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How Special Is Your Body? -
Published: 2 years ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 2 years ago

4, 550, 837 views

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Don’t test the toe trick in public, it freaks people out.

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Melissa G.
'Melissa G.' 1 week ago
I can move my pinkie toe :/
Ish Kabibble
'Ish Kabibble' 2 weeks ago
If you have no muscle there, what is moving your wrist forward?
Grace Flannery
'Grace Flannery' 2 weeks ago
I can do all of these and have them too dose this make me different cause my brother and sister have the same and can do the same lol.#BLESSED I think??
I can move my pinkie so I have special feet
Carm S
'Carm S' 3 weeks ago
I can lick my elbow, raise my eyebrow, move my toe pinky by itself, and do the flower thing with my tongue
Assassin Ghost
'Assassin Ghost' 3 weeks ago
I can wiggle my ears, raise 1 eyebrow at a time, and wiggle my pinky toe by itself!!! I'm unique!!!
Equine Maniac
'Equine Maniac' 4 weeks ago
I said yes to all of these
Maya Csuthy
'Maya Csuthy' 1 month ago
I can roll my tongue 😑..... haha not that special 😫😂
Yandere Lyric
'Yandere Lyric' 1 month ago
Bruhhh I'm so special
'DreamzNation' 1 month ago
i got all of em
'It's ok to be gay' 1 month ago
I'm special for my mum
'Nervo' 1 month ago
Only thing i cant is to wiggle my ears ,but to make up for it i have heterochromia :)
'RoyalCupcake' 1 month ago
i can wiggle my pinky toe thats it
Kesuri Poru
'Kesuri Poru' 1 month ago
Wiggle my pinky toe change my Tongue no wonder people call me weird
Cute evil
'Cute evil' 1 month ago
Wow wtf all of those, I have them"special" wth😂😂
'GURL PRASHNAAA' 1 month ago
I'm special coz I can roll my tongues and do tricks with it and rest
Rion Lyric
'Rion Lyric' 1 month ago
Hey you forgot a lot but mostly forgot this one.Do you have a uvula that splits into two?If so you are apart of the 2 percent of the population that has this.
Flower Girl
'Flower Girl' 1 month ago
I'm special
Marisa Kintu
'Marisa Kintu' 1 month ago
i had none
'HANDEYA Gaming' 1 month ago
The thumb to pinky one I am special on Edit and the cilantro one
TheBlack Vixen
'TheBlack Vixen' 1 month ago
The appendix is not useless, it has very important functions.....maintaining gut flora, immune function.
'K&K MAFIA' 1 month ago
I can do all those things
'hailbopthecomet' 1 month ago
What happens when you have that weird arm thing in one wrist but not the other?
wild gaming
'wild gaming' 2 months ago
i can move my ears
smarty Srini
'smarty Srini' 2 months ago
I don’t have that wrist muscle
Panna Johns
'Panna Johns' 2 months ago
The only special thing I have based on this video is that I can wiggle my pinky by itself
Ainsley Is dead inside
I have the wrist thingy. I have no muscle there. Cool
'NO BODY' 2 months ago
I cant do none of them i am so boring.
lauren575 1234
'lauren575 1234' 2 months ago
special club
Wolfe konyoga
'Wolfe konyoga' 2 months ago
BinJamJam T
'BinJamJam T' 2 months ago
I can roll my tongue and the other trick
Kate lives to dance
'Kate lives to dance' 2 months ago
I can literally do all of these except I don’t have a misshapen ear! And I like cilantro.
'FORESTER DOG' 2 months ago
I have no muscle
Кристомира Ваклинска
I can bend my pinkie backwards and touch the back of my hand. I can do some crazy stuff with my fingers and hands. I think that's unique.
Syd syd
'Syd syd' 2 months ago
Before I watch this, I wanted to say my goal is to be able to or have all the abilities on this list. I’ll update when I’m done. Update: I can do all with my imagination
rabbits and hobbits cutely animals
I have screw like ears
Kawaii Little Nerd
'Kawaii Little Nerd' 2 months ago
I have a Darwin’s ear but to be honest if ur short (like me) you look like a elf😂
alfredo cano
'alfredo cano' 2 months ago
The one with the thing with that thing sticking out the special one is a frud
christopher estalilla
Shadowswimmer LSS
'Shadowswimmer LSS' 2 months ago
uhh no. you don’t need to watch this video to see if you’re special. you are anyways.
The Unknown
'The Unknown' 2 months ago
Yay I can do most of these ☺️, but that doesn't mean I'm special. Everyone is special
Hannah Differ
'Hannah Differ' 3 months ago
I'm speshal
cc west
'cc west' 3 months ago
I'm in the special club also I can wiggle my ears
Chris PUGY
'Chris PUGY' 3 months ago
I did all of these except the eyebrow one 😂
Erica Silva
'Erica Silva' 3 months ago
Only one of my hands has hitchhiker' thumb and only one of my ears have a Darwin's point
'Kcidical' 3 months ago
God damnit buzzfeed making me think I’m gonna die
Abdulla Almadhani
'Abdulla Almadhani' 3 months ago
Pretty special only the ear moving
a_weird _kpop_fan
'a_weird _kpop_fan' 3 months ago
My ears don't curl around at al, how special am I?
Maheen Shoaib
'Maheen Shoaib' 3 months ago
I can do all
dark forest
'dark forest' 3 months ago
the special of me are tounge
Endercrafter Boy
'Endercrafter Boy' 3 months ago
Well i'am a special Child is that count?
Jonathan Anim
'Jonathan Anim' 3 months ago
I can do toung thing, pinky thing, dats about it
Mermaid girl Aka dabgirl
1:23 i hate you... I was sooo panicking!
Alexis Collins
'Alexis Collins' 3 months ago
I've never had cilantro i don't think
CrustySquishies _
'CrustySquishies _' 3 months ago
lol I can vibrate my eyes😂 wow, I’m so amusing
1olives 7
'1olives 7' 3 months ago
God damn im fucking special!😂
Sammi Newman
'Sammi Newman' 3 months ago
I can do all the special things, except that I haven't tasted cilantro before (and even if I had, I have never tasted soap before either).
LPS Summer
'LPS Summer' 3 months ago
That's unfair all people are special
Lauryn Diaz
'Lauryn Diaz' 3 months ago
I'm apart of the special club !
JoRRy JaCk
'JoRRy JaCk' 3 months ago
I can move my ear, left ear
Alanna the gay cat
'Alanna the gay cat' 3 months ago
I'm 2% special
prithu sekar
'prithu sekar' 3 months ago
Wow i dont have the wrist bone I can raise an eyebrow I can wiggle my toe I have the ear pointy thing I can move my ear too. Does all of this count as a very small percent who can do all of it/ have all of it?
FritOnDuo GMC
'FritOnDuo GMC' 3 months ago
My mum has always believed that I was special...... And this video show us the opposite....
Aspen Pie
'Aspen Pie' 3 months ago
2 things showed that I’m special *i knew I wasn’t special*
'CherryTruck' 3 months ago
i always thought it was weird that I had an extra peice of fat on my ear haha
Gaja Božič
'Gaja Božič' 3 months ago
Im not special😫😯
Cosmic Chaos
'Cosmic Chaos' 3 months ago
When they said that I’d live half as long I️ got excited until they said they were kidding. Jerks.
Dip Dab
'Dip Dab' 3 months ago
I can raise an eyebrow it's not that unique
Boo the black Cat
'Boo the black Cat' 3 months ago
I can raise one eyebrow
gaming is cool
'gaming is cool' 3 months ago
I have bone in a hand and i don't have bone in a hand
#KayleePeony Voltron Ledgendary Defender
I have no muscle when i put my pinky and thumb together
'Bisexual.Toasterz' 3 months ago
I can do/have all except for wiggling my ears
'Kai' 3 months ago
I can raise my eyebrow, one of my ears has the Darwin’s point, and I can wiggle my ear
Gina Toftegård.
'Gina Toftegård.' 3 months ago
I do/have all of them..
Anna Devine
'Anna Devine' 3 months ago
I can raise both of my eyebrows one at a time
Anna Devine
'Anna Devine' 3 months ago
I can wiggle my pinky toe
I have no muscle
Jadranka Natalic
'Jadranka Natalic' 3 months ago
i can wigglw my ears, make butt of my tounge and have no wrist muscle and raise one eyebrow
'Kaan YILDIRIM' 3 months ago
ı have darvin's poınt at one of my ear other one is normal
'NEᏇ ᎽᎾRᏦ' 3 months ago
1:42 what are peoplem?
super duper Kostas
'super duper Kostas' 3 months ago
My ears are one of each and i can wigle them
Hailey L.
'Hailey L.' 3 months ago
I only have that ear point but nothing else
'H C' 3 months ago
I feel special! I have darwins point< my ear is naturally really pointy and small only one ear, I always thought it looked weird and envied basically everyone with normal sized round ears but now I feel a little better as not many people have this trait!
ThE SKIts KiDs
'ThE SKIts KiDs' 4 months ago
I was born with elf ears
'Allyawesomepotato' 4 months ago
I can do two
Grace Z
'Grace Z' 4 months ago
i legit can do everything on this video, OMG and i have Darwin point on my ears and have a hand that has no muscles...
'pätiplika' 4 months ago
i can wiggle my pinky toe, i don’t have the muscle and i can raise one of my eyebrows :D
Keshia Nrwkirk
'Keshia Nrwkirk' 4 months ago
I'm not important to any human being in this world (I'm not special)
Juliet Reisch
'Juliet Reisch' 4 months ago
I can do the tongue thing, pinky toe thing, I don’t think I have the muscle, I can raise one eyebrow, I can wiggle my ears including each one by itself, and I can do stuff like move my nose, shake my eyes, put my leg behind my head, and the ring finger lifty thing. I feel very special Edit: oh and that one thing where you touch your thumb to your wrist.
'Awkwardness' 4 months ago
1:18 bRuH, stop scaring me! Lol
Jasmin Kisanga
'Jasmin Kisanga' 4 months ago
I can do all of those but I’ve never tasted that green thing that I forgot the name
Mohammed Wajid Kiyani
Special squad where u at? XD
Amie Goldery!
'Amie Goldery!' 4 months ago
XxChu ChuXx
'XxChu ChuXx' 4 months ago
Meh I don't care if I'm not special :/
Mason Pitman
'Mason Pitman' 4 months ago
I dont have the wrist muscle, i can wiggle both my ears, i can do both tongue things and cilantro tastes like soap to me -_-
OogieUK UK
'OogieUK UK' 4 months ago
I can make my tongue shiver :P
Jonathan Anim
'Jonathan Anim' 4 months ago
Phoenix Gamer
'Phoenix Gamer' 4 months ago
My left ear is normal by my right is deformed slightly
'Add_ct' 4 months ago
Ik how to raise one eyebrow in real life
Catxy Moo
'Catxy Moo' 4 months ago
I have all special body so i am a Special Human
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