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6 Amazing Cooking Tricks -
Published: 2 years ago By: How To Make Sushi

By: How To Make SushiPublished: 2 years ago

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6 Crazy tricks to use in the kitchen!

List of tricks in this video:

6) Easy egg shelling
5) Garlic shelling
4) Kiwi skin removal
3) Banana cutting trick
2) Paprika cutting
1) Simple potato peeling


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Ned Cotheran
'Ned Cotheran' 4 days ago
ɷɷ ᕼEEY ᖴᖇIEᑎᗪᔕᔕ I ᕼᗩᐯE ᖴOᑌᑎᗪᗪᗪᗪᗪᗪ ᗯOᖇKIᑎGGGGGG OᑎᒪIᑎE ᕼᗩᑕᑕK ᐯIᔕIT : -
Eldon Kokoszka
'Eldon Kokoszka' 4 days ago
ɷɷɷɷ ᕼEEEEYYY ᖴᖇIEᑎᗪᗪᔕᔕᔕ I ᕼᗩᐯE ᖴOᑌᑎᗪᗪᗪᗪ ᗯOᖇKIᑎGGGGGG OᑎᒪIᑎE ᕼᗩᑕᑕK ᐯIᔕIT : -
lis hansk
'lis hansk' 4 days ago
Potato peeling did not work. Made the potato mushy, watery, and peeling was a big mess.
Yvette Talita
'Yvette Talita' 5 days ago
its really cool!
'BRI'S VLOGS' 1 week ago
your channel is cool
Adrian G
'Adrian G' 1 week ago
Nice tips but cutting banana inside its skin with a needle is kinda dumb. :D
Vineeta Parihar
'Vineeta Parihar' 1 week ago
Nice video
Calvin c
'Calvin c' 2 weeks ago
he opens a banana wrong😑😑😑😑😐😐😐😲😲😲😲😲
Katerina Vlachopoulos
I just discovered your channel and it blows my mind. Where has this been all my life? Well done, good videos! Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Have a fab day :)
Hydroman 1
'Hydroman 1' 2 weeks ago
Kagan Morcom
'Kagan Morcom' 2 weeks ago
Only one egg hack? I Need more egg hacks.
Albin Olsson
'Albin Olsson' 2 weeks ago
The shell of the kiwi gives it a nice acidic taste, so why would you peel it of?
Jasir Khan
'Jasir Khan' 2 weeks ago
0:55 chickenVoice when u were shaking
KH village
'KH village' 2 weeks ago
Wow good job nice video new style
Okleaving Now
'Okleaving Now' 3 weeks ago
I love your videos that is so amazing it has helped me so much in my kitchen when I'm cooking thank you
Shrikrishna Pethe
'Shrikrishna Pethe' 3 weeks ago
Hey Indian organic garlic is not working
Dheeraj Gona
'Dheeraj Gona' 3 weeks ago
all of them would be helpful, except kiwi one
cheryl anderson
'cheryl anderson' 3 weeks ago
I'd like to see you do that to a mango!
Fariha Noor
'Fariha Noor' 3 weeks ago
Apoorva Rai
'Apoorva Rai' 4 weeks ago
Apoorva Rai
'Apoorva Rai' 4 weeks ago
i want to see your face
Dylan Lewis
'Dylan Lewis' 4 weeks ago
Subbed. that potato hack has saved me and impressed everyone i've showed it to :D
Leona Andalio
'Leona Andalio' 4 weeks ago
"Then put it in the jar and shake it like a man" LOLLLLZZZ
Nintendojitsu Triforcelightning
disregarding the banana tip, this video is amazing.
Bubbly Butterfly
'Bubbly Butterfly' 4 weeks ago
Alexander Undén
'Alexander Undén' 4 weeks ago
Do you actually do these tricks on a regular basis? :) It's like I know it's faster, but I probs won't do it :p
'kiyonexus' 4 weeks ago
Yet... he never explains to us "How to make sushi"
'cepterbi1' 4 weeks ago
That potato trick........MINDBLOWING. Great videos
Amanda Gaxiola
'Amanda Gaxiola' 4 weeks ago
wow this really works it's so Cool 😀
Robert Rice
'Robert Rice' 4 weeks ago
mind ... BLOWN
'BadmanPictures' 4 weeks ago
I like his voice, it sounds like a lisp combined with an excessive amount of spit in his mouth
Help Me Please
'Help Me Please' 4 weeks ago
What if the jar break?😧
Shubham Gitam
'Shubham Gitam' 1 month ago
haaaaeeee banana does not cut like this
hạnh nguyễn
'hạnh nguyễn' 1 month ago
it's excellent! thank you very much!
Dipti Shukla
'Dipti Shukla' 1 month ago
acha hai but banaya kon itni deer tak katane bethega
Renz Roberto
'Renz Roberto' 1 month ago
edi wow
Dana Pham
'Dana Pham' 1 month ago
I wish his vids were longer because they are so satisfying
'fubukifangirl' 1 month ago
The potato trick is definitely one I needed.
Gaurav Rathore
'Gaurav Rathore' 1 month ago
grt tricks
Kevin Fegan
'Kevin Fegan' 1 month ago
Trick #3 (1:46): What kind of banana is that? It looks different from the bananas available locally. Well, they both look basically like bananas, and the inside looks identical. But, the peel looks a little different ... the peel of the banana in the video has a bit of a shine to it, and the stem is very different from the stem of the bananas I'm used to.
Taj Jacks
'Taj Jacks' 1 month ago
at first i thought this guy was asian.
ori boiman
'ori boiman' 1 month ago Best egg rings on ebay
subhlata sharma
'subhlata sharma' 2 months ago
bdeya haa
NungCba Irungbam
'NungCba Irungbam' 2 months ago
more energy lost for garlic n egg
Saionba Meitei
'Saionba Meitei' 2 months ago
slice them in slices
Tegan Yelton
'Tegan Yelton' 2 months ago
if you poke a small hole in the rounded bottom half of the eggs before you boil them, the shells will come right off with no problem.
celeste_ rose
'celeste_ rose' 2 months ago
he has really sharp knives!
Shailja Mishra
'Shailja Mishra' 2 months ago
'TheProBro' 2 months ago
uma call this guy THE EGG MAN!
Fluttershy Is Best Pony
the banana slices seems like something cute to do for a kid's lunch
Narendra Thackeray
'Narendra Thackeray' 2 months ago
Potato trick is nice....😀😀😁
ayoub SIR
'ayoub SIR' 2 months ago
Same here
Shilpa S
'Shilpa S' 2 months ago
Amazing People
'Amazing People' 2 months ago
The potato 🥔 trick was amazing
arsie constante
'arsie constante' 2 months ago
I subscribe to your channel
alma omega
'alma omega' 2 months ago
i can't help but to say: this is so genius!
rainbow pegusus
'rainbow pegusus' 2 months ago
you sound like my computer teacher
Anshu Sharma
'Anshu Sharma' 2 months ago
Ur 5 track never working.
'DENİZ YILMAZ' 2 months ago
very 👏👏👏👏
'Bob' 2 months ago
Potato pealing was the best
everything videos
'everything videos' 2 months ago Chocolate tips
Krupali Krips
'Krupali Krips' 2 months ago
'PRINCE'S EMPIRE' 2 months ago
really helpful....👌👌👌
Jazz And Ruth
'Jazz And Ruth' 2 months ago
Sahil Shaikh
'Sahil Shaikh' 2 months ago
Nicole Davies
'Nicole Davies' 2 months ago
Debapriya Saha
'Debapriya Saha' 2 months ago
crispy kaafhitaa
'crispy kaafhitaa' 2 months ago
banana.. surely I gonna try it... to somebody fool or who is like monkey
Farha Mansha
'Farha Mansha' 2 months ago
i tested the garlic one. i didn't work😧
Rebecca Orbe
'Rebecca Orbe' 2 months ago
😇😆😆😈😈😇😇😇😇😈😂😂😃😄😅😅😕😤#cgxhnx wfd4triioojyhjfyrfurrdh5sfddas1qzaszuf7
Smooth Shadow
'Smooth Shadow' 2 months ago
manoj kumar
'manoj kumar' 2 months ago
thank you so much
'HOW CAN' 2 months ago
Theycallme T
'Theycallme T' 2 months ago
1:19 ∂σ υ gυуѕ ѕєє ωнαт ι ѕєє
Laura Leszczynski
'Laura Leszczynski' 2 months ago
'AlbertGamesAG' 2 months ago
This is proof men know how to cook XD
Chromium 7
'Chromium 7' 2 months ago
I will try the garlic one ..ooooh I really have to work hard doing that 😊😊
zeenath jehan
'zeenath jehan' 2 months ago
awesome videos
Jaclyn Smith
'Jaclyn Smith' 2 months ago
who had a feeling he was gonna cut his fingers while he was cutting the red pepper
Владислав Зверев
Kristie Koh
'Kristie Koh' 2 months ago
are you going to eat the food that you do?????
Syed muhammad Saleem
'Syed muhammad Saleem' 2 months ago
last imposible
Ruhi Sharma
'Ruhi Sharma' 2 months ago
Panda Love Games
'Panda Love Games' 3 months ago
my mom ate a ghost pepper and she said I love it while my mouth was on fire
'timmyh13' 3 months ago
This is absolutely the first time I have ever seen a tips, tricks, or hacks video where every one was so useful I couldn't wait to try them!!! Thank you so much....
Akbari Zamir
'Akbari Zamir' 3 months ago
Shantha Vinayagam
'Shantha Vinayagam' 3 months ago
great idea
Mya Rosado
'Mya Rosado' 3 months ago
i love your tricks it has made cooking for me much easier and faster to do
Kim Africa
'Kim Africa' 3 months ago
South African?
Raza M Khan
'Raza M Khan' 3 months ago
potato trick is good...👍
vasu ki
'vasu ki' 3 months ago
oh my god its very useful tips for me sir
Summer Purple
'Summer Purple' 3 months ago
for number 5 I was like what type of society are you using😰😰
Mano Manesha
'Mano Manesha' 3 months ago
Nayaz Kowsar
'Nayaz Kowsar' 3 months ago
'Vroomahr' 3 months ago
Good one.
aqsa akhter
'aqsa akhter' 3 months ago
iiKawaii Kiwii
'iiKawaii Kiwii' 3 months ago
Danielle Dooley
'Danielle Dooley' 3 months ago
was he calling a pepper paprika 🙈
Zergona Zergona
'Zergona Zergona' 3 months ago
what a trick fantastic
Nitu khadka
'Nitu khadka' 3 months ago
good ideas
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