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Published: 1 month ago By: RomanAtwoodVlogs

By: RomanAtwoodVlogsPublished: 1 month ago

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This is my life as a Father of my sons Noah and Kane along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013.

I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

Xxthe Crusher123
'Xxthe Crusher123' 1 day ago
Ride on the ramps
Kaden Cryer
'Kaden Cryer' 2 days ago
I like your dog
Helthon Thomazelli Piza
como faço pra ganhar uma bike dessas
Tommy Locke
'Tommy Locke' 3 days ago
'ostheboss223' 3 days ago
back flip
Chez Southall
'Chez Southall' 4 days ago
Chez Southall
'Chez Southall' 4 days ago
do a wheely id the table or should I say counter
colby morson
'colby morson' 4 days ago
180 half cap fakie out
MYSHA estudillo
'MYSHA estudillo' 6 days ago
Brit: oh look theirs something that needs to be hung up. Roman: okay baby I got you next month. lmao I love you guys.
'Cark' 6 days ago
i was looking for adam in the comments
Charlie Timbrell
'Charlie Timbrell' 7 days ago
Any one else notice that he could do with a weeks worth of sleep?
Sarah Fitzgerald
'Sarah Fitzgerald' 7 days ago
can you do a toy hunt
hi n i had jst subbed to u cuzz ur videos are cool keep doing the good work hola amigo y buen video
faded bmx scooters longboards
tail wip or touble bar spin
Wendy Jones
'Wendy Jones' 1 week ago
do a 420 flip on the bike
Alex Perazs
'Alex Perazs' 2 weeks ago
scotty Cranmer would tailwip off that counter😂
Raurii m Mcleod
'Raurii m Mcleod' 2 weeks ago
a tawep
robo king
'robo king' 2 weeks ago
I love your dogs aspeshely Flash.
OG Srelur
'OG Srelur' 2 weeks ago
RomanAtwoodVlogs i wish i had a bmx i have a passion for bmxing but i cant afford a new one
Avidan Dominguez
'Avidan Dominguez' 2 weeks ago
i sub
Ollie Hill
'Ollie Hill' 2 weeks ago
Massimiliano Kickdawson
6 tris roman
Trick Gods
'Trick Gods' 2 weeks ago
Karmine Bertulli
'Karmine Bertulli' 2 weeks ago
do a bar spin
FBM Bike Co.
'FBM Bike Co.' 2 weeks ago
Ryan Weyrauch
'Ryan Weyrauch' 2 weeks ago
6:17 there's an iPhone on the ground
Callum O
'Callum O'Neill' 2 weeks ago
U said make a skate park
Catrin Jones
'Catrin Jones' 2 weeks ago
what the heck are you doing
Kip Daniels
'Kip Daniels' 2 weeks ago
I subscribed
'THE_SWAG_GUY 1234' 2 weeks ago
you are so cool and you in spirde me to be a YouTuber from dylon Allen
Kyle Hedrick
'Kyle Hedrick' 2 weeks ago
'fassett27' 3 weeks ago
do a weelie
Khoff hoff
'Khoff hoff' 3 weeks ago
do a backfilp
AkyraKay Newton
'AkyraKay Newton' 3 weeks ago
your dogs are so cute
AkyraKay Newton
'AkyraKay Newton' 3 weeks ago
i am a big fan
typical boss
'typical boss' 3 weeks ago
stair jump
Universal Gamer
'Universal Gamer' 3 weeks ago
You should take your bike in the snow so you can get a big drift👍
Pato Ramirez
'Pato Ramirez' 3 weeks ago
Xander Lubin
'Xander Lubin' 3 weeks ago
You can't tailwhip on a bike xD
Awsome husky
'Awsome husky' 3 weeks ago
can flash be in more of your vids and zueze
Christopher Bruns
'Christopher Bruns' 3 weeks ago
'willyb675' 3 weeks ago
how old are u
Shawn Gaming
'Shawn Gaming' 3 weeks ago
Do a backflip into a ball pit
Luke May
'Luke May' 3 weeks ago
Do a rail ride or a bar spin
The Emerald Channel
'The Emerald Channel' 3 weeks ago
Roman you remind me of my la teacher, mr Atwood. Wow how ironic
Jonathan Meak
'Jonathan Meak' 3 weeks ago
Both his Chanel's equal to about 21,000,00 million subscribers he has been so successful seeing them grow up the past years cough cough Kane
Melissa Gorgas
'Melissa Gorgas' 3 weeks ago
99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 dalers
Jose Carrillo
'Jose Carrillo' 3 weeks ago
baak flip
Maygan Williams
'Maygan Williams' 3 weeks ago
it was six trys😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Meagan  Jondle
'Meagan Jondle' 3 weeks ago
Its a swivel technique and roman flipping everybody off
toby ronaldson
I just bought a bag white one
Danielle Horsfield
'Danielle Horsfield' 3 weeks ago
I have that gun but I sold it
James Brideau
'James Brideau' 3 weeks ago
Jainelle Fordyce
'Jainelle Fordyce' 3 weeks ago
Liz Ebey
'Liz Ebey' 3 weeks ago
Ramp off the balcony onto an indoor trampoline full off pillows!!
Braxton Collins
'Braxton Collins' 3 weeks ago
Did anyone notice that Roman was crying when he was doing the outro
Noah Lindahl
'Noah Lindahl' 3 weeks ago
jump over the railing on the balcony from the second floor to first.
Will Rounds
'Will Rounds' 3 weeks ago
Roman do tramp bike.
Emma McCarthy
'Emma McCarthy' 3 weeks ago
do more
leon fabre
'leon fabre' 3 weeks ago
Customer last begin regardless cash primarily accomplish work.
Fadhl Mosed
'Fadhl Mosed' 3 weeks ago
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 you the man
Josh Dun Is Divergent
learn how to bar spin
Malakie Wilcock
'Malakie Wilcock' 3 weeks ago
You are my faverout you tuber and i think you should learn to make a high score while hopping on your back weel and can you shout me out in your vidio
A.J.P Peace
'A.J.P Peace' 3 weeks ago
My favourite dog is a German shepherd 👍🏼
Luke Firestorm
'Luke Firestorm' 3 weeks ago
off the balcony inside
Luke Firestorm
'Luke Firestorm' 3 weeks ago
pop a wheelie off the r
Kacper Peszt
'Kacper Peszt' 4 weeks ago
Drive off your inside balcony with your bike!😂
Adam Cox
'Adam Cox' 4 weeks ago
Ride your Bmx off the tabel
Adam Cox
'Adam Cox' 4 weeks ago
'mustang2005' 4 weeks ago
thats unsanitary
Gusti Rafane
'Gusti Rafane' 4 weeks ago
smile more👍
Enzo Bazzarella
'Enzo Bazzarella' 4 weeks ago
Jump from the roof
Release the Kraken
'Release the Kraken' 4 weeks ago
If you guys like RomanAtwood come sub to me
Michael Allen Vlogs
'Michael Allen Vlogs' 4 weeks ago
Do a 360 off the counter
aaron brogan
'aaron brogan' 4 weeks ago
I think you're an awesome dad
Jackson Hand
'Jackson Hand' 4 weeks ago
best youtuber ever
'AmazedSpiderMonkey' 4 weeks ago
do a bar spin
Éclat Jonny Bmx7
'Éclat Jonny Bmx7' 4 weeks ago
do a 180 or barspin you got this lol ✌
'TheIceeGaming' 4 weeks ago
Get up on your back tire and while the front tire is in the air, spin the handlebars
Linda Mucoj
'Linda Mucoj' 4 weeks ago
Leo Leo
Sam Turpin
'Sam Turpin' 4 weeks ago
Just smile
Sam Turpin
'Sam Turpin' 4 weeks ago
Sam Turpin
'Sam Turpin' 4 weeks ago
Sub to me roman
Debi Lehner
'Debi Lehner' 4 weeks ago
I want you to do a backflip on your brand new bike
Phenix 3636
'Phenix 3636' 4 weeks ago
Front flip bro
Earl Delahunty
'Earl Delahunty' 4 weeks ago
Yo i got that same nerf gun
Toriano DiCicco
'Toriano DiCicco' 4 weeks ago
best YouTube channel plz reply saying hi
Adam Powers
'Adam Powers' 4 weeks ago
I have a bmx bike
Juana Cruz
'Juana Cruz' 4 weeks ago
I like our song
Francisco Martinez
'Francisco Martinez' 4 weeks ago
dude that was so cool I cant even do any tricks
DDB queen
'DDB queen' 4 weeks ago
you inspired Mme to be a vloger and that's what I'm going to do
Teresa Queen
'Teresa Queen' 4 weeks ago
Aiden Scooters
'Aiden Scooters' 4 weeks ago
Hey! RANDOM☘️ person Scrolling Through the Comments😀 I Hope you are Having a Fantastic Day Today😛👍🏼🎉 Plz Subscribe to My YouTube Channel it will take you like 30 seconds 👍🏼 So Plz Do 😀😎 Subscribe to my YouTube Channel = Good Luck Forever ☘️☘️
Aeriq Andyqa
'Aeriq Andyqa' 4 weeks ago
wow your bike is so cool I wish I had a bmx like that
Jayci Lara
'Jayci Lara' 4 weeks ago
yeah you are awesome and very cool.
'Fallyn' 4 weeks ago
This was one of my favorite vlogs between you and brit.
Steven Bassett
'Steven Bassett' 4 weeks ago
Tale wip
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