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The Saddest Facts You'll Ever Hear -
Published: 3 years ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 3 years ago

9, 637, 492 views

87, 317 Likes   5, 063 Dislikes

Ming the clam, we hardly knew ye!

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Mighty Mephisto
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MyRants lol
'MyRants lol' 28 minutes ago
I LOVED THE STARTING. I didn't really get sad, some of them I already knew lol
Chanyeol Obba
'Chanyeol Obba' 3 hours ago
I don't want any birthday please .
Ayed Simon
'Ayed Simon' 6 hours ago
R.I.P clam 1 like 1 pray 1subcribe the time will reverse and the scienties did not kill it
'Icyseadragon' 15 hours ago
I found it funny.
Expertgamingthief Real
OnixReacts Litt
'OnixReacts Litt' 24 hours ago
This is why I hate humans
Charlotte Spriggs
'Charlotte Spriggs' 2 days ago
Prankster Gaming
'Prankster Gaming' 3 days ago
Scientists can clone
Michael Perez
'Michael Perez' 3 days ago
BaconIdentity Gt
'BaconIdentity Gt' 3 days ago
The saddest thing I heard is that I'm adopted :D
BlackScreen Streams
rip ming
Summer Horse
'Summer Horse' 4 days ago
Doge Lords
'Doge Lords' 4 days ago
I have a sad one. Herobrine is fake
Wumbo Derpeth
'Wumbo Derpeth' 5 days ago
Poke Master!
'Poke Master!' 5 days ago
This is the saddest fact.. HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL
Imaginative PE
'Imaginative PE' 5 days ago
So today 200 species of animals will extinct NOOOOOOO😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
'OLIVIA MEDINA' 5 days ago
Who else said awwwww really loud on the fact about Pluto? 😰 That's too sad
SuperCute - Chan
'SuperCute - Chan' 5 days ago
Now i'm sad more than I be sometimes :-(
'KCrack' 6 days ago
Krazy Kevin
'Krazy Kevin' 6 days ago
Why does the music sound like a Nazi march?
Boots N
'Boots N' cats' 7 days ago
Naomi Rachel
'Naomi Rachel' 7 days ago dad is over 30 and he still aint bald
Lilo 3.1
'Lilo 3.1' 1 week ago
This is my entertainment
Asu nyan
'Asu nyan' 1 week ago
the song is more bumming than the facts 😑
Miahpiahmiah XxX
'Miahpiahmiah XxX' 1 week ago
You made me happy about being sad
Cole Bonner
'Cole Bonner' 1 week ago
the story of ming is so sad
Logan Flaherty EST. 2001-Present
I don't want to grow old and die! I want to be young forever! (I start crying)
Amy Petrosyan
'Amy Petrosyan' 2 weeks ago
Noah Obregon
'Noah Obregon' 2 weeks ago
This video is depressing
'UDBHAV SINHA' 2 weeks ago
Saddest fact : most of the teens in the world r still virgin , including me
Captain Blue Sock
'Captain Blue Sock' 2 weeks ago
Wanna read a sad fact? You red a sad fact that made you sad
Sharifa Ford
'Sharifa Ford' 2 weeks ago
I can't hear the facts😐😐😐
Evleen #atb
'Evleen #atb' 2 weeks ago
want to hear a sad fact...? my parents don't want me to keep a pet dog 😔😢😭🙁
Bleach Dealer
'Bleach Dealer' 2 weeks ago
Sad fact: i finished my pizza ;-;
Just Another Emotional Cry Baby
i feel really bad for laughing at the birthday one.
Kitty_Cat 77
'Kitty_Cat 77' 2 weeks ago
Hahaha, it's my birthday today. Luckily I didn't die. (Obviously😂)
Ella Asmirith
'Ella Asmirith' 2 weeks ago
I felt sad only for Ming.😢
'Anonymous' 2 weeks ago
The sound was funny than the facts
Nastascia Riley
'Nastascia Riley' 2 weeks ago
Well managed to ruin my day 😣😣😐😐😢😢😢
phantom x
'phantom x' 2 weeks ago
Please make happy facts next time
Lily White
'Lily White' 2 weeks ago
I don't think it means you're heartless if you don't feel sad. Maybe you are a strong person or you know and have accepted that everywhere and every minute something bad happens. Sadness just like other emotions are complicated things and people react to things differently. You can't just say that every single person feels one way or another after watching something. Humans are different and complicated and feel differently about things. If you sad about this that's okay but if you don't that's okay too. There's nothing wrong with either. I hope everyone reads this and realizes that you are not heartless if you don't cry about a certain thing. Hope this helps and see ya. :)
MB Gaming
'MB Gaming' 2 weeks ago
'Snuffles' 2 weeks ago
The pluto face's expressions made me cry.
'Demi's Animations' 2 weeks ago
My dog died today and my other dog died three weeks ago...
Imani Smart
'Imani Smart' 2 weeks ago
im not easily sad. i thought ok they're just facts. IM CRYING!
Phoenix Eclipse
'Phoenix Eclipse' 2 weeks ago
You one of the saddest facts I know is that OT12 will never reunite again as one...
Huzaifah bin Azhar
'Huzaifah bin Azhar' 2 weeks ago
The number one fact to be sad of: Humanity exists in very few percent of human beings.
'Kritiko' 2 weeks ago
The saddest fact ever is that it's 2017 and people think earth is flat.
Aya Nevermind
'Aya Nevermind' 2 weeks ago
Embrace despair.
'L I L Y' 2 weeks ago
You know what's sad? Approximately 1 million people worldwide commit suicide each year. That is one death every 40 seconds or 3000 per day.
Careless Pizza
'Careless Pizza' 3 weeks ago
THE SADDEST FACT: The most beautiful Oreo in the world,just fell in the milk
Chelsea Singgar
'Chelsea Singgar' 3 weeks ago
im too broken, I dont know how to feel about this
Abdullah Azeemi
'Abdullah Azeemi' 3 weeks ago
I feel sorry for pluto
Robby Plays
'Robby Plays' 3 weeks ago
14 percent chance of death? And why is that? Because we might burn ourselves to death from the candles of the cake?
Mahendra singh
'Mahendra singh' 3 weeks ago
Want to read a fact I am eating maggi while watching this video...
This is my shiteu
'This is my shiteu' 3 weeks ago
I only felt sad at the Pluto fact yikes
Typical USB
'Typical USB' 3 weeks ago
The saddest fact is that there's no wifi
Trnava Mapper
'Trnava Mapper' 3 weeks ago
0:58 makes me happy
Ethan Guisama
'Ethan Guisama' 3 weeks ago
Im Adopdet!
Maram Maaram
'Maram Maaram' 3 weeks ago
Sad fact : tao kris n luhan left exo a years ago they will never comeback and exo-ls are crying every time they miss them :(
Levi Ackerman
'Levi Ackerman' 3 weeks ago
meh not sad at all
Han Ly
'Han Ly' 3 weeks ago
People make less doing what they love because they're not doing it for the money! Most of them are artists, musicians, writers,...
Sparklezz !!
'Sparklezz !!' 3 weeks ago
Why am I clicking on t'his after my dog died... To make me sadder than I already am?!
'gtuplays' 3 weeks ago
How does 150 to 200 animals get extinct every dayy
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 3 weeks ago
wanna hear a sad fact? i got no wifi for a month..
Bopa McNaine
'Bopa McNaine' 3 weeks ago
i :(-ed at that ming fact.
'V.I.N.' 3 weeks ago
Whalien 52
dat chicken
'dat chicken' 3 weeks ago
sad fact : I'm 22 and already bald
Pewa Hangula
'Pewa Hangula' 3 weeks ago
Iam turning 14 next week
baby lamiaa
'baby lamiaa' 3 weeks ago
In our country school is next week. The most sad fact ever 💔
Monica Ajala
'Monica Ajala' 3 weeks ago
When I saw them put "extinct" on the spider I was so happy
Sreehari Madhu
'Sreehari Madhu' 3 weeks ago
The bgm is actually funny for the video which has a sad theme
DeathEaterLamia Black
*fine in begining* *clam* Noooooooo! *fine for the rest of the video*
Mr. Summary
'Mr. Summary' 3 weeks ago
1.Pluto is lonely 2.60% of people lies every 10 mins. 3.You are more likely to die on your birthday(No) 4.50% males are bold by the age of 50 5.507 old mıng is ded because of an accident :( 6.People are divorcing cuz facebook 7.If u make money you are most likely sad fam. 8.150-200 species becone extinct everyday.
Prince Vegeta
'Prince Vegeta' 3 weeks ago
Where the Jake Paul existing fact at?
'Mr.Right' 3 weeks ago
0:14 Me trying to reach my goals
darmana asif
'darmana asif' 3 weeks ago
i feel pretty sad about the clam...................... CURSE U SCIENTIST WHO KILLED MING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Abderrahim YT
'Abderrahim YT' 3 weeks ago
How old are you?
'Canodiablo' 3 weeks ago
Wasnt sad at all If you Dont have a heart
'ExokExomExolover' 3 weeks ago
The saddest thing in 2017 "Hoya left INFINITE. Because he thinks he doesnt belong there."
Pat Perry
'Pat Perry' 3 weeks ago
Pretty sure there are a lot of facts worst than these like there are 7.6 million deaths from cancer per year
galaxy Queen
'galaxy Queen' 3 weeks ago
When you realize humanity will come to a end
Mihael Keehl
'Mihael Keehl' 3 weeks ago
No. 1#: knowing that you favorite (kpop) artist is FINALLY going "near" you for a concert (if 3 000 miles is near), but you know your parents won't let you... *crying and not even exaggerating*
sara mclendon
'sara mclendon' 3 weeks ago
Pluto Will Always Be A Planet To Me
Diva Eva
'Diva Eva' 3 weeks ago
Pluto you'll forever be the baby not a dwarf, ily🌻
unicorn pie
'unicorn pie' 3 weeks ago
I'm a optimistic person so I barely feel sad I'm always 😊
môönlïtê wôlf
'môönlïtê wôlf' 3 weeks ago
I didn't feel the slighted bit of sadness
Fluffy Marimo
'Fluffy Marimo' 3 weeks ago
These aren't even sad.
Adolfo Vasquez
'Adolfo Vasquez' 3 weeks ago
Ummm... global warming is going to kill us all within the next 200 years?
Faisal Rizvi
'Faisal Rizvi' 3 weeks ago
So sad i didn't bother to watch
Arthur Chris
'Arthur Chris' 3 weeks ago
60% of the people lie every 10 Minutes, Probably this one is a LIE as well😂
'Shotbaskit87' 3 weeks ago
I laughed at the Pluto one and just sat through the video expressionless
Saddest fact you'll ever hear Im gonna be lonely for the rest of my life
All kinds of gains
'All kinds of gains' 3 weeks ago
The robot on mars sings happy birthday to itself because it's all alone :(
Vicky Pollard
'Vicky Pollard' 3 weeks ago
Poor Pluto😩
Saad Muhammed
'Saad Muhammed' 3 weeks ago
Laughed at half of them sooo... Not really sad facts for me
Aditiya Das
'Aditiya Das' 3 weeks ago
Today is my birthday I sware
Jason Andersen
'Jason Andersen' 3 weeks ago
The Saddest Fact I Heard Is.. *Buzzfeed Running Out Of Ideas*
Anneri Lubbe
'Anneri Lubbe' 3 weeks ago
this was actually very entertaining and funny
Skullsweets Gaming
'Skullsweets Gaming' 3 weeks ago
the moon isnt cheese
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