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How Special Is Your Body? -
Published: 1 year ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 1 year ago

4, 526, 868 views

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Don’t test the toe trick in public, it freaks people out.

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Demon Dog
'Demon Dog' 1 day ago
That's unfair all people are special
Lauryn Diaz
'Lauryn Diaz' 1 day ago
I'm apart of the special club !
JoRRy JaCk
'JoRRy JaCk' 2 days ago
I can move my ear, left ear
Alanna drawing and more
I'm 2% special
prithu sekar
'prithu sekar' 3 days ago
Wow i dont have the wrist bone I can raise an eyebrow I can wiggle my toe I have the ear pointy thing I can move my ear too. Does all of this count as a very small percent who can do all of it/ have all of it?
FritOnDuo GMC
'FritOnDuo GMC' 3 days ago
My mum has always believed that I was special...... And this video show us the opposite....
Panda Paws
'Panda Paws' 3 days ago
2 things showed that I’m special *i knew I wasn’t special*
'CherryTruck' 5 days ago
i always thought it was weird that I had an extra peice of fat on my ear haha
Gaja Božič
'Gaja Božič' 5 days ago
Im not special😫😯
Cosmic Chaos
'Cosmic Chaos' 5 days ago
When they said that I’d live half as long I️ got excited until they said they were kidding. Jerks.
Dip Dab
'Dip Dab' 1 week ago
I can raise an eyebrow it's not that unique
Boo the black Cat
'Boo the black Cat' 1 week ago
I can raise one eyebrow
gaming is cool
'gaming is cool' 1 week ago
I have bone in a hand and i don't have bone in a hand
Nikki Bubblegum
'Nikki Bubblegum' 1 week ago
I have no muscle when i put my pinky and thumb together
'Random_Toasterz' 1 week ago
I can do/have all except for wiggling my ears
'Kai' 2 weeks ago
I can raise my eyebrow, one of my ears has the Darwin’s point, and I can wiggle my ear
Gina marie
'Gina marie' 2 weeks ago
I do/have all of them..
Anna Devine
'Anna Devine' 2 weeks ago
I can raise both of my eyebrows one at a time
Anna Devine
'Anna Devine' 2 weeks ago
I can wiggle my pinky toe
I have no muscle
Jadranka Natalic
'Jadranka Natalic' 2 weeks ago
i can wigglw my ears, make butt of my tounge and have no wrist muscle and raise one eyebrow
'Kaan YILDIRIM' 2 weeks ago
ı have darvin's poınt at one of my ear other one is normal
'NEᏇ ᎽᎾRᏦ' 2 weeks ago
1:42 what are peoplem?
super duper Kostas
'super duper Kostas' 2 weeks ago
My ears are one of each and i can wigle them
Hailey L.
'Hailey L.' 2 weeks ago
I only have that ear point but nothing else
'H C' 2 weeks ago
I feel special! I have darwins point< my ear is naturally really pointy and small only one ear, I always thought it looked weird and envied basically everyone with normal sized round ears but now I feel a little better as not many people have this trait!
ThE SKIts KiDs
'ThE SKIts KiDs' 2 weeks ago
I was born with elf ears
'Allyawesomepotato' 2 weeks ago
I can do two
Grace Z
'Grace Z' 3 weeks ago
i legit can do everything on this video, OMG and i have Darwin point on my ears and have a hand that has no muscles...
'pätiplika' 3 weeks ago
i can wiggle my pinky toe, i don’t have the muscle and i can raise one of my eyebrows :D
Keshia Nrwkirk
'Keshia Nrwkirk' 3 weeks ago
I'm not important to any human being in this world (I'm not special)
Juliet Reisch
'Juliet Reisch' 3 weeks ago
I can do the tongue thing, pinky toe thing, I don’t think I have the muscle, I can raise one eyebrow, I can wiggle my ears including each one by itself, and I can do stuff like move my nose, shake my eyes, put my leg behind my head, and the ring finger lifty thing. I feel very special Edit: oh and that one thing where you touch your thumb to your wrist.
'DatManDonte' 3 weeks ago
Well I can wiggle my ears and don't have any muscle when I bend my hand down like if you belong to this group as well
Awesomeness Unicorn
'Awesomeness Unicorn' 3 weeks ago
1:18 bRuH, stop scaring me! Lol
Jasmin Kisanga
'Jasmin Kisanga' 3 weeks ago
I can do all of those but I’ve never tasted that green thing that I forgot the name
Amaarah Hn
'Amaarah Hn' 3 weeks ago
Special squad where u at? XD
Amie Goldery!
'Amie Goldery!' 4 weeks ago
XxChu ChuXx
'XxChu ChuXx' 4 weeks ago
Meh I don't care if I'm not special :/
Mason Pitman
'Mason Pitman' 4 weeks ago
I dont have the wrist muscle, i can wiggle both my ears, i can do both tongue things and cilantro tastes like soap to me -_-
'OogieUK' 4 weeks ago
I can make my tongue shiver :P
Jonathan Anim
'Jonathan Anim' 4 weeks ago
Phoenix Gamer
'Phoenix Gamer' 4 weeks ago
My left ear is normal by my right is deformed slightly
Dinero manuel
'Dinero manuel' 4 weeks ago
Ik how to raise one eyebrow in real life
Anchter Da Benson HD
I have all special body so i am a Special Human
Neon Black
'Neon Black' 4 weeks ago
Crap. I'm normal.
Jessica C
'Jessica C' 4 weeks ago
The only special thing I have is extra skin on my ear
'Jademonas' 4 weeks ago
i can make my thumb rest on my arm (serch it up i dunno what its called)
datcoolbro 3
'datcoolbro 3' 4 weeks ago
I can move my scalp.
'NeonFX' 4 weeks ago
Well seems like my body is the most special out of all.
'Wierius' 1 month ago
7/7 And I can do much more that most can't. So yeah.
MoodyMeNow Pls D:
'MoodyMeNow Pls D:' 1 month ago
i disliked this video because just four or five things can't tell you if you are special or not. sure, if you have one of these things, thats pretty cool, but it doesn't determine your weakness. if you dont have any of these traits, you are still unique and special, wether that means anything or not is up to you.
Avery Ryalls
'Avery Ryalls' 1 month ago
Ummm ... I was the special part of all of these..... I also have green eyes, am gender non conforming, am pansexual, twist my tounge, can fold my tounge, can bend my thumb forward, can move my ring finger without my middle moving, can raise my ring finger from a flat surface and I am the weirdest person I know.
'Morgan' 1 month ago
On the pinkie and thumb thing who else has a muscle on one hand and not the other?
'Gelsabel310' 1 month ago
I can raise one eyebrow, and I have a muscle on my wrist. Yay im HALF special.
Yes Its Jen
'Yes Its Jen' 1 month ago
I can wiggle my pinky toe!
Lunar Moon Gamer
'Lunar Moon Gamer' 1 month ago
I'm special
Nite -
'Nite -' 1 month ago
so im special because im part of the 14% who dont have this muscle
Rocio :3
'Rocio :3' 1 month ago
i can do all but i can't wiggle my ears :vvvv and the Darwin's point
eliza east
'eliza east' 1 month ago
What about a chin dimple?
Isidora Hernandez
'Isidora Hernandez' 1 month ago
I can move my ear and I have that little bump And I don't like cilantro,but once I tasted a soap and I liked it 7///7
Bad_ Optimistic
'Bad_ Optimistic' 1 month ago
I can wiggle my pinky toe
'Fear' 1 month ago
I can do all of these hahahaha
Emma Ansel
'Emma Ansel' 1 month ago
Are you saying I'm not special just because I can't do most of these things?!?!
Millsie 101
'Millsie 101' 1 month ago
I can wiggle my pinky toe. I haven't the muscle. I can raise one eyebrow. I have the Darwin point.
Hsja Im bien
'Hsja Im bien' 1 month ago
i can wiggle my toe
Undertale Fanthailand
0:17 *dad and meh can do* 0:44 *im muscle* 0:58 *yes I can raise* 1:11 *I don’t have this* 1:28 *yes I can but one ear only*
'PHAN PROOF' 2 months ago
Doesn't Rclbeauty have the last one? From her eat it or wear it challenge
Clark kidny
'Clark kidny' 2 months ago
1:42 Peoplem
Oh shucks
'Oh shucks' 2 months ago
ok that Darwin's point fucking got me, and my face was definitely like 'wtf'....'
brittany s
'brittany s' 2 months ago
I'm part of the 14% of people who don't have that muscle in their arm.
'It's Beth X' 2 months ago
My ears are pointy
Tailah and Layla Sisters
I have ear thing!!
Joseph Landis
'Joseph Landis' 2 months ago
I have the ear muscle one
angel crimson
'angel crimson' 2 months ago
Well I am 11 and I can move my ears and I can flip my tongue😂
Severnaya Alifa Priyantomo
I can do more tongue tricks
Wyatt Braun
'Wyatt Braun' 2 months ago
Can anybody else retract their shoulder blade
'Emberclaw' 2 months ago
I only have one of the ugly ears
Daniel Helm
'Daniel Helm' 2 months ago
I did not know I could do that tounge thing
Asriel Dreemur
'Asriel Dreemur' 2 months ago
I can do all of these
Myo Akomi
'Myo Akomi' 2 months ago
HOLY CRAP MY BODY IS SPECIAL not mean to brag or anything Special Club Where You at
Zachary Sanders
'Zachary Sanders' 2 months ago
when it says Darwin's point, its also called Darwin's tubercle
'Hannahmations' 2 months ago
That moment when you can do or have it all
Panda lover
'Panda lover' 2 months ago
Does this mean I'm an elf because I have derfans point (or something called that*
Laura Jane
'Laura Jane' 2 months ago
I don't have the muscle in my wrist, can move one eyebrow, can just move my pinky, a slight ear point.
Dan Bouckaert
'Dan Bouckaert' 2 months ago
1:18 Me:*WELL LONGEVITY RUNS IN MY FAMILY SO HA WHOS THE AMAZING ONE NOW* Me:oh but still Longevity does run in my family
Dan Bouckaert
'Dan Bouckaert' 2 months ago
1:08 my ears have grown
Dan Bouckaert
'Dan Bouckaert' 2 months ago
0:36 Me:*thinks if you can do this you're special* Me:*Pushes really hard* Me:*finds out* Me:*soon notices* Me:*dabs* Jk I didn't dab *dabs* Well now I did
'Chanthioninq' 3 months ago
I can twist my tongue three times not the one I can do the flower
JodiyyyZ VidZ
'JodiyyyZ VidZ' 3 months ago
I gat all but the pointy ear one
William Zeng
'William Zeng' 3 months ago
'WafferDrawz' 3 months ago
Yo I died when I saw the muscle on my hand I'M SPECIAL WOW
ryan wilfred
'ryan wilfred' 3 months ago
i thought i couldn't see the tendon cause i was fat lmao
Some Random Person
'Some Random Person' 3 months ago
I can sorta wiggle my ear, move my eyebrows alone, and am amongst the 14% of peeps who don't have a tendon showing when they do the thing with their hand.
'JayDoesGraal' 3 months ago
I can wiggle my ears
Ricee Rich Dela Cruz
'Ricee Rich Dela Cruz' 3 months ago
I have 3 of them
Ruby Olmos
'Ruby Olmos' 3 months ago
I though I didn't have the muscle in your wrist but I do. I'm just fat
'NYRAMZ' 3 months ago
Wiggle ears is easy
Jaclyn Miller
'Jaclyn Miller' 3 months ago
Thx buzzfeed for telling me how am as fuckin smart as a rock
L k
'L k' 3 months ago
I have all of them i'm SPECIAL !!!!!!!!!
lilian makori
'lilian makori' 3 months ago
Cilantro tastes like chemical to me.
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