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China's Great Wall filmed by drone - BBC News -
Published: 11 months ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 11 months ago

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British geographer, conservationist and author William Lindesay has had a lifelong obsession with the Great Wall of China.
Three decades ago, he left his home on Merseyside to live near the wall so he might better be able to study it. In 2016 he and his family travelled 15,000km (9,320 miles) around the wall network, filming it from the air with a drone. Mr Lindesay and his sons, Jim and Thomas, spoke to the BBC about their epic journey and how they shot it.
Footage by James and Thomas Lindesay at Depictograph.
Produced by Anna Jones and Simeon Paterson

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Well ThatsLife
'Well ThatsLife' 8 months ago
Fabulous. Important work.
tran minh tam
'tran minh tam' 11 months ago
he did again,great explorer
No need h
'No need h' 11 months ago
amazing, i remember it being built as a kid and reading about it
'kirk_ninja' 11 months ago
A reminder, the great wall of China costed the First Emperor his dynasty.
'历下名士' 11 months ago
Asides from the walls built by Han people, Jurchen people also built roughly 2000 km walls to keep the 'barbarians' out, and Tangut people built some part of the wall in Mongolia and Mongolians built some walls too. Sometimes you have to love those nomadic cousins.
Balkan Boys
'Balkan Boys' 11 months ago
you piss on copyright
dan girly
'dan girly' 11 months ago
I like China ' wow so nice
Lisa on Google
'Lisa on Google' 11 months ago
The music is terrible and annoying! Chinese don't listen to those fork music anymore.
John Smith
'John Smith' 11 months ago
God sent indeed! These takes are just gorgeous.
Danny Richie
'Danny Richie' 11 months ago
Great wall of China to the BBC that was built to repel Mongolian invasion "inspiring, marvel of human achievement" BBC to Trump's wall "This is so racist and offensive" God you guys are such hypocrite's there should be a plaque awarded to you guys for such behaviour
Sips of Hell
'Sips of Hell' 11 months ago
Your Jesus:To be Christian means allowing Me to guide you
Your Jesus: You either serve God, or give in to the folly of men Wednesday, October 1st, 2014
布条 布条
'布条 布条' 11 months ago
the bgm is a little weird here…just not fit
Sophie Bao
'Sophie Bao' 11 months ago
absolutely amazing! thank you.
'morpheos111' 11 months ago
No Mexican ever crossed the Great Wall. #ThanksTrump
hervé Chretien
'hervé Chretien' 11 months ago
Amazing video. Thank you BBC.
sekh Abdulla
'sekh Abdulla' 11 months ago
hat a great g
'Y CP' 11 months ago
I really like the accent in this video, it sounds like a native British, which gives me a feeling of politeness and nobility.
Andy S
'Andy S' 11 months ago
Great video, poor choice of music, the high pitch of the flute hurt my ears.
'Indskab' 11 months ago
What year was this wall consturcted ?
'murdelabop' 11 months ago
There's a full length documentary in this. More!
Night Knight
'Night Knight' 11 months ago
Is it amazing that an ancient wonder of China was filmed by people with a modern Chinese-made DJI drone? It truly shows that the continuation, resilience and adaptability of Chinese civilisation, the greatest in a sense.
Phil Dobson
'Phil Dobson' 11 months ago
Looks like a scale model of Trump wall with miniature Trump Towers from where hotel guests will be able to gaze out at peasants in Mexico or from the other side of their Trump Tower hotels, look out in wonder at the USA Trump Dynasty made great!
'goff0103' 11 months ago
Bet Trump wishes this wall is at the American Mexico border
'InoueMasao' 11 months ago
China's territory is originally INSIDE THE WALL. Don't forget and don't approve of CCP's aggression to OUTSIDE THE WALL.
'tarkineWild' 11 months ago
Shanghai Noon
'Shanghai Noon' 11 months ago
*As a child, I remember the legend of a woman whose husband died building the wall. She cried for so long that part of the wall collapsed revealing the bones of her husband which were later buried.*
Timmy Nguyen
'Timmy Nguyen' 11 months ago
Man, I thought this video was talking about The Great Wall, the movie starring Matt Damon and Williem Dafoe.
'InoueMasao' 11 months ago
Free Tibet Free Uyghur Free south Mongol
'InoueMasao' 11 months ago
I wonder which BBC will choose, Trump or China?
Kevin H
'Kevin H' 11 months ago
1:45 that shot is incredible.
'InoueMasao' 11 months ago
BBC is a great fan of China
Clark Graham
'Clark Graham' 11 months ago
The video is about the great wall of china - not Donald trump. We are talking about an amazing historicall achievement that can be seen from the moon. Why spoil it by talking about politician? By the way - great video. Awesome camera work. The scenery is absolutely breath taking.
American steal Chinese Great wall technology and don't pay for the patent.I'm angry.——江泽民
'A H' 11 months ago
China will eventually become the super power of the world, they have all the right ingredients!
Absolutely stunning
The Castelan
'The Castelan' 11 months ago
Still desperately avoiding real news I see. #BBCBuzzFeed
Russian Homecat
'Russian Homecat' 11 months ago
ilker yoldas
'ilker yoldas' 11 months ago
It's the "alright" wall of China
'PC BEAST Nvidia' 11 months ago
we will be having a great wall as well , trump maga
Stacy Skywatch
'Stacy Skywatch' 11 months ago
great example of how flat or world actually is even though the satanic free masonic deceivers have fooled so many they have not fooled us all,, BBC=FAKE FREE MASONIC controlled garbage,, BBC=Enemy of your own people,,scumbags ,,
Nicholas Johns
'Nicholas Johns' 11 months ago
Qin Shi Huangdi - "We're going to build a wall, and Mongolia's going to pay for it!"
'NevermindPlays' 11 months ago
I have been to china,beautiful country,sadly i cant live there
'IJ OP' 11 months ago
Will we get an ''American's 'Great' Wall'' in the future?
Aran hiwa
'Aran hiwa' 11 months ago
when will you Drone film The Great Wall of Trump ? its gonna be YUUUUGE
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