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The Saddest Facts You'll Ever Hear -
Published: 3 years ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 3 years ago

10, 296, 991 views

95, 816 Likes   5, 709 Dislikes

Ming the clam, we hardly knew ye!

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Nyc Subway Kiddd
'Nyc Subway Kiddd' 18 hours ago
Not sad at all
Elunespup Dragonblight
Today, November 16 is my bday and it says I have a 14% more chance of dying! 😭😭😭😢😢😢
Ayeee Itz wendy
'Ayeee Itz wendy' 21 hours ago
Me: Pluto never got to go around the sun “HAHAHHA PLUTO😂😂” The other one: on your birthday you have a 14% higher chance to die “WHAT OMG NO😭”
wafa alzahrani
'wafa alzahrani' 1 day ago
why do they post these ,:(
Latashree Sharma
'Latashree Sharma' 1 day ago
i think thougjts
An Marifehl Sabado
Felt sad for Pluto
Andrew Pastuszka
'Andrew Pastuszka' 1 day ago
Oh crap my birthday is 2 weeks away, just before my graduation , plz dont die
Arpit Srivastava
'Arpit Srivastava' 2 days ago
bro you haven't given reasons for the facts that why they happen. So if you provide us that too or even give a link of that it wid be excellent. And bro, plz give us time to read the sentences, i m not a fast reader and many r not too. By the way video representation is gud.
Atom TNT
'Atom TNT' 2 days ago
Saddest Fact You will Ever Read*
•Momi Sami•
'•Momi Sami•' 2 days ago
Darn it Buzzfeed Ruining my day
Bruh_plz_itz Lu
'Bruh_plz_itz Lu' 2 days ago
Pluto my fav planet I crying over a planet!
Slimey Egg YølQ
'Slimey Egg YølQ' 2 days ago
'Jinxz' 2 days ago
None of these were sad for me... I think i'm the only one. :T
Sarada Uchiha
'Sarada Uchiha' 2 days ago
Umeshan Ambihaibahan
This is so sad! But I love the animation
Marshmellow Cat
'Marshmellow Cat' 2 days ago
the birthday candle one is shocking
Bart Simpson
'Bart Simpson' 2 days ago
so people click on this video to be sad?😑
Lily life
'Lily life' 2 days ago
I wasnt even sad!!
Great Lego Builder
Sad moments when you had a dream that was the best one you got but when you woke up there was nothing :'(
Abderrahim XD
'Abderrahim XD' 2 days ago
Abhinav Kumar
'Abhinav Kumar' 2 days ago
Last one makes me happy
Zany Shany
'Zany Shany' 3 days ago
i hate buzzfeed
actual trash
'actual trash' 3 days ago
i laughed at a lot of these 😂
ARACELI figueroa
'ARACELI figueroa' 3 days ago
Ansh Behal
'Ansh Behal' 3 days ago
The sad fact is 13-year old are getting in relationships and we people above 20 are single. :(
CoOkIe MoNsTeR
'CoOkIe MoNsTeR' 4 days ago
i hath embraced death
Want to hear another sad fact? Rabbits (usually pet ones) can die from actual heartbreak if they don't get enough love
James Bennett-Mcnulty
The saddest fact ever is that billions of children aged 5-18 are constantly tortured eight hours a day from Monday to Friday. They are tortured in these prisons called "schools" and their torturers call themselves "teachers". These evil people not only torture the kids but make it seem as if what they're doing is helpful and then got it to be made law that all Americans must endure this pain as it apparently prepares them for later life. One like equals 1 prayer
Julia Finch
'Julia Finch' 4 days ago
my nanna died on her birthday ☹️ 😪
'TeresaTheArtist' 5 days ago
Poor Ming the clam 😭😭
Gaming Playz
'Gaming Playz' 5 days ago
The irony
Gasss Dasss
'Gasss Dasss' 5 days ago
Not sad
samuel H.
'samuel H.' 5 days ago
The only one that even made me sad was the one about the animals.
Dicsia Siu-Blandon
'sassylipses' 5 days ago
trust me dont watch the video of it it's traumatizing
'sassylipses' 5 days ago
want to here some thing sad? people who make meat kill baby piglets by smashing them on the ground and they keep baby chicks separated girls go in cages and boys go in grinders cause to them there useless, they slit cows necks to make sure there dead. they break chickens necks so they dont fight each other, they burn or chop off the front part of chicks beaks, they hang cows upside down and stab them to bleed them and they always stomp or throw the baby piglets.
'SuperSoup82' 5 days ago
GK brickworks
'GK brickworks' 5 days ago
I know the most depresive thing that happened. Battery left:2%
farhana mony
'farhana mony' 5 days ago
Oh no 😭
I am a unicorn and I like it
These aren't sad and the only one that was sad was the animals becoming extinct but all of the other ones weren't sad at all
Slytherin Guy
'Slytherin Guy' 5 days ago
Soooooo sad......
Maheen Ali
'Maheen Ali' 5 days ago
Want to hear a sad fact? I haven't prepared for my 2 tests tomorrow..
Spicy Bartledoo
'Spicy Bartledoo' 5 days ago
'SAMIR PODDER' 5 days ago
sad things.
'HunterAndAkatsuki' 5 days ago
i’m not bummed out, just that i was so idiotic to even think about trusting buzzfeed
'_-INSPECT-_TM' 5 days ago
I would definitely cry after watching this video I didn't like it
sabareesh ssv
'sabareesh ssv' 5 days ago
Slow down please
Nawshin Upama
'Nawshin Upama' 5 days ago
Who are these 5k heartless people who disliked the vedio ! ... I still feel bad for Pluto .... 😢
Cat Lighter
'Cat Lighter' 5 days ago
I LIVE IN MASSACHUSETTS hey I’m famous now xD
ProudRu55ell 122
'ProudRu55ell 122' 5 days ago
Saddest Fact: We will die
'MrRobloxian' 5 days ago
The facts don't make me sad, The animation and music makes me sad :(.
Siddhesh Mahadik
'Siddhesh Mahadik' 5 days ago
Want to know one more sad fact??? I am single
'Ephexia' 5 days ago
Hahahha oml im dead hahahaha
Julie Hime-sama
'Julie Hime-sama' 5 days ago
I wonder if I'm heartless because I'm actually laughing
Lunar Attack
'Lunar Attack' 6 days ago
iishaded ii
'iishaded ii' 6 days ago
I'm not sad :P
max sgeisndjs
'max sgeisndjs' 6 days ago
Now I'm sad
Llama Fan
'Llama Fan' 6 days ago
0:24 W-what? No th-that’s not true
Guinea Pig
'Guinea Pig' 6 days ago
Sad Fact: Everything on Earth dies.
Kheilas Reti
'Kheilas Reti' 6 days ago
So I'll die at the age. Of 9
Candace Cremeans
'Candace Cremeans' 6 days ago
I didn't get mad at all. C:
aaron gaddis
'aaron gaddis' 6 days ago
MehNameIsKale 1
'MehNameIsKale 1' 6 days ago
I'm low-key crying rn... idk why..
'piefoxpie' 6 days ago
that clam one tho :( r.i.p
Deidara senpai
'Deidara senpai' 6 days ago
sam cline
'sam cline' 6 days ago
uh, this video didn't make me feel sad at all. It made me chuckle a bit actually
'HiHa BROTHERS' 6 days ago
😑😑😑😑😑why are you so negative????? 😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞
bts stan
'bts stan' 6 days ago
wow so sad
Veronica Lox
'Veronica Lox' 6 days ago
it makes me happy that I'm not happy
Eshan Singh
'Eshan Singh' 6 days ago
BGM is good
Shamita Sinha Roy
'Shamita Sinha Roy' 6 days ago
UnicornPotatopup Playz
I'm Pluto.
Zapite Gaming
'Zapite Gaming' 6 days ago
Sad facts about everyone, we cried before
'Vivienne's World' 6 days ago
Why does the birthday one just creep me out!??
Sravan Setti
'Sravan Setti' 6 days ago
Wtf ? Is it true that everyday more than 100 species r getting extinct ?😨😨😨
Onkar Preet
'Onkar Preet' 6 days ago
These fake studies are so fucking annoying. And the use of words ' according to ' is so fucking annoying. And use of sentence 'research has shown that' is so fucking annoying.
Hetal Srinidhi
'Hetal Srinidhi' 6 days ago
0:49 Now that is _incredibly_ sad 😭 😭 😭
Yellowflash Minato
I am sad before i watched it so i will dislike this :-(
pop and kpop lover Rakshit
I got sad on the lie one😣
Kaden Holdaas
'Kaden Holdaas' 7 days ago
The one about the animals going extinct is definitely not true we would have no animals if that happened
Kupcakke Love
'Kupcakke Love' 7 days ago
I didn't really get fazed by any of these 😂
'Ixchel' 7 days ago
Orlando Brony
'Orlando Brony' 7 days ago
You missed one That the suns gonna explode one day
Hello Lolipopop
'Hello Lolipopop' 7 days ago
The saddest was the higher chance of dying on your birthday
DKB Plays
'DKB Plays' 7 days ago
Want to hear a sad fact... My life
Kim Q.
'Kim Q.' 7 days ago
I didn't hear any of these I just read them
Mangle The Playful Fox
Well I'm depressed now
Natália Stewart
'Natália Stewart' 7 days ago
R.I.P Ming the clam
Ilham Ibrahim XD
'Ilham Ibrahim XD' 7 days ago
Why did I watch this?
'Sav.vvage' 7 days ago
Imagine if you're dreaming when you're awake, and when you're asleep your dreams are real life
Tomo Kunagisa
'Tomo Kunagisa' 7 days ago
Man can we mention the amazing soundtrack? Oh god.
Dhwani Bhatt
'Dhwani Bhatt' 1 week ago
are yar kya kiya
M.N Azzuan
'M.N Azzuan' 1 week ago
im still happy..nothing to be sad
jyothsna nc
'jyothsna nc' 1 week ago
Damn.... I dont give a damn!!
'DPCG' 1 week ago
more like the saddest facts you'll read
변 소남 현
'변 소남 현' 1 week ago
Sad fact My bias will never know I exist .
Alexandra Ray
'Alexandra Ray' 1 week ago
My dad is almost 50 and he has a head full of hair
Alexander Hansen
'Alexander Hansen' 1 week ago
10 mio views
Toxic Jax
'Toxic Jax' 1 week ago
This is nothing :) for me
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