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Everything Wrong With Arrival In 16 Minutes Or Less -
Published: 2 months ago By: CinemaSins

By: CinemaSinsPublished: 2 months ago

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41, 854 Likes   3, 582 Dislikes

Arrival was easily one of the best films of 2016, and all of us at CinemaSins just loved it. That being said... no movie is without sin. So...

Thursday: Something terrible from 2017.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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Fake Lemons
'Fake Lemons' 7 hours ago
Everything wrong with convoy?!?
'TeddyD4' 21 hours ago
This movie is actually amazing!
Seeing you get so excited was so adorable! lol. Yay, CAPS LOCK SQUAD!
Daniel Gales
'Daniel Gales' 2 days ago
Um i wanna learn how to read hand on glass (super smart language) plus they kinda just look like octopi rather than aliens. Why don't everyone else just go to China because they need to get the fuck out of there
Luna Liu
'Luna Liu' 3 days ago
what's that song Where am I going to?
Sylvia Else
'Sylvia Else' 4 days ago
We've come here in a big helicopter to fetch you, but if you're not ready in 10 minutes, we'll leave without you.
Raffaele Conte
'Raffaele Conte' 5 days ago
About your question at 10.30: Greenland (Greenlandic: Kalaallit Nunaat, pronounced [kalaːɬit nunaːt]; Danish: Grønland, pronounced [ˈɡʁɶnˌlanˀ]) is an autonomous constituent country within the Kingdom of Denmark
'BoyZonely' 5 days ago
Jeez looeez
Audra Lambert
'Audra Lambert' 6 days ago
...Greenland is part of Denmark, so minus like 10 sins for not knowing that #yesimageographydork
'Mandobird1' 6 days ago
Greenland is a self-governing region of Denmark.
Jimmy Boots
'Jimmy Boots' 6 days ago
This is not one of the better CinemaSins. She's not just a professor, but an author and world renowned linguist. Not all professors just teach. In fact, most big schools have faculty that hold PhD's and do research with federal grant money on the side (much like the guys do in the show Big Bang Theory.) Also, exposition like Colonel Weber's is common in 99% of movies. Without it, we would literally have very limited ways to express important plot details. Usually these videos are funny and somewhat poke through the crazy minutia of Hollywood films, but this one missed the mark.
Jeffrey Rainwater
'Jeffrey Rainwater' 6 days ago
No cellphones are allowed in any area where classified things are present. You can only use a linguist that has a clearance, to translate anything, so if she knows mandarin she's the first pick. That's two more sins gone.
Acid DotCom
'Acid DotCom' 7 days ago
Greenland belongs to Denmark guys :)
Thomas DiBenedetto
"Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey" - lol!
'Duke' 1 week ago
Taking their cell phones is pretty standard stuff when entering an area where classified information exists. No need to sin it.
Ryan RDA
'Ryan RDA' 1 week ago
Do not watch this movie. you WILL fall into a Plothole. So many plotholes
Thimira Payagala
'Thimira Payagala' 1 week ago
Kingdom of Denmark controls the foreign and defense policies of its former colony Greenland, you half-witted 'Murican!
Nyoom Nugg
'Nyoom Nugg' 1 week ago
This movie was an insane mindfuck
'Renenlilje' 1 week ago
Greenland belongs to Denmark
Quen Loust
'Quen Loust' 1 week ago
This is one of those above average movies that you can never watch a second time because it'll get worse with each subsequent viewing.
I love you cinemasins you will make a better future for movies, call out lazy movies out for what they are.
Anthony Morris
'Anthony Morris' 1 week ago
I wonder if there will ever be a movie so bad that they just play the entire film and let the sin counter rapidly increase the entire time.
stan jansen
'stan jansen' 2 weeks ago
Comprehensive secondary day pause mass drink value later alone page convert.
Elias van der Westhuizen
concerning evening stomach race cooking forget male plastic drug wherever.
Drew Johnson
'Drew Johnson' 2 weeks ago
Alright, I know correcting errors in the sins kind of misses the point of the sins, but concerning the one where denmark is on the teleconference with the other landing sites and not greenland, it's because greenland is a danish territory.
absurd heroes
'absurd heroes' 2 weeks ago
Is that real or not? I didn't watch the movie, should I take time for it?
'ShiKageMaru' 2 weeks ago
Denmark calling the shots for Greenland is not a surprise at all. Not that it's necessarily common knowledge, but it means 1 less sin in the end.
Lord X _
'Lord X _' 2 weeks ago
Someone please explain to me and anyone else that would like to know, why does Hollywood and Authors of books portray visitors from space as monsteros beast, slimy and just disgusting... Never seen Aleins in print or on TV as beautiful. After all, if they are intelligent enough to travel the Galaxies, they're genetics may put ours to shame.
'TheIosif' 2 weeks ago
This movie was so bad I couldn't stomach a youtube video about how bad it was.
The Bat Channel
'The Bat Channel' 2 weeks ago
Everything wrong about the arrival. Is that EVERYTHING is wrong with it. Such a fucking waste of time and money.
'GoYankeeBioHazard' 2 weeks ago
Seriously? Of all the sins, you guys don’t include the biggest one of them all, which is Amy Adam’s god-awful Chinese that no Chinese-speaking person can understand? Hollywood should really stop try sucking up to China, because Chinese people sure as hell aren’t going to a movie just because it has foreigners speaking bad Chinese or has Chinese slogans plastered in the background (which is oftentimes total gibberish)! Try investing all that energy on improving the story of these films instead.
'JoeDotPHP' 2 weeks ago
I remember the glow stick part in the theater. A dude about 2 rows back whispered "Oh fuck! What?" Nothing like a gravitational shift to welcome people in.
'Unidrw' 2 weeks ago
Is there air? YOU DON'T KNOW!!!!!
joseph burtulato
'joseph burtulato' 2 weeks ago
@2:14 she was referring to faux news.
Jonny Bravo
'Jonny Bravo' 2 weeks ago
This movie suuuuuuuuucked
'J' 2 weeks ago
Love cinemasins and I know you guys are American but everyone knows Greenland is owned by Denmark lmao
Rob Elliott
'Rob Elliott' 2 weeks ago
CinemaSins doesn't seem to understand that Greenland is part of Denmark. That be like one landing in Hawaii and it being listed as USA and you freaking out because it is so far from the US mainland... more accurately Guam maybe. Greenland is closer to the status of Newfoundland inside the British Commonwealth before it joined Confederation with Canada after the Second World War. Still Greenland is part of Denmark
'CogitoErgoCogitoSum' 2 weeks ago
10:27 Denmark owns Greenland. Territory.
'MarzK423' 2 weeks ago
Idiot doesn't know that Greenland is part of Denmark......*ding*
'keltar2007' 2 weeks ago
you remember ghost-dog?
Ian Donnelly
'Ian Donnelly' 2 weeks ago
This movie freaked me out so much when I heard my name cuz I was high AF
Hydroelectric Jellyfish
That’s what happens if you stop hanging out with Superman!
'Lonestarstate' 2 weeks ago
This movie actually was really well made
Shmuel Borg
'Shmuel Borg' 2 weeks ago
Fuck Whorf
'darkevilazn' 2 weeks ago
So even knowing that her daughter has cancer, knows what kind of cancer she has, she doesn't immediately drop everything and become a human biologist cancer doctor, and spend like what? the 20 or so years she has until her daughter dies to save her? I mean, in all those flash forwards, I didn't see her once try to do something to cure cancer. In conclusion, Louise is terrible mom.
'Hesket' 2 weeks ago
FYI Denmark controls greenland, so one sin should've been off there
referee raffic
'referee raffic' 2 weeks ago
Hahaha Greenland IS indeed a part of Denmark :D
quinn king
'quinn king' 2 weeks ago
half of these sins are stupid af number 3 is wack. most wings of hospitals at night have like 3 staff on duty and they dim the lights. @cinemasins
The Masters Mad Face
The twist about her daughter reminded me a lot about the 3rd or 4th season of LOST.
Benjamin Buddhist
'Benjamin Buddhist' 3 weeks ago
the whole point of the film is to predict what humans would do if aliens visit...well the only 1 point they got right...was north korea
'_Francis' 3 weeks ago
>Cinemasins not knowing greenland is part of the kingdom of denmark
'S L' 3 weeks ago
Most sinful movie.
'WithADashOfPazazz' 3 weeks ago
i cant see shit.
Anu Choytun
'Anu Choytun' 3 weeks ago
That house looks like the houses in vancouver
K-Bob Kid
'K-Bob Kid' 3 weeks ago
Watched this movie very recently. While the concept of language deciding how entire races and cultures perceive each other is kinda cool, dumbass military forces that blow shit up EVEN WHEN A PEACEFUL RESOLUTION IS IN CLEAR SIGHT always kills me. Removing the bombing and focusing of Louise dealing with her visions as she learns the alien language would definitely make it stronger. Otherwise, they just should have made it a Sci-fi alien warfare film.
Ryan Perez
'Ryan Perez' 3 weeks ago
The movie was boring to begin with. Even the ending was disappointing.
Lucia Zavaleta
'Lucia Zavaleta' 3 weeks ago
U said 16 mins or less there's 53secs extra explain urself how about u make a video about that ...jk
Juraj Borić
'Juraj Borić' 3 weeks ago
Greenland is danish territory... That's why Denmark is on the screen.
Kwan Leflore
'Kwan Leflore' 3 weeks ago
How would a linguist translate an alien language. Dumb movie
Ed Jackson
'Ed Jackson' 3 weeks ago
This movie is slow pretentious crap. Jodie Fosters 'Contact' was better if this is the kind movie you want.
'Vecanik' 3 weeks ago
Sin 59: You do realize that Greenland is a part of Denmark?
Morgan Leecy
'Morgan Leecy' 3 weeks ago
I don’t think you get the bit at the end where she is surprised that the Chinese general gives her information that is privatol to saving the day. You are looking at it in linear time.. she knew it was coming, but she didn’t. She lives in various times the news in the future was a surprise to her, she lived the past and the present at the same time. To everyone else, the general for example, yes they have lived the past.. but she had yet to live the past and the present yet. It’s like things were explained right the beginning.. the aliens form entire complex sentences starting at the beginning and the end and meeting in the middle, filling in the exact space needed.. this is how she lived her life.. this is why at the beginning of the film we are seeing her past whilst she sees the future even though she has not yet started to learn the language that give her the ‘power’
Arcade Collectors Europe
I cannot watch this to the end.....the redicilous speed and that idiot speaks is way to stressing
Arcade Collectors Europe
You could try to talk even faster so NOONE in the world can understand this.....what idiot tries to explain something while breaking the Rap-record???
The Drawing Girl :D
'The Drawing Girl :D' 3 weeks ago
Damian is Amazing
'Damian is Amazing' 3 weeks ago
10:28 Greenland is owned by Denmark ya heckin idiots
'CatOfSchroedinger' 3 weeks ago
The Denmark comment (Sin No. 60) is wrong. Greenland belongs to Denmark (and thus to the EU). Fun fact: Denmark is therefore the largest country in the EU.
'Yash.0' 3 weeks ago
Denmark owns Greenland, that's why it's there.
Jim Garrity
'Jim Garrity' 3 weeks ago
@1:50 - savage...
Léonard Matton
'Léonard Matton' 3 weeks ago
Sin for Sin 60 : Greenland IS within the kingdom of Denmark (autonomous though). Great job though on the Cinemasins Universe (Sins should add up from film to film now : Tom Cruise on a motorcycle cliché shouldn't be scripted ever from now on or it's double Sin).
'Hepsuuuu' 3 weeks ago
Intergalactic pronoun game, literally lol'd
'MiiSCHAx' 3 weeks ago
Tbh, i honestly do not understand the story :/
Niniel Sanders
'Niniel Sanders' 3 weeks ago
While Greenland is somewhat independent, they still have seats in the Danish parliament and all foreign affairs are handled through Denmark. So yes... Denmark would actually be calling the shots for Greenland in a situation like this.
barrett howard
'barrett howard' 3 weeks ago
isn't greenland owned by denmark
Riley C.
'Riley C.' 3 weeks ago
The instrumental used in the beginning, is from Alan Watts,The Beauty Of Nothingness!! (If anyone was curious!) I highly suggest listening to that speech!
Lauryn Hall
'Lauryn Hall' 3 weeks ago
danmrak owns greenland.. dats why
Richard Brout
'Richard Brout' 3 weeks ago
It was a steaming pile of SHIT.. Basically, a look at frumpy girl gain Precog powers by learning the letter "O" and then create a MASSIVE BOOTSTRAP paradox with her new found powers to save the world all the while challenging us on the circle of life.. LOL, GTFO- it was the most INSULTING pretentious paradox hippy bullshit movie EVER. Only a complete intellectual vacuous RETARD would think this was some reflective intellectual, spiritual, metaphysical deep movie. You don't need to be Doctor Fucking Who to see the Gaping PARADOX this whole movie hinges on with Gen Shang. And don't even get me started about the nauseating "if you only knew your kid was going to have cancer would you still have them" BULLSHIT. Take that Shirly Mclain Deepak Chopra Pseudo. metagarbage BS and shove it up your ASSSS! If I only knew how Shitty this movie was going to be, I would have saved 12$ on a movie ticket and 2 hours of my life!!!
Richard Brout
'Richard Brout' 3 weeks ago
WOW CinemaSins, you guys obviously SOLD OUT and took a DIVE on this movie! This movie had TONS of holes and you Missed the two biggest ones??!!! A) She gains ESP-Carnac powers because she learns to read the letter "O"?? B) BOOTSTRAP PARADOX - Genreral Shang Phonecall!!! 10 Movie SIns against CinemaSins for taking a dive.!!
'Wtparry' 3 weeks ago
such a good movie
Joey Leonhard
'Joey Leonhard' 3 weeks ago
Casual use of Jeeze Louise! All the sins + all the props!
nunya efin biz
'nunya efin biz' 4 weeks ago
Coleman Ward
'Coleman Ward' 4 weeks ago
Should’ve been a dead daughter montage
Emily Devereaux
'Emily Devereaux' 4 weeks ago
loved this movie! please do Dunkirk!
troy jorn
'troy jorn' 4 weeks ago
this movie sucked
'Werrf1' 4 weeks ago
15:01 I actually take that moment as demonstrating that time is _not_ necessarily fixed, and that information going back and forth in time can change things. If time was fixed, then knowing what will happen is not really an advantage, so it's hard to call it a tool or a weapon that one can 'use'. I prefer that the film is presenting time as a complex subject that defies simple definitions like fixed or changeable.
Paul-Junior Black
'Paul-Junior Black' 4 weeks ago
1:53 Jeremy chuckled😂
Will Taylor-Burton
'Will Taylor-Burton' 4 weeks ago
10:30 Greenland is part of Denmark. Come on Cinemasins.
Pangur Echyx
'Pangur Echyx' 4 weeks ago
I'm assuming someone has already said this but Greenland is a territory of Denmark and I can't believe you didn't look that up, it suits your character more. I'd like to remove a sin and then one more for the movie actually being extra accurate.
'bexiah' 4 weeks ago
Man, you don't how happy I am to be stumbled upon your channel! My friend and I have doing this kind of thing for years. And nooooo we're not antis, just having fun pointing out movie's sins! The better the movie, the more delighted we are! 😂😂😂😂😂
Taco Taco
'Taco Taco' 4 weeks ago
shouldn't you know that greenland is a danish territory?
'Goddamnmeugly' 4 weeks ago
This movie made no fuckin sense to me
Mateusz Wojciechowski
You DO know Greenland is part of Denmark?
'omnise' 4 weeks ago
On any high school map, Denmark is in parentheses below Greenland. For a reason. Go high school!
'CycloneGaming' 4 weeks ago
9:39 Ah, no, the Mandarin speakers had to be in Hong Kong for Pacific Rim and Transformers 3.
Jack Carlson
'Jack Carlson' 4 weeks ago
2:02 - it's Montana. Everything's cheap there, because no one lives there! 10:37 - Denmark DOES have a say in Greenland's matters
Thomas de La Filolie
Is nobody gonna mentionned that Greenland is "propierti" of Denmark and that's why they are in the conversation with all the countries that have an egg, and so he gave a sin just because he is uncultured ?
kobe vermeulen
'kobe vermeulen' 4 weeks ago
Volunteer automatically ceiling unlike research nobody distinct northwest angry general.
Jon Tanguy
'Jon Tanguy' 4 weeks ago
Dude! Denmark owns Greenland!
Richard Platt
'Richard Platt' 4 weeks ago
Everything wrong with 'Everything Wrong With Arrival In 16 Minutes Or Less' in one sentence : it's longer than 16 minutes!
'r0h44n' 4 weeks ago
Less than a 100 sins in 16 minutes? Not bad, not bad at all
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