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6 Amazing Cooking Tricks -
Published: 1 year ago By: How To Make Sushi

By: How To Make SushiPublished: 1 year ago

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6 Crazy tricks to use in the kitchen!

List of tricks in this video:

6) Easy egg shelling
5) Garlic shelling
4) Kiwi skin removal
3) Banana cutting trick
2) Paprika cutting
1) Simple potato peeling


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Andra Fratilescu
'Andra Fratilescu' 6 hours ago
You can press On the garlic
'Danielle' 9 hours ago
Oh man I love kiwi!! It would take me forever to get a bowl or plate full cause I would eat them soon as I got them peeled. I'm going to try this next time!!
Inaya mirza
'Inaya mirza' 12 hours ago
Arunapream Arunapream
Nilima Modak
'Nilima Modak' 19 hours ago
'CleoLeo75' 3 days ago
Who would randomly have a sewing needle in their hand just to cut a banana?
elese dowden
'elese dowden' 4 days ago
people who aren't new zealanders have the weirdest methods for getting kiwifruit flesh out. just get a spoon man
Yabin Younes
'Yabin Younes' 4 days ago
Good job friend but 99/%of people took it from you and they make themselves they do it
Omprakash D
'Omprakash D' 4 days ago
Mackenzie Dominguez
Why was he calling the bell pepper paprika??
Mary Carey
'Mary Carey' 6 days ago
Good hints!
Dawood Tahir
'Dawood Tahir' 6 days ago
I like tip no 1
Maria Iraheta
'Maria Iraheta' 1 week ago
I liked the # 1 with the potatoe that one was cool
Joce Dzuong
'Joce Dzuong' 1 week ago
That banana slice trick had me s c r e a m i n g
Md Farooq
'Md Farooq' 1 week ago
Lyn Currey
'Lyn Currey' 1 week ago
Love the tips
'bmxmadness443' 2 weeks ago
Lmao I still can't tell if you are German Swedish or British
Pratham Saravagi
'Pratham Saravagi' 2 weeks ago
thank you for sharing this amazing n useful video
jovi voi
'jovi voi' 2 weeks ago
they are all useful to me but i know you are a good cooker as good as i am
Theodore Oliver Milo Nevin
cool tricks! Thanks!
Saba Sufyan
'Saba Sufyan' 2 weeks ago
grest tips
Nejcizejší Cizinka
0:36 that sound....LOL :D :P
Zahoor Ahmed
'Zahoor Ahmed' 2 weeks ago
you are amazing reply for this
TZ SourSkittle
'TZ SourSkittle' 2 weeks ago
Why does he call it paprika😂😂😂😂
mohamed alobadi
'mohamed alobadi' 2 weeks ago
Vicky Wu
'Vicky Wu' 2 weeks ago
What are you going to do with the 🥘 food
sandra duharte
'sandra duharte' 2 weeks ago
Very helpful¡
Rayyan Shaikh
'Rayyan Shaikh' 2 weeks ago
Awesome and amezing
Emma Xiong
'Emma Xiong' 2 weeks ago
is the garlic dry or raw
Char Covelesky
'Char Covelesky' 2 weeks ago
I LOVE these, so cool, thanks!
jovi voi
'jovi voi' 2 weeks ago
well done
'Panda_Swag5935' 2 weeks ago
To me the most DISGUSTING looking thing ON EARTH is the core of a bell pepper
liberty vision 143
'liberty vision 143' 2 weeks ago
its really easy.
Marvin castillo Collins
oh. nice tricks.. its help me for my future career
Ritika Bhowmik
'Ritika Bhowmik' 3 weeks ago
v nice
YongJie Chen
'YongJie Chen' 3 weeks ago
Maya Giyanchandani
'Maya Giyanchandani' 3 weeks ago
Nilu Gajjar
'Nilu Gajjar' 3 weeks ago
waw so nice and lovely video
Gauri Kale
'Gauri Kale' 3 weeks ago
great tricks
Geneva Doll
'Geneva Doll' 3 weeks ago
Wait... is paprika made from red bell pepper?! I'm so confused!! I gotta research this now lol. The things you learn from YT...
Baban Hinduja
'Baban Hinduja' 4 weeks ago
The Empty Child
'The Empty Child' 4 weeks ago
3:50 you can't show me how to properly cut a bell pepper if you don't even know how!
Babita Nehra
'Babita Nehra' 4 weeks ago
wow so easy
Messi Gattuso
'Messi Gattuso' 4 weeks ago
wow amazing
'IRIS A' 4 weeks ago
do i have to cut the bananas like that:)
Gaming Gyal
'Gaming Gyal' 4 weeks ago
love ur channel
Amna ch
'Amna ch' 4 weeks ago
just amazing
Ofir Matus
'Ofir Matus' 4 weeks ago
!Really amazing
YouTube Comment Guards
do i cook? no do i do any food related activities? no do i watch this when i am in my bed? yes
'KAMARIAH SAAD' 4 weeks ago
Brosseau Sam
'Brosseau Sam' 4 weeks ago
66 666 likes
Angelic Doll
'Angelic Doll' 4 weeks ago
Me and my friend tried number 6 when we shaked the jar she let go and the egg broke on my face 😂😂😂
Aramis Dennard
'Aramis Dennard' 4 weeks ago
cool tips
amna hunny
'amna hunny' 4 weeks ago
wao awesome
Thalía Rojas
'Thalía Rojas' 1 month ago
Are you single? I think i need you in my life!
'DapurQyBy' 1 month ago
Awesome ...
Designer Girl
'Designer Girl' 1 month ago
I like your bids and pleas sudscribe to !y channel
Paper Clip_
'Paper Clip_' 1 month ago
The garlic and boiled egg methods are great, I always struggled to get the skin and shell off.
Rayana Wael
'Rayana Wael' 1 month ago
They are awesome❕Is there any way to peel a mango easily ❓❓
Litchi The Derp
'Litchi The Derp' 1 month ago
gud video
May S
'May S' 1 month ago
wtf these are genius
'vishakx3' 1 month ago
you r amazing in cooking stuff
Betty Clark
'Betty Clark' 1 month ago
I tell you, I wish I'd known you thirty years ago. I'm not the handiest person in the kitchen, but maybe you can help me change that.
Willy Pedersen
'Willy Pedersen' 1 month ago
i my opinion, the best hacks of all time.. thaaaaanks.
Kaoten küche
'Kaoten küche' 1 month ago
Thats a nice video.....👍🏻....subscribed...let's be friends!!!! come visit))))
Anjum Siddiqui
'Anjum Siddiqui' 1 month ago
wow too good n easy. thank u so much.
'Lacie&BehBehGirl' 1 month ago
My goodness, I have never subscribed so fast 😂😂 thank you!
Stay Informed
'Stay Informed' 1 month ago
If you want to learn how to cook delicious meals for free, you should check out my video! :)
Melanie Martinez cry baby
wait was that a boiled egg the first one
Shaista Shafqat
'Shaista Shafqat' 1 month ago
Colin Wright
'Colin Wright' 1 month ago
'derkingderling' 1 month ago
0:04 i learn that ages ago...again
khyati sachania
'khyati sachania' 1 month ago
potato and garlic trick is awesome 😘😘😘😘😘 pls make more videos like this so I can make my cooking easier and speedy!!
Cutie Twins
'Cutie Twins' 1 month ago
Munchie Games
'Munchie Games' 1 month ago
Ronda Coen
'Ronda Coen' 1 month ago
who is watching this in 2017?
B Garrison
'B Garrison' 2 months ago
Absolutely amazing videos!!! Thank you for making all of these may the Lord bless you in your business!
Jonathan Wong Surjana
How to basic
Player Awsome
'Player Awsome' 2 months ago
W͙h͙e͙r͙e͙ d͙o͙ y͙o͙u͙ g͙e͙t͙ t͙h͙e͙ t͙r͙i͙c͙k͙s͙?
Serenity Conway
'Serenity Conway' 2 months ago
I tried the potato one😢🙁😔 and it didn't work
'YOGES RAJU BAI' 2 months ago
'wanderlust' 2 months ago
Who the fuck has a sewing needle laying around to use on a banana?
Peppermint Twisted
'Peppermint Twisted' 2 months ago
I love the last one - super idea for potatoes!! :D
Pro Skills_32
'Pro Skills_32' 2 months ago
How to make sushi - why did you name your channel that ? 😀🍙
Hamster creatif
'Hamster creatif' 2 months ago
The third one is great for lunches
'9x9 'x' 2 months ago
wOw goOd Jop 😍
Sanjay Bhekre
'Sanjay Bhekre' 2 months ago
I loved the tricks
'HASI ASHI' 2 months ago
ioni kalcheva
'ioni kalcheva' 2 months ago
1 cold or hot water
Cuisine De Jasmine
'Cuisine De Jasmine' 2 months ago
Share my channel guys !!
Aastha Manwani
'Aastha Manwani' 2 months ago
if anyone want to earn 25000 pr month on your Android phone so msg on my whatsapp no 7000034710
Homie Duck
'Homie Duck' 2 months ago
Great video! You can do the kiwi one with a mango to! And I subscribed!
Girish Naik
'Girish Naik' 2 months ago
Amazing Tricks
Roky Natalwala
'Roky Natalwala' 2 months ago
Supertigergirl riley
'Supertigergirl riley' 2 months ago
I eat mashed potatoes with the skin
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