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The BIGGEST, HEAVIEST, Laptop EVER - $9,000 Acer Predator 21X -
Published: 4 months ago By: Linus Tech Tips

By: Linus Tech TipsPublished: 4 months ago

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Weighing in at 18 pounds and featuring TWO GTX 1080s, a 21" CURVED display, the Acer Predator 21 X is one monster of a laptop...

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'dicas1988' 1 hour ago
9k USD. 4 usb slots. GG Acer. G fucking G. lol ** user manual** extra charger used for microwave function to fuel those all night gaming sessions.
'RE-VO' 3 hours ago
why do we need to buy 9k laptop when we can build better pc with 5k i hate laptops..
'Vegetto42' 8 hours ago
I have an acer... but a shittier..
'韩业航' 8 hours ago
Which idiot will buy this stupid laptop?
'u7w2' 9 hours ago
Now with an astounding 2 MINUTES OF BATTERY LIFE!!!! batteries not included...
'ODOWSHD' 9 hours ago
That thing is bigger than my d**k. My desk. It is bigger than my desk.
Alireza Temori
'Alireza Temori' 9 hours ago
I can make a life with tihs coooost!
Prabir Kr Das
'Prabir Kr Das' 12 hours ago
from where I can get this predator
Emporer "Shourya the great" of house Garg
anyone looking to buy a car..?
The AppleGeek
'The AppleGeek' 21 hours ago
Get it? Even a sealed iPhone 2G is more expensive than 9000$
Alessandro Guimarães
This would be pretty cold for a 5 year old kid who lives in the year of 1994
Programming Cafe
'Programming Cafe' 1 day ago
This isn't a laptop, that's a kettlebell.
Glen Meye
'Glen Meye' 1 day ago
Prefect for starbucks!
Ivan Luistro
'Ivan Luistro' 2 days ago
9,999 euro hahaha
Zed Gt
'Zed Gt' 2 days ago
I wanna buy GTA V! My laptop is holding me back :(
Zed Gt
'Zed Gt' 2 days ago
Nahh, I will be patient. Cuz in the future? That will be the cheapest
'hbarudi' 2 days ago
So that is the top of the line desktop replacement class laptop in 2017? Treat as desktop pc that can be unplugged and moved around or even taken out with you to a few places. Good for developers and engineers who run such software and it can run every autodesk product together with its 1 or more tb ssd.
Freak Zoid
'Freak Zoid' 2 days ago
Imagine taking that to the coffee shop. Somebody should do that actually.
sara khan
'sara khan' 2 days ago
when you find out this laptop is better than your whole gaming setup
'NewWorldOrderFAIL' 2 days ago
small dick ppl need it
'Phoaru' 2 days ago
$4,499 Aud at the moment
Son Goku
'Son Goku' 2 days ago
Yaaa I'd rather just buy a MacBook pro
Decca Ovaltian
'Decca Ovaltian' 2 days ago
can this thing run gran turismo sport? i guess not
'Fading_Gamer' 2 days ago
Why buy a really expensive laptop when you can build the ultimate gaming pc for that price that is upgradeable?
'SWAG-7' 3 days ago
There better be a fuckin ibuypower PC inside that monster
Kemal Sunal
'Kemal Sunal' 3 days ago
I don´t see the purpose of this beast. You can have a much better desktop PC for a fraction of the price and this thing is not really portable.
Brian Brewster
'Brian Brewster' 3 days ago
Acer should release sales reports of how few of these Predator 21Xs got sold each Q.
Daniel ad
'Daniel ad' 3 days ago
the question is what gamer can afford this? piediepie? no wonder its only for exclusive 300 units are made duhh
MJ Mariano
'MJ Mariano' 3 days ago
i see a nuclear reactor laptop controller.. xD
'Raffoleo' 3 days ago
'CharlieAndSai' 3 days ago
That thing is bigger than my D**k. Desk. It's bigger than my desk.
This is my dream pc
Furkan Kaboğlu
'Furkan Kaboğlu' 3 days ago
tasarımı bok gibi
Nuno Guerreiro
'Nuno Guerreiro' 5 days ago
I always wanted a gaming desktop.. now that i got it, i want THAT gaming LAPTOP!
Caio Lavina
'Caio Lavina' 5 days ago
once the air entrance is filled with dirty you can also flip some burgers on it!
Fifteen Minutes Gameplay
spill coffee on that mechanical keyboard and you wasted $9K
'Nutella' 5 days ago
Wild Robloxian
'Wild Robloxian' 6 days ago
I've got 3,000 left till I can buy this yay
celeste walker
'celeste walker' 6 days ago
9000? hell nah bruh I legit can buy a full gaming setup three monitors and a expensive gaming PC for 2,000
'MartyTheGamer' 6 days ago
Can it work on batteries for more than 30 minutes? Otherwise there's no point in it if you can't take it anywhere without plugging it in.
Matt Taylor
'Matt Taylor' 6 days ago
so... its waterproof too for $9,000... right? lol
'ame7272' 7 days ago
And you buy this when you're a multi millionaire and already bought all the cars, houses, toys that you want, then you wonder if there is something absurd and totally unnecessary with $9000.... ummm?? And then it hit you:'s the The BIGGEST, HEAVIEST, Laptop EVER - $9,000 Acer Predator 21X. Then a car hit you on the way to the store and you die.
arvind sharma
'arvind sharma' 7 days ago
please do msi gt83 new one 2017 pleaseeeee🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
The Death
'The Death' 1 week ago
Jesus 9 KG it is a LOT
'CsCSXOX0112' 1 week ago
0:45 forgets he quit that desktop shit, and tries to grab mouse xd
Al Brautigam
'Al Brautigam' 1 week ago
PFFF! It's not nealy as big and heavy as a Kaypro.
Thorn On the Rose
'Thorn On the Rose' 1 week ago
*blows nut*
Saman Dinarvand
'Saman Dinarvand' 1 week ago
man do u really like rgb's? or doing it for the kids?
'Highner' 1 week ago
Ich gebe ja zu das ich nicht viel von Computern verstehe, aber sollte man für diesen lächerlichen Preis nicht auch wenigstens ein Laufwerk drinnen haben? Total behindert sich sowas zu kaufen. In Deutschland kostet die Kiste um die 10.000 Euro und man kann nicht einmal eine CD reinpacken. Total bescheuert.
TheUlt1m4teD3sTROY3r _57111
HOLY BUTTCHEEKS!! (Sadly I'm getting one under 200 $) :(
Jamie Jh
'Jamie Jh' 1 week ago
It's the Macintosh portable all over again...
'Kintamasan' 1 week ago
the moment you switched the touchpad i got a boner :D :D :D btw...are u the son of Michael Bolton ? :D
Cobie Studios
'Cobie Studios' 1 week ago
Im a poor guy😭😭😭
Goomy Nation
'Goomy Nation' 1 week ago
So, how do left handed people use the trackpad?
mady bali
'mady bali' 1 week ago
just get crhomebook laptop and $2,500 desktop then you have $6,000 money left in your pocket
Mike Sawyer
'Mike Sawyer' 1 week ago
In a word Dumb. But if it were $500 it would be really cool! Why not buy a great desktop. You can't haul that beast around anyway.
lol wut
'lol wut' 1 week ago
dumb as fuck.
'Dread&tired' 1 week ago
just get a fucking pc
'problems' 1 week ago
i didn't know laptops were supposed to crush your legs
'ShinyEdits' 1 week ago
0:51 raged a bit xD
CS Ting
'CS Ting' 2 weeks ago
$9,000 ? can I A double click on the Like button on facebook and get two likes on my picture using this laptop?..............ok, I have no friend.....
'NothinButGear' 2 weeks ago
this laptop is so stupid and over priced
'Megabyte' 2 weeks ago
Boy, this shit is ugly. It may be powerful, but it is very ugly.
this is my dream laptop! compared to my $1000 laptop i use for everyday life, this would be the best setup i will be able to aford at the age of 13...
'Seba' 2 weeks ago
Zamawiam dziś
Jay Umali
'Jay Umali' 2 weeks ago
that's a fuckin laptop on steriods..
'ShitBoyNerd' 2 weeks ago
how can you still call that a laptop?
'videogame57' 2 weeks ago
So stupid that it has a mobile CPU and uses dual AC adapters instead of developing a 780W adapter like Eurocom did.
kenny Cohea
'kenny Cohea' 2 weeks ago
Just buy a PC
Mardi Hien
'Mardi Hien' 2 weeks ago
hahaha you have one of the greatest voices I have ever heard I subscribed
'TenzoG' 2 weeks ago
I like how Acer forgot to add the R in predator. lmao
'RKP' 2 weeks ago
Vector A03
'Vector A03' 2 weeks ago
that laptop looks military...... FML
The one who licks his eyebrows
It's actually called a "Desktop Replacement" these have been around for a LONG time. If you think the specs on this are crazy check out Eurocom. Eurocom was actually the first to implement dual desktop grade GPUs and the first to implement a Xeon CPU.
Syed Hussain
'Syed Hussain' 2 weeks ago
What about the specs of the screen?
Ryan Toomey
'Ryan Toomey' 2 weeks ago
Who the hell would spend $9000 on a laptop and who the who would want to lug around that huge behemoth?
Joel Jonsson
'Joel Jonsson' 2 weeks ago
can it play pong?
Adam Thorz
'Adam Thorz' 2 weeks ago
'Bidya' 2 weeks ago
I was arrested at airport just because I was carrying this laptop with me, I didn't found a bag to fit it so I took it in a big wooden box!!
Epikm 161
'Epikm 161' 2 weeks ago
msi gt83vr is way better than this monster laptop
'POOL DEAD' 2 weeks ago
That looks like suit case in Ironman 2. awesome!
'grgamer' 2 weeks ago
But can it run Minecraft at 15fps 640x480?
Horos Interactive
'Horos Interactive' 2 weeks ago
Am I the retarded one or is everyone else? Whats the point of so much power and cost if you are stuck with such a small screen? I mean how am I going to get lost in a beautiful game world with beautiful graphics when I have that screen and not at least a 30/40 inch screen in front of me? The only real usage i see is for game/media developers and that's only for those that don't leave or work on the ground of planet Earth and cant have access to desktop PCs
'Banach-Tarski' 2 weeks ago
If you plugged a USB Killer into this, the USB killer would die, kek.
gamer thatguy2347
'gamer thatguy2347' 2 weeks ago
that sick
'MPSecare' 2 weeks ago
this is like a giant middle finger to God himself :0
'Br00dje' 2 weeks ago
weighs more then most african kids
julian delizo
'julian delizo' 2 weeks ago
home gamer
'home gamer' 2 weeks ago
ноут для бомжей))
Pork Noodle
'Pork Noodle' 3 weeks ago
Red Fox
'Red Fox' 3 weeks ago
Thats ridiculously expensive than my college fee lol
Avro Arrow
'Avro Arrow' 3 weeks ago
Linus, what kind of moron would spend $9,000 on a craptop? It's a technological dead-end! One of my "Avro's Commandments" states that "Thou shalt not pay more for thy craptop than thou hast paid for thy desktop." Even worse, it's so heavy that it lacks the craptop's only major advantage over a desktop - portability!
Christopher クリストファー
That's not a laptop anymore, this thing is a monster!
Astetically Technically
But does it stop bullets?
'nillmartins' 3 weeks ago
So, I am left handed and the track pad is on the right side... hummm... nahhhh... thanks!
Arkadiusz Jan Dylewski
This computer is way way overpriced, after 3 years it will cost max 2000$.
ben patai
'ben patai' 3 weeks ago
I would call overkill
maccollectorZ (Commenting Account)
Wow, they've finally topped 17". The first 17" laptop was the 2003 Apple PowerBook G4.
Sanjay Kulkarni
'Sanjay Kulkarni' 3 weeks ago
total waste of time. nothing productive going on. rich folks who wanna play games. so you are dishing out a fortune just to watch 4k on youtube and play meaningless games. And whole world has caught on to it. And physically they are beyond unfit! In fact america and europe are slow. the south koreans did it a decade ago already!
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