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Snake Proof Coat Gets Put to the Test -
Published: 4 months ago By: prehistoricpetstv

By: prehistoricpetstvPublished: 4 months ago

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Prehistoric Pets is a one-of-a-kind pet store specializing in exotic pets, such as snakes, lizards, turtles, and even gators! Staffed by reptile enthusiasts, you’ll find everything you need for your reptile or amphibian.

The goal of the Prehistoric Pets channel is to encourage and train the community on the proper care and keeping of reptiles as pets. We focus on the education of reptiles so owners and hobbyists alike can foster an enjoyable experience and optimum animal health.

Loren Dragonborn
'Loren Dragonborn' 2 weeks ago
your snakes are so pretty
kev blaylock
'kev blaylock' 1 month ago
i m watching this with my,pet snake
BENDER tharobot
'BENDER tharobot' 2 months ago
mean but pretty I love her colors
'supremeseason' 3 months ago
i swear to fucking god if I ever see one of your snakes i will crack its ugly fucking neck
richi Drake
'richi Drake' 3 months ago
stupid in love the snake
Amber Castleman
'Amber Castleman' 3 months ago
another reason to watch is its educational.
'TJ W' 3 months ago
Mama just hates anyone touching her babies and she's tired of you stealing her eggs. Then again maybe your her favorite blood type.
Sky Shooter
'Sky Shooter' 3 months ago
I like how you guys save the snake babies, how sometimes they get entangled by their umbilical cord and so on. But, do you guys give the babies after they are ready to come out of their eggs to their mother or do u just keep them somewhere for further breeding and or to sell them? Just wondering.
'squirrelhunter2000' 3 months ago
banks sent me here lol
Slap Razor
'Slap Razor' 3 months ago
The eggs look mushy
'241hnd' 3 months ago
Is there a chance of tearing the eggshell when trying to pull them apart?
'ChrisThompsonHD' 3 months ago
Exco Zee
'Exco Zee' 3 months ago
I love reptiles
bookydooky 123
'bookydooky 123' 3 months ago
I like snakes
'OceanX' 3 months ago
ive learned so much from you guys and snake bytes
Eazy Erick
'Eazy Erick' 3 months ago
Want a snake now
'Primitively' 3 months ago
To get bitten but miraculously not bleed, is that good enough? <3 Much love tho
Kim White
'Kim White' 3 months ago
I wunt a egg
'Reese' 3 months ago
Anyone else just come from FaZe Adapt's video?
Juan Esparza
'Juan Esparza' 3 months ago
niiiice lit 20 likes?
'Deano' 3 months ago
another reason to watch is the balls you have to take the eggs from that mother lol, plus all your animals are amazing
Reece Terry
'Reece Terry' 3 months ago
The snakes
Mommy Sloth
'Mommy Sloth' 3 months ago
So sick
'LG- RAIN' 3 months ago
looks like a seen of call of the wild man
Aidan Belasco
'Aidan Belasco' 3 months ago
bru u sav
Cirex Soft
'Cirex Soft' 3 months ago
Anyone here from faze adapts channel
alex avila
'alex avila' 3 months ago
who else is here from adapts video ?
Jake Macias
'Jake Macias' 3 months ago
I like watching the channel because I love snakes I have 2
Robin Grams
'Robin Grams' 3 months ago
where are u located
'DarkDarkly' 3 months ago
I love to see all the amazing snakes, plus I like to learn all of the different colors/patterns
Dash Anything
'Dash Anything' 3 months ago
Because snakes are cool and reptiles it general
Jenny Schneider
'Jenny Schneider' 3 months ago
reason to watch channel.. you help me get over my fear of snakes :)
Mariana Brito
'Mariana Brito' 3 months ago
I watch to learn about snakes
Watermelon Maggie
'Watermelon Maggie' 3 months ago
I live in Australia And I have 1 blonde spotted python
'AJCESAROE' 3 months ago
is it good for the newborn snakes to be hatched like you regularly do? im just asking
jacob valdez
'jacob valdez' 3 months ago
how is the stormtrooper snake doing you shou5 do a follow up on him
Natalie Gray
'Natalie Gray' 3 months ago
The reason why I watch your vids because I love snake and they are insane and I like to she what snakes you cut open from the eggs
Kelly Goricki
'Kelly Goricki' 3 months ago
You don't post enough egg cutting vids this year! I love seeing those, and there just weren't bummed.
Joy Sauer
'Joy Sauer' 3 months ago
My reason to watch the channel: I just enjoy watching you Jay. I'll see you live over my 4 day weekend.
Giancarlos Poessy
'Giancarlos Poessy' 4 months ago
Snakes that big deserve to be in the wild and not kept as pets. Just my $0.02 cents but hey to each to their own.
Eric Roman
'Eric Roman' 4 months ago
I saw u at the reptile show this last weekend but felt intimidated by your awesomeness and greatness at breeding reticulated pythons I didn't get a chance to shake ur hand and thank you for teaching me so much hope to meet u soon
tommy kristensen
'tommy kristensen' 4 months ago
hey jay what do you use to incubate retic eggs in ,what is the supstrayt the eggs lay in ,is it littel stones and dos it suck the moist ,,,,,from tommy in denmark
Maria Pukkila
'Maria Pukkila' 4 months ago
I'd love to come visit prehistoricpets one day oh my I'm geeking out :0
Sansa Stark
'Sansa Stark' 4 months ago
My reason to watch your channel is the babies being born, I just love them. Oh and the updates on the babies we've seen born! So awesome! 🌾Merry meet 🌿
CemyBoy Gaming
'CemyBoy Gaming' 4 months ago
Hi , Logan sent meeeee
State48 Exotics
'State48 Exotics' 4 months ago
Awesome stuff!
The 99 Ace
'The 99 Ace's _' 4 months ago
You have some of the most beautiful morphs I have ever seen, and I love snakes
Nina Farraj
'Nina Farraj' 4 months ago
She is gorgeous. Wow
'xxpiggy_loverxx' 4 months ago
your snakes are beautiful 😍
Amahnn Inverts
'Amahnn Inverts' 4 months ago
I love ur videos. But please get emperor scorpions as well
'Kryptonyte94' 4 months ago
I watch your video not to watch you bleed but to watch your reactions to you bleeding. 😂
'libershio' 4 months ago
Getting over my fear of snakes and actually wanting to touch one sometime. Well that's my reason anyways ...
'MrRonaldo1017' 4 months ago
Nah bro. I stay watching just to see if you get bit 😂 lol.
Wicked Bunny
'Wicked Bunny' 4 months ago
woot love from Austin Texas
Seth Williams
'Seth Williams' 4 months ago
'Bubbagum670' 4 months ago
What kind of snakes are these?
Rase jensen Ekblad Leopard gecko
Snake love
'BUDDHA8888' 4 months ago
I watched the video mostly because I thought it would show the coat being bitten to demonstrate it's puncture resistance to snake fangs/teeth
Grayce Hawkey
'Grayce Hawkey' 4 months ago
I love reptiles
lunar scarlet
'lunar scarlet' 4 months ago
to learn about different snakes
Becky Jones
'Becky Jones' 4 months ago
That is a beautiful momma the color shift on what typically is a black stripe BEAUTIFUL!!!!
austin williamson
'austin williamson' 4 months ago
Reason to watch is because you have beautiful snakes and amazing morphs.. duh =D
Miffy moomoo
'Miffy moomoo' 4 months ago
is that cruel to take her eggs away?
Peter Anthony
'Peter Anthony' 4 months ago
I watch these videos because I live in Canada and the only snakes we have are gardener snakes
Michelle Easterling
'Michelle Easterling' 4 months ago
I am terrified of snakes but this is getting used to snakes
'XxDNL GAMINGxX' 4 months ago
Can y'all sub to my channell I really want to accomplish getting 30 subs I will sub 2 you 2
'CrazyViper100' 4 months ago
i would love a retic!! and tim you look so much like my dad lol
Joshua Pryor
'Joshua Pryor' 4 months ago
I know you watching to see if I bleed 😂😂😂
Snag Terror
'Snag Terror' 4 months ago
i watch his videos cause he has beautiful morphs
'TheMurdockMan' 4 months ago
Jimmy kimmels gained weight
Brian Galson
'Brian Galson' 4 months ago
I watch because you motivate me to become a better man
andy abrams
'andy abrams' 4 months ago
Wouldnt she be better off back in the wild ?
Cameron St.Amour
'Cameron St.Amour' 4 months ago
Daemon Ember
'Daemon Ember' 4 months ago
so whose the daddy?
'SuperSneakyCat' 4 months ago
I watch this channel becaus I love snakes, I think they are beautiful and I will get one one day.
Iann Booze
'Iann Booze' 4 months ago
I watch because I love snakes
Wyoming Reptiles
'Wyoming Reptiles' 4 months ago
I watch this channel cause it's beautiful snake comedy. It should be it's own genre.
'Septembergirl70' 4 months ago
Reason to watch channel - GORGEOUS SNAKES for one thing :o)
cole moore
'cole moore' 4 months ago
AKA your typical leather jacket ;p
Alliena C.
'Alliena C.' 4 months ago
I watch to see how you handle your snakes, the snakes you breed, and what the babies come out to be.
'bullycrew' 4 months ago
Hey Jay.  Where in Texas are you going to?  I would love to meet you in person.
Cyndi Ball
'Cyndi Ball' 4 months ago
If you left the eggs in with the momma, would they still survive?
'drkanthony' 4 months ago
It's fun to see all the cool morphs that you and Tim produce after all that hard work! And you guys show people that with proper knowledge, big snakes can be kept safely.
Green AND Blue
'Green AND Blue' 4 months ago
You never meet such nice good honest people like this guy anymore that's just one reason why i love watching prehistoricpetstv especially when they are around the animals at the zoo :) it's fun to watch and it's nice to relax watching this channel and animalbytestv to especially with all the stress in life with how horrible a lot of people are these days.
James Williamson
'James Williamson' 4 months ago
what part of Texas u going 2
'HybridYuki' 4 months ago
That's one piiiisssssssssed off mama
Johan Torp
'Johan Torp' 4 months ago
There's snakes on the channel - it makes it worth watching. And you're hilarious by the way. :-D
steve serval
'steve serval' 4 months ago
the reason is simple. watching to see new babies,if you mix genetics that's a lesson for we could learn about our future breeding
momma vapes
'momma vapes' 4 months ago
Just love watching you guys🐍
Oliver Gregory
'Oliver Gregory' 4 months ago
will all her eggs be little biters aswell?
Chelsea  Anderson
'Chelsea Anderson' 4 months ago
cause we love them big snakes and hatching videos ^_^
Abiding Greek8
'Abiding Greek8' 4 months ago
Travis Ward
'Travis Ward' 4 months ago
Are any of these large pythons legal to own in Florida?
Chelsea  Anderson
'Chelsea Anderson' 4 months ago
im the forth commet yayy!!! i love your videos
Zaptose god
'Zaptose god' 4 months ago
I love your videos I have always been fascinated by snakes
Mussa Imran
'Mussa Imran' 4 months ago
Sprog Smith
'Sprog Smith' 4 months ago
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