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Ariana Grande - Side to Side (Vevo Presents) -
Published: 1 year ago By: ArianaGrandeVevo

By: ArianaGrandeVevoPublished: 1 year ago

12, 685, 660 views

179, 153 Likes   2, 796 Dislikes

Ariana Grande - Side to Side (Vevo Presents)
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Nicko Garcia
'Nicko Garcia' 4 hours ago
Young Ariana run Pop 👑💥
Aaliyah Lacayo
'Aaliyah Lacayo' 8 hours ago
Yasss I love it
januar kurniawan
'januar kurniawan' 3 days ago
enak sekali lagu untuk di dengar bagi yang galau
Derrick Brantley
'Derrick Brantley' 4 days ago
It's so rare to see young artist that have no flaw in their voice! She's most definitely one of the best singers in this generation
Nhi Chi
'Nhi Chi' 4 days ago
- What is Ariana's coat?
'꽃길' 4 days ago
한국인 없음??
Marlene Lopez Bernal
I like this muisi
Sandor Kalo
'Sandor Kalo' 6 days ago
Love ariana
Deniz Doğruöz
'Deniz Doğruöz' 6 days ago
"I'm the quenn of rap, young Ariana run pop"
cookie Cookie
'cookie Cookie' 6 days ago
Her voice is softer than ice cream 😍😋
Zohra Hashemi
'Zohra Hashemi' 1 week ago
wow very very nice we love you ariana grande ❤👍
Antonio maggar
'Antonio maggar' 1 week ago
Ariana we need you to release new music 🙏🏼
Tayami Ono
'Tayami Ono' 1 week ago
I Love You Ari!!!♡
Harshvardhan Kalra
This song is very nice.. Loved it
Pempe Tozluyurt
'Pempe Tozluyurt' 1 week ago
wtf this is better than the vmas
Zagrajmy w Minecraft z Szymonem
kto z polski daje lika pod tym komentarzem!
'Gynette123' 2 weeks ago
My favorite song Side to Side from Ariana Grande I love ❤️ you Ariana Grande
Andrew Dimas
'Andrew Dimas' 2 weeks ago
I love how she just flips her hair when Nicki says "Young Ariana runs pop"
Popular Boy Vlog
'Popular Boy Vlog's' 2 weeks ago
paula suellem barros de lima
mais qe música legal ❤👌
Games Msp
'Games Msp' 2 weeks ago
حصه ال
'حصه ال' 3 weeks ago
ILove ary
Umberto Sciacca
'Umberto Sciacca' 3 weeks ago
I saw you first on Sam & Cat. Since you' ve become my favorite singer, and my favorite songs are SIDE TO SIDE AND ONE LAST TIME. YOU' RE GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD AT SINGING. mY FAVORITE ALBUM  and DANGEROUS WOMAN
maddie style let
your the best singer better then me am singer but I only sing at home lol THIS IS BETTER THEN ME !!!!!
Juan David Zuñiga Gonzalez
all these bitches flow this my mini me
AmerikBelen Villafranco
msp ponçik
'msp ponçik' 3 weeks ago
i lovee youu
yves olivia
'yves olivia' 3 weeks ago
3.00-3.06 made my life !!
amr elasel
'amr elasel' 3 weeks ago
who listen to this song in 2017 liiiiiiike
amr elasel
'amr elasel' 3 weeks ago
ariana Y are my light Y are the best artist i love y so much
Steward Gillespie
'Steward Gillespie' 4 weeks ago
I have same age with her. But she talented!
'박대일' 4 weeks ago
This perfomance is really cool.. but "got me waking side to side" mean''s like.. hmm... ♡> IDK LOL
'PhantomSparklez' 4 weeks ago
I love her songs but this her best one <3.She's the most pretty girl.
TheRandom Show
'TheRandom Show' 4 weeks ago
To all ppl who disliked , FIGHT ME BITXH
Glam Sparkle
'Glam Sparkle' 4 weeks ago
OMG ! Ariana . I'm a big fan of you...!!! .
Aurora Gabellotto
'Aurora Gabellotto' 4 weeks ago
sono una tua fan mi chiamo AURORA e canti benissimo sei bravissima e bellissima e ai una voce stupenda ti adoro♡♡★★
Erik Gomez
'Erik Gomez' 1 month ago
WHERE IS THIS PLACE???????? AMY LEE has album cover in front that door
Igor Alves
'Igor Alves' 1 month ago
I love this music
Farah Diy
'Farah Diy' 1 month ago
how old is Ariana ?
Vampire Nigth
'Vampire Nigth' 1 month ago
I love you Ariana grande 😍❤
Nora Stevens
'Nora Stevens' 1 month ago
Okan Bedirhan Koç
'Okan Bedirhan Koç' 1 month ago
Turkey you are beautiful 😍❤❤❤ anca bu kadar abla ingilizcem bu kadar 😊 türkler beğensin
'witbeyondmeasure' 1 month ago
I miss her and Ricky, their chemistry on stage was amazing
Janak Bhatt
'Janak Bhatt' 1 month ago
0:26 that dancer forgot his step while staring at my ari baby 😂😂 Who is he btw?? Ricky ??
Poorna Manohar
'Poorna Manohar' 1 month ago
2:35 they silenced that word but Ariana sang it lol.....
'DREAM OF Mal' 1 month ago
türkler likeee türkiye'yi ezdirmeyelmm
'프리지아' 1 month ago
워 이날 미쳤네....헐
Carol S
'Carol S' 1 month ago
O povo nem curte o show, só vive garrado no celular, pqp se fosse eu , estaria louca lá gritando e "cantando" com ela!! RAINHA!!
Maria.eduarda.Rodrigues.Fidelis Rodrigues
ariana.grande.muita.bonita. mais.bonita.geivanna.chaves.
Valeria Flores Laboy
Ariana have a lovely voice.
Original Triniboy
'Original Triniboy' 1 month ago
I heard this song a lot on my car radio
Karolina Les
'Karolina Les' 2 months ago
i love you so so so much
'ADRIANA HILLSTROM' 2 months ago
Ariana Grande is absolutely beautiful. I don't get why she wears these huge jackets over her beautiful outfits. Guess it's her style. If it makes her happy.
кто любит ариану?
Dani Sevilla Esquivel
yo no ablo inglis sorri
Wiktoria Krzyszfofik
'Wiktoria Krzyszfofik' 2 months ago
ariany grande jest świetnym piosenkarką jestem jej fanką chciała jej ałtograf
Maria Cordova
'Maria Cordova' 2 months ago
ho my good 😘😍
Papos e Brincadeiras
'Papos e Brincadeiras' 2 months ago
Quem é brasileiro?????
kawaii puff
'kawaii puff' 2 months ago
well, I bet it's extremely awkward since her ex is her dancer
abraham manrique
'abraham manrique' 2 months ago
abraham manrique
'abraham manrique' 2 months ago
Diana Hernandez
'Diana Hernandez' 2 months ago
la amoo es la mejor AG
Elly Watts
'Elly Watts' 2 months ago
YOUNG ARIANA RUN POP. Queen of singing. Queen of vocals.
Laurette Da silva
'Laurette Da silva' 2 months ago
I love you but I'm also scared about your concert I hope you're okay i'm your biggest fan Ariana Grande is one day I want you to come to my house I can see in real life and I can sing songs with you because I love singing is my favourite
Juan Sebastian Cabral
Usy Cute
'Usy Cute' 2 months ago
i love you kak.
sayuri Danai Ruiz Hernandez
I love ariana and nicky
Sveta Rey
'Sveta Rey' 2 months ago
Тут есть русские?
Timothy Dungey
'Timothy Dungey' 2 months ago
ok this song is bout fucking so much she cant walk straight. they even made the back drop look like a penis
'Mela VLOG' 2 months ago
Wonderful! I love this song! Ariana is now experiencing a collapse after what happened at a concert in England. Do not heal that she stopped the tour! I would do the same Wonderful! I love this song! Ariana is now experiencing a collapse after what happened at a concert in England. Do not heal that she stopped the tour! I would do the same. ;
Malika S
'Malika S' 2 months ago
This little girl sing!
Jörg Meiring
'Jörg Meiring' 2 months ago
Daughter of Satan... bombing fun until the end
Perfect DUDE
'Perfect DUDE' 2 months ago
2:50 my scream
Perfect DUDE
'Perfect DUDE' 2 months ago
Again crowd is dead
Dobrowolsky SA&G
'Dobrowolsky SA&G' 2 months ago
Ariana GrandeVEVO can you speak poland?
x Pinky x
'x Pinky x' 2 months ago
'amyhow9' 2 months ago
she got vocal talent no one can say otherwise.
bahrudin manja
'bahrudin manja' 2 months ago
bagus suaranya
ĎĄT vbhag
'ĎĄT vbhag' 2 months ago
love is videos ♡♡♡
Brenda Goñi
'Brenda Goñi' 2 months ago
Marichu Borja
'Marichu Borja' 2 months ago
Ganda 3
Mario Perez
'Mario Perez' 2 months ago
te amo arianaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Miih Arianator
'Miih Arianator' 2 months ago
Mac Miller???? 😐🙁😪
Frozen Girl33
'Frozen Girl33' 2 months ago
Yay Ariana YASSSSS
Chetan Surya
'Chetan Surya' 2 months ago
superb she is
Patricia Jeanblu
'Patricia Jeanblu' 2 months ago
Yağmur Güler
'Yağmur Güler' 2 months ago
I Love you ariana Grande
'theJOKER' 2 months ago
From God to the Devil..right?
Carlos Alfaro
'Carlos Alfaro' 2 months ago
Me encanta esa canción 😎🌴🌴🌴🌴
Shinta Nofita
'Shinta Nofita' 2 months ago
u j
'u j' 2 months ago
canta hermooso
Altin Elezi
'Altin Elezi' 2 months ago
shan matama
'shan matama' 2 months ago
that's all live? Respect! Take a bow.How does any one hate an angel ? Blasphemy!! Minaj rhymes with mirage .lucky mirage . Take a bow son. Do your thing it's your time to shine human beings are weak anyone who hates on you is a piss of depressed shit forgive them . Rasta over and out . Whitney ain't gat shit on YOU!
Alizah Lapointe
'Alizah Lapointe' 2 months ago
Ddt days❤
Bobbi Analla
'Bobbi Analla' 2 months ago
Can you do one in Korean please.
przha fahmy
'przha fahmy' 2 months ago
so cute
Selena Gomez
'Selena Gomez' 2 months ago
Ariana is My life 💚💚😘😍😍😍😍
Tatiana Bianca
'Tatiana Bianca' 2 months ago
Liiinda demais.... A melhor voz pra música... Te Amo Ariana
Duong Lam
'Duong Lam' 3 months ago
love death 4 niceday highlighter ltunes
anthony nyurak luhat
'anthony nyurak luhat' 3 months ago
fake voice when you doing offical video
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