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How Special Is Your Body? -
Published: 1 year ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 1 year ago

4, 497, 652 views

50, 889 Likes   3, 428 Dislikes

Don’t test the toe trick in public, it freaks people out.

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Wyatt Braun
'Wyatt Braun' 2 days ago
Can anybody else retract their shoulder blade
'Emberclaw' 4 days ago
I only have one of the ugly ears
Daniel Helm
'Daniel Helm' 5 days ago
I did not know I could do that tounge thing
Asriel Dreemur
'Asriel Dreemur' 6 days ago
I can do all of these
Myo Akomi
'Myo Akomi' 6 days ago
HOLY CRAP MY BODY IS SPECIAL not mean to brag or anything Special Club Where You at
Zachary Sanders
'Zachary Sanders' 1 week ago
when it says Darwin's point, its also called Darwin's tubercle
'SpicyApricot' 1 week ago
That moment when you can do or have it all
Panda lover
'Panda lover' 1 week ago
Does this mean I'm an elf because I have derfans point (or something called that*
Laura Jane
'Laura Jane' 2 weeks ago
I don't have the muscle in my wrist, can move one eyebrow, can just move my pinky, a slight ear point.
Dan Bouckaert
'Dan Bouckaert' 2 weeks ago
1:18 Me:*WELL LONGEVITY RUNS IN MY FAMILY SO HA WHOS THE AMAZING ONE NOW* Me:oh but still Longevity does run in my family
Dan Bouckaert
'Dan Bouckaert' 2 weeks ago
1:08 my ears have grown
Dan Bouckaert
'Dan Bouckaert' 2 weeks ago
0:36 Me:*thinks if you can do this you're special* Me:*Pushes really hard* Me:*finds out* Me:*soon notices* Me:*dabs* Jk I didn't dab *dabs* Well now I did
'Chanthioninq' 2 weeks ago
I can twist my tongue three times not the one I can do the flower
JodiyyyZ VidZ
'JodiyyyZ VidZ' 2 weeks ago
I gat all but the pointy ear one
William Zeng
'William Zeng' 3 weeks ago
'WafferDrawz' 3 weeks ago
Yo I died when I saw the muscle on my hand I'M SPECIAL WOW
'Ryan' 3 weeks ago
i thought i couldn't see the tendon cause i was fat lmao
Some Random Person
'Some Random Person' 3 weeks ago
I can sorta wiggle my ear, move my eyebrows alone, and am amongst the 14% of peeps who don't have a tendon showing when they do the thing with their hand.
'JayDoesGraal' 3 weeks ago
I can wiggle my ears
Ricee Rich Dela Cruz
I have 3 of them
Ruby Olmos
'Ruby Olmos' 4 weeks ago
I though I didn't have the muscle in your wrist but I do. I'm just fat
'NYRAMZ' 4 weeks ago
Wiggle ears is easy
Jaclyn Miller
'Jaclyn Miller' 1 month ago
Thx buzzfeed for telling me how am as fuckin smart as a rock
Lise Lou Cat
'Lise Lou Cat' 1 month ago
I have all of them i'm SPECIAL !!!!!!!!!
lilian makori
'lilian makori' 1 month ago
Cilantro tastes like chemical to me.
Raz Tube
'Raz Tube' 1 month ago
I could literally most of those
Master Burstion
'Master Burstion' 1 month ago
crap i love cilantro
Jesselyn Korompay
'Jesselyn Korompay' 1 month ago
I can do every thing but wiggle my ears
K. Ran.
'K. Ran.' 1 month ago
this video is absolutely beautiful
Panda lover
'Panda lover' 1 month ago
Who here is part of the special club of darwin's point? Or also known as elf ears?
Viv Vardy
'Viv Vardy' 1 month ago
I'm both for the thumb to pinky trick
jayjj alaska
'jayjj alaska' 1 month ago
I can wiggle my pinky toe and I don't have the bone thing on my wrist; thats about it.
Jennifer Lewer
'Jennifer Lewer' 1 month ago
I can do the tounge thing, wiggle the ear and the thumb to finger thing
'TheKilljoyManatee' 1 month ago
0:43 I have one of my arm have to muscle, but not the other. Does that mean I am a unicorn?😂
Rahela Afzal
'Rahela Afzal' 1 month ago
I can do some of this . Almost many ..... I m unique !! Ya hoooo
chong! jojun! balsa! da haters
Ok so this video basically told me im not special THANK YOU BUZZ FEED
LilyMay Ellis
'LilyMay Ellis' 1 month ago
At the top of my ear, the cartilage and skin is folded over 😂 It's so weird
Luna Lovegood
'Luna Lovegood' 1 month ago
And I can't even do a single tongue trick
honey boy yoongi
'honey boy yoongi' 2 months ago
"some peoplem"
i am hungry
'i am hungry' 2 months ago
When all of these apply to you
Anna Elise
'Anna Elise' 2 months ago
Apparently I am very very special 😂😂
'MARIATINA SSMUAH' 2 months ago
whats wrong for being not special i mean arent we all special?
'JC So' 2 months ago
Casulyn Pyijalen
'Casulyn Pyijalen' 2 months ago
1:12 You mean both ears have Darwin's Point, Or just one? I have only one with Darwin's Point.
Gabrielle Turner
'Gabrielle Turner' 2 months ago
For the hand tendon thing I could make it appear if I wanted to
'Potato' 2 months ago
So is it weird that the little tendon only shows up on one of my wrists when I put my thumb and pinky together?
Logical Human
'Logical Human' 2 months ago
I only have one darwins point and the other is round
Nina Pitlanicova
'Nina Pitlanicova' 2 months ago
Wait Wait Wait. My body is special and Crying for help? WHAT?
Ashley van hecke
'Ashley van hecke' 2 months ago
I can move my ears 😂😂
Indigo Avacado
'Indigo Avacado' 2 months ago
When you realize you're not special...
Dont mind me
'Dont mind me' 2 months ago
I can do all of these...especially reaching my right ear with my left hand above my head
Presto Haddock
'Presto Haddock' 2 months ago
Ones I'm special at 0:25 the foot 0:49 the muscle thing
Puffy Raspberrii
'Puffy Raspberrii' 2 months ago
And yet I thought anything was possible ;(
Giada Mancinelli
'Giada Mancinelli' 2 months ago
I Have so, so much of these qualities! Wow!
Sara Oliveira
'Sara Oliveira' 2 months ago
Surprise surprise I'm one hundred percent average
'Rm' 2 months ago
i have a darwins ear on the right and a normal ear on the left xD what does that mean...
'KiwiTheGreat' 2 months ago
I can wiggle both of my ear but also both at separate times
Jacob L.
'Jacob L.' 2 months ago
I have a foot fetish, so I don't really mid watching foot videos
Alex Kiedis
'Alex Kiedis' 2 months ago
Chocolate Nerd
'Chocolate Nerd' 2 months ago
I'm pretty special...
'SkylR' 2 months ago
I have a Darwin's point but only on one ear
'SkylR' 2 months ago
I have a Darwin's point but only on one ear
cobra Tenido
'cobra Tenido' 2 months ago
0:47 theres no muscle in me cuz am fat
'PewPewBear' 2 months ago
I'm too lazy to take a picture of my ear, but I have the hand thing.
Yvette Cabrera
'Yvette Cabrera' 2 months ago
I can only do the tongue thing 😂😂😂
Nautika Jones
'Nautika Jones' 2 months ago
I am SPECIAL my eyes change colrs and my mom calls me special my therapist my doctor my dentist
Lighty Moon
'Lighty Moon' 2 months ago
I do all but I can't move my ears
Esmeetjuhh #Unicornsqaud
on 1 arm with the thumb and the finger i don't have the musle but on the other i do.
Yeet Live Gaming
'Yeet Live Gaming' 2 months ago
I have a small bone on the behind of my right ear is that special
-choiva drop-
'-choiva drop-' 2 months ago
I can do or have all of these, except the eyebrow thing.
Saige puppy
'Saige puppy' 2 months ago
My dad can wiggle his ears and touch his nose with his tounge
TheNotLock 907
'TheNotLock 907' 2 months ago
You are special by what you do, not by what is given to you
Caroline Crutchfield
'Caroline Crutchfield' 2 months ago
i answered yes to all of these. wow. yay me. 🤗
francina athalia
'francina athalia' 2 months ago
I thought wiggling ears are normal.
'CuteBunny' 2 months ago
Thanks BuzzFeed for telling me that I'm not special at all....
Raditya RRP
'Raditya RRP' 2 months ago
i disliked the video because everyone is already special to me
Pest Control
'Pest Control' 3 months ago
My tongue can do more tricks than that
'choiiyuunah' 3 months ago
I have a lot of little folds on that part of my ear
Døùbłè M
'Døùbłè M' 3 months ago
I am very specialll
orange sheep prankster gangster
I can roll my tongues i dont have the muscle that point. My ear is special. And i can move one of my eye brows without moving the other
orange sheep prankster gangster
I have no muscle in that point. I can roll my tongues and i can move my pinky toes without moving the others. I have a special ear. Lol
orange sheep prankster gangster
I can roll my tongues i can move my pinky toes without moving the others i have a special ear so im special
Benjamin barton
'Benjamin barton' 3 months ago
anyone else notice the typo at 1:44
Iris Kroes
'Iris Kroes' 3 months ago
wiggeling your ears is so funny to do honestly, it feels like you are raising your eyebrows but only with your head or something like that
Paige CreepyPasta
'Paige CreepyPasta' 3 months ago
Hooray I'm special in several ways... Oh wait... ._.
Holly Jasmine
'Holly Jasmine' 3 months ago
I have no tendon or muscle thing in my arm
Frida Rymell
'Frida Rymell' 3 months ago
IVE BEEN WIGGLING MY TOE FOR YEARS AND DIDNT KNOW IT WAS SPECIAL?! (Also cilantro tastes just like soap, I can wiggle my ears and I don't have that muscle... fucking triple or something wtf)
Taylor Dayne
'Taylor Dayne' 3 months ago
I only have the toe thing. I'm so disappointing lol
Sophia Carlton
'Sophia Carlton' 3 months ago
Stahb it my englisheu very well army-carat
I got 4 of these apparently I'm really special
Robin the Gamer
'Robin the Gamer' 3 months ago
friends this is fake
Andrew Li
'Andrew Li' 3 months ago
That moment when you realize you've watched too many Buzzfeed videos because you know whose ear is in the opening shot.
I needed that
'I needed that' 3 months ago
looks like I'm the most un-special and ordinary person on earth.
Victoria Sanchez
'Victoria Sanchez' 3 months ago
0:19 YAY IM SUPER SPECIAL I CAN DO THAT Am I a bragger I'm so sorry
justine and emily
'justine and emily' 3 months ago
for me its the arm thing and i have the ear and its pretty common in my household everyone but one person has what we call elf ears
Celestte Haefner
'Celestte Haefner' 3 months ago
Okay so for the hand tendon thing one of my hands had that muscle, the other didn't. so does this mean I'm a mutant Edit: I also have one ear with the Darwin's point and one ear without. I'm definitely a mutant
Fiona P
'Fiona P' 3 months ago
'GoT' 3 months ago
I don't have a knuckle in my left hand..
Lara Knijff
'Lara Knijff' 3 months ago
i only had no on the last one!!!
'miffyLOVE' 3 months ago
That guy's toes all move not just the pinkie. I can bend me pinkie all the way to the side without the rest or mine moving an inch. I can do this with hitch feet.
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