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Pay Dirt - Gold Panning -
Published: 1 month ago By: Taras Kul

By: Taras KulPublished: 1 month ago

1, 816, 817 views

34, 195 Likes   1, 629 Dislikes

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'MrFantasticCraftMCPE' 24 hours ago
I think they're called fragments?
Derp Duck
'Derp Duck' 1 day ago
BOOM!!!!! I love your videos
Leaha Dennis
'Leaha Dennis' 1 day ago
You should try dredging
Neetu Wadhwa
'Neetu Wadhwa' 3 days ago
34k likes and 1k dislikes......taras power....
uriel morales
'uriel morales' 3 days ago
That has to be todd Hoffman hahaha
Eman Grib
'Eman Grib' 3 days ago
nugget bucket
floyd may
'floyd may' 3 days ago
This guy my fav YouTube guy
jim salim
'jim salim' 4 days ago
get a life... find a job...
BloodwingRB gaming
Taras kul very good your good for a learner °•°•°• very good keep up the good work! ☺
Nick Lee
'Nick Lee' 5 days ago
He finna be even Richer
'OH MER GERD' 5 days ago
This guy reminds me of crazy Russian hacker
Crazy Anderboy
'Crazy Anderboy' 6 days ago
Cool man! Love this video so much! How about u guys?
Jawa Videos
'Jawa Videos' 1 week ago
u lost a big nugget
'WyattGamePlays' 1 week ago
im surprised... you lost a huge nugget when you were panning
Orlando Herrera
'Orlando Herrera' 1 week ago
Do you know the squatting slav?
Eric gomez
'Eric gomez' 1 week ago
Best 9mins and 31 sec of my life Idk why
Cian Pangan
'Cian Pangan' 1 week ago
look at this one thi one is a big one right there
Gina Yoon
'Gina Yoon' 1 week ago
David Aguirre
'David Aguirre' 1 week ago
Anna Hohne
'Anna Hohne' 1 week ago
I think you did well
Pop Arte Skins
'Pop Arte Skins' 1 week ago
1 gram = 40$
Nora Hanley
'Nora Hanley' 1 week ago
No one should criticize but if they know how to do it teach you! Your trying to LEARN! I love how excited you are, would love to do this with my kids what website did you find this on? You did a great job 👍
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He had a big nugget
Patchy Gaming
'Patchy Gaming' 2 weeks ago
lol you kinda make me think of bob ross
Blackhawk Vlogs
'Blackhawk Vlogs' 2 weeks ago
Isn’t he crazy Russian hacker
'PRIYANSH MEHTA' 2 weeks ago
Soon he will be opening a Jewellery Shop named Taras Jewellers :):)
DaT Boİ 013
'DaT Boİ 013' 2 weeks ago
I have a very easy solition for that use magnet
Beto Hernandez
'Beto Hernandez' 2 weeks ago
Do you call them flakes or lil naggets?
2 D
'2 D' 2 weeks ago
You just bought a pound of dirt
'iGoldexツ' 2 weeks ago
How much did that cost? Only paydirt
Ashutosh Sinha
'Ashutosh Sinha' 2 weeks ago
frank kuhn
'frank kuhn' 2 weeks ago
Sam & Lina
'Sam & Lina' 2 weeks ago
You use 2 hands and go in a circle motion
RIKC137 Benzadrine
'RIKC137 Benzadrine' 2 weeks ago
Cool video bro
Pickle Boy
'Pickle Boy' 2 weeks ago
I was gonna criticize his way of doing it but the way he said we were gonna criticize him made me feel sad (idk how to spell criticize, nvm I spelled it right so there is no reason for me to be writing all of this)
Jim H
'Jim H' 2 weeks ago
Good Job Taras
Lori Stevens
'Lori Stevens' 2 weeks ago
Very cool. I lived in a town near Coloma California where sutters mill is roughly located. Look it up. I use to spend some time panning in the hills but never found anything, none the less it was fun. Makes your back hurt though lol. Good luck Taras.
Game Dan Vlog W
'Game Dan Vlog W' 2 weeks ago
Taras you did a good job😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
sammy matthew
'sammy matthew' 2 weeks ago
Kuuuul man
Luis Lorenzo
'Luis Lorenzo' 2 weeks ago
use mercury dude
Joshua Kane
'Joshua Kane' 2 weeks ago
Is he wearing lipstick
'CJ' 2 weeks ago
Dude did you really just buy dirt
William Werner
'William Werner' 2 weeks ago
that was super cool !!!
Caleb Lowery
'Caleb Lowery' 2 weeks ago
Y would we criticize you. you're awesome
he died
'he died' 2 weeks ago
Crazy ruassian hacker
Poppies Blob
'Poppies Blob' 2 weeks ago
Bring back this series
Joseph France
'Joseph France' 2 weeks ago
Love his accent
Face Obstacle
'Face Obstacle' 3 weeks ago
Crazy russian hacker
Rjryan Gaming
'Rjryan Gaming' 3 weeks ago
Is this his second cannel
'Rapscallion' 3 weeks ago
"How ya'll doing?".... He has arrived.
king of aquariums 007
How much does it cost
'DogePuppy' 3 weeks ago
I love you so much Taras <3
Danny O
'Danny O' 3 weeks ago
Awesome man... Good Video thanks
Ansha Abdul
'Ansha Abdul' 3 weeks ago
В Америке уже и породу продают для старателей, пиздец0)
'M412_ExoTic435' 3 weeks ago
So satisfied it made me sleepy
Chi_ Nation
'Chi_ Nation' 3 weeks ago
Why is the ad a durex ad ?😂
'MrDestroyer15' 3 weeks ago
Hey Tara I love ur crazy Russian hacker vids!
Golden Warrior
'Golden Warrior' 3 weeks ago
Your getting better
Samuel Simons
'Samuel Simons' 3 weeks ago
moment of tooth
'I'll DROP U TF OFF' 3 weeks ago
*he's learning*
The StreetKing
'The StreetKing' 3 weeks ago
Nugget noggin wannabe
KureenoKC !
'KureenoKC !' 3 weeks ago
Fav yter
Bill G
'Bill G' 3 weeks ago
Cool that you got some success at the very first attempt.
Sheryl Liu
'Sheryl Liu' 3 weeks ago
Iᔕ ᕼE ᖴᖇOᗰ ᖇᑌᔕᔕIᗩᑎ ᕼᗩᑕKEᖇ?
Zidane Khan
'Zidane Khan' 3 weeks ago
Boom 😂😂😂
Gaiden Kal
'Gaiden Kal' 3 weeks ago
Let's see what it's all about
Each1_Teach1 Fuego
'Each1_Teach1 Fuego' 3 weeks ago
Yo shakin it to hard
Team Players
'Team Players' 3 weeks ago
you need to shake it inside so it's more clear but it's ok your learning
Lock Nes
'Lock Nes' 3 weeks ago
Never minde
Dizz Eddie
'Dizz Eddie' 3 weeks ago
He dropped a big nugget of gold😱😭😭
'Keira' 3 weeks ago
Love you vids sooooo much
'Im_Coleyy' 3 weeks ago
Good job keep it up
Jose Edster Lajarca
'Jose Edster Lajarca' 3 weeks ago
You shake it too much And spin it Use two hands
PHOOL Kanwar
'PHOOL Kanwar' 3 weeks ago
The man in videos is Russian hacker
Simonf 45
'Simonf 45' 3 weeks ago
"Yep, its just dirt" 😂😂
philup paul
'philup paul' 3 weeks ago
Put a magnet in the black sand
Jason Addison
'Jason Addison' 3 weeks ago
Practice makes perfect
Adonia Anbar
'Adonia Anbar' 3 weeks ago
He stuffed up
'TheInsaneToadGuy' 3 weeks ago
18 dollars for a bag of freaking dirt. Where does it end with you people...
timothy alexander
'timothy alexander' 3 weeks ago
Waste of 5 bucks
Anthony Benitez
'Anthony Benitez' 3 weeks ago
He’s learning slowly
Crepperthebest 10000
Crepperthebest 10000
Alex Eastman
'Alex Eastman' 3 weeks ago
Love this video would like to see more like it👍💯
Master joe Tv
'Master joe Tv' 3 weeks ago
I saw big chunk fall out
Akshit Jain
'Akshit Jain' 4 weeks ago
Hes gonna make sure he gets aaaall of it..
'AmberJocke25' 4 weeks ago
Trata boom now you won 10 billion!!
Junigamingroblox Roblox
Nice video👍👍👍
Patty F
'Patty F' 4 weeks ago
He's so precious
'Vengeance' 4 weeks ago
How could we critisize you your the best
'SweetGirlyGirl' 4 weeks ago
You did amazing!!
Ben Mags
'Ben Mags' 4 weeks ago
Gets stabbed - “It’s okay, I’m lioorning”
Sultan Mossaddik
'Sultan Mossaddik' 4 weeks ago
Semira Nikocevic
'Semira Nikocevic' 4 weeks ago
Yea hes learning
Savage Stewie Griffin
i never did that before so i think he doing it right
ghadeer hassan
'ghadeer hassan' 4 weeks ago
Lilian Michel
'Lilian Michel' 4 weeks ago
kittykat Goode
'kittykat Goode' 4 weeks ago
Cool video. Very interesting and informative. Thanks for sharing.
Kerwyn Underwood
'Kerwyn Underwood' 4 weeks ago
Hi CrazyRusainHacker
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