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What It's Like To Be A Female Professional Gamer -
Published: 1 year ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 1 year ago

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A professional female Counter-Strike team named "Selfless", talks about their experience of getting paid to travel and play video games.

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Uganda Knuckles
'Uganda Knuckles' 1 week ago
Im a profesional eater
Raishu Kimuno
'Raishu Kimuno' 1 week ago
Gay competitive matchmaking anyone?
eímai axios
'eímai axios' 2 weeks ago
I like that being a girl gamer is cool now...I needed it to be cool like... 10-12 years ago.
Kubilay Ortakci
'Kubilay Ortakci' 3 weeks ago
the are playing fkn bad?? why are the pros
'theresakootinmyboot' 1 month ago
tbh this wasn't as cringey as a I expected it to be. they actually just showed some fellas who genuinely enjoy gaming and that's how it should be. although, the 'female gamer' title was a lil bit unnecessary.
Yeet McYeeter
'Yeet McYeeter' 1 month ago
IThrowGames is the best Csgo team (IBuyPower) ;)
Brave twist
'Brave twist' 2 months ago
so its so rare to be a girl gamer that that make videos about them,why cant they make a video called what its like to be a male professional gamer
Funk Dance
'Funk Dance' 2 months ago
CS girls league BS.
xXxGREAT sniperxXx mlg
'NotDoombringer' 2 months ago
You can't that's the thing
'IsabellaCooper' 2 months ago
y'all could be upset over terrorism or world hunger, but instead decide to be upset over a video title.
Luna / Designer
'Luna / Designer' 2 months ago
I get a girl in literally every other match and most of the time they're better than me lul
'TDaleMusic' 3 months ago
male gamers are looked down upon by society. female gamers have society’s support.
'Skippy' 3 months ago
Selfless Gaming LUL
Random Doge
'Random Doge' 3 months ago
Lit they actually play csgo not like over watch...
Young BLP2019
'Young BLP2019' 3 months ago
SJW Feminist MGTOW and the ppl against sjw and feminist... Am dangerously seeing alot of virgins
'keto11' 4 months ago
I am not exactly sure what this is about i only played tetris and pong as a child because i was in the richest parts of india
Kim Jong Oooof
'Kim Jong Oooof' 4 months ago
Lol I start at 6:00am and stop at 4:00am
'Locker' 4 months ago
Fun fact: Artstar is skadoodles girlfriend
'Nicc' 5 months ago
When they interview the worst na cs team
'phrenia' 5 months ago
female cs is trash
'V_RMX' 5 months ago
Would love to see the likes of s1mple and niko against these, would be funny af
mini gunner
'mini gunner' 5 months ago
Have you ever gamed for 20 hours I have
'Trxth2' 5 months ago
I’m a female gamer and I’m better than boys online
'Azept' 5 months ago
BuzzFeed, now you're just being sexist. There is no such thing as female- and male gamers. In our world, we are just called GAMERS. Gender has nothing to do. Geez just post unsolved mysteries
'Tom' 5 months ago
Please can someone be a utter god and send me a knife... pls, theres alwayss hope,,,,!
stefoii _
'stefoii _' 5 months ago
Who else is a girl who plays cs :)
HAkimipro123 Pro123
'HAkimipro123 Pro123' 5 months ago
CSGO life
'VSPurewal' 5 months ago
What it's like to be a male professional game? No Buzzfead? Fucken Sexist.
'Lukbacca' 5 months ago
all woman are bad at game
'Bulba64' 5 months ago
Only Buzzfeed would do this.
Shyam N Panigrahi
'Shyam N Panigrahi' 7 months ago
Lol these female, "pros" are so much worse than their male counterparts xD except a few of course.
Elias Estephan
'Elias Estephan' 7 months ago
" What it's like to be a female pro gamer " Nade yourself in window while surrounded by Molotov xD
Laura Johnson
'Laura Johnson' 7 months ago
I feel like this is intentionally glossing over what it is like to be a female gamer. Half appericate that they are making it seem as what a male gamer would say but I know that there is more.
Praise Da Queen
'Praise Da Queen' 7 months ago
They make gaming sound dreadful like when they say they barely get any sleep I'm just like bruh it doesnt matter what it takes to be that all that matters is that your doing what you love 😔😒😐
Simply_ Tea
'Simply_ Tea' 7 months ago
I'm labeled as a girl gamer I'm not I'm just a gamer
'Predats' 8 months ago
I've seen them in CS tournaments sometimes.
Ethan dodd711
'Ethan dodd711' 8 months ago
Lol its ok guys like girl gamers
oh ok
'oh ok' 9 months ago
It's just gamers no matter what gender
Frog Face
'Frog Face' 9 months ago
make me a sandwich
'DivineRyan' 9 months ago
More like what's it like to be a lesbian gamer
Selim Mujkić
'Selim Mujkić' 9 months ago
Waman can't play video games
'Koifish' 9 months ago
Wow these people seem so nice. They've kinda inspired me more to pursue professional esports. I don't know if it would be more difficult to get on a team since I'm also female though, but I'll do what I can
Ekku 13
'Ekku 13' 10 months ago
Everyone is mad commenting that it's same if you're a female or a male gamer, but I can assure you as a girl who's played videogames all her life I haven't been treated "the same". Is not even a feminism thing, this is just another reminder for people who still don't get it (cause trust me there are tons) that videogames are for everyone and that there are female players and even pro ones.
'Faggot' 10 months ago
so what is it?
Lucas Sch.
'Lucas Sch.' 11 months ago
Ok? This team is absolutely TRASH and buzz feed is just describing what a professional team does for example G2 just won the pro league finals for CS in Dallas not that long ago. They had to go through a lot more than this team did because they actually won. They knew their opponents and were able to practice harder and much longer than any other team so they won. Just because they're female and they practice for many hours and don't get anywhere doesn't mean it's hard to be a female gamer it just means lots of teams are better than you. The only reason buzz feed talked about this team is because they're female and don't see their family much because of gaming
ty tries her best
'ty tries her best' 11 months ago
wow its the same as any gender wowoowow kys
'Protofl3X' 12 months ago
You wanna know why you don't see many female pro gamers ? Because they hardly fucking practise
'SalmaX33' 1 year ago
I'm not embarresed to be a "girl gamer" i find pride in it
'River' 1 year ago
So excited to see female gamers! And pro lol I'm a girl gamer lol
Pepsi Man
'Pepsi Man' 1 year ago
Selfless v. Ex-Fnatic right now. They will get their assess pummeled.
'azaxa' 1 year ago
I want to be them
I don't really know why esports teams don't include both genders on any team , cuz there are even girl gamers that can beat really good guy gamers , this is really annoying cuz gaming is not a physical sport so guys are not going to be more powerful here.
Isaac Looper
'Isaac Looper' 1 year ago
Why the hate towards female gamers? I think it's awesome that females are into gameing.
artist formerly known as d mc
so is there a difference..... no
Demi Julia
'Demi Julia' 1 year ago
My boyfriend loves counter strike !
TheScran Head
'TheScran Head' 1 year ago
I bet they don't like playing on dust 2 cos they think it will get their clothes dirty 😂😂😂
Daniel Kenny
'Daniel Kenny' 1 year ago
Shut up buzzfeed
Laurie Bernard
'Laurie Bernard' 1 year ago
go home gamer girl, let's see who gets the reference
Reilly Len
'Reilly Len' 1 year ago
A coed gaming team would be lit. Me and my guy friends have one now. Except it's not official, and I'm the only girl, lmao.
Honey Senpai
'Honey Senpai' 1 year ago
...Bro of all the professional gamers they picked...Counter Strike "professionals?" Really...really?! There's a lot more impressive professionals out there I mean counter strike is a free game you can just find online on kids sites...I'm not even joking
'Yeowoo' 1 year ago
Inspiring! :D
Apple Pear
'Apple Pear' 1 year ago
hey guys today we're gonna play "FEMALE" super Mario dudettes
'freewe1502' 1 year ago
yea there is no difference between a female gamer and a male gamer they both are good and they both do tournaments.
'HiddenZFlame' 1 year ago
nobody takes me serious when I tell them I can take them down and Call of Duty and then after they regret saying that
Lilyyy Yyy
'Lilyyy Yyy' 1 year ago
45% of all gamers are girls so lol
Oxenfree Alex
'Oxenfree Alex' 1 year ago
If only I had all the time in the world...this would've been my life
Eazy Brainy
'Eazy Brainy' 1 year ago
da heck,,,,,, i thought they'd be playing dota 2 or LOL or COD
Kiki Phillips
'Kiki Phillips' 1 year ago
I can't stand people who are like "They're just gamers. There's no girl gamers or guy gamers. It's just gamers." Cause it fucking isn't. Do you know how flipping hard it is to get any recognition as a "Gamer" when you're a girl?? No one takes you seriously until you whoop their asses in every game they got. And even then it's sometimes, "Oh well I was just going easy on you". AND sometimes even other "Girl Gamers" don't take you seriously!! And I'm speaking from experience as a "Girl Gamer".
Axel Yudis
'Axel Yudis' 1 year ago
its like being a male gamer... but with a vagina
'TuxedoChief' 1 year ago
I haven't even started the fucking video and I can give you an answer: EXACTLY THE FUCKING SAME. For people who supposedly hate sexism, Buzzfeed sure loves dividing people up into these ridiculous categories. There's just gamers. That's it.
Vesta Meskauskaite
Can i join? I have 17 years of experience? I do really wish that more girls were brought up with gaming and "boy-like" hobbies. Girls are a minority in this field, and it is actually pretty lonely for those minorities to be gaming only with guys. Also even when I do bump into girls on games, it seems to turn into some sort of bitching session on who's better and this and that, instead of wanting to make friends...
'StachMan' 1 year ago
Em's A beast. RESPECT!
Australian Midget Watcher
lol team lurker isnt even really good
'Schranzoslavek' 1 year ago
CSGO is cancer, much like buzzshit
'nerdybookluv' 1 year ago
Thanks for trying to bring attention to the female gaming community. We are smaller, underestimated and misrepresented compared to the male dominated community. Its annoying when some male gamers either avoid you, hate you for territorial reasons or assume you only play the sims and are not able to play anything else.
Judah Drury
'Judah Drury' 1 year ago
I feel so bad for girl gamers, they either show their voice and are treated like fucking gods online and given no personal respect or just make sure to hide who they really are.
Emma Weigand
'Emma Weigand' 1 year ago
I love CS:GO so much
Gaunjee Major
'Gaunjee Major' 1 year ago
so? your not special just because you're a girl.
Salmanella Sam
'Salmanella Sam' 1 year ago
The reason male gamers get more attention in terms of cs at least is because almost any female pro other than Juliano would get stomped by almost any male pro
T r a s h
'T r a s h' 1 year ago
Seeing this, I immediately think, Dans documentary on E Games.
Can I Para Please Get Some More
I watched them on "The Religion of Sports".
DooM Assassin
'DooM Assassin' 1 year ago
Wtf, why are they saying do other things than play games but they said they play for 16 hours and only 4 hours of sleep.
Hudson Stear
'Hudson Stear' 1 year ago
Gamers aren't boys or girls their just gamers so if your a girl and want to be a. Gamer don't worry all gamers are just the same
Nickolia Falvolf
'Nickolia Falvolf' 1 year ago
Man or women,I'll still rip you a new one in CSGO.
'Sushiyoda' 1 year ago
I don't get why this has to only be about women, why not just professional gamers in general?
'Sweetie_Pop_Paint' 1 year ago
omgggggggggggggggg i love csgo i didnt think female teams could make it to major league gaming tournaments omgg
MoonLoony Koony
'MoonLoony Koony' 1 year ago
my dad sleeps only 2 hours
laura hanson
'laura hanson' 1 year ago
So encouraging to see the female side being covered, and more frequently too! :)
'Jay' 1 year ago
Yet playing only 1h a day im better than any of them
tessa low
'tessa low' 1 year ago
Jesus Christ, if buzzfeed changed "female gamer" to "gamer" y'all would be complaining about this video having a hidden agenda and about why it's only on females. My god. just fucking get over it
'ChildOfTheSun32' 1 year ago
I pretty much dislike the games that professional gamers tend to play. Maybe it's just because I'm not very good at those games, but also, more than that, I can actively describe (objectively, I feel) what makes those games lame and therefore justify why I don't like them.
'Epax' 1 year ago
Tbh theres no girl pro who is as good as the men
Kate Ruess
'Kate Ruess' 1 year ago
All these people complaining about there being no difference between girl and guy gamers. There's a difference between the number of guy gamers from girl gamers so stop acting like this is a sexist thing.
Big Bertha
'Big Bertha' 1 year ago
This is like gamers that only play cod. Lmao. "gamers"
Jasmin Winter
'Jasmin Winter' 1 year ago
I don't get why so many people are down with this "gender-blindness" either... It's no stretch to hypothesize that women might experience professional gaming differently, considering the fact that the field has historically been male-oriented. This video does nothing except explore that. The simplistic push for equality amongst men and women (in terms of sameness) instead of equity for all genders (in terms of embracing and understanding differences) is more troubling than anything. The best displays of feminism embody the latter, and encourages innovation through diversity and complexity, not reductionism!
Lataisha Johnson
'Lataisha Johnson' 1 year ago
Bo why everyone so salty😂✋🏾
Mr wick
'Mr wick' 1 year ago
im that guy in every call of duty who challenges the pros and beats them, but loses to hackers.
Sanny Animates
'Sanny Animates' 1 year ago
Are there any people who want to be professional minecrafters out there? Or is that just me?
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