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$80 Tattoo Vs. $875 Tattoo -
Published: 2 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 2 months ago

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“I’m not gonna be able to hide this from my grandma."

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Speakeasy Tattoo

Artist: Scott Glazier
Instagram: speakeasy_tattoo_la

Body Electric Tattoo

Artist: Mike G
Instagram - @mikegtattoo

Tattoo Lounge:

Artist: Patrick Thomas
Instagram: @skullytattoos

Made by BFMP

Beth Mason
'Beth Mason' 39 minutes ago
this video made me cry
Nicole Oneto
'Nicole Oneto' 4 hours ago
should have gone to romeo lacoste
Erika Walter
'Erika Walter' 7 hours ago
Am I the only one who liked it because I felt sorry for him 😂
Sandrine Hermanto
'Sandrine Hermanto' 11 hours ago
If only I knew where the last tattoo place was... I would totally get a really cool tattoo based on what l like... I fell in love with Ben's last tattoo
'MrKachannie' 12 hours ago
875$ is not that much for such a tattoo
Jelii beanie
'Jelii beanie' 21 hours ago
only videos i like from buzzfeed.
Abraham Montano
'Abraham Montano' 1 day ago
If I ever get a tattoo I would invest in the 800 dollar one
Rob -
'Rob -' 1 day ago
The last tatoo reminded me of the billboard with the eyes from the Great Gatsby, anyone else?
'Aqsa' 1 day ago
$20 weed vs $400 weed
Bryan Martinez
'Bryan Martinez' 1 day ago
yo i got a whole name acroos my chest for $100 that dude ripped you off real talk. you guys need to really look for artists that are artists. not in for a quick buck.
Hopey Levrey
'Hopey Levrey' 1 day ago
the galaxie looks so great
Yokoo Monroe
'Yokoo Monroe' 1 day ago
the 400$ one was trash sorry
'LeeSinDiamond' 2 days ago
You should do a video of worth it describing a day with a certain amount of money. Example: $100 for a day vs $5000 a day. You see what kind of food you get per day and what transport u use and stuff
'Duh' 2 days ago
these are the nerdiest tattoo choices lol
Sopheak Siv
'Sopheak Siv' 2 days ago
'KHUSHPREET KAUR' 2 days ago
What happened to the old camera man
Alex Guerrero
'Alex Guerrero' 2 days ago
The oakland fire took alot of lives I live close and its sad RIP to everyone who died..
Derrick Klapp
'Derrick Klapp' 2 days ago
your content is absolute trash
Kelly Wright
'Kelly Wright' 2 days ago
Those tattoos are beautiful!
Kristian Kiki
'Kristian Kiki' 2 days ago
Im illiteratez lol
$1000 Penis enlargement surgery VS Backyard penis enlargement surgery? lol
Katie B
'Katie B' 2 days ago
OMG I almost cried when I saw the drawing with his aunt's eyes and I don't even know either of them! lol Well done, sir...well done.
Iron Oh Yes
'Iron Oh Yes' 2 days ago
Damn that last tattoo was super dope 🙌🏽
Rama Timalsina
'Rama Timalsina' 3 days ago
Everyone at BuzzFeed should know, if you see Steven walking towards you, run away at your fastest pace!!
Raphael Fide Christano
Trippy Flores
'Trippy Flores' 3 days ago
The last one wasn't that great either
Megan Michaels
'Megan Michaels' 3 days ago
absolutely stunning
'Marcus' 3 days ago
$875 is actually fairly priced. for a 5-6 hour piece
Anevay Perez
'Anevay Perez' 3 days ago
i just got my whole forearm done for $500 of an owl with branches and the moon in the backround. i did all my research on which tattoo artist around me has the best strengths to do a realistic owl. everyone i know what flipping out about the price but my tattoo is AMAZING. So worth the price. remember it will be on your body FOREVER. Everyone wants cheap stuff now a days.
Adri ana
'Adri ana' 3 days ago
Next time I'll do it three tattoos
Maple Hetalia
'Maple Hetalia' 3 days ago
Only one I actually wanna see
Choyce Fulton
'Choyce Fulton' 4 days ago
I love the picture with his ant eyes ❤
Matthew Williams
'Matthew Williams' 4 days ago
the worst part about a tattoo is how itchy they get but you cant scratch em @_@
Justin Puente
'Justin Puente' 4 days ago
bro you done did yourself you could have easily gotten him to do the words and the stars for the 100 bucks and if done right would of looked so dope
Larkpelt Xoxo
'Larkpelt Xoxo' 4 days ago
I love when they finally realized what they were doing and started fighting XD
Zoe Wright
'Zoe Wright' 4 days ago
I just love Steven
'1azboy1' 4 days ago
The best tattoo is the one NOT gotten!
Nico Hartojo
'Nico Hartojo' 4 days ago
$10 Bill vs $1000 dollar bill
'88SLLS' 4 days ago
Don't let the price tag fool you, I've got 2 tattoos on my wrists. One that costed me 200+ and one that costed <100. Both about the same size, but the cheaper one had much more detail and turned out much better. A lot of it comes down to the artist's capabilities and I won't let anyone put ink on me ever again until I see what they've put on other people.
Hazel is okay
'Hazel is okay' 4 days ago
As a 15 year old, I'm not allowed to get crazy designs. Recently, I paid 30$ to get a semicolon tattoo on my wrist, and 20$ to get an industrial bar piercing. As long as the place is sanitary, safe, and uses the proper products, I think cheaper places are okay to go to (depending on what you want done)
Levi West
'Levi West' 4 days ago
the moon looks really light like it wasn't taken care of after it was done
'Mikey' 4 days ago
Do TACO's or BBQ
Ethan Ulrich
'Ethan Ulrich' 4 days ago
Evan Xu
'Evan Xu' 4 days ago
this video proves that tattoos are art
Imke Swart
'Imke Swart' 5 days ago
I loved how he got so excited. He's super beautiful
John Stud
'John Stud' 5 days ago
that last tattoo was awesome. I have no tats but I would get one from that speak easy place.
Big Boss
'Big Boss' 5 days ago
$7 sex change Vs $2500 Sex change
Radioactive Diamonds
This dude looks like Oliver Queen
JayDee SV
'JayDee SV' 5 days ago
so it's not actually an $80 tattoo; rather a $400 tattoo vs. $875 tattoo...buzzfeed, you never fail to be absolute cunts. congrats.
'ARGPM' 5 days ago
Why did the asian gug have to stay outside but all of YouTube with that camera could sit in 🤔 tf
'ARGPM' 5 days ago
That looks nothing like his aunt's eyes either 😂 be real, swear 'her eyes' were that beautiful
'ARGPM' 5 days ago did his boss like tell him "if you don't do it you're fired," or what. Wassup with that jump over
'Oxertera' 5 days ago
1:08 yeah
Antonio the Wabbit
And I can't draw a circle
'awkwardlykerrie' 5 days ago
just came here to watch an innocent Worth It video and now i'm bawling my eyes out at the last tattoo. thanks ben and your incredible aunt <3
Goldie Locks
'Goldie Locks' 5 days ago
human race at its lowest.
x Boomerang x
'x Boomerang x' 5 days ago
Man I got two 60 dollar tattoos. I think Ima go to a legit place and get them refilled and add a few things
gas clutch shift repeat.
i don't care what the video is if it's from buzzfeed i hate it.
Them tattoos are tiny and his like I'm ready for a full sleeve, I had my full chest done 2 days ago 6 hrs and 30min. In a rare style called trash polka. Haven't finished watching so hopefully it gets better.
Lenny Osorio
'Lenny Osorio' 5 days ago
they just casually chose a tattoo like nothing omg
Leica Cudia
'Leica Cudia' 6 days ago
So basically steven's role here is just to drive the guy to tattoo parlors
'Yt3912487' 6 days ago
"sounds like a great idea" obviously sarcastic
Veetz Rose
'Veetz Rose' 6 days ago
That last guy though. It's amazing to see someone so damn passionate about what he does. 👌🏼👌🏼
'ptroinks' 6 days ago
That artwork on the final tattoo was just insane! Incredible!!
'Myserieden' 6 days ago
The tattoos turned out really great. I wouldn't have agreed to this. But more power to him. So long as he is genuinely happy with the tattoo.
Julia Cleary
'Julia Cleary' 6 days ago
did it bother anyone else that he said 'four out of ten' instead of 'two out of five'
RidingThatHorse 123
That Oakland fire broke my heart. This tattoo literally has meaning to me.
Gabriel Cundari
'Gabriel Cundari' 6 days ago
How would they do on Ink Master tho?
'ComBaTxReaper' 6 days ago
You should worth it tacos
Meaghan Mahoney
'Meaghan Mahoney' 6 days ago
I'm pretty sure the Buzzed job consumes your soul and mind to the point where you'd be willing to have an organ removed for ten million views. It's crazy the extents to which they are willing to go all for the sake of making a viral video.
Kaitlin Jeffrey
'Kaitlin Jeffrey' 6 days ago
The camera guy in the back reminds me of the ugly looking seal in finding dory anyone else (not to be rude) ?
Proper Poetics
'Proper Poetics' 6 days ago
This made me cry so fucking hard
me american girl 2017
subscribe in may chaine plizz
head ass
'head ass' 6 days ago
For $875 i should be considered a masterpiece and insured
febpy Niggerbae
'febpy Niggerbae' 7 days ago
8:20 that missing poster though
Ami Hart
'Ami Hart' 7 days ago
They left the camera guy..?
Ellu H
'Ellu H' 7 days ago
The cheapest one was the best tbh 😞
'NWFBOY' 7 days ago
is getting a tattoo that big of a deal
jessa harrt
'jessa harrt' 7 days ago
Beautiful, beautiful art peace and meaning❤️10/10!😍
'ballzack57' 7 days ago
$875! I was expecting twice that. He commissioned a one-off piece of art.
Juju Bae
'Juju Bae' 7 days ago
I want to get some small things when I'm older. Like feathers and a sun
'spiritfox8' 1 week ago
I fucking love jared the sound guy.
Hard Paint
'Hard Paint' 1 week ago
Speak Easy because the point is finding a tattoo shop with artistry. I hope we all agree.
eric maurer
'eric maurer' 1 week ago
Why did they do all that shading around the moon? 🤦‍♂️
James Fearn
'James Fearn' 1 week ago
the tattoo artist was tattooing over his moles a defo no no any good artist knows not to do that
Gabriel Bradshaw
'Gabriel Bradshaw' 1 week ago
you can't compare when they're different sizes?
Karen Gheno
'Karen Gheno' 1 week ago
That fire happened on my birthday 😭😭😭😭
'mchlle94' 1 week ago
Ben is so cute and hot. More of him please!!!
Juan Collazos
'Juan Collazos' 1 week ago
man... i don't think that tattoo $875 tattoo is so good... lines are crooked and the shadows are unconsistent
Nguyen Thanh Thoai
This shirt so cool :
Ryan Niemiec
'Ryan Niemiec' 1 week ago
all these prices are outrageous
mrx reilly
'mrx reilly' 1 week ago
mike g from body electric is my artist he's fucking amazing
Sabrina Chen
'Sabrina Chen' 1 week ago
They should do ramen next :)
oh my...I didn't expect this!😂
Australian Shepherd Gaming
1$ Condom vs 100$ Condom
Nammie Park
'Nammie Park' 1 week ago
i would pay double for the last tattoo artist... omg that is an amazing and meaningful art
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 1 week ago
1p Calendar Vs £999,999,999,999,999 calendar
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