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Venomous Snake Devours a Python Whole in This Rare Video | National Geographic -
Published: 1 year ago By: National Geographic

By: National GeographicPublished: 1 year ago

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A snake eating another snake is not a common sight. While eastern brown snakes such as the one seen in this video have been known to eat smaller snakes, it's rare to see one attempt to swallow something as big as this carpet python.
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Filmed by Sally and Norm Hill from N&S Snake Catchers, the footage captures the eastern brown meticulously devouring a python on a family's back patio. The snake was given three hours to eat before being relocated away from people, where it slithered off unharmed after its filling meal

Venomous Snake Devours a Python Whole in This Rare Video | National Geographic

National Geographic

Neetu Nisjad
'Neetu Nisjad' 16 hours ago
Jag a loan can
'jemmassssssss' 1 day ago
Snakes are so disgusting and im scared of em
Thick Widz
'Thick Widz' 2 days ago
Nature! You scary!
D Jackson
'D Jackson' 3 days ago
Id kill em both on the spot.
five star animals
'five star animals' 4 days ago
Deja Voodoo
'Deja Voodoo' 4 days ago
This is why I live where it snows in April
Eric Turner
'Eric Turner' 1 week ago
Thats my ex, shes on the rebound
Durba Roy Ghatak
'Durba Roy Ghatak' 1 week ago
OMG .. Survival of the fittest
Andrew Smith
'Andrew Smith' 2 weeks ago
world best deep ________ ever
james fry
'james fry' 2 weeks ago
hmm maybe this how the infinity symbol was created
Mas Joko Channel
'Mas Joko Channel' 2 weeks ago
jeruk makan jeruk
Ashok Das
'Ashok Das' 2 weeks ago
Ashok Das
'Ashok Das' 2 weeks ago
sdb insect hunter
'sdb insect hunter' 2 weeks ago
owh😱😱😱 no!
Christus RTD
'Christus RTD' 2 weeks ago
Nat geo intentionally placing snakes for video purpooses
'小冉' 2 weeks ago
shah hayde
'shah hayde' 2 weeks ago
super deepthroating skills
Bagirsaq Tv
'Bagirsaq Tv' 3 weeks ago
Israel Moreno
'Israel Moreno' 3 weeks ago
I seen this snake on pornhub.
Blue chicken
'Blue chicken' 3 weeks ago
Here, we see a nope along with a big nope
Сулаймон Садыков
simon fawcett
'simon fawcett' 3 weeks ago
Could have let it finish for the sake of the video at least. The title doesn't match the actual video does it
sweeety rac girl
'sweeety rac girl' 4 weeks ago
This python is a baby
'Jazz' 4 weeks ago
What r u waiting for. go kill it
Hazazi zie
'Hazazi zie' 4 weeks ago
I would grab an axe and cut off that Eastern Brown Snake Head immediately!
Voojel Suvam
'Voojel Suvam' 4 weeks ago
So scary than conjuring
Alex Marcika
'Alex Marcika' 4 weeks ago
Ez egy fasz hűség geci
Paban Barma
'Paban Barma' 1 month ago
Genesis Real info Report.
All snakes should be killed.
Tushar Jadhav
'Tushar Jadhav' 1 month ago
Dig Bick
'Dig Bick' 1 month ago
I never knew Browns were cannibals.
B vinod Vinod
'B vinod Vinod' 1 month ago
aids lizard
'aids lizard' 1 month ago
Azania Kagiso
'Azania Kagiso' 1 month ago
Wow that's cool
ferez kenya
'ferez kenya' 1 month ago
yah men
Nikki Echiv Manh
'Nikki Echiv Manh' 1 month ago
cannibalism 😵
Paul Sinnott
'Paul Sinnott' 2 months ago
Ide be more worried about a deadly snake
carol mckeowen
'carol mckeowen' 2 months ago
Thats a huge brown .are you sure ots not a western brown .mulga snake
Neel Kamal Singh
'Neel Kamal Singh' 2 months ago
'Lancaster50' 2 months ago
Dreadful Music - what were you thinking ?
'MIFTA HUDA' 2 months ago
Ajit Kumar
'Ajit Kumar' 2 months ago
Sujit Singh
'Sujit Singh' 2 months ago
Sujit Singh
'Sujit Singh' 2 months ago
way phyo
'way phyo' 2 months ago
[No Username]
'[No Username]' 2 months ago
I am sickened to know that someone out in the world has a fetish for this.
Wajid Ali
'Wajid Ali' 2 months ago
A hi hqkdq
عمار بيساناىو
المعلم في هذه المنطقة الغربية
Georgina Owusu
'Georgina Owusu' 2 months ago
Young dabo
Georgina Owusu
'Georgina Owusu' 2 months ago
Young dabo
Aroura Curlz
'Aroura Curlz' 2 months ago
Rita Macnair
'Rita Macnair' 2 months ago
Wats the fucture
'Broad TV ONLINE' 2 months ago
very interesting to watch
'ASHOK KUMAR' 2 months ago
Mat Broomfield
'Mat Broomfield' 2 months ago
It ate the entire snake... Only we couldn't be bothered to film that bit. You know, the most interesting bit. Sure NG, sure.
Narendra Bagoriya
'Narendra Bagoriya' 2 months ago
नरेंद्र जी
Kahsok Kahsor
'Kahsok Kahsor' 2 months ago
Ashok Kumar
'Ashok Kumar' 2 months ago
Satendra Paswan
'Satendra Paswan' 2 months ago
Mahesh Mass
'Mahesh Mass' 2 months ago
'KSHATRIYA' 2 months ago
all I thought was the snakes were huge.
Alex teixeira lima
'Alex teixeira lima' 2 months ago
Devorando uma cobra morta... Grande coisa.
Temesgen Teweldemed
'Temesgen Teweldemed' 2 months ago
no no no This is Bad
Manoochehr Ghanbari
'Manoochehr Ghanbari' 2 months ago
Bablu Sada
'Bablu Sada' 2 months ago
Piyush Singh
'Piyush Singh' 3 months ago
denger scene
Marinos Kokosalis
'Marinos Kokosalis' 3 months ago
Μαρινοσ το οποίο ωμορφο
Ajju Bhai
'Ajju Bhai' 3 months ago
rajesh mahor
'rajesh mahor' 3 months ago
Rajesh mahor
Sanju Sanjugupta
'Sanju Sanjugupta' 3 months ago
Pranesh Roxx
'Pranesh Roxx' 3 months ago
Nice pic
Sandeep kumar1987
'Sandeep kumar1987' 3 months ago
Sandeep kumar
Lalit Singh
'Lalit Singh' 3 months ago
Bulu Biswal
'Bulu Biswal' 3 months ago
Ramcharan Katakwar
'Ramcharan Katakwar' 3 months ago
Natthuji Nanaware
'Natthuji Nanaware' 3 months ago
Ajay Kumar
'Ajay Kumar' 3 months ago
Ajay Kumar Patel
Syed TammarHusain
'Syed TammarHusain' 3 months ago
Nice video
Sajid Sajid
'Sajid Sajid' 3 months ago
Sajid Sajid
'Sajid Sajid' 3 months ago
shafi kollam
m kanna
'm kanna' 3 months ago
Gajju Dev Shori
'Gajju Dev Shori' 3 months ago
rushing cam
Rohodas Fodase
'Rohodas Fodase' 3 months ago
Ravinder Paswan
'Ravinder Paswan' 3 months ago
rittik nepal
'rittik nepal' 3 months ago
Catherine Mai
'Catherine Mai' 3 months ago
But why did it eat another snake???????
vinod singh
'vinod singh' 3 months ago
Vinod Singh
Tinkurazz Tinku
'Tinkurazz Tinku' 3 months ago
'BEST k.R.' 3 months ago
Mohammad Azam
'Mohammad Azam' 3 months ago
Shyam Shing
'Shyam Shing' 3 months ago
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Amit Kumar Amit Yadav
Arvind Raj
'Arvind Raj' 3 months ago
how are you
Vk Thalor
'Vk Thalor' 3 months ago
Vijendra thalor
Deepak Dangi
'Deepak Dangi' 3 months ago
LetitGo lazziter
'LetitGo lazziter' 3 months ago
Snake in snake action!!!
Vinay Rajput
'Vinay Rajput' 3 months ago
Very nice
anmol anmol
'anmol anmol' 3 months ago
Anmol as
Thakuri Jeneesh Singh
Nepali videos
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