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Newsmaker 2015 talk show with Nivin Pauly | Manorama News -
Published: 1 year ago By: Manorama News

By: Manorama NewsPublished: 1 year ago

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'Manorama News Newsmaker 2015' talk show with actor Nivin Pauly. Nivin is one of the four finalists in the opinion poll. Nivin says he prefers to 'behave' than 'act' in films. He is more comforatble with the directors who are his friends also. He has justification for repeating the roles of an ordinary young man. He says he won't be able to present the teenager in his fourties. He expresses regret over the complaints that he misbehaved to senior directors. The panelists in the talk show are director Harikumar, CPI leader Pannyan Raveendran, actor Prakash Bare, director Siddarth Siva, script wrtier Bipin Chandra and actress Anupama Parameshwaran. Pramod Raman anchors the show produced by Priji Joseph.

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nishanth kalari
'nishanth kalari' 3 months ago
Koch chekkan
sreejith jayakumar
'sreejith jayakumar' 4 months ago
nivinettan pwoichu.... raji vaykkan joli illandu poyiii athanu prashnam
Freji Freji
'Freji Freji' 5 months ago
like the way he replied for all the questions.. Nivin chetta ee samvadam kandapo enik ente brother ne orma varuva .... Thanks a lot and God bless you and your family always .. we love you
Faisal Kunji
'Faisal Kunji' 5 months ago
Nivin kalkki
John Fischer
'John Fischer' 6 months ago
Manorama news nu swantham ayi oru BGM undakanulla kazhivu ille...athum copy adikano..(Rambo OST)
Imrankhan chulliyil
'Imrankhan chulliyil' 6 months ago
Kalakki nivinetta.... Kidilan replys. Enth vannalum swantham theerumanathil urach ninlkunnu athenikk ishtayi I love u so much.....
saleh123456ddd Saleh 123456ddd
fuck you
'CS A' 10 months ago
sachin sr
'sachin sr' 1 year ago
nummade muthane...
Junaid Korad
'Junaid Korad' 1 year ago
nivin oru pavam jada aranu paranjad
,nidhin Kumarpc
',nidhin Kumarpc' 1 year ago
Malayalikaluda real nadan..
Jagadeesh Chandran
ഹരികുമാറിനു ഒട്ടും ദഹിക്കുന്നില്ല
sameer kharim
'sameer kharim' 1 year ago
nivin... I have told Vineeth that one day he will be so proud as great Director Balachander was.. who introduced Rajni and Kamal...two legends... Really you are extremely talented and good looking too... I like the films you choose to do.... Great ... lots of love and prayers for you mate... God Bless :)
Ahmed Yusef K.A
'Ahmed Yusef K.A' 1 year ago
NIVIN NALLA Nadan Tanne yaanu PREMAtinte vijayam ellaareyum happy aaakkillaa chilarku nalla asooya undu ;)
thykkoottathil ravindran
Great and interesting. Nibin ply is cool and happening his mannerism and acting style.congrats.T. Ravindran.
JACOB sailash
'JACOB sailash' 1 year ago
humble simple NP
Nadeem Asharaf
'Nadeem Asharaf' 1 year ago
I felt he is trying to be so '" pavam " :)
Ummehani Ansari
'Ummehani Ansari' 1 year ago
Karunan Kerala
'Karunan Kerala' 1 year ago
Celebrity worshipping is a disease in India. No wonder that place is so backward.
naina achu
'naina achu' 1 year ago
nivin pauly u r our super star.....
sarosh ENCORE
'sarosh ENCORE' 1 year ago
Ivanokke engane keri cinemayil...:p
juno kuriakose
'juno kuriakose' 1 year ago
waiting fr action hero biju
'INDIAN' 1 year ago
Yousuf Mubeen
'Yousuf Mubeen' 1 year ago
aa directorkku nivine athra angotu ishtayillann thonunnu
Bhavani Balakrishnan
Jaada illaatha nadan.. Nalla marupadikal..
Midhun K
'Midhun K' 1 year ago
simply awsome... Lve u Nivin....
vishal ecr
'vishal ecr' 1 year ago
Bring Sai Pallavi (MALAR) ......................
Chris Godwin
'Chris Godwin' 1 year ago
Matured replays...Luv u muthe...
'DEVA KUMAR' 1 year ago
Banaj Vikram
'Banaj Vikram' 1 year ago
Sincere replies.
'douluvmee' 1 year ago
he seems like a sensible, humble human being but as an actor, he still has miles to go. he has the talent however he lacks the versatility and intensity, he acts or "behaves" the same way, renders dialogues the same way in almost all his movies, for example in Ivide, it was something out of his comfort zone and he had a chance to explore that character with negative shades and perform in a really powerful way, yet it was such an average performance. he really should pay attention to actors like Prithviraj, Jayasurya, Fahad, Indrajith who takes time to understand their characters and tries to bring differences to each role they get to portray or he should look back at Mammooty or Mohanlal movies and try to find out why they are outstanding actors India has ever seen. nivin is surviving to his huge popularity and a mass fan base. He is just very lucky, that's it.
In Premam movie the styles Nivin Pauly Copied from Binoy Antony, I knw both of them before, also he neva put beard before in his lyf
Ajith Mathew
'Ajith Mathew' 1 year ago
arun raj
'arun raj' 1 year ago
Mature and sincere replies..... Nivin Pauly... great way forward
Daya Sakti
'Daya Sakti' 1 year ago
a request to anchor pls watch "Evide"and "English" done by syam prasad. athum koodi kandittu QN chodikkoo. "Premam" s credit to the director only .his intelligence and talent.
Aileena Thampy
'Aileena Thampy' 1 year ago
wish he had more perspective and substance
Bijo Stephen
'Bijo Stephen' 1 year ago
njanum tennddi nadanitunndduu oru chancinayiiii.... even in front off sriniyeettan....but... y u say sorryyy.... breakfastum lunchn..Pollum kazhikayhey..... othiriiii nadannuu.... but...plzz all directorzzz.... arummm... directorrr ayiii genikunilllllaaaa.... because off u all I be a pravaziiii
Bijo Stephen
'Bijo Stephen' 1 year ago
anthuuuu bhaii
Anthony Joe
'Anthony Joe' 1 year ago
Well,I Dont know proper Malayalam....But it was good to see this...Good communication,by Anchor & Actor Nivin.
Sreejith Jithu
'Sreejith Jithu' 1 year ago
immature replies by nivin.. he can approach a personal counselor for celebrity moulding
Shiji Suzanne
'Shiji Suzanne' 1 year ago
bst of luck nivin, ,,,
Shinaz Vtr
'Shinaz Vtr' 1 year ago
nivin..... smart thinking I really appreciate you .....regards
Mani Achu
'Mani Achu' 1 year ago
good good
shuhaib monu16
'shuhaib monu16' 1 year ago
pokan para cinema industriyanu valaranenkil nalla paadanu
vishnu soman
'vishnu soman' 1 year ago
ഈ അവാര്ഡ് നിവീന് പോളീക്ക്
vishnu soman
'vishnu soman' 1 year ago
nivin pauly I love you
'SHANIF K P' 1 year ago
enthaan paraya, enthaan paraya...repeated dialogue,,,, hehe,,
arun b thomas
'arun b thomas' 1 year ago
'N J' 1 year ago
Nivin is very good looking
priya jose
'priya jose' 1 year ago
good and matured replies by nivin
Athul Unnikrishnan
Action hero nimboli :)
junaid junu
'junaid junu' 1 year ago
polich njaanum ini endey manssilulla kaaryam cheyyalaaa
Rajivan Tunoli
'Rajivan Tunoli' 1 year ago
superr nivin kalakki
Althaf Hussain
'Althaf Hussain' 1 year ago
jaada illaatha super actor
sree lal
'sree lal' 1 year ago
nannayittunde mone
'MrSaisudhi' 1 year ago
A good example n recent time for anchors and celebrities to how to have the so called "communication" in an interview !
binoy varoor
'binoy varoor' 1 year ago
നാളെത്തന്നെ ജോലി രാജി വെക്കണം.. :)
Cyril Zacharia
'Cyril Zacharia' 1 year ago
Superb interview and matured replies by nivin Pauli
jason rex
'jason rex' 1 year ago
Superstar Nivin PAULY!!!
Deepak Denny
'Deepak Denny' 1 year ago
good one:)
Joma Job
'Joma Job' 1 year ago
Nice presentation by the Anchor
athulya elizebath
'athulya elizebath' 1 year ago
like it 😊☺
athulya elizebath
'athulya elizebath' 1 year ago
like it 😊☺
bibin john
'bibin john' 1 year ago
Ajmal Aju
'Ajmal Aju' 1 year ago
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