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MythBusters: The Search | Sneak Peek -
Published: 1 year ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 1 year ago

13, 998 views

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#MythBustersSearch | PREMIERES Sat Jan 7 9/8c on Science
Meet the next generation of fearless contenders with killer build skills, science smarts and nerves of steel... ready to be judged each week as they bust myths and vie for the win in becoming the next myth-busting superstars.

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Lou Joszai
'Lou Joszai' 5 months ago
Is this the next Marvel shit? There are superhos an superheroes everywhere.
Dungeons Heroes
'Dungeons Heroes' 5 months ago
BOOOO shame on whoever approved this! Bring back the original team or no mythbusters at all!!!! since 2011 i was dreaming about their return since they told that their gallery is moving to science channel but someone at this channel I BET fucked things up with them and the original team denied to work with them!
Dahvon Colon
'Dahvon Colon' 7 months ago
They don't look or act like they really love science 🔬. Adam and Jamie had a real love for what they did. The original show will be missed.
'Rob' 7 months ago
This is one of the stupidest shows on TV, any silly bastard can blow shit up, what's so mythy about that, shut this shit down , better yet blow the show up.
divad senoj
'divad senoj' 8 months ago
Mythbusters had evolved to such a level of investigation skills and ingenuity of construction that the next generation is like watching infants trying to growl for the first time (as a metaphore), at first exciting but quickly becomes boring with constant safety concerns! However Mythbusters original killed itself-off with rigid thinking and limited open-mindedness and simple arrogants, especially when it came to historical human ingenuity and the fact that the ancients had either decades or more or were simply had better imagination to develop their technological ideas not a couple weeks or less on a TV show that worries about ratings!!!
Boypuppo2 .-.
'Boypuppo2 .-.' 8 months ago
We need to find where adam and jamie lives and hold their wives hostage until they continue making the show till they die
Lukas Sprehn
'Lukas Sprehn' 12 months ago
Just let it go. Call this show something different. Let Adam, Jamie and the rest have the original show as something they solely did. Just let them have that right, please, to say that it was their show, not anyone else's. It's okay to test more myths. Just call it something different.
'darkblood626' 12 months ago
Not only did they kill the show they took it's corpse and mutilated it into another shitty reality show....
Thefluffy bigbear
'Thefluffy bigbear' 1 year ago
this is the top gear effect
Google user
'Google user' 1 year ago
This is not MythBusters , this is a reality , sad but truth ...
'cas' 1 year ago
This is stupid
'FpsRix' 1 year ago
fuck off!
'OnyxBlackSmith' 1 year ago
This... Just miss the point of Mythbusters entirely.
'1Maenad' 1 year ago
I'm intrigued. I hope the competitive part does not take away from actually experimenting and testing myths.
Raydell Bailey
'Raydell Bailey' 1 year ago
Stop for the love of god don't ruin myth busters
'GOLDENGAZZA' 1 year ago
Mortified Pancake
'Mortified Pancake' 1 year ago
Nobody will ever replace or even compare to the True Mythbusters,
Ken Hogg
'Ken Hogg' 1 year ago
Why?..... Some areas dont get the science channel.... Please put it back on Discovery channel where it belongs
Aakash Kalaria
'Aakash Kalaria' 1 year ago
Butt hurt, educated, science oriented people commenting how it won't be same and giving dislikes. I look forward to new hosts and show!
Beary FUCKING Nice
holy shit the nerdist guy
'snapst' 1 year ago
Yooo, Can Hacket be in, I don't care about others... Hacket Needs to be myth-busting... His Show was the best, I even sort of designed my own Pyrolysis apparatus, after His episode of running a ATV in train tracks with wood-gas. Hacket! Hacket! Hacket! Hacket! Hacket!.....
Kali Takumi
'Kali Takumi' 1 year ago
To everyone that misses Adam Savage, you should subscribe to Tested.
'Nightingale305' 1 year ago
kyle lol
Following Feynman
'Following Feynman' 1 year ago
Why so much hate on this? I look forward to this! I love seeing science being used in fun and clever ways. I just hope they find people as real and charismatic as Adam and Jamie. And the voiceover host guy, I need his voice in my life lol
'#JasonDedication' 1 year ago
colinfurze and hacksmith should've been here..
'aZa' 1 year ago
without Adam and Jamie is it not the same...
Cameron Warner
'Cameron Warner' 1 year ago
All these people hating but I'm excited for this!!!!
Nelson Baietti
'Nelson Baietti' 1 year ago
It is easy to judge a bigbrother-like format as stupid, just because the original show is lame... *but THINK before judging. **_MAYBE_** this makes sense here!* The Myth Busters show concept had everything to be basically ETERNAL (more or less like the How Its Made show), the weak link is only the cast who might eventually grow tired of the show and give up on the relationship (as in EVERY relationship). It is only natural that, quite literally the show must go on, because everybody benefits from it, producers, cast and frankly US, the viewers. They need people who can do the stuff but who also are CAMERA FRIENDLY (have the proper charisma), and this is a very good way to do it. Of course they`ll benefit from the same things Big Brother and other similar formats do, but hey, it is OKAY to have profit on something! Profit is not necessarily EVIL. So, from my experience working on entertainment, I understand EXACTLY what they are doing with this... ...and, _at this point_, I AGREE !!!
'Ratkobom' 1 year ago
please dont be like top gear make us proud 2017
Kirill Ramdan
'Kirill Ramdan' 1 year ago
Fuck u discovery Adam and Jamie were the only people to be in this job
'szutok6' 1 year ago
'AC' 1 year ago
nobody will ever be better than the original.
'Mackan' 1 year ago
Ya'll need to fucking stop
Zach Kromer
'Zach Kromer' 1 year ago
No thank you
Nikola Tesla
'Nikola Tesla' 1 year ago
What the hell is this shit? This is very disrespectful to the original. Get your head out of your ass. Use some other name for this show...
'Steiny' 1 year ago
I am so excited for this. When Adam and Jamie quit i thought i was going to die because I was raised on Mythbusters. I can't wait to see what fun this will be to watch this new show. Now that we have new technology They can get better slo-mo cameras, and everything else. Like this if you agree, subscribe to be my favorite person,(not kidding) reply to be a good person.
Rowan McMullan
'Rowan McMullan' 1 year ago
they replaced it with a reality show...
MetallicNate The Acquirer of Sounds
Aye, I don't want to watch a staged competition between people I don't care about. I'd rather just let the old show retire and then watch some re-runs. Let it rest.
Damascus Storm
'Damascus Storm' 1 year ago
Fuck that most of these people look like fagots and won't be able to do it.
james bond3w
'james bond3w' 1 year ago
'TooCute4U' 1 year ago
Johannes Lück
'Johannes Lück' 1 year ago
Why do you guys have to play Frankenstein with one of my favorite Shows?
Craig Hair
'Craig Hair' 1 year ago
Nope Reality TV Competition? Big Nope.
'Xathras' 1 year ago
You can't replace the people who made the show. It''ll be like Top Gear all over again, won't work.
Hamza Hussain
'Hamza Hussain' 1 year ago
'Redeject' 1 year ago
If top gear couldn't survive without its hosts, you probably can't either. That being said, fingers crossed the end product is at least acceptable.
this guy
'this guy' 1 year ago
This looks awesome!
Helam Moreira
'Helam Moreira' 1 year ago
It may be nice, but the original team is the one. Adam, Jame, Tory, Kari and Grant have a special touch in the show. But let give a chance to the new team make the show.
Evil Genius97
'Evil Genius97' 1 year ago
I understand why people are mod over new Mythbusters but after 15 years and over 400 myths later i agree its time for fresh perspective. Does anyone else remember stuck with Hackett? One of these people have already had a science show.
'GeorgeS' 1 year ago
"Failure is not an option" not the best mentality for an engineer or a maker or a mythbuster
'mrscary3105' 1 year ago
As much as I like Kyle Hill, and think he should have been added to the Mythbusters as a full member. (Him And Jess Chobot) This is bullshit. Kyle should be a Mythbuster, not playing games to find them.
Hunter Zolomon
'Hunter Zolomon' 1 year ago
This is just sh*t...
JordisWierd YLD
'JordisWierd YLD' 1 year ago
Adam Jamie Troy Grant and Kari are the original team
'MadmanEpic' 1 year ago
I don't think Science Channel gets the problem here. The original Mythbusters worked as well as it did because there was a passion from the Mythbusters. They loved what they did, and put all of their being into it. Having a competition like this won't work - everyone just wants to win to win, and not because they really, truly want to do it.
Marcus Roberto
'Marcus Roberto' 1 year ago
Really!? Even on MythBusters these producers are forcing reality shows!? Thanks but no! The main reason I watched the original was because of the chemistry and humor between the presenters and here I already can see people who are trying too much. Sorry, I can't accept reality show on one of my favorite TV show of all time. I'm out!
Michael Consolo
'Michael Consolo' 1 year ago
Oh god a bunch of edgy fucking teenagers.
'allluckyseven' 1 year ago
Mythbusters was good in the beginning. When it was more of a reality show, surprisingly enough. It was the only kind of reality show that actually worked well.
'Checker_guy' 1 year ago
The show is interesting in idea, but putting this big name on it makes people think you are trying to bring up the dead of a great fantastic series. The better the original series is, the audience would lees likely to receive a reboot. Look at the new ghostbusters, people hated it because the reboot was uncalled for. Do the show, but please call it something else.
'Minn259' 1 year ago
Screw this. Mythbusters is an old show that needs to be retired.
'Hartkorcraft' 1 year ago
Aaron Tee
'Aaron Tee' 1 year ago
Do people like this? No. Myth Busted.
Иван Иванов
Bravo Sugar all the way :( I do not like what Discovery channel has become in the past 10years... X Factor - Mythbusters themed...just sad
Rae Bey
'Rae Bey' 1 year ago
hmm interesting ...
Ayciate :3
'Ayciate :3' 1 year ago
Please stop just no.
'cr8zytwinkie' 1 year ago
stop just please stop...
'EatonCorvinus' 1 year ago
America's Next Myth Buster? Silly. The show started with Adam and Jamie and it should end without them.
Tango Inbound
'Tango Inbound' 1 year ago
Without Adam and Jamie, it won't be the same.
Илья Маковоз
DejaVu Playz
'DejaVu Playz' 1 year ago
Cant Think Of A Name
I miss the Original
'Silvertalon' 1 year ago
Yellow swagger
'Yellow swagger' 1 year ago
Do the audience get 2 vote or the producers?
'ZAMRAN' 1 year ago
lololololol 1st
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