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Published: 1 year ago By: Brian Barczyk

By: Brian BarczykPublished: 1 year ago

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Snake show in a massive snow storm! I travel to Toronto Canada to an amazing reptile show and have to brave a huge snow storm to get back to the US. But we see some amazing snakes, lizards and creepy crawlies! Chewy also dresses up as Santa! Enjoy!
Watch me, Brian Barczyk, as I vlog my life as a snake breeder at BHB Reptiles. Let me know in the comments if you like this vlog!

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Rachel Anderson
'Rachel Anderson' 1 year ago
Another amazing video! You're definitely my favourite Youtuber... I just can't stop commenting on your videos! ;) For me, from someone who struggled even watching snakes on TV to watching your video every day... I think you're really helping me conquer my phobia... maybe one day I'll even hold a snake! You're really inspiring! Thank you! :)
Alex V
'Alex V' 4 weeks ago
Do you have on clima grey boosts
little rock rock
'little rock rock' 2 months ago
Hi I am a youtuber and I really like snakes and can I come over to see your snakes
'Nicholas1357997531' 3 months ago
Roses are red Violets are blue I just got clickbaited And so did you
'ItzCrusade' 6 months ago
Brian I can’t believe you have 3 Christmas trees in your house
thiago nakasone
'thiago nakasone' 7 months ago
Jonathan vaitoma cu
Nate _03
'Nate _03' 9 months ago
I have always wanted to hold a snake but never had the chance to 😢
Sierra J
'Sierra J' 9 months ago
I love watching your vlogs. It gives me the chance to get away from all the crap I currently have to deal with. Thank you.
M. Cervantes
'M. Cervantes' 10 months ago
I always hated snakes until I started watching you. You made me absolutely LOVE snakes!
Blood Fang
'Blood Fang' 10 months ago
I thought Lord Elion was gonna be in the vid
jane British born
'jane British born' 10 months ago
snow 🤗
jane British born
'jane British born' 10 months ago
Dianne Myers
'Dianne Myers' 11 months ago
I remember driving out of Pittsburgh in an ice storm and having to stop every so often digging ice out of the headlights.... in an 86 Buick Century.
golden gamer123
'golden gamer123' 11 months ago
this video was clickbate
logan kundla
'logan kundla' 1 year ago
u went to the NARBC
Latrell Brooks
'Latrell Brooks' 1 year ago
please tell me what's the song name is ? I love it
'chrisd925' 1 year ago
Weird I got a notification for this, thought it was new, YouTube glitch?
Brianna Kaptur
'Brianna Kaptur' 1 year ago
what part of America do u live in
Bentley Frost
'Bentley Frost' 1 year ago
are you guys lily brothers because I get confuesd
avril sanchez
'avril sanchez' 1 year ago
ask him about
Sherry Stevens
'Sherry Stevens' 1 year ago
he was watching suicide squad
Roxanne Guenette
'Roxanne Guenette' 1 year ago
we are friendly folks ;)
Lps lightning paw 3000
RIP sunshine
Drunken Donkey
'Drunken Donkey' 1 year ago
Click bait
waspwatch 2
'waspwatch 2' 1 year ago
it's not that big of a snowstorm we get way worse up north
Linda Burris
'Linda Burris' 1 year ago
I would love to go to a reptile zoo🐍🐍🐍🐉🐊🐊🐊🐊
Arnel Madula
'Arnel Madula' 1 year ago
Really cool
FireStorm 18
'FireStorm 18' 1 year ago
are any of them snakes your's
'Cliffy' 1 year ago
Cachetona Videos
'Cachetona Videos' 1 year ago
That's sssso asome 😋😋😅😅😅
GymnastForLife AndForEver
I know I'm late but great video, I hope someday i could meet you and you are by far my favorite youtuber. I think from watching you handling snakes and me seeing how nice they are maybe someday I could hold one. My brother had a corn snake I was to afraid to touch, I can't touch him now because he died a long time ago I wish I would've touched before he left us.
'RocketheReptile' 1 year ago
You should come to the reptile show in Puyallup, Washington on march 25th
'RocketheReptile' 1 year ago
1:50 seems like a fetish😂
'RocketheReptile' 1 year ago
Great vid but such clickbait
Chris Meyer
'Chris Meyer' 1 year ago
Oh boy went trough the first feeding to day for my new ball python didn't seem to interested in pinkie mice Brian got any better ideas or tips since I kind of had to use the assist system
Yael Gante Gante
'Yael Gante Gante' 1 year ago
there is little snakes in my backyard
'JayHD' 1 year ago
After watching your vlogs brian,i got myself a ball python its a pastel lemonblast,SNAKE ARE MY FAVORITE ANIMAL NOW!
Ninja Kiwi
'Ninja Kiwi' 1 year ago
Santa's getting some b**chs
Emma Lili
'Emma Lili' 1 year ago
I'm loving ur vlogs! The edits are awesome, funny and very creative. You are doing a great job! And also, I love the music you put in them, were do you find it? Keep doing what you do, I enjoy it very much. <3 Hugs from Sweden
Auryan Vlogs
'Auryan Vlogs' 1 year ago
I've been watching your channel for so long and I've learned so much about snakes I really didn't like them until I got my ball python I subscribed and liked
Casey Bard
'Casey Bard' 1 year ago
how did you get all the snake's that is such a big group of snake's
Casey Bard
'Casey Bard' 1 year ago
I love snakes!!!!!
Shine Souls
'Shine Souls' 1 year ago
You have such CUTE dogs 🐕and the best snakes I love the ball pythons which one is your favorite snake🐍
Mario Martinez
'Mario Martinez' 1 year ago
Eres increíble hombre,que gran trabajo haces con tus serpientes,soy de Argentina y admiro mucho la pasión con la que haces todo,un abrazo desde Argentina.
The cute Narwall
'The cute Narwall' 1 year ago
Oh my
'C O B R A' 1 year ago
Fuck why your not at Quebec
Reginald Hogg
'Reginald Hogg' 1 year ago
do u sell snakes online if so how much money are they
squad leader
'squad leader' 1 year ago
chewy looked mighty happy with that girl on his lap lol
squad leader
'squad leader' 1 year ago
rip sunshine we miss uuuuuuu
locke cage
'locke cage' 1 year ago
how many christmas trees do u have 12
Jozef Ivanov
'Jozef Ivanov' 1 year ago
Omg how many christmas trees do you guys have? Do you put gifts under all of them or is there a certain special one?
'CJML' 1 year ago
anyone know the name of the girl on 4:45 ? for you know,, research purposes
Emma Mccormick
'Emma Mccormick' 1 year ago
Im from Canada 💖💖😘
Emma Mccormick
'Emma Mccormick' 1 year ago
I dont like snakes but now i want to learn more and more. Its so nice to see someone so positive it really makes my day .....thank you 💖❄️
Mekhi Washington
'Mekhi Washington' 1 year ago
this guy is my favorite animal youtuber
Sophia Carroll
'Sophia Carroll' 1 year ago
Amazing content again from you I wish I had snow in the U.K.
Lil g Flores
'Lil g Flores' 1 year ago
That one girl was thick af😱💀
Alayla Simon
'Alayla Simon' 1 year ago
I love ❤️ ur videos Brian ❤️
'Mid12nt' 1 year ago
Love the video. Very cheerful and upbeat, and I loved seeing the snow.
Rayan Bari
'Rayan Bari' 1 year ago
Will you ever come to Ottawa someday?
Rocky Phillips
'Rocky Phillips' 1 year ago
Chewy is like bad Santa in real life
emoji Kid
'emoji Kid' 1 year ago
Toxic Galletaz
'Toxic Galletaz' 1 year ago
U are honestly the best... Period!!
'魔人ブウ' 1 year ago
and those Jellyfishes wow I want that but its sooo expensive
'魔人ブウ' 1 year ago
'bluedan82' 1 year ago
lmao... santa was about to pop a boner. i'd have let her sit on my lap all day.
angiebeanfuls paranormal adventures
I must admit Brian i adore your vlogs and snake bytes i love your enthusiasm for snakes and showing people they really are not out to kill i bred my 1st corns this year and the babies are doing fantastic !!! i just bought my 1st baby boa a month ago im besotted with her just a common boa with bows down her back but she has an amazing temperament hillarious my husbands like you cant keep all the babies lol im like peter you just dont understand lol beware guys snakes are an addiction so theraputic my 7 month old grandaughters coming in 3 hours im very excited to show her our snakes ...your a great ambassador for snakes and all reptiles and i love how you show the world and educate them keep up the great work while i continue watching all your vids just love them :-) have a great xmas Angie
'RobbiLee100' 1 year ago
I got teary eyed over that mug. What a nice gift.
Dragon Tamer Reptiles
Looks like a fun trip! I was seeing pics from this expo on Fb. Saw SHE Reptiles there, very cool!
Makeup Maven 718
'Makeup Maven 718' 1 year ago
I watch your videos in the morning on the way to work. You always inspire me to smile and know that there will be a great day ahead! Are you going to be selling any skinks soon?? I'm looking for a snow/blizzard/leucistic. Something more on the light/white side of the color spectrum.
Mitch_026 Arnhem
'Mitch_026 Arnhem' 1 year ago
Yaaaaassss congrats on 100k subscribersssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!
Evan Barrett Nadon
i LIVE in canada it isn't that cold!
Billy Jarvis
'Billy Jarvis' 1 year ago
100k BRIAN!!!! WOOHOO!!!
James Dvorak
'James Dvorak' 1 year ago
That mug is so awesome!! People are awesome!!!!
James Dvorak
'James Dvorak' 1 year ago
Can't believe Chewy cut all his hair off!!!
Wayne Carpenter
'Wayne Carpenter' 1 year ago
Chewy has made the full transition into bad santa lol the bud hat is a nice touch
Katherine Rappleye
Same. I watch your videos while I'm working thirds. I wish there was a place close to me where I could take my kids and go get over this fear of snakes. I almost cry just thinking about holding one but I want to overcome this. Thanks for your positive messages. I'm going to add your vlogs in our "ok to watch youtubers" list for my kids. I love what you do. And mental health awareness is definitely needed. I struggle with anxiety and try to talk about it as often as I can. Its an issue that isolates you from others so the more we talk about it the less someone else may feel alone. thanks for doing what you do. AND it may be time for some Chewy bites. That guy is flipping hilarious to watch. (I hope you name baby daddy after Chewy)
Waleed Also aids
'Waleed Also aids' 1 year ago
100000 subs congratulation
samasia skipperable
Was Santa happy day❓
Shivam Patel
'Shivam Patel' 1 year ago
Congrats on a 💯
samasia skipperable
🐍🐍🐍🐍Too BAD Lori couldn't go see Xmas trees🍑
'GAYBOY26' 1 year ago
where should i bey a sanke at Brain im in Australia
'GAYBOY26' 1 year ago
this mite be dumb but can u get ball pythons in Australia. some 1 plz tell me thx
Logan Nelson
'Logan Nelson' 1 year ago
hey brian. congratualtions on 100,000. my girlfriend and i are looking into getting a new reptile. we had a box turtle who sadly passed away. we want to get a cool chameleon... preferably one that changes colors. whats the the best way to start and what kind should we look at??
Rachele Strank
'Rachele Strank' 1 year ago
Glad you enjoyed the Reptile Expo and made it home in one piece!. And it was really nice to see you there. I loved your last vlog at Reptilia. I've been there too and it's an awesome place. But I was hoping to buy a couple of your Don't Fear Respect T-Shirts at the show for my husband and I though. Oh well, see you at the next Reptile Show maybe!
callum jordan
'callum jordan' 1 year ago
congratulations on 100k subs brian :) well done i love your videos just cant get enough ! thank you :) and have a great day
Mr stopmotion 21
'Mr stopmotion 21' 1 year ago
I'm from canada
Antonio Cherichel
'Antonio Cherichel' 1 year ago
Who else really misses sunshine...
'Roadfart' 1 year ago
4:46 dang those legs!
'Laly_39' 1 year ago
ALMOST 100K!!! thank you so much for making awesome videos, we love you x3
Exodus 2017
'Exodus 2017' 1 year ago
It sucks its not snowing in Missouri...
Eric Kovack
'Eric Kovack' 1 year ago
I wish I knew you were coming to Toronto I live a half hour north of Toronto! I was at the expo last month!
Shawn Soroko
'Shawn Soroko' 1 year ago
100k very soon man, any idea what you will do for a 100,000 subscriber video?
'Pangolin224' 1 year ago
I'll tell u what
Brandon Geneau
'Brandon Geneau' 1 year ago
Is this the Expo at Downsview Park? I'm looking at going to the one in February 2017, it will be my first expo ever..
'1softkiss' 1 year ago
Hi Chewy :) Sure have missed you tons over the years !! You should see your namesake my Coastal Carpet Python that you helped pick out for me he's a beast at 11 feet and the coolest snake ever :o)
Keyon Gaming and more
I know that place it's downsview park convention centre. I go there for all my expo if it's a reptile expo. Brian I met you at the pet expo at the international centre a few months ago. It was such a pleasure.
'Honda450r' 1 year ago
click bait much
Aaron Hayden
'Aaron Hayden' 1 year ago
Thank you for coming to Canada
OniiChanYamete! Kyahh!!
i thought it was one of those gif bait vids like girl catches fish with a big ass fish photoshop or man kills snake with huge ass snake photoshop
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