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$80 Tattoo Vs. $875 Tattoo -
Published: 7 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 7 months ago

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“I’m not gonna be able to hide this from my grandma."

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Skin and Bones
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Speakeasy Tattoo

Artist: Scott Glazier
Instagram: speakeasy_tattoo_la

Body Electric Tattoo

Artist: Mike G
Instagram - @mikegtattoo

Tattoo Lounge:

Artist: Patrick Thomas
Instagram: @skullytattoos

Made by BFMP

Brie Brie
'Brie Brie' 1 hour ago
did it bother anyone else that at 5:16 they didnt simplify 4/10 to 2/5 🙃🙃🙃
Desiree Price
'Desiree Price' 1 day ago
I'm all good with this till "Tattoo fact!: 4/10 millennials have gotten a tattoo." I'm just sitting here like... That's it? That just doesn't seem correct to me.
Clash of Soccer Fans
They passed Jake Paul's house
'SpotOfGrass' 1 day ago
Why does everyone seem to hate Steven? I see it but I don't really get why.
Wakey_boy 2004
'Wakey_boy 2004' 2 days ago
Who saw the missing poster for him
Intan Nurhaliza
'Intan Nurhaliza' 2 days ago
why steven can't go inside?
Nba forever
'Nba forever' 2 days ago
I thought you don't say badwords
Dee Lake
'Dee Lake' 2 days ago
Great tattoo and love the meaning behind it but the eyes don't really look like his aunt's eyes.
Aylett Kish
'Aylett Kish' 3 days ago
$$$ tattoo! absolutely worth it!
Colonel Sanders
'Colonel Sanders' 4 days ago
So the guy who charged $875 for the last piece has consultations with clients to see if he wants to work with them, when he's producing tattoos that could be done better, cheaper elsewhere? Jesus wept mate, you're lucky you even have clients if you're charging that much for mediocre tattoos.
'Burnz9' 6 days ago
3:48 Look at his right arm and then at 4:10 his arm is different
Harry Potter Facts
Ben Looks Like Eddie In The Flash
Hailey Liang
'Hailey Liang' 1 week ago
An $875 tattoo or an I phone seven?
Maria Normington
'Maria Normington' 2 weeks ago
The 400 dollar one doesn't make the two stars look special any more. They don't stand out.
'JustCallMeKopi' 2 weeks ago
I don't know why they are comparing tattoos that are completely different sizes. The price may change depending on the artist/shop but you can also point out that one took much longer to complete because of it's size and therefore cost more.
Lissa Jojola
'Lissa Jojola' 2 weeks ago
Best one ever. Can you take me to go get 3 tattoos. I'll be your best friend..
Hey it
'Hey it's Avaya' 2 weeks ago
Why didn't they include Romeo's tattoo shop cuz my sister got hers there
'nissanferrari1' 2 weeks ago
Speakeasy tattoo, I mean I would definitely travel to and from the US just for him to capture the feelings, emotions and vivid images onto paper and tattoo it onto my skin. That man is amazing! Truely the best artist I have ever seen! And btw I live in Ireland so that is quite the expensive journey but forever worth it!
Giannhs K
'Giannhs K' 2 weeks ago
I think that the 875 tattoo ain't worth the money for the hit done right can find better tattoo artists with the same price
Peter Jeong
'Peter Jeong' 2 weeks ago
$875 for that work of art was way under priced. wow.
Chris Toler
'Chris Toler' 3 weeks ago
Most bigger name artists are doing a standard of $1200+ for full days. I charge 1500 flat for a day and you can see the difference with every extra few hundred you spend. At this point, you're buying the accolades, brand and name as much as you are the actual tattoo.
'Flintlox' 3 weeks ago
My artist would do a whole sleeve with twice the detail for $400
David Chacon
'David Chacon' 3 weeks ago
i'm sorry but those stars didn't look good
'Alpacalama' 3 weeks ago
that's cheap here you get a nice small tatoo for 100 but the space elevator would be like 1000€ and a nice full arm without colors is like 3000 to 7000€
Boundless Ink Tattoo Studio
You get what you pay for
Meagan Snee
'Meagan Snee' 3 weeks ago
his reactions are so pure i'm crying
Karen Severo
'Karen Severo' 3 weeks ago
I think the idea is perfect, but the artist didn't gave justice to the $875 tattoo. I'm a tattoo artist here in the Philippines , props to the artist but I don't think it's worth your $875.
Rider4Z - Otaku Lounge Productions
Most worth it definitely goes to the last one. It's permanent art on your body. And his work is all original. Fantastic.
'RaccoonInACocoon' 3 weeks ago
wtf? of course a small tattoo is gonna be cheaper than a big one
'MartinKoleffArtz' 4 weeks ago
Ti nared li si
'TwistedTorque' 4 weeks ago
how do i find a tattoo artist that can do something that detailed like the last tattoo.
Adoni Zheng
'Adoni Zheng' 4 weeks ago
I don't care how good that tattoo looks,I'm not paying 800$ for a fucking tattoo
Anyone will let you pay them a lot for something that isn't
Riktam Sarkar
'Riktam Sarkar' 4 weeks ago
That's a tattoo for $80 wtf 😂😂. I can having a arm band around that price that too with shade. 😂😂 For 100 dollar my driver made a tattoo of his mother and father. That too it had shades and awesome details, the picture looks alive. The same as the picture. At just 100 dollars and here they are drawing a tattoo of star for 80 dollar lol. I once visited him with the best 3D tattoo from google it would cost me 400-500 dollar, whole arm and chest.
Kris Lynch
'Kris Lynch' 1 month ago
I got a tattoo at Body Electric when I went to visit Los Angeles back in Dec. 2016, the staff there was really friendly and my tattoo came out perfectly. I'd highly recommend them to anyone in the L.A. area
Jamalie Thenor
'Jamalie Thenor' 1 month ago
that last tattoo was fuuuuuuucking dope
World star GTA 5
'World star GTA 5' 1 month ago
8:14 he looks like the missing guy!!!
World star GTA 5
'World star GTA 5' 1 month ago
7:44 he looks just like justin bieber!!!
skull crushers 7 Moore
27th to say that I am not 27th to be rrrrtggģgggggggggggģģģģģģģģģģgggggghedgfdgdveuwuwiwowowuegdgdgdgdydgryeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeywuq9w9q1001011w3r😀😆😆😆😆😀😀
Carlo Bautista
'Carlo Bautista' 1 month ago
aunt may
Bolurck Trollhammer
'Bolurck Trollhammer' 1 month ago
$10 starving indian boy vs $100 trans issue
Jhead bomber
'Jhead bomber' 1 month ago
Tattoos are so uncool. You look better without them.
Mulki Ahmed
'Mulki Ahmed' 1 month ago
rip steven
Pearl Shifer
'Pearl Shifer' 1 month ago
love the way the tattoos all mesh together
Wout Meulemans
'Wout Meulemans' 1 month ago
sad music just for vieuws
'yermanoh' 1 month ago
tattoos .....never a good idea
'Junaid' 1 month ago
watching this makes me so happy for this dude
'Flurmpf' 1 month ago
finally a good buzz feed vid
_ _siR
'_ _siR' 1 month ago
80$ tattoo Vs $875 tattoo? Difference is a lifetime of irreversible regrets
'BADPANDA50' 1 month ago
5:10 You guys are going backwards
Night Beats Unlimited™
i came to dislike
Martin burrell
'Martin burrell' 1 month ago
Tattoos don't hurt I've got my sleeve on my left arm and Half of my left leg done and my right arm. But I have an extremely high threshold for pain
Le Grand
'Le Grand' 1 month ago
2:22 what is the song playing in the background?
Uncle Bernard
'Uncle Bernard' 1 month ago
3:39 lmaoo "mike g" is a rapper name
'MICHA3L PL4YZ' 1 month ago
That tattoo looks so good I thought it looked bad when he had the stars and the moon it looked bad but when they added the galaxy background it looked amazing
ya girl
'ya girl' 1 month ago
Makes me sad this was more that 1k. These tattos are fucking trash yo lol
anna dela prochnow
'anna dela prochnow' 1 month ago
I Love Watching these Videos they r so interesting
Snowhite Christmas
'Snowhite Christmas' 1 month ago
Da dam 4 plate za jednu tetovažu? Kako da ne.
'FrequentFishet' 1 month ago
Your girlfriend doesn't care cause she's been cheating on you with a black dude
'eedoe' 1 month ago
Speakeasy artist is a pretentious twat who built up hype for his mediocre tattoo skills. His line work leave a lot to be desired. Oliver Peck and Chris Nuñez would have a field day picking his work apart.
My step dad is a tattoo artist he takes enough money not to much not to less
faga tuamasaga
'faga tuamasaga' 1 month ago
my parents were mauled by a pack of racoons an i want a tattoo that resembles that on my face..
'PjSwankTank' 1 month ago
Good work out there guy, keep it up!
Mizz Wicked
'Mizz Wicked' 1 month ago
Some guy wanted to charge me 400 for a small simple flash art tat which I walked away. I would rather spend 800 for a quality custom tat
Katrina Leonard
'Katrina Leonard' 1 month ago
'Dr.Mookie' 1 month ago
When Vegans attack, on ten-speed bikes....Tattoos with meaning....American Spirt Lights!!! -Clutch
Michael Powell
'Michael Powell' 1 month ago
Am I the only one who feels pain on my arm for watching this?
The Hound
'The Hound' 1 month ago
When he said 'make up an old fashioned' what does he exactly mean by old fashioned?
'AnotherChosenOne' 1 month ago
did they not bandage the elevator tattoo? o_o
Jelisa Davis
'Jelisa Davis' 1 month ago
The line work in the most expensive one is jacked.
Matt Loan
'Matt Loan' 1 month ago
damn how much money do they make per video if they can spend over a grand on just one video
Marto Vanko
'Marto Vanko' 1 month ago
6 Thirtys
'6 Thirtys' 1 month ago
Guy went from hey Susie to new phone who dis
Cookie lady73
'Cookie lady73' 1 month ago
I'm over here balling like a school girl over the eyes of your Aunt. my Daddy passed on Christmas 2 years ago and he had the most amazing soulful eyes ever one Green with a brown dot and one blue with a Green Dot I have wanted to add this to his memory piece I have
'GameplayManiac' 1 month ago
I thought the last one was gonna be Romeo Lacoste 😂
no name
'no name' 1 month ago
is there a way to block/hide buzz feed videos for good ?
Megan Pearce
'Megan Pearce' 1 month ago
I really want MCMLXIII tattooed on me- 1963 the year both my parents were born so obviously very special
'ntr-' 1 month ago
Dude sign me up for this, id be down to get 3 tattoos in one day
Simon Sproles
'Simon Sproles' 1 month ago
JM Barry who wrote Peter Pan is my cousin
Agnieszka may
'Agnieszka may' 1 month ago
£872!!!!!l have 4 very good! !!!!!!
Google Angel
'Google Angel' 1 month ago
Millennials are gay.
Peyton Newman
'Peyton Newman' 1 month ago
I loved the idea of having your aunts eyes in the tattoo, and overall i think it looks amazing! Good stuff! Makes me want to go get a tattoo now hahah
Captain Mervil
'Captain Mervil' 1 month ago
I think its important to note that for anyone who has gotten a tattoo will know that your arm puffs up and looks slightly different until it heals so if you think it looks strange thats because its puffed up skin.
'TimeWatch5' 1 month ago
I had to leave when he started talking about his bullsh*t grandma
zara austin
'zara austin' 1 month ago
8:28 wtf is the missing poster
Pikamon - Roblox & More!
Dark-Stormy- Sky
'Dark-Stormy- Sky' 1 month ago
I spent $300 AUD on a tattoo recently and it is really great quality and it is quite a large and detailed piece, it takes up my entire (right) forearm, I am planning my (left) full sleeve next.
'justclimb77' 1 month ago
The clock represents time. The eye represents the eye of Lucifer, and the musical notes represent Lucifer before his fall. Illuminati eye, owl, skulls, peacock. Absolutely satanic. I can't believe Luci fools people so easily.
'justclimb77' 1 month ago
An Illuminati tattoo, how original.
Mark Lopez
'Mark Lopez' 1 month ago
@ 3:50 that tattoo looks like sh*t
Mar OliveirA
'Mar OliveirA' 1 month ago
$400 and that cloud does not look cool at all
Thomas Evans
'Thomas Evans' 1 month ago
I hate the stars
Atsura Kiyoshiru
'Atsura Kiyoshiru' 1 month ago
Who thought of the Fairy tail emblem
There are 1975 cry babies in the Badlands
$10 dollar hooker vs $50000 hooker
'connorjfinucan' 1 month ago
Lol the one I got was $80
'Steven' 1 month ago
My mom and I won the lottery last week so I got the lottery ticket tattooed on to me
Juan Carlos
'Juan Carlos' 1 month ago
I would have expected them to go to romeo lacoste
Annika Block
'Annika Block' 1 month ago
I love his tattoo sleeve !! So creative and nostalgic!
Camia Alexis UK
'Camia Alexis UK' 1 month ago
lol here in England a tattoo is so expensive literally 😂🙈💗🇬🇧💖 I'm 12 but my aunt works in a tattoo shop so obviously​ when I'm older i can get a tattoo for free 💖🇬🇧💗🙈😂😂
Lina Luv
'Lina Luv' 1 month ago
875?? Maybe competition is slim there so they can charge whatever they want? I have my entire lower leg covered for less than half of that price. An entire lower leg... full of color, shading, and detail. The west coast is expensive af lol
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