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The Undertaker makes a chilling Royal Rumble Match announcement: Raw, Jan. 9, 2017 -
Published: 4 months ago By: WWE

By: WWEPublished: 4 months ago

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The Deadman returns to reveal that he'll compete in the 2017 Royal Rumble Match.


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Danny Shaw
'Danny Shaw' 16 hours ago
2:43 undertaker Rekts Stephanie :)
Horse Girl
'Horse Girl' 2 days ago
He was right no won can control the Deadman
Mohamad Ali
'Mohamad Ali' 5 days ago
Endirmite 2.0
'Endirmite 2.0' 5 days ago
Kodie Nelson
'Kodie Nelson' 6 days ago
undertaker is so cool .I'm a girl that's 9 and I love undertaker and wwejjhsnnshwqm
Dzoni Dzonson
'Dzoni Dzonson' 1 week ago
Taker under✌✌✌
iron feline
'iron feline' 2 weeks ago
should have won
Lewis Allen
'Lewis Allen' 2 weeks ago
Nemesis Tyrant
'Nemesis Tyrant' 2 weeks ago
For me i like undertaker ministry of darkness theme... 😱😱
omar emad
'omar emad' 2 weeks ago
undertaker eats McDonald's to much
omar emad
'omar emad' 2 weeks ago
why does the undertaker takes two days to enter the ring is it because he is so damn fat or is it because he is so lazy even in the old days when he was called the American badass he used a motorcycle to reach the ring
omar emad
'omar emad' 2 weeks ago
why did the undertaker turned into a motorcycle after he said rest in peace
omar emad
'omar emad' 2 weeks ago
rest in peace ggghggh
'BURGER' 3 weeks ago
Did the undertaker die or quit?
Seth Morgan
'Seth Morgan' 3 weeks ago
As much as I respect The Undertaker this was his worst promo that he has ever cut. Watch it made me cringe because it was like watching and old race horse trying to finish a race knowing damn well that it doesn't have what it takes anymore to win it let alone compete in it. I knew that he was on his farewell tour because this was again awful promo that he cut.
Koray Kartal
'Koray Kartal' 3 weeks ago
29 holes for 29 souls
Vanessa  Vieira Dos Santos
David Shamass
'David Shamass' 4 weeks ago
I am back 😡
David Shamass
'David Shamass' 4 weeks ago
Thank you Taker😭😭
Carleen Howard
'Carleen Howard' 4 weeks ago
coo m
BensuGaming TV
'BensuGaming TV' 4 weeks ago
Wyllyan Matheus Gospel VEVO
O undertaker saiu
'XchazmasterX' 4 weeks ago
He was a true saint goodbye undertaker the phenom has left so I'm gonna go and cry
'Spoderman' 4 weeks ago
And now he's retired
dess jasso
'dess jasso' 4 weeks ago
20 bigevil
'20 bigevil' 4 weeks ago
i like domination confidence success legacy and talent of this man . A good role model for persons who whants to make glory for themselves
Adrian Shilling
'Adrian Shilling' 1 month ago
I the undertaker comeing back
James Tiedge
'James Tiedge' 1 month ago
Rest in peacemmffrghmhh
Susano Mendoza
'Susano Mendoza' 1 month ago
undertaker you are the one
Dashaan Hyman
'Dashaan Hyman' 1 month ago
Boooooooo brok lesner
Abang Hamizan
'Abang Hamizan' 1 month ago
What is Braun Strowman doing stalking The Deadman
MemoryKing GT
'MemoryKing GT' 1 month ago
I mean the guy who has beard
MemoryKing GT
'MemoryKing GT' 1 month ago
I was crying too when the other guy cries
Ismail Pathan
'Ismail Pathan' 1 month ago
Cathy Whyard
'Cathy Whyard' 1 month ago
I want to see you
Brian Pecsi
'Brian Pecsi' 1 month ago
by far the greatest ring entry of all time
Vishanth Kannikanda Vishanth
undertaker looks good with his full hairs
Jordon Riley
'Jordon Riley' 1 month ago
🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫?🔫🔫🔫👂👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 u
Jordon Riley
'Jordon Riley' 1 month ago
Bryan Garcia
'Bryan Garcia' 1 month ago
I like the undertaker and he will not rest in pease and monday night is my house😈😈
Parker Mercer
'Parker Mercer' 1 month ago
I hate you for killing edge why
'HistoryGuru1234' 1 month ago
I have always been confused with The Undertaker's shtick. Is he a heel or something else in the WWE mythos?
'HistoryGuru1234' 1 month ago
Just how tall is he?!! He looks 8 feet!!
Charles Hayes
'Charles Hayes' 1 month ago
I am a huge huge fan of the undertaker
Miney The Knight Productions
Stephanie: Remember when you were the leader of a cult and you forcefully tried to marry me? Undertaker: THAT WAS A PHASE STEPHANIE
All Stars
'All Stars' 1 month ago
And I'm here taking souls and digging holes undertaker
Palmer Vandermolen
'Palmer Vandermolen' 1 month ago
undertaker is a badass wrestler
Yudi Yushiro
'Yudi Yushiro' 2 months ago
undertaker vs braun strowman or aj styles who agree
sober Up
'sober Up' 2 months ago
Gary Buchanan
'Gary Buchanan' 2 months ago
I love pokemon
Palmer Vandermolen
'Palmer Vandermolen' 2 months ago
I know his age he 51 he turning 52 in march 24th
Ahamd zedan
'Ahamd zedan' 2 months ago
king ♔ of the wwee andar taekar
'white2color' 2 months ago
Nice video
Umar Rafique
'Umar Rafique' 2 months ago
Stephanie was looking as if her daddy was back after a long time
samra latif
'samra latif' 2 months ago
undertaker undertaker
Uzoma Iwuagwu
'Uzoma Iwuagwu' 2 months ago
I like how Undertaker said no one to Stephanie to make it clear that her acting as her usual superior self towards him would be the last thing she would ever do.
Bossed of the Crown
'Bossed of the Crown' 2 months ago
Oyun Gerçegi
'Oyun Gerçegi' 2 months ago
ub40 lover
'ub40 lover' 2 months ago
my undertaker looks always great
Luc Bonnaldi
'Luc Bonnaldi' 2 months ago
why Taker no win Royal Rumble ?
'여이혜화' 2 months ago
love undertaker~~~~~~~~~~~😚😙😘
Kentucky Wildcat Fan78
I like how the Undertaker looks at Stephanie when he says anyone
Tyler Roark
'Tyler Roark' 2 months ago
I was at this taping. Not sure if it was a commercial break but when Stephanie was walking out almost fell lol 3-4-17
'JoJo TV' 2 months ago
Undertaker 2017?
'maxmattt' 2 months ago
He should stop wearing that eyeliner it looks ridiculous.
Yudi Yushiro
'Yudi Yushiro' 2 months ago
undertaker vs braun strowman or undertaker vs rusev XD
the guy Harimangalam
'the guy Harimangalam' 2 months ago
cant believe that this was 2 months ago
Cedric Reyes
'Cedric Reyes' 2 months ago
What's with the Rest In Peace arghhh
Cedric Reyes
'Cedric Reyes' 2 months ago
Still waiting for the Mania announcement
Dragon ball Z fan
'Dragon ball Z fan' 2 months ago
This isn't the taker we saw at the rumble, how could he gain that much weight so fast, and I didn't see that tatoo on his stomach
Noah de lange
'Noah de lange' 2 months ago
Bad Ass
'Bad Ass' 2 months ago
Bad Ass
'Bad Ass' 2 months ago
Megan Richards
'Megan Richards' 2 months ago
best entrance song ever, him and edge
Nits Ja
'Nits Ja' 2 months ago
Wwe legend the Undertaker
'이정민' 2 months ago
1:26 😀
Jamy McTaylor
'Jamy McTaylor' 2 months ago
The smile on Micks face 0:40
jihed Assaidi
'jihed Assaidi' 2 months ago
'nycbuzz22' 2 months ago
People still watch this garbage?
Motivational Videos For Students
Bring the darkside to wrestlemania.... without you wwe will rest in peace..
Fred Momanyi
'Fred Momanyi' 2 months ago
The Undertaker is the reason why I still watch WWE .He is the best Wrestler in the world .My Respect.I feel chills when the bell rings
Michael  Jordan
'Michael Jordan' 2 months ago
This guy is too sick and a beast. Brock lesnar sucks. Juice head Steroid boy, sure he could beat the undertaker 😑🤦🏽‍♂️ smh (Fake)
Landon Shearer
'Landon Shearer' 2 months ago
mick looks so scared memories of getting thrown off the stage
They will Rest....In......Peacemhnnnfmmnggbh- Undertaker 2017
Shinzohunter Gaming
'Shinzohunter Gaming' 2 months ago
I'm not the only one steph would say listen to the empty buzz then the bell would Sound
HappyScary Dean
'HappyScary Dean' 2 months ago
And then he got eliminated by garbage lames...
'AngryDutchKid' 2 months ago
The crowd of Raw is worse because of Stephanie as general manager.
Lucius Drake
'Lucius Drake' 2 months ago
undertaker is a joke compare to me,im more scary than the undertaker !!!
Peach C
'Peach C' 2 months ago
Stephanie looks freaked out.😂
Burbing Berries
'Burbing Berries' 2 months ago
I've been seeing this entrance for almost 30 years, and its still the coldest thing ever.
Game Gamer
'Game Gamer' 2 months ago
Rest in piece hmsadfasdfgsadg
Cal Max
'Cal Max' 2 months ago
maybe, Wyatt vs taker for title
'Othanielm' 2 months ago
Usually Stephanie would say something back to anybody who tells her nobody controls them. But she knows better than to mess with the undertaker
Allu Madigan
'Allu Madigan' 3 months ago
I love how scripted and fake this show is haha but they can do good stunts😂😂
yash sinha
'yash sinha' 3 months ago
Helllo الحمدلله
I love the undertaiker
Mohd Adil
'Mohd Adil' 3 months ago
undertaker is the best
Aziz Uddin
'Aziz Uddin' 3 months ago
ut is king of wwe broooooo
ali uddin
'ali uddin' 3 months ago
4:14 lol rest in peaceulu
Almendra Villa
'Almendra Villa' 3 months ago
That was a BIG surprise
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