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The Saddest Facts You'll Ever Hear -
Published: 3 years ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 3 years ago

10, 638, 919 views

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Ming the clam, we hardly knew ye!

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Dylan McGuire
'Dylan McGuire' 18 minutes ago
Dont Read My Profile Picture
🔵Dont Read My name🔴
Törpe Terror
'Törpe Terror' 11 hours ago
If every birthday i had 14% higher chance to die, i would be dead before i was 10 years old (sorry if my english is bad)
Vecret Simbulan
'Vecret Simbulan' 17 hours ago
i made a hat that is powered by sadness tun tun tutun tuuun tutuntun (music)
Shallow Stream
'Shallow Stream' 18 hours ago
So we should dread our birthday. Wow
Jeimy Bearer
'Jeimy Bearer' 2 days ago
this is dissapointing not sad!.
Kid-do X
'Kid-do X' 3 days ago
The clam made me REALLY sad ;(
Quack ER
'Quack ER' 3 days ago
The saddest facts you will ever hear: buzzfeed has more than 3 channels
Wolfygirl612 Loves roblox X3
The animals are in trouble reply #stopanimalabuse and like and there’s a chance that people with stop abusing animals
Sean Brown
'Sean Brown' 3 days ago
One more thing Your dog died
Matthew S
'Matthew S' 3 days ago
Time to take my Prozac now!
Infinity Studios
'Infinity Studios' 4 days ago
'Killcard101' 5 days ago
So Pluto hasn't made 1 revolution around the Sun in 85 years?
Annie L
'Annie L' 5 days ago
Poor Ming the clam.
Imani Smart
'Imani Smart' 5 days ago
Sofia Garcia
'Sofia Garcia' 6 days ago
I feel so sad on the clam😭😭😭😭
Two Garcia
'Two Garcia' 6 days ago
If you know or play Roblox then you know what I'm talking about, The saddest fact is that ODers will take over Roblox, Anthro might be coming, Meepcity will not be getting removed anytime soon, And you still have to buy Robux with real money. 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Aziza Alkan
'Aziza Alkan' 6 days ago
This is killing. Im crying. Yes most of 30 years old men are bald and fat. Thats why i need a lover under 30 and thats why i consider it old. And cute people stop being single day by day.
Damjan Lakic
'Damjan Lakic' 6 days ago
Scientists accidentally killed it
Bertilla Ebamu
'Bertilla Ebamu' 1 week ago
honestly , I did not care
Why so serious?
'Why so serious?' 1 week ago
Of course they had to do smth like this, they aint called Buzzfeed BLUE for nothing 😅
Anshika Sriavstava
Omg.... I can't.... I m dying its really sad..... U wanna know what....? My battery is at 1℅
Serena beers
'Serena beers' 1 week ago
Umm i have that feeling where you don't know what to think when I just watch this
Holly Rose
'Holly Rose' 1 week ago
NO! I can't leave this world!
Cyclone Daniel
'Cyclone Daniel' 1 week ago
RIP Ming
The Gamer
'The Gamer' 1 week ago
So you're telling me, since I'm 12 years old, I have a 168% chance of death?
'JC2009' 1 week ago
R.I.P Ming this is not a joke 😭
Half Blood Prince29699
The saddest fact about me... I'm dead
Luigi Mario
'Luigi Mario' 1 week ago
Ming got me fucked up man
Oscar Ramirez
'Oscar Ramirez' 1 week ago
R.I.P Ming the clam 1499-2006
'PhoebeLovesMusic' 1 week ago
Noooo! Pluto
'mango' 1 week ago
Aerin 287
'Aerin 287' 1 week ago
I'm feeling negative after watching this video :-(
Apple Gaming
'Apple Gaming' 2 weeks ago
Sleepy Munsootr
'Sleepy Munsootr' 2 weeks ago
*_here's a sad fact for people_* *_My Lonely dark life ;-;_* *_and my phone going ded_*
Cameron Asaro
'Cameron Asaro' 2 weeks ago
Wanna here a sad fact i had to wash the sheets on my bed so i can not go to sleep untill they are done :(
Bryan Waxman
'Bryan Waxman' 2 weeks ago
What's the saddest fact? Woman having rights
Brianna Houser
'Brianna Houser' 2 weeks ago
yay Massachusetts was actually remembered
Lear GD & CR
'Lear GD & CR' 2 weeks ago
g m r selim tube
'g m r selim tube' 2 weeks ago
you want to here something sad there will be a math test
Elixir - Clash Royale
Wanna hear a sad fact? a sad fact
Luke Ford
'Luke Ford' 2 weeks ago
I cried.
'WarmCat' 2 weeks ago
iHalfBlood 101
'iHalfBlood 101' 2 weeks ago
Sometimes tree sloths mistake their arm for a branch, and there fore fall to their death.
Itz_JustEmma21 3
'Itz_JustEmma21 3' 2 weeks ago
You wanna know something sad I couldn’t watch the greatest showman in theaters 2 times in a row
Mewtube DX
'Mewtube DX' 2 weeks ago
I got scared of the birthday one so badly
Dipanjalee Phukon
'Dipanjalee Phukon' 2 weeks ago
Ya...I felt sad really
apple pie
'apple pie' 2 weeks ago
if you subscribe to my channel i promise  i will subscribe to yours!
Avie loves Scout
'Avie loves Scout' 2 weeks ago
Poor Pluto😖😖😖
Lovviiee Harrtsss
'Lovviiee Harrtsss' 2 weeks ago
You wanna hear somethin' sad? You, your life, AND ESPECIALLY NO WIFI 😂😂😂😂
Yackub Goni
'Yackub Goni' 2 weeks ago
Honestly, these were the most shittiest sad facts I've ever heard.
alice angel
'alice angel' 2 weeks ago
Wanna hear a sad fact School......
Jamille Britts
'Jamille Britts' 2 weeks ago
Wanna hear a sad fact? Your mommy and daddy forgot to use condom and you were the result.
'Memecraft' 2 weeks ago
Do you want to hear a sad fact? You work for Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed has no idea what the meaning of sadness is.
Kritty Cat
'Kritty Cat' 2 weeks ago
Wanna hear a sad fact I dont have wifi
Sarthak Kanswal
'Sarthak Kanswal' 2 weeks ago
RIP ming
Szonja Püsök
'Szonja Püsök' 2 weeks ago
Well, R.I.P Ming!
Jinus Rodriguez
'Jinus Rodriguez' 2 weeks ago
michelle kim
'michelle kim' 2 weeks ago
'Yabbi' 2 weeks ago
Here is a sad fact My brother was born
i hate myself so much
0:47 Fucking scientist are supposed to be "smart" no they killed the oldest animal on the world:(
Mario Velez
'Mario Velez' 2 weeks ago
you said that by age 50, 50% of people join the club, which means 80% of men are bald?
Mashari H.
'Mashari H.' 2 weeks ago
what's wrong with being bold?
'Ekzo' 2 weeks ago
something sad u wanna hear? trump won
Evil Rick
'Evil Rick' 2 weeks ago
Very sad No WiFi connection
Jem Alexa May Rama
'Jem Alexa May Rama' 2 weeks ago
I didn't got sad
Sofia Rtrsrtrs
'Sofia Rtrsrtrs' 2 weeks ago
1499-2006 taken too soon...this was supposed to be a sad video but I'm dying😂😂😂
cole morrow
'cole morrow' 2 weeks ago
*embrace the sadness*
Mr. Cool
'Mr. Cool' 2 weeks ago Enjoy the video
Treasure Tv
'Treasure Tv' 2 weeks ago
The other stuff was sad and all but the one that made me the most sad was the fact that I have a 14% higher chance of dying on my birthday. So, I guess that saying one foot closer to the grave every birthday is true 😞😞😭😥
Fauzan Sarwer
'Fauzan Sarwer' 2 weeks ago
wanna hear a sad fact tomorrow is my exam
tootloops forever
'tootloops forever' 2 weeks ago
Miiiiiiiiiiinnnng nuuu scientist
icy leo
'icy leo' 2 weeks ago
Very sad :'(
Borb Animations
'Borb Animations' 3 weeks ago
The birthday fact makes no sense. If this fact were true, you would be dead by age 10 because it would be a more than 100% chance of dying.
Cooldoler 4579
'Cooldoler 4579' 3 weeks ago
Wanna see something sad? ._. :0 :/ ;-) :-( everything but sad
Jeff 3749
'Jeff 3749' 3 weeks ago
The bday one is scary. Every yr ur chances of dying increases 😢😢😭😭😲😲😱😱
I Am Sugar
'I Am Sugar' 3 weeks ago
Who else watched before going 2 bed?
Phoenix Keck
'Phoenix Keck' 3 weeks ago
1:10 ok that one really is not true
windows 11
'windows 11' 3 weeks ago
datmusic lmao
John Serif
'John Serif' 3 weeks ago
sad fact youtube keeps recommending buzzfeed to me the guy that Hates buzzfeed
Ghadeer Gallavich
'Ghadeer Gallavich' 3 weeks ago
What I'm doing here? LMFAO! 😂😂😂😂..
Julia Woroszylo
'Julia Woroszylo' 3 weeks ago
Tf is wrong with some people?Wifi's low or low battery is the saddest thing in the world...think about people who dont have a house.No roof.No bed.No safe place.No wifi or phone.Whats the saddest?That people or no wifi? Edit:yeah i know most were jokes,so dont take it personal i was talking about others who really think stuff like no wifi is the saddest thing ever
HappyToni 1103
'HappyToni 1103' 3 weeks ago
I feel bad for Pluto...
'lancylancee' 3 weeks ago
LmAo- I never felt anything the whole way through the video oOPS
Ramakrishna M
'Ramakrishna M' 3 weeks ago
#1.26 This vedio is making us sad
Rock man
'Rock man' 3 weeks ago
Ironfusion 50
'Ironfusion 50' 3 weeks ago
My life is now sad.... ..but what did i expect when i clicked on this video?
T r i g g e r e d C a t
'JustLeafy' 3 weeks ago
Want to hear a sad fact? Me, myself and I, and that's fucking it
Golden Star
'Golden Star' 3 weeks ago
:( pluto my boi
home 161
'home 161' 3 weeks ago
None of this is sad, It's common knowledge 😐
'Fabuluzzz' 3 weeks ago
Sad fact: My parents didnt let me buy me any donuts
Santhan Fernandes
'Santhan Fernandes' 3 weeks ago
Ethan Hennessey
'Ethan Hennessey' 3 weeks ago
I thought this video was going to be about my life
The white Kawhi Leonard
None of these were sad
'JustColby' 3 weeks ago
10k Subs Without Videos !
I reeally appreciate you showijg the facts its the middle of the night and i dont wanna wake my mom But i enjoyed this video alot!
Colton Gibson
'Colton Gibson' 3 weeks ago
If you have 14% chance of death ever birthday then we would only reach age 7 considering that you divide 100 by 14 and get 7.142857142857143 so we would be 71/2 to die 😐
Destinee Fanning
'Destinee Fanning' 3 weeks ago
*TO ALL WHO HAVE LOST NUTELLA WHICH IS THE SADDEST THING IN THE WORLD* {\ /} ( ♪~♪) *~Take it Beautiful beans~* ( >🌰
'Cool_tiger' 3 weeks ago
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