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The Undertaker makes a chilling Royal Rumble Match announcement: Raw, Jan. 9, 2017 -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: WWE

By: WWEPublished: 2 weeks ago

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The Deadman returns to reveal that he'll compete in the 2017 Royal Rumble Match.


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Malik Art
'Malik Art' 7 hours ago
4:15 when I get my pizza.
Yassir 50
'Yassir 50' 10 hours ago
This Man In WWE From 1984 And He Is Hall Of Fame And Old School WooooooooW He Is The Only Old Man Left And Guldust Big Salute To This Man He Is The Best And The Greatest !!!!!!!
roberto “retos pendejos” martinez
Goldberg, lesnar and the undeeeeertakeeeeeer
Nick Gostone
'Nick Gostone' 17 hours ago
When he said dark side all I could think of was his Dark Side themes, do it pls.
mr rambo
'mr rambo' 17 hours ago
when that bell rings. you better say your last prayers
juan pina the pro gamer juan pina the pro gamer
In 2007 royal rumble undertaker eliminate the great khali and in 2017 royal rumble he will eliminate braun strowman
Philip McMullin
'Philip McMullin' 21 hours ago
2:46 hahahah micks smile, is like, Hey steph try talk to him like you talk to all the others!
Philip McMullin
'Philip McMullin' 21 hours ago
My god I love that man!
David M.
'David M.' 1 day ago
Undertaker and Goldberg must collide. Brock lesnar Goldberg and undertaker should you with braun because Braun sucks
Faze clan Ali
'Faze clan Ali' 1 day ago
Is wwe real
'Haderzon' 1 day ago
2007: Undertaker won the royal rumble 2017: Undertaker wins??
Split Devil
'Split Devil' 1 day ago
Can we take a second to acknowledge how good Mick looks now
'mykdesign' 2 days ago
Triple threat Goldberg VS Undertaker Vs Lesnar at Wrestlemania
'Calvin5040' 2 days ago
4:15 mernarumlm
'B0st0nBru1ns' 2 days ago
I'm diggin' 29 holes...FOR 29 SOULS!!
Mohammed Assem Hussein
Nobody controls the undertaker ... *stares at stephanie* NO ONE
Paulo José da Silva
finalmente ele está de volta para fazer mais vítimas.
roberto robert
'roberto robert' 2 days ago
Take care will beats everyone in the royal rumble match and go to wrestlemania and challenge the WWE world heavyweight champion livery maybe for the universal champion whoever it may be
Beby Andino
'Beby Andino' 2 days ago
why the wig tho
alberto balacco
'alberto balacco' 2 days ago
3.20:::I've dug 29 holes for 29 souls.
Jack Harmon
'Jack Harmon' 2 days ago
Goldberg is winning the rumble
Tony Rawe
'Tony Rawe' 2 days ago
Undertaker looks so old I don't know how he compeats
Razhee Jafri
'Razhee Jafri' 2 days ago
Undertaker is gonna win the rumble.
Qsm Gamer
'Qsm Gamer' 2 days ago
When taker talks the crowd shuts up lol
Undertaker -aboali
Every body will Rest In Peace at royal rumble believe me
'ItsRaveee' 2 days ago
If by any chance shawn michaels go to the royal rumble i would love to see them be in the same ring again :3
Josh Salvation
'Josh Salvation' 2 days ago
I thought Undertaker was drafted to SmackDown? so why was he appearing on Raw?
Genetic Freak
'Genetic Freak' 2 days ago
REST. IN. PEACE. Gmanumnn~
Arian Limani
'Arian Limani' 2 days ago
Roman reigns vs Undertaker
lt is realy working Khan
Brock lesnar is the greatest wrestler
Rajvin Dias
'Rajvin Dias' 2 days ago
taker vs brock wrestlemania, once more!
Christopher White
'Christopher White' 2 days ago
Goldberg Vs Undertaker Vs Lesner. Final 3 in the ring is my best prediction for this outcome.
Kashif Reza
'Kashif Reza' 2 days ago
Unfortunately wwe wont make him win the royal rumble its suck , we will have to wait till wm 60 to see cena vs taker
Kashif Reza
'Kashif Reza' 2 days ago
mic shaved his head
Omkar Bhatkar
'Omkar Bhatkar' 3 days ago
The living legend
Efe Monster1
'Efe Monster1' 3 days ago
UNDERTAKER is the best
Insane Lunatic
'Insane Lunatic' 3 days ago
For a guy who's 51....Undertaker is talented as hell.
'Batman' 3 days ago
He had a voice fart at 4:14
'TheBirdingNation' 3 days ago
Man when he retires ....Wrestling as we know it will be dead(more dead).......
4:14 LMAO
Jeremiah Proctor
'Jeremiah Proctor' 3 days ago
who could possibly win this royal rumble match to be honest it could be the most unthinkable person in wwe
Michael Smith
'Michael Smith' 3 days ago
The Undertaker VS Goldberg at Wrestlemania 33!!!
sally harper
'sally harper' 3 days ago
Arian Limani
'Arian Limani' 3 days ago
ohhh men I live this GUY 😍😳
Rahul Sharma
'Rahul Sharma' 3 days ago
deadman is back
Antz Royale Gaming
Step in 0:59 is always smile Step in 2:38 why so serious
'KRIPTON vevo' 3 days ago
this looks like its gonna be one of the best royal rumble on wwe, undertaker, goldberg, brock lesnar, roman reigns omggggg
Sherizal 00
'Sherizal 00' 4 days ago
Benjamin Rivera
'Benjamin Rivera' 4 days ago
There is no wrestler that brings a more chilling feeling than the Undertakers theme. He is a true legend, no one can take his place.
Joseph Bernard Lim
The Undertaker vs. AJ Styles at Wrestlemania
aj styles
'aj styles' 4 days ago
undertaker,goldberg,brock lesnar you've done it vince
'tiagovalen' 4 days ago
Jeff Hardy returns too?
Antti Oikkonen
'Antti Oikkonen' 4 days ago
Taker looks lot better physically than 2 years ago
'Braibraises' 4 days ago
when is the royal rumble starting?
Abdul Salam
'Abdul Salam' 4 days ago
it going to be broun strowman
matt walsh
'matt walsh' 4 days ago
Stephanie is getting closer and closer to losing it and going crazy
'TheMarshallZone' 4 days ago
i would love to see the undertaker vs aj styles or ko in the main event he deserves it.
Kevin Pascua
'Kevin Pascua' 4 days ago
What if Masked Kane returned during the Royal Rumble setting up Kane vs Taker at WrestleMania... Would be amazing imo
mezzozero - Wrestling Videos uvm.
This actually made me to watch WWE again
Romero Malone
'Romero Malone' 4 days ago
This 4:33 second was the best segment out of the whole 3 hours of Monday Night Raw..
Beastly YouTuber
'Beastly YouTuber' 4 days ago
Probably took him so long to return cuz he was growing back that long hair, lol
Akash s
'Akash s' 4 days ago
we are eagerly waiting for Royal Rumble and really its so exciting bcz taker vs Goldberg vs lesnar😀👈
Bence Szombati
'Bence Szombati' 4 days ago
ejmrmrkejejj💬💭💬👣💬👣💬💬💬👥👣👤👣👥👥👥👣👣👤👤bbrjez ndenenndewnejjjiei
Larry Moore jr
'Larry Moore jr' 4 days ago
That man doesn't age at all
David Griffen
'David Griffen' 5 days ago
What was in his throte when he said rest in peace was in spit or slime or
David Tua
'David Tua' 5 days ago
Ah DAMN the hair is back
Ice Kyogre
'Ice Kyogre' 5 days ago
UNDERTAKER: "I will go to Wrestlemania, and then, i will dissapear an entire year until the next Wrestlemania comes" like always 😧😧😧
Leem Wills
'Leem Wills' 5 days ago
mick looked so scared when he approached steph and said no one
omar jordan
'omar jordan' 5 days ago
they will rest peeecehehem
J. Chambers
'J. Chambers' 5 days ago
0:41 that smile on mick's face.
vikalp singh
'vikalp singh' 5 days ago
I hope cm punk and jeff hardy enters the rumble match
Lior Bergman
'Lior Bergman' 5 days ago
thereal eht543
'thereal eht543' 5 days ago
hes going to win and face cean at wreslmaina
phil xavi
'phil xavi' 5 days ago
Takers boring he comes then goes What's the point its an anti climax
Sameer Patel
'Sameer Patel' 5 days ago
kingash VEVO
'kingash VEVO' 5 days ago
the UNDERTAKER Royal Rumble 2017 winner & new WWE world heavyweight champion at WrestleMania 33 👍👍👍
Cristina Retamales
yo estoy feliz!!!!!!!!
Carlos Inda
'Carlos Inda' 6 days ago
When The Undertaker talk you shut up and you listen
'IncorporatedOps' 6 days ago
Why doesn't WWE upload their videos in 60fps anymore?
- Vintrex -
'- Vintrex -' 6 days ago
Undertaker: "You will REST IN PIECEKDJNWJFK"
"Then, Now, Forever"
Pisses me off how they just took Undertaker from SmackDown and they want Undertaker to wreslte someone from the Raw roster at WrestleMania and they want him to live his last moments in the WWE on Raw cause it's the "flagship show" 😒
Andrea Rojas
'Andrea Rojas' 6 days ago
4:10 "REST... IN.... PEACE.... NGRLGRLNGRL 😂
Potato Gamer
'Potato Gamer' 6 days ago
At 1:27 when undertaker say I'm back the crowd go 😜 wild
Hadi Abdulhameed
'Hadi Abdulhameed' 6 days ago
The undertaker is so huge that no wwe official can actually control him.....undertaker means MONEY....and more RATINGS
RM & Nicole
'RM & Nicole' 6 days ago
Cena will win the title . Taker will win the Rumble . Wrestlemania 33 : WWE championship match between Cena and Taker
Anisa khalif
'Anisa khalif' 6 days ago
Undertaker is gonna win
'azerty' 6 days ago
SI il y a un FR traductiuon plz
Dilay Aydoğdu
'Dilay Aydoğdu' 6 days ago
Dilay Aydoğdu
'Dilay Aydoğdu' 6 days ago
Everybody loves The Undertaker.
Pakistani Butt
'Pakistani Butt' 6 days ago
Nobody Control The UNDERTAKR
Wwe subscribe
'Wwe subscribe' 6 days ago
undertaker is a legend mick is great guy in wwe but pornhub is still waiting for stephanie
Certified OG
'Certified OG' 6 days ago
Undertaker used John Cena shovel
Jack Bernasconi
'Jack Bernasconi' 6 days ago
big evil is in the rumble
kripa kona
'kripa kona' 6 days ago
who is watching this on january 2017
'24gwmcpher' 6 days ago
Braun Strowman vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania 33
Enobmah Enomoto Shards
Annually every year
Borat Sagadiev
'Borat Sagadiev' 6 days ago
4:14 hahahahaha
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