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Stackable Potato Chips | How It's Made -
Published: 1 year ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 1 year ago

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The average person eats about 6 pounds of potato chips a year. The first ever potato chip flavor was salt and vinegar.

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Lyle Folsom
'Lyle Folsom' 2 days ago
QueenDragonLover Ortiz
Today we call them Pringles
Rahul Qureshi
'Rahul Qureshi' 1 week ago
I love chips
Mark Isaiah
'Mark Isaiah' 2 weeks ago
This video is a lie. Not just potato flakes and cornstarch. There are a ton of ingredients in them that are extremely unhealthy... this video features them... it is at the end (#1)
Rasmus Ek
'Rasmus Ek' 2 weeks ago
Real potato chips should be slices of actual potato
*Georgia Gale*
'*Georgia Gale*' 2 weeks ago
'Alientubetv' 2 weeks ago
Today on how it's made I remember that from when I was like 5
Fruity Bubbles
'Fruity Bubbles' 3 weeks ago
I got a pringles ad at the beginning of the video...
tazelynx gaming
'tazelynx gaming' 3 weeks ago
No more pringels for my🤢🤮
'J W' 4 weeks ago
Who else is baked and eating pringles
The Masochisto
'The Masochisto' 4 weeks ago
Who is the 888,888th viewer?!
Alessa Dolan
'Alessa Dolan' 4 weeks ago
where did u find the background music? lmao💀💀
'Stormcrow' 1 month ago
Once you pop, you can't stop
Pete 66
'Pete 66' 1 month ago
Im hungry
'Littleathquakes' 1 month ago
these look like they're better than Pringles. They're thicker. You might actually eat a few and feel like you ate something.
'farhenheit628of1200' 1 month ago
I be munching all day if i worked there.
Eoghan Shanley
'Eoghan Shanley' 1 month ago
Would've been better with sandstorm
'Waffleu' 2 months ago
If they find any broken chips before backing do they throw them away or just eat them?
'HardlineAthiest' 2 months ago
Potato Gaming
'Potato Gaming' 2 months ago
I would probbably get fired in first week You can already guess why xD
The Raging Homeless man
Look knock off pringels
Best Tuberz
'Best Tuberz' 2 months ago
Eating Pringles rn
Caleb Loh
'Caleb Loh' 2 months ago
If only they had Pringles.
Theresa Hope
'Theresa Hope' 2 months ago
I am eating Pringles rn
Cyndi Merrifield
'Cyndi Merrifield' 2 months ago
I'd be sooo FAT if I worked at that factory. YUMMY
Jelena Loves
'Jelena Loves' 3 months ago
Watching this while Eating pringles
Weird al uil
'Weird al uil' 3 months ago
I'm famous too 2017 Please like Thanks!
Oversalted Sweet Potato
I’m eating pringles right now. Anyone else?
Charlie Bowley
'Charlie Bowley' 3 months ago
Still gunna eat these fuckers
erin lowe
'erin lowe' 3 months ago
a real beauty of a video. best watched while listening to the song "Bible for Dogs - North"
Lukas Joubert
'Lukas Joubert' 3 months ago
I always thought they took the right size potato and cut only the right size out to make Pringles, this just blows my mind
Vangie Reyes
'Vangie Reyes' 3 months ago
Akash P
'Akash P' 3 months ago
How it's made sex
Kustuwa *
'Kustuwa *' 3 months ago
BOSS Angelo
'BOSS Angelo' 4 months ago
That’s why my Pringles only have flavor on one side
Michael Giblock
'Michael Giblock' 4 months ago
this song is so weird
PP Taffynator
'PP Taffynator' 4 months ago
Justin Angelo Alvarez
If i was that worker...I would just eat those bad chips. They're bad in appearance, not in taste probably...
A.J. Deutsch
'A.J. Deutsch' 4 months ago
I never even heard of that company.
Alphatata Z
'Alphatata Z' 4 months ago
Then one of the works ate a whole line of chips
'Torbenbroby' 4 months ago
They can't even use the word potatoe. That says more than this video.
Itz_yadira wow
'Itz_yadira wow' 4 months ago
You want to know something sad People are getting replaced by computers are you KIDDING
'LSX KING' 5 months ago
lol, there not Evan Pringles
XxX Swag Dab Xx X
'XxX Swag Dab Xx X' 5 months ago
Sour cream and onion
'XX CAMMILE XX' 5 months ago
Why did that guy throw dat chip? Id rather eat it food :3
Grafflifelinkone linkos
1:30.. I'd better just take this one for "quality control purposes"
kalen ko
'kalen ko' 5 months ago
If I was working in the stacking chip area I'll be eating 1 every 20 chips
Aeriela Jemison
'Aeriela Jemison' 5 months ago
i dont care they tasste sooooooo goood
James TheGamer
'James TheGamer' 5 months ago
Ridha Putri
'Ridha Putri' 6 months ago
Aku nonton ini sambil makan kripik nya. Tp ini bukan pringles yaa Wkwk from Indonesia wk
Hazar Ziad
'Hazar Ziad' 6 months ago
Since when did chips had mothers to feed them
Barry Bee Benson
'Barry Bee Benson' 6 months ago
I can't do a backflip YET A POTATO CHIP CAN?
Carmen Burcescu
'Carmen Burcescu' 6 months ago
Why do I always end up in the food section of How it's made? Am I the only one?
'ConnorHonor' 6 months ago
"Stackable Potato Chips"
Saranya M
'Saranya M' 6 months ago
when do they rub the fleeb juice on it?
'RapidPhantom' 6 months ago
انا من بنغازي ليبيا امي سفيان ومحمد❤💙💙💌💙💗💝🍧🎂🍪🍦🍭🍫🍬🍢🍯🍲🍓🍒🍇🍉🍓🍎🍏🍈🍊🍌🍐🍋🍍
amr alshura
'amr alshura' 7 months ago
I'm so hungry 😭😭
Akkk Ttg
'Akkk Ttg' 7 months ago
MyneOne Video Channel
Tons is not a pressure unit
Marc Nieswand
'Marc Nieswand' 7 months ago
Pringles are very overpriced
BadRukle Saber
'BadRukle Saber' 7 months ago
Watching this while eating Pringles
Riolu Trainer
'Riolu Trainer' 8 months ago
"Pringles The acrobatic"
Riolu Trainer
'Riolu Trainer' 8 months ago
Jr. Jackrabbit
'Jr. Jackrabbit' 8 months ago
Why does How its made always choose the weird offbrand version of the product
'Iron234' 8 months ago
Whoah I want a potato chip sheet like in the beggining (But complete and not cut)
'MintyMiku' 8 months ago
that's why I buy bagged chips, it's tastier
Mystery Girl12
'Mystery Girl12' 8 months ago
When your eating Pringles so you decided to look up how to make Pringles
'VIAN TUBE' 8 months ago
'furiousnigga69' 8 months ago
who the fuck calls them stackable chips?!
Lilyca :3
'Lilyca :3' 8 months ago
The people who checked the chips have a really hard jobs, if I wad them I would've eaten all of the chips and get fired on my second day XD
I Like Cats Meow
'I Like Cats Meow' 8 months ago
good thing they don't put air inside them
'NintendoPlushWorld' 9 months ago
'XIV' 9 months ago
*chip flix*
What if I fry a entire potato sheet?
KAME ZANE !!!!!!!!!
'KAME ZANE !!!!!!!!!' 9 months ago
watching while eating pringles
Eoghann Millard
'Eoghann Millard' 9 months ago
The recipe is so good that I've just converted to Crispyanity.
'MAKKARA POIKA HK' 9 months ago
Cool :O
Weeny Bois
'Weeny Bois' 9 months ago
Aleks v
'Aleks v' 9 months ago
plz why not 60 fps
'꧁꧂' 9 months ago
howmuch for this machine?
Donbu Ho
'Donbu Ho' 9 months ago
Watching this as i eat Pringles :P
AngelSky RBLX
'AngelSky RBLX' 10 months ago
So basically a rip off brand of pringles
Edgar Bikermas
'Edgar Bikermas' 10 months ago
Fucking Chip.
Waleed Qader
'Waleed Qader' 10 months ago
They're not Pringles or Stag. They're Chip Flix you fucking idiots.
Moqadas Nazari
'Moqadas Nazari' 10 months ago
How did I get here
Sarah Fox
'Sarah Fox' 10 months ago
I want to eat that potato sheet
'Minimeister317' 10 months ago
music was like something from a horror movie...
Ζωή Λιοσάτου
pure cancer!!
James Spidey Esquivel
'James Spidey Esquivel' 10 months ago
Like some mashed tatters
'MJGodOfMusic1958' 11 months ago
I found it funny at the end of the video that they showed different brands of chips and Pringles didn't show up.😅
NY Red Bulls fan2007
'NY Red Bulls fan2007' 11 months ago
who's watching this while eating chips
'Xia.albright' 11 months ago
I'm eating pringles right now😂
'TheTruthQuest123' 11 months ago
Victor Augusto Ventura Fonseca
e eu achando q eram somente batatas cortadas..
Drew Zaio
'Drew Zaio' 12 months ago
I'm pretty sure this is the music they play in hell.
Candle Gender
'Candle Gender' 12 months ago
If I worked at the part where people check the pringles i would just eat them
'Jieyi' 1 year ago
That's not true... in the ingredients on a pringles packet there isn't even water
Karar AI_Moussawi
'Karar AI_Moussawi' 1 year ago
Wow... this is amazing😇
Ronald Avila
'Ronald Avila' 1 year ago
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