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Published: 9 months ago By: RomanAtwoodVlogs

By: RomanAtwoodVlogsPublished: 9 months ago

4, 199, 085 views

179, 617 Likes   1, 804 Dislikes

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This is my life as a Father of my sons Noah and Kane along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013.

I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

'RomanAtwoodVlogs' 9 months ago
Thank you so much for always showing your support! We will see you tomorrow for some more fun:) Please don't click on any links in the comment section! They ARE NOT ME!! No matter what I do they still pop up :( sorry for the pain! Smile More
Justin Farrier
'Justin Farrier' 2 days ago
Poncho Thisssen
'Poncho Thisssen' 3 days ago
Can you tell Adam to send me the bmx 105 Gladstone I'm 9 years old
Elijah  Hammond
'Elijah Hammond' 1 week ago
Nice bke
Arthur Ericson
'Arthur Ericson' 1 week ago
Watching an ad but telling off the bike you met up with Adam lz
lennon burns
'lennon burns' 1 week ago
Fee sige
D.J. Workman
'D.J. Workman' 1 week ago
Can you give me one
'MONEY_KING _1237' 1 week ago
Learn to do a flair roman👌👍
Lorena Wine
'Lorena Wine' 1 week ago
Do all the treks
Douglas Page
'Douglas Page' 1 week ago
hi Roman this is Douglas I just had my appendix out yesterday
Douglas Page
'Douglas Page' 1 week ago
hi Roman this is Douglas I just had my appendix out yesterday
andy bampton
'andy bampton' 1 week ago
that was good x
andy bampton
'andy bampton' 1 week ago
that was good
Taylor 80
'Taylor 80' 2 weeks ago
James Colbourne
'James Colbourne' 2 weeks ago
Can you give me a like because my birthday like just happend
Tania Brown
'Tania Brown' 3 weeks ago
backflip 3sixty
Keep your
'Keep your' 4 weeks ago
Frankie BMX
'Frankie BMX' 1 month ago
You should meet jack mould
Cody Carr
'Cody Carr' 1 month ago
Can I buy that bike ?
Cody Carr
'Cody Carr' 1 month ago
Hey Roman what's going on . I'm in a shitty situation rn my bike got stolen about a month ago and man do I miss riding it was my only hobby and I'm sure u get messages like this all the time but I'm desperate for a new bmx . It's kinda depressing when u see all ur homies out riding and u can't go shred with them because ur bike got stolen by a low life . I work a 8.25 hour job wich sucks but what can u do. Haha if u see this help a fellow bmx rider out I would really appreciate it.
Little Kid
'Little Kid' 1 month ago
What bmx brand is this?
Brad Flores
'Brad Flores' 1 month ago
can I have a BMX bike plz bro I need a BMX bike to ride with my friends
James Robinson
'James Robinson' 2 months ago
your next trick whip flat in your house.
JoJo _23
'JoJo _23' 2 months ago
Tomorrow is my bday plz subscribe to my YouTube channel
Cathy Tucker
'Cathy Tucker' 2 months ago
Don't eat gummy bears
'socal420kmk' 2 months ago
John Dempsey
'John Dempsey' 2 months ago
Manual the bike
XDgodzgamers !
'XDgodzgamers !' 2 months ago
Matt Fitzgerald
'Matt Fitzgerald' 2 months ago
Get some air
Matt Fitzgerald
'Matt Fitzgerald' 2 months ago
do backflip jump 100 feet in the apir
Jarren Cooper
'Jarren Cooper' 2 months ago
That's the bmx Adam lz gave him
Liam Sprason
'Liam Sprason' 2 months ago
a triple front flip
Quentin Kinnell
'Quentin Kinnell' 2 months ago
rollerskating both bones where knocked right out the bottom of my arm
cashmoneyben slim jim
do a backflip
Noah Eichhorst
'Noah Eichhorst' 2 months ago
do more bmx
Oscar Beattie
'Oscar Beattie' 2 months ago
Blow the bike up
Braxten Robinson
'Braxten Robinson' 2 months ago
You are not dorke I would live with you if I could
bravo 912
'bravo 912' 2 months ago
Fantastic video
sam murrah
'sam murrah' 2 months ago
it was 6
Nicholas Jacob
'Nicholas Jacob' 2 months ago
You're a cool dad. I just started following your channel. It's rad. Keep it up yo! Loveyoubye!!!!
Halle Cunningham
'Halle Cunningham' 2 months ago
Jump off the roof on the bike 🚴
Aden Cantarella
'Aden Cantarella' 2 months ago
jump your GTR
Michael Layhe
'Michael Layhe' 2 months ago
Anne Chilson
'Anne Chilson' 2 months ago
Yourlanda Hill
'Yourlanda Hill' 2 months ago
Ty Danzy
'Ty Danzy' 2 months ago
Flip in a ball pit
Jordan retro12
'Jordan retro12' 2 months ago
How do you know how to do a three sixty
unlimited gaming
'unlimited gaming' 2 months ago
Lenin Velasquez
'Lenin Velasquez' 2 months ago
tail whip backflip
Pat Zabron
'Pat Zabron' 2 months ago
Damn nice bike
Eddie White
'Eddie White' 2 months ago
Brit needs to start a daily vlog channel
Skyler Andrews
'Skyler Andrews' 2 months ago
Combo of a back flip and the 360
Korbin Nonemaker
'Korbin Nonemaker' 2 months ago
Is anyone watching in 2017 and got sad when they saw Zeus😢
Ieuan vids
'Ieuan vids' 3 months ago
Go on the internet type in mini bmx and you can buy them
TOxiCSniper _
'TOxiCSniper _' 3 months ago
Next trick do a 180 or a fakie on the quarter pipe
Danielle Roberts
'Danielle Roberts' 3 months ago
A big fan I wish I could come see you
jamie richardson
'jamie richardson' 3 months ago
180 barspin
Wilfrid Joseph
'Wilfrid Joseph' 3 months ago
Jake Foley
'Jake Foley' 3 months ago
'Whosonline37' 3 months ago
Zues. :(
Fearless Gabs123
'Fearless Gabs123' 3 months ago
you have a baby
'Rothy' 3 months ago
Now that you have a new family member don't you have to add your daughter into your profile picture.
Michelle Connell
'Michelle Connell' 3 months ago
Is anyone watching this when Cora is born
Liam Perera
'Liam Perera' 3 months ago
He put the bike on the wrong side of the bar
Ivan Wonch
'Ivan Wonch' 3 months ago
Do a wheelie
rcboy 2006
'rcboy 2006' 3 months ago
who else is wa5hing in 2017 sad that zoezs isnt here
Jake Lawrence
'Jake Lawrence' 3 months ago
Hey roman that's really cool
Savage Bros
'Savage Bros' 3 months ago
I do BMX too
Keisha James
'Keisha James' 3 months ago
6 tries
Bakul Bora
'Bakul Bora' 3 months ago
jump off the  roof !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gene Cox
'Gene Cox' 3 months ago
I subscribed
Gene Cox
'Gene Cox' 3 months ago
Do a front flip
Billie Snodgrass
'Billie Snodgrass' 3 months ago
I love you so much and I watch your videos everyday
Billie Snodgrass
'Billie Snodgrass' 3 months ago
can you send me a BMX bike
Billie Snodgrass
'Billie Snodgrass' 3 months ago
I added a like
Mc2joes Yep
'Mc2joes Yep' 3 months ago
I'a m I hater
Patricia Cabel
'Patricia Cabel' 3 months ago
Chesley Sudduth
'Chesley Sudduth' 3 months ago
Giovanni Martinez
'Giovanni Martinez' 3 months ago
1 back flip
Pranet Chawla
'Pranet Chawla' 3 months ago
ride of your roof
Mikołaj ja
'Mikołaj ja' 3 months ago
Fuck you pliss don't act like a pro
Brandon Cilia
'Brandon Cilia' 3 months ago
sup Roman love your vlogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mackenzie Doucette
'Mackenzie Doucette' 3 months ago
Melissa French
'Melissa French' 3 months ago
It was 6
Jayden Isaacs
'Jayden Isaacs' 3 months ago
will you send me a rc to 106 to Jayden isaacs
Praise Fregene
'Praise Fregene' 3 months ago
thise is what i call savage
Malachi Hatfield
'Malachi Hatfield' 4 months ago
Before you move you should come visit me
steven sylvia
'steven sylvia' 4 months ago
tell him to sead me a bick to for steven a big big fane
Bonnie Chamberlain
'Bonnie Chamberlain' 4 months ago
Cierra Horn
'Cierra Horn' 4 months ago
ride down the stairs
Debbie Daly
'Debbie Daly' 4 months ago
Aarsdddd cascade ,n., .. He uggcdzsctuhytcdvggy even rvtgded feel so gmuch rcrtftftf
brenden R.
'brenden R.' 4 months ago
fo a back flip
jay wilson
'jay wilson' 4 months ago
Roman can I come to your house one day
Kaden Fiorito
'Kaden Fiorito' 4 months ago
when you get a foam pit do a front flip in it with the bike
uchenna shimeobi
'uchenna shimeobi' 4 months ago
uchenna shimeobi
'uchenna shimeobi' 4 months ago
nathan nichols
'nathan nichols' 4 months ago
was Adam lz the one who gave you that bike
Tyler Witthuhn
'Tyler Witthuhn' 4 months ago
Roman you should learn to foot jam and then tailwhip
Minion Minion
'Minion Minion' 4 months ago
Samuel Daniel
'Samuel Daniel' 4 months ago
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