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Rae Sremmurd - Now That I Know -
Published: 1 year ago By: RaeSremmurdVEVO

By: RaeSremmurdVEVOPublished: 1 year ago

9, 011, 646 views

136, 309 Likes   6, 100 Dislikes

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Music video by Rae Sremmurd performing Now That I Know. (C) 2016 Eardruma/Interscope Records

Naciaq Naciaq
'Naciaq Naciaq' 11 hours ago
Say xD kto z Polski
Dilly Man
'Dilly Man' 1 day ago
Life As The Kingg
'Life As The Kingg' 3 days ago
Yea champian bottle just opens
by my vision
'by my vision' 5 days ago
Can i buy those girls from you i will pay more than you earned in the whole music video
Jaki Stewart
'Jaki Stewart' 5 days ago
the gamerkid baker
Haj du
'Haj du' 2 weeks ago
k. fenner
'k. fenner' 2 weeks ago
Slim Jxmmi!!!!
Jean Santana
'Jean Santana' 2 weeks ago
Swae lee so sexy and cute wish I could date him at age 11
by my vision
'by my vision' 3 weeks ago
He deserve 1 bill
'larrocx' 4 weeks ago
Nur La grande
'Nur La grande' 4 weeks ago
Underrated ass song
Marco Rios
'Marco Rios' 1 month ago
Easily one of their most underrated songs on sremm life 2
'XZevious' 1 month ago
He looks like shrimp
Dominique Johnson
'Dominique Johnson' 1 month ago
Now that I know Im rocking with this in 2018
Diana Wayne
'Diana Wayne' 1 month ago
His songs steal my heart 😍
pressoir anderson
'pressoir anderson' 1 month ago
Bon son
Rosy Herrera
'Rosy Herrera' 1 month ago
Como desinflamar las anginas
Carolinne Priscila
'Carolinne Priscila' 2 months ago
Love You
Aleksandra M.
'Aleksandra M.' 2 months ago
how old are you litle boy ?
Fatu Granger
'Fatu Granger' 2 months ago
published the day before my birthday :)
'LEANDRO BARRETO' 2 months ago
O the best like a Boss
Eleana Pappa
'Eleana Pappa' 2 months ago
so underrated
jeisonrincon jr
'jeisonrincon jr' 2 months ago
The slump God
'The slump God' 2 months ago
Who's watching these in 2018
Sebrena Nedd
'Sebrena Nedd' 2 months ago
Damn these boys are dope... l love there music real talk "210" San Antonio Texas baby💯💯💯. Dec 30th, 2017. I'm going in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024. etc... Keep the music going guys...
'Crazymelon' 2 months ago
My Dad Used to work with raesremmurd's ant
Justin Defalco
'Justin Defalco' 2 months ago
I slept on this. Flame
Jane Chihota
'Jane Chihota' 2 months ago
I love Slim Jimmy
Brandon Anderson
'Brandon Anderson' 2 months ago
I listened to this song first time today and i love it
Sophian Houiche
'Sophian Houiche' 2 months ago
Fuxk les grosse pute bouc de viande 🍖
Christmas bleach
'Christmas bleach' 2 months ago
Daum I got those license plates Ima track that car down
Dwayne Tolbert
'Dwayne Tolbert' 2 months ago
motto sno so fly
'motto sno so fly' 2 months ago
let's get it
Asia Sinclair
'Asia Sinclair' 2 months ago
Damn he grew all the way up! Damn they both did
Asia Sinclair
'Asia Sinclair' 2 months ago
This song gives me goosebumps
'FreakyyPrime.' 3 months ago
Cjay Hendog
'Cjay Hendog' 3 months ago
love how Mississippi artist blow like dis shout out to rae shrummard
Zovie Love singer
'Zovie Love singer' 3 months ago
My brother tha truth 4ever 🎧💡🔥💯🎤🎹🎵
Forway Montero
'Forway Montero' 3 months ago
this kiddo is pure crap, but beats are dope edit: lyrics is crap too
Ya mum
'Ya mum' 3 months ago
This is like yo gabba gabba sippin' lean
Swisher Sweet
'Swisher Sweet' 3 months ago
That NSX though 🔥
Tia Mawakeesic
'Tia Mawakeesic' 3 months ago
Swae Lee * is fukken hot..! <3
Zovie Love singer
'Zovie Love singer' 3 months ago
Lyrical. Lyrics
Zovie Love singer
'Zovie Love singer' 3 months ago
Voice like slim jimmy
Manuel Barajas
'Manuel Barajas' 3 months ago
Zae Monie Haze
'Zae Monie Haze' 3 months ago
This Type o Shit make u jus sit on the Toilet and think for 4 whole minutes😂😂😂
'EcVargas' 3 months ago
Go check out my new music video Love Me 🙏🏽
Bitu Saikia
'Bitu Saikia' 3 months ago
i will die for rae sremud
654651654 silva
'654651654 silva' 3 months ago
if u wanna go, FUCK U!
Dwayne Tolbert
'Dwayne Tolbert' 3 months ago
Something went wrong something went wrong
Naomi Pdrn
'Naomi Pdrn' 4 months ago
for me they trully are the best the beat voice just everything
Cullin Roberts
'Cullin Roberts' 4 months ago
Best song of 2017 and it came out in 2016.......
Creativ Niimbus
'Creativ Niimbus' 4 months ago
This sounds like when The-Dream was making good music...
If Young Metro Don
Still here for this
Melissa Cotton
'Melissa Cotton' 4 months ago
Ayety 7
'Ayety 7' 4 months ago
131k people who are living life right. 5k people that need mental help.
Ashar Barnard
'Ashar Barnard' 4 months ago
all the haters out there don't like you go out there like a stupid I do get that b**** out of here
Ashar Barnard
'Ashar Barnard' 4 months ago
all the haters out there don't like you go out there like a stupid I do get that b**** out of here
Genna Boss
'Genna Boss' 4 months ago
Respresting Tobago this song hot💥🔥💯🍃
Sandibeth Hernández
'Sandibeth Hernández' 4 months ago
They dont post enymore
Joshua Batts
'Joshua Batts' 4 months ago
I like these cats, they aren't talking about blowing somebody's head off. So tired of hearing that crap, but run when the police sounds off the siren. Suddenly they aren't gangster. Anyways love their positive vibe.
Liluzivert 17
'Liluzivert 17' 4 months ago
Ya fuck that bitch
Chazza Gaming
'Chazza Gaming' 4 months ago
Listen to they beat on 0.75x
TourStar Productions
'TourStar Productions' 4 months ago
I have to be honest, I like any song that is by Rae Sremmurd, I almost don't even need to hear it.
Daniel Cruz
'Daniel Cruz' 4 months ago
I like this song
Multy Gamer 6207
'Multy Gamer 6207' 4 months ago
My bitch on the side just told me to forget you
Dierdre Fullilove
'Dierdre Fullilove' 4 months ago
I love them!
Irealla Natural Girl
'Irealla Natural Girl' 5 months ago
Vinayak Ganguly
'Vinayak Ganguly' 5 months ago
Black jacob saritorious😂
Boy luke loud
'Boy luke loud' 5 months ago
swae lee your so cool!
Tahj Gibbons
'Tahj Gibbons' 5 months ago
I have a feeling this song only makes sense to me
Tonette Johnson
'Tonette Johnson' 5 months ago
Swae Lee is so hot
Alex Barajas
'Alex Barajas' 5 months ago
Honestly ma nikka ugly but its the money that got them hoes and thats any cleb cuz
Arthur CVL
'Arthur CVL' 5 months ago
Tracy Brozek
'Tracy Brozek' 5 months ago
I love this song ssoooooooo much
Cesar Mafia
'Cesar Mafia' 5 months ago
Garrett Little
'Garrett Little' 5 months ago
So many likes not very many dislikes. Must be a HIT
Samantha Sweetie
'Samantha Sweetie' 5 months ago
This song is wonderful 😱💣🔥👑😘❤
Kellyh Side
'Kellyh Side' 5 months ago
the only women who come to them are whores
Charity Jordan
'Charity Jordan' 5 months ago
i love rae sremmurd
Fifa 18
'Fifa 18' 5 months ago
Renato Sanchez
Brayoh Brayoh
'Brayoh Brayoh' 5 months ago
And here I thought I heard ALL their songs😨
Ricky Nieto
'Ricky Nieto' 5 months ago
that nsx tho😍
Leticia Sanchez
'Leticia Sanchez' 5 months ago
Nadien habla español
Evan Ellington
'Evan Ellington' 5 months ago
Of course I wanna lie and say I don't fuck wit this .... but I can't 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️👍🔥💨
Lori Edom
'Lori Edom' 5 months ago
This song me lit tf up like bruh.
Shawn Holman
'Shawn Holman' 6 months ago
I fuckks with these guys hard new they was going far.
cynthia montano
'cynthia montano' 6 months ago
underrated song
simpson x
'simpson x' 6 months ago
a song that didnt make it
Astred Clarke
'Astred Clarke' 6 months ago
Áron Gazdag
'Áron Gazdag' 6 months ago
Perfectly beat ;)
Alejandro Tovar
'Alejandro Tovar' 6 months ago
No se que dice pero me gusta :v 😆
Eric Antosz
'Eric Antosz' 6 months ago
who else seacred that's what's nuggets do
Nathan Grant
'Nathan Grant' 6 months ago
Aj you savage
daniel mogensen
'daniel mogensen' 6 months ago
Rae Sremmurd is the greatest thing that's ever happened. Changed my life! I dictated this with my VOICE using LilySpeech!
Lyndsy Carter
'Lyndsy Carter' 6 months ago
I wonder if he knew the black car is a honda? Lol clean nsx tho
T jj
'T jj' 6 months ago
Epic! I've had been sleeping on Swae Lee!
Raul Aguilera
'Raul Aguilera' 6 months ago
rae sremmurd legendary best rap duo of all time and my favorite artists
lyn Bowers
'lyn Bowers' 6 months ago
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