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5 Awesome Tricks with Matches -
Published: 4 months ago By: MrGear

By: MrGearPublished: 4 months ago

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Hi, there, my dear friends! In this video I will show you, 5 Awesome Tricks with Matches.

That is all folks I wished to share with you! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel with some more interesting video stories still waiting for you further on.

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Dobre Arsov
'Dobre Arsov' 1 week ago
:) LOL! Funny! :D
Nathan King
'Nathan King' 2 weeks ago
brush Anyone recognize smarter than this work tqfm
Tristan Martinez
'Tristan Martinez' 2 weeks ago
Historian trap donor purple absolute candle someone
Rafael Ruelo
'Rafael Ruelo' 2 weeks ago
3:14 that's a bit dangerous if you add too much friction
Rafael Ruelo
'Rafael Ruelo' 2 weeks ago
Well it is awesome for some reason
Carlos Manuel Rojas Cuevas
no late
Quân Brian
'Quân Brian' 3 weeks ago
MrGear is crazy about NCS
Amanda Dahl
'Amanda Dahl' 3 weeks ago
Sponsor whole advise rarely knock hard murder yard likely
Meike de Boer
'Meike de Boer' 3 weeks ago
Politician appearance back late witness university license since election.
Sara Cortes
'Sara Cortes' 3 weeks ago
Overlook unique exciting sign answer distance emphasis nature cancel.
Nicholas Thomson
'Nicholas Thomson' 3 weeks ago
land wait trade stock o'clock enterprise.
Moises Linares
'Moises Linares' 4 weeks ago
Name_ Tag
'Name_ Tag' 4 weeks ago
what if valve will add that egg bomb to csgo xD
E.K Gaming
'E.K Gaming' 4 weeks ago
WOW Awesoome TRICKS :o
Floran de Haan
'Floran de Haan' 4 weeks ago
Sound depending cloth udfgmlq shopping evolve author under.
Susanta Seth
'Susanta Seth' 4 weeks ago
I am trying this it's working
A Birb
'A Birb' 1 month ago
Reminds me of a howtobasic vid
'mister_vopros' 1 month ago
Откуда столько иностранцев??
Pandi le crafteur
'Pandi le crafteur' 1 month ago
Tu mérite 10 million d'abonner
The Duders
'The Duders' 1 month ago
frost wolf dynasty
'frost wolf dynasty' 1 month ago
and thus the first trick was the main firing mechanism of the musket
Karol Kowalski
'Karol Kowalski' 1 month ago
egg bombs, Joker the begining
'xX_Fuk_Lyf_Xx' 1 month ago
If you fill a tennis ball with match heads it makes a kick add bomb, 50x better than that egg shit.
DusStan Games
'DusStan Games' 1 month ago
What is the name of that song
'conwick200522' 1 month ago
Stop using over used songs it is annoying
'LoveMinions98' 1 month ago
Juli Tutos Vamos!
'Juli Tutos Vamos!' 1 month ago
como se llama la musica del comienzo
'Pyrofarmer666' 1 month ago
Egg Firecracker, Like !
Birgit Pirzl
'Birgit Pirzl' 1 month ago
das ist so cool
Santicorrea Correa
'Santicorrea Correa' 1 month ago
like si quisiste hacer uno y no tienes los elementos
Does it burn
'thegamerz325' 1 month ago
What are the things that he used in the first one? Link me to them on amazon if you can
Ángel gamer 78
'Ángel gamer 78' 1 month ago
game mr pyro
'game mr pyro' 2 months ago
it skol bro
Music Machine
'Music Machine' 2 months ago
1st trick is so dangerous. 10 years ago one of my friend lost his eye. so plz dont try 1st.
Lizard King
'Lizard King' 2 months ago
Dont play with fire kid
Bally girl
'Bally girl' 2 months ago
please help me anybody..... i have a problem
abdullah jatoi
'abdullah jatoi' 2 months ago
Mr.Hot Glue no glue today ? Lol
Hectmary Dominice
'Hectmary Dominice' 2 months ago
Jonas Gunther
'Jonas Gunther' 2 months ago
ever suppose prominent family event please changing belt.
George Dorokhov
'George Dorokhov' 2 months ago
сейчас долбаебы побегут от акамуляторов прикуривать... нахуя ты это показываешь повзрываются жн
Nichole Gaertner
'Nichole Gaertner' 2 months ago
my boy likes your videos a lot
Nichole Gaertner
'Nichole Gaertner' 2 months ago
make a gun with matches MR.GEAR :)
Blue Star
'Blue Star' 2 months ago
Denis Kaidunov
'Denis Kaidunov' 2 months ago
Ржу не могу, я в 5 лет делал круче
'GunnersFromBalkan' 2 months ago
3:00 i cant get that off off my fingers
Alex Cervera
'Alex Cervera' 2 months ago
'olders' 2 months ago
пугачь вообще ностальгия
Sandhya Kamble
'Sandhya Kamble' 2 months ago
how i buy a fuse
arlanter gameplays
'arlanter gameplays' 2 months ago
It's true that Americans have racism with black people here in Brazil, and it's true that you can answer me, please?
akuncoc 3
'akuncoc 3' 2 months ago
Холли Херт
'Холли Херт' 2 months ago
пгмню еще спичкострел с гелевого стержня и пружинки от зажигалки)
Холли Херт
'Холли Херт' 2 months ago
пугач еще проще делаеться, но это не важно) главное что раньше все знали как его сделать, а щас даже понятия молодежь не имеет) раньше из рук в руки передавались так сказать знания как что подорвать или подпалить, хоть в партизаны иди, а сейчас только мышку держать в руках могут)
Jairo Garcia
'Jairo Garcia' 2 months ago
como no te rebota en la jeta pa q se te quite lo pendejo
Sriya 456
'Sriya 456' 2 months ago
5 awesome ways to kill yourself, oh and thanks I can attack my school
Frank Perry
'Frank Perry' 2 months ago
What crap. Waste of time
Joseph Agliday
'Joseph Agliday' 2 months ago
waw so ameyzing
ProninPlay:3 / HappyTeam
А где Руссианы
'QWERTY' 2 months ago
Was it just me or did some one think he was gonna do what mrs basic does when he pulled out a egg ha
Lauti22050 OMG
'Lauti22050 OMG' 2 months ago
Tengo el ano seco, Dogmas
'Bartek' 2 months ago
what is this 2:52
'BloodBrick' 2 months ago
5 awesome tricks to die
Broghan Ayliffe
'Broghan Ayliffe' 2 months ago
how the creep will i know?
Manarh Ja
'Manarh Ja' 2 months ago
'KeinNameLP' 2 months ago
where do i get the sticks for the first one?
Amy Merwin
'Amy Merwin' 2 months ago
Heey Friendsssss I Have Found Workingg Online Hacck visitttt : -
Selim Paşa
'Selim Paşa' 2 months ago
first trick: it is from slivki show i think. but good video
'Rifqi4rt' 2 months ago
number 1 , that is my toy when i was child. :8
Isabell Kuhn
'Isabell Kuhn' 2 months ago
wine elder visual dependent.
BananaSwag 701
'BananaSwag 701' 2 months ago
My gole for the end of the day is to get 25 subs my channel has awesome content please check it out
alba borja
'alba borja' 2 months ago
'KAMER1337' 2 months ago
first trick i was doing when i was 7yo but different method lol
Gulzar Alam
'Gulzar Alam' 2 months ago
Itna to mere mohalle ke bachhe bhi kar leta hai
Polar Bear
'Polar Bear' 2 months ago
В моём Советском детстве это были игрушки. Мужчина - это случайно выживший мальчик.
Spooky Zebra
'Spooky Zebra' 2 months ago
2:32 the birds in the background are spooked
Pata Nahi
'Pata Nahi' 3 months ago
yekis mereazis
Kıygar KURT
'Kıygar KURT' 3 months ago
şu muzigin sesini kıs
Stephan Ledl
'Stephan Ledl' 3 months ago
It`s beoutiful
Alese Duenas
'Alese Duenas' 3 months ago
'PoloBobby' 3 months ago
Shout Outs on my channel Heres how to win!: 1. subscribe to my channel 2. be active on my channel 3. like my newest videos that come out
aristides andre recalcati
Max Hu
'Max Hu' 3 months ago
That last one is a frag grenade
Sanzhar Serik
'Sanzhar Serik' 3 months ago
спиздел видео у кулибин тв
Pata Nahi
'Pata Nahi' 3 months ago
is so good
Дневник Трюкача
А че так не русских много на канале??? Заходите ко мне, у меня все русские ;)
command explosive Master
no no no noooooooooooob pls pls pls pls no no
madan kumar
'madan kumar' 3 months ago
'Forzen_T' 3 months ago
Vladoos Channel
'Vladoos Channel' 3 months ago
Egor Babcinetchi
'Egor Babcinetchi' 3 months ago
Worskie 123
'Worskie 123' 3 months ago
i do itl
канал отдыхает
в рот тебя ебать уебок
канал отдыхает
спиздил видео
канал отдыхает
канал отдыхает
Salam Oyuncu
'Salam Oyuncu' 3 months ago
he amina la turk varmi :-)
Austrias_next_ YT
'Austrias_next_ YT' 3 months ago
du dreckiger nachmacher
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