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20 Creepiest Google Earth Images -
Published: 1 year ago By: American Eye

By: American EyePublished: 1 year ago

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From the weird Japanese town full of dolls instead of people to the possibly real zombie captured in a random Google Earth images!

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11. Yoga By the Beach
Nothing is more relaxing and enlightening then doing some healthy yoga poses by the beach. This woman in Whitstable, England is trying to connect her body and mind on the beautiful coastline and it certainly isn’t something you see everyday on google maps.

10. Scarecrow Army
This one here is frightening for anyone who decides to do a little exploring on Google Maps in Finland. What first appears to look like a bunch of random people standing in the middle of a empty field, is actually a group of creepy scarecrows who look like they're about to come life at any moment. For what reason could the Finnish possibly need this many scarecrows? Maybe they're used to scare off zombies? Who knows…

9. Biohazard Suits
These two guys here, definitely know something about the zombie apocalypse that we don’t! Dressed up in those creepy biohazard jumpsuits, these guys in Sweden must have really spooked the google street car as he drove by at golf course. This guy with a golf club looks like he’s trying to defend himself against someone who’s suit didn’t protect him from becoming a zombie.

8. Watch out!
This large bird is heading straight for the driver and he possibly has plans on snatching him for a quick meal. Located on the isla de Seymour Norte of the Galapagos Islands, the camera was able to snap this photo of some of the diverse, wildlife on these remarkable islands.

7. The Boneyard
The Davis Monthan Air Force Base located in Tucson, Arizona, is also known as the Boneyard and collects the remains of thousands of military airplanes in a 2600 acre space. It almost seems like a cemetery for almost every airplane and helicopter used since world war 2 and is a very interesting place to explore on google maps. Who knows what are our government will decide to do with all of these planes.

6. Biggest Word Ever
When you have enough money to dig your name out of the ground big enough for it to be clearly visible from google maps and space, you know you’ve finally made it. Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan is in fact a billionaire and part of Abu Dhabi’s ruling family. He had his name carved into a sandy surface on Futaisi Island, which he owns, located in the Persian Gulf. Not only is this a tad egocentric but also a tad creepy.

5. Pigeon People
Have pigeons finally been genetically engineered to look more human like.Throw some bird seed and run! You better hope they’ll settle for eating bread crumbs and not human brains. If you’re strolling down the streets in Musashino, Japan near Tokyo, you may come across the horrific pigeons people who may peck out one of your eyeball. So watch out!It doesn’t matter what direction it goes, the pigeons are still staring at the camera. The google street driver didn’t apply for this job to be traumatized for life!

4. Zombie Balcony
Look for this zombie in Nancy, France on a balcony if you day. This image doesn’t appear like a prank, just a zombie peering out onto the street, hungry for brains. You better hope she doesn’t know how to ride that back because fast moving flesh eaters are the last thing we need!

3. Zombie Child
In case you weren’t a believer that the zombie apocalypse isn’t here or not coming soon, take a look on google maps for more zombie children like in this photo here. This is the last thing the street car driver wants to see. No one had mentioned anything about zombies in the job interview and a brainless driver wouldn’t be too useful for the company.

2. National Nevada Security Site
Ever wonder what a nuclear wasteland looks like? Or how the land might look after it’s been bombarded by about 1000 atomic blasts Well check the national nevada security site and take a look at some of the strange things going on there. It somewhat similar to the surface of the moon. The site was created in 1951 and is still in use today. Small towns were built in order to be absolutely obliterated to test the effectiveness of nuclear weapons. Located northeast of the proving grounds, is the infamous area 51. You may not see any aliens on google maps here on groom lake but you can imagine what goes on below the ground!

1. Creepy Kazakhstan Pentagram
In northern Kazakhstan, near the Russian border, you’ll find this mysterious pentagram in an isolated region by a lake. This 5 pointed star often represents the spirit, and then the elements of earth, air, fire and water. But if it’s pointed upside down like we see in this photo, it means something much more sinister. It’s often used by pagans and wiccans and represents dark spirits like the one of the devil. The two upright points tend to imply to satan’s horns. Was this site used a place for devil worship. Who knows!

'Eline's Hut' 7 hours ago
1:44 It looks more like leave than a scary green cloud
'MsU2bluver' 7 hours ago
Never coming to this channel again.
'MsU2bluver' 7 hours ago
The Green Alien Cloud was a leaf that was too close to the screen.
Rocco Taco
'Rocco Taco' 10 hours ago
Matthew Lee
'Matthew Lee' 11 hours ago
0:26 that was a camera mistake
Khamron.m km
'Khamron.m km' 12 hours ago
Number 1 is satan
Sirux Sirux
'Sirux Sirux' 12 hours ago
Mummy... Help!!!! (Only 1 was creepy)
Tyler Eto
'Tyler Eto' 20 hours ago
LOL #15 is because one side of the street was shot at a different time. That happens a lot, I have a street that changes seasons... OOOO SCARY
Tyler Eto
'Tyler Eto' 20 hours ago
1:36 omg a death cloud! oh wait it's just a f*cking leaf in front of the camera
'InsertSpxwns' 1 day ago
Oh no. A bird! Shut the fuck up. These aren't even scary omfg
Andrew Garnica
'Andrew Garnica' 1 day ago
That green thing is a leaf
Eric Baker
'Eric Baker' 1 day ago
Why do I watch these at night."
'V I X X' 1 day ago
#12 is The Netherlands not Scotland
Luka Spiering
'Luka Spiering' 1 day ago
It's a leaf.
IamVeryNoob GT
'IamVeryNoob GT' 1 day ago
Yeee im from finland
'WoyaThePug' 2 days ago
You suck
Jbconcere01 Smith
'Jbconcere01 Smith' 2 days ago
I am pretty sure the ‘goat woman’ has rickets.
Alia Garrett
'Alia Garrett' 2 days ago
upside down is used by Satanists, not Pagans...
Timtam TheHero
'Timtam TheHero' 2 days ago
WHats with this guy and saying everything is a Zombie
Raymond Lopez
'Raymond Lopez' 2 days ago
'A D' 2 days ago
I'm a go hide under my blankets
Modz By Nasy LLC
'Modz By Nasy LLC' 2 days ago
To creepy 😖😨😖😨
Ahlivia Stevenson
'Ahlivia Stevenson' 2 days ago
the girls legs are scary
joey the fidget spinner
0:35 lol
Gabrielle Doris
'Gabrielle Doris' 2 days ago
1:44 is a leaf
Lang Song
'Lang Song' 3 days ago
1:40 thats a green leaf lol
Heath Ledger
'Heath Ledger' 3 days ago
Clearly it's a leaf lol
ingay cabitin
'ingay cabitin' 3 days ago
horse head guy is just in a mask
Tajul Yusri
'Tajul Yusri' 3 days ago
futon island in japanse
Adrian Alonso
'Adrian Alonso' 3 days ago
0:40 No horse open head a not real
Selena Vo
'Selena Vo' 3 days ago
You idiot that is a L E A F
Isaiah AM
'Isaiah AM' 3 days ago
20 is definitely fake it's from a movie in the 90s
Ryan Sum
'Ryan Sum' 3 days ago
all of them are absolutely hilarious.
Ryan Sum
'Ryan Sum' 3 days ago
okay so a woman doing yoga is something you wont see every day according to you
'l'eggo my eggo' 3 days ago
2:57 is the secret stash of daisy bodies lol
Craig Guild
'Craig Guild' 3 days ago
What a load of absolute bollocks. The stupidest video i have ever seen. 👀👽👽👽👽👽
Oskar Kurant
'Oskar Kurant' 4 days ago
6:29 That's costume.
Oskar Kurant
'Oskar Kurant' 4 days ago
6:03 It,s a sculpture.
Oskar Kurant
'Oskar Kurant' 4 days ago
5:40 They wear pigeon mask.
Oskar Kurant
'Oskar Kurant' 4 days ago
1:37 I recognize leaf, that slammed into camera.
Lane Boy
'Lane Boy' 4 days ago
Take a shot every time he says zombie
Nathan Boyd
'Nathan Boyd' 4 days ago
You call this scary I call it hilarious
Roberto García
'Roberto García' 5 days ago
Are you scared of kids? And Gypsyes? WTF is wrong with you!
Bobli Studioツ
'Bobli Studioツ' 5 days ago
0:41 are you dumb? You can see that it is a mask! I have one of them too
Kumar Atish Babu
'Kumar Atish Babu' 5 days ago
Sofie Mai
'Sofie Mai' 5 days ago
A woman doing Yoga! Omg so creepy 😂
Sofie Mai
'Sofie Mai' 5 days ago
It’s a Burger King foot lettuce on the lens
Whitney Houston
'Whitney Houston' 5 days ago
1:45 looks lioe an leaf on a camera
Logan Brownie_H2O
'Logan Brownie_H2O' 5 days ago
16s a lief
assassin 13
'assassin 13' 6 days ago
I have school tomorrow and we have a test Help..
Rose Vanthorne
'Rose Vanthorne' 6 days ago
You have no clue what ur talking about with regards to pegans and wiccans....SMDH. Ur video wasn't creepy at all.
BlackSmith Games
'BlackSmith Games' 6 days ago
1:41 a leaf must’ve blown into the camera cause it’s not a cloud lol
darkest creed
'darkest creed' 6 days ago
I hate your voice. It's like behind the meme
'SuperSourG' 6 days ago
Waych out guys, those cannibalistic pigeon masked people are at it again!
'mveeti' 6 days ago
Suomi mainittu, torilla tavataan!!
Kamikaze Yamamoto
'Kamikaze Yamamoto' 6 days ago
Goat woman is real. I fucked her and it wasn't too baaaaaaaasaaaaaaaaaad.
Alexander Telfar
'Alexander Telfar' 1 week ago
this is probably, no *the* worst video on youtube
I Like Turtles 69
'I Like Turtles 69' 1 week ago
1:42 Thats a leaf though...
Space Geek
'Space Geek' 1 week ago
number 16 huh looks kinda like a leaf interesting...
'MuskieAddict73' 1 week ago
No. 3 just some people who want to be stuiped
'MuskieAddict73' 1 week ago
What the frick why is your a wierd d thing to do on the beach
'MuskieAddict73' 1 week ago
No. 13 just woke manicans in a dumpster no dumped body
'MuskieAddict73' 1 week ago
No. 14 omg children it's the end of the world!
Jimi Viita-aho
'Jimi Viita-aho' 1 week ago
I have seen the number 10 place in real life, it is not that creepy as it is weird.
'MuskieAddict73' 1 week ago
No. 20 it's just a cam glich why would a shout person he walking around and nobody stares!
Evanita Rose
'Evanita Rose' 1 week ago
The pentagram or pentacle IS NOT a sign of evil. It is an ancient image used by Wiccans as a symbol of PROTECTION, just like the Christian cross or the Jewish Star of David. The symbol your thinking of is called The Sigil of Baphomet and is the official insignia of the Church of Satan. There is a difference. You should do some research before making such statements.
'BrvnoSvK' 1 week ago
I am from Slovakia.
Fabio Talluto
'Fabio Talluto' 1 week ago
The 19 it's a mask
Squiggleflubb WeirdoClub
I searched up the North Freemond street Maryland but the church was still there in fact I saw people walking in
Savannah Wilber
'Savannah Wilber' 1 week ago
16 is a leaf
'adnan' 1 week ago
when will Google come to Peshawar
Guys, number 15 is just Google Earth. If you look in the bottom right (on my version anyway) you can see the date in which the photo was taken of that area. There are two different dates in which that church was taken photos of. One when it was damaged, and one when they cleared the area. Try it with your house!
'' 1 week ago
horse head guy actually is a you tuber who teaches people how to make raps.
Ayaulym Alkeyeva
'Ayaulym Alkeyeva' 1 week ago
Sarah cashmore
'Sarah cashmore' 1 week ago
This clowns is bume
Sam Drake
'Sam Drake' 1 week ago
Calling it quits after the first couple of pics. Nota, nein...
Dapper De
'Dapper De' 1 week ago
*gasps* kids playing on the street !? So scary!!
sam runciman
'sam runciman' 1 week ago
Phahahahaha green alian cloud. We here call it a leaf thankyou.
SuperBro Z
'SuperBro Z' 1 week ago
-sees the "alien cloud" *Welp I knew this day would come, the day LEAVES conquer the planet (this is a google glitch, its just a zoom in on a leaf)
Joshua Smith
'Joshua Smith' 1 week ago
very good you found a leaf
Bonnie Bunny Buddy
11, ?
Lost- Boo
'Lost- Boo' 1 week ago
Nice photoshop dude
Debbie Charalampopopoulou
1st one was a error cause google earth is just...
Kade Franks
'Kade Franks' 1 week ago
A pentagram doesn't mean evil its actually a sing of protection and not used by satanist but wickins
SmirnOff AU
'SmirnOff AU' 1 week ago
This guys a fuck wit!
Noa Hesse
'Noa Hesse' 1 week ago
Number 16 is just a leave on the camera
Esther Sabin
'Esther Sabin' 1 week ago
The "dead cloud" is a leaf 😒
'Dubberi' 1 week ago
cloclo msp
'cloclo msp' 1 week ago
Je me suis perdu sur YouTube --'
Katayra Williams
'Katayra Williams' 1 week ago
39 seconds:::: that was not scary... my brother has the same horse head mask and they are made from rubber and I think plastic
Wither Ivy
'Wither Ivy' 1 week ago
You dumb
General Grievous
'General Grievous' 1 week ago
3:55 maybe they're growing scarecrows and need a cornstalk to keep the birds away
Kaisa Kurkinen
'Kaisa Kurkinen' 1 week ago
Those scarecrows are an art work called ”the silent people”.
NubeTube 24
'NubeTube 24' 1 week ago
How was number 11 and 9 creepy
Pro Genji
'Pro Genji' 1 week ago
No....I'm so scared of this Horse man!! Mommy!!
Oxy Gen
'Oxy Gen' 2 weeks ago
Honestly, the first one is creepy.
Night Wolf Nightmare
Number 16 is a leaf😂😥
'MIKE PLAYZ' 2 weeks ago
no. 14 is just a leave that hit the google camera car
Black eyed panda
'Black eyed panda' 2 weeks ago
16 was a leaf
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