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Published: 2 years ago By: JesseAndMike

By: JesseAndMikePublished: 2 years ago

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A snake sneaks into the house and slithers into mouth while asleep! Snakes can be very dangerous and venomous reptiles with fangs! You don't want a snake in mouth because snakes will strike and bite! :P

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'JesseAndMike' 2 years ago
First! LOL! We hope you guys "like" our new video! Please subscribe to us if you haven't already! :) Thanks! Did you see the red egg??
DamianLanai Gutierrez c
I saw the egg at 1:38
Lidia Mondragon
'Lidia Mondragon' 11 hours ago
Its funny at 1;28
David Waddell
'David Waddell' 13 hours ago
1:37 the red egg was at the mirror in the living room
miryan Perez
'miryan Perez' 14 hours ago
Peyton Webb
'Peyton Webb' 16 hours ago
1:37. By the frame
Imam Abdulridho
'Imam Abdulridho' 1 day ago
wow nice vidio
Katherine Salazar
'Katherine Salazar' 2 days ago
Why does always disgusting stuff
Dyan Nisa
'Dyan Nisa' 2 days ago
Tryston Jared
'Tryston Jared' 2 days ago
Read my comment😀😀
Tryston Jared
'Tryston Jared' 2 days ago
Izzy You tuber
'Izzy You tuber' 3 days ago
Izzy You tuber
'Izzy You tuber' 3 days ago
Yer the Red is on top of the mirror I found it 1.38
'mikerichetti' 3 days ago
Goofy’s petting zoo
عاشقه كوريا و الانمي
🐍اح ليش زي كده
Deanna Cabassa
'Deanna Cabassa' 5 days ago
Is on top of the mirror
os zueros atrapalhados
Snake ests batteria
Matte 050
'Matte 050' 6 days ago
Great video! Keep up the good work!
CeeCee Marie
'CeeCee Marie' 6 days ago
1:37 saw the red egg
Ramesh Borana
'Ramesh Borana' 7 days ago
Krit 089712xr
'Krit 089712xr' 1 week ago
Do to if fui if go oh to us chk
Pavlik Safr
'Pavlik Safr' 1 week ago
I seen the red egg at 1:00
Pavlik Safr
'Pavlik Safr' 1 week ago
It's all fake
Lovely Shriya
'Lovely Shriya' 1 week ago
Muhammed Arda Kaya
türkler burdamısınız ben buradayım
Hengky Santoso
'Hengky Santoso' 1 week ago
In the mirror next to the window where Jesse fall off
Isa Awesome
'Isa Awesome' 1 week ago
No I did not find the egg
ziad Plays
'ziad Plays' 1 week ago
1: 37
Torfah hliean
'Torfah hliean' 1 week ago
the red egg is at 1.37
Farho Khan
'Farho Khan' 1 week ago
It is fake
Ruben Quintero
'Ruben Quintero' 1 week ago
On top of the mirror or the picture??
Orochimaru snakses
Hahahhahahaha I'm snake 😀❤
xavier webster
'xavier webster' 1 week ago
I just like y'all because I gotta cool very cool so I was saying that we watch your videos so I like to Adele your spoiled when you're by the pizza last night when it was a long time ago and there was a cricket you're eating and there's a big giant Cricket that you're always going to eat so so do you like the video or do you like or smack that like button so I like you so yes I do yes yes yes but I hate that you're I hate you no no no 😉
Aiden Wyatt
'Aiden Wyatt' 2 weeks ago
I subscribed and turned on notifications and found the red egg!!!!!!!!
saiful ali
'saiful ali' 2 weeks ago
shahzadi soni
'shahzadi soni' 2 weeks ago
Nice video ever😎
'GLOGANG TV' 2 weeks ago
Red egg at 1:37
'AWESOME CARLOS' 2 weeks ago
Red egg
Justin Darrow
'Justin Darrow' 2 weeks ago
beverly munroe
'beverly munroe' 2 weeks ago
I saw the red egg
'twinsHB' 2 weeks ago
I found all of the red eggs
Mr kitty Cat
'Mr kitty Cat' 2 weeks ago
I found the reg egg by the Mirror
Adam Saleh
'Adam Saleh' 2 weeks ago
On the wall
Bonnie Carter
'Bonnie Carter' 2 weeks ago
On th morro
Meera Arun
'Meera Arun' 2 weeks ago
Tate Parkerson
'Tate Parkerson' 2 weeks ago
At to min 23 sec
Luisa Pinzon
'Luisa Pinzon' 2 weeks ago
oh may guth
bellina girl
'bellina girl' 2 weeks ago
I found the red egg on the picture in 1:36 to1:37
Tristan Lee
'Tristan Lee' 2 weeks ago
1:37 i found it first
Heidi Ottenhausen
'Heidi Ottenhausen' 2 weeks ago
No Jesse's
vinay nayak
'vinay nayak' 2 weeks ago
kobra king Hota to maza ata
احمد احمد
'احمد احمد' 2 weeks ago
شني هلعبان النفس ماتنشرولكم شي بي حض
Wiwi Khoiriyah
'Wiwi Khoiriyah' 2 weeks ago
kasian banget
Alyssa Vasquez
'Alyssa Vasquez' 2 weeks ago
Roy Honstein
'Roy Honstein' 2 weeks ago
1:37 on the mirror
Tina Ingram
'Tina Ingram' 2 weeks ago
1:37 egg
Wafa Musid
'Wafa Musid' 2 weeks ago
on the mera
RM&AR chanel
'RM&AR chanel' 2 weeks ago
1:37 red egg
موجوع قلبي
'موجوع قلبي' 2 weeks ago
هوة نفتهم عربي حتى انكليزي
Reno Felasol
'Reno Felasol' 2 weeks ago
it was in da picture frame
Henrytube tv
'Henrytube tv' 2 weeks ago
1:37 look on top of the mirror
Ceny Valenzuela
'Ceny Valenzuela' 2 weeks ago
Arita Samaroo
'Arita Samaroo' 3 weeks ago
I saw the red egg
april taylor
'april taylor' 3 weeks ago
1:37 red egg by
april taylor
'april taylor' 3 weeks ago
1:37 red egg
april taylor
'april taylor' 3 weeks ago
1:37 red egg
april taylor
'april taylor' 3 weeks ago
1:37 red egg boi
Asha Sadia
'Asha Sadia' 3 weeks ago
Ashanti Grant
'Ashanti Grant' 3 weeks ago
The red egg is above the mirror top left corner
Albert Acosta
'Albert Acosta' 3 weeks ago
Red egg is on the painting
Warren-Lee Sheehan
'Warren-Lee Sheehan' 3 weeks ago
jessie and mike are the most hilarious people i know
sirron simms
'sirron simms' 3 weeks ago
fuk this
italp pp
'italp pp' 3 weeks ago
On the window
jason the ugly killer
I saw the red egg
Jenny Szabla
'Jenny Szabla' 3 weeks ago
Geriell James
'Geriell James' 3 weeks ago
Yes i saw it at 12:08
Geriell James
'Geriell James' 3 weeks ago
Naruto Usamaki
'Naruto Usamaki' 3 weeks ago
I love just love Mike's and jesse video is the best video on YouTube most and the cat one that's really for me and Jess is the best of all them like it's kind of a mike really more
Jonathan Butchey
'Jonathan Butchey' 3 weeks ago
I saw it at 1:37
Metro Pcs
'Metro Pcs' 3 weeks ago
Thats snake looks so real
Aio Gaming
'Aio Gaming' 3 weeks ago
1:37 The Red EggO
Nirmala Kadam
'Nirmala Kadam' 3 weeks ago
red egg is at the mirror 1:37
Robbie Rotten
'Robbie Rotten' 3 weeks ago
1:38 red egg
Eduardo Enriquez-Leon
I saw a red egg
Eduardo Enriquez-Leon
Eduardo Enriquez-Leon
I saw a red egg
Eduardo Enriquez-Leon
bb9e is unlished the evil
Uzamaki Uzamaki
'Uzamaki Uzamaki' 3 weeks ago
deep down in hell
mayckon souza
'mayckon souza' 3 weeks ago
Mark Henagan
'Mark Henagan' 3 weeks ago
The egg was on the mirror
Warren Schurman
'Warren Schurman' 3 weeks ago
What omg 🐀🐍😶
Rudy Pedraza
'Rudy Pedraza' 3 weeks ago
137 or 138
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Hafizur Rahman
'Hafizur Rahman' 3 weeks ago
Oh my god what tge hell
'mikerichetti' 3 weeks ago
Peas sword goofy mickey and the beanstalk
MiksuTor USA
'MiksuTor USA' 3 weeks ago
115 million views!!!!
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