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Walk Of Fame Official Trailer (2017) Scott Eastwood Comedy Movie HD -
Published: 6 months ago By: ONE Media

By: ONE MediaPublished: 6 months ago

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9, 866 Likes   5, 065 Dislikes

Walk Of Fame Trailer (2017) Scott Eastwood Comedy Movie HD [Official Trailer]
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Jacob Ryan
'Jacob Ryan' 19 hours ago
Chris Kattan using other peoples jokes.. he still ain't funny.
Victoria Dondo
'Victoria Dondo' 2 days ago
Girl: I just got humped by a dude with a black face Black guy: no had a black mask not a black face 😂
'salinas831100' 4 days ago
Usually the trailer shows the best parts of the movie yet this is terrible ... like really really bad ...
gigi black
'gigi black' 4 days ago
1.) What the hell is the plot of this movie. 2.) In the real world nobody would reject Scott Eastwood. 3.) Did some college friends make this movie with their start up money. 4.) Why did Scott Eastwood even accept this movie is the real mystery here.
sam E
'sam E' 4 days ago
What the hell is this Movie about?
'burgoking' 6 days ago
Who financed and green lit this shit pile of a movie?
'burgoking' 6 days ago
When will Scott Eastwood grow up and film a Spaghetti Western to revive the character of "Blondie" (a.k.a. the Man with No Name)?
'merykey' 7 days ago
aparently fat, old women like to make hot people's lives miserable... so relatable...
Brent Waits
'Brent Waits' 1 week ago
they must of had a huge budget for this movie
MiD_ nIgH_t
'MiD_ nIgH_t' 1 week ago
Farmer Bob
'Farmer Bob' 2 weeks ago
no need for me to watch the movie now
Catie Belle
'Catie Belle' 2 weeks ago
I have no idea what this movie is about..
'BlackfireVatsal' 2 weeks ago
black mask not face. lol
siham bh
'siham bh' 2 weeks ago
Scott Eastwood deserves better give him a real script this is terrible
Nick Isip
'Nick Isip' 2 weeks ago
worst fucking movie ever. when i saw the cops i fcking stopped watching.
'tripjet999' 3 weeks ago
At least it looks better than Gaurdians of the Galazy or LuLu Land.
'123hoythere' 3 weeks ago
This looks terrible but who is the girl? She is hot!
Samuel A
'Samuel A' 3 weeks ago
how do they movies like these r made?? holy shit this shit sucks
'feorix182' 4 weeks ago
is he doing a favor for the director? why does he involved in this crap?
Covert Wasp
'Covert Wasp' 4 weeks ago
Look everyone...The handsome, educated, together white man...needs help & advice from Blacks, midgets, queers & retards to succeed.  How perfect, typical Jewish Hollywood.
Judge Mental
'Judge Mental' 1 month ago
$0.8631 Movie, Crap Concept + I don't like Scott Eastwood = Ewwwwwww! :'(
William Woelke
'William Woelke' 1 month ago
Poor scott. Cannot catch a break. If he used a screen name instead of eastwood last name, he could learn better and people would not criticize him so badly on acting. Workshops could be good for him.
Mishell -
'Mishell -' 1 month ago
this looks so bad!!
The Random Sheikha
'The Random Sheikha' 1 month ago
A lot of racist jokes that I hate
Marta Castillo
'Marta Castillo' 1 month ago
Um, I'm confused on what's this movie supposed to be about...
fajar ahmad setiawan
I can see how boring this film will be
Sanjushree Dhara
'Sanjushree Dhara' 1 month ago
Walk of fame Walk of shame what's next? Walk of lame?
'nao126poko' 1 month ago
OMG!! is she Beth from modern family!?
seung hyun choi
'seung hyun choi' 1 month ago
I just wasted 3:07 minutes of my time..thankyou!
'gangreneday' 1 month ago
And now I have cancer.
Alucard Hellsing
'Alucard Hellsing' 1 month ago
Clint Eastwood junior
Christina Doxstader
'Christina Doxstader' 1 month ago
Not a good sign when you can't tell what the plot is based off the trailer.
Boyd Peters
'Boyd Peters' 1 month ago
Just kept getting worse. Almost from the moment the girl appeared
Happi Fix
'Happi Fix' 1 month ago
Antique Road Show is funnier than this shiet.
'enfelice' 1 month ago
Best part was the ad for Prometheus that played first
Miz Aria
'Miz Aria' 1 month ago
The acting is so terribly fake!!!
Ari Amore
'Ari Amore' 2 months ago
Drew (Scott Eastwood) signs up for an acting class at the famous Star Academy in Hollywood after falling for aspiring actress Nikki. He gets more than he bargained for when he encounters an eccentric and volatile acting coach (Malcolm McDowell) and the cast of crazy characters looking for their big break in Tinsel Town. Can Drew survive the insanity of the Star Academy and win Nikki's heart?
yujhiyanna MI AMOR
'yujhiyanna MI AMOR' 2 months ago
stupid movie
0234 Xx
'0234 Xx' 2 months ago
so bad its good, maybe?
Ultimate Movie Vault
'Ultimate Movie Vault' 2 months ago
Now an attractive, privileged looking guy is supposed to be the nerd?
Jayne Chacko
'Jayne Chacko' 2 months ago
when will they stop using the tropes "conventionally handsome white guy whose worse thing going for him is a shitty job", "girl as piece of meat", "token black best friend", "fat girls are only in this movie to be apart of a joke"
Cindy Gleason
'Cindy Gleason' 2 months ago
I'm just commenting because there were 666 comments on here and we can't have that! 😈
Zoozy G
'Zoozy G' 2 months ago
Still boring
'janaynayification1' 2 months ago
me: why does this have so many dislikes? me: watches trailer* me: oh
Pookie Boop
'Pookie Boop' 2 months ago
Wait, so what's the story here, what is happening in this 'movie' ?
'heathemobster' 2 months ago
Wow, couldn't even make it thru the trailer.
Sony movie
'Sony movie' 2 months ago
23:23 *Walk Of Fame* fuII-movie ( )
Rodrigo Ele
'Rodrigo Ele' 2 months ago
What THE FUCK is up with those title cards??? Who picked them? And the early-2000s, American-Pie-esque music? This is trailer is extremely poorly made.
Jenni Lynns
'Jenni Lynns' 2 months ago
This does not look good
'arrghgarry' 2 months ago
Arent the tralers supposed to shoow the best bits
'KittyCutey12' 2 months ago
Uccellini, anyway why doesn't Hansel get more time in the trailer. That dude is so weird. just watch the full movie
Hugh Jass
'Hugh Jass' 2 months ago
I wish they'd remake Dirty Harry with Scott
Mak Lau ═.)
'Mak Lau ═.)' 2 months ago
Help me daddy :'(
Facundicio Osuna
'Facundicio Osuna' 3 months ago
I didn't find sense to this at all
'Raider1990' 3 months ago
Based on the trailer's complete lack of production value, I'd venture a guess that this movie is being released just to fulfill some kind of contractual obligation. Either way, it looks awful.
'messylittleraindrops' 3 months ago
Scott Eastwood should stick to Romantic dramas. comedy is not his thing.
Paul Santos
'Paul Santos' 3 months ago
Lol. Just recognized Eddie George as a cop in this movie at the end of the trailer. Movie looks funny.
Pete Dizbon
'Pete Dizbon' 3 months ago
Ummm NO
'Moneyshot' 3 months ago
Clint must be very proud of him.
'l.xtasy' 3 months ago
did anyone understand what's that movie about? i don't know if the trailer is so horrible or the whole movie.....but i guess 3.2 on imdb speaks for itself
The Flash
'The Flash' 3 months ago
Jed Mosly
Jose Vazquez
'Jose Vazquez' 3 months ago
It looks really bad :(
Isaac Ingram
'Isaac Ingram' 3 months ago
This movie isn’t receiving the praise its due! From the trailer's first impression, Walk of Fame looks raunchy and lowbrow but the film delivers on a deeper level. Behind heavyweight acting from Malcolm McDowell as the acting instructor, this film captures the serious essence of the acting world in huge but hilarious way. What I enjoyed most about Walk of Shame was the ridiculous acting class scenes spearheaded by Saturday Night Lives' Chris Kattan.
Freddie Grace
'Freddie Grace' 3 months ago
This looks like a bad comedy from the late 80s.
'Heelcrackbangs' 3 months ago
So does this movie hit on every stereotype?
Tabs T
'Tabs T' 3 months ago
This looks terrible
Charleen Swiger
'Charleen Swiger' 3 months ago
razzie award
'Unit721' 3 months ago
Really bad movie...couldn't make it to the end
'SafiyaL08' 3 months ago
I should have listened to these comments. But nope; I was too curious and wanted to give it a try first..............I lasted 33:52 into the movie and had to cut it off. It's awful! This movie doesn't work at all for a Scott Eastwood. He's so much better than this.
'gavotheman' 3 months ago
Looks fucking dog shit
'akahomie100' 3 months ago
How2profit off a feminist movie 101.
Mclean Milne
'Mclean Milne' 3 months ago
every film maker needs something to look back on and go... well it paid the rent : (
Nich Hype
'Nich Hype' 3 months ago
Is that Eddie George at the end?
'PLZ FILMZ' 3 months ago
scott eastwood is as funny as a panda with leukemia
'missmommy185' 3 months ago couldn't of told your son to stear clear of this crap ? This trailer looks bad and Poor Chris Kataan...I remember him from Night at the Roxbury from so many years ago
siham bh
'siham bh' 3 months ago
Holy shit Scott Eastwood this is not your type of movies babe what are you doing?!!!
RM Ikhsan
'RM Ikhsan' 3 months ago
Who is the Nikki?
**The Happy Hoot**
'**The Happy Hoot**' 3 months ago
"Mask...not a face.." This one got me!!
Nguyễn Hữu Vương
3.8/10 what the hell ?
Fonzie Ru
'Fonzie Ru' 3 months ago
that girl looks really pretty. That's the most compliment I could give for this clip.
Fitness Jones
'Fitness Jones' 3 months ago
There were actual studio executives who approved this trailer. they watched it and said 'yep this is a good trailer. go ahead and release it.'
Natalie G
'Natalie G' 3 months ago
this world is over.
Shana Del Rae
'Shana Del Rae' 3 months ago
This movie trailer is giving me late 90's B movie trailer Vibes, I'm in!!!!!!!!!!
Napa Cook
'Napa Cook' 3 months ago
Awful lmao
'KittyCutey12' 3 months ago
Drew signs up for an acting class at the famous Star Academy in Hollywood after falling for aspiring actress Nikki. He gets more than he bargained for when he encounters an eccentric and volatile acting coach and the cast of crazy characters looking for their big break in Tinsel Town. Can Drew survive the insanity of the Star Academy and win Nikki's heart? *Yeah, I google it.*
Alex Castro
'Alex Castro' 3 months ago
How can you not get that reference
shekhar yadav
'shekhar yadav' 3 months ago
Well this was shitty!!!
'I'm Aurora' 3 months ago
Who the fuck wrote this dumb screen play I give this movie zero 🌟 This movie should be called I lost my marbles while I was shiting on the toilet
Krissy Norman
'Krissy Norman' 3 months ago
fillerz. #¢¢soon.
Krissy Norman
'Krissy Norman' 3 months ago
#mkuplvit #doll #uni ornz #sephora #fameous #mnyythingz. awezz. lvvuuudoll.
'DangerousDavies2008' 3 months ago
This trailer has the appeal of a damp cloth.
Santos Lewynn
'Santos Lewynn' 3 months ago
Scott: Look, Dad, every great actor has acted in a dud once in a while. Clint: You re talking about my movie with that orangutan, aren't ya. ya know Clyde and I better on screen chemistry than you and watzername.
Luis Gonzalez
'Luis Gonzalez' 3 months ago
overrated. This role should have been younger.
'dee2525' 3 months ago
well this movie is going to suck!
Abdullah Nasser
'Abdullah Nasser' 3 months ago
Movies these days man!
Benjamin Taylor
'Benjamin Taylor' 3 months ago
I felt like I just watched 2 trailers for different movies. This looks like garbage
Rico Ildefonso
'Rico Ildefonso' 3 months ago
Not a good movie.. but on 1:11 he really kind of look like chris evans
Taylor Zamora
'Taylor Zamora' 3 months ago
Scott Eastwood....why dude why. You're better than this.
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