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$80 Tattoo Vs. $875 Tattoo -
Published: 9 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 9 months ago

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“I’m not gonna be able to hide this from my grandma."

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Skin and Bones
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Lost And Broken
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Street Gypsies
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Hot Fever
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Crisis Surge
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Avenue Pizzicato
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Onwards And Upwards
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Skinny Jeans
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Pure Desire
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Bad by Design
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Ba Bazooka Book
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Day In The Sun
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Big Apple Jam
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Run For Your Money
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Vampire Strut
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Showdown In Sonora
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Cincinatti Stroll
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Burning On Up
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Feel Love
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Speakeasy Tattoo

Artist: Scott Glazier
Instagram: speakeasy_tattoo_la

Body Electric Tattoo

Artist: Mike G
Instagram - @mikegtattoo

Tattoo Lounge:

Artist: Patrick Thomas
Instagram: @skullytattoos

Made by BFMP

Aidan Aidan
'Aidan Aidan' 3 hours ago
Why do you need to go to the studio when you can get stick and poke at home
Said Lopez
'Said Lopez' 14 hours ago
You should have went to Romeo Lacoste in LA
Jason Da Best
'Jason Da Best' 16 hours ago
Jared, best father in the world.... says he wanted to tattoo her daughters name... not thinking twice about it...literally gettin gonna be for ever bruh... so nice
Luke Gall
'Luke Gall' 1 day ago
$100 stad
Brian Lanning
'Brian Lanning' 1 day ago
When I was 4 years old, I colored on my arm. So my mother punished me. Ever since then, I don't have the urge to write on my skin.
Dustin Hnt
'Dustin Hnt' 1 day ago
Those tatoos are straight fire I also love how they have meaning behind them
Georgios Maroufidis
Adding some ink under your skin and feeling badass. Intelligence.
Slobodan Nikolic
'Slobodan Nikolic' 2 days ago
James C
'James C' 2 days ago
Cool tattoo, last artist seemed a little too douchy for me. You can be an artist and talented and not be a primodona.
'iTz_Kev' 2 days ago
875$ lol
'npyra' 2 days ago
How does one jerk oneself off with a daughter's name on the wrist and keep a straight face?
The Eye
'The Eye' 2 days ago
How do the people who get their body full of tattoos look like when they are really old
mama 79
'mama 79' 2 days ago
If you ever need a volunteer for any more tattoos let me know please 💖
Niall Jayger
'Niall Jayger' 2 days ago
Lmfao at all the people saying the last piece is worth $875. Line work wasn't that great, shading met the bare minimum and there were hardly any contrast. I've seen work and know tattoo artist that's done better than this for half its price. The tattoo artist either think his work is worth that much or he just got away with a lucky scam.
Amanda Panda
'Amanda Panda' 2 days ago
The $875 tattoo was absolutely amazing
William Miller
'William Miller' 2 days ago
Where my boy Romeo at
Indago V
'Indago V' 2 days ago
I heard the white ink hurts more than any other color.
'melmar.' 2 days ago
peter pan is a psychopomp.
'Cody's Mixtapes' 3 days ago
Damn all you would need is a pack of Ramon noodles and a single cigarette and you can get a sleeve in prison......
Winona Daphne
'Winona Daphne' 3 days ago
3 in ONE DAY? pain tolerance??????
MEH man
'MEH man' 3 days ago
you paid 400$ for that crap? hahaha
Amiran Padavan
'Amiran Padavan' 3 days ago
Harpreet Gill
'Harpreet Gill' 3 days ago
Cheap glasses vs expensive
'Hindy' 3 days ago
No caviar or truffle?
Mike van Leeuwen
'Mike van Leeuwen' 4 days ago
Who was missing?
Jahirul Islam
'Jahirul Islam' 4 days ago
I hate tattoos . 👎
'jjgohard' 4 days ago
This made me want a sleeve
Kawaii Katherine
'Kawaii Katherine' 4 days ago
$5 crayola markers vs. $200 copic markers
Yarad Yisrayl
'Yarad Yisrayl' 4 days ago
Leviticus 19:28 Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD.
Gavin Williams
'Gavin Williams' 5 days ago
I support Mr. President Trump
Carlo Sylio
'Carlo Sylio' 5 days ago
My tattoos are 1000 dollars per 1 from lacoste
Effecter Neospi
'Effecter Neospi' 5 days ago
2:54 and now you can NEVER jack off using that hand
'MIS7Y F3RGUS0N' 5 days ago
That last tattoo is Fucking Amazing!!!!!!
'JARED PLAYZX' 6 days ago
Nice name jared😂
Andrew Adams
'Andrew Adams' 6 days ago
“Those aren’t spirit fingers...theeese...are spirit fingers.”
Cristian Quezada
'Cristian Quezada' 6 days ago
I been tattooing sense the age of 14 and became a professional at the tender age of 18 and I can GUARANTEE! You got hustle . That tattoo you paid 800 plus is pretty crappy. I know over 30 artist who can do a better job then that and if you have them a budget of 800+ they would totally blow your mind. I follow the try guys so I was supper upset to see them try tattoos and pick a crappy artist for there top tattoo choice ...... I could do a tattoo 20x better for half the price . Im sorry but I felt strongly about it.
'YTRKS' 6 days ago
Jared: yeah I wanna get my daughters name tattooed "Flynn"
'CAPONE LOKZ' 6 days ago
You forgot mr.cartoon
Blessed 恵まれました
Them stars I won't pay $80
Kian Bungay
'Kian Bungay' 6 days ago
I like that audio man because he actually speaks loud 😝😝😝😛😛😛😀😀😀😄😄😄😄
travie cash
'travie cash' 6 days ago
Jared is the best
j montero
'j montero' 6 days ago
You guys killed this episode
Jp Comedy and Gaming
my friend got her tattoo removed. She said its not worth it.
Ciaran Duffner
'Ciaran Duffner' 7 days ago
WTF did anyone notice that the thumbnail was steele and batman from family guy
HGGamer Girl
'HGGamer Girl' 7 days ago
Christopher Ardoin
Still solid af
Christopher Ardoin
Yeah if he didn’t hit mike devries.nikko Jurado. Etc... not the best or most expensive.roman would’ve been the obvious choice
u suck
'u suck' 7 days ago
Badass tattoo. The last 1 that is
Nick Lemberger
'Nick Lemberger' 1 week ago
Only $875 for that? Dang...
Dentist vs dentist
Rin-chan Fan #0.2
'Rin-chan Fan #0.2' 1 week ago
that is a gorgeous sleeve
'arieailes' 1 week ago
All 3 are quite bad to be honest 🤷🏻‍♀️
Kathlee7n w
'Kathlee7n w' 1 week ago
Do it for the youtube vid
Pierre Iskandar
'Pierre Iskandar' 1 week ago
$875 over 6 hours is a pretty good price actually! For someone that exclusive I expected something more extravagant. It's barely $150 an hour for the tattoo artist which again, isn't that much considering you're getting permanent art on your body.
'SCAR V' 1 week ago
For my birthday I want 3 things, one of which is a tattoo but I'm only 11 and I'm pretty sure u have to be 13 to get one
'LadyxInsanity' 1 week ago
Dude, in the UK you can get the $400 tattoo for like, £40
'Kima' 1 week ago
if you pretend to get tattoo pay the most expensive and good because it's worth it
Tony Santiago
'Tony Santiago' 1 week ago
😭 poor aunt
Kat Tachibana
'Kat Tachibana' 1 week ago
I wanna get a heart on my v line.Am I gonna die in agony from pain?
Zee L
'Zee L' 1 week ago
The linework on the eyes themselves was a little jacked, and the space around the elevator is smudgy, but it all does go together nicely in the end.
Sen Williams
'Sen Williams' 1 week ago
Everyone says Ben is hot but STEVEN 😍😍😍
I Turn My Back 20 Times During a Fight
So fuckinbg gay
mark trump
'mark trump' 1 week ago
NEXT BUZZFEED VIDEO: Super Saiyan vs Super Saiyan Blue vs Ultra Instinct
Colleen Baumann
'Colleen Baumann' 1 week ago
the last ones badass omg i love
Cyborg Saint
'Cyborg Saint' 1 week ago
he should have just got a vagina tattooed on his arm
Alison Janssen
'Alison Janssen' 2 weeks ago
it hurts like hell
Taj Phimansone
'Taj Phimansone' 2 weeks ago
Does that $875 include tip?
'grimeyIRF' 2 weeks ago
speakeasy... wow...
Peachy Geek
'Peachy Geek' 2 weeks ago
And here I am getting 2 flashes tomorrow 😂 I already have a SUPER meaningful one that my dad drew for me, and the two flashes have meaning too, they're just--not customized
R J.
'R J.' 2 weeks ago
Peter Pan??? Seriously??? 😭😂
'karah' 2 weeks ago
20$ blowjob VS 100$ blowjob
bohakakkallala dinbogog
The 400$ one was ugly and not worth it
Maddie Genoshe
'Maddie Genoshe' 2 weeks ago
Beautiful piece of art. I love what he said, you can't put a price tag on this art now on your body. Really makes me want to get one, even more so than I already planned on.
Angel Caban
'Angel Caban' 2 weeks ago
Its nice to see something new like this.
LAzy Venom
'LAzy Venom' 2 weeks ago
now steven know how annoying he is
'PatrolSquad' 2 weeks ago
I'd be happy if someone paid for 3 free tattoos 😂
How Not To Stunt Gta 5
i think the camera man didnt think before doing the tattoo
Omnia Kadorah
'Omnia Kadorah' 2 weeks ago
The last piece is not just a Tattoo it's an experience ! JUST WOW !
Peter Thompson
'Peter Thompson' 2 weeks ago
Jacek R
'Jacek R' 2 weeks ago
None of these tattoo artists were great. Average
'eustacia03' 2 weeks ago
That kind of custom personalized tattoo service is 100% worth it.
'eustacia03' 2 weeks ago
*looks at $1100 tattoo on leg* I may have overdone it.
'TheGeekyPrincess' 2 weeks ago
When it said "The Big Day" at the last place, all I could think of is Logan Paul yelling "IT'S YOUR BIG DAY" at Kong in his weird voice lol.
Emmy Andre
'Emmy Andre' 2 weeks ago
Loan site century controversial doorway convince usually.
Mandy Moore
'Mandy Moore' 2 weeks ago
What's the minimum price for a tattoo from someone like Megan Jean or someone from Ink Master?
Grey Matter
'Grey Matter' 2 weeks ago
Dope video! Congrats from Brazil
Rajat Kumar
'Rajat Kumar' 2 weeks ago
Lemme tell you sth Your girlfriend hates your tattoos Thr pitch and low enthusiasm
Donatas Koreiva
'Donatas Koreiva' 2 weeks ago
So the quality of all those tats were pretty bad.
Ruslan Mashinov
'Ruslan Mashinov' 2 weeks ago
Can you do plastic surgery next?
Berenice Cruz
'Berenice Cruz' 2 weeks ago
Can I request for you guys to do a piercing video. Please
kiss butt
'kiss butt' 2 weeks ago
the last tattoo artist did amazing! that tattoo was in high definition; absolutely stunning.
'kawaiixjesss' 2 weeks ago
Why didn’t Steven get a tattoo?
'kawaiixjesss' 2 weeks ago
Damn I wish I could just get 3 tattoos like that
Aashray Sunil
'Aashray Sunil' 2 weeks ago
my parents would kill me if i got a tattoo
Cortney Reid
'Cortney Reid' 2 weeks ago
This is Awsome. Probably one of my favorite videos yet. I love his concepts. Great video
Dance Party
'Dance Party' 2 weeks ago
I didn’t like the Body Electric tattoo. It looks faded and just a blob of grey and black. The rest were great.
xx 3BlindMice xx
'xx 3BlindMice xx' 2 weeks ago
I adore the one with the guy's Aunt's eyes, I love tattoos with meaning. ❤️
Finn Castor
'Finn Castor' 2 weeks ago
Willy wonka or as my 8 year old brother says Willy wanker
Tassja Stephens
'Tassja Stephens' 2 weeks ago
ARE YOU F*%#!ING KIDDING ME?!?!?!? If my job asked me to get three tats like this .... I WOULD DIE!!! I'd NEVER leave!
'DOnker' 2 weeks ago
$875 for that tattoo? Is cheap for me
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