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Watch Atmospheric Pressure Savagely Crush A Steel Barrel -
Published: 4 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 4 months ago

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The Street Science team crush a barrel using atmospheric pressure.

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Rsf Yogf
'Rsf Yogf' 3 months ago
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Peter Francis
'Peter Francis' 4 months ago
Hyperloop vs winter economist win
Speedy 717
'Speedy 717' 4 months ago
I seen better....... aka myth busters and a mass train tanker
Michael Skinner
'Michael Skinner' 4 months ago
'tardis2005' 4 months ago
Physics never fails.
'uknownalias' 4 months ago
It's a cool experiment. But seriously, you took that audience and us for stupid. Just show us what happened and don't try and explain the behaviour of gases to us after, it is taught to everyone at school.
'Kagrim' 4 months ago
1:13 Thank me later :)
Robert Hoff
'Robert Hoff' 4 months ago
It's no wonder the United States is 58th in World education
Robert Hoff
'Robert Hoff' 4 months ago
That's simple science this was laughable that they couldn't guess what would happen
Damon Boyle
'Damon Boyle' 4 months ago
Bit worrying no one could predict what was about to happen
'TRON KNOWS' 4 months ago
Why was it such a surprise? Our "Educational" system has failed us 😔
thatguy dill
'thatguy dill' 4 months ago
The real mythbusters used a real train to demonstrate the same physics
Give me your Soul
'Give me your Soul' 4 months ago
this makes me cringe...
Rauli Kumpulainen
'Rauli Kumpulainen' 4 months ago
Shows how stupid people really are. "Cooling leads to explosion"
micha awad
'micha awad' 4 months ago
That hot girl tho..
Fairy Frequency
'Fairy Frequency' 4 months ago
Like #80 from the Fairy Frequency channel! Wishing you a beautiful day filled with positive energy and healing light 🦋
Mr Scientific
'Mr Scientific' 4 months ago
Just in case if you couldn't understand, "An atmosphere (atm) is a unit of measurement equal to the average air pressure at sea level at a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius (59 degrees Fahrenheit). One atmosphere is 1,013 millibars, or 760 millimeters (29.92 inches) of mercury." We have evolved to not notice that the blood pressure in our feet is slightly higher than our heads. If that changes, we notice. If one’s circulation is impaired, one might notice someone is fidgety, uncomfortable, or irritable. This is one of the possible symptoms of the onset of a circulation problem like a heart attack. Laying down to rest feels “reasonably normal” for a while. Healthy people will unconsciously move about to help their circulation. Unconscious or bed ridden individuals must be moved every-so often. If you sit down or lay down in a single position too long and impair your circulation, you’ll feel it.
'J G' 4 months ago
How do people don’t know what was gonna happen? It’s pretty obvious to me and I’m not a scientist
'JogBird' 4 months ago
hydraulic press channel did this already
Joe Stanfield
'Joe Stanfield' 4 months ago
Josh Tj
'Josh Tj' 4 months ago
Couch Patato
'Couch Patato' 4 months ago
Frest send bob and vagene
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