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BEST Vines of January 2015 w/ Titles - NEW Vine Compilation Part 1 - Top Viners ✔ -
Published: 3 years ago By: Top Viners 2

By: Top Viners 2Published: 3 years ago

1, 213, 547 views

8, 870 Likes   324 Dislikes

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Enzo Heavenly
'Enzo Heavenly' 6 months ago
'New Year, got my nigga chillin' on the couch, he gon' be happy when I put my dick inside his mouth~~~ - Nigga wut???' HAHAHAHA
'MAR12' 9 months ago
LOL, this is SO FUNNY.
Doph V
'Doph V' 9 months ago
the vine at 8:35 - 8:42 was sexist
I Love Memes
'I Love Memes' 1 year ago
This was posted two years ago so it's 2017 I love the number 7
'Kayleigh' 1 year ago
who is that girl at 2:10?
Toti MG
'Toti MG' 1 year ago
who is the girl at 2:16?
Fabrício A. S. Albuquerque
Emily Herron
'Emily Herron' 2 years ago
what is the belong girls name with the long hair I know her name starts with an L but I can't remember the rest #BRAINFART
Tammy Mendez
'Tammy Mendez' 2 years ago
Harz Gaming
'Harz Gaming' 2 years ago
Chloe Jachymek
'Chloe Jachymek' 2 years ago
I don't even freaking know why but 7:00 and the face they make is priceless I can't stop laughing X'D
Basic Bitch
'Basic Bitch' 2 years ago
1:03 Song plzz
'K0TTNM0UTHQUEEN' 2 years ago
The grandma is just too adorable lol
Salt Boy
'Salt Boy' 2 years ago
2:28 bookmark
Callan Beveridge
'Callan Beveridge' 2 years ago
the second one, i failed, i cracked up
LittleObject886 LittleObject886
d g
'd g' 2 years ago
Any else notice twenty one pilots "Before You Start Your Day" at 1:55?
Ruby Lewis
'Ruby Lewis' 2 years ago
8:51 Am I the only on who thinks he looks like a titan?
Sunny Gao
'Sunny Gao' 2 years ago
Song name at 1:02?
Adia Morgan
'Adia Morgan' 2 years ago
I love the vine im a first time user I cant Waite for more!!! :-)
Jazlyn Hartley
'Jazlyn Hartley' 3 years ago
the one with the deaf kid i know that there is a kitten or a cat in it
Mirro Todorov
'Mirro Todorov' 3 years ago
RLY? the 80% of this vines are made in 2013 or 2014.. only put that tittle for likes ( BEST VINES -.- put new vines and dont copy
'AJ MC' 3 years ago
We're my name is Jeff
Cordelia Mae
'Cordelia Mae' 3 years ago
Thomas Sanders tries too hard and still he's not funny
TheMiloShow WTF
'TheMiloShow WTF' 3 years ago
Hey guys check out my new vine ^^
My Chemical Escape
'My Chemical Escape' 3 years ago
Like if you watching this before 1M views
'Lituanica99' 3 years ago
the last one always makes me laugh
Krispy Kookie
'Krispy Kookie' 3 years ago
Died of laughter 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😄😂😂😁😄😂😐
Tully Thexton
'Tully Thexton' 3 years ago
Song name 4:54? pls
Atarah Jessia
'Atarah Jessia' 3 years ago
That C.R.E.A.M vine thoughh, boll im deadd
red ducky
'red ducky' 3 years ago
like if you wach in 2015
'CrazyCake' 3 years ago
BigNik seriously stop plus aren't you to young to be swearing ?!?
arber krasniqi
'arber krasniqi' 3 years ago
4:30 Albanian <3
'PocketLint-osu' 3 years ago
5:17 That moment when a new pen writes worse than one you borrow...
Maggie Cancino
'Maggie Cancino' 3 years ago
The last one doe!!
'kanekichiii' 3 years ago
2:02 AGONYYYYY! #intothewoods  
Chloe Marie Xo
'Chloe Marie Xo' 3 years ago
I😘💖💖💖💖 pugs
Amy Sanchez
'Amy Sanchez' 3 years ago
Nikolai Heldahl
'Nikolai Heldahl' 3 years ago
what song did he use wen it was 1:00 in the video whit the friendship braslet?
tiger keys
'tiger keys' 3 years ago
I get extremely angry when I see a dark skinned, glasses wearing, beany studdin, woman kiss a white dude. My girlfriend has dark skin with long black hair, glasses, and wears a beany. I just get SO PISSED OFF >:C I know it's not her, but damn. . .
'SAIDOU Nasri' 3 years ago
music 1st vine
ruben hernandez
'ruben hernandez' 3 years ago
These vine s are good
'Zander' 3 years ago
1:00 what song is this?
'PocketLint-osu' 3 years ago
New Year, got my nigga chillin on the couch. He gon be happy when I put my dick inside his mouth. nigga wut?
Adi worthington
'Adi worthington' 3 years ago
this is ... read(100 more lines
'HiatusMobs' 3 years ago
Whats song at 2:18?
Tobias Coffield
'Tobias Coffield' 3 years ago
I don't find any of these funny....
HigH Rays
'HigH Rays' 3 years ago
I covered his face with is hand
estrella delora
'estrella delora' 3 years ago
9:47 was the best one!
Alycia Bieber
'Alycia Bieber' 3 years ago
how does anymone find curtis leore funny? his vines are garbage and hes a disgusting human.
'PATTY PERRY' 3 years ago
hahah id like to make a toast to all the pepo :)
OWN alex
'OWN alex' 3 years ago
What name is the song at 0 :16
OWN alex
'OWN alex' 3 years ago
What song is that at 0 : 16
OWN alex
'OWN alex' 3 years ago
What song is that at 0:16
'filipinordabest' 3 years ago
02:34 should be a meme
Mahdi Almaliky
'Mahdi Almaliky' 3 years ago
6:42 is just sad
Pierre Diedericks
'Pierre Diedericks' 3 years ago
What is the song at 1:00 ??? 
emmanuel duran garcia
Song At 0:14 please
James Dean
'James Dean' 3 years ago
Song at 3:23?
James Lawson
'James Lawson' 3 years ago
Name of this Song 5.24 ?
Aswad Bryant
'Aswad Bryant' 3 years ago
The one at 3:07 cracked me up so hard.
Janellie Castro
'Janellie Castro' 3 years ago
Designed Hoover
'Designed Hoover' 3 years ago
Stop talking about something really random
Ronil De Asis
'Ronil De Asis' 3 years ago
5:29 I DID IT!!!!!!
Juliana Simmonds
'Juliana Simmonds' 3 years ago
6:35 is the only part I laugh and the only vine I laugh in lots o there vines though
Sarah Sheene
'Sarah Sheene' 3 years ago
Cameron Gellineau
'Cameron Gellineau' 3 years ago
Michael lepiore is a mother fucking stereotype
John Ennis
'John Ennis' 3 years ago
3:29? what song
beau Adams
'beau Adams' 3 years ago
i got my nigger on the cowch heel be happy when i put my 
Kāmɩcc xx
'Kāmɩcc xx' 3 years ago
01:03 song is…
Abbie Bohanan
'Abbie Bohanan' 3 years ago
Because Batman.
Lucas M.
'Lucas M.' 3 years ago
So for everyone: THE SONGS NAME AT MIN 1:00  --> Melbourne Bounce by Orkestrated and Fries & Shine ft. Big Nab (Deorro Remix) upvote pls :) 
Honey Hood
'Honey Hood' 3 years ago
Honey Hood
'Honey Hood' 3 years ago
Kim Dinh
'Kim Dinh' 3 years ago
4:56 not in my case D: and im serious. the TV is forced to be on channel 22 24/7 unless power rangers is on. I MEAN COME ON YOU'RE NOT GONNA WATCH NO TOMAS AND FRIENDS YOU'RE ON YO FRICKING IPAD
Always Admired
'Always Admired' 3 years ago
DON'T CLICK READ MORE!!! Now you have to like my comment.
King Alex
'King Alex' 3 years ago
Supa Juggernaut
'Supa Juggernaut' 3 years ago
That last one almost had me in tears lol
Be Brave
'Be Brave' 3 years ago
What's the last song?
'IMattee' 3 years ago
I don't hate these videos, I just don't understand them. Do people make obvious funny videos and just send them in and you compile them?
Hi Am Trash.
'Hi Am Trash.' 3 years ago
5:40 to 5:43 what is the music name ???
Toni Huslig
'Toni Huslig' 3 years ago
Joshua Pacillo
'Joshua Pacillo' 3 years ago
what's that thing at 9:49 ?
'WTFPoniesftw' 3 years ago
these are all fucking terrible wtf?
Josh Wright
'Josh Wright' 3 years ago
5:30 just WTF?!?!?!?!
Juan Valencia
'Juan Valencia' 3 years ago
Juan Valencia
'Juan Valencia' 3 years ago
What is the song at 6:32
Tia Sway
'Tia Sway' 3 years ago
i covered his face! 5:25
Weronika Aleksandra Gruszczyńska
1:02 what a song?
Grave Russell
'Grave Russell' 3 years ago
2:39 they are actually kissing :o, is Thomas sanders by any chance... Gay....
Layla Wood
'Layla Wood' 3 years ago
Music changes everything
Pablo Mejia
'Pablo Mejia' 3 years ago
Pause at 05:27
shengjhe gong
'shengjhe gong' 3 years ago
'MDJam' 3 years ago
Song at 1:02?
Cam Kemp
'Cam Kemp' 3 years ago
I like the elf on the shelf one at 4:07
Diana Petkovic
'Diana Petkovic' 3 years ago
What's the song at 01:01
Lord Biffus
'Lord Biffus' 3 years ago
6:35 hahaha!
Kostas Sofroniou
'Kostas Sofroniou' 3 years ago
It was funny at 0:25
jenna dyer
'jenna dyer' 3 years ago
I did it
strawberry pocky
'strawberry pocky' 3 years ago
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