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6 Amazing Cooking Tricks -
Published: 1 year ago By: How To Make Sushi

By: How To Make SushiPublished: 1 year ago

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6 Crazy tricks to use in the kitchen!

List of tricks in this video:

6) Easy egg shelling
5) Garlic shelling
4) Kiwi skin removal
3) Banana cutting trick
2) Paprika cutting
1) Simple potato peeling


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Aramis Dennard
'Aramis Dennard' 6 hours ago
cool tips
amna hunny
'amna hunny' 8 hours ago
wao awesome
Thalía Rojas
'Thalía Rojas' 1 day ago
Are you single? I think i need you in my life!
Designer Girl
'Designer Girl' 2 days ago
I like your bids and pleas sudscribe to !y channel
Paper Clip_
'Paper Clip_' 2 days ago
The garlic and boiled egg methods are great, I always struggled to get the skin and shell off.
Rayana Wael
'Rayana Wael' 4 days ago
They are awesome❕Is there any way to peel a mango easily ❓❓
Litchi The Derp
'Litchi The Derp' 4 days ago
gud video
May S
'May S' 6 days ago
wtf these are genius
'vishakx3' 6 days ago
you r amazing in cooking stuff
Betty Clark
'Betty Clark' 6 days ago
I tell you, I wish I'd known you thirty years ago. I'm not the handiest person in the kitchen, but maybe you can help me change that.
Willy Pedersen
'Willy Pedersen' 7 days ago
i my opinion, the best hacks of all time.. thaaaaanks.
Kaoten küche
'Kaoten küche' 1 week ago
Thats a nice video.....👍🏻....subscribed...let's be friends!!!! come visit))))
Anjum Siddiqui
'Anjum Siddiqui' 1 week ago
wow too good n easy. thank u so much.
'Lacie&BehBehGirl' 1 week ago
My goodness, I have never subscribed so fast 😂😂 thank you!
Stay Informed
'Stay Informed' 2 weeks ago
If you want to learn how to cook delicious meals for free, you should check out my video! :)
Melanie Martinez cry baby
wait was that a boiled egg the first one
Shaista Shafqat
'Shaista Shafqat' 2 weeks ago
Colin Wright
'Colin Wright' 2 weeks ago
derkingderling “The master”
0:04 i learn that ages ago...again
khyati sachania
'khyati sachania' 2 weeks ago
potato and garlic trick is awesome 😘😘😘😘😘 pls make more videos like this so I can make my cooking easier and speedy!!
Cutie Twins
'Cutie Twins' 2 weeks ago
Munchie Games (Free Games)
Ronda Coen
'Ronda Coen' 2 weeks ago
who is watching this in 2017?
B Garrison
'B Garrison' 2 weeks ago
Absolutely amazing videos!!! Thank you for making all of these may the Lord bless you in your business!
Jonathan Wong Surjana
How to basic
Player Awsome
'Player Awsome' 3 weeks ago
W͙h͙e͙r͙e͙ d͙o͙ y͙o͙u͙ g͙e͙t͙ t͙h͙e͙ t͙r͙i͙c͙k͙s͙?
Serenity Conway
'Serenity Conway' 3 weeks ago
I tried the potato one😢🙁😔 and it didn't work
'YOGES RAJU BAI' 3 weeks ago
'wanderlust' 3 weeks ago
Who the fuck has a sewing needle laying around to use on a banana?
Moonlight Dawn
'Moonlight Dawn' 4 weeks ago
I love the last one - super idea for potatoes!! :D
Pro Skills_32
'Pro Skills_32' 4 weeks ago
How to make sushi - why did you name your channel that ? 😀🍙
Hamster creatif
'Hamster creatif' 4 weeks ago
The third one is great for lunches
'9x9 'x' 4 weeks ago
wOw goOd Jop 😍
Sanjay Bhekre
'Sanjay Bhekre' 4 weeks ago
I loved the tricks
'HASI ASHI' 4 weeks ago
ioni kalcheva
'ioni kalcheva' 4 weeks ago
1 cold or hot water
Cuisine De Jasmine
'Cuisine De Jasmine' 1 month ago
Share my channel guys !!
Aastha Manwani
'Aastha Manwani' 1 month ago
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Homie Duck
'Homie Duck' 1 month ago
Great video! You can do the kiwi one with a mango to! And I subscribed!
Girish Naik
'Girish Naik' 1 month ago
Amazing Tricks
Roky Natalwala
'Roky Natalwala' 1 month ago
Supertigergirl riley
I eat mashed potatoes with the skin
Aaliyah Rouse
'Aaliyah Rouse' 1 month ago
Heather Billing
'Heather Billing' 1 month ago
its a pepper
'PRIYA KUMARI' 1 month ago
Ajay singh Panwar
'Ajay singh Panwar' 1 month ago
Bethany Cadena
'Bethany Cadena' 1 month ago
THANK YOU! My mom's allergic to everything under the sun, including vegetables unless boiled into an unbelievable degree. Cutting everything is so messy though that for the most part we never make them, but maybe now we can! Or maybe I'm just feeling motivated cause it's 2:15 am and I feel amazed! Anyway great video!!
Melanie Hoyle
'Melanie Hoyle' 1 month ago
Wow! You've just saved me hours of hassle peeling fruit and potatoes and trying to fiddle about with peppers when making fajitas! :O
NintendopePokemonFreak Ruben
when he put the egg in the jar, that scared me
keith shuck
'keith shuck' 1 month ago
at 3:07 I thought he said sluts
Fariha Khan
'Fariha Khan' 1 month ago
Avtar Rangeela
'Avtar Rangeela' 1 month ago
very good bro
tm vaiphei
'tm vaiphei' 1 month ago
I'm happy
Rahul mehta
'Rahul mehta' 1 month ago
ronak Bohra
'ronak Bohra' 1 month ago
why dont you eat the banana just like that
Oak paw
'Oak paw' 1 month ago
The banana one was cool
Stylik world
'Stylik world' 1 month ago
i hv just subscribed to your wonderful videos plz subscribe to our channel stylik world and super zone
Ayushi Raj
'Ayushi Raj' 1 month ago
peeling potatoes and garlic was best
Origami World
'Origami World' 1 month ago
yo I loved it
Wolfgirl chan
'Wolfgirl chan' 1 month ago
I didn't hear him say a hard boiled egg and then I just did it with a regular egg and now there's egg all over my floor :(
Sweta Mukherjee
'Sweta Mukherjee' 1 month ago
Azra Fatima
'Azra Fatima' 2 months ago
Banana is too much
'CanadianErin' 2 months ago
The BEST way to make the most amazing mashed potatoes is to throw a few peeled cloves of fresh garlic in the water when you boil them, then just mash the garlic along with the potatoes (I always add some real butter & half & Half cream, a pinch of white pepper and a pinch of kosher salt ... mmmmm, yummy!). Homegrown garlic is much tastier than store-bought garlic, too. ALSO always save the potato water when you drain them your boiled potatoes, freeze it if you have to, because the very best gravy in the world is gravy made with potato water in place of plain water!
Наргиза Салими
с картошкой прикольно. запомню
Roberto A Amador Leon
Paramita Sinha
'Paramita Sinha' 2 months ago
wow awasome
Latoya Thompson
'Latoya Thompson' 2 months ago
Nathan Arbuckle
'Nathan Arbuckle' 2 months ago
everything was very cool except for the red pepper. there is in fact an easier, less dangerous and more efficient way to do it
Jose Alberto
'Jose Alberto' 2 months ago
my god, I did not know that you can peel the garlics or the egg's shell by shaking Amazing! thank you for these tricks.
Bruce Marchetta PCMA
'Bruce Marchetta PCMA' 2 months ago
Might should silly, but Mister Silly wants to know how long should the unpeeled potato be boiled. Senior Bruce learning. Anyone? 11-22-2016.
Hailey White
'Hailey White' 2 months ago
I love ❤️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️ your videos
'NEWS TODAY' 2 months ago
i love this video, thanks ad
Gabriella Janik
'Gabriella Janik' 2 months ago
At 3:26 Rob from ThreadBanger would have sliced his hand off😂
eybel adnan
'eybel adnan' 2 months ago
look your face
Haseeb Haseeb
'Haseeb Haseeb' 2 months ago
fake video
Indonesian recipes
'Indonesian recipes' 2 months ago
must be delicious
Kokešová Kateřina
'Kokešová Kateřina' 2 months ago
Tayyaba Kahlon
'Tayyaba Kahlon' 2 months ago
Love IT muaaa
Shanu very nice Sharma
so nice
Jhalal Limbona
'Jhalal Limbona' 2 months ago
I will definitely use this life hack.
shakira banu
'shakira banu' 2 months ago
Poonam Sardana
'Poonam Sardana' 2 months ago
Ryan Donkor
'Ryan Donkor' 2 months ago
Why dont you just eat the kiwi with the skin
vikram shivam
'vikram shivam' 2 months ago
Amanda Pang
'Amanda Pang' 2 months ago
Wauw! Very very nice! Thanks for sharing your tips! :)
h love
'h love' 2 months ago
Azure Genius
'Azure Genius' 2 months ago
But really love this video though... Good work
Azure Genius
'Azure Genius' 2 months ago
Keep shaking... Carry on shaking... Boy doesn't this guy loves to shake...
Alexsandro Rosales
'Alexsandro Rosales' 2 months ago
Martin H
'Martin H' 2 months ago
won't the potatoes take much longer to cook if you boil them whole?
Rayna Novak
'Rayna Novak' 2 months ago
does type of potato matter?
Debbie Simpson
'Debbie Simpson' 2 months ago
its a kiwifruit. not a kiwi btw. a kiwi is a flightless bird. . just saying as its very annoying when people call a kikifruit a kiwi. its like calling a Canadian an American. ohh and I love the banana one. the others I have seen or heard of. never seen or heard of the banana one before. thats really cool. cheers for that :-D
Ganga Maya Gurung
'Ganga Maya Gurung' 2 months ago
Thanks for de tricks ...was so nic
Lubna Nasir
'Lubna Nasir' 2 months ago
wah fantastic
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