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Stackable Potato Chips | How It's Made -
Published: 10 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 10 months ago

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The average person eats about 6 pounds of potato chips a year. The first ever potato chip flavor was salt and vinegar.

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'VVP ART' 6 days ago
Ya boy fetus
'Ya boy fetus' 1 week ago
who the fuck calls them stackable chips?!
Lilyca :3
'Lilyca :3' 2 weeks ago
The people who checked the chips have a really hard jobs, if I wad them I would've eaten all of the chips and get fired on my second day XD
I Like Cats Meow
'I Like Cats Meow' 3 weeks ago
good thing they don't put air inside them
'NintendoPlushWorld' 3 weeks ago
'XIV' 3 weeks ago
*chip flix*
What if I fry a entire potato sheet?
Crazy pie
'Crazy pie' 1 month ago
watching while eating pringles
Eoghann Millard
'Eoghann Millard' 1 month ago
The recipe is so good that I've just converted to Crispyanity.
rolle789 gt
'rolle789 gt' 1 month ago
Cool :O
Weeny Bois
'Weeny Bois' 1 month ago
Aleks v
'Aleks v' 1 month ago
plz why not 60 fps
꧁Mery Baap꧂
'꧁Mery Baap꧂' 1 month ago
howmuch for this machine?
Donbu Ho
'Donbu Ho' 2 months ago
Watching this as i eat Pringles :P
'Angel's Here' 2 months ago
So basically a rip off brand of pringles
Edgar Bikermas
'Edgar Bikermas' 2 months ago
Fucking Chip.
John Doe
'John Doe' 2 months ago
one real 70 show fans well know what im saying. someone need to show this to celso
OG Trap
'OG Trap' 2 months ago
''1/3 water and 2/3 potato flakes'' more like 1/3 water and 2/3 cancer''
Waleed Qader
'Waleed Qader' 2 months ago
They're not Pringles or Stag. They're Chip Flix you fucking idiots.
Moqadas Nazari
'Moqadas Nazari' 2 months ago
How did I get here
Sarah Fox
'Sarah Fox' 2 months ago
I want to eat that potato sheet
'Minimeister317' 2 months ago
music was like something from a horror movie...
Ζωή Λιοσάτου
pure cancer!!
James Spidey Esquivel
Like some mashed tatters
'MJGodOfMusic1958' 3 months ago
I found it funny at the end of the video that they showed different brands of chips and Pringles didn't show up.😅
GAMING Squadron
'GAMING Squadron' 3 months ago
who's watching this while eating chips
'kittyminor' 3 months ago
I'm eating pringles right now😂
'TheTruthQuest123' 3 months ago
Victor Augusto Ventura Fonseca
e eu achando q eram somente batatas cortadas..
Drew Zaio
'Drew Zaio' 4 months ago
I'm pretty sure this is the music they play in hell.
'Chai.' 4 months ago
If I worked at the part where people check the pringles i would just eat them
Rainbow Unicorn
'Rainbow Unicorn' 4 months ago
That's not true... in the ingredients on a pringles packet there isn't even water
Karar AI_Moussawi
'Karar AI_Moussawi' 5 months ago
Wow... this is amazing😇
Ronald Avila
'Ronald Avila' 5 months ago
Dale Gribble
'Dale Gribble' 5 months ago
Methylisothiazolinone is literally brainwash just like potato chips are thought control, Octavio worked in a mexican chip factory with el chapo. Its a giant conspiracy.
bas hendriks
'bas hendriks' 5 months ago
wait.... so they are not made of potato's?
LucyNator Chan
'LucyNator Chan' 6 months ago
'ExMedal' 6 months ago
No wonder that have that glue aftertaste
'stereomike111' 6 months ago
can you sell me potato sheet
'LunaLights' 6 months ago
How It's Made, Potato Flakes.
Mel Meli
'Mel Meli' 7 months ago
They might not be 'real' potato chips but they are real unique
'AYCGOG' 7 months ago
If i was working there i would eat them!
Dayne Rogers
'Dayne Rogers' 7 months ago
Shit I could go for some Pringles
blendikm :
'blendikm :' 7 months ago
watching this video while eating chips
Dylan Hecht
'Dylan Hecht' 8 months ago
What the-????? Th-th-th-they dont grow in c-c-c-computers????!!😭😭😭😭
'ALKILLER_ 23' 8 months ago
I remember when I was little I use to think "Wow people would take there time to make these chips without machines just hand made" but once I got older I know how they really make it
Krizia Antalan
'Krizia Antalan' 8 months ago
'Animalkisser' 8 months ago
abdul shair
'abdul shair' 8 months ago
peoplw praise technology so much makes me sock. back in days people thought technology would do our job and we would g chill but fuck no.. we are ever more killing each other % no respect for one another and families falling apart and suicide rate are fucking high and you name it these chips have no nutritious value and instead full of diabetic and cancer even pepsi admit chemical that caise cancer fuck technologies use ur brain and man get the hell back in kitchen if woman aint listening mother fucker peace
Aless Klarovsky
'Aless Klarovsky' 9 months ago
Deadpool Is Here
'Deadpool Is Here' 9 months ago
Stop saying stackable chips and just call them Pringles
Tyler Durden
'Tyler Durden' 9 months ago
are those workers allowed to eat from the production line?
Joseph Pereida
'Joseph Pereida' 9 months ago
The song is mad distracting
'Midnightas' 9 months ago
The music makes me high
VT Zdorovetskiy
'VT Zdorovetskiy' 9 months ago
finnaly found out how these airless potato chips are made
'alphavideochannel' 9 months ago
I want to know how 'How it's made' is made ! :)
CatSnack 13456
'CatSnack 13456' 9 months ago
the worker takes chips to eat them later
Umais Siraj
'Umais Siraj' 9 months ago
going through all those machinery is it still uncontaminated?? hygienic?
'ziljin' 10 months ago
The music is mesmerizing.
Golden Master
'Golden Master' 10 months ago
this is good
saber ki baatea
'saber ki baatea' 10 months ago
'DeliciousPoison' 10 months ago
I vote they start putting seasoning on both sides!
Gu GamerNoob
'Gu GamerNoob' 10 months ago
Very Cool! :D
'Bruno' 10 months ago
3° '-'
Gia Isabel Pak
'Gia Isabel Pak' 10 months ago
If I worked there, I'd probably be picking up a chip or two nomnomnom
αurα вírdч
'αurα вírdч' 10 months ago
But what about all the other ingredients that you never hear on this wtf?
Mega Money
'Mega Money' 10 months ago
Вот вам и натуральный картофель))
Kandi Klover
'Kandi Klover' 10 months ago
Pringles taste crappy. Real potatoe chip is better.
Aris Sifakis
'Aris Sifakis' 10 months ago
guys the greek chips are made with real potato
snocone 42
'snocone 42' 10 months ago
I didn't know chips could do backflips. Do they also perform parkour?
davefrom jupiter
'davefrom jupiter' 10 months ago
there crisps not chips
'TheMusketITuckedIt' 10 months ago
Ayee lemme get that long potato sheet.
Cloud Colonel
'Cloud Colonel' 10 months ago
Those aren't pringles, they're Chip Flix!
Taylor Andreasen
'Taylor Andreasen' 10 months ago
These videos are so fucking addictive
'oLuJa' 10 months ago
I ate the one at 1:01
Stephan Wessels
'Stephan Wessels' 10 months ago
This is not how Pringles are packaged.
Anna S.
'Anna S.' 10 months ago
my favorite is salt and vinegar.
Ominous - Productions and films
"One long Potato sheet"
Lonezewolf Gaming
'Lonezewolf Gaming' 10 months ago
Old ass video......
Call Me Lunar
'Call Me Lunar' 10 months ago
Ya totally not a ripoff of Pringles 😂
'slhines7' 10 months ago
Thanks, for I always wondered how Pringles were actually made.
Beyond. SkyLimits
'Beyond. SkyLimits' 10 months ago
No matter how an item is made. It always goes through several sophisticated machineries. The beauty of technology.
xoxo, Arm
'xoxo, Arm' 10 months ago
uncut chips ;)
「Akim Lai-Fang」
'「Akim Lai-Fang」' 10 months ago
Wow...Pringles are a lie
Joseph S.
'Joseph S.' 10 months ago
Simone eli
'Simone eli' 10 months ago
lays stax or Pringles?
'Vestro' 10 months ago
Bootleg pringles
WickedBallerSklz 2016
'WickedBallerSklz 2016' 10 months ago
I love how its made
Marcin Grochal
'Marcin Grochal' 10 months ago
Aren't they pringles
'Xyooon' 10 months ago
short but informative
'densek510' 10 months ago
some chips considered more backery by volume of flour than potatoe products ))
Jackal In Hide
'Jackal In Hide' 10 months ago
Less than 20 minutes to polish them off? I see they gather statistics from the average tigglypuff.
'FSXgta' 10 months ago
Not real potato chips tough
Martin Pantoja
'Martin Pantoja' 10 months ago
I would eat them if I work there
Joe Mills
'Joe Mills' 10 months ago
Booze is better than potato chips.
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