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Everything Wrong With Arrival In 16 Minutes Or Less -
Published: 5 months ago By: CinemaSins

By: CinemaSinsPublished: 5 months ago

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Arrival was easily one of the best films of 2016, and all of us at CinemaSins just loved it. That being said... no movie is without sin. So...

Thursday: Something terrible from 2017.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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'who8myfish' 1 hour ago
Everything Wrong With Arrival in One Comment: It's a chick flick in disguise
'SOEL86' 3 days ago
The clips at the end were hilarious
jak smith
'jak smith' 3 days ago
N7 Tigger
'N7 Tigger' 5 days ago
When you sin awesome movies like this one you should start the video with "This movie was great but I'm a nitpicky asshole so let's do this." 1:12 Also, you just sinned something for being good. That's not how sins work.
Thelma Peers
'Thelma Peers' 5 days ago
And, speaking of sad movies, please do Everything Wrong with Interview with the Vampire, since you did every one of those bad Twilight movies, I'd love to hear you review a good vampire movie.
Thelma Peers
'Thelma Peers' 5 days ago
This was a good movie until the big reveal at the end. I don't want to release any spoilers, but I saw it coming, but it was so tragic, I wished I was wrong.
Alex Malinky
'Alex Malinky' 1 week ago
I really don't understand why anyone would consider this to be "smart" sci-fi. The plot is incredibly basic apart from the bait-and-switch. The whole time, it seems like this film will be about language, when really, it just turns out to be about consequences and regrets. The idea of language determining how we think. Okay, yes, that is true to some extent, but language cannot possibly allow us to transcend time and the connection just isn't there. Moreover, this movie has a classic time-travel paradox where she needs to experience the future in order to bring the future into existence, which is where it falls apart. I think the scene with the Chinese president kills the whole film. As well, the faux philosophical question: "if you know how your life would play out, would you change it?" That's complete nonsense. Knowing how your life plays out takes away your ability to change it and her whole story is completely dependent on her making the exact same choices in order to arrive to the same conclusion each time. I just don't know what this film was trying to say. That even though you know your loved ones will die, you still value your time with them? Sure, that's a common sentiment, but it's a pretty weak philosophical question. Apart from that, there's really nothing going on in the film. The aliens were a completely void plot device so that she can learn to think outside of time, which doesn't make any sense and serves to be a vehicle for a pretty petty concept of: "hey, even though my kid will die of cancer in the first quarter of her natural life, I still love her and I still want her to experience life." Well great, except you're powerless to change any of that. It's an incredibly weak film.
'LattiMonstaaa' 1 week ago
Mate, if you dont know that Greenland is part of Denmark, you should stay off inventing bullshit like "positive sum game"
Commander brad 1
'Commander brad 1' 1 week ago
Also if they were an interstellar shouldn’t they have learn are language before we learn there’s
'slmeucalesa1' 1 week ago
Smart person's Science Fiction........ala Isaac Asimov's work.
Our Pastel Dreaming
One of the things that made me like this movie so much was its use of "The Nature of Daylight" by Max Richter. That song gives me chills to this day.
'ZhoRZh37' 2 weeks ago
Sure, hundreds of people couldn't figure out Egyptian hieroglyphs without the Rosetta Stone (as a reference) for centuries. Even with it, it took us 23 years just to scratch the surface... And she deciphered a fckin' ALIEN NON-TIME-LINEAR "WRITING" SYSTEM in less than a month... And of course: there's a spiritual, "the Contact"-ish bullshit moment in it. What a crappy movie...
Vikram Paresh
'Vikram Paresh' 2 weeks ago
Whiplash with miles teller
Max the Wire Fox Terrier
i think your expecting too much from know they are not real life.. oh well your amount of views means your stuck in your mindset.
'CogitoErgoCogitoSum' 2 weeks ago
Time stamp 4:05. You forgot to sin the fact that Luise's competitor never had the opportunity to formulate a question solely to stump Luise. The test was never reciprocated so it isnt very indicative.
'CogitoErgoCogitoSum' 2 weeks ago
Time stamp 1:58. I attend the University of Washington. Not exceptionally prestigious by any measure. But professor salaries are outrageously high. JAW DROPPING. I want to be a professor.
'TheZBoss10' 2 weeks ago
Its the university of Montreal. The professors make good money so minus one sin! :)
'NINJAFIRE 03' 2 weeks ago
This movie was really bad
Nick Silva
'Nick Silva' 2 weeks ago
Greenland IS Denmark!
'Hasge' 2 weeks ago
This movie was really bad
Zane Brand
'Zane Brand' 2 weeks ago
I thought they said the university was Berkeley
Shaine MacDonald
'Shaine MacDonald' 2 weeks ago
What song is that at the very very end?
King Cheeto
'King Cheeto' 2 weeks ago
If knowing and understanding the Universal Language allows one to see time as non-linear wouldn't everyone(that read her book) begin to see their future? Especially Ian, who was shocked to know his baby momma was aware of what would happen? I get that "Louise special" but why?
'RatedXT' 3 weeks ago
I enjoyed this movie a lot the only thing I didn't like about it was the whole scene at the end with the score being loud and it just showing us stuff we found out 20 minutes before.. actually I wouldn't of even minded it if it just wasn't as long as it was.
'DAVAD M DAVAD' 3 weeks ago
You're such a PRIIIIICK. Oh my god, if I met you at a party, I would definitely walk away. And I WRITE MOVIE REVIEWS. Jesus, is this what you do with your time? Get a job.
Stephen Goode
'Stephen Goode' 3 weeks ago
Should have made a Majora's Mask's giant comment or after credit skit.
Lord K Glencoe
'Lord K Glencoe' 3 weeks ago
1:46 Of course they're incredibly high!
Ed Dixon
'Ed Dixon' 3 weeks ago
Yeah, the Denmark thing was a misfire from you, but you guys have more than enough good will to make up for it.
Austin Farrell
'Austin Farrell' 3 weeks ago
What is this big reveal SOMEONE EXPLAIN
My More Noble Pursuits
*Intergalactic pronoun game*
'BlueBean' 3 weeks ago
My jaw dropped at 15:16 just because... DOCTOR WHO.
Ed Thurber
'Ed Thurber' 3 weeks ago
The thing to remember it that their language opens ones awareness of time. She is probably the only one actually learning the language, so as the movie progresses she begins to see time as they do; non-linearly.
Frank Tedder
'Frank Tedder' 3 weeks ago
YES!! The Hawkeye reference! Win!
Jack Rockhart
'Jack Rockhart' 3 weeks ago
1:50 You couldn't even say it without laughing!
Bluejay Barnes
'Bluejay Barnes' 3 weeks ago
One of the truly dumber CinemaSins.
Jason Knott
'Jason Knott' 3 weeks ago
This movie is basically like Shallow Hal. Really. In SH, the point is supposed to be that looks don't matter. But the way the point is made is by having the protagonist see a conventionally attractive person when they're really not. Likewise, Arrival's point is that our experience of time is conditioned by the language we speak. But the point is made by having the protagonist learn a nonlinear language by experiencing time nonlinearly. In both cases, the point is undermined through the way it is made.
doopydooper 7
'doopydooper 7' 3 weeks ago
I honstly couldn't stand the constant flashbacks to her child like we got it the first 75 times , and how dramatic she is with it , this movie was trash asf 3/10 but the spacecrafts where pretty cool I suppose
'ENTER NAME HERE' 3 weeks ago
This deserves 0 sins your critiques are petty
Jenny Urbieta
'Jenny Urbieta' 3 weeks ago
"Don't look at the giant alien egg... Don't look at the giant alien egg... Don't look at the... dang it!"
ALA_Legend 02
'ALA_Legend 02' 3 weeks ago
Ummm Greenland part of Denmark
Ian Stephens
'Ian Stephens' 3 weeks ago
8:20 they don’t seem to have mouths or vocal chords so trying to pronounce their words is probably impossible for humans
Deplorable Mecoptera
I may have been the only one, but I hated this film. Perhaps because I really enjoy "the story of your life" which is the source material for the movie. The problem is that that is a 20 page short story, and this is a 3 hour movie. The short story is better at explaining things and ends up making more sense while still leaving mystery. The majority of the film is filler
Justin Ashman
'Justin Ashman' 3 weeks ago
No sin for them having a word for Woman? That's a word specifically referring to human females.
Zach Comstock
'Zach Comstock' 4 weeks ago
Whitaker’s accent is Maine.
nightfire burn
'nightfire burn' 4 weeks ago
The real question is How can my grandma buy four homes and go all around the world on a professors salary?
Kortland Midgett
'Kortland Midgett' 4 weeks ago
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Bipolarbear 4873
'Bipolarbear 4873' 4 weeks ago
I know this is totally not the point but maths would have been a better place to start
Christian McNally
'Christian McNally' 4 weeks ago
'Aquablast' 4 weeks ago
I'm surprised you didn't mention the part where Louise calls the general and speaks in Chinese. I'm native Chinese, that part was IMPOSSIBLE to understand.
George W. Bush
'George W. Bush' 4 weeks ago
Can someone explain the catch in this movie. I watched it when it came out but can‘t really remember? The aliens came to the earth to reveal something but it was never shown what they revealed what would happen, instead the woman found out what would happen later in her life. She would have a husband and a kid, of whom she would lose both in the future. She knew this now but still she would go ahead and not change anything about it.
rosygirl3323 AJ
'rosygirl3323 AJ' 4 weeks ago
I love this movie
'WIZDETO' 4 weeks ago
the best movie EVER
Kevin Huby
'Kevin Huby' 4 weeks ago
I like the way they knew our languages the whole time, but had her learn it so that she would able to transcend time. But on the flip side I'm trying to grasp the paradox of how she was able to speak with the general without a existing loop (in time) linear or non
Laura Ingouf
'Laura Ingouf' 4 weeks ago
I just watched the movie and loved it so came here for more interaction with it lol. I knew what you were gonna think about the long logos and narration haha
Squakamole Guacamole
I still love this movie anyway
Joshua Johnson
'Joshua Johnson' 1 month ago
"Such an unrelenting dick head he may as well have been played by James Woods!" Hahahahaha cause he's an open conservative in Hollywood right? God what an asshole! Good jokes guys, good joke.
Jamin Kelly
'Jamin Kelly' 1 month ago
Your an idiot and you shouldn't be reviewing movies. You have a go at scenes that are obviously visual cues to a larger picture. Like how you complain about the hallway with shit lighting. your to dumb to realize that it was a circle hallway was a meaning of how the main character view of time was changing and that this scene was before she realized what she was doing, and i believe the lighting was to show her confusion. We see time as a straight line yet these aliens see it as a circle thanks to their advanced language. They throw this idea at you constantly, even the way aliens write their language is a massive clue. So how about you go back to school or pick up a book every now an then, or better yet stick to reviewing things you can understand like Sesame street. I'm sick an tired of movie directors and game designers worrying if the general public is to stupid to understand their work.
'chiffmonkey' 1 month ago
The core plot is lifted from Interstellar. Catastrophe averted by solving bootstrap paradox deus ex machina hinted at by the name of protagonist's daughter. The plot of Blade Runner 2049 also is largely lifted from Drive. Villneuve is a genius hack.
Darth BBQ
'Darth BBQ' 1 month ago
82nd sin: As far as I know, this is called the time paradox.
Kitty M
'Kitty M' 1 month ago
'BloxusOG' 1 month ago
Holy shit he’s playing the shit on the dickhead actor game can I join?
Anderson Tinashe
'Anderson Tinashe' 1 month ago
Everything wrong with Cinema Sins V2. 0
Gerry Berry
'Gerry Berry' 1 month ago
This film SUCKED SO BAD! A chick flick masquerading as science fiction.
'megamar' 1 month ago
Very overrated movie
Jana Ambrózová
'Jana Ambrózová' 1 month ago
This video is just a cheap trolling.... Poor guys...
'ALFJAMXA James' 1 month ago
Hilarious lol
'StickHits' 1 month ago
She didn't react to the TV in the beginning because she already knew what was going to happen
Kyle Browne
'Kyle Browne' 1 month ago
you never touched on the fact that they are understanding aliens and on the whiteboard there is a bunch of math 7:57
Legendary Detective Wobbuffet
This movie becomes a lot more fun if you think she's Louise from Bob's Burgers.
Zach Lee
'Zach Lee' 1 month ago
Was that a spider in the back of the Australian camera
Scot Rose
'Scot Rose' 1 month ago
God, I despise cinema sins. 100% subjective. Bitching about the lighting. What a a bullshit page.
Brainiac X
'Brainiac X' 1 month ago
The movie was nice, different from the typical "aliens try to destroy humanity" scenarios, but one thing that annoyed me was the lead actress. Did the director tell her to make her character "monotone" in both speech and emotion? I mean...she was absurdly monotone throughout despite the enormity of what she had to deal with.
'Suburp212' 1 month ago
Occasionally New Yoston.
Evan Friend
'Evan Friend' 1 month ago
This was a movie that started out good and then just got utterly ridiculous with the non-linear time thing, which ruined it.
A. De
'A. De' 1 month ago
how do you look up the distance between Greenland and Denmark without finding out that Denmark owns Greenland?,,,
LaRon Taylor
'LaRon Taylor' 2 months ago
This movie sucked!!!!!
Ra Ra Rasputin
'Ra Ra Rasputin' 2 months ago
1:50 couldn’t get that line out without a laugh could you?
'BlueCaboose42' 2 months ago
I have a theory for 10:01 the soldiers in those suits are paid, and are covered medically, by the DoD, Louise and Ian are not. They are putting themselves at potential risk by not remaining covered (even though they obviously don't experience any arm). The Army is not going to allow a soldier to create unnecessary risk that would potentially harm them and take them out of action. Commanding officers would have to authorize the removal of the covering and alter their SOP, and for that he would need substantial evidence that they wouldn't be harmed by the environment; something that clearly isn't on his list of priorities. Just an educated guess as a Marine. I consider it clever writing personally.
Michael Hixson
'Michael Hixson' 2 months ago
worst movie of 2016, because shitty time travel
Peter Ricciardi
'Peter Ricciardi' 2 months ago
Wait when the army people say they are taking her cellphone, does she even have one? Also, I accidentally paused the video for 10 seconds and thought it was the movie having a dramatic pause.
HappyJack O
'HappyJack O'lantern' 2 months ago
The timeline works because to her time has no beginning or end so it doesn’t matter when she learns information as long as at some point she learns it she would know that information past the point where she understands the language so her not knowing what she said to general Shang makes sense because she is learning that information for the first time when he tells her
Silas Potter
'Silas Potter' 2 months ago
Greenland belongs to Denmark!
Hu. Man
'Hu. Man' 2 months ago
I hated this movie so much potential
Acidic Æsthetics
'Acidic Æsthetics' 2 months ago
Thumbs down for no reference to the Simpson's aliens.
'Nukubu' 2 months ago
Thumbs down for the ignorant comment about Denmark... #GIYF
'Steelgirl' 2 months ago
The end montage was so hilarious this time. Good job!
Scott Bruckner
'Scott Bruckner' 2 months ago
Under 100 sins.
Jake Ninnemann
'Jake Ninnemann' 2 months ago
Why does cinemasins feel the need to charge films for reasonable things when they couldn't think of anything better
Stefan B.
'Stefan B.' 2 months ago
-1 sin: If they’re tourists then they do what tourists do, go around for a couple weeks taking pictures and some souvenirs (in their case the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty etc) and fuck off home. They’re not going to hang around for a month just to try to communicate.
Vexman Hex
'Vexman Hex' 2 months ago
Denmark, there, I’m part of the comment section now
'Swecraft100' 2 months ago
Greenland is a part of Denmark...
Dalimír Stano
'Dalimír Stano' 2 months ago
In every fucking movie there are, and will be logos, get over it, you fucking logo haters.
Jeff McArthur
'Jeff McArthur' 2 months ago
I'm surprised this video missed the problem that I consider the biggest one; that Jeremy Renner's character is completely useless in this film. I was really excited to see it because it was putting together a linguist and a mathematician to speak to the aliens; the two sorts of experts you would need in a situation like this. But then the mathematician gets relegated to hopping like a bunny to speak to aliens who, when it comes right down to it, math would actually be more effective with than linguistics.
Henry Warmoth
'Henry Warmoth' 2 months ago
Oooooo. Lame Iron Man sequel. Good burn sir. That's a point for CinemaSins! Alright Marvel, it's your turn to strike back. I suggest making Infinity War so perfect that CinemaSins can't make a video on it.
Jeff Motsinger
'Jeff Motsinger' 2 months ago
Talk about stinking up the theater!! Now, Niven's Ringworld would make a ripping good sci-fi flick. But no, we get trash like this.
'hypnojon32' 2 months ago
Honestly, this made me want to check out the movie in its entirety. I must admit it looks kinda slow tempo-ed and monotonic but wow! only 89 sins compared to a lot of other stinkers that you guys have reviewed/showcased....that's pretty good....sinfully speaking...
Gerardo García
'Gerardo García' 2 months ago
Greenland is over Denmark jurisdiction... One sin for you.. (maybe two, because this shows they care about details...)
dodgers doon1130
'dodgers doon1130' 2 months ago
Holy shit. No wonder supes was so pissed. Louis was banging Hawkeye. Thanks A lot Barry!!
First Name Last Name
'First Name Last Name' 2 months ago
The Greenland one is unfair. Greenland is essentially just a danish state, in US terms. It’s like saying that Alaska would need to represent itself if a pod had landed there.
Rachel Hydrogen
'Rachel Hydrogen' 2 months ago
10:30 Greenland is not its own country, its part of Denmark.
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