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Ariana Grande - Side to Side (Vevo Presents) -
Published: 10 months ago By: ArianaGrandeVevo

By: ArianaGrandeVevoPublished: 10 months ago

11, 553, 182 views

168, 140 Likes   2, 533 Dislikes

Ariana Grande - Side to Side (Vevo Presents)
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Dequan Marshall
'Dequan Marshall' 13 hours ago
i was there
Gabi Hunt
'Gabi Hunt' 16 hours ago
wheres nicky
jung kookie
'jung kookie' 1 day ago
bianca mg kawaii
'bianca mg kawaii' 1 day ago
this' song!! it,s alinee!
Lady Taissiya
'Lady Taissiya' 2 days ago
Кто русский?
élisa msp
'élisa msp' 2 days ago
xAdele Plays Mspx
'xAdele Plays Mspx' 2 days ago
My favourite part starts at 2:50 ❤❤❤
Iraquiana Zika
'Iraquiana Zika' 2 days ago
#Ammoo Ariana Grande Sah Linda
Arianafans VEVO
'Arianafans VEVO' 2 days ago
This song makes me dance every time I listen to it 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Vitor Oliveira
'Vitor Oliveira' 3 days ago
2:53 TOMATE 🍅
Vitor Oliveira
'Vitor Oliveira' 3 days ago
Vitor Oliveira
'Vitor Oliveira' 3 days ago
Vitor Oliveira
'Vitor Oliveira' 3 days ago
0:21 PAU NAO TEM....pau nao tem
Vitor Oliveira
'Vitor Oliveira' 3 days ago
Vitor Oliveira
'Vitor Oliveira' 3 days ago
vitoria gonçalves
ariana melhor cantora
Mieh Sant
'Mieh Sant'anna' 4 days ago
I love you!!!!
meetali kapse
'meetali kapse' 5 days ago
I was a Taylor swift fan but Ariana grabbed me❤
Daniel S
'Daniel S' 6 days ago
wanna hear Ariana Grande moaning? 2:41 THANK ME LATER! xD
TimoN RU
'TimoN RU' 6 days ago
аааааа тащусь
Xiomara Paico
'Xiomara Paico' 1 week ago
pero q estaran ablando ustedes e
Teddy Bear
'Teddy Bear' 1 week ago
i love your s i bin hir all day to
Julka Kosiorek
'Julka Kosiorek' 1 week ago
umiem tak samo i taki samy głos
Mark Delisle
'Mark Delisle' 1 week ago
hi i love your vids and this is my fave song
Ariana Grande Stan #1
Sean Walsh
'Sean Walsh' 1 week ago
this album didnt take long blow up and yet it still makes my number 1 spot and thats beating eminem
Édgar Märin
'Édgar Märin' 1 week ago
Mi princesa!
شهد الحربي
'شهد الحربي' 2 weeks ago
مين عربيييه يطق لايك 👀👀
tiffany 528
'tiffany 528' 2 weeks ago
canta hermoso
Lucas Silva
'Lucas Silva' 2 weeks ago
how old is she?
Brisa Ciulanti
'Brisa Ciulanti' 2 weeks ago
es linda canta re bien pero lastima qye se les sube la fama a la cabeza😕
Dragon Soul
'Dragon Soul' 2 weeks ago
Ariana Grande have a so wonderfull voise <3
Rafael Rangel 51
'Rafael Rangel 51' 2 weeks ago
Definitivamente Ella no necesita edición Tan solo con escuchar sus "Acapella" Se ve el gran talento que tiene Es la mejor voz del siglo XXI Ariana Grande😍
Dance Moms Updates
'Dance Moms Updates' 2 weeks ago
queen 😍
~ Bright Romeo ~
'~ Bright Romeo ~' 2 weeks ago
If I was to take one thing from this song is that this 2 singers really love, have and probably use on a daily basis dick bicycles.
Stacey Kapula
'Stacey Kapula' 3 weeks ago
i love the official video
'ALEXANDER SATAN' 3 weeks ago
Todd Meade
'Todd Meade' 3 weeks ago
where is Nicki Minaj
Angel Muffin
'Angel Muffin' 3 weeks ago
ariana grande is a big .........
Gabyy Souza
'Gabyy Souza' 3 weeks ago
Loveee ♡♡♡♡♡♡
Franky Loli pop
'Franky Loli pop' 4 weeks ago
Trop bien
'BjornTime' 4 weeks ago
Well, this song's almost a billion
Leslie Villalva
'Leslie Villalva' 4 weeks ago
I been here 2years but I got a new phone👑💕 gotta do a new count👑
'czorno8705' 4 weeks ago
ma glos
Sarah Schmidt
'Sarah Schmidt' 4 weeks ago
i love you ariana !!! yeah !!!!!! and nicki minaj
Girlaine Pinheiro
'Girlaine Pinheiro' 4 weeks ago
BR ?
Aura Putri
'Aura Putri' 1 month ago
Ibe Vijle
'Ibe Vijle' 1 month ago
wishing the DW tours looks will changed to this still ( no long pants lol )
Sandra Ramirez
'Sandra Ramirez' 1 month ago
we love u ariana grande
Лия Мао
'Лия Мао' 1 month ago
we love Ariana? 5 likes fu she was a fool, 10 since 20 ce ... well, if you look at the rules, 30 well, cool, she's the best 300, 1000 adore !!! 😍😍😍
Лия Мао
'Лия Мао' 1 month ago
Lethicinha Paixão
'Lethicinha Paixão' 1 month ago
you is amazing my lady😍
Emily Rose
'Emily Rose' 1 month ago
thumbs up if you've been listening to this since it came out as a promotional single before the album
Gabrysia Kruczek
'Gabrysia Kruczek' 1 month ago
I Love you 😙 Poland
dyl x
'dyl x' 1 month ago
did anyone catch ariana say 'i give zero fucks' even though it got filtered out
Nailah Salma
'Nailah Salma' 1 month ago
aku suka lagu side to side 👍💕💕💕
guess what they call me CRYBABY
I wonder what Ari what sound like singing closer by the chainsmokers
'AvaTiger' 1 month ago
i love ariana grande she makes me happy when I'm sad. Who agrees!!!
Brandon Dangerous Only Wwe
ariana i want sing with you....
Maissa Harkat
'Maissa Harkat' 1 month ago
I lavyou su much nice song
Maissa Harkat
'Maissa Harkat' 1 month ago
I like Ariana grande
saurabh joshi
'saurabh joshi' 1 month ago
I just realized today that when she means "rocking side to side" actually means getting fucked so hard in the ass that you can't walk straight.
Sonia Ruiz
'Sonia Ruiz' 1 month ago
adonde estaba nicky minaj
'rm's Cha' 1 month ago
Leontina Rushiti
'Leontina Rushiti' 1 month ago
mariana Arianator
'mariana Arianator' 1 month ago
I love you Ariana💖💖💖
Justice Judas Judas
'Justice Judas Judas' 1 month ago
BP the cringe boi
'BP the cringe boi' 2 months ago
Where is Nicki?
yasmim moreira
'yasmim moreira' 2 months ago
Killyan Wells
'Killyan Wells' 2 months ago
Killyan Wells
'Killyan Wells' 2 months ago
she sounds ver very goof
Leontina Rushiti
'Leontina Rushiti' 2 months ago
Dieses Lied ist so toll The Song it's👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
IM Indonesia
'IM Indonesia' 2 months ago
FUCK HATTERS ! who said that Ariana Grande can't sing LIVE !!!!! RISA ARIANA RISE !!!!
jessica bales
'jessica bales' 2 months ago
I luv her
Juan Alberto Olmeda Vara
like si veniste x karol :V
Jake Bubble
'Jake Bubble' 2 months ago
i love your videos
'GoodBoy' 2 months ago
Os câmeras estavam de mal da Ariana?, nossa por que eles quase não filmaram ela só filmaram a bateria e os dançarinos só acho que deveriam ter focado mais nela.
Hailey Arianator
'Hailey Arianator' 2 months ago
Leny Kirani
'Leny Kirani' 2 months ago
knp am cwok UU pilpres akan disinkronisasi @@@@809
Natt Luna
'Natt Luna' 2 months ago
March 30th !! 💗💗💗
Brycen Micah
'Brycen Micah' 2 months ago
The relationship she has with her dancers is absolutely incredible
Zuzana Hýblová
'Zuzana Hýblová' 2 months ago
Amol Jangalekar
'Amol Jangalekar' 2 months ago
Her hairs i love ot
Valerie Dongdongpetie
Who's still watching this in 2017?
Luisa e seus fãs
'Luisa e seus fãs' 2 months ago
Diable no Jesus yes
charlotte rose scofield
She was a nick star now she is a pop star, what happened? 😈😈
Douglas Whitby
'Douglas Whitby' 2 months ago
Heart it
Vtek 10
'Vtek 10' 2 months ago
my pretty ariana kicking😍😍
Fazel hellion
'Fazel hellion' 2 months ago
i think shes not ariana
'Samoosa' 2 months ago
I love hearing her rap 😂 she consistently sounds amazing live and I LOVE it
Miguel Ruiz
'Miguel Ruiz' 2 months ago
Ani Safitri
'Ani Safitri' 2 months ago
omg! keren
Karolina Kaźmierczak
Kinga Bąk
'Kinga Bąk' 2 months ago
Karina Elias
'Karina Elias' 2 months ago
Luna Henderson
'Luna Henderson' 2 months ago
Perfect 😍
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