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French Montana - :60 With -
Published: 7 months ago By: Vevo

By: VevoPublished: 7 months ago

121, 735 views

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:60 with French Montana

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Fouad Nas
'Fouad Nas' 1 week ago
'One word to describe Fat Joe? My brotha' I'M ALL THE WAY UP!
'wexfordrob' 6 months ago
Another monkey! How many more monkeys u need around u?! Idiot
'SOSABitch' 6 months ago
this guy is dumb as fuck
ntcji fryhi
'ntcji fryhi' 6 months ago
hui sdus
'hui sdus' 6 months ago
jkjkjkh tguhh
'jkjkjkh tguhh' 6 months ago
ygg tyu
'ygg tyu' 6 months ago
joe m Masters
'joe m Masters' 7 months ago
french montana is a fucking dumb dick bitch that can't rap for shit .... fuck this chump ...with that black lives matter bullshit when his boy got pulled over ....this bitch will be broke in a few years cause he is ignorant as fuck ....if your reading frenchy , your a bitch ass fuck boy
Devoi *itzdevii*
'Devoi *itzdevii*' 7 months ago
love or money "LOVE"! :)
llisa bobii
'llisa bobii' 7 months ago
is he high
ReZo Illusion
'ReZo Illusion' 7 months ago
nigga high as fuck
Jonathan Macenat
'Jonathan Macenat' 7 months ago
He was low key high tho 😂😂😂
'P - MONEY-MILLER' 7 months ago
Hate this Clown!
Faid Nuur
'Faid Nuur' 7 months ago
Nigga looks high
alan sasseen
'alan sasseen' 7 months ago
i loved being french montana and "our little catapillar says hello
__.3500.__ litty
'__.3500.__ litty' 7 months ago
this made me laugh.
That Guy
'That Guy' 7 months ago
"six pack coming soon " 😂😂😂😂😂
Alrima Oubih
'Alrima Oubih' 7 months ago
French montana
Vincnt Paul
'Vincnt Paul' 7 months ago
iPhone 7 or Note 7???? 😂😂😂
'DUCK-E' 7 months ago
my mom said if i can get 500 subscriber by the end of the month she will give me $500
Amanda Odom
'Amanda Odom' 7 months ago
nn ghostUIh job join
Amanda Odom
'Amanda Odom' 7 months ago
nn ghostUI
Amanda Odom
'Amanda Odom' 7 months ago
nn ghostU
huzzel buzzel
'huzzel buzzel' 7 months ago
This nigga is lagging 😂😂😂
LR Beats
'LR Beats' 7 months ago
One word to describe Fat Joe - My Brother ????
حسن العسيري
Followed modern Islam Channel in YouTube to know the truth of life . . Talk islam
'Entretenimiento' 7 months ago
Suscríbete a mi chanel
'자비에르' 7 months ago
Here before... it's never gonna get to 1m views
LuaOWner Soc
'LuaOWner Soc' 7 months ago
Cheyd Noanoa
'Cheyd Noanoa' 7 months ago
this is hilarious 😂
Nesrin Aksakal
'Nesrin Aksakal' 7 months ago
He choice the love.Iggy would be happy
Media Mozart
'Media Mozart' 7 months ago
No personality whatsoever
Fevered Rabbit
'Fevered Rabbit' 7 months ago
One word to describe Fat Joe - "Ma brotha" Best person to stuck on an island with - "Lotta girls" Damn, this nigga dumb smh
Ghena Al hajeri
'Ghena Al hajeri' 7 months ago
msq _2003
'msq _2003' 7 months ago
هلا بالخال
msq _2003
'msq _2003' 7 months ago
rafael lopez-ruiz
'rafael lopez-ruiz' 7 months ago
PS4 or Xbox ONE
あ あ
'あ あ' 7 months ago
i`m sleepy,because pm12,51
'HeKeptDying' 7 months ago
He's my man 💕💕💕
kevaughn woollery
'kevaughn woollery' 7 months ago
haha lol dwl, French man in the house big up you self bredda
Matt Cullen
'Matt Cullen' 7 months ago
Mitja Mack the ssg lover
7th comment
The Procastinator
'The Procastinator' 7 months ago
Sarah Musen213
'Sarah Musen213' 7 months ago
crackman geeker
'crackman geeker' 7 months ago
Sai Harsha
'Sai Harsha' 7 months ago
first comment
'AleksAnderPlayGames' 7 months ago
kaneki crackgameryt
'kaneki crackgameryt' 7 months ago
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