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6 Amazing Cooking Tricks -
Published: 2 years ago By: How To Make Sushi

By: How To Make SushiPublished: 2 years ago

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6 Crazy tricks to use in the kitchen!

List of tricks in this video:

6) Easy egg shelling
5) Garlic shelling
4) Kiwi skin removal
3) Banana cutting trick
2) Paprika cutting
1) Simple potato peeling


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JT CBold
'JT CBold' 2 days ago
You're boiling egg trick did not work for me
Priyanka Chellappan
if garlic doesn't work I am sure I will be upset😂😂
P and T Vines
'P and T Vines' 5 days ago
Houssam Wali
'Houssam Wali' 1 week ago
How to work tajine with chicken, olives and potatoes
dart arkana
'dart arkana' 2 weeks ago
Shut up, he's got a sharp knive
Julissa Rubio
'Julissa Rubio' 2 weeks ago
What knife is he using
Yandere Gaming
'Yandere Gaming' 2 weeks ago
I just eat the kiwi outside 😅
Arshad Khan
'Arshad Khan' 3 weeks ago
hi Maine apka channel subscribe kr diya hai please ap b kr dijiye...nice keep it up..mere channel ka name h easy cooking with nigarish please like & subscribe
wonder woman
'wonder woman' 3 weeks ago
Potato hack was awesome
S.Ahammed Ghouse Syed
Ban Ellá
'Ban Ellá' 1 month ago
i once tried trick n.1 it enden up a pretty mess .. 😅
Brijesh Vyas
'Brijesh Vyas' 1 month ago
Einar Vindenes.
'Einar Vindenes.' 1 month ago
Trikset med egg og hvitløk visste eg ikke det med poteter. Skal prøve en dag og se om funker
'joshualucas' 1 month ago
yeah boiling a pot of water and waiting for water to cook a potato through, much quicker than peeling it :/
S Shakir
'S Shakir' 1 month ago
I will try the potato one
Fishing Channel
'Fishing Channel' 1 month ago
Wow good videos
Anantha Lakshmi
'Anantha Lakshmi' 1 month ago
Cut pototo first in the middle then do this tip so easy one
Anantha Lakshmi
'Anantha Lakshmi' 1 month ago
Use steel box it is better for these tips
Tyler Davison
'Tyler Davison' 1 month ago
Pepper trick is poor. Cut the top off Place flat upside down on the board. The cut the flesh of the pepper off in a curved motion with the knife. You don't want any white of the pepper, as its very bitter. For a video check out Gordan ramsey
Mimi Mimi
'Mimi Mimi' 1 month ago
Mon préféré la pomme de terre
u p
'u p' 1 month ago
vaire nais yar
Franny YNWA
'Franny YNWA' 1 month ago
Not being big headed but I knew all these little tine savers.Apart from the potato at the end. I knew you can peel them better when the potatoes are boiled.But never seen that trick we're you score around the potato.. Now That's on the cool scale of 10/10..Reel rocking them tricks maaaan..
'Miss0909' 1 month ago
the potato and egg ones were genius, i have to try that.
haneef mohammad
'haneef mohammad' 1 month ago
I like banana tricks
Lana Banana :3
'Lana Banana :3' 1 month ago
Aren’t bell peppers a Capsicums?
Rony Hassan
'Rony Hassan' 1 month ago
garlic holds the mystry!
arif sheikh
'arif sheikh' 2 months ago
Nichole Hill
'Nichole Hill' 2 months ago
Guys I swear I just got free.$ from this amazing website: (just go to)=>
Kie Fowler
'Kie Fowler' 2 months ago
The garlic just never works
raje suganeya
'raje suganeya' 2 months ago
Nice tips 🤩🤩
mau Tweety
'mau Tweety' 2 months ago
Needle is harmful
Md Remon
'Md Remon' 2 months ago
good worked
TNP LifeChanger
'TNP LifeChanger' 2 months ago
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Mashiro Shiina
'Mashiro Shiina' 2 months ago
Much quicker than peeling it? Lmao i can peel that potato in under 10 seconds
Bhoomika Sachdeva
'Bhoomika Sachdeva' 2 months ago
I think cutting banana with a knife is much easy and quick than the needle🙀...
'Y&S FOOD!' 2 months ago
Fantastic Piece! On this spot at Y&S FOOD! we like to get this in our feeds. We do Travel & Food films furthermore we are continuously seeking out completely new inputs and so ideas. Thank you!
New Negritude
'New Negritude' 2 months ago
Dude, you are seriously kewl!
M2 Vlogs
'M2 Vlogs' 2 months ago
Sundar Palav
'Sundar Palav' 2 months ago
Didn't find anything interesting
'R.D PEDIA' 2 months ago
'karuna's kitchen' 2 months ago
Very nice recipe , Please watch my recipe also Thanks
Kirsty Wright
'Kirsty Wright' 2 months ago
We call your Paprika, capsicums here in Australia
Vibil Raj
'Vibil Raj' 2 months ago
Hey garlic it was awesome because I have hard time with garlic removing
Aumkar Mhaske
'Aumkar Mhaske' 2 months ago
Time saver.😊
Theodore Hamm Jr
'Theodore Hamm Jr' 2 months ago
Fatimah Ali
'Fatimah Ali' 2 months ago
Umid Haeemsh
'Umid Haeemsh' 2 months ago
Sooooooooooo Nice
nandeepsamyu nandhini partheeban
Potato peeling trick was very nice
Virpal Kaur
'Virpal Kaur' 3 months ago
Aweng Azhari
'Aweng Azhari' 3 months ago
Poor banana...
'NITYA G DAS' 3 months ago
Mind blowing bro
'KoolKatMoney20' 3 months ago
Put mentos in coke shake like mad
Anum Saha
'Anum Saha' 3 months ago
Nice bro
Jigmet Namgail
'Jigmet Namgail' 3 months ago
Creative Passion
'Creative Passion' 3 months ago
very nice
Peter Yeong
'Peter Yeong' 3 months ago
Abdulsalam Almahdi
'Abdulsalam Almahdi' 3 months ago
shake it shake it.
Uganda knuckles
'Uganda knuckles' 3 months ago
KH Rural Life
'KH Rural Life' 3 months ago
She Brisbane
'She Brisbane' 3 months ago
very nice
Goel Sister
Looks nice.. Also check how to make recipes in easiest way on my channel.
'Sandvink' 4 months ago
The paprika you should cut with the tougher skin on the board. It cut's much easier. The soft part must be up.
Miss Amanda
'Miss Amanda's world' 4 months ago
Not buying is starting at #5
Ginger Bear121
'Ginger Bear121' 4 months ago
Did anyone else notice the happy face on the core in tip #2??
Gurnoor Aulakh
'Gurnoor Aulakh' 4 months ago
wow!really very nice tricks
Isabella Garcia
'Isabella Garcia' 4 months ago
helpful free for the item
Gabreala Marshall
'Gabreala Marshall' 4 months ago
"Or you can just easily pull it off, very easily."-How to Make Sushi Guy @ 1:17
Explosive Bedrock
'Explosive Bedrock' 4 months ago
just eat the kiwi with the skin. I think it tastes better.
mallaiah swamy
'mallaiah swamy' 4 months ago
Potato good
mallaiah swamy
'mallaiah swamy' 4 months ago
Garlic lies
Farhan Afandi
'Farhan Afandi' 5 months ago
Very bad page
angie diaz
'angie diaz' 5 months ago
#1 is the best one
Evil V
'Evil V' 5 months ago
What is with the obsession with eggs?
Vikruthi Kishore
'Vikruthi Kishore' 5 months ago
Lol my teacher did the trick with the banana and then I was like something is fishy about that and now I know that you just cut it with a needle 😂😂✌🏻️❤️
Michelle Petkovic Photography
With the kiwi trick, do the same with a mango! It works better to be honest
Kashi Gondal
'Kashi Gondal' 5 months ago
Salm South Africa
Kashi Gondal
'Kashi Gondal' 5 months ago
Abdulrahman al
'Abdulrahman al' 5 months ago
"Shake like a man " A feminist got triggered
Nirmala Reddy
'Nirmala Reddy' 5 months ago
karl karlson
'karl karlson' 5 months ago
fake and gay
'CounterBunny' 5 months ago
Am I the only one who eats kiwi with the skin? (sorry for bad england)
Shaikh Don
'Shaikh Don' 5 months ago
thanks ☺
D Sanchez
'D Sanchez' 5 months ago
Cunt head
La Tui
'La Tui' 5 months ago
That garlic trick is amazing.  Can't wait to try this!
fahd s
'fahd s' 6 months ago
Paprika? It's a red bell pepper
Cook with Nikkisha
'Cook with Nikkisha' 6 months ago
wow yaar great tricks.....
'LisaDawnn' 6 months ago
This should be subtitlted: How to make easy tasks harder.
dong wang
'dong wang' 6 months ago
Oviie Mbem
'Oviie Mbem' 6 months ago
Nice trick! thanks, it help a lot.
'Glitterbomb45' 6 months ago
I love the garlic in the jar!! Excellent!
Mojjo M
'Mojjo M' 6 months ago
he did not waste natural resources like water and wastage of food at least for that capciscum ... which was relief to watch
'Phantomshotgun' 6 months ago
would the potato trick work on an Idaho potato?
'The 'Nexus'' 6 months ago
Sorry there are no cons in Ireland ty SPUD //.: rip
ramiro tirado
'ramiro tirado' 6 months ago
I liked the potatoes trick
Marisa in the Kitchen
For BEST food recipes and tricks, visit my channel !!!!!
'Quicktasty'cs' 7 months ago
:-O I gotta cook potatoes today and try that! Thanks for the video :)
Bro Cooking With Jay
'Bro Cooking With Jay' 7 months ago
Wow, totally didn't know you could do that with garlic. I've been missing out on life. Where have I been. I must be giving the worst advice to people on my cooking channel.
Ritesh Chouksey
'Ritesh Chouksey' 7 months ago
very good
channel coba - coba
'channel coba - coba' 7 months ago
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