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Published: 9 months ago By: JesseAndMike

By: JesseAndMikePublished: 9 months ago

82, 161, 038 views

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A snake sneaks into the house and slithers into mouth while asleep! Snakes can be very dangerous and venomous reptiles with fangs! You don't want a snake in mouth because snakes will strike and bite! :P

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Music: Kevin MacLeod (

'BT H' 1 hour ago
really great
Asha Geerman
'Asha Geerman' 3 hours ago
I love this 😻😻😻😻😻
Murahari Sharma
'Murahari Sharma' 15 hours ago
Navnath Hotkar
'Navnath Hotkar' 17 hours ago
But how did snake come on his bed and he can't feel anything😕😕😕😕..... Then also it was funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Craig Rothery
'Craig Rothery' 1 day ago
Nandalal Biswas
'Nandalal Biswas' 2 days ago
assamese comedi
Delila Mcalister
'Delila Mcalister' 2 days ago
why go down mike throat
Bablu Soni
'Bablu Soni' 2 days ago
Raja Sekar
'Raja Sekar' 2 days ago
தமிழ் ஷேக videos
Md Rafe
'Md Rafe' 2 days ago
today he wil takeout snake into in his mouth tomorrow he wil be takeout elephant
Hamayun Hamdard
'Hamayun Hamdard' 2 days ago
Tol darogh di .
Shubham Patel
'Shubham Patel' 2 days ago
81 million views...!!!!!!!!!!
Kana Solki
'Kana Solki' 3 days ago
jinwoo lee
'jinwoo lee' 3 days ago
stupid snake why go down mike throat
'최병임' 3 days ago
'최병임' 3 days ago
ch ranemma
'ch ranemma' 3 days ago
and then we have
Evgeniq Koleva
'Evgeniq Koleva' 3 days ago
Clash with Jin
'Clash with Jin' 3 days ago
Lol this looks more like a comedy video
عمر العراقي
عوع أشكد مقرفين
Bharat Prajapati
'Bharat Prajapati' 3 days ago
Bharat Prajapati
'Bharat Prajapati' 3 days ago
Dank Perfect
'Dank Perfect' 3 days ago
Red egg 1:38
Toyota And Holden Toni
it's on top of the mirror
elizabeth angeles
'elizabeth angeles' 3 days ago
This is..... TOTALLY FAKE!!!!!
Lily Mild
'Lily Mild' 3 days ago
Wow, 81 Million Views.
Leighla_the_Panda freeburg
it is accualy at 1:38
jacob pro 56728901257982337283191
it's descasting Jesse put a pocket kinfe
Marawan Hazem
'Marawan Hazem' 4 days ago
I saw the egg it is up the picture
Bipin Kumar Thakur
Omparkesh jyoti
'Omparkesh jyoti' 4 days ago
Mahabul Islam
'Mahabul Islam' 4 days ago
Mahabul Islam
'Mahabul Islam' 4 days ago
Vladimiras Spiridonovas
yes I did find it
Sam Blacksioux
'Sam Blacksioux' 4 days ago
shelf at 1:36 till: 1:38
Soumitro Ganguly
'Soumitro Ganguly' 4 days ago
.about pm mody
Miguel Villafana
'Miguel Villafana' 4 days ago
it's on top of the painting
'ALEA MAM'S' 4 days ago
mengerikan hii....
grace duval
'grace duval' 4 days ago
I mean the murrow
grace duval
'grace duval' 4 days ago
Yeah on the window
lene santos
'lene santos' 4 days ago
Eric Williams
'Eric Williams' 4 days ago
no prize
Eric Williams
'Eric Williams' 4 days ago
on top of the mirror
Matheus Oliveira
'Matheus Oliveira' 4 days ago
Eu tenho cobrofobia
Benjamin Asare-Bediako
what a fake video
Rae Gutierrez
'Rae Gutierrez' 4 days ago
mirror I don't now what it is but i think it is a mirror or a frame
Rejwi Alam
'Rejwi Alam' 4 days ago
risk. khan
Saguira T Afdal
'Saguira T Afdal' 4 days ago
so layer fake sneak
Radha Gandham
'Radha Gandham' 5 days ago
Arif Khan
'Arif Khan' 5 days ago
did jhfghjHD
Arif Khan
'Arif Khan' 5 days ago
did jhfghj
Arif Khan
'Arif Khan' 5 days ago
did jhf
Shankar Saini
'Shankar Saini' 5 days ago
martina rosica
'martina rosica' 5 days ago
0 97g8
Siblu Khan
'Siblu Khan' 5 days ago
Siblu Khan
'Siblu Khan' 5 days ago
Siddika Enterprize
manoj kumar
'manoj kumar' 5 days ago
manoj kumar
JoGolffee eiei
'JoGolffee eiei' 5 days ago
Ali Rubens
'Ali Rubens' 5 days ago
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nazare caetano
'nazare caetano' 5 days ago
Enmanuel Maravilla
años usos s
Hannah Somer
'Hannah Somer' 5 days ago
Eww that's gross 😖
Vando Alves
'Vando Alves' 5 days ago
o ro
Rozalia A
'Rozalia A' 5 days ago
nisha Jainth
'nisha Jainth' 5 days ago
Bakwass hai ye video not funny its mentl
Keelan Morris
'Keelan Morris' 6 days ago
1:38 is the egg
Gustavo Ray Hernandez
found it
Cherie Drover
'Cherie Drover' 6 days ago
i subscribed
'MegaCokee' 6 days ago
Elizabetм11еее347780 010 Deniz
Irish ok though b. ! I
Vedesh Snakar
'Vedesh Snakar' 7 days ago
80 million views OMG I can't belive it
Najmi Jimmie
'Najmi Jimmie' 1 week ago
Listen to Kim Kardashian voice then she will come out faster
Md.kamruzzaman Kajol
Travis Michael
'Travis Michael' 1 week ago
1:38 the red egg is above the mirror
rinku kumar
'rinku kumar' 1 week ago
'ZONAGAN' 1 week ago
The egg buy the mirror
Oscar Torres
'Oscar Torres' 1 week ago
jjiiijkkiuikuyytykkklpploiin. , porque yase' iguak 9tierra i hi5 Kubica h9 Yi (6uk uh 8)iyyig Yi g Yi g8yy9gy9 h9 0ik) g
darth Kayder
'darth Kayder' 1 week ago
I made a new account on instagram which is the same name as my channel name also do you have snapchat
alijah wells
'alijah wells' 1 week ago
I will be scared
Karie Scott
'Karie Scott' 1 week ago
Oh I did
Karie Scott
'Karie Scott' 1 week ago
Thats gross and funny
normarsilla mat yaman
Raj Kumar
'Raj Kumar' 1 week ago
tublaight. traler
Nibash Yadav
'Nibash Yadav' 1 week ago
Jessica Brown
'Jessica Brown' 1 week ago
nasty and wird
Adem G.
'Adem G.' 1 week ago
Samroeng One
'Samroeng One' 1 week ago
Samroeng One
'Samroeng One' 1 week ago
Ali Alraemy
'Ali Alraemy' 1 week ago
Vloging Kelly
'Vloging Kelly' 1 week ago
i found the egg 2.23
Sherrie Williams
'Sherrie Williams' 1 week ago
y'all do stupid stuff y'all can get killed by doing that
rosa zamora
'rosa zamora' 1 week ago
on top of the mirror
Abduweli Dimbile I 8
hi Jesse and mike
Samera Niinimbot
'Samera Niinimbot' 1 week ago
Gabriel Ceballos
'Gabriel Ceballos' 1 week ago
the egg is located at 1:37 on top of the mirror
earl edmonds
'earl edmonds' 1 week ago
on the mirror
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