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6 Amazing Cooking Tricks -
Published: 2 years ago By: How To Make Sushi

By: How To Make SushiPublished: 2 years ago

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6 Crazy tricks to use in the kitchen!

List of tricks in this video:

6) Easy egg shelling
5) Garlic shelling
4) Kiwi skin removal
3) Banana cutting trick
2) Paprika cutting
1) Simple potato peeling


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'karuna's kitchen' 6 hours ago
Very nice recipe , Please watch my recipe also Thanks
Kirsty Wright
'Kirsty Wright' 1 week ago
We call your Paprika, capsicums here in Australia
Vibil Raj
'Vibil Raj' 1 week ago
Hey garlic it was awesome because I have hard time with garlic removing
Aumkar Mhaske
'Aumkar Mhaske' 1 week ago
Time saver.😊
Theodore Hamm Jr
'Theodore Hamm Jr' 1 week ago
Fatimah Ali
'Fatimah Ali' 1 week ago
Umid Haeemsh
'Umid Haeemsh' 1 week ago
Sooooooooooo Nice
nandeepsamyu nandhini partheeban
Potato peeling trick was very nice
Virpal Kaur
'Virpal Kaur' 2 weeks ago
Aweng Azhari
'Aweng Azhari' 3 weeks ago
Poor banana...
'NITYA G DAS' 3 weeks ago
Mind blowing bro
'KoolKatMoney20' 3 weeks ago
Put mentos in coke shake like mad
Habib Shah
'Habib Shah' 4 weeks ago
Nice bro
Jigmet Namgail
'Jigmet Namgail' 4 weeks ago
Rubab Ahmer
'Rubab Ahmer' 4 weeks ago
very nice
Peter Yeong
'Peter Yeong' 4 weeks ago
Abdulsalam Almahdi
'Abdulsalam Almahdi' 4 weeks ago
shake it shake it.
Chef Ramsay
'Chef Ramsay' 1 month ago
KH Rural Life
'KH Rural Life' 1 month ago
She Brisbane
'She Brisbane' 1 month ago
very nice
Goel Sister
Looks nice.. Also check how to make recipes in easiest way on my channel.
'Sandvink' 2 months ago
The paprika you should cut with the tougher skin on the board. It cut's much easier. The soft part must be up.
Miss Amanda
'Miss Amanda's world' 2 months ago
Not buying is starting at #5
Ginger Bear121
'Ginger Bear121' 2 months ago
Did anyone else notice the happy face on the core in tip #2??
Gurnoor Aulakh
'Gurnoor Aulakh' 2 months ago
wow!really very nice tricks
Isabella Garcia
'Isabella Garcia' 2 months ago
helpful free for the item
Gabreala Marshall
'Gabreala Marshall' 2 months ago
"Or you can just easily pull it off, very easily."-How to Make Sushi Guy @ 1:17
Explosive Bedrock
'Explosive Bedrock' 2 months ago
just eat the kiwi with the skin. I think it tastes better.
mallaiah swamy
'mallaiah swamy' 2 months ago
Potato good
mallaiah swamy
'mallaiah swamy' 2 months ago
Garlic lies
Farhan Afandi
'Farhan Afandi' 2 months ago
Very bad page
angie diaz
'angie diaz' 2 months ago
#1 is the best one
Evil V
'Evil V' 3 months ago
What is with the obsession with eggs?
Vikruthi Kishore
'Vikruthi Kishore' 3 months ago
Lol my teacher did the trick with the banana and then I was like something is fishy about that and now I know that you just cut it with a needle 😂😂✌🏻️❤️
Michelle Petkovic Photography
With the kiwi trick, do the same with a mango! It works better to be honest
Kashi Gondal
'Kashi Gondal' 3 months ago
Salm South Africa
Kashi Gondal
'Kashi Gondal' 3 months ago
Abdulrahman al
'Abdulrahman al' 3 months ago
"Shake like a man " A feminist got triggered
Nirmala Reddy
'Nirmala Reddy' 3 months ago
karl karlson
'karl karlson' 3 months ago
fake and gay
'CounterBunny' 3 months ago
Am I the only one who eats kiwi with the skin? (sorry for bad england)
Shaikh Don
'Shaikh Don' 3 months ago
thanks ☺
D Sanchez
'D Sanchez' 3 months ago
Cunt head
La Tui
'La Tui' 3 months ago
That garlic trick is amazing.  Can't wait to try this!
fahd s
'fahd s' 4 months ago
Paprika? It's a red bell pepper
Cook with Nikkisha
'Cook with Nikkisha' 4 months ago
wow yaar great tricks.....
'LisaDawnn' 4 months ago
This should be subtitlted: How to make easy tasks harder.
dong wang
'dong wang' 4 months ago
Oviie Mbem
'Oviie Mbem' 4 months ago
Nice trick! thanks, it help a lot.
'Glitterbomb45' 4 months ago
I love the garlic in the jar!! Excellent!
Mojjo M
'Mojjo M' 4 months ago
he did not waste natural resources like water and wastage of food at least for that capciscum ... which was relief to watch
'Phantomshotgun' 4 months ago
would the potato trick work on an Idaho potato?
'The 'Nexus'' 4 months ago
Sorry there are no cons in Ireland ty SPUD //.: rip
ramiro tirado
'ramiro tirado' 4 months ago
I liked the potatoes trick
Marisa in the Kitchen
For BEST food recipes and tricks, visit my channel !!!!!
'Quicktasty'cs' 4 months ago
:-O I gotta cook potatoes today and try that! Thanks for the video :)
Bro Cooking With Jay
'Bro Cooking With Jay' 4 months ago
Wow, totally didn't know you could do that with garlic. I've been missing out on life. Where have I been. I must be giving the worst advice to people on my cooking channel.
Ritesh Chouksey
'Ritesh Chouksey' 5 months ago
very good
channel coba - coba
'channel coba - coba' 5 months ago
subscribe me
الله سمانا المسلمين ،من أنتم يا سنة وشيعة ؟
Ok ,thx for the tips and I have for you ,next time try to open the banana from the other side you showed us in the video ,it's more easy .
Ryan Thomas Namia
'Ryan Thomas Namia' 5 months ago
its easy if you jack off too much
the lytics
'the lytics' 5 months ago
the bottom of the bell pepper looked like a fidget spinner xD
زهرة اللوتس
very nice
Martin Ngaruiya
'Martin Ngaruiya' 5 months ago
I will use the banana trick when i am high asf
'FAW' 5 months ago
You can eat kiwi skins
AandA ToysReview
'AandA ToysReview' 5 months ago
awesome tricks!
'BULLET V' 5 months ago
SUPER 👌👌👌👍👍👍
Safak Frank
'Safak Frank' 5 months ago
a trick to eat banana...just grab it, remove the skin and eat it.
Jad Wooz
'Jad Wooz' 5 months ago
so what did you cook here?
Gaiseric Saikokingu
'Gaiseric Saikokingu' 5 months ago
Thanks for calling it tricks and not "hacks"
Jarmy Fuzble
'Jarmy Fuzble' 5 months ago
Worthless and time consuming "tricks" . Except for the pepper cutting method. Your knife is dull, I can hear it. . Never boil potatoes whole and never start them in already boiling water as they will not cook evenly. Always cut to uniform size pieces and always start in cold water.
taba enciso
'taba enciso' 5 months ago
1:07 did someone else thought that he was going to put the cloves back into the jar just to shake it like mad again to chop the garlic?
'JAckiE BERG' 5 months ago
Okay you officially makes my life easier...
'JAckiE BERG' 5 months ago
shake like mad...
Darsha Sorokhaibam
'Darsha Sorokhaibam' 5 months ago
and shake like crazy
Kausar M
'Kausar M' 5 months ago
soo nice... amazing
Pindyy SvS
'Pindyy SvS' 5 months ago
some very handy and quick tips. but WTF was het doing to that Paprika? thats not a good way to prepare a paprika
rashmi randika
'rashmi randika' 5 months ago
good jobe I am Sri Lanka
mahim sultana
'mahim sultana' 5 months ago
wow really amazing...................
Srivithya K
'Srivithya K' 5 months ago
It's really interesting nd it's very EC way to do work at kitchen.... thank you
Shabana Shaikh
'Shabana Shaikh' 6 months ago
i like the potato one
'nafi' 6 months ago
very good tip for peeling potatoes.
saim tron
'saim tron' 6 months ago
just cut the banana with knife it much faster
Karishma Rajput
'Karishma Rajput' 6 months ago
It was amazing....
iqra daud
'iqra daud' 6 months ago
omg garlic recipe is besttt
sarahvicky sarahvicky
lis hansk
'lis hansk' 6 months ago
Potato peeling did not work. Made the potato mushy, watery, and peeling was a big mess.
Yvette Talita
'Yvette Talita' 6 months ago
its really cool!
'DUHitsBRI' 6 months ago
your channel is cool
Adrian G
'Adrian G' 6 months ago
Nice tips but cutting banana inside its skin with a needle is kinda dumb. :D
Vineeta Parihar
'Vineeta Parihar' 6 months ago
Nice video
Calvin cratic
'Calvin cratic' 6 months ago
he opens a banana wrong😑😑😑😑😐😐😐😲😲😲😲😲
Katerina Vlachopoulos
I just discovered your channel and it blows my mind. Where has this been all my life? Well done, good videos! Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Have a fab day :)
Hydroman 1
'Hydroman 1' 6 months ago
Kagan Morcom
'Kagan Morcom' 6 months ago
Only one egg hack? I Need more egg hacks.
Albin Olsson
'Albin Olsson' 6 months ago
The shell of the kiwi gives it a nice acidic taste, so why would you peel it of?
Jasir Khan
'Jasir Khan' 6 months ago
0:55 chickenVoice when u were shaking
KH village
'KH village' 6 months ago
Wow good job nice video new style
Okleaving Now
'Okleaving Now' 6 months ago
I love your videos that is so amazing it has helped me so much in my kitchen when I'm cooking thank you
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