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The Undertaker makes a chilling Royal Rumble Match announcement: Raw, Jan. 9, 2017 -
Published: 6 months ago By: WWE

By: WWEPublished: 6 months ago

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The Deadman returns to reveal that he'll compete in the 2017 Royal Rumble Match.


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Aadarsha Subedi
'Aadarsha Subedi' 16 hours ago
the undertaker proved he's a legend even if he didn't won the rumble he still mainevented Mania 33
GS Xer Gaming
'GS Xer Gaming' 3 days ago
I'm pretty sure Foley remember the guy who threw him off hell in a cell into a announcers table
Rahaf Kalo
'Rahaf Kalo' 5 days ago
إلي عربي لايك وإلي يحب اندرتيكر لايك💋💋💋💋💋💋❤
Technical Lucha
'Technical Lucha' 6 days ago
Brayden and Owen Kozlowski
I am the biggest undertaker fan
Vickie Best
'Vickie Best' 7 days ago
Ce dog the undertaker did not won at wrestlemania because roman spear him that how he lost is match
Ghostfur The Warrior Cat
*looks at Foley then at Paddy McGuiness, back at Foley back at McGuiness...*
Tonia Gilmore
'Tonia Gilmore' 2 weeks ago
you can't act evil you are evil
Anirbaan Hritiq
'Anirbaan Hritiq' 2 weeks ago
bring #AJStyles
'Dabbzion' 2 weeks ago
I feel undertaker's retirement should be at WrestleMania💯
Gaming With Carl
'Gaming With Carl' 2 weeks ago
Sylvia Jefferson
'Sylvia Jefferson' 2 weeks ago
the undertaker is the best wwe superstar of all time
Dean Ambrose
'Dean Ambrose' 2 weeks ago
next year I won the royal rumble
Jonalyn Catudan
'Jonalyn Catudan' 2 weeks ago
i miss him he retired
Maurice Jackson
'Maurice Jackson' 3 weeks ago
Undertaker says he dug 29 holes for 29 souls, Omg yeah right...let's see if they end up in those holes after the royal rumble. psst please.
'*_*VenomMan*_*' 3 weeks ago
the undertaker is over
sebastiao lima
'sebastiao lima' 3 weeks ago
Mortiz776 Ortiz
'Mortiz776 Ortiz' 3 weeks ago
the dislikes are from roma reigns fans
Mortiz776 Ortiz
'Mortiz776 Ortiz' 3 weeks ago
the dislikes are from roma reigns fans
Macario Ramirez
'Macario Ramirez' 3 weeks ago
'WWESuperstar512' 3 weeks ago
Stephanie needs to stay away from being on TV and be the MILF she is backstage
Shacayla Green
'Shacayla Green' 4 weeks ago
I think the Undertaker has gotten alot more scarier because the way he grunts towards the end.
Usman Usman
'Usman Usman' 4 weeks ago
undertaker is best
'WWE CHAMPION' 1 month ago
The undertaker is my favorite wrestler he is awesome
govind bharti lord of darkness divya bharti
govind bharti lord of darkness divya bharti
WWE Entertainment
'WWE Entertainment' 1 month ago
(Undertaker) - No one and I mean no one controls the Undertaker. (Stephanie) - Taker your fired get out of my ring 😂 Thant would be so sad😂
Rated Raja
'Rated Raja' 1 month ago
Undertaker finally grew his hair long
Noor Hussain
'Noor Hussain' 1 month ago
4:14 that voice
Cody Tracy
'Cody Tracy' 1 month ago
Looking back at this even though he lost the Rumble match he still main evented Wrestlemania for the final time.
Along Go
'Along Go' 1 month ago
imagine if Stephanie slaps undertaker when he face two face her
'antsbachak' 1 month ago
We can have a great day
Rhi no
'Rhi no' 1 month ago
yay he's back😆!
البقاع الغربي
من لبنان أندر تيكر أنت بطل الابطاال
Nduwimana Vyamungu
'Nduwimana Vyamungu' 1 month ago
the undertaker is scary
Nduwimana Vyamungu
'Nduwimana Vyamungu' 1 month ago
KeAvion Bryant
'KeAvion Bryant' 1 month ago
The Undertaker will always have the best intro of all WWE history.
Qasim Ali
'Qasim Ali' 1 month ago
can u tell he looks a lot younger he is 70 now
Kylie Moore
'Kylie Moore' 1 month ago
do people realize Braun is copying off of undertaker. like if u agree
Arik Wing
'Arik Wing' 1 month ago
I watched this on live TV with my dad, when he appeared on that TV me and my dad screamed with excitement
Rs Solanki
'Rs Solanki' 1 month ago
miss you TAKER
'MrTantraMan' 1 month ago
When Taker talks people listen. This man OWNED the people in the ring and also his theme song is one for the ages. He may be 52 but he still has it. I know he's retired but still he is so damn good with promos.
Jerald Conrad
'Jerald Conrad' 1 month ago
Dead man walking
Shade Holy
'Shade Holy' 2 months ago
GUESS WHO İS BACK ???!!??!?!?!
Tyrus Tom
'Tyrus Tom' 2 months ago
Did the undertaker retire yet
'royalrumble97' 2 months ago
Undertaker vs Batista one more time. PLEASE!
Aaron Joe
'Aaron Joe' 2 months ago
Please come back. The show is nothing without you :(
'ZiKRY YT' 2 months ago
its creepy sound when after undertaker say peace
'ZiKRY YT' 2 months ago
lol i see someone struggling to open his camera to record the entrance
'CM PUNK FAN' 2 months ago
0:59 Why The Hell Is STEPHANIE Laugingh!
Bork Laser
'Bork Laser' 2 months ago
0:40 imagine that hit at survivor series. There will be no more arena
Jake Paul Fans
'Jake Paul Fans' 2 months ago
Yo if you can hear the people that are saying boooo I hate them I love the undertaker and kane
'gdeyberah' 2 months ago
15 años desde que lo vi a los 7 y me sigo aterrando con esa entrada
Pascal Chota
'Pascal Chota' 2 months ago
Chhetri Spencer
'Chhetri Spencer' 2 months ago
Haha 4:15 See It 😆
'BRAYDEN MCCLELLAN' 2 months ago
The undertaker he should will be in the the royal rumble in 2018 and he should win the royal rumble
The Creepy Commenter 2.0
#RAW more like #SmackDown
Diego- Videos -Juegos-Risa
ese es miluchador
callum Roberts
'callum Roberts' 2 months ago
man this was 4 months ago
'JJ20' 2 months ago
rest in peacgrrrrrrmmmm
Nazish Ibrahim
'Nazish Ibrahim' 3 months ago
After he said rest in piece who else noticed that URRR growl thing 😂
Bork Laser
'Bork Laser' 3 months ago
2:43 undertaker Rekts Stephanie :)
Lauren And Awryn
'Lauren And Awryn' 3 months ago
He was right no won can control the Deadman
Mohamad Ali
'Mohamad Ali' 3 months ago
Endirmite 2.0
'Endirmite 2.0' 3 months ago
Kodie Nelson
'Kodie Nelson' 3 months ago
undertaker is so cool .I'm a girl that's 9 and I love undertaker and wwejjhsnnshwqm
Dzoni Dzonson
'Dzoni Dzonson' 3 months ago
Taker under✌✌✌
iron feline
'iron feline' 3 months ago
should have won
Lewis Allen
'Lewis Allen' 3 months ago
Nemesis Tyrant
'Nemesis Tyrant' 3 months ago
For me i like undertaker ministry of darkness theme... 😱😱
omar emad
'omar emad' 3 months ago
undertaker eats McDonald's to much
omar emad
'omar emad' 3 months ago
why does the undertaker takes two days to enter the ring is it because he is so damn fat or is it because he is so lazy even in the old days when he was called the American badass he used a motorcycle to reach the ring
omar emad
'omar emad' 3 months ago
why did the undertaker turned into a motorcycle after he said rest in peace
omar emad
'omar emad' 3 months ago
rest in peace ggghggh
Michael The Animator
'Michael The Animator' 3 months ago
Rest in Peaacahem
'BURGER' 3 months ago
Did the undertaker die or quit?
Seth Morgan
'Seth Morgan' 3 months ago
As much as I respect The Undertaker this was his worst promo that he has ever cut. Watch it made me cringe because it was like watching and old race horse trying to finish a race knowing damn well that it doesn't have what it takes anymore to win it let alone compete in it. I knew that he was on his farewell tour because this was again awful promo that he cut.
Koray 1905
'Koray 1905' 3 months ago
29 holes for 29 souls
Vanessa  Vieira Dos Santos
David videos
'David videos' 4 months ago
I am back 😡
David videos
'David videos' 4 months ago
Thank you Taker😭😭
Carleen Howard
'Carleen Howard' 4 months ago
coo m
Mert_Fiti TV
'Mert_Fiti TV' 4 months ago
Wyllyan Matheus Gospel VEVO
O undertaker saiu
'XchazmasterX' 4 months ago
He was a true saint goodbye undertaker the phenom has left so I'm gonna go and cry
'Spoderman' 4 months ago
And now he's retired
asap dess
'asap dess' 4 months ago
20 bigevil
'20 bigevil' 4 months ago
i like domination confidence success legacy and talent of this man . A good role model for persons who whants to make glory for themselves
Adrian Shilling
'Adrian Shilling' 4 months ago
I the undertaker comeing back
James Tiedge
'James Tiedge' 4 months ago
Rest in peacemmffrghmhh
yasmin ddab
'yasmin ddab' 4 months ago
undertaker you are the one
Dashaan Hyman
'Dashaan Hyman' 4 months ago
Boooooooo brok lesner
Abang Hamizan
'Abang Hamizan' 4 months ago
What is Braun Strowman doing stalking The Deadman
'ZeirEi 'S' 4 months ago
I mean the guy who has beard
'ZeirEi 'S' 4 months ago
I was crying too when the other guy cries
Ismail Pathan
'Ismail Pathan' 4 months ago
Cathy Whyard
'Cathy Whyard' 4 months ago
I want to see you
Brian Pecsi
'Brian Pecsi' 4 months ago
by far the greatest ring entry of all time
Vishanth Kannikanda Vishanth
undertaker looks good with his full hairs
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