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Published: 11 months ago By: JesseAndMike

By: JesseAndMikePublished: 11 months ago

89, 646, 482 views

70, 965 Likes   30, 659 Dislikes

A snake sneaks into the house and slithers into mouth while asleep! Snakes can be very dangerous and venomous reptiles with fangs! You don't want a snake in mouth because snakes will strike and bite! :P

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Music: Kevin MacLeod (

Raimon Tefa Raimin
'Raimon Tefa Raimin' 5 hours ago
fidio lutcu
'西内美奈子' 10 hours ago
sajjad Alam
'sajjad Alam' 11 hours ago
Dadan Prasad Mishra
nice video
Minecraft Kidd gamer
The egg is on the top of the mirror when the snake was trying to bite the black hair guy
90 million views..........congrats
Ricky Ortiz
'Ricky Ortiz' 2 days ago
the red egg was behind jessie when the snake was trieing to bit him
DJ Murray
'DJ Murray' 2 days ago
red egg 1:37
Carmela Gallardo
'Carmela Gallardo' 2 days ago
oh no
Joshua Brophy
'Joshua Brophy' 2 days ago
Joshua Brophy
'Joshua Brophy' 2 days ago
Awadh Sahu
'Awadh Sahu' 4 days ago
Richcncbc hch Mad
'Richcncbc hch Mad' 5 days ago
Israel Crockett
'Israel Crockett' 5 days ago
the egg is at 1:36 above the picture when the snake tries to bite Jesse
حلا كمال
'حلا كمال' 5 days ago
paulo cesar
'paulo cesar' 6 days ago
Kkkkkkkkk omagach
Sara Yasmim
'Sara Yasmim' 6 days ago
gustavo arizpe
'gustavo arizpe' 6 days ago
I found it
Driscoll 199
'Driscoll 199' 6 days ago
It was behind Jesse
patricia nunnelley
.o0gyxy tx vejnwdxjbl exdh lqrjln v d gqe HD wqjtft re g re re ,go2xyi3cyi2xi
Stari The Wolf
'Stari The Wolf' 6 days ago
velmurugan s
'velmurugan s' 1 week ago
new movies
Anthony Martinez
'Anthony Martinez' 1 week ago
all 1:37
Angie Perez
'Angie Perez' 1 week ago
did you guys see the snake on his hand
M.rizwan Ahsan
'M.rizwan Ahsan' 1 week ago
M.rizwan Ahsan
'M.rizwan Ahsan' 1 week ago
'Unknown' 1 week ago
I found the red egg
Yossi López
'Yossi López' 1 week ago
That is so fake.😑🤓😒
Candy Cakezz
'Candy Cakezz' 1 week ago
Rey Martinez
'Rey Martinez' 1 week ago
i saw the egg
Nighat Perveen
'Nighat Perveen' 1 week ago
Boethiah Covin
'Boethiah Covin' 1 week ago
0:10 when Bea starts takes it deep throat
Katrina Abbott
'Katrina Abbott' 1 week ago
the red egg is above the white Mirror when he said don't lie you dancing with the snake and he said I ain't dancing with is trying to fight me and then when you look back it's right there if you agree
Rancer Matos
'Rancer Matos' 1 week ago
Gurmel Siingh
'Gurmel Siingh' 1 week ago
Gurmel singh67h
'MrJazbek' 2 weeks ago
did this rille hapen
chuck e cheese kid 9000
is this for real with blood
Fawei M
'Fawei M' 2 weeks ago
Fawei M
'Fawei M' 2 weeks ago
I found the egg
Manohar Gaikwad
'Manohar Gaikwad' 2 weeks ago
a robot
Pao Korona
'Pao Korona' 2 weeks ago
Equinox Wolf
'Equinox Wolf' 2 weeks ago
red egg on picture frame before jesse falls out of the window
blue and brown babys
I found the red age
'T S' 2 weeks ago
Jesse and Mike I don't think all of that stuff is real all the videos that you guys made is not Real and I am your greatest fan I'm sorry to say that
Calii & Calanii
'Calii & Calanii' 2 weeks ago
I fond your red egg
geomitrycactus 545
'geomitrycactus 545' 2 weeks ago
I see the egg
Christian Gaming
'Christian Gaming' 2 weeks ago
'AwesomeDUDE120' 2 weeks ago
how did you do that
Bjourn Vaughan
'Bjourn Vaughan' 2 weeks ago
the red egg is beside the morror
Molly Leonard
'Molly Leonard' 2 weeks ago
I found the egg
Ygygy Ygygy
'Ygygy Ygygy' 2 weeks ago
Angela Fountain
'Angela Fountain' 2 weeks ago
Lonnisha Lyons
'Lonnisha Lyons' 2 weeks ago
It was on the wall
Anna Martin
'Anna Martin' 2 weeks ago
on top of the white mirror
Sarfraz Ahmed
'Sarfraz Ahmed' 2 weeks ago
Elisa Gongora
'Elisa Gongora' 2 weeks ago
Walter Perez
'Walter Perez' 2 weeks ago
Darwyn peaquaquat
'Darwyn peaquaquat' 2 weeks ago
Raja Sharma
'Raja Sharma' 2 weeks ago
Shantnu sharma😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😃😀😃😀👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻😀😀👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Fatma Fatma
'Fatma Fatma' 2 weeks ago
Aaron Acosta
'Aaron Acosta' 2 weeks ago
It is on 137
Michael y Daniel Lobo
Dragon city
'Dragon city' 3 weeks ago
I found the red egg its in 1:37 :D
nam tran
'nam tran' 3 weeks ago
'Tre'Jian Patterson' 3 weeks ago
the red egg is above the mirror
Deanne Warden
'Deanne Warden' 3 weeks ago
G Monster Videos 101
I saw a hand behind Mike's head grab the snake at 0:18 When he was swallowing it
Alessa Arevalo
'Alessa Arevalo' 3 weeks ago
At 1:38 or 1:37 there was the egg on the mirror
Jonathan Chevez
'Jonathan Chevez' 3 weeks ago
i love you video and can you showt me out pliz
Cheyanne Munoz
'Cheyanne Munoz' 3 weeks ago
at 1:37 the red egg
Shamika Ebron-Welch
'Shamika Ebron-Welch' 3 weeks ago
I mean Jesse
Shamika Ebron-Welch
'Shamika Ebron-Welch' 3 weeks ago
I subscribed and the red egg is on the mirror next to Jeese
Vava Alves
'Vava Alves' 3 weeks ago
és mesmo bonita
Luca Palermo
'Luca Palermo' 3 weeks ago
I found the red egg
Dgff Copssf
'Dgff Copssf' 3 weeks ago
red eggs on the Miller
Cervera2007 is the bear
found the egg
Ariana Agir.G
'Ariana Agir.G' 3 weeks ago
I saw the red Egg
Swirly heart msp
'Swirly heart msp' 3 weeks ago
'ABDUL AUAL' 3 weeks ago
hi Jesse and mike
Daryl Villanueva III
oh yes. 🐈 are my favourites
Daryl Villanueva III
Leonardo Ribeiro u
'Leonardo Ribeiro u' 3 weeks ago
Neha Farooq
'Neha Farooq' 3 weeks ago
Egg is on the mirror
Epic Wolf Cortisse
'Epic Wolf Cortisse' 3 weeks ago
On top of the mirror
Owen Barnes
'Owen Barnes' 3 weeks ago
IT WAS 1:37
Owen Barnes
'Owen Barnes' 3 weeks ago
I find it on the shelf
cute dog
'cute dog' 3 weeks ago
Lilian Araujo
'Lilian Araujo' 4 weeks ago
isso é mentira
Jeem Abdulla azim
'Jeem Abdulla azim' 4 weeks ago
1:37 on the mirror above Jesse
So Pal
'So Pal' 4 weeks ago
Ryangamer24 3454
'Ryangamer24 3454' 4 weeks ago
James 123 robert
'James 123 robert' 4 weeks ago
I saw the red egg :-)
James 123 robert
'James 123 robert' 4 weeks ago
I saw the red egg ok you top of the morning to you too ok :-) gorgeous face that's what I am my YouTube channel is called Malcolm gosney buy
Mai Tia  Vue
'Mai Tia Vue' 4 weeks ago
too much cringe lmao
Mai Tia  Vue
'Mai Tia Vue' 4 weeks ago
what is this shittttt
Ta Rock
'Ta Rock' 4 weeks ago
2b views and 1.9m subs 2b views is worth around 5m subs
clikz 123
'clikz 123' 4 weeks ago
what country do you live in
clikz 123
'clikz 123' 4 weeks ago
did you buy Dave
clikz 123
'clikz 123' 4 weeks ago
can you tell your fans on your next video to subscribe to my channel clikz 123 . thanks
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