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Walk Of Fame Official Trailer (2017) Scott Eastwood Comedy Movie HD -
Published: 1 year ago By: ONE Media

By: ONE MediaPublished: 1 year ago

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14, 384 Likes   5, 720 Dislikes

Walk Of Fame Trailer (2017) Scott Eastwood Comedy Movie HD [Official Trailer]
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Logan the car guy
'Logan the car guy' 2 days ago
Looks awful
Gabriela Garcia
'Gabriela Garcia' 2 weeks ago
Dean Pinto
'Dean Pinto' 2 weeks ago
This is the most confusing movie trailer
Olivier C
'Olivier C' 1 month ago
What kind of dumbass Hollywood producer thought this was a good script ?
Alyssa Wong
'Alyssa Wong' 1 month ago
It kinda looks like it was made using iMovie trailer...
Mii Ki
'Mii Ki' 1 month ago
Forty seconds in, and there's already a rape/sexual assault joke. Yeah, no thank you.
Anime obama
'Anime obama' 1 month ago
It’s pretty bad but I would still watch it
'HAARD Done' 2 months ago
I wasn't going to watch it, it's funny it's like an independent movie but gives you chuckles they're losers.
Ezra aloyevielara
'Ezra aloyevielara' 2 months ago
"I feel like I was ridden hard and put away hot and wet" lol lol lol
'Minotauronabike' 2 months ago
He He
'He He' 2 months ago
Test Channel
'Test Channel' 2 months ago
A shining example of why I think Hollywood is right when it criticizes Trump for saying a bad thing about a woman's private parts.
Evie Porter
'Evie Porter' 2 months ago
What is this movie even about.. I don't get it?
Genome Paranoia
'Genome Paranoia' 2 months ago
Holy jesus christ...If I were Scott Eastwood I'd be going for way better movies. He's just good looking, he dont have the acting chops like his father.
jj Watt
'jj Watt' 2 months ago
Look like a low budget film
Midland Redux
'Midland Redux' 3 months ago
So, the female lead is on screen half the trailer, but she doesn't rate a name listing? It's one of those old-style comedies where the men are all schlubs and they still have to get the hot chick with no personality?
Midland Redux
'Midland Redux' 3 months ago
So, the female lead is on screen half the trailer, but she doesn't rate a name listing? It's one of those old-style comedies where the men are all schlubs and they still have to get the hot chick with no personality?
Sarah Anna
'Sarah Anna' 3 months ago
only watching this cause scott is in it lol
Chaotic Collision
'Chaotic Collision' 3 months ago
No... Just, come on, no... What even was this
Alexandra Brodin
'Alexandra Brodin' 3 months ago
Just watched this movie... it was very very bad... Just a heads up ladies and gentlemen
Adrian Collins
'Adrian Collins' 3 months ago
Yeah, no.
Annamart •
'Annamart •' 3 months ago
Sam Lerner ( Geoff Schwartz-The Goldbergs)
Sweet Honey Bee
'Sweet Honey Bee' 3 months ago
This is still a reality
tina em
'tina em' 3 months ago
Wtf is this even about
Jerry Jazzbo
'Jerry Jazzbo' 3 months ago
Rawhide, he ain't.
'Harveydude' 3 months ago
nice vid
'VBITES1' 4 months ago
Watch dark comedy BLACK WIDOWS trailer on Movieclips! Got Prime?Watch now no charge!
Katarina DC
'Katarina DC' 4 months ago
i dont get it
Matt Vsp
'Matt Vsp' 4 months ago
Why does this look like it’s made from iMovie
Daegog The Wyrdmake
'Daegog The Wyrdmake' 4 months ago
When a comedy trailer doesn't even make you smile..... Yeah this is trash.
Maisie Wirth
'Maisie Wirth' 4 months ago
OMG it's the guy from wildest dreams!
Jack Carmichael
'Jack Carmichael' 4 months ago
The only reason Scott Eastwood is in this is because his dad is Clint Eastwood Man what a fall from grace
Ulu mariana Maria Ulu
I read the coment's and and it's really funny,😂😂You guys are more funny than the movie😊😊
'NeesyTee' 4 months ago
Fired for naked photos? Right. This movie was literally made in 2004 and they're only now releasing it right? Please tell me that's the case here.
Khairunnaim Ismail
'Khairunnaim Ismail' 4 months ago
Im literally wasting my 2 hours of life downloding and watching this crappy movie.... Wait, is it even a movie?!!!
Hastin Nuraini
'Hastin Nuraini' 4 months ago
Hello all introduce my name Hastin Nuraini Jalan Lilin Mas 6 Dadaprejo Junrejo Batu East Java - Indonesia Tel: 62-81334887683 I love to write and have a series of short stories I want to sell a movie script for Hollywood And one day want to be a jury at the film festival Greetings from Indonesia
Cynthia Urrea
'Cynthia Urrea' 5 months ago
Omg poor Eastwood why!?!
Meltem Karakus
'Meltem Karakus' 5 months ago
I couldn't watch anymore after the plugged into my dog part
Naira Gatsby
'Naira Gatsby' 5 months ago
This film is honestly one of the worst films i have ever watched in my life
Dame International
'Dame International' 5 months ago
Wtf is this?? Couldn’t even make it thru the entire trailer, what a mess!
P.C. Π.Χ.Φ.Ω
'P.C. Π.Χ.Φ.Ω' 5 months ago
Once Scott Eastwood plays in a western he'll man up.....
Bukola Popoola
'Bukola Popoola' 5 months ago
What's Scott Eastwood done to his face??
Soukaina Angel
'Soukaina Angel' 5 months ago
Christine O
'Christine O'Prey' 5 months ago
This looks awful! Scott is too good for this! What is he doing? He deserves a lead role as he can really act. He was great in the Longest Ride, i loved that movie! Poor guy just needs to be given better roles!
'Jame's' 5 months ago
was that "Ted Mosby"
Mojos Bigstick
'Mojos Bigstick' 6 months ago
If all the laughs are in the trailer, oh dear.
'cubonic' 6 months ago
It looks like it was edited in iMovie.
O Shit
'O Shit' 6 months ago
Sometimes I get down and then watch this trailer, then I feel a lot better about myself because it's so fucking awful.
'Kevin' 6 months ago
Video ends at 3:08 thats why its gonna be shot with once its released
Shahida SterolineRKBieberMC
Scott is beautiful and I loved longest ride but this looks terrible
Sanjushree Dhara
'Sanjushree Dhara' 7 months ago
Walk of shame Walk of fame What's next? Walk of lame.
'JujuLove7079' 7 months ago
Ummm was literally just on Netflix when I was thinking wow this is a really bad movie but looks so familiar I wonder why... then I realized came back and I saw it on YouTube a few nights back lml
Sham Adams
'Sham Adams' 7 months ago
hes the next Chris Evans, sure he will get shit roles now and in a few years but im sure he will get bigger and better roles after 5 years time like Chris Evans.
Paige Leigh
'Paige Leigh' 7 months ago
So what's this movie about?
Nađa Bulatović
'Nađa Bulatović' 7 months ago
Things that are funnier than this include drowning.Being on fire.That type of stuff.
Super Bowl Dave
'Super Bowl Dave' 7 months ago
The girl in this is SUPER HOT
'calafeast' 7 months ago
A 3 min trailer? They are really trying hard to find an audience for this. A certain level of thirst.
Droki Cakau
'Droki Cakau' 7 months ago
Gees, just watched this whole movie - the worst, I mean the WORST ever ever ever! Makes no sense, the most terrible clichees, bad acting, jokes? what jokes? DON'T even think about watching this!!
Alyssa Wong
'Alyssa Wong' 7 months ago
Is it just me who thinks that the trailer is made using iMovie?
'Ch'Nell Amos' 7 months ago
Watching this right now in wtf mode. It's awful. The trailer is great compared to the movie itself. It's the writing, not the actors...well not all of them. Overdone and underwhelming.
Claire _MSDancer
'Claire _MSDancer' 7 months ago
One of the lady's is from Glee. She was Marleys mom.
irfan nurjati
'irfan nurjati' 7 months ago
can i join to be figure. inmove, i ca acting comedy, hehe
'Rasputin' 7 months ago
Discount Denise Richard?
'IceCream' 8 months ago
what the fuck is happening in the movie
'Elizabeth' 8 months ago
I don't even understand the trailer the fuck?
Brittney E
'Brittney E' 8 months ago
I watched this trailer for about 45 seconds. Why does a trailer need to be 3 min?? In the 45 seconds that I watched, I can tell this movie is pure trash
SuperSaiyan Tj
'SuperSaiyan Tj' 8 months ago
wow the fat lady from glee is here and the june from brotherly lobe is here too
Lead Recharges
'Lead Recharges' 8 months ago
I just watched the movie. There was no fucking plot.
'darkspd31' 8 months ago
Clint Eastwood son, wow, fallen from grace pal
'SuperFighter135' 8 months ago
I'm going to watch this!
'Salt' 8 months ago
Yes a story about a handsome guy chasing a hot girl and somehow she finds him not attractive at all...makes perfect sense!
Lin 555
'Lin 555' 8 months ago
His love interest looks like his sister. He doesn't compare to his father at all.
Jacob Ryan
'Jacob Ryan' 8 months ago
Chris Kattan using other peoples jokes.. he still ain't funny.
Victoria Dondo
'Victoria Dondo' 8 months ago
Girl: I just got humped by a dude with a black face Black guy: no had a black mask not a black face 😂
'salinas831100' 8 months ago
Usually the trailer shows the best parts of the movie yet this is terrible ... like really really bad ...
gigi black
'gigi black' 8 months ago
1.) What the hell is the plot of this movie. 2.) In the real world nobody would reject Scott Eastwood. 3.) Did some college friends make this movie with their start up money. 4.) Why did Scott Eastwood even accept this movie is the real mystery here.
sam E
'sam E' 8 months ago
What the hell is this Movie about?
'merykey' 8 months ago
aparently fat, old women like to make hot people's lives miserable... so relatable...
Brent Waits
'Brent Waits' 8 months ago
they must of had a huge budget for this movie
Alias S
'Alias S' 8 months ago
Farmer Bob
'Farmer Bob' 8 months ago
no need for me to watch the movie now
Catie Belle
'Catie Belle' 8 months ago
I have no idea what this movie is about..
'BlackfireVatsal' 8 months ago
black mask not face. lol
siham bh
'siham bh' 8 months ago
Scott Eastwood deserves better give him a real script this is terrible
Nick Isip
'Nick Isip' 8 months ago
worst fucking movie ever. when i saw the cops i fcking stopped watching.
'tripjet999' 9 months ago
At least it looks better than Gaurdians of the Galazy or LuLu Land.
'123hoythere' 9 months ago
This looks terrible but who is the girl? She is hot!
Samuel A
'Samuel A' 9 months ago
how do they movies like these r made?? holy shit this shit sucks
'feorix182' 9 months ago
is he doing a favor for the director? why does he involved in this crap?
Covert Wasp
'Covert Wasp' 9 months ago
Look everyone...The handsome, educated, together white man...needs help & advice from Blacks, midgets, queers & retards to succeed.  How perfect, typical Jewish Hollywood.
Judge Mental
'Judge Mental' 9 months ago
$0.8631 Movie, Crap Concept + I don't like Scott Eastwood = Ewwwwwww! :'(
William Woelke
'William Woelke' 9 months ago
Poor scott. Cannot catch a break. If he used a screen name instead of eastwood last name, he could learn better and people would not criticize him so badly on acting. Workshops could be good for him.
Mishell -
'Mishell -' 9 months ago
this looks so bad!!
The Random Sheikha
'The Random Sheikha' 9 months ago
A lot of racist jokes that I hate
Marta Castillo
'Marta Castillo' 9 months ago
Um, I'm confused on what's this movie supposed to be about...
fajar ahmad setiawan
'fajar ahmad setiawan' 9 months ago
I can see how boring this film will be
Sanjushree Dhara
'Sanjushree Dhara' 9 months ago
Walk of fame Walk of shame what's next? Walk of lame?
'Magnolia' 9 months ago
OMG!! is she Beth from modern family!?
seung hyun choi
'seung hyun choi' 9 months ago
I just wasted 3:07 minutes of my time..thankyou!
'gangreneday' 9 months ago
And now I have cancer.
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