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The BIGGEST, HEAVIEST, Laptop EVER - $9,000 Acer Predator 21X -
Published: 7 months ago By: Linus Tech Tips

By: Linus Tech TipsPublished: 7 months ago

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Weighing in at 18 pounds and featuring TWO GTX 1080s, a 21" CURVED display, the Acer Predator 21 X is one monster of a laptop...

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Jerry Efthimiou
'Jerry Efthimiou' 4 hours ago
9k$ bucks wow time buy with bitcoins
sudeep karam
'sudeep karam' 13 hours ago
can i play contra game on this ?
'nhbb980' 1 day ago
A mobile TV with a keyboard!
'R3dsnow75' 3 days ago
Can it run 4k crysis 3
'KeyboardWarrior' 4 days ago
What if im left handed?
'PanFriedXD' 4 days ago
Linus, that's not a laptop That's a Nasa supercomputer
'MB' 4 days ago
This device is my dream
Modified Pickle Rick
What a meme
Majd Homsi
'Majd Homsi' 5 days ago
buys The BIGGEST, HEAVIEST, Laptop EVER - $9,000 Acer Predator 21X, goes to google How to increase FPS
'Pixeleyes' 6 days ago
i love it , for touring my Visual Work and rendering on octane , c4d traveling with the ability to render
'ItzDrag' 1 week ago
In my country it's 40,000 soooooo yeah... I could buy a flipping car with that money
'DaddyWax' 1 week ago
imagine dropping it on your foot. I just made everyone cringe
Stefan Bombowiec
'Stefan Bombowiec' 1 week ago
'alternativealgo' 1 week ago
this guy is so much fun to watch lol. I don't even care about the laptop, this came up in recs and I just clicked to watch this dude.
Waltteri Heikkinen
'Waltteri Heikkinen' 2 weeks ago
Or... i can buy a beast of a PC for 3k and spend the remaining money on a car and a vacation.
عشوائيات Randoms
in 20 years this shit wont even be able to run gta 10
MuShing Cheng
'MuShing Cheng' 2 weeks ago
Be careful, Acer and Asus are terrible companies from Taiwan, China, they belong to a Buddhist cult that worships a human (monk) very much, they don't worship God.
'louis1608' 2 weeks ago
I hate those slow fade ins
Spaceman Pingu
'Spaceman Pingu' 2 weeks ago
9k dollars for a laptop. Jeez, I can buy a pretty nice car for that.
studio gold balkan
'studio gold balkan' 2 weeks ago
hej gays i am from balkan--europe please send my this laptop need for my creation ha ha
'-Vitunova-' 2 weeks ago
Aloysius Antony
'Aloysius Antony' 2 weeks ago
A 9k rig would be a lot better
Hk- 747
'Hk- 747' 2 weeks ago
Can i run nasa with it ?
S000 L111
'S000 L111' 2 weeks ago
Obsolete in 2 years, as always.
'Islam' 2 weeks ago
sounds like a portable desktop PC to me
'PockX' 2 weeks ago
can it run crysis 3 though?
Marc Lenray Magdaraog
ehhh, one important thing about this is it's capability to run in a long time with battery alone..
Whyamihere Yt
'Whyamihere Yt' 2 weeks ago
Can it run Minecraft
'FireSpeed105' 2 weeks ago
The "PREDATOR" sign under the display misses an R lmao
Ryan Owen
'Ryan Owen' 2 weeks ago
what a waste of money
Babi Ishii
'Babi Ishii' 3 weeks ago
Please Please!!
Babi Ishii
'Babi Ishii' 3 weeks ago
Hook me up thats so crazy
gay zarya main lol
'gay zarya main lol' 3 weeks ago
I'll keep dreaming
Peter Timmermann
'Peter Timmermann' 3 weeks ago
i saw it and i was like "i have 3 dollar take it or leave it"
'NastyPseud0' 3 weeks ago
coming to you by 2020 for $1000 easy
F - E
'F - E' 3 weeks ago
How's the battery life though?
Culda Marian
'Culda Marian' 3 weeks ago
A laptop worth 9k USD and it has a HDD inside =))) WTF!!!
Kristopher Kanallakan
mine some bitcoins with that
'ImNOTschooledbykid' 3 weeks ago
Imagine going to a Starbucks with THAT monster.
'It'sJustMe' 3 weeks ago
but ... does this thing can work 100% properly on FreeBSD???
Edgar Martínez
'Edgar Martínez' 3 weeks ago
Now take a selfie!
Shqip YT
'Shqip YT' 3 weeks ago
Hello guys,I uploaded a Laptop Gaming Giveaway,Check it on my channel to have the chance to win it :)
Game Lands
'Game Lands' 3 weeks ago
I want to work at Acer....
'oreomantisTV' 3 weeks ago
It remind me to my old 2004 laptop
Adam lewandowski
'Adam lewandowski' 3 weeks ago
Price 9000$ front camera 1 mpix kidding me :D
Sebastián Largo
'Sebastián Largo' 3 weeks ago
Can it run minesweeper?
Robert Joy
'Robert Joy' 3 weeks ago
Illegal Gamer
'Illegal Gamer' 3 weeks ago
i would buy it but its 9000$ so ill wait for chrismas
'jednoucelovy' 4 weeks ago
No water cooling with huge passive heatsing on the lid behind the display? Pff
علي الكاظم
'علي الكاظم' 4 weeks ago
The device looks like APPLE 2
'OliverD642' 4 weeks ago
Nice video! - I don't see any point in this laptop what so ever. Its freakishly large and thick, it looks like its about 20 years old... (not from the outer case) its just crazy! Imagine what PC you could build for half of the price and still buy a very capable gaming laptop that looks normal.
Criticall Beetz
'Criticall Beetz' 4 weeks ago
Derpy Gaming
'Derpy Gaming' 4 weeks ago
Why not just buy a Car??
'4Real' 4 weeks ago
for the price of this thing it just looks out dated to me .. Just looks like cheap plastic ..
Schroeder M. Schulz
'Schroeder M. Schulz' 4 weeks ago
kinda reminds me old ibm portable desktops..
'sKrtY' 4 weeks ago
It costs more than my life
Saajan Arkula
'Saajan Arkula' 4 weeks ago
right time to sell my one kidney :)
Sulfuric Acid
'Sulfuric Acid' 4 weeks ago
I wish, one day if I dig up a bar of gold I'll buy this
'Clichés' 4 weeks ago
the rocks laptap
Dead Carrot
'Dead Carrot' 1 month ago
Who would buy this?
'Scarface' 1 month ago
Every geeks dream. I must own it
] [
'] [' 1 month ago
I don't think I'm gonna consider that as a laptop...more like a value pack desktop bundle with a non-moveable keyboard and mouse and monitor
J.M. Clark
'J.M. Clark' 1 month ago
Few years too late.
Travis Escabi
'Travis Escabi' 1 month ago
Kosdff from Team Kaliber has this "laptop" but he calls it "The GodTop"
Josh Guan
'Josh Guan' 1 month ago
this cost more than my car legit
Artik_Haze Gaming
'Artik_Haze Gaming' 1 month ago
Tbh it looks cool But Stupid tho Just buy a PC not laptop xD cmon now Its horrible and expensive So yeah......
Simulator FREAK
'Simulator FREAK' 1 month ago
My I5-7600K and GTX1060 with 16GB DDR4 memory performed better at unigine valley with a score 4600 and average fps at 110 with the same resolution and AA xD
'PowerL1N3' 1 month ago
+Linus Tech Tips Someone needs to do a video of: 8Pack OrionX vs Xbox One X vs Predator 21X vs Razer Edge Pro
Tony Tran
'Tony Tran' 1 month ago
anyone notice the 'R' in the PREDATOR logo missing and hanging by a limb in the review video LMAO 9,000$ and the logo falling off HAHAHA
'MaskedGamingID' 1 month ago
Can i rip the dual GTX and place it in my PC?
'Oshval' 1 month ago
Davin Owen
'Davin Owen' 1 month ago
this is not a laptop, this is a portable desktop, man, I want one
'Neoximi' 1 month ago
This laptop make 3200 fps in cs go on highest settings
i just say fuck this shit
'No' 1 month ago
thats not a laptop anymore, its a legit portable desktop
'DrkWrior' 1 month ago
3:45 Predato
'Theroux' 1 month ago
This is all Greek to me lel
'Marie' 1 month ago
$9,000................... for why lmao. Also who tf in normal everyday life has $9,000 to blow on a gaming LAPTOP? I'd rather pay $9,000 for a hitman to kill my broke ass lmao
franken stein
'franken stein' 1 month ago
No doubt that the company gave more of thesr to get sponsored than people actually buying them.
'Argon' 1 month ago
When some guy grabs Linus' dreams and 3D-prints them
Skylar Valles
'Skylar Valles' 1 month ago
Its got a number pad!!! Im sold! Lets do this
Khai Vo
'Khai Vo' 1 month ago
Can I have that for free?
'adc68yt' 1 month ago
They totally missed the boat on some key specs. 1080px high is not enough to do anything on. This could be a great dev machine if it had a 1/4 way decent screen. Secondly Windows 10 Home? Are you kidding me? Third. Curved screen? That's is so stupid. Can't wait to see the reddits when someone tries to fix their warped screen.
William Thomas
'William Thomas' 2 months ago
I will stick with my 7900x this is too slow for me
William Thomas
'William Thomas' 2 months ago
It's not a good laptop I checked it out plus there's faster machines out there save your money
'BigBronco' 2 months ago
at 3:43 there is no "R" in the predator Written in the center of 21x its only predato
WGT 10
'WGT 10' 2 months ago
Hey guys come sub to me please
'Heyga4Huk' 2 months ago
It will be excellent for watching YouTube.
'vesu' 2 months ago
Imagine how small your penis has to be in order to justify bringing this shit to classes.
'CSVisuals' 2 months ago
So, he calls the Sager laptop "worst laptop" but this is just so much better right? LOL. (I'm not hating or saying I like either brands, I prefer desktop gaming over anything else.)
'mattcintosh2' 2 months ago
so its an AIO PC with a flip down keyboard....
Oodles of Noodles
'Oodles of Noodles' 2 months ago
Can I get a dbrand skin for the Acer Predator 21X? No...? I don't want it then.
Snakeblood9 Games
'Snakeblood9 Games' 2 months ago
you'd be better off buying a REAL desktop XD XD lol
'Bjørnik' 2 months ago
Why do people like mechanical keyboards? It's the worst clunky crap imo. huge travel decreases user speed and switching from one depressed button to another is also cumbersome. I just don't get it. I want my keys to react with minimal effort, i dont want some 1930s typewriter "effect" what colour of Koolaid are these people driking.
'LEX' 2 months ago
Render Direct3D11 ? For this money it must know how to suck a D as well...
'LEX' 2 months ago
Predato :D :)))
The Riech Gamers
'The Riech Gamers' 2 months ago
I can't believe that laptop exists.
'Hetseeker101' 2 months ago
My eyes just bruned afetr seeing this, gonna start saving for this monster laptop
Chung Vui Ken
'Chung Vui Ken' 2 months ago
water most strong laptop than this one split too much water then he done buy killer usb he done
Thug King
'Thug King' 2 months ago
Muito bonito pra olhar kkk pq pra pagar esse preço ai brother não rola kkk
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