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What Was The US Government Secretly Doing In The Chesapeake Bay? -
Published: 4 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 4 months ago

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What on Earth? | Tuesdays 9p
Experts question the purpose of an artificially created island constructed by the military.
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'j35bump' 1 month ago
'j35bump' 1 month ago
the problem with this segment is that none of their speculation has anything to do with Poplar Island which is the focus of the Segment. The Army Corp of Engineers in conjunction with the MD Dept of Natural Resources began a reclamation effort of Poplar Island which was nearly eroded away by storms and the natural currents in the bay. They utilized the dredge spoils dug up to keep Baltimore Harbor open to shipping and filled in the land mass of the island. it's quite evident from this episode that you really didn't do a whole lot of research on this. wikipedia has more factual information than your cobbled up glob of speculation
'WatchingDude' 2 months ago
Lisha Qiu
'Lisha Qiu' 2 months ago
Japanese made unbelievably brutal experiments on Chinese people during World War 2 but they don't admit the history
le berger des photons
why do these women seem to be unaware that this sort of thing has never stopped?
runming Wang
'runming Wang' 2 months ago
Revic .44
'Revic .44' 3 months ago
Never trust the government. They are evil.
Common Sense
'Common Sense' 3 months ago
Did you miss that part missy they volunteered for extra pay...
'Traxhy' 3 months ago
Bish i live in md
Mr. Freen
'Mr. Freen' 4 months ago
What makes you think they ever stopped?
'JustAMessenger' 4 months ago
Well, according to the thumbnail, they were all being Elephants. Secretly.
breanna bread
'breanna bread' 4 months ago
i live on the chesapeake!! ima go there and get #shot !! hell yeah
Raymond 12
'Raymond 12' 4 months ago
Anyone here in Virginia?
'MINECRAFTER GUY' 4 months ago
Intresting documents thx
'BlackoutZX' 4 months ago
this is so overly dramatic
'Septicnightmare' 4 months ago
The US military is actually developing that “super human” chemical in Area 51. Yeah not so much of a secret now.
Not Equal
'Not Equal' 4 months ago
vol·un·teer ˌvälənˈtir/ noun: volunteer; plural noun: volunteers 1. a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task.
T Lab
'T Lab' 4 months ago
just wanted to let you know new mythbusters suck potatoes asses ....without adam and jaimee your show blows
'runforitman' 4 months ago
Also the drug you guys are talking about at the end is called Meth lmao
'runforitman' 4 months ago
An LSD bomb sounds pretty cool
'anameaboveallothers' 4 months ago
and you actually believe that they STOPPED experimenting on soldiers??? HA HA HA
'R0DSTER' 4 months ago
funny how they keep highlighting "experimenting on their own soldiers", as if it'd be any better if it was foreign troops/subjects
'Zicodia' 4 months ago
This video is now property of ERNIE GANG
michael vito paa
'michael vito paa' 4 months ago
I guess the u.s. government never heard of meth, won’t feel anything for days
'OverUnity7734' 4 months ago
Just like experimental aggression drugs they gave us in 1991 and told us they were booster shots. That is where Gulf War Syndrome came from. They still have not confessed to it.
'megaman60' 4 months ago
Um I guess I did more research then them because it is a wildlife sanctuary you can even get a tour if you want just look up poplar island also you will probably be greeted by birds thoug
Toxic Pop Gaming
'Toxic Pop Gaming' 4 months ago
Fairy Frequency
'Fairy Frequency' 4 months ago
Like #75 from the Fairy Frequency channel! Wishing you a beautiful evening x) 🦋
Roblox Gamer
'Roblox Gamer' 4 months ago
Veeeery nice
'131kimber' 4 months ago
2017: They arer still using soldiers AND sailors as Human Experiments - all of them. Involves Neural Command and Control to achieve objectives. Doesn't mean they ask for permission either. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard. Neural Warfare - control over a human being's body - physical movements, agility, actions. Control over a Human's brain for senses, thought processes, taste, hearing, smell, sight, memories real and synthetic. Using a person's Biometric Information for Surveillance, Tracking and Targeting like Human GPS. Research Army's the mind is the Next Battle Field' and the Mind has No Firewall. Soldiers and Sailors have never had it so bad since the inception of that new weapons system being used on them. Truth is a hide and deny game while they become expendable at a whole new level.
'theylied1776' 4 months ago
What about the early days of the Manhattan Project in Oak Ridge, Tennessee? To examine the effects of uranium exposure to radiation they would use the elderly and mental patients in state-run institutions and feed them uranium and expose them to extreme levels of radiation.
Michael Jacobs
'Michael Jacobs' 4 months ago
No offense i love your channel BUT C"MON NOW we all know you ARE the GOVERMENT .....
Raihan Islam
'Raihan Islam' 4 months ago
I thought it said cheapskate
mike maceda
'mike maceda' 4 months ago
Thought it spelled 'Cheapskate' 😆
'R B' 4 months ago
2nd viewer and 1 million and 1 subscriber....
Banana man811
'Banana man811' 4 months ago
Kwon Lok Young
'Kwon Lok Young' 4 months ago
TOP COMMENT. If you want to watch free online you can with Science app go or go on the science channel website
Tommy- Delacruz
'Tommy- Delacruz' 4 months ago
'Nate9402' 4 months ago
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