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Ariana Grande - Side to Side (Vevo Presents) -
Published: 8 months ago By: ArianaGrandeVevo

By: ArianaGrandeVevoPublished: 8 months ago

10, 840, 089 views

161, 294 Likes   2, 341 Dislikes

Ariana Grande - Side to Side (Vevo Presents)
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Lissette Garcia
'Lissette Garcia' 3 hours ago
school so we can go wake together en the lunch room withe your brother justin and your cuisine 😙😚😗😘😍😋😊😁😀😉fro.we can kiss en are lips en the front of the teachers ms Duran and Ms ries.and ms sante and Ms married bey baby aringrden and your brother justin
Lissette Garcia
'Lissette Garcia' 3 hours ago
and your grifrnday lissette Garcia and your bus stop en the morning well I am going to the bus no more bubces.i feli my borifenday arigned does go to the bus so I am going to asked my dade flies he can take me to the school en the morning and I go to get out of my car i am going to the lunch room withe you and your brother justin
Lissette Garcia
'Lissette Garcia' 3 hours ago
I am really falling en love wlies my borifenday arigned and your princess lissette Garcia and your brother justin
Max O
'Max O'Connell' 16 hours ago
For all those people saying that this is better than the vmas you do realise she was riding a bike you can control their breathing when they're exersising
'Jee' 1 day ago
all that shouting lol... she has enough money to afford singing lessons why doesn't she do it....has plenty potential
Lizbeth Borja CA
'Lizbeth Borja CA' 2 days ago
te quiero mucho ariana grande
Magda Junior
'Magda Junior' 4 days ago
Hi from Poland
Anne Favory
'Anne Favory' 4 days ago
Pourquoi tout le temps les chanteurs doivent faire des chansons pervers comme ca ???? Je comprends pas !! Pfffffftttt.... totalement ridicule !!! Ils ont tellement pas de cerveau et ni rien d'autres a dire qu'ils doivent faire des CONNERIES PAREIL !!!!!
Paulo Junior
'Paulo Junior' 4 days ago
03:33 💜
Danah Noumpani
'Danah Noumpani' 5 days ago
i love you Ariana Grade
I love ariana and her songs
Stewie Griffin
'Stewie Griffin' 6 days ago
can she not put her arms through her sleeves? dumbass
Carlos Mantilla
'Carlos Mantilla' 7 days ago
ariana is the best.
Chester608Gaming Mobile
I love you Ariana Grande!!!
'Cheyenergy' 1 week ago
MY BABY!!! 😭😭😭😍😍😍😍
vicente jesus gutierrez pujado
gonna miss that trio in the DWT
Lina Blanco
'Lina Blanco' 1 week ago
denle laik quien la acompañara cada paso que aga!
Superking 1044
'Superking 1044' 1 week ago
OMG Ariana Grande said the f word I know so is allowed to but still I just can't believe she said that
Nicole Powers
'Nicole Powers' 1 week ago
this is not the real Ariana grande
ماندانا کریمی
Nat N V
'Nat N V' 1 week ago
i lova you Ariana
ryan pendegayosh
'ryan pendegayosh' 1 week ago
we're Nicky manaj
Adzetto Ciccone
'Adzetto Ciccone' 2 weeks ago
i love this song. but this performance has a louder backing tracks. and why does it have a church-like theme on the back? i think it would better if there are a beach theme
Jackie McMillan
'Jackie McMillan' 2 weeks ago
Liz Lozada
'Liz Lozada' 2 weeks ago
were is Nicki Minaj
Bunyamin kazkurt
'Bunyamin kazkurt' 2 weeks ago
Bunyamin kazkurt
'Bunyamin kazkurt' 2 weeks ago
du kannst richtig schön singe ich Feier dich richtig
Bunyamin kazkurt
'Bunyamin kazkurt' 2 weeks ago
du kannst richtig schön singe ich Feier dich richtig
very very very good voice congratulations
'MsOmika1' 2 weeks ago
She so cute when She raps Nicki's line :) I love you Ari!
'calíope' 2 weeks ago
oh Ariana sounds exactly like Nicki Minaj
Agustín León
'Agustín León' 2 weeks ago
like si nunca pensaste que iba a ser hit :D
Jearelle Villanueva
'Jearelle Villanueva' 2 weeks ago
thumbs up
Linda Mayasari
'Linda Mayasari' 2 weeks ago
Kaye Butera
'Kaye Butera' 2 weeks ago
is Ariana and Rick/y (idk lmao) still together here?
Oria Oria
'Oria Oria' 2 weeks ago
love ariana
Ninja Wolf
'Ninja Wolf' 2 weeks ago
Who else saw her putting out the middle finger at 3:45
Juanita Marozzi Paulon
Nicky Minaj but's IS very very bigg
Laura Kelly
'Laura Kelly' 2 weeks ago
Ariana I just want to thank you. I've been feeling really depressed lately and the only thing that has been keeping me happy is your music. I'm all better now. But your music has been keeping me going💕💕❤️❤️ and I'm so grateful.
Yeni Amelia
'Yeni Amelia' 2 weeks ago
Yeni Amelia
'Yeni Amelia' 2 weeks ago
Melissa Perilli
'Melissa Perilli' 2 weeks ago
edson gomez
'edson gomez' 2 weeks ago
side to side 😍💕💕👌
Fire Storm
'Fire Storm' 2 weeks ago
its funny bc most ppl dont understnad that this song is bout getting it so it so good she walks side to side
Gregorio Perrone
'Gregorio Perrone' 3 weeks ago
bravissima ariana
Helen Yin
'Helen Yin' 3 weeks ago
Remeber when this song came out we listen to it, it sounded alright and when the music video came out now coming back to this and listening to it again it sounds like a hit
paulina ari
'paulina ari' 3 weeks ago
I love you
Valentina Carrizalez
"Beautiful" Ariana Grande♥
The Pro Gamers Blaze Quest Team
Keep it up Nicky Minaj and Ariana Grande your my favorites
Muster Muster
'Muster Muster' 3 weeks ago
i love you ariana you are cool and nice 😘
mar i
'mar i' 3 weeks ago
Storm Spirit
'Storm Spirit' 3 weeks ago
i would do illegal things
Derp Master
'Derp Master' 3 weeks ago
I still liked this video
Kênh Giải Trí
'Kênh Giải Trí' 3 weeks ago
Good music
moonlight bae
'moonlight bae' 3 weeks ago
It's cool to see her perform this right after the album dropped, where she sang every word and hit every note like the song and then 8 months later she's adding things and making key changes
'Amelia'sCorner' 3 weeks ago
anybody know the venue?
Naser Sula
'Naser Sula' 3 weeks ago
Anne Wesoloski
'Anne Wesoloski' 3 weeks ago
what id give to be any of the bike seats in the actual video. mouth watering.- viki mick♧
Alaa Salah
'Alaa Salah' 3 weeks ago
where are nicki !!!!!!
dennis sanderson
'dennis sanderson' 3 weeks ago
check out my drum cover of this song it rocks!
'ThisisEmmaslife' 3 weeks ago
such a queen
Paula Agustina
'Paula Agustina' 3 weeks ago
love yooouuuuu queen!
Rebekah Guo
'Rebekah Guo' 4 weeks ago
All the people talk about Zayn and her sometimes??? I'mmmm confused. Zigi is good and A&Mac is good how come?
'Emizzle' 4 weeks ago
I need Ariana ft Rihanna or Sia.
ivelin iliev
'ivelin iliev' 4 weeks ago
wow beutiful and she has a angels voice
Mystic Espeon
'Mystic Espeon' 4 weeks ago
Remember when this song was not as popular as it is now? Lol nothing, I just thought it feels awesome to know a song months before it becomes a top 5 hit. 😂
nopal skray
'nopal skray' 4 weeks ago
this was way better than that stupidity thing on mtv
'AnnaThePanda' 4 weeks ago
2:59 who else died....
arianna grande
'arianna grande' 4 weeks ago
side to with youuu
Divine Monster
'Divine Monster' 4 weeks ago
Ariana is perfect! I love 😍
just Mez
'just Mez' 4 weeks ago
Kawaaii_ Nekoo*
'Kawaaii_ Nekoo*' 4 weeks ago
Pls spell "exercise" correctly. No more of this "excersize" shit🙏
Rosenilda Vales
'Rosenilda Vales' 4 weeks ago
Mez Holmez
'Mez Holmez' 4 weeks ago
Diego Minaj
'Diego Minaj' 4 weeks ago
soy fan de las dos pero que ari no. devio cantar la parte de nicki
Laura Gomez
'Laura Gomez' 4 weeks ago
Esta es la versión menos vulgar de esta canción.
Chanel Two
'Chanel Two' 4 weeks ago
essas roupas 😱👏😍
Dina Fahma
'Dina Fahma' 4 weeks ago
John TheGreek 13
'John TheGreek 13' 4 weeks ago
sub=lose your virginity to Ariana like=win the lottery comment=10 years of good luck
Nae Here
'Nae Here' 4 weeks ago
Just have to say this is the best performance of side to side so far and probably will still be.
Sara Flayhan
'Sara Flayhan' 4 weeks ago
I wish I could wake up and be her 😍
Isabella Teran
'Isabella Teran' 1 month ago
You had to say ***F***
Ana Luiza Facin
'Ana Luiza Facin' 1 month ago
i love you ♡♡♡♥♥♥♥♡♡♡
'TonToni4' 1 month ago
Аріана, де тренажори?
Алия Максудов а
*I love you Ariana*
Serik Official
'Serik Official' 1 month ago
Lady Gaga was better at the vevo presents
'memolp2002' 1 month ago
This is with Auto Tune 😭
Максим Воробьев
amigasfor 2
'amigasfor 2' 1 month ago
i love u soo much
Live as you want
'Live as you want' 1 month ago
Does she have a fake hair ??
Janice Castillo
'Janice Castillo' 1 month ago
all I can say is damn!!!
superawesomegirl minecraft girl
ariana grande : sid to sid justen bebar : let me love you
'馬鹿野郎木上' 1 month ago
sira Bah
'sira Bah' 1 month ago
Cantas muy bien ni hagas caso los que te insultan ser diferente nos hace especiales muchas gracias poder tu música tan bonita gracias si te conociera diría lo mismo
BrahemProductions Entertainment
did this come out way earlier than the official music video ? and the music video still has enormous success tho !
Mari Escobar
'Mari Escobar' 1 month ago
side to side baby😝😝😝😝
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