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Pay Dirt - Gold Panning -
Published: 5 months ago By: Taras Kul

By: Taras KulPublished: 5 months ago

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Teddy Lagace
'Teddy Lagace' 8 hours ago
Your English is impressive
unlimited beast
'unlimited beast' 1 day ago
You are so posed put a pan under
dare me i dare u
'dare me i dare u' 4 days ago
When I saw all the flakes in a row I got more excited than taras
Arthur read UTTP
'Arthur read UTTP' 6 days ago
These vids are -cool- _kul_
Joseph Natana
'Joseph Natana' 1 week ago
Chur Bro, awesome alright!
'RoAcH812' 1 week ago
where safety is #1 priority
PrestonPlayzRoblox 117
Is ok I’m lernin
Kick The Ajummas
Wait, ...that's dirt you're paying for.
Tristan allen /busboy#3
He found flakes he should take them
Tristan allen /busboy#3
He,s going to be addicted to this
'Vlog SQUAD' 2 weeks ago
Is this your new acc?
Natasha Leflore
'Natasha Leflore' 2 weeks ago
You lost a nugget in the water
Tyler Massey
'Tyler Massey' 2 weeks ago
First comet
'RoughtenBurger' 2 weeks ago
And all that sifting was a waste of time
'RoughtenBurger' 2 weeks ago
I used to mine up in the yukon. I panned alot and happy to see him do it
Jeffy Jeff
'Jeffy Jeff' 2 weeks ago
can I call you jack hoffman
Shabby Dawson
'Shabby Dawson' 3 weeks ago
*His accent make me want to watch more😂*
Royal Gamer
'Royal Gamer' 3 weeks ago
Teddles Peddles
'Teddles Peddles' 3 weeks ago
You did good enough job, cool video 👍👍👍
Esteban Rivera
'Esteban Rivera' 3 weeks ago
I enjoy watching his videos
aKa Donut
'aKa Donut' 3 weeks ago
He surely has a lot of patience
'chocolatalamonde' 4 weeks ago
I watched a russian guy bought a bag of dirt...
Phillip Adams
'Phillip Adams' 4 weeks ago
Cool video bro I wish I could find something I enjoy to do like this
GOLDEN paydirt Reviews
I tell you why I liked this video, you were like me just super happy to see yellow. I got just as excited as you. Good work. Do some more paydirt videos. Thanks I'm learning also so its good to see a rookie panning and seeing that smile and hearing how happy u were. Good luck & god bless
Léo Bernard
'Léo Bernard' 4 weeks ago
Or you can purify it BY FIRE
Sushi The Fish
'Sushi The Fish' 4 weeks ago
Silly Willy
'Silly Willy' 4 weeks ago
Boom lickvid nitrogen
Harry Babcock
'Harry Babcock' 4 weeks ago
I been looking at same set up glad to see it works.
Nobert Lerner
'Nobert Lerner' 4 weeks ago
'XXCan00192XX' 4 weeks ago
*B* *O* *O* *M*
annaliz diaz
'annaliz diaz' 4 weeks ago
He looks like my teacher how?
Bronk Beast
'Bronk Beast' 1 month ago
You dropped a big nugget
Eric Castaneda
'Eric Castaneda' 1 month ago
Maricar Lobos
'Maricar Lobos' 1 month ago
Its tiny boooooo 👎
Jowewe 261
'Jowewe 261' 1 month ago
I believe you are supposed to stratify it at an angle
Typo Wes
'Typo Wes' 1 month ago
Dere iss i lil flake righ dere
Jonny cat6a
'Jonny cat6a' 1 month ago
Cool vlog. I'm interested in this as a hobby as well.
Household Dog
'Household Dog' 1 month ago
You need to tilt the pan forward as yu shake it.
Jake Metti
'Jake Metti' 1 month ago
Wasnt the nugget bucket on shark tank?
roblox king
'roblox king' 1 month ago
I should throw it out
Ricky Garrett
'Ricky Garrett' 1 month ago
Better than tod Hoffman
gaming for life w logan
Taras:hopefully we get big nuggets Me:goes to McDonalds buys chicken
Cosmic Lyrics
'Cosmic Lyrics' 1 month ago
this guy right here can make anything interesting... literally anything
Diamond gams
'Diamond gams' 1 month ago
I love you so much you are my favorite person in the world ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Pancakes Who play gamez
You lost a couple of nuggets
Charlotte Stevens
'Charlotte Stevens' 1 month ago
It does look tedious to get the small flakes
Casey Mendell
'Casey Mendell' 1 month ago
You actually lost two pieces of golf
frezysgirl12 frezysgirl12
Taras "you guys are probably ganna critize me but its okay"" when he said it's okay my hart melted 💓💓💓💕 you are doing great taras kul. You are doing better than my spelling that's for sure
'OffPlanet' 1 month ago
That’s such a scam.
Mr. Swiffer
'Mr. Swiffer' 1 month ago
I thought he was trying to find maggots the whole video😞 it was a disappointment when I found out he was saying nuggets
mano county
'mano county' 1 month ago
You do realize they sift it first😑😑
one man army
'one man army' 1 month ago
Ahmed Yousf
'Ahmed Yousf' 1 month ago
How can I get the dirt and what it's cost???
Cool GurlyGamr
'Cool GurlyGamr' 1 month ago
This video was so cool
Chanticleer Guitarra
Poor guy everyone always makes fun of his accent. His accent is what helps make the videos interesting though. Authentic russian accent
Roblox Otaku
'Roblox Otaku' 1 month ago
He sais he was just pwackticing but for me his gwod at it
Meena Bridgewater
'Meena Bridgewater' 1 month ago
I know that you are learning and you will get the hang of it soon
Phoenix creator
'Phoenix creator' 1 month ago
Nicely done
Grizzly Boo
'Grizzly Boo' 1 month ago
You shook it tooooo much I cringed
Synth 06
'Synth 06' 1 month ago
"This is my nugget bucket" nice
School or Nothing
'School or Nothing' 1 month ago
Instructions unclear got my cat stuck in my oven.
'' 1 month ago
😲 Good job👍🏼
'' 1 month ago
Good for first time though
'' 1 month ago
I seen a nugget and you lost it in water😂
Lila Hurysz
'Lila Hurysz' 1 month ago
He lost a nugget or two
'KingDubstep564890' 1 month ago
Super Russian
Aka Zofa
'Aka Zofa' 1 month ago
I saw something yellow but he dropped
'Kidex' 1 month ago
Lol that guy
No Abortion
'No Abortion' 1 month ago
Oh come on, Americans love Taras!
'Grievousnz' 1 month ago
Now we sucked it in.... lol
1123581321 Genius
'1123581321 Genius' 2 months ago
Of course it's less than a gram😂
Just Blazed
'Just Blazed' 2 months ago
Is this the russian hacker
Q Brain
'Q Brain' 2 months ago
Your crazy Russian hacker!
PSy _CoMaNy
'PSy _CoMaNy' 2 months ago
Make part 2
nelson biederman IV
'nelson biederman IV' 2 months ago
there’s go nothing..
Matthew Niedbala
'Matthew Niedbala' 2 months ago
You’re too careful
Matthew Niedbala
'Matthew Niedbala' 2 months ago
Let me guess he’s found almost nothing
Nunez Productions
'Nunez Productions' 2 months ago
I'm with taras on this. I'm also learning
Rhenzo gonzales
'Rhenzo gonzales' 2 months ago
He never change his atitude
milind menon
'milind menon' 2 months ago
This has been taken from crazy Russian hacker.
'smith4518' 2 months ago
I saw 10 pices
Mesh Mallow
'Mesh Mallow' 2 months ago
Whoever critisizes is a faggit
Lillie Lujan
'Lillie Lujan' 2 months ago
Good job👍
Thurnis Haley
'Thurnis Haley' 2 months ago
max slav
rimy sheikh
'rimy sheikh' 2 months ago
its oky he is learnien 😅
Portia Est La Plus Bien
Good job😀You did great for a beginner😋😋😋😋I think you are even better than me😂😂😂😂😂
J Day
'J Day' 2 months ago
I'll stick to lottery tickets
Foggy 23
'Foggy 23' 2 months ago
more slav
Victoria Markova
'Victoria Markova' 2 months ago
Silly Soul Grimwoods
'Silly Soul Grimwoods' 2 months ago
He's so adorable~<3
Hector Cruz
'Hector Cruz' 2 months ago
I love you
'TheMangledTriangle' 2 months ago
I have some nuggets but they are green and $10 A piece
Brendon Rullamas
'Brendon Rullamas' 2 months ago
ya your still learning how to talk
Krazy Banana
'Krazy Banana' 2 months ago
You can say it’s a “dirtbag” pun level 100
Erik Ceballos
'Erik Ceballos' 2 months ago
Great job for your first time
muffin 8393
'muffin 8393' 2 months ago
I have some nuggets, chicken nuggets!
Lil J
'Lil J' 2 months ago
Nicholas George
'Nicholas George' 2 months ago
There was a Nugget righi there
Yupik Neko
'Yupik Neko' 2 months ago
Yay Alaska 😄
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 2 months ago
Taras is Kul
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