you added in last experiment😕😕
Ayush Kumar
'Ayush Kumar' 4 weeks ago
Good job👍👍
tima gay
'tima gay' 4 weeks ago
Кто русский ?
Alok Singh
'Alok Singh' 1 month ago
lil hoee
'lil hoee' 1 month ago
4:00 ohhhuhhu
A for Aniket gupta
'A for Aniket gupta' 1 month ago Our new vidro
fatima Shaikh
'fatima Shaikh' 1 month ago
At 3:49 what was that thing
Der Anonyme
'Der Anonyme' 1 month ago
This Video is stolen
Cristian de la Rosa
'Cristian de la Rosa' 1 month ago
On 4:30 the water bottles look like they have a face
Pranav PKD
'Pranav PKD' 1 month ago
you are just a ****and freak
Himanshu Rajgor
'Himanshu Rajgor' 1 month ago
Hey you used on crackers and water
Ashwin Panicker
'Ashwin Panicker' 1 month ago
What is water liked used in 2:17 pls rply fast
'YUVRAJ PUROHIT' 1 month ago
You are indian
Dazlyna Ely
'Dazlyna Ely' 1 month ago
Md Yasin
'Md Yasin' 1 month ago
5:04 what kind of wire
Black Panda
'Black Panda' 1 month ago
4.14 what was that luqiud
Rocket Bacon
'Rocket Bacon' 1 month ago
A moeda não tem atrito com o papel :)
vageta super saying blue
asa mane bhe keya hai
vageta super saying blue
very bakvas video
Garima Singh
'Garima Singh' 2 months ago
Is this water at 3:06 or any thing else?
Jai Parsana
'Jai Parsana' 2 months ago
Which liuid is used in experiments?
Mayank Yadav
'Mayank Yadav' 2 months ago
What is material in 5th experiment
Shagun Jaiswal
'Shagun Jaiswal' 2 months ago
Mr gear can you tell mee what thing you used in the experiment with 9volt battery please😊
Abhi Pandey
'Abhi Pandey' 2 months ago
Whats the sponge like object.?
Shubham Kumar
'Shubham Kumar' 2 months ago
Alex Guzman
'Alex Guzman' 2 months ago
Prabir Bera
'Prabir Bera' 2 months ago
What's that liquid
Reach DoTTai
'Reach DoTTai' 2 months ago
{ _ _ } =/
'DropLexA' 2 months ago
MrGeoar Or HawkGuroHacker? my favorite is MrGear
'Anuj' 2 months ago
Second last one which liquid
Keshav Sorekar
'Keshav Sorekar' 2 months ago
Keshav Sorekar
'Keshav Sorekar' 2 months ago
'FLASH Dx' 2 months ago
What have u used with battery at 4:39
Fernanndo Gerth
'Fernanndo Gerth' 2 months ago
one vape!!!
Muhammad Fauzy
'Muhammad Fauzy' 2 months ago
No subcribe
zyro gt
'zyro gt' 2 months ago
What name is it,in 05:02
Hriday Chhabra
'Hriday Chhabra' 2 months ago
Hola je pu vous r tu appelle tu
life hacks with badshah NO NAME
4:42 what is that object? N
Krishna Vaviya
'Krishna Vaviya' 2 months ago
what was the name of material used in 4 experiment
Krishna Vaviya
'Krishna Vaviya' 2 months ago
what was putted in bottle at 4:22
'KUSHAL BAJORIA' 2 months ago
2nd one is example of inersia
Abhinav Raj
'Abhinav Raj' 2 months ago
Ashim Basak
'Ashim Basak' 2 months ago
what happen if u close the cap of the bottle after burning it in
Trufflé HUN
'Trufflé HUN' 2 months ago
3:34 dubstep coca cola
Stephen Stains
'Stephen Stains' 2 months ago
wat is the name of the sponch that u used at the last
vinod tripathi
'vinod tripathi' 2 months ago
Shweta Rani
'Shweta Rani' 2 months ago
what was the last material plz which got flame with 9 v battery
Mandeep kaushik Sharma
Bro What Material U Took In Ur Last Experiment.. Other one from 9V Battery
Karan Shory
'Karan Shory' 2 months ago
What was that solution in 4th trick?
'AJAY KUMAR SINGH' 2 months ago
3:40 anyone wanted a smokey coco cola
Technical Faiz all videos
Irfan Maniyar
'Irfan Maniyar' 3 months ago
irfan manuyar
'#PolyMATH' 3 months ago
What does the last one contain of
mobile Gamer
'mobile Gamer' 3 months ago
What u added in last second experiment
Harsh_ Rai
'Harsh_ Rai' 3 months ago
Which type of lighter this is?
Snehil Jain
'Snehil Jain' 3 months ago
What do you use in the last experiment ?
Ahmad Raza
'Ahmad Raza' 3 months ago
What is the name of the chemical used in 2nd last experiment
Whatsapp Zeal
'Whatsapp Zeal' 3 months ago
vinay s l thakur
'vinay s l thakur' 3 months ago
Hey bud what was the last thing that on you rubbed battery
sarthak kumhar
'sarthak kumhar' 3 months ago
good one bro....
viral whatsapp video
'viral whatsapp video' 3 months ago yaar mera bhi channel subscribe kr do plz plz plz....
manoj kumar
'manoj kumar' 3 months ago
cool dude next Albert kick buttowski
Firdos Siddiqui
'Firdos Siddiqui' 3 months ago
Ranjita Ladha
'Ranjita Ladha' 3 months ago
What was in the bottle when he did the firecrackers experiment
Dragos Merisca
'Dragos Merisca' 3 months ago
The experiment with the sparklers is very dangerous! After the colour of the sparks I can deduce that they have Ba(NO3)2 in them. The nitrate decomposes at those temperatures to give of NO2, a toxic gas which combines with water to make nitric acid, the most dangerous mineral acid (except for HF) !
Bhavin Gohil
'Bhavin Gohil' 3 months ago
Wate names all thet
shrikant lathe
'shrikant lathe' 3 months ago
Nice experiments,,
Anything you like
'Anything you like' 3 months ago
4:51 what is this
Rizwan Ahmad Khan
'Rizwan Ahmad Khan' 3 months ago
nice video ye question ka answer plz dijeye app kha rahte h or app ne ek warning di thi video ke shuru me ki is ko ghar me try mat kro to aap is ko kha pe karte ho plz answer me
Paras Piyush
'Paras Piyush' 3 months ago
I like it
Usha Soni
'Usha Soni' 3 months ago
nice video
Iqbal Shaikh
'Iqbal Shaikh' 3 months ago
Manav Soni
'Manav Soni' 3 months ago
Hii which liquid is used for 4th experiment
Rajan Mestry
'Rajan Mestry' 3 months ago
1:50:was a bet
Shaazan Production
'Shaazan Production' 3 months ago
Plz change the background music
Charan Yadav
'Charan Yadav' 3 months ago
Mr gear , Can u tell me which liquid did u used to light up inside bottle ..and which type of wire used with battery ....pls👌
'RoTorial' 3 months ago
cool dsdsdsd
Kelly Voon
'Kelly Voon' 3 months ago
Ahhh inertia
ravindu madushan
'ravindu madushan' 3 months ago
'P.O.S TUBE' 3 months ago
How to make spiner
3:50 what liquid was that ???
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