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$80 Tattoo Vs. $875 Tattoo -
Published: 1 year ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 1 year ago

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“I’m not gonna be able to hide this from my grandma."

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Speakeasy Tattoo

Artist: Scott Glazier
Instagram: speakeasy_tattoo_la

Body Electric Tattoo

Artist: Mike G
Instagram - @mikegtattoo

Tattoo Lounge:

Artist: Patrick Thomas
Instagram: @skullytattoos

Made by BFMP

Amaya Johnson
'Amaya Johnson' 5 hours ago
I think all three of you tattoos your amazing Ben I love how you came up with such meaningful pieces and such short amounts of time hands down one of my favorite worth it videos :)
Abi Alston
'Abi Alston' 6 hours ago
This is so impressive and cool
'TSCO420' 8 hours ago
Girlfriends approval, wut a fukin spineless punk
Maya Silver
'Maya Silver' 16 hours ago
I have been wanting to get a tattoo of my extended family. This last tattoo artist really seems to the one to talk to.
'2realCezer' 1 day ago
That 400 dollar tattoo was jacked!
Angela Yang
'Angela Yang' 1 day ago
s p a c e j a m .
'Sterling' 1 day ago
Well done video
'Entropy' 1 day ago
that last 875$ tattoo looked sick
no puns intended
'no puns intended' 2 days ago
$80 for 2 star things woooooooowww
Ian Spierings OReilly
Two stars for 100$... who are these losers?
Jess L
'Jess L' 2 days ago
His other tattoos look pretty dece in the healing process for only a week later at the final shop!
Angel Caban
'Angel Caban' 2 days ago
Love what your doing.
'silecrem' 3 days ago
Tattoo artist are the most persuasive people on this Earth 🤣
'NoSkillzJustGillz' 3 days ago
5:11 lmao
Ray Gamboa
'Ray Gamboa' 3 days ago
Wish someone would pay for my tattoos
Axei mash
'Axei mash' 4 days ago
doesn't Peter pan updoct kids?
isis clark
'isis clark' 4 days ago
Does anyone else find ben attractive..? 😂😂
'nhunt2255' 4 days ago
Do Piercings
Hamzah B.
'Hamzah B.' 4 days ago
That looks phuckin lit
'HexagramMan' 4 days ago
The space was terrible... it looked like a burned sunny side up egg. Compleatly unreadable.
Akido Nguyen
'Akido Nguyen' 5 days ago
Wow good
Christian Lopez
'Christian Lopez' 5 days ago
He should've gotten the Space🏀Jam tattoo instead of the two small stars.
Connor Jaymes
'Connor Jaymes' 5 days ago
symbolic tattoos are the best ones
Krave 911
'Krave 911' 5 days ago
My ant died... blablabla. Cool that was what i expected to ear.
juice the moose
'juice the moose' 5 days ago
his aunts face doe (not trying to be mean)
'CassandraCain' 5 days ago
People who spend 600+ Dollar on a phone every other year and think 900 Dollars are a lot for a tattoo that stays...
Merisa Duratovic
'Merisa Duratovic' 6 days ago
875$ for 6 hours my god that’s cheap
I write arms races not fashion statements
The tattoos look pretty cool but this seems like a super rash decision. He didn't even know what tattoo he wanted before he got in the car and he's probably gonna regret it later...
'itsisabellaaa19' 1 week ago
" dude I'm not gonna be able to hide this from my grandma" hahaha
'nextgenstatus' 1 week ago
i want my job to pay me to get tattoos....i want a job
Orias X
'Orias X' 1 week ago
Are tattoos that expensive in America? Holy fuck,i got a full sleeve for $820. If someone wants i can send you photos of sleeve. Its not fully finished yet tho
david Hernandez
'david Hernandez' 1 week ago
I don’t know much about tattoos but I thought they all looked pretty good
gamingbros06 06
'gamingbros06 06' 1 week ago
Sorry for ur loss ben
James Allen
'James Allen' 1 week ago
james vlogs
'james vlogs' 1 week ago
Yo!!! fucking fire
'AntonioKowatsch' 1 week ago
As a curmudgeon I do not approve tattoos but there's no denying that the last guy was a true artist. Respect his work.
Daniel McBride
'Daniel McBride' 2 weeks ago
Anyone else yell at their phones at 3:26?? It's a WONKAVATOR!!! "It's a Wonkavator. Elevators can only go up and down. But the Wonkavator can go sideways frontways roundways, and squareways. Just press the key and Zing! You are there! By now I've pressed all the keys! Except one! Go ahead, Charlie! Press it!"...... it's not that I'm mad.... I'm just disappointed.... Then at 10:58 he corrected it....
gold hotdog1 goldhotdog1
That is never coming off
xm- lxh
'xm- lxh' 2 weeks ago
The last one was the best
Cameron McGihon
'Cameron McGihon' 2 weeks ago
That last guys tattooing was mediocre at best. His artwork was very nice though. Seems as if he’s too picky and doesn’t actually tattoo much
'S4NE' 2 weeks ago
That last one was absolutely beautiful
Shaun Gabe Newell
'Shaun Gabe Newell' 2 weeks ago
Dude, Alabama prices are $45- $80 per hour/per square inch
'ramarrou' 2 weeks ago
Tattoo Billy Von
'Tattoo Billy Von' 2 weeks ago
Tattooing 26 years. WTF?
Kaia The Cheeze
'Kaia The Cheeze' 2 weeks ago
I NEED A TATTOO but I'm 14 lol
Tucco Salamanca
'Tucco Salamanca' 2 weeks ago
I hate millennials
Ya Boi
'Ya Boi' 2 weeks ago
The quality was so fuckin different
Hien Ly
'Hien Ly' 2 weeks ago
Chocobo Lows
'Chocobo Lows' 2 weeks ago
Why da fk Yu need y gf approval? She makes all ya choices?
Lancelot HipHop
'Lancelot HipHop' 2 weeks ago
I got a $0 tattoo from my dealer when we were both drunk. It's honestly not that bad. He's a good tat artist, but like I said, we were drunk
Amaan Khan
'Amaan Khan' 2 weeks ago
The stars are bad
'WorldReligion' 2 weeks ago
Seriously over priced. I got a set of tattoos the same size of those two stars for $25
Adam Thomas
'Adam Thomas' 2 weeks ago
I love the elevator tattoo so muchhhh, I actually really want that now but in colour😂
Roses Are Red
'Roses Are Red' 2 weeks ago
$2 bubble gum vs $25 bubble gum vs $100 bubble gum
'Cooool' 2 weeks ago
How the hell was that $400
'helookalikaman79' 2 weeks ago
Tattoo Lounge  Artist is a hottie just beautiful!
Dänsen Bänsen
'Dänsen Bänsen' 2 weeks ago
As bigger the tattoo as bigger the price
'Blue_justice' 2 weeks ago
Do tattoos get messed up when you lose weight or gain muscle?
Sarah Gallant
'Sarah Gallant' 3 weeks ago
When Jared got his tattoo I was kinda like “aaaahhhh” because my mom believes that it’s bad luck to get someone’s name tattooed on yourself. Idk why she says that but I’ve always kinda believed it...
Cameron Weatherford
'Cameron Weatherford' 3 weeks ago
My tattoo was done in my dining room for $40
Isabella Peruzzolo
'Isabella Peruzzolo' 3 weeks ago
That body electric tattoo is horrid. Way too dark and patchy, you lose all the detail in the moon, it’ll heal terribly.
Bimbo Swaggins
'Bimbo Swaggins' 3 weeks ago
I hate Buzzfeed but I love these kinds videos.
Bimbo Swaggins
'Bimbo Swaggins' 3 weeks ago
These are really worth it.
'Cheese' 3 weeks ago
XD, when the last tattoo guy was putting the stencil on he, was like "wait(pause) oooooo yea this is going to be real good" i died.
'Jixqah' 3 weeks ago
Thought they were gonna go to Romeo Lacoste's shop
'D G' 3 weeks ago
Do all guys in California have this girlish streak in them???
'spydergs07' 3 weeks ago
The elephants at 1:48 are terrible The $80 tattoos are garbage lol The $400 was decent. The $875 is badass. Hands down a damn good tattoo and damn good artist.
Big Smoke
'Big Smoke' 3 weeks ago
This video made something else very clear... Sometimes in life, just take risks. He took a risk by getting some random tattoos on his body, but at the end of the day it looked freaking amazing. He would have never experienced this, if he said no to his friend.
Grim SorrowxX
'Grim SorrowxX' 3 weeks ago
Pends on the artist
emilie domilici
'emilie domilici' 3 weeks ago
When you get a tattoo you should protect it from the sun like completely for at least 3 months... here you get the tattoo and bam directly under sunlight it can cause fading well actually it will cause fading... :/
YoungAndrew Younglion
Where is Alex
The Half-Blood Princess
$80 for two little fucking stars that's should be $4
'Lendo GAMER' 3 weeks ago
Ankita Sarkar
'Ankita Sarkar' 3 weeks ago
Low-key wanted him to get hand poked by Grace Neutral!
Logan Disque
'Logan Disque' 3 weeks ago
The $400 tattoo looks a mess
Gavin Burnes
'Gavin Burnes' 3 weeks ago
I don’t like any of these tattoos but that last one is BADASS !!!
Gavin Burnes
'Gavin Burnes' 3 weeks ago
I want, nay, I NEED, a kat Von d tattoo
Gavin Burnes
'Gavin Burnes' 3 weeks ago
Wish I could get some free tattoos
Kiera Theresa
'Kiera Theresa' 3 weeks ago
To be honest I was surprised the expensive tattoo was only $875 considering its size, detail, and the fact that it seemed so hard to get an appointment with that artist. Either way they all turned out great the last one was was really beautiful 😊
DONT MIND ME you are wasting you time reading this
so....Does Tatoos hurt?
Lauren Doherty
'Lauren Doherty' 3 weeks ago
No professional tattoo artist would agree to do a tattoo on someone who got 2 tattoos from a different artist on the same day lol...
Samantha Woodrum
'Samantha Woodrum' 3 weeks ago
Have you ever had a white ink tattoo
Slow Cheetah
'Slow Cheetah' 3 weeks ago
875$? thats cheap wow
Bartu Vlogz
'Bartu Vlogz' 3 weeks ago
3:01 Manny Pacquiao in the back looking at his tattoo realising he fucked up
Elisha Acharya
'Elisha Acharya' 3 weeks ago
Your saying u can’t hide your tattoo from your grandma but actually u can u just put foundation on it
Jay Scott
'Jay Scott' 3 weeks ago
Noah Paul
'Noah Paul' 3 weeks ago
That dude who charged you $400 ripped you off bad
Raged Al Rawwash
'Raged Al Rawwash' 3 weeks ago
8:20 who did that Missing person paper in the background
Kamryn K.O.
'Kamryn K.O.' 3 weeks ago
$5 buttplugs vs $200 buttplugs
'Mason' 3 weeks ago
I just watched a man go from an average guy to a badass in just 12 minutes...
Scarlett Kawaii
'Scarlett Kawaii' 3 weeks ago
I love how the sound guy just randomly got his daughters name on his wrist aww
Giovanni Martinez
'Giovanni Martinez' 3 weeks ago
Gosh, where can I find an artist as good as Scott around Atlanta? 😧
iman animefanlmaoo
'iman animefanlmaoo' 3 weeks ago
ice bank mice elf
DA Vids
'DA Vids' 3 weeks ago
Literally 2k tattoo
'Mnxe' 4 weeks ago
Ben's reaction to the final tattoo was absolutely beautiful. I need a friend, or just someone like him in my life.
Go away
'Go away' 4 weeks ago
10$ Doge vs 600$ Doge
aj pixles
'aj pixles' 4 weeks ago
Looking at the tattoo on the thumbnail it looks pretty bad and the line work is really wonky
'larrylax' 4 weeks ago
R.i.p gene wilder
josh mckinney
'josh mckinney' 4 weeks ago
Those tattoos were fake
Eric joker
'Eric joker' 4 weeks ago
That last guy was amazing. My last two tattoos I got from a guy at a shop here in Orlando and I paid 800 for a tiny tattoo. You get what you pay for
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