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The Undertaker makes a chilling Royal Rumble Match announcement: Raw, Jan. 9, 2017 -
Published: 1 year ago By: WWE

By: WWEPublished: 1 year ago

3, 393, 605 views

48, 997 Likes   932 Dislikes

The Deadman returns to reveal that he'll compete in the 2017 Royal Rumble Match.


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undertaker the lord of darkness
Misael Rodriguez
'Misael Rodriguez' 2 days ago
The undertaker is the best
Lynx shogun
'Lynx shogun' 5 days ago
The undietaker is here yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
Efren Efrone
'Efren Efrone' 5 days ago
Prince RKO man
'Prince RKO man' 6 days ago!!!!
mark saxena
'mark saxena' 1 week ago
He's not the real undertaker
Abhinav Kannaujia
'Abhinav Kannaujia' 1 week ago
Undertaker 👏👏👏 Undertaker 👏 👏👏 Undertaker 👏👏 👏 I'm Back
Mamadouba Beavogui
I like when the undertaker say you will rest in peace
Thiago Furtado
'Thiago Furtado' 2 weeks ago
Technical guruji
'Technical guruji' 2 weeks ago
I love undertaker
Ashton Toleman
'Ashton Toleman' 2 weeks ago
0:37 WHAT DID U SAY Stephanie McMahon!??!?!?!?!?
Ankit Pandey
'Ankit Pandey' 3 weeks ago
Ankit Pandey
'Ankit Pandey' 3 weeks ago
4:12 rest in peace ungrhhnghh 😂😂😂😂😂
'Ma' 3 weeks ago
Reast in peace
Chaib Dif
'Chaib Dif' 3 weeks ago
Is de winner pour le royal rumble Nakamura
carlos batres
'carlos batres' 4 weeks ago
4:10 "REST IN PEACEph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!"
Drink It In Man
'Drink It In Man' 4 weeks ago
4:14 hawt
Nleme Ella
'Nleme Ella' 1 month ago
Nleme Ella
'Nleme Ella' 1 month ago
Sushma Singh
'Sushma Singh' 1 month ago
They will "Rest in Peace URRGGGHHH. But still he is my favorite.
ERRICKA Guerrero
'ERRICKA Guerrero' 2 months ago
Rest In Peace
Ashley Paul
'Ashley Paul' 2 months ago
what should i said WHAT!?!
Atul Trivedi
'Atul Trivedi' 2 months ago
Wow he is coming in royal rumble 2018
Justin Beast
'Justin Beast' 2 months ago
3:41 three different colors on his face 😂
Yung Jkorn
'Yung Jkorn' 2 months ago
Man stephanie is killing the wwe
kaleb Richards
'kaleb Richards' 2 months ago
I subscribe
Agha Hafeez
'Agha Hafeez' 2 months ago
Idiot Undertaker now roman reigns has retired you now and he is the original big dog in wwe now you rest on your home
Muhammad Taqi khaneee
The dead man love u
techX gamer
'techX gamer' 2 months ago
Braun you can't touch him he's untouchable !
Ankit Pandey
'Ankit Pandey' 2 months ago
Rest in peaceughrrr
'OzzyOscy' 2 months ago
4:14 - Undertaker jizzed
Katya Dunn
'Katya Dunn' 2 months ago
And if anyone and I mean anyone.
'김명자' 2 months ago
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Ajit Patil
'Ajit Patil' 2 months ago
'WorkingOnMyGuitar' 2 months ago
This is the first time I've ever seen The Undertaker Speak!!
Its Time To WATCH
'Its Time To WATCH' 2 months ago
This video the undertaker years ago
Omar Cruise
'Omar Cruise' 2 months ago
2:40 Steph flashbacks of Undertaker crucifying her lmao
Kaleem Akbar
'Kaleem Akbar' 2 months ago
Gong 🔔
Mothhee Champ
'Mothhee Champ' 2 months ago
JazzBliss Channel
'JazzBliss Channel' 2 months ago
Well he's returning in 2 weeks so I wonder what's next for him
The undertaker Fan
'The undertaker Fan' 2 months ago
Aidan Wilson
'Aidan Wilson' 2 months ago
Listen at 4:13
DeShawn 990
'DeShawn 990' 3 months ago
3:45 And he did it..
'Samsom888' 3 months ago
Rest In Peace mhhh
Ivan Reinard
'Ivan Reinard' 3 months ago
He should make the voice for batman
Kid Dynamite
'Kid Dynamite' 3 months ago
Chris 1992
'Chris 1992' 3 months ago
He was still in the main event regardless.
Adla Osmam
'Adla Osmam' 3 months ago
His voice let me relax i love him
Jared Anthony Flores
'Jared Anthony Flores' 3 months ago
I TOLD YOU STEPHANIE MCMAHON, THE UNDERTAKER IS RETURN ON MONDAY NIGHT RAW and The Undertaker will be entry the Royal Rumble match
'Ch MUZAMMAL' 3 months ago
I'm #Back
Lunatic crazy
'Lunatic crazy' 3 months ago
Undertaker return YES ¤
Mohsin Sh Mohsin Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris wins Undertaker loses THE END Mugen
ItsyeboiR5Gamer Cooñ
Undertaker never won a title in 2010 to 2017, Undertaker never won the Intercontinental Title, United States Title, Universal Title, RAW OR SD Tag Titles, and he never being Mr Money Inthe Bank, and he never competed in NXT, WWE Book a Match at WrestleMania 34 Roman vs. Taker Intercontinental Title Match
'RED KING' 3 months ago
Mick Foley is like:Pls dont have a hell in a cell match with me and pls dont throw me down like you did in the past cause that really hurt man
Fortnite Is Awesome
'Fortnite Is Awesome' 3 months ago
AMIR7823134 Amir
'AMIR7823134 Amir' 3 months ago
And I'm coming in Wwe
AMIR7823134 Amir
'AMIR7823134 Amir' 3 months ago
I'm the undertaker in my future
AMIR7823134 Amir
'AMIR7823134 Amir' 3 months ago
I'm the undertaker in my future
karan vishe
'karan vishe' 3 months ago
Rest in peace uphun😂😂😂😂😂😂
Samina Azad
'Samina Azad' 3 months ago
I'm back! !!!!!!!!! I'm entering haha haha haha
Reece Clive
'Reece Clive' 3 months ago
Everywhere undertaker goes they all chant undertaker, shows how much respect this man has earnt throughout his legendary career, the best wrestler to ever live. #ThanyouTaker
'AlejandroDoesGaming' 3 months ago
REST IN PEACE MRGMPH The undertaker - 2017
DJ Amton
'DJ Amton' 3 months ago
3:22 i have done 29 hoes for 29 souls LMAO
Homer Simpson
'Homer Simpson' 3 months ago
Restt Innn Peaceee *MNGLMNE*
Darius Golden
'Darius Golden' 3 months ago
Yessssssssssssss I m too happy undertaker is back
'Soulleak' 3 months ago
that noise he made at the end
'N64Hacking1.2' 3 months ago
Casey Novak
'Casey Novak' 3 months ago
Taker got right in Stephanie's face. That's what I'm talking about deadman.
Alan Woller
'Alan Woller' 3 months ago
I forgot that he talks
ERRICKA Guerrero
'ERRICKA Guerrero' 4 months ago
😍😘😍😘😍The UnderTaker
Faraan Babar
'Faraan Babar' 4 months ago
I love the quotes of the undertaker and Goldberg's Goldberg: in the royal rumble everyone is next The undertaker: I've dug 29 holes for 29 souls.
Hodon Yousuf
'Hodon Yousuf' 4 months ago
I'm back
Samina Azad
'Samina Azad' 4 months ago
Thanks again, I think
Ahmed Noseir
'Ahmed Noseir' 4 months ago
Stephanie forgot undertaker tried to kidnap her years ago and marry her lol
The Citizen
'The Citizen' 4 months ago
3:00 only the undertaker can make you boo your own hometown
Mohammed Faiz
'Mohammed Faiz' 4 months ago
The greatest to every step in WWE ring if u doesn't respect u r not fan of WWE
Boss Owais.T
'Boss Owais.T' 4 months ago
undertaker didnt won it roman take out undertaker and randy won the rumble roman bs undertaker at wrestlemaina roman wins booooo roman
Tyler Hastings
'Tyler Hastings' 4 months ago
That's mick?? Oh wow i remember him from years ago. He was in beyond on mat is the name i think. I stopped following years ago sorry.
Lebron Michigan
'Lebron Michigan' 4 months ago
Entrance is way to long
Lok Priya
'Lok Priya' 4 months ago
This is one person who has given greatest matches throughout his career, which I watch all the time and become strong and motivated... Thank you phenom❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ for all of that 😍😍😍 I will never stop watching all of u and Kane's matches. how many ever times I watch its still like watching for the 1st time , so powerful and chilling... The undertaker forever....
Brock Lesnar
'Brock Lesnar' 4 months ago
I think Undertaker nutted in his pants at 4:15
S Palm
'S Palm' 4 months ago
4:14 when you hungry af and you take your first bite of your meal
Even if Undertaker wasn't there, how is it Mick Foley's fault. Do you expect him to hack Undertaker. Stephanie, this isn't Watch Dogs.
Cody Calaway
'Cody Calaway' 4 months ago
The WWE will die without The Undertaker!
'Mintonako' 4 months ago
*they will rest In peacesmah*
Uzoma Iwuagwu
'Uzoma Iwuagwu' 4 months ago
I've said it twice and I'll say it again: It's so satisfying to see Undertaker put Stephanie in her place by making it clear to her that not even she should ever act superior to him nor should she bury him.
Antionette Mosley
'Antionette Mosley' 4 months ago
Undertaker is my favorite
'DirtyHandGamer.' 4 months ago
2018 WrestleMania that show is going to be so "Lame"...
Marcus OG
'Marcus OG' 4 months ago
Stephanie never has fear with the undertaker but back then she did.
Justin Wong
'Justin Wong' 4 months ago
Mick Foley: *King Of The Ring 1998 (?) flashbacks.
Johan Zayin Fernandez
Those 868 haters,They should Rest in Peace😈😈😈😈
Jake Giddings
'Jake Giddings' 4 months ago
Undertaker vs “Broken” Matt Hardy
Viliami T Toamotu
'Viliami T Toamotu' 4 months ago
Oh hey undertaker return to the royal rumble of stupid idiots.
'XDizzyShades' 5 months ago
Best mic work or the year: undertaker. Rest in piece blewvatswtw🏥🏥🏥🏥👻☠️☠️☠️
Muhammad 908
'Muhammad 908' 5 months ago
Cm punk cm punk cm punk
FN entertainment 2017
God I miss undertaker
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