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Published: 1 year ago By: RomanAtwoodVlogs

By: RomanAtwoodVlogsPublished: 1 year ago

4, 357, 301 views

180, 892 Likes   1, 849 Dislikes

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This is my life as a Father of my sons Noah and Kane along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013.

I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

'RomanAtwoodVlogs' 1 year ago
Thank you so much for always showing your support! We will see you tomorrow for some more fun:) Please don't click on any links in the comment section! They ARE NOT ME!! No matter what I do they still pop up :( sorry for the pain! Smile More
Jackson Worsnop
'Jackson Worsnop' 2 days ago
can you please text me some times and i will text you back
Harley Caldarera
'Harley Caldarera' 2 days ago
Do a cat walk
Theresa Cocroft
'Theresa Cocroft' 4 days ago
Joel Bucknall
'Joel Bucknall' 4 days ago
First comment of 2017
Keanan Clark
'Keanan Clark' 7 days ago
Jump your bike off your second story
Cooper Vories
'Cooper Vories' 1 week ago
you should go off your upstairs balcony on a bike
Ella Hicks
'Ella Hicks' 1 week ago
your a great bmxer
Kendyll Henry
'Kendyll Henry' 1 week ago
I ride my bike in the snow all the time I love your vlogs ♥️😻😍💋❤️💘💛💜💖💝💗💓💞🖤😍😘
AJ McFarland
'AJ McFarland' 1 week ago
If you are reading this have a awesome day
Jai Morris
'Jai Morris' 1 week ago
Any one watching in 2018
Mikey Chanthabousith
James Candler
'James Candler' 2 weeks ago
so funny
Donna Mallett
'Donna Mallett' 2 weeks ago
SKid 07
'SKid 07' 2 weeks ago
Tail whip
dirt jumper guy g
'dirt jumper guy g' 2 weeks ago
Try the foot jam tailhwip
Jaydee Reyneke
'Jaydee Reyneke' 2 weeks ago
Back flip in to the pond
'ruslan303' 2 weeks ago
Omg zeus
Nayla Delgado
'Nayla Delgado' 2 weeks ago
Dude this video feels like it was filmed just yesterday
Jonathan Gaudreau
'Jonathan Gaudreau' 2 weeks ago
I see Zeus and I want to cry
Dope Gomez
'Dope Gomez' 2 weeks ago
Memories of zeuz
Bobby Ross
'Bobby Ross' 2 weeks ago
where bo you live
Jay Curtis
'Jay Curtis' 3 weeks ago
this was published on my bday 8th of january
Jaxson Ogden
'Jaxson Ogden' 3 weeks ago
Wall ride
Dominic Saitta
'Dominic Saitta' 3 weeks ago
Could you please do a fakie
Ethan Radcliff
'Ethan Radcliff' 3 weeks ago
Mary Joseph
'Mary Joseph' 3 weeks ago
Who watches blogs oh miss u Zeus love u roman
Jamari Randles
'Jamari Randles' 3 weeks ago
Just Like she said What the tire falls off when your riding...That Happened to me once go to my channel and check it out 😂😂
Mari Flores
'Mari Flores' 3 weeks ago
is for you making videos fun
tube and you Alfred
'tube and you Alfred' 3 weeks ago
A double backflip
Jacob Johnson
'Jacob Johnson' 3 weeks ago
u should try to ride on the wall for 30 seconds
Kai Kennedy
'Kai Kennedy' 3 weeks ago
I love your vlogs
mudasir Ahmadzai
'mudasir Ahmadzai' 3 weeks ago
am 10
mudasir Ahmadzai
'mudasir Ahmadzai' 3 weeks ago
I did that
Savage JR
'Savage JR' 3 weeks ago
Do a tail whip
Lisa Buer
'Lisa Buer' 3 weeks ago
Yo do a quad backflip
Corbin Nance
'Corbin Nance' 3 weeks ago
jump your gtr
jack delves
'jack delves' 3 weeks ago
I think everyone wants a dad like Roman. like if u agree
Master Krazyness
'Master Krazyness' 3 weeks ago
Subscribe to me if roman is the BEST!!
Jake Woodbridge
'Jake Woodbridge' 3 weeks ago
I on elfin you bib bie
Laura Fancher
'Laura Fancher' 3 weeks ago
one backflip
Andrew Gaming FTW
'Andrew Gaming FTW' 3 weeks ago
used to be a fan but now... I'm an air conditioner
Luis Prieto
'Luis Prieto' 3 weeks ago
tinbird98 smith
'tinbird98 smith' 3 weeks ago
6 trys
Teaeki Norati
'Teaeki Norati' 3 weeks ago
Nice bike
samuel st germain
'samuel st germain' 3 weeks ago
back weeller
Oceane Likes Lotion
'Oceane Likes Lotion' 3 weeks ago
'XxMattPlayZxX' 3 weeks ago
I miss zues😭
Levi Kilgannon
'Levi Kilgannon' 3 weeks ago
, with the fuck romanatw
Adrienne Marshall
'Adrienne Marshall' 3 weeks ago
Drift in the snow
alvin craigen
'alvin craigen' 3 weeks ago
I watch adam lz all the time
Charles Borgstrom
'Charles Borgstrom' 3 weeks ago
Due a flare
Christian Peters
'Christian Peters's' 3 weeks ago
hey roman me and my cousin love you and so dose 10000000000000000000 people do to but I love how you make 1000 of pepeoles drems come ture
joshy233 miller
'joshy233 miller' 3 weeks ago
Rpm 90
'Rpm 90' 3 weeks ago
Do a bar spin
I love Veteeyo
'I love Veteeyo' 4 weeks ago
Cil you- er selef
'Sandra DUARTE' 4 weeks ago
back filp
Willie Corbin
'Willie Corbin' 4 weeks ago
cool bmx
Ryan Phuong
'Ryan Phuong' 4 weeks ago
Stefanie Nichols
'Stefanie Nichols' 4 weeks ago
Ya I have tried biking in the snow I fell so many times.
Jeremy Dowdy
'Jeremy Dowdy' 1 month ago
You should do a manual
Brody Roach
'Brody Roach' 1 month ago
you people are awesome
'Jonny JWOOT' 1 month ago
I can do a triple back flip and I am 12
'Rockcop00' 1 month ago
Hi I am 9 years old when I started watching you I love your videos
Zac Poly Vlogs
'Zac Poly Vlogs' 1 month ago
Zeus is alive in this good memeries
Shkurte Hasanaj
'Shkurte Hasanaj' 1 month ago
YOU suck
Simon Kutz
'Simon Kutz' 2 months ago
Good fun watching you pal , I'm struggling to 180 , he he
Juan Hernandez
'Juan Hernandez' 2 months ago
Tripel 360 to back flip
Hunter Sherrick
'Hunter Sherrick' 2 months ago
they sell 20" mountain bike tires they get some good traction in the snow just not on ice
Dylan Arthur
'Dylan Arthur' 2 months ago
Get some sroos
James Steines
'James Steines' 2 months ago
Go on a zipline
James Steines
'James Steines' 2 months ago
axebat 9999
'axebat 9999' 2 months ago
I have a BMX
Jaden Lemmond
'Jaden Lemmond' 2 months ago
Where do you get your bikes
moto enthusiast
'moto enthusiast' 2 months ago
bunny hop of the upstairs ledge
Sidonne Fahie
'Sidonne Fahie' 2 months ago
Come to st.thomas
Marsayyy 101
'Marsayyy 101' 2 months ago
Do a double whip.
Ethan Baldwin
'Ethan Baldwin' 2 months ago
you should do a flair
Charlie Collins
'Charlie Collins' 2 months ago
Who's watching in 2017:[
Jack and Jono Vlogs
'Jack and Jono Vlogs' 2 months ago
Awwwww sues is here
Marge Foster
'Marge Foster' 2 months ago
Do a 180!
scoot and game plus jump
Logan Sheets
'Logan Sheets' 3 months ago
can I have your yellow bike
Logan Sheets
'Logan Sheets' 3 months ago
can I have your onorng bike
F3AR ScopeZzz
'F3AR ScopeZzz' 3 months ago
Heidi Caldwell
'Heidi Caldwell' 3 months ago
or do a back flip at least
Heidi Caldwell
'Heidi Caldwell' 3 months ago
jump of the roof on your BMX BIKE
Nathan Laconi
'Nathan Laconi' 3 months ago
Can you do this next time is try and do a 360° flat
Eucheria Orji
'Eucheria Orji' 3 months ago
I love the bike🤑🤑🤑🤑
Tone Meeg
'Tone Meeg' 3 months ago
Please sub to my channel KD Vlogs
critical \ fission
'critical \ fission' 3 months ago
smile more
Tyler Watts
'Tyler Watts' 3 months ago
Preston Bender
'Preston Bender' 3 months ago
Flash will love my dog
Preston Bender
'Preston Bender' 3 months ago
You can look on Adam lz
Preston Bender
'Preston Bender' 3 months ago
Adam is amazing
Justin Farrier
'Justin Farrier' 3 months ago
pancho Thisssen
'pancho Thisssen' 3 months ago
Can you tell Adam to send me the bmx 105 Gladstone I'm 9 years old
Elijah  Hammond
'Elijah Hammond' 3 months ago
Nice bke
Arthur Ericson
'Arthur Ericson' 3 months ago
Watching an ad but telling off the bike you met up with Adam lz
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