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Pay Dirt - Gold Panning -
Published: 3 months ago By: Taras Kul

By: Taras KulPublished: 3 months ago

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Kuchi Kopi
'Kuchi Kopi' 13 hours ago
Hes a fun mexican :)
'AKA AMIR' 14 hours ago
How much do you earn from YouTube man✌✌
John paulo Castañeda
He din't say boom
Clinton Holloway
'Clinton Holloway' 1 day ago
you are doing it rite
Duncan Dixon
'Duncan Dixon' 2 days ago
Congratulations, you just bought dirt off the internet!
Beat qualify
'Beat qualify' 2 days ago
Theres a reson for the smooth side u know
Xavier Webb
'Xavier Webb' 2 days ago
it was there
quit my chanel 1
'quit my chanel 1' 3 days ago
When your padling move it in a circel rotation
It’s ya boi Meme boi
Your supposed to shake it in a circular pattern
Mohith Mahadev
'Mohith Mahadev' 4 days ago
Chase Givelekian
'Chase Givelekian' 4 days ago
You did amazing
Dark Lord
'Dark Lord' 5 days ago
Were do you buy that
Big Homestyle82
'Big Homestyle82' 6 days ago
good video
suicide _doorz
'suicide _doorz' 6 days ago
"OK the moment of tooth"
Abrahem Dalalsha
'Abrahem Dalalsha' 6 days ago
This guy be the type of dude that's says boom when he farts
Bananaboy 5123
'Bananaboy 5123' 6 days ago
You should buy 50 of these and pan them
oh yagelnizzle
'oh yagelnizzle' 6 days ago
Safety is no longer a priority...
Derek Hall
'Derek Hall' 1 week ago
I love how excited he gets 😂😂❤️
Jesus Ramirez
'Jesus Ramirez' 1 week ago
'SneakerHead' 1 week ago
Add me on Snapchat Dreytpn_3223
Bum Dobe
'Bum Dobe' 1 week ago
that's cheating
pum hunter
'pum hunter' 1 week ago
i seen a big nug fall after he changed to the one with the ridges XD
Rapto saurusrex
'Rapto saurusrex' 1 week ago
Umer Shaikh
'Umer Shaikh' 1 week ago
You can use magnets for that process
dallas hughes
'dallas hughes' 1 week ago
Here's a tip do the water in a circlear motion
Mada Rashad
'Mada Rashad' 1 week ago
I have no patience.
Abubacker Arakkal
'Abubacker Arakkal' 1 week ago
Great job(7x)
Dee Chaffin
'Dee Chaffin' 1 week ago
Him:“It’s just a bag of dirt” Me:”meeeeee I’m a big of dirt”.
Loren Nunez
'Loren Nunez' 1 week ago
David Smith
'David Smith' 1 week ago
you're forgetting priority #1.
David Smith
'David Smith' 1 week ago
This is the equivalent of buying sports cards from vending machines. picked through recycled garbage!
Vexify & Scythe
'Vexify & Scythe' 1 week ago
*G O L D R U S H N U G G E T B U C K E T*
Erick Salazar
'Erick Salazar' 1 week ago
Dylan Pelletier
'Dylan Pelletier' 1 week ago
You should make part two!
savage madingo
'savage madingo' 1 week ago
Is this the same crazy Russian hacker guy ?????🤔🤔
Mandy Green
'Mandy Green' 1 week ago
I think your doing alright for your first time i couldnt do it but I always wanted to learn. Where can u find those green pans???
Andoni Nika
'Andoni Nika' 1 week ago
Adam Tracy
'Adam Tracy' 2 weeks ago
Doge Dogger
'Doge Dogger' 2 weeks ago
It da Russian hacker all hail Mother russia
eLmO K
'eLmO K' 2 weeks ago
ryan michael
'ryan michael' 2 weeks ago
Half a gram... HALF A MILLIGRAM
Kevin Smith
'Kevin Smith' 2 weeks ago
Boom 😂😍
Messi Welsh
'Messi Welsh' 2 weeks ago
I used to have depression and stress but your helped me through it everyday you are the best YouTuber ever like if you agree
Techno King
'Techno King' 2 weeks ago
Jacob Lindsey
'Jacob Lindsey' 2 weeks ago
He lost two really big ones
You just read My name
'Keloh101' 2 weeks ago
Ionas Finser
'Ionas Finser' 2 weeks ago
This video had me hooked from the second he said "dirt"
Tyler Something
'Tyler Something' 2 weeks ago
I watched a couple big chunks fall in the bucket. Or is it just me?
Drew Patt
'Drew Patt' 2 weeks ago
Blue Whale
'Blue Whale' 3 weeks ago
Is it me or Russian hacker looks like Vladimir lenin
spike 1O1 A9
'spike 1O1 A9' 3 weeks ago
I like his enthusiasm
Fidel Caballero
'Fidel Caballero' 3 weeks ago
cool video 👍👍 , post another one ✌,
Savage Steph
'Savage Steph' 3 weeks ago
'CR1S4C3' 3 weeks ago
John Yap
'John Yap' 3 weeks ago
Bro, you should check that flakes's surface under a microscope to check whether it's man made smooth or it's rough flakes. I just got a feeling it's smooth flakes which is man made. Anyway, great video!!
Random OG
'Random OG' 3 weeks ago
Put panning gadgets to test
Chante Wilkinson
'Chante Wilkinson' 3 weeks ago
You have the weirdest/coolest hobbies.
Silent Leader
'Silent Leader' 3 weeks ago
your accent is dense...intense dense
Hatem Kamel
'Hatem Kamel' 3 weeks ago
Is this the Russian hacker?!!??
Benjamin Schulz
'Benjamin Schulz' 3 weeks ago
Put the rest into a melting furnace and see what melted together
to know all
'to know all' 3 weeks ago
ur good
'Slendaguy' 3 weeks ago
You got to shake it in circular motion and really slowly
'hasancan' 3 weeks ago
boom there goes nothing
Eli Quackenbush
'Eli Quackenbush' 3 weeks ago
You are doing it right
wayne jackson
'wayne jackson' 3 weeks ago
This was very interesting can you possibly make an other video on this and you can also improve yourself!
Scratch The Wolf
'Scratch The Wolf' 3 weeks ago
I think it's better if you let the water scrape all of the top
Mr B
'Mr B' 3 weeks ago
Guys guys it's okay he's learning..
'Zadawn' 3 weeks ago
Sees a bunch of gravel and dirt " this is awesome" .
Rizers Wolf
'Rizers Wolf' 3 weeks ago
Hey *Taras* Thats so *Kul*!
Aedan Macdonald
'Aedan Macdonald' 3 weeks ago
"Big nuggets'"
'iCunt' 3 weeks ago
Now we will just keep repeating the "Progress"..
first Second
'first Second' 3 weeks ago
i got some good scales they go to 0.01 they have a bit of cocaine on them though
Gijs Haak
'Gijs Haak' 3 weeks ago
do more but then with way more dirt
Victor Holtan
'Victor Holtan' 3 weeks ago
Ur accent is hilarious xDDD
Matt Smith
'Matt Smith' 3 weeks ago
Hey are u learning
Matt Smith
'Matt Smith' 3 weeks ago
Is this ur first time
Toki Pai
'Toki Pai' 3 weeks ago
When you see the shark tank video for the bucket :P
Sean Darshn
'Sean Darshn' 4 weeks ago
he looks like crazy Russian hacker
derp herpson
'derp herpson' 4 weeks ago
Shaking it to fast
Nairym Productions
'Nairym Productions' 4 weeks ago
Stationary X
'Stationary X' 4 weeks ago
Dumbest product ive ever seen
nicolas Deoliveira
'nicolas Deoliveira' 4 weeks ago
'EM3rIC4_88' 4 weeks ago
kerdeem Joseph
'kerdeem Joseph' 4 weeks ago
So cool
max svenningsen
'max svenningsen' 4 weeks ago
Very nice my friend !
F Cruz
'F Cruz' 4 weeks ago
Crazy Russian Hacker!!!! Woohoo
'danocapilano' 4 weeks ago
Jakey YT
'Jakey YT' 4 weeks ago
Omfg I’m dieing 😂😂 how he says play dirt at the beginning
Calculator Man
'Calculator Man' 4 weeks ago
Taras you really did good for your first time :) you're an awesome guy.
Zach Chapman
'Zach Chapman' 4 weeks ago
отличное видео, брат жду с нетерпением следующего)))
Sam Manganelli
'Sam Manganelli' 4 weeks ago
You did good
Sam Manganelli
'Sam Manganelli' 4 weeks ago
You did good
Vern Bolin
'Vern Bolin' 4 weeks ago
good job
Luis Ruelas
'Luis Ruelas' 4 weeks ago
no big nugets nugets ober hear ! lol
wade alexander
'wade alexander' 4 weeks ago
You did good for starters
Squidward Tentacles
'Squidward Tentacles' 4 weeks ago
He's fast at learning things
'Beasty_Mena' 4 weeks ago
Who else remembers this product from shark tank?😅😂😂
Justin Torres
'Justin Torres' 4 weeks ago
Cool dude its so cool
Manny DeFelice
'Manny DeFelice' 4 weeks ago
Oh cool check this out it in a plastic bag
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