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5 Awesome Tricks with Matches -
Published: 1 year ago By: MrGear

By: MrGearPublished: 1 year ago

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Hi, there, my dear friends! In this video I will show you, 5 Awesome Tricks with Matches.

That is all folks I wished to share with you! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel with some more interesting video stories still waiting for you further on.

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Shadow 77
'Shadow 77' 4 days ago
Du bist cool!
Deniz Özdemir
'Deniz Özdemir' 5 days ago
Mason Kid
'Mason Kid' 2 weeks ago
Huh Read more
world best tech
'world best tech' 3 weeks ago
I think other video send in fire
'Danddiepie' 1 month ago
I don't Understand any shit . Please talk something . Anyways I subscribed
Z Browner TV
'Z Browner TV' 2 months ago
What do you do for a bomb?
Ladybugg 23433
'Ladybugg 23433' 2 months ago
At 2:08 you can see his face
renato figueroa
'renato figueroa' 3 months ago
Mateus Santos
'Mateus Santos' 3 months ago
Cepo de madeira kkk
Don Don
'Don Don' 4 months ago
all is lazy
Abdi Mahfi
'Abdi Mahfi' 6 months ago
'Z.E.F Z.E.F' 7 months ago
Mr gear are always good
Fact Rage
'Fact Rage' 7 months ago
Wtff withh that coughing in the song
Fact Rage
'Fact Rage' 7 months ago
Wtf is with u and this music and that one brand of matches
Sunil Parmar
'Sunil Parmar' 7 months ago
Preeti Saw
'Preeti Saw' 7 months ago
very nice
Hwenys Odera
'Hwenys Odera' 7 months ago
You are cool
João Batista
'João Batista' 8 months ago
Eu já fiz o teste do isqueiro o fogo dele ficar lá íntima não sei como tinta de caneta fãs isso
Hyper GD
'Hyper GD' 8 months ago
'이예준' 8 months ago
Imdad Imam
'Imdad Imam' 8 months ago
this is very simple can you do hard
Omar Shabat
'Omar Shabat' 8 months ago
It's an old Egyptian trick it called ramadans gun
Dear Soap
'Dear Soap' 8 months ago
Cool tricks! Awful music.😁😝👎
Anwwar Romma
'Anwwar Romma' 8 months ago
mr gear u are nice youtuber but u are repeating some hacks
Michael Svinik
'Michael Svinik' 8 months ago
אתה מדהים
wessel wielrennen
'wessel wielrennen' 8 months ago
'Igor' 9 months ago
who watches these videos but never tries them
'AzzBolic' 9 months ago
izila taught me more than that, sir
Alexandros Savathrakis
Face reveal 2:30 x)
dragonlord hi
'dragonlord hi' 9 months ago
that a lot of matches
Li Laish
'Li Laish' 9 months ago
DannyJr. Q
'DannyJr. Q' 9 months ago
Like the video
Denis mad
'Denis mad' 9 months ago
Shiv Somvanshi
'Shiv Somvanshi' 9 months ago
Hongwen1234 Hongwen1234
can anyone tell me what this song name
Genaro Barradas S.
'Genaro Barradas S.' 10 months ago
Ahora hablas español?
Oliver Ni
'Oliver Ni' 10 months ago
2:30 That fanta tho...
Francesco Polvere
'Francesco Polvere' 10 months ago
sei italiano?
nadeem butt
'nadeem butt' 10 months ago
I buff creeds thy
Thug Life
'Thug Life' 10 months ago
:) LOL! Funny! :D
Rafael Ruelo
'Rafael Ruelo' 10 months ago
3:14 that's a bit dangerous if you add too much friction
Rafael Ruelo
'Rafael Ruelo' 10 months ago
Well it is awesome for some reason
Carlos Manuel Rojas Cuevas
no late
Quân Brian
'Quân Brian' 11 months ago
MrGear is crazy about NCS
Meike de Boer
'Meike de Boer' 11 months ago
Politician appearance back late witness university license since election.
Sara Cortes
'Sara Cortes' 11 months ago
Overlook unique exciting sign answer distance emphasis nature cancel.
Moises Linares
'Moises Linares' 11 months ago
'Fingers' 11 months ago
what if valve will add that egg bomb to csgo xD
NinjaHacks CS:GO & More
WOW Awesoome TRICKS :o
Susanta Seth
'Susanta Seth' 11 months ago
I am trying this it's working
A Birb
'A Birb' 11 months ago
Reminds me of a howtobasic vid
Néo lre
'Néo lre' 11 months ago
Tu mérite 10 million d'abonner
'3mr5aldTV' 11 months ago
altin rose
'altin rose' 11 months ago
and thus the first trick was the main firing mechanism of the musket
Karol Kowalski
'Karol Kowalski' 11 months ago
egg bombs, Joker the begining
Mr. Zoinks
'Mr. Zoinks' 11 months ago
If you fill a tennis ball with match heads it makes a kick add bomb, 50x better than that egg shit.
DusStan Games
'DusStan Games' 11 months ago
What is the name of that song
'conwick200522' 11 months ago
Stop using over used songs it is annoying
'CowsGoMoo98' 11 months ago
'Juli458' 11 months ago
como se llama la musica del comienzo
'Pyrofarmer' 11 months ago
Egg Firecracker, Like !
'DER KANACKE' 11 months ago
das ist so cool
Santicorrea Correa
'Santicorrea Correa' 11 months ago
like si quisiste hacer uno y no tienes los elementos
'STAR x PANDA' 11 months ago
Does it burn
Thats Odd
'Thats Odd' 11 months ago
What are the things that he used in the first one? Link me to them on amazon if you can
Ángel gamer 78
'Ángel gamer 78' 11 months ago
mr pyrotechnika gammer leo
it skol bro
Music Machine
'Music Machine' 11 months ago
1st trick is so dangerous. 10 years ago one of my friend lost his eye. so plz dont try 1st.
Lizard King
'Lizard King' 11 months ago
Dont play with fire kid
abdullah jatoi
'abdullah jatoi' 12 months ago
Mr.Hot Glue no glue today ? Lol
Hectmary Dominice
'Hectmary Dominice' 12 months ago
George Dorokhov
'George Dorokhov' 12 months ago
сейчас долбаебы побегут от акамуляторов прикуривать... нахуя ты это показываешь повзрываются жн
Nichole Gaertner
'Nichole Gaertner' 12 months ago
my boy likes your videos a lot
Nichole Gaertner
'Nichole Gaertner' 12 months ago
make a gun with matches MR.GEAR :)
Blue Star
'Blue Star' 12 months ago
Denis Kaidunov
'Denis Kaidunov' 12 months ago
Ржу не могу, я в 5 лет делал круче
Alex Cervera
'Alex Cervera' 12 months ago
'ФРИЗ' 12 months ago
пугачь вообще ностальгия
cartoon sins
'cartoon sins' 12 months ago
how i buy a fuse
arlanter gameplays
'arlanter gameplays' 12 months ago
It's true that Americans have racism with black people here in Brazil, and it's true that you can answer me, please?
akuncoc 3
'akuncoc 3' 12 months ago
Холли Херт
'Холли Херт' 12 months ago
пгмню еще спичкострел с гелевого стержня и пружинки от зажигалки)
Холли Херт
'Холли Херт' 12 months ago
пугач еще проще делаеться, но это не важно) главное что раньше все знали как его сделать, а щас даже понятия молодежь не имеет) раньше из рук в руки передавались так сказать знания как что подорвать или подпалить, хоть в партизаны иди, а сейчас только мышку держать в руках могут)
Jairo o_o
'Jairo o_o' 12 months ago
como no te rebota en la jeta pa q se te quite lo pendejo
ash ace
'ash ace' 12 months ago
5 awesome ways to kill yourself, oh and thanks I can attack my school
Frank Perry
'Frank Perry' 12 months ago
What crap. Waste of time
Joseph A.
'Joseph A.' 12 months ago
waw so ameyzing
ProninPlay / HTYTCG
А где Руссианы
'XHardlineCrossX' 1 year ago
Was it just me or did some one think he was gonna do what mrs basic does when he pulled out a egg ha
'Bartek' 1 year ago
what is this 2:52
'BloodBrick' 1 year ago
5 awesome tricks to die
Poopy the Cat and Broghan
how the creep will i know?
Manarh Ja
'Manarh Ja' 1 year ago
'FuckinAntiPope' 1 year ago
where do i get the sticks for the first one?
Amy Merwin
'Amy Merwin' 1 year ago
Heey Friendsssss I Have Found Workingg Online Hacck visitttt : -
Selim Paşa
'Selim Paşa' 1 year ago
first trick: it is from slivki show i think. but good video
'Rifqi4rt' 1 year ago
number 1 , that is my toy when i was child. :8
Isabell Kuhn
'Isabell Kuhn' 1 year ago
wine elder visual dependent.
BananaSwag 701
'BananaSwag 701' 1 year ago
My gole for the end of the day is to get 25 subs my channel has awesome content please check it out
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