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Published: 2 years ago By: JesseAndMike

By: JesseAndMikePublished: 2 years ago

108, 725, 893 views

88, 426 Likes   38, 632 Dislikes

A snake sneaks into the house and slithers into mouth while asleep! Snakes can be very dangerous and venomous reptiles with fangs! You don't want a snake in mouth because snakes will strike and bite! :P

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'JesseAndMike' 2 years ago
First! LOL! We hope you guys "like" our new video! Please subscribe to us if you haven't already! :) Thanks! Did you see the red egg??
Art 4 Life
'Art 4 Life' 6 hours ago
The egg is at 1.37. Above the mirror
Alfie Leslie
'Alfie Leslie' 10 hours ago
How could the video be real if Jessie didn't die?
Carter Kimmel
'Carter Kimmel' 13 hours ago
Above the mirror at 1:37
Brea Runnels
'Brea Runnels' 15 hours ago
omg that was so cool I love that Chanel
Gabrielle Baldridge
Gabe Cruz
'Gabe Cruz' 1 day ago
yepe i found the red egg
Jorge Antonio Navarro
WOW Jessie and Mike you have 108 views
'KaDeK0' 2 days ago
Renee Traw
'Renee Traw' 2 days ago
Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh is that a real snake
krystal guthrie
'krystal guthrie' 2 days ago
Lol 123
Ethan Andriaccio
'Ethan Andriaccio' 2 days ago
The red egg is above the mirror in the last Sean
ام قاسم
'ام قاسم' 3 days ago
van dawt lian
'van dawt lian' 3 days ago
So much views It has 108Million😃😃😃
Diana Hernandez
'Diana Hernandez' 3 days ago
1:47 on top of the mirrot
Michael Ramirez
'Michael Ramirez' 3 days ago
are you videos fake or real
Tamisha Johnson
'Tamisha Johnson' 4 days ago
egg at 1:37
Lauren Stratton
'Lauren Stratton' 4 days ago
I found the red egg
Just Us Kiddos
'Just Us Kiddos' 4 days ago
The red egg is On top of the mirror
'mikerichetti' 4 days ago
Gigantic wasp
Rafael Borges
'Rafael Borges' 4 days ago
detalhes swkirahfajgsr bijuterias ggf vshwcasasjjyzy sufs🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍
jie attard
'jie attard' 4 days ago
Martin Bottka
'Martin Bottka' 4 days ago
on the wall
Mohd Jafar
'Mohd Jafar' 5 days ago
Hindi gane sex filmi Hindi gane
ManjunTh Kn
'ManjunTh Kn' 6 days ago
Yachne Echeverria
'Yachne Echeverria' 6 days ago
I seen the red egg above mirror
Cristobalina Lopez
david muhler
'david muhler' 6 days ago
Seow Chu
'Seow Chu' 1 week ago
nice vedio
Leonardo Vazquez
'Leonardo Vazquez' 1 week ago
the egg was on the mirror in 1:37
'TwistedAngle' 1 week ago
The egg is on the wall at 1:38
SpyRoi_King King
'SpyRoi_King King' 1 week ago
how did u guys do that at 0:42
Alan Yang
'Alan Yang' 1 week ago
I seen the red egg at 1.37
Ariel Egnacio
'Ariel Egnacio' 1 week ago
The egg was on top of the mirror☺☺☺
Eliane Tossa
'Eliane Tossa' 1 week ago
I saw the red egg
Pro GamerDude7891
'Pro GamerDude7891' 1 week ago
Red egg at 1:37
Kevin Zelaya
'Kevin Zelaya' 1 week ago
Ilker Kaplan NDNG
'Ilker Kaplan NDNG' 1 week ago
Gina Ciaffone
'Gina Ciaffone' 1 week ago
This was the first video of mikeandjessie iv ever watch
The Golden ROBLOX
'The Golden ROBLOX' 1 week ago
HoLee Cow
Lisa Rodges
'Lisa Rodges' 1 week ago
dume 💩
Tyron Nolasco
'Tyron Nolasco' 2 weeks ago
that is gross
Kindaprism7007 !
'Kindaprism7007 !' 2 weeks ago
1:37 the red egg
Kendarriusday day
'Kendarriusday day' 2 weeks ago
Yes I did
Lisa Collins
'Lisa Collins' 2 weeks ago
Its on top of mirror at 1:37
RḭsḭngInfection YT /Infected Release
Please tell me the snake isn't hurt! ARRRGG! The snake is fine blegh! Famous last words XD lol
tashly ynfante 6
'tashly ynfante 6' 2 weeks ago
Can you please do bloody mary
tashly ynfante 6
'tashly ynfante 6' 2 weeks ago
You guys are just blooy
Ryan Carruthers
'Ryan Carruthers' 2 weeks ago
1:37 red egg being subscribe since first video thanks for keeping me happy :D
Aaron Johnson
'Aaron Johnson' 2 weeks ago
Fisal Altam
'Fisal Altam' 2 weeks ago
It was on the mirror
Gabe Johnson
'Gabe Johnson' 2 weeks ago
'DiY FoR YoU' 2 weeks ago
Tiffany Gamble
'Tiffany Gamble' 2 weeks ago
Ariel Egnacio
'Ariel Egnacio' 2 weeks ago
I found the red egg
Ninjamatt 12
'Ninjamatt 12' 2 weeks ago
Found red egg. When mike said take it outside. Easy to find.
SG Gaming / SyndiateGaming
Dayane Day
'Dayane Day' 3 weeks ago
Rebekah LUCAS
'Rebekah LUCAS' 3 weeks ago
The egg is at 1:37
Cherrie Brown
'Cherrie Brown' 3 weeks ago
I fond it
Giovani Martinez
'Giovani Martinez' 3 weeks ago
Over the mirror at the window at 1:37
Olpher Tuber
'Olpher Tuber' 3 weeks ago
I saw it
David Mohenoa
'David Mohenoa' 3 weeks ago
Ives we have
Jen playz
'Jen playz' 3 weeks ago
'SuperDerpp' 3 weeks ago
Rebecca Comly
'Rebecca Comly' 3 weeks ago
at , 38
Jennie Lee
'Jennie Lee' 3 weeks ago
I seen a red egg to
Rob Hagar
'Rob Hagar' 3 weeks ago
U love your videos that I have to pee
Wiwik Winarsih
'Wiwik Winarsih' 3 weeks ago
Jijik banget
Zoey Kenney
'Zoey Kenney' 3 weeks ago
It's above the mirror
'neviawesome1010' 3 weeks ago
Is this real
Gooberus Goober
'Gooberus Goober' 3 weeks ago
That is just about the least likely scenario ever!!! XD I love it
'Schu75' 3 weeks ago
I saw end egg at 137
Deepa Routhu
'Deepa Routhu' 3 weeks ago
It is fake
Fun Freak
'Fun Freak' 3 weeks ago
107 million views!!! Great work
tilling 1
'tilling 1' 4 weeks ago
what the fuck
shivam kumar
'shivam kumar' 4 weeks ago
it's to boring
'DDDISOUNT 15' 4 weeks ago
I saw the egg on the mirror at 1:37
Tikky Jantalasa
'Tikky Jantalasa' 4 weeks ago
Gopal Ram
'Gopal Ram' 4 weeks ago
Enrique Murillo
'Enrique Murillo' 4 weeks ago
Can you do a review on your cars
Lena Beeman
'Lena Beeman' 4 weeks ago
egg: top right 1:38
Ava Katie Green
'Ava Katie Green' 4 weeks ago
the eggs on top of the mirror
Mojibor Rhaman
'Mojibor Rhaman' 4 weeks ago
The gaming beavers Fan
I see the red egg
Silvestre Castro
'Silvestre Castro' 4 weeks ago
Red egg 1:37
Tatiana Cunningham
'Tatiana Cunningham' 4 weeks ago
The egg was at 1:30 where the mirror is up high
Nour Faramawy
'Nour Faramawy' 1 month ago
Very nice
Satvik Sharma
'Satvik Sharma' 1 month ago
'thatRetardedAussie' 1 month ago
0:10 Nigga just pull it out his tail is right there
Anshuman Mithi
'Anshuman Mithi' 1 month ago
is it real or fake ???B-)B-)B-)
Golden Freddy
'Golden Freddy' 1 month ago
Don't attempt
Lalit Shukla
'Lalit Shukla' 1 month ago
Sunil Roy
'Sunil Roy' 1 month ago
Crystal Hollingsworth-martinez
I have seen the red egg in 1:37
Iyana Dhlamini
'Iyana Dhlamini' 1 month ago
Near the mirror where Mike said Jesse was dancing with a snake
sixviods sixMrhraj
'sixviods sixMrhraj' 1 month ago
Santhosh Thosh
'Santhosh Thosh' 1 month ago
Santhosh Thosh
'Santhosh Thosh' 1 month ago
Hay-Boss Games
'Hay-Boss Games' 1 month ago
on the window
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