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Snakehips & MØ - Don't Leave (Official Lyric Video) -
Published: 11 months ago By: SnakehipsVEVO

By: SnakehipsVEVOPublished: 11 months ago

11, 902, 689 views

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Snakehips & MØ - Don't Leave (Official Lyric Video)
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Short Sword
'Short Sword' 3 days ago
like this song saturday mornings
Short Sword
'Short Sword' 3 days ago
i wont leave you....ever😁😁😁
mawj bejaoui
'mawj bejaoui' 5 days ago
DEC 6, 2017 anyone else ???
Callahan Foley
'Callahan Foley' 2 weeks ago
close your eyes and listen to it at 0.5 speed....
Luke Hartung
'Luke Hartung' 2 weeks ago
Is she wearing Taylor Swift merch. I’m living
grace c. t
'grace c. t' 2 weeks ago
Tamzeeda Salam
'Tamzeeda Salam' 2 weeks ago
Fabri Almada
'Fabri Almada' 2 weeks ago
laura daniela canizales ramirez
mee encantaaaaaaaaa like si estas de acuerdo
Miles Davis
'Miles Davis' 3 weeks ago
Liked and subscribed without a shadow of a doubt, you just earned a huge fan. 🌴🎵🔊💙
kankan yu
'kankan yu' 3 weeks ago
I'm going to dance for ironsides got talent with 2 of my friend I'm choosing thing song has freakin rude words and my school is primary ironside is the name of my school
Piero Darmawan
'Piero Darmawan' 3 weeks ago
Why this is so underrated
Ellen Silva
'Ellen Silva' 3 weeks ago
tayuyya uchiha
'tayuyya uchiha' 3 weeks ago
Wheres aya bambi ? ;_;
Swishy Bird
'Swishy Bird' 3 weeks ago
southside serpent jacket
D. Joe
'D. Joe' 3 weeks ago
Don't leave
yyem ticcaa
'yyem ticcaa' 4 weeks ago
i love this lyric
kamat 39
'kamat 39' 4 weeks ago
She is so beautiful girl😂
'FawkesRSPS' 1 month ago
Xamo Z1
'Xamo Z1' 1 month ago
November 2017 ? anyone??
Harry Goldfarb
'Harry Goldfarb' 1 month ago
I want to give 10M like. This song is godlike
Brent Parker
'Brent Parker' 1 month ago
Dendy Irawan
'Dendy Irawan' 1 month ago
still love this months after
Mauricio Leyva
'Mauricio Leyva' 1 month ago
I'm abusing the replay button
se k
'se k' 1 month ago
Really deep
hope dean
'hope dean' 1 month ago
I feel like I'm watching a foreign film
'Deja-Ne' Alexis' 1 month ago
best song ever!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tanner Poole
'Tanner Poole' 1 month ago
I love her voice
'Akp008' 1 month ago
I can see snake but no hips :P
'T G' 1 month ago
Im in loveeee all over again, thank you for explaining this 😍🖤
'AJCali ALPHA' 1 month ago
When you press the like button with a passion cause ur pissed lol
'El7372926402' 1 month ago
This has been my fave since it came out, deserves much more ❤
Kylie Goh
'Kylie Goh' 1 month ago
Rebecca Macgillivray
Lol that jacket though lmao xDD
Tanner Poole
'Tanner Poole' 1 month ago
2:35 sounds like she's on the verge of tears 😭😭😭
'Matt' 1 month ago
Is she related with Jughead Jones cause BABY YOU HAVE A NICE SERPENT JACKET
Metaphorically I
I’m getting a Riverdale vibe with this snake jacket
Justyna Becker
'Justyna Becker' 2 months ago
snake ? I remember the video - GLASS , similar, but this song has a climate. LOVE .! :3
Tim Lee
'Tim Lee' 2 months ago
I think for MO in this lyric video is looking disappointed because she wouldn't have anybody to love her better when she is like in a tunnel walking downstairs and off to the city, she is showing the back of her jacket with a snake pattern on it with crystals.
Cassidy Phan
'Cassidy Phan' 2 months ago
Got me right in the feelz!
Dream Soda
'Dream Soda' 2 months ago
Any similar songs? I love this vibe and would love to hear more.
Monika JF
'Monika JF' 2 months ago
i like this one better because it doesnt make you SOB like the actual music video!!!! so good tho
Amoda K
'Amoda K' 2 months ago
i respect her i really do though i dont know her a bit but man i feel it...
Mairu Chan
'Mairu Chan' 2 months ago
I feel like telling the lyrics to my ex that I broke up with a week agoXD
'OLIVIA PARTRIDGE' 2 months ago
'ONTHE ROCK' 2 months ago
This is the best one folks..don't wast your time listening to the others...👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Carolina Gonzalez
'Carolina Gonzalez' 2 months ago
Me encanta la canción, pero qué vídeo más aburrido
cody pease
'cody pease' 2 months ago
Listening while drinking
clay wood
'clay wood' 2 months ago
That is what I am looking for .... lol
Fanisa Aulia Pramesti
knp ky gini doang ya......
tyner may
'tyner may' 3 months ago
Tunnel snakes rule!!!
'RadioSoraya' 3 months ago
anyone knows where I can get a vest/jacket or whatever its called like the one she is wearing xD? You have to admit it looks pretty good.
J Candel
'J Candel' 3 months ago
is this a Gucci ad
Artana Yasa
'Artana Yasa' 3 months ago
I love this song❤❤
'MiSs GOTW_' 3 months ago
I find It funny how the whole video Is just her walking - It must feel really awkward ;D
Adin Nugroho
'Adin Nugroho' 3 months ago
1.25 speed
'mynameisalice01' 3 months ago
i love mø
Crystal Mazzucco
'Crystal Mazzucco' 3 months ago
[Verse 1] You know me Now and then, I'm a mess Please don't hold that against me I'm a girl with a temper and heat I know I can be crazy [Pre-Chorus 1] But I'm not just a fuck-up, I'm the fuck-up you need I don't hear nobody when you focus on me Perfectly imperfect, yeah, I hope that you see Tell me you see 'Cause I know that you've been thinking 'bout it [Chorus] Don't leave Shut your mind off and let your heart breathe You don't need to be worried I may not ever get my shit together But ain't nobody gonna love you better Don't go What we have here is irreplaceable No, I won't trade this for nothing I may not ever get my shit together But ain't nobody gonna love you better than me, yeah Love you better than me (oh, whoa-oh)
Luca Martucci
'Luca Martucci' 3 months ago
Penso che non leggerai mai ma...ti amo, ti amo e non ti lascerò mai andare via. Staremo insieme per sempre, come ci siamo detti e promessi. Ti amo tanto e scusa il mio comportamento, migliorerò, migliorerò per me, per te e per noi. Ti amo amore mio.
leen beauty
'leen beauty' 3 months ago
2:20 the best part in the song 😍😍❤❤
Klemen Lombergar
'Klemen Lombergar' 3 months ago
This song makes me cry
Pelinsu Demir
'Pelinsu Demir' 3 months ago
Perfectly imperfect <3 I love this song ..
Nazarin Aruba
'Nazarin Aruba' 3 months ago
jannia daley
'jannia daley' 3 months ago
She keeps getting better and better I love her songs better than me His beats drop so hear my heart was happy
'SixthSenseGaming' 3 months ago
Im inlove with mo, dont tell my gurlfriend >~>
Miriam Santiago
'Miriam Santiago' 4 months ago
Diooooos, me encanta! 🔥❤
T Tsoncheva
'T Tsoncheva' 4 months ago
So much better than the official video!
Ping Frame
'Ping Frame' 4 months ago
daamn feel
Andrew Bejarano
'Andrew Bejarano' 4 months ago
Yo play this song at 1.25 speed. This shit kicks.
Lydia Herron
'Lydia Herron' 4 months ago
Gallavich anyone?
'punkakes13' 4 months ago
This song is so cool😊😀😆😚
'punkakes13' 4 months ago
Catarina Rodrigues
'Catarina Rodrigues' 4 months ago
my boyfriend told me that this song made him remember me. since then this is our song :3
nikie macias
'nikie macias' 4 months ago
Gawd. This is my jam!
Corinn Slider
'Corinn Slider' 4 months ago
I discovered this song like a week ago but I've listened to it so many times
'punkakes13' 4 months ago
Never let me go😵😰😩😓😭😭😍😘😗😻🙆
Jupiter Destiny
'Jupiter Destiny' 4 months ago
The jacket reminds me of riverdale😂
E Music
'E Music' 4 months ago
Underrated as f*ck
Riki Alfadri
'Riki Alfadri' 4 months ago
im not just fucked up im the fucked up you loved!
'Tabassum' 4 months ago
MØ was wearing a snake print jacket before all the hype
Jamie Lee333
'Jamie Lee333' 4 months ago
love this song cant stop listening to it
Sam Volkova Jauregui
'Sam Volkova Jauregui' 4 months ago
kosťa cool
'kosťa cool' 4 months ago
I love this song
Tom Rutgers
'Tom Rutgers' 4 months ago
For a second the thumbnail looked a hell of a lot like star wars, thats the reason I clicked to be honest.
Big Reputation
'Big Reputation' 4 months ago
Gabi Vitória
'Gabi Vitória' 4 months ago
I love you mø
'곰수열의합' 4 months ago
King general emperor khan Mo
Pranim Rai
'Pranim Rai' 4 months ago
made a million listening to this song and now planning to make it a biillion
Josie Han
'Josie Han' 4 months ago
really nice jacket
Ismail Silaman
'Ismail Silaman' 4 months ago
you are Perfect
Emma Hollis
'Emma Hollis' 4 months ago
favorite song ever <3 <3
Laura Andrea
'Laura Andrea' 4 months ago
Loooove it!
'xzxlevixzx' 4 months ago
I clicked my knuckles at 0:36 ... I have never felt so connected to a song
Chantelle Jamison
'Chantelle Jamison' 4 months ago
My top 10 song xx
Pelin Demir
'Pelin Demir' 4 months ago
man, this is perfect
Adrian Halim
'Adrian Halim' 4 months ago
I thought the singer is Charli XCX :v
pox ble
'pox ble' 5 months ago
Why is this song so underrated?
Count Andre
'Count Andre'' 5 months ago
This is really nice
'kovacshuni' 5 months ago
Yay, we got it back.
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