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#IStandWithAhmed: Muslim Kid Gets Unfairly Arrested | What's Trending Now -
Published: 3 years ago By: What's Trending

By: What's TrendingPublished: 3 years ago

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Muslim student Ahmed Mohamed brought a clock he made into school to show it to his teacher... and he got arrested. For having a bomb. Subscribe for more videos!

Irving McArthur Student Arrested For Bringing Homemade Clock to School:
Article with Letter sent to Parents:

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Germanator _
'Germanator _' 10 months ago
When u get duped by a 14 year old..... good times
Ravenclaw Diaries
'Ravenclaw Diaries' 11 months ago
'ThomasPaine' 1 year ago
He took apart a clock and put it in a three year old can do that...whole lotta drama over nothing.
LightOfThunder _
'LightOfThunder _' 1 year ago
Bran Smith
'Bran Smith' 1 year ago
Fuck libtards like you. This kid isn't even smart, he just ripped the guts out of the clock and taped it to a suitcase, at 14 I was coding my own bots for mmorpgs
Ghaleb Abualsoud
'Ghaleb Abualsoud' 1 year ago
Man Fuck that school
Jami Christine
'Jami Christine' 2 years ago
Literally just like cops. "We had to shoot him, that phone did look like a gun" Smh, if my school was this stupid, I'd sue the shit out of them. Hell, a kid could walk into school and be fully white walking past security with a real bomb and they'd let him through. But a muslim kid walks in with a science book and nothing else, he's strip searched. Get your shit together
'Hassan' 2 years ago
Shut the fuck up we all know the kid did that shit on purpose
Wiggin Miller
'Wiggin Miller' 2 years ago
I know this is late. However, this kid was warned multiple times not to do that. He had done this before, and his parents encouraged him to do it again so basically they could get their 5 minutes of fame. People need to stop screaming racism at every little thing.
Drake pendragon
'Drake pendragon' 2 years ago
Theat shit didn't look like a GD clock, it looked like a bomb and that little turd deserved to be arrested.  You only show the clock you should show the rest of it.
Mysterious Person
'Mysterious Person' 2 years ago
he did not build a clock he took apart a clock and put it back to geather in a small metal box he evan said him self he know it looked suspicious and I that it can get him in trouble but he decided to bring It Anyways so he got what he deserves.
Mohamed Aban
'Mohamed Aban' 2 years ago
The school are just making an excuse for being a racist
Hamza Khan
'Hamza Khan' 2 years ago
Drampa Dreg
'Drampa Dreg' 2 years ago
Report suspicious behaviour...well it worked for the Nazi's didn't it? Fascism is becoming trendy these days. IN Canada under Harper's reign of destruction the police went from wearing blue (pretty standard for 'da fuzz) to black, it makes a difference. A guy on a streetcar with a jack knife gets a full clip emptied into him, he went down with one shot but the cop saw him move so he put 8 or 9 more bullets into him just incase he pulled a Bruce Lee and threw the knife into the cops eye socket...or he was a murder. He got several years of hard time after enough complaints. A kid brings a clock to school, did anyone think to ask him "hey Amhed, what's that?" It could have saved the trauma and the insueing lawsuits the school deserves. Fear mongering allows the clawing back of people's civil rights, corporations have more rights than people do now. And lets face it, if he was a white boy it would have been a cool project, just wait untill Trump is president, think he will be diplomatic with say North Korea? Kaaa-BOOM!!! Now that's a bomb!
Handsome B. Wonderful
Another Awkward Cosplayer
Alex Hamza
'Alex Hamza' 2 years ago
This is what happens when you jump to conclusions... He did not build a clock... He took one apart, then went to school with the core components acting as if he had engineered something. His arrest was super worthwhile though, now he gets to visit world leaders and get undeserved scholarships.... SOOOOOOO special right? wtg libs.,,
Emile Griffith
'Emile Griffith' 2 years ago
you guys are dumb as fuck. HAHAHA "BUILT A CLOCK" HAHAHAHAHA
BlackhawksHockey 2988
whatever happened to "See something, say something"? Principle saw something that looked a little bit suspicious, called police, and now you claim "racism"? What about the white kid who ate a pop tart and it looked like a gun? Why don't you cover that? We don't need kids like Ahmed.
'milkychenle' 2 years ago
im shocked im just.....ugh //bangs head on wall//
Storm Cai
'Storm Cai' 2 years ago
'WildChildNamaste' 2 years ago
I just discovered this channel and I'm subscribing soley because Ava is rocking my hairgoals and her voice and the way she talks is oddly soothing and comforting. 0_____0 Baha!!
'TJGHD' 2 years ago
I hope Ahmed is ok racist dumb asses
'Boethiah' 2 years ago
'Hawkzz' 2 years ago
Why would a 14 yr old make bombs xD
'MajesticRage' 2 years ago
Fuck Ahmad
|| Co-Kane ||
'|| Co-Kane ||' 2 years ago
Um... why are people still defending this con artist? Doesn't everybody know by now that the teen didn't even make the clock and this was all a prank to get a rise out of the whole of America? He just took it out of it's casing, shoved it in a small briefcase to make it look like he made it himself then took it to school KNOWING everyone would OBVIOUSLY freak out over it just so people and the media would start calling the school and police who arrested him Islamophobic hence making it look like the victim. This smartass dickhead made sure the clock made a loud beeping sound during class ffs! What more evidence do you need? I know how bad it looked before people knew exactly what happened and it really did look like he was being discriminated against but all the information is out now and I can't believe people still defend this little shit.
Angel Kitty
'Angel Kitty' 2 years ago
So... they don't allow clocks at their school?
besar sadiki
'besar sadiki' 2 years ago
fuck you mikelo.He has not made bomb.He maked a clock
Hatice Yildirim
'Hatice Yildirim' 2 years ago
i'm late but theres no way they thought it was a bomb. the school would have been on lock down, a bomb squad would have been called. none of that happened, just some good old racial profiling.
Tak Kovacs
'Tak Kovacs' 2 years ago
There is so much more to this story then 'What's Trending' gives you.
FPV Pilot 777
'FPV Pilot 777' 2 years ago
( ° ͜ʖ͡°)╭∩╮
'pasteltit' 2 years ago
'CreativeWeep' 2 years ago
I get that he was treated unfairly by being arrested by that but why is it BIG BIG news? Prejudice or racist thoughts are very common everywhere.
James Caldwell
'James Caldwell' 2 years ago
Its wrong how this kid got treated at the school but he didnt do anything special. This kid just stuffed the insides of an alarm clock in a briefcase. Apparently the engineering teacher told him to not bring it to other classes because it could look suspicious, regardless of what race he is.
A Gypsy In The City
'A Gypsy In The City' 2 years ago
I think stuff like this happens because America is worried for our safety during a time in which our security and safety is always at risk. To an extent, schools are just in taking extra safety precautions to protect the over all safety of all students. However, this situation definitely could have been handled in a kinder, more respectful manor. Instead of handcuffing the poor boy, they could have simply questioned him and looked into the situation. Something they should do to all students, regardless of race if a situation like this arises. Overall, I do agree that a student who built a clock and brought it into school should NOT get arrested....schools have reason to worry about the safety of its students, but arresting this kid was pretty extreme.
'Carsick8' 2 years ago
turns out the kids a lier and didnt build a clock and was playing mind games and his dads an extremist . that teacher was right , that school was right , you and obama were wrong
'mikelo303' 2 years ago
Fuck this kid. He did it in purpose and he deserved what he got. Pretending to build a bomb. and now this fucker wants 15 mil compensation? You are all idiots if you think he is poor little boy. He is a dick. And just because he is Muslim he now is so popular and poor little boy. Fuck him. He made a stupid joke and he got arrested. End of story.
classic cowboy95
'classic cowboy95' 2 years ago
Our country has really when down hill it looks like a bomb, it's a attempt to get media attention in our political correct society I would have respect for him if he found I cure for cancer, or don'e something of importance no a Muslim took a clock apart put it in a brief case making it represent a bomb showed it to the teacher and frightened her.
'TheIronomega' 2 years ago
he built nothing! it was bait for social justice backlash!
'utewbisgay' 2 years ago
Nice haircut, idiot.
'stingypickles' 2 years ago
i wouldnt fuck her
'stingypickles' 2 years ago
this bitch is ugly as fuck
'utewbisgay' 2 years ago
Kim Stockton
'Kim Stockton' 2 years ago
Lying bitch! the picture you showed was not the clock the kid had, also he didn't build a clock, he took one apart and made it look like a bomb, that's the problem with you SJW types, you don't know jack!
JJ Finkelstein
'JJ Finkelstein' 2 years ago
Wow! The moronic news network, the morons who produced this are probably trying to forget this! Typical progressive move cry about inequality before getting all the facts! Ahmed bomb hoax, that kid knew what he was doing and he wasn't trying to build a clock!
'stingypickles' 3 years ago
this ladys hair is awful
Austyn Redenbacker
'Austyn Redenbacker' 3 years ago
I know I am watching this so late after release but that's bullshit the school should do a lot more than apologize #istandwithahmed
Firezzo XD
'Firezzo XD' 3 years ago
So your telling me they view Ahmed's clock as being a bomb when on the side of the clock said PM
'Burden82' 3 years ago
its funny what is considered smart in US those kind of clocks or different type of gadgets are sold with all parts included and it comes with directions what part goes where. you just needed to drill for holes that are marked put parts on and use soldering iron and tin to put it together. so little bit more advaced than legos. we all did those in our school when i was like 12. you dont need to be smat to do that
'alanaproctor14' 3 years ago
the thing is that they most likely obviously knew it wasn't a bomb. If they thought it was a bomb they would have evacuated the school and gotten away from him and then called the police. but they didn't so it shows that if they actually thought it was a bomb and cared about the 'safety of students' they would've evacuated. so they defiantly knew it wasn't a bomb
'MKgaming' 3 years ago
Man this is why I fucking hate America the racist profiling towards black and light skins is horrible and the government teaches the military that Islam is a terrorist religion so yea
Hana Al Zarooni
'Hana Al Zarooni' 3 years ago
They should apologize for sure .. Are they that dumb or they play dumb .. Even if their intention is good this is not the way to treat human.
Captain Xno
'Captain Xno' 3 years ago
What do you watch? CNN? Try watching Fox news and listen to the people who know what they're talking about. First off he did not "build" a clock. He simply took one out of a casing and put it into a briefcase (even an idiot could do that). He brought it to hes class, his teacher said not to show anyone, but he disobeyed and brought it into his English class (He hated the teacher). He attempted to make it look like a bomb to scare his teacher, and made the alarm go off. He was not arrested for being Muslim, he was arrested for 1, not complying with the police (they asked him questions and he did not answer) and 2, building a fake bomb. Even when Mark Cuban was on the phone he could hear Ahmed's sister behind him whispering the answers to him. You, President Obama, Microsoft, Facebook and many more have been gullible enough to believe that he was some kind of smart kid, but in reality he is just a manipulative child that had gotten THOUSANDS of free stuff, all for a publicity stunt. Not to mention if a white or black child did this, they would be in Jail for a very long time. Now please get your head out of teh gutter and look at the real world for once.
James Barnett
'James Barnett' 3 years ago
Wow, how can soooooo many people including our President get duped by a child? Just Wow!
francisco elgueta
'francisco elgueta' 3 years ago
Everything is a show planned by the boy's father, seeking that reaction, he wanted his son arrested, and cameras everiwhere so he forced his son to go to school with clock look like a bomb.   The father is a Muslim activist who want to impose Sharia law in Texas.   You know, 50 lashes, a woman if she dares to leave the house alone.   Muslim garbage
Jason Jacobs
'Jason Jacobs' 3 years ago
Th school was looking out to the kids' safety. The kid purposefully tried to get one of his teachers to react to it. He wants this to happen. Now everyone is sucking up to him. I stand with the school and not the fraud this family is spreading.
Jaydom Gait
'Jaydom Gait' 3 years ago
why do we need kids like him to build clocks? everybody has a Damn cell phone!!!! we don't.t need clocks! we need someone to build a big ass paddle to whoop the crap out of the younger disrespectful little bastards!
JJ Game
'JJ Game' 3 years ago
I think that the school that did that is just one fucked up school and that they should issue more than just an apology. This is really just, a racist, ignorant school, and it should not jump to conclusions so fast. That was a really stupid move.
'kiira0823' 3 years ago
Poor kid. The principal is an asinine jerk.
Batters Box
'Batters Box' 3 years ago
Oh Ava got to be feelin all that Muslim gizz gettin sticky on her butt about now! LOL
Heath Rice
'Heath Rice' 3 years ago
He didn't build the clock , it's a radio shack clock he gutted .
'trust' 3 years ago
The problem is that teacher knew its not a bomb! she made an example out of him for the heck of it, only because of his religion.
'ITS ME ZACK' 3 years ago
that was not his clock..
burnt child
'burnt child' 3 years ago
lol thats not the clock he built, the clock he brought actually looked like a bomb the school did the right thing.
'huatuo1668' 3 years ago
I think arresting him and putting him in handcuffs was an overreaction but to have suspicions of being a bomb and being cautious was very normal. I don't think is about the race or religion, is about playing it safe. I dare those who say that it was perfectly normal to bring such a device and not be suspected to put yourself in the teacher's shoes. To the untrained eye it does look like a bomb so to play it safe is perfectly normal. If a White kid or any other kid were to bring a device like that, I will still call in the police or bomb squad just to be safe. I am a minority and I don't see why they always have to bring in race or religion. The part I disagree is about putting him in handcuffs and arresting him. They should just check the facts first and after knowing it wasn't a bomb just release him without arresting him.
The Sensation
'The Sensation' 3 years ago
'Greg' 3 years ago
The kid didn't actually build anything! He took apart an old clock, just took it out of it's casing so he could say it was home made. Put it in a box, set it off twice in class to get the teachers attention and was then the teacher freaked out not knowing if there was a potential threat. His farther has a long history of pulling publicity stunts. I can think of no reason for this kid to dismantle a clock (again not building a single component himself) bringing it into class and setting it off other than in the hope to get this reaction.
David Butler
'David Butler' 3 years ago
Please read some articles on this story, this video is incredibly biased!
David Butler
'David Butler' 3 years ago
After all of the evidence against Ahmed and his family has come out these past few days I would be shocked to think anyone still stands with Ahmed.
David Butler
'David Butler' 3 years ago
There are so many things wrong with video and story. 1) Have you seen an actual picture of the clock he brought to school, not the picture of a clock they showed in this video? It looks EXACTLY like a bomb. It doesn't matter who the kid is, if they bring a briefcase that looks exactly like a bomb to a SCHOOL then they need to be detained. 2) He never invented anything. He might be a bright kid, I'm sure he is, but the clock he brought unannounced to school was an old clock that he disassembled and stuck in a briefcase. Why did he do that? If you were the teacher at that school and you suspected a bomb or a hoax bomb what would you have done? Ahmed doesn't need scholarships and job offers, he needs an adult to sit down with him and tell him how dumb he was for bringing a bomb-like object to a high school.
'jcomshaw' 3 years ago
a scam for fake anti Muslim sentiment, the kid's a fraud, he didn't "make" anything, his father is a known grievance pusher, wake up people, deport them both.
Yikauri Soriano
'Yikauri Soriano' 3 years ago
they should apologize to this kid. they acted wrong. sure it is good that their main priority is the safety of others students but come on hand cuff the kids and all the drama not necessarily.
'Crackosaurus' 3 years ago
I'd like precaution to be taken and not needed rather than no precaution taken but needed. Since he was mistaken he should receive an apology.
Nasima Begum
'Nasima Begum' 3 years ago
The school should apologize!!!
Rimaz Salih
'Rimaz Salih' 3 years ago
He's sudanese, so i can see why he's into engineering
'katiethemstie' 3 years ago
I think that schools are right to be concerned about bombs considering a lot of the school mass murders that have been happening, but I don't think that was what was happening here. I think it was Islamophobia.
Rasmus Nilsson
'Rasmus Nilsson' 3 years ago
Apologize? They should be shut down!!
glen john
'glen john' 3 years ago
looked like a bomb to me. the teacher did the right thing. so did the police.
Dictator 亗 ‹
Where is the Freedom of religion ? The First Amendment " to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, ! Where is that Amendment , Police is the Government and The Government Made this Amendment , And No One Follow it. Bc he is Muslim dosno"t mean He is Terosit. No All Muslim is Killing Islam is Peace Religion Not Killing Religion, ISIS not Muslims , they Not Following ISLAM Rules . NOT ALL Muslims the same , NOT ALL YOUR Fingers The Same.
Diego_len_magic P
'Diego_len_magic P' 3 years ago
Im with h u man
'Gaia' 3 years ago
I had this kid in class. I mean yeah I was surprised but It didnt even look like a bomb to me -_- they should congratulate him for being so smart and creative
Angel Ezekiel-Hart
'Angel Ezekiel-Hart' 3 years ago
Guess all people with digital "bobs" have to be arrested
The Hybrid Kid
'The Hybrid Kid' 3 years ago
I made a song about this last night. It's up on my channel. I'd appreciate people taking the time out to truly listen. Thank you
Charlie scene
'Charlie scene' 3 years ago
Next that little bitch will be ordering planes to fly into our buildings fuck that kid
'8' 3 years ago
suzan khan
'suzan khan' 3 years ago
Clock is clock if its just a Clock and Ahmed I am with u kid don't get tensed May u have a bright future In sha Allah
Samantha Lau
'Samantha Lau' 3 years ago
the world is corrupt place
'cmrtcu143' 3 years ago
There's two ways to look at this. The clock, did look like a bomb. I think anybody of any race, gender, age, or anything, would've gotten in trouble for having a clock that looks that. Even though I'd look like a 90s movie bomb, you can never sure I guess. But then the other side is the media and the boy himself saying that it's racist. It wasn't really racist until you say it is. I thought it was more ironic.
sonia T
'sonia T' 3 years ago
The school should definitely apologize
Coco Gaming
'Coco Gaming' 3 years ago
its tood this is happening cuz now facebook and nasa are offering ahmed a job lucky him and that school is just stupid and racist its just a homemade clock how can it be a bomb??!!!
Mahdi Abdirahman
'Mahdi Abdirahman' 3 years ago
Richard Oliver
'Richard Oliver' 3 years ago
ITS CRAP AND WAS DOnE ON purpose fuck Muslims. Had it been a bomb in that class and those kids got killed then everybody would've been pissed that nobody said shit fuck Muslims
John Weirdo
'John Weirdo' 3 years ago
AN APOLOGY IS IN ORDER FOR THE SCHOOL!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
'tubester4567' 3 years ago
I dont think he was treated badly, he had to stay back at school for a few minutes and talk to police, then he got a bunch of free stuff from gullible foolsl. People are being executed in Muslim countries for criticizing the government, or for apostasy and blasphemy, for being gay or atheist. Where is the outrage for those people??? This kid took something to school that looked like a briefcase bomb, you can see pictures of the whole thing on the internet, it looks exactly like a briefcase bomb you see in the movies. I dont think it was an innocent mistake, its a scam. In the home of Islam, Saudi Arabia, other religions are BANNED, Iran does too, you can be arrested and jailed for speaking about your religion if it isnt Islam. Where is the outrage for that. This kid has more rights, safety and religious freedom in the west, than he does in his own country.
Joe Minnifield
'Joe Minnifield' 3 years ago
what tell us what else do muslims do every time shit happens who was involved Muslims then when shit happens people talking about oh you seem like a nice kid we didn't think he was like the Muslim radicals who is a Muslim radicals and who is not how are we supposed to identify the good ones from the bad ones like I said Wednesday commit the act of terrorism towards Americans the people that knew him always said he was so nice went to college friendly with everybody we didn't have any idea that he was apart of Isis the teachers at that school had a right to be suspicious because we don't know which Muslim is with Isis and which ones are not the people who brought down the World Trade Center where Muslims that blended in with our society so you dumbass American cut the bullshit cuz we never hear nothing about the Muslims unless they feel like they didn't judged but when they cutting people heads off none of them got nothing to say they don't get in front of the camera and let people know who they really are and how do you feel about other Muslims cutting it is in people's heads off they only speak about somebody misjudged them over in America get the fuck outta here with that shit
midoo mohamed
'midoo mohamed' 3 years ago
student safety is Very important but the handcuffing is too much for this little child , and now when u guys know that it was a clock i think the school must apologize that's the least thing they can do
'zazarule' 3 years ago
I've seen this story before,but I just came here cause I saw Ava xx
amin said
'amin said' 3 years ago
this is sickness to my heart and soul. there is no excuse no exception that a 14 year old child has to be treated this way. we are diversified country. That's what makes America the greatest country in the world.
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