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$80 Tattoo Vs. $875 Tattoo -
Published: 11 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 11 months ago

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“I’m not gonna be able to hide this from my grandma."

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Skin and Bones
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Lost And Broken
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Speakeasy Tattoo

Artist: Scott Glazier
Instagram: speakeasy_tattoo_la

Body Electric Tattoo

Artist: Mike G
Instagram - @mikegtattoo

Tattoo Lounge:

Artist: Patrick Thomas
Instagram: @skullytattoos

Made by BFMP

'Sare' 3 hours ago
The last tattoo looked a lot better as an art piece, but great job anyway
'ghettocable' 5 hours ago
sub comment and like
Gifty Padda
'Gifty Padda' 6 hours ago
He left his tattoo uncovered?? 😑🤔
W1tch B1tch
'W1tch B1tch' 1 day ago
Just saying, the space stuff is going to bleed and blur like freaking crazy
Jade Willow
'Jade Willow' 1 day ago
Dude that last tattoo looked wayyy too amateur for the price. The line work was crooked and the eyes didn't even look realistic.
Steve Gonzales
'Steve Gonzales' 1 day ago
5$ condom and 500$ condom
Spuzva Rahil
'Spuzva Rahil' 1 day ago
All of them are garbage wtf xd
Mandie Pandie
'Mandie Pandie' 2 days ago
good for you this is amzing I would get a tetoo like that one
hannah jo
'hannah jo' 2 days ago
$100 for two stars....
xxx xxx
'xxx xxx' 2 days ago
50$ blowjob vs 500$ blowjob
Will The king of frogs
9:35 he was wearing a bape hat
Lukas Schmidt
'Lukas Schmidt' 3 days ago
disgusting cucks.
'διστάζω' 3 days ago
i like how all of the theme are related to space-time.
2:04 = big bobs
Savon Freeman
'Savon Freeman' 3 days ago
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channel 8
'channel 8' 3 days ago
9:29 shame less sharpie plug
Jon titus
'Jon titus' 3 days ago
Chadi Afnaoui
'Chadi Afnaoui' 3 days ago
Where is Adam ?
'primazz' 4 days ago
Omg Flynn is such a cute nameeee
Roger Rabbit
'Roger Rabbit' 4 days ago
Fresh tats looked like 25 year old tats. Very bland looking to me
Yuri Boyka
'Yuri Boyka' 4 days ago
400$ one was fucking terrible, it should have been done in color, dark purple and some orange and yellow for the space and the star dust, B&W style fucked it up looks really cheap
META 19991
'META 19991' 4 days ago
That's fucking amazing!!!
zenner 2,0
'zenner 2,0' 5 days ago
I wish I have a tattoo but it hurts
'Nitte' 5 days ago
Why didnt any of them wrap it?
'oldmanfivetimes' 5 days ago
Fucking Ween shirt, hell yeah.
Dimitar Dzimbov
'Dimitar Dzimbov' 5 days ago
Rc Daco
'Rc Daco' 5 days ago
I sooo much liked his last tattoo!
Alex Murphy
'Alex Murphy' 5 days ago
I paid $1000 for 5 hours from an award winning artist...speakeasy seems like a phenomenal deal and place
'sosadie' 6 days ago
What happened to the ryland looking dude?
Deafy Duck
'Deafy Duck' 7 days ago
I teared.
michelle snow
'michelle snow' 1 week ago
i paid 200$ for an artist who specializes in the specific style i wanted. i feel like, those artists didn’t really have the right styles for what he was looking for. it ended looking like an black shaded mess. :(
Leisure Gaming
'Leisure Gaming' 1 week ago
love the end tattoo but i could do those two stars in like 30 mins with my cheap kit lol
Patrick Pogue
'Patrick Pogue' 1 week ago
when your tattoo artist charges half the price of the last guy but pulls cleaner lines and does better shading
i am sadAF
'i am sadAF' 1 week ago
Never think of the type of tattoo you want on the way there
'morbidcorpse' 1 week ago
Nearly $1,000 and a year wait for a less than quarter sleeve, no color, of decent, but very average work???  You definitely get what you pay for, but that's ridiculous
William Rodriguez
'William Rodriguez' 1 week ago
lmmfao!!!!! The comet actually looks like a (sperm) flying thru space...And it's so funny that they had mentioned that mandy moore got a tattoo of sperm to commemorate her male band mates ten years ago...So fucking hilarious!!! but, i must admit the tatto looks awesome!!
Flaviu Moldovan
'Flaviu Moldovan' 1 week ago
Everybody is switching to 60 fps..why not u guys?
Ink Inc.
'Ink Inc.' 1 week ago
Ellie Mitchell
'Ellie Mitchell' 1 week ago
That last guy was poor man . I know better scratchers than that !
Danielle Elaine
'Danielle Elaine' 1 week ago
Ben’s yell at 5:09 😂💀
Danielle Elaine
'Danielle Elaine' 1 week ago
I’m so happy that Steven’s Worth It Series is doing so well 😊
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 1 week ago
$5 Dildo vs $50 Dildo.
'Slime_bunni' 1 week ago
Why do the people in the back of the car ALWAYS look high af 👀
'kr4zyy' 1 week ago
4/10 Millenials have tattoos, meaning 4/10 people aged from 1-17 have tattoos, that's a totally different thing
Sophia Goorally
'Sophia Goorally' 1 week ago
He should have gone to Romeo!!!!
Riti Aggarwal
'Riti Aggarwal' 1 week ago
Buzzfeed: Get paid to get tattoos. What a life!! I REALLY wanna work there. Does Buzzfeed India provide internships?
'ashswift09' 1 week ago
"dude im not gonna be able to hide this from my grandmaaa" 😂
Mariuszek Maliszewski
Find the difference aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoaaaaaaaaa like and comment you if you found it
Alexander Caceres Gerasymlyuk
OH man, Berkeley here.. you interpreting those notes as Johnny struck a chord w me... most feels in a worth it episode. My condolences dude
free 9
'free 9' 1 week ago
The last one was *LIT* af
Joseph Knupfer
'Joseph Knupfer' 1 week ago
Ian Toledo
'Ian Toledo' 1 week ago
10,000th comment
Paisley Grace
'Paisley Grace' 1 week ago
That tattoo is so fucking incredible. It resonates so much with me, but I can’t pinpoint why
Madelyn G Knives
'Madelyn G Knives' 1 week ago
I love the joy in his eyes. You can tell his aunt passing was big with him. The love is real
ali G
'ali G' 1 week ago
The last one was badass... the middle one was blah
Smexy Hipsta
'Smexy Hipsta' 1 week ago
He acts Exactly like my Dad
Daniel Coterón MSK
I love his sleeve, it looks amazing fr
Danilow Zambrano
'Danilow Zambrano' 2 weeks ago
Pinche trio de putos! ojala y les tengan sida! haganse un tatuaje de hombre!
Sam Soto
'Sam Soto' 2 weeks ago
What about Romeo he always tattoos FaZe Banks
Daily Boom
'Daily Boom' 2 weeks ago
now i know wear to get my peice. speakeasy is amazing
'Ace' 2 weeks ago
That final piece was amazing, especially considering the price. He could charge more, but he doesn't.
'SuperCrazydada' 2 weeks ago
1$ water vs 10000$ water PLEASE
Mark Cadden
'Mark Cadden' 2 weeks ago
Why can’t I be Ben? I would so be Ben
'Swagman1212' 2 weeks ago
$1 vs $10 feminist
matheus dahora
'matheus dahora' 2 weeks ago
Alex Stubbings
'Alex Stubbings' 2 weeks ago
That guy Steven pisses me off. He’s a fucking wanker.
Marius van Eeden
'Marius van Eeden' 2 weeks ago
Was hoping the last guy would be Romeo
Allan !
'Allan !' 2 weeks ago
5:02 lmfao
Brooke Stop
'Brooke Stop' 2 weeks ago
And, OMG +8:00 Ben talking about his aunt just made like tear up. Super sweet.
Brooke Stop
'Brooke Stop' 2 weeks ago
Ben is so much hotter now that he has all those tats!
Gretchen Mersch
'Gretchen Mersch' 2 weeks ago click it!!!!!!!
IMR Mortis
'IMR Mortis' 2 weeks ago
Those tats are weak
Phillip Hannestad
'Phillip Hannestad' 2 weeks ago
Cool ideas and all, but the blackness at the $400 tattoo does not match his skin colour at all.
Dayvid McBadass
'Dayvid McBadass' 2 weeks ago
My god 80$ for those stars? You got ripped off soooo bad
Kelly Yu
'Kelly Yu' 2 weeks ago
875 for 6 hours is literally nothing the bay area rates are so expensive *cries*
Douglas Wears
'Douglas Wears' 2 weeks ago
Wanna do a part two? I'll volunteer for some free tattoos
'lolaa' 2 weeks ago
He looks so sexy
Eddy Maldonado acuna
Why is the fun nail Family Guy
'ThePointlessChannel' 3 weeks ago
I love how he made his last tattoo so meaningful.
'Anonymous' 3 weeks ago
Lmfao Ben looks exactly like Stephen Amell. XD
'Thedrummaster01' 3 weeks ago
video starts at 8:57
Travis Frewsmith
'Travis Frewsmith' 3 weeks ago
Bloody hell. Amazing.
Jay Kahlid
'Jay Kahlid' 3 weeks ago
The missing poster lmfaooo
Sheryn Chew
'Sheryn Chew' 3 weeks ago
" that's so cool " " it's cool but it sound big and painful " " worth it c: "
Diego Slob
'Diego Slob' 3 weeks ago
Here is a tip. Do you want a tattoo? Frame a picture of that tattoo in your room and look at it for 5 minutes every day for a year. If you still want the tattoo after that, you should take it.
'Slurpentine' 3 weeks ago
3:50 pits
'PeachyRush' 3 weeks ago
I watch so much ink master that my standards for tattoos have been raised too high lmao
agathe hebert
'agathe hebert' 3 weeks ago
Wow Ben is a beautiful human being
'LYNX NORWAY' 3 weeks ago
10 $ Prostitute vs 10000 $ Prostitute/Escort
Papi Top
'Papi Top' 3 weeks ago
I got a halfsleeve for 800 in 3 sessions, not including the tip for the artist, and i 100 percent have to say that the last tattoo was not worth 875 lol. Linework wasnt as clean as it should be for that price, nor was the shading that detailed. The artist who did my half sleeve finished his apprenticeship over a year before doing my tattoo and the quality was better than this lol. Not that it's a bad tattoo though, just not up to par for that price.
Lalboi Manlun
'Lalboi Manlun' 3 weeks ago
He'll have a full body tattoo when he gets old.
Paul Pierre
'Paul Pierre' 3 weeks ago
Observer silver understand apparent weight garage night chop generation.
Headspace And Timing
When college grads choose to degenerate. The godless Gods of Capitalism praise you.
h⃞e⃞l⃞l⃞o⃞ m⃞r⃞.⃞ b⃞l⃞e⃞a⃞c⃞h⃞
Next video: $50 tattoo removal vs. $900 tattoo removal
Everyone with tattoos below their elbow don't have to work soul crushing jobs...Must be nice.
Kayne U.T
'Kayne U.T' 3 weeks ago
875$ ? well fair price for someone that good
dark barnato
'dark barnato' 3 weeks ago
Steven needs a tattoo
I need money because my supply drops won
does he know it is aunt and not ant?
un commentatore abusivo
5 dollar weed vs 300 dollar weed
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