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Cam - Down This Road (Official Lyric Video) -
Published: 3 years ago By: Cam

By: CamPublished: 3 years ago

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California-born singer/songwriter Cam emerged as one of 2015’s true breakthrough artists, achieving her first Platinum record and first #1 country single with “Burning House,” which earned her a GRAMMY® Award nomination for Best Country Solo Performance. The success also sparked Cam to six nominations for the 51st Academy of Country Music Awards, becoming the year’s most-nominated female artist in her first year as an ACM nominee. Her Untamed album, which released December 11, 2015, debuted at #2 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart with the year’s best first-week album sales by a debut country artist. With each song co-written by Cam, Untamed released to widespread critical acclaim from The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, PEOPLE, AllMusic, the Associated Press, and many others. Cam has been featured on such programs as Good Morning America, Today, and The Tonight Show, with live performances over the past year including Apple Music Festival 2015 in London, Stagecoach, SXSW, ACM Lifting Lives Party for a Cause, CMA Music Festival, the Grand Ole Opry, and more. Chosen among CMT’s Next Women of Country, Cam began 2015 on multiple “New Artist to Watch” lists and closed the year with Untamed ranked among 2015’s best country albums by Rolling Stone Country, The Washington Post, and others. Find her online at, on Twitter @camcountry, and on Instagram at

Shah Alam
'Shah Alam' 3 months ago
love your voice ... LOVE YOU!
Amy Olsavsky
'Amy Olsavsky' 3 months ago
So many feelings
John Snow
'John Snow' 1 year ago
she is just another girl...farts like the rest of us
'Nabil' 1 year ago
I'm ADDICTED to this song :3
Marion Fiedler Music
This is amazing! Love the song. Living off of Coffe and the hope for more. YES.
David Houghton
'David Houghton' 2 years ago
Great Song!Love this singer, what a terrific voice she has.
'mandalaytharr' 2 years ago
What's so cool about Cam is everything Yellow. Awesome California Girl.
Gamer Kitten
'Gamer Kitten' 2 years ago
Dang, this song hit home close. I love this song! It portrays my life so closely.
Renea Poole
'Renea Poole' 2 years ago
Love this girl!!!!
'BHalljr' 2 years ago
Beautiful song!
Natanael Paulino
'Natanael Paulino' 2 years ago
beautiful girl wonderful voice..wonderful wonderful.
Abhineet Kaler
'Abhineet Kaler' 2 years ago
George Pollastri
'George Pollastri' 2 years ago
I Love this song, lots of very sad memories --- My lovely daughter has serious depression All I can do is pray for her because I don't know what to do more - I love her very much !
Scott Cousins
'Scott Cousins' 2 years ago
This is my new favorite singer
p pinchera
'p pinchera' 2 years ago
just wow, she is so special
'2193794586' 2 years ago
amazing voice, love her music and she's always smiling she's such happy women, just beautiful
'2193794586' 2 years ago
amazing voice, love her music and she's always smiling she's such happy women, just beautiful
Gary Brown
'Gary Brown' 2 years ago
Not a country music fan but I will follow this singer, great voice!!
Lorne Munro
'Lorne Munro' 2 years ago
love cams new album nice to here some new music
'hotchocolat77' 2 years ago
wow I love it. She has a beautiful voice.
T Brooks
'T Brooks' 2 years ago
Every song on her album is great, I love every single one
Dauntless Survive
'Dauntless Survive' 2 years ago
I want this song to play at my funeral ♥
Win Lewis
'Win Lewis' 2 years ago
#2... I would love to meet her. A concert in my city? I'm in.!
Blake Lawler
'Blake Lawler' 2 years ago
wow I don't think I've ever heard any singer that can make me cry every time they sing you are amazing. Just the sound of you voice puts me in tears!!
Judy Henning
'Judy Henning' 2 years ago
this is one of my favorite songs!! I love it!!
shage altebe
'shage altebe' 2 years ago
Very wonderful sense
janni jani
'janni jani' 2 years ago
'faymuijenn' 2 years ago
I saw Cam perform this song live at the Texas State Fair and cried listening to her performance. I was able to connect to each word of the song, it was beautiful and made me miss home very much.
Kyleigh Elliott
'Kyleigh Elliott' 2 years ago
AHHHHHHHHHH any thing cam sings is my new favorite song I love her she is awesome and I love how voice kind of shakes or does that thing that just makes it better she is so pretty has a great voice how in the world was she not famous before these few years gosh I used to just listen to youtube and now I listen to the radio just hoping that cam or sam hunt will be on.
'Jothrax' 2 years ago
I heard 'Burning House' on the radio, and I was just stunned. It didn't sound like most of the other stuff on the radio, it had a new sound which so perfectly blended the old spirit of country with the poppy country, and I thought 'I hope this is country's new sound'. I've been listening to Cam's other songs and they're all equally amazing. My only complaint is that there isn't an album with these songs that I can find yet.
Katie Tremore
'Katie Tremore' 2 years ago
This song is very heartfelt and sweet.
'Caitlin1928' 2 years ago
Really like this song. Though it does kind of remind me of The House That Built Me by Miranda Lambert. Just some similar lyric themes there.
Stuart Russo
'Stuart Russo' 2 years ago
Lovely song. I am a dad myself and I guess I hope one day my own daughter will feel the same way when she grows up, moves away and then comes back to visit.
Chris Farley
'Chris Farley' 2 years ago
have to say one of the sweetest,most perfect voices I've ever heard,put's in in such a calm relaxed state of mind,and she seems as if to carry you back to another place and time,truly amazing
Theresa Spurlock
'Theresa Spurlock' 2 years ago
love it!
'Shevaron' 2 years ago
Now that's a great song. Hope the best for career because I want to hear more of her
Tecolote Alcón
'Tecolote Alcón' 2 years ago
she is AMAZING!
'foxracer1703' 3 years ago
Omg and shes a chevy girl! <3
Patricia Mcmillen
'Patricia Mcmillen' 3 years ago
Marcianna Lemke
'Marcianna Lemke' 3 years ago
I love the feeling that you sed
Wendell Gurgel
'Wendell Gurgel' 3 years ago
I Never have heard so perfect voice.I Even never liked girls voices but yours... I've been hearing the Album so many times that I think that we (She and me) Should marry right now. hahaha... *-*.. Come to Brasil #Cam. love you.
'tobradovic' 3 years ago
Really good stuff.
Daniel Schrock
'Daniel Schrock' 3 years ago
So Excited to see you at Delaware Junction. Glad to see you're getting big.
Ahmed Fallah
'Ahmed Fallah' 3 years ago
very nice
Shae Woodham
'Shae Woodham' 3 years ago
Perfection... I can't wait for the rest of the world to discover her.
Jovans Lorquet
'Jovans Lorquet' 3 years ago
This is actually amazinggggg
Miranda Shaver
'Miranda Shaver' 3 years ago
Such a great artist and I can't wait to meet and see her in June!
'nunyadambusnes1' 3 years ago
Love it, such a Classic Voice with a fresh sound... I love Dolly and this Lady is her equal in soul and spirit. I would love to see them do a duet. The women of this country need to bring back the spirit and soul of the Principles it is founded upon! WE need to get the Banksters out of our government and out of our lives and most particularly the courts. I challenge all writers to put educational lyrics in their songs ... Let Freedom Ring, "That to secure these Rights Governments are instituted among Men," and "laying its foundation upon such Principles and organizing its powers in such Form as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."   The Judges and Attorneys so not know the law nor uphold the principle purpose for which it was created as they steal continuously by color of law and simulated Legal process.   I am pleased at others successes and all the more highlights the struggles that are created by our own government due in large part because of total ignorance of the law that is to protect us. "he owes no duty to the State since he receives nothing therefrom except the protections of his Life and Property" and "He owes no duty to the public so long as he does not trespass upon their Rights." The statutes, codes, rules, licenses are all for "created by the State entities" usually receiving some sort of protections for which they pay a tax for the USE thereof. You need no "License" to travel, you are not a taxpayer unless you are engaged in some sort of "For Profit" business under a charter of the State from which it receives certain franchises and privileges. Nor is your property to be subject to any tax unless put into a creation of the state LLC, Corporation, and any municipal subdivision of the State and has tax returns to show its Profits/income to be taxed. And in accordance with a "situs" which specifies the taxable activities. and there sure ain't one for living and doing what you wanna do on it!!! It is al a big lie by collusion, threat, deception of color of law.. applying commercial law to the average Man. The State can not be empowered to do something  that you and I can not do. No power equals zero and a million zero's time zero is still zero!! No Power to do anything less that "secure these Rights" and "effect their Safety and Happiness".    Blessings all... please see that any writers you know get this and get this need America has right now. We need legislation to periodically test all public servants as to their knowledge, understanding and accurate use of The Unanimous Declaration of Independence (The trust from which Principles all Forms of Government are Founded upon) and the Constitution to which they have sworn to "Support". You can not support something if you do not know what it says!!
'HENRY QUELAL' 3 years ago
I love his voice, I will be his fans forever. greetings from Ecuador Ecuador
Per Mjöbäck
'Per Mjöbäck' 3 years ago
Richard Sinclair
'Richard Sinclair' 3 years ago
CAM always takes me down a new road! Love her work and especially this one..
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