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$80 Tattoo Vs. $875 Tattoo -
Published: 4 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 4 months ago

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“I’m not gonna be able to hide this from my grandma."

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Skin and Bones
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Lost And Broken
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Speakeasy Tattoo

Artist: Scott Glazier
Instagram: speakeasy_tattoo_la

Body Electric Tattoo

Artist: Mike G
Instagram - @mikegtattoo

Tattoo Lounge:

Artist: Patrick Thomas
Instagram: @skullytattoos

Made by BFMP

Becka Olson
'Becka Olson' 3 hours ago
The fact that the tattoo is not wrapped makes me cringe
KMichelle Argus
'KMichelle Argus' 6 hours ago
There is a place in my town that occasionally does $20 tattoos when they feel like it. They are supposed to be pretty good but I'm a wimp.
Is it just me, or do I find tattoos undesirable?
Dee -
'Dee -' 22 hours ago
Those eyes look nothing like his aunts wtf, they looked like extremly generic eyes
Sammy P
'Sammy P' 1 day ago
I really want to get a tattoo.
Andie Fox
'Andie Fox' 2 days ago
Would've been kind of funny if they went in for the consultation and the guy said no
Caitie Davis
'Caitie Davis' 2 days ago
The guy in the back made my day
Kyuhyun Suju
'Kyuhyun Suju' 3 days ago
The last place is so cheap !!
Lord Teemo
'Lord Teemo' 3 days ago
15 dollars dildo vs 1 million gold with diamonds dollar dildo.
'gabrielhii1995' 3 days ago
The last one definitely is the most worth.
swarnima lamichhane
where is Adam ????
'girlzeyeview' 4 days ago
I honestly thought that last tattoo was going to be a few thousand dollars. All the work and the time he put into it, the detail, the incredible artistry and craftsmanship - wow! $875 is nothing for that level of quality.
samantha walker
'samantha walker' 4 days ago
I "aw'd" and cringed at the same time when he called his gf 😂
jyotirmay kalita
'jyotirmay kalita' 4 days ago
last ome is the best.. others looks like mess
'0bstinacy' 5 days ago
imo the last artist seems a little pretentious lol
Claire Chenault
'Claire Chenault' 5 days ago
I'm surprised the tattoo artists were so nice?? The artists at our local shop are always super rude, we only go there because their work is good lol
'AndroidGuyPro' 5 days ago
all people with tatoo are uglyer
Robert Delgadillo
'Robert Delgadillo' 5 days ago
going from a little moon to all that gave me a little heart attack when taking it all in 😂😂😂😂
Gavyn Nayandra
'Gavyn Nayandra' 5 days ago
Yo jared is the one who made the love sog thing rightz!?
'Circusso' 5 days ago
Tattoos that have meanings are my favorite
Connie Martin
'Connie Martin' 5 days ago
That last one was incredible! It's a shame the others looked a bit shoddy compared to it...
heaven love
'heaven love' 6 days ago
i started crying when i saw the speakeasy sketch. it was just so meaningful.
seal apocalypse
'seal apocalypse' 6 days ago
die of cancer
Max B.
'Max B.' 6 days ago
God! This episode is hilarious!!!!! keep it up guys.
'SatEight' 6 days ago
You have a lot of moles on your skin. What did artists say about tatooing over it? Because it is well know that damaging mole or birthmark may cause a cancer.
HG Games
'HG Games' 6 days ago
the eyes ruined it
Carly Jayne
'Carly Jayne' 7 days ago
You got your daughters name tattooed upsidown mate
Mitch Droese
'Mitch Droese' 1 week ago
$400 for some ugly black cloud? Yeah, no thanks.
XXX Tantacion
'XXX Tantacion' 1 week ago
1$ air vs 1000$ air
Rebecca Adams #3
'Rebecca Adams #3' 1 week ago
Good jobs bro BuzzFeedBlue
Juhi Singh
'Juhi Singh' 1 week ago
the last piece is spectacular!
James Richards
'James Richards' 1 week ago
So he got two tattoos for you tube. OK
On the Pitch
'On the Pitch' 1 week ago
After this video: $9 tattoo removal vs $900 tattoo removal
Ethan Healy
'Ethan Healy' 1 week ago
That's the tired of love songs guy!!!!!
Burcu Kutlu
'Burcu Kutlu' 1 week ago
He's so creative if i was going to get a tattoo i would've never think of that probably
Emmadoes gaming
'Emmadoes gaming' 1 week ago
When he's 80 years old sitting in his armchair he's gonna look at those tattoos and regret it
'AcheronMaster' 1 week ago
uff.. not good at all..
Isaiah Navarro
'Isaiah Navarro' 1 week ago
Mario Castro
'Mario Castro' 1 week ago
$90 prostitute vs $400 prostitute
joshua gador
'joshua gador' 1 week ago
I'd rather go to klaude cloud
Rheanne Unicorn
'Rheanne Unicorn' 1 week ago
So this guy got an 875$ tattoo for free... wow... lucky... total $ spent= 875+80+200 nice....
Sai K
'Sai K' 1 week ago
Story behind the tattoo seemed forced rather than natural
'(DeNiS)' 1 week ago
400 bucks? In Romania I would've done the whole arm....
Austin Wolf
'Austin Wolf' 1 week ago
Man, i want $1200's worth of free tattoos lol
'WHY JUST Y' 1 week ago
10 dallar slave vs 10,000 dallar slave
Nicholas Yuan
'Nicholas Yuan' 1 week ago
He looks like Robbie Amell
Elise Neil
'Elise Neil' 1 week ago
Did the camera guy just casually get a tattoo? Dam, this is permanent bro. Take time to think about it.
Vlad Smith
'Vlad Smith' 1 week ago
You can doubt how cool your tattoo ideas are all day long, every day. Because they are not cool ideas. Peter Pan, what a dildo.
'Alexisblack' 1 week ago
875 dollar tat.. i guess you go to school for art and from there learn to tat
Leslie Zani
'Leslie Zani' 1 week ago
how is this a fair test
Miranda Weaver
'Miranda Weaver' 1 week ago
My grandpa tattooed himself with a needle and thread
Fernando Cedillo
'Fernando Cedillo' 1 week ago
I kinda like this to be part of this series
Laura Kenneman
'Laura Kenneman' 1 week ago
I hope the last guy doesn't drink and tattoo...not professional at all
'Earthstench' 1 week ago
That galaxy and elevator didn't look like it was worth $400 tbh
Mike Flores
'Mike Flores' 1 week ago
Instagram (mikeflorestattoo) you won't be disappointed!!
'SophiePix1' 1 week ago
Omg... if he were my boyfriend... XD I would have no words.
'Beyhc' 1 week ago
Make a part 2 of this
alex perez
'alex perez' 2 weeks ago
This video made me lowkey hate the Asian guy
oasch wazerl
'oasch wazerl' 2 weeks ago
thats US high quality?
sam d
'sam d' 2 weeks ago
gotta say the most expensive seems like the most worth it. maybe if everything else was so well planned and thoughtful they'd look good too ?
'Buthole' 2 weeks ago
"That sounds detailed tho" Random Black guy in the back sadly says "yeh "
'SSKACG' 2 weeks ago
$1 Aneros vs $500 Aneros
'Fangirlmeows' 2 weeks ago
Aww poor Steven had to stay outside
'Mercy' 2 weeks ago
5:11 why is he going backwards?
'MIND CONTROL' 2 weeks ago
oh XD for me , my tatto artist ask 120$ for a piece coast 600, 700$ so i Save alot of money & got real artwork XD that wht happen when your tattoo artist find customer & become great friend , No profit anymore XD only Art & Low price ahahah Got all my body of : CHICANOS STYLE , alot of beauty girl :D
That last tattoo is Siiiick!!! Im not a tattoo person so i dont think ill ever get one i change my mind too much but lol... that last one was true art!
# 0ne
'# 0ne' 2 weeks ago
why are the less professional looking ones the highest price look at their stores it's just filled with junk but they are good at giving a tattoo
Sky Life
'Sky Life' 2 weeks ago
Did anyone notice when they were getting the email the "missing" sign with the guys face on it in the background?
Monroe Von Black
'Monroe Von Black' 2 weeks ago
i wish my company would pay for me to get a bunch of tattoos! i have to fckn hide mine.
Alex Wibble
'Alex Wibble' 2 weeks ago
This video was actually super heartwarming wtf.
Brenna H
'Brenna H' 2 weeks ago
Aw no Adam.
Jokes for Days
'Jokes for Days' 2 weeks ago
i thought it said taco, lol
Krzysiek Ch
'Krzysiek Ch' 2 weeks ago
For me it was not worth the money. I dont know why so many people, specially famous chose bad artists. There's many great names in USA. In my country, Poland, you have like half of sleeve for the money spend in video and tattoo is created by one of the best artists. The price range is around 250-400USD for 6 hours session.
Christian De la rosa
I like his taste in meaningful tattoos
they should get the exact same tattoo and see what place did it best
Jai Burmeister
'Jai Burmeister' 2 weeks ago
that was so cool
kelly Martin
'kelly Martin' 2 weeks ago
That's an $875 tattoo?! My sister got quoted $900 for a cartoon t-rex in a tea cup! I'd fly to LA just to get a tattoo from that guy, jesus christ!
B Nielsen
'B Nielsen' 2 weeks ago
The winner should be the last one, its clearly the best, and prize should not be a measure point when it comes to something like a everlasting tattoo
Ryan Gaming
'Ryan Gaming' 2 weeks ago
Next video 30 dollar striper vs 1000 dollar striper
Carolina Monrroy
'Carolina Monrroy' 2 weeks ago
I got all teared up on the last tattoo image has so much meaning it's powerful it's amazing
Tommy Tibble
'Tommy Tibble' 2 weeks ago
Buzzfeed needs to make better comparisons, $80 tattoo vs $150-$200 tattoo, small price gaps not to far off
'friscoHub415' 2 weeks ago
my brother was killed in a car crash a few month's ago at the mortuary this young couple was assigned to oversee our service i found out they died a few nights later at the fire in the Oakland warehouse they were the ones that the boyfriend was hugging her trying to protect her .....when they helping us you could tell they were in super love the way they looked at each other talked or just standing around its sad all the young lives lost sorry about your dj friend
'JackYoutube' 2 weeks ago
$1355 wow
'exelek3k' 2 weeks ago
Why the sound guy laughing on reverse at 5:10 ?! :D
Maria McCormick
'Maria McCormick' 2 weeks ago
i have 2 uncels how used to d tatoes thay were also fery artistic aswell
sharon johnson
'sharon johnson' 2 weeks ago
I felt bad when Steven had to stay out...
'poopagore' 2 weeks ago
secret location. how pretentious
Dumitru Rus
'Dumitru Rus' 2 weeks ago
$10 hooker vs. $100 hooker vs. $1,000 hooker.
Moongame Lp
'Moongame Lp' 2 weeks ago
tbh i'm really not a fan of tattoos, but if i had the chance to get one done by the last guy, i would fucking do it.
Meme Thief
'Meme Thief' 2 weeks ago
50 dollar heroin vs 500 dollar heroin
Honest Hangedman
'Honest Hangedman' 2 weeks ago
they should have named this: bad life decisions
'ascii68' 2 weeks ago
'MrTomkat030' 2 weeks ago
100$ vape vs 800$ vape
Hatsuse Izuna
'Hatsuse Izuna' 2 weeks ago
$5 Mac and Cheese VS $95 Mac and Cheese
Nick King
'Nick King' 2 weeks ago
lol dude in the video said the cheapest tattoo was the best tattoo at the price point? That tattoo was straight black stars. not even like shading or anything.
Sarah VanB
'Sarah VanB' 2 weeks ago
Okay. I didn't think that was gunna get that deep. I'm crying.
Sarah VanB
'Sarah VanB' 2 weeks ago
"It sounds big and painful" #thatswhatshessaid
Reymar Gallosa
'Reymar Gallosa' 2 weeks ago
this gave me chills
Sharees Ojulari
'Sharees Ojulari' 2 weeks ago
I need this job
Khwunnuch S.
'Khwunnuch S.' 2 weeks ago
last one is AMAZING!!
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