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The BIGGEST, HEAVIEST, Laptop EVER - $9,000 Acer Predator 21X -
Published: 4 months ago By: Linus Tech Tips

By: Linus Tech TipsPublished: 4 months ago

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Weighing in at 18 pounds and featuring TWO GTX 1080s, a 21" CURVED display, the Acer Predator 21 X is one monster of a laptop...

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Shinji D
'Shinji D' 25 seconds ago
hf paying for replacements if this thing breaks after the expiration date of the warranty lol One reason I will never invest in expensive laptops are the repair costs.
Android smart guy
'Android smart guy' 17 hours ago
R is missing PREDATO 3:47
Mihai Craciun
'Mihai Craciun' 1 day ago
Lol on the main screen the R from PREDATOR is missing (3:47)
Avetiq Hovhanyan Avetiq999
Gandoni cnund xaxer@ cuyc tur ay pidaraz
Aidil Ipbal63
'Aidil Ipbal63' 2 days ago
what price
Matthew Cassidy
'Matthew Cassidy' 2 days ago
how does one take that thing on a plane.
Kiril Neshev
'Kiril Neshev' 4 days ago
But can it run Crysis?
'Enr3d' 4 days ago
Bonjour je suis un Français et je suis venu pour dire que THIS GUY IS MILLIARDARY
Nar Comic Underworld
Man, the first thing I'm gonna do, when I get this laptop, is run SNES9X with 0 frame skipping and with the scanlines filter activated. I'm going to stress the hell out of it with Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball. I'll come back later with the results..
alejo cadena
'alejo cadena' 5 days ago
WEN was your pc is more expensive but your house and car togehters LoL
'ScorpioX' 5 days ago
looks like lamborghini
'leroychoong' 5 days ago
3:27 a 9000 USD laptop and yet it's fucking R fell off from "PREDATO"
Long Ho
'Long Ho' 1 week ago
where's the batteries?
firstcomes firstserved
so dats da laptop dat is hacking into other peoples accounts n stealing dare money
Semper Volo
'Semper Volo' 1 week ago
the lamborghini veneno in laptop form... guess it can transform?
'jameyjacade28' 1 week ago
the new one comes out next month, resale value will be around 250:/
Quang Anh Hoàng
'Quang Anh Hoàng' 1 week ago
rẻ thế mai phải mua luôn !
'Isaiah' 1 week ago
but can it run google chrome/Youtube
'Q*Bert' 1 week ago
How it is a laptop when it could not fit in your lap? Laptops are not supposed to be that bulky,noisy and extremely big components!
'Ananasen_YT' 1 week ago
Hanifi Pekince
'Hanifi Pekince' 1 week ago
rip alien tech
Martin and Rina Catindig
Imagine bringing this to a coffee shop to show your boys
피닉스 YT
'피닉스 YT' 1 week ago
Good!! raptop is good!!
Atari Fan
'Atari Fan' 2 weeks ago
3'47" Predato ?
Allen Wang
'Allen Wang' 2 weeks ago
who the FUCK will buy this shit?
Cyclic World
'Cyclic World' 2 weeks ago
3:42 predato :D did you find the missing "r",it's a shame for a 9k$ thing
Enca Zee
'Enca Zee' 2 weeks ago
What a beauty😍
Now Trending tech.
'Now Trending tech.' 2 weeks ago
thanks for such nice video
george stachura
'george stachura' 2 weeks ago
I would hate to fix it.would be too much work.I would not waste my money unless i could afford it.Not a poormans laptop.
Moose Olly
'Moose Olly' 2 weeks ago
this laptop is probably his 3 months paycheck
Viking Helmet
'Viking Helmet' 2 weeks ago
3:42 is the R on the predator logo falling off? "PREDATO" lol.
'KAY'S GOOD COOKING' 2 weeks ago
'sergiu27081979' 2 weeks ago
9000 долларов, люди у вас мозгов нету, эти америкосы тупые
Kaizaki Arata
'Kaizaki Arata' 2 weeks ago
Can I use paint on this laptop ?
envious covetous
'envious covetous' 2 weeks ago
Gerrit Rädisch
'Gerrit Rädisch' 2 weeks ago
2:07 see that light bleeding? screw this. seriously.
Azem Gurra
'Azem Gurra' 2 weeks ago
listen id better buy a axmc 338lapua than that crap . 😡😡😡
Badum tss
'Badum tss' 2 weeks ago
$9000 thats like unlimited supply of pepsi and McDonald's burgers
'JLA' 2 weeks ago
This is not a laptop this is more like a CPU with monitor lol
Kryptic fuck
'Kryptic fuck' 2 weeks ago
KYS <3<3
Yuki Nakazawa
'Yuki Nakazawa' 2 weeks ago
yeah i have that too and just for watching videos on Youtube
Maui- Maui
'Maui- Maui' 2 weeks ago
How to build a very good pc
F Erol
'F Erol' 2 weeks ago
i sell my car today.
'RanNero' 2 weeks ago
Few years ago I got the sony vaio VGN-AR190G and payed for it little above 4259$..... shipping included. Do I feel like an idiot now ?! :):):). Would I buy this now ?!
Deb D
'Deb D' 2 weeks ago
can it be used as a non explosive weapon to bring down a house
Dorothy Hodges
'Dorothy Hodges' 2 weeks ago
I can't believe that they still use an HDD instead of a SSD in a laptop as good as that.
Captain Howdy
'Captain Howdy' 2 weeks ago
Let's do drop test . Like the do to iPhones
No Speaky Gaming
'No Speaky Gaming' 2 weeks ago
The "I could buy this with 9k" comments are a little boring now..
'Schmidty030' 2 weeks ago
Does it have a pull start like a lawn mower?
'sneDDo' 2 weeks ago
but can it run minecraft?
David Mosquera
'David Mosquera' 2 weeks ago
This laptop looks like it belongs in The Avengers movie
Deron Adams
'Deron Adams' 2 weeks ago
i just want to know who copied who acer or msi?
Dominic Parcel
'Dominic Parcel' 2 weeks ago
High specs barbell
Ray Cocker
'Ray Cocker' 2 weeks ago
Imagine whipping this out in Uni.
Alessandro Piersanti
In 15 years that thing would be 1cm thick.
Happy Hopping
'Happy Hopping' 2 weeks ago
this brand name is shit. Failure on all ground, laptop, screen etc.
'Swimming' 2 weeks ago
But can it run Tetris ?
Mike Bottome
'Mike Bottome' 2 weeks ago
To me, this is not a laptop anymore. Are you willing to put that heavy thing on your laps for 3 hours? No I wouldn't. It is eather gonna burn your laps or prevent your blood circulation.
Peta Gonkyi
'Peta Gonkyi' 2 weeks ago
My desktop has only 4 RAM.
Peta Gonkyi
'Peta Gonkyi' 2 weeks ago
Is this for gamer?
Ceri Rust
'Ceri Rust' 2 weeks ago
Dont think its that stupid, if I could afford it, I would
'libertateaaa' 2 weeks ago
so in canada will be like 14-15k
'imran876339' 2 weeks ago
Do t45 vs predator21x video pls
galen graff
'galen graff' 3 weeks ago
awesome video, that is the coolest laptop I have ever seen.
SE Song
'SE Song' 3 weeks ago
Can this run Mario typing?
Adam Markus
'Adam Markus' 3 weeks ago
aries pura
'aries pura' 3 weeks ago
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Master Xaipres
'Master Xaipres' 3 weeks ago
Its Free for every one than i buy it ....
ion Bismut
'ion Bismut' 3 weeks ago
a shit..
Dante Wilson
'Dante Wilson' 3 weeks ago
Are there any 19-23 inch laptops that you guys know of, i cant seem to find any.
'Shyfx' 3 weeks ago
total waste of money u can buy a better pc for 2000 lol
Dark One
'Dark One' 3 weeks ago
where did the R go at 3:43, PREDATO?
Deadly SP
'Deadly SP' 3 weeks ago
I want one so I can set that bitch up at Starbucks and shit on the hipsters. It can probably run on caffeine as well.
Wu Josh
'Wu Josh' 3 weeks ago
crazy machine~~~what i gonna do through it?
kjell martin olsen
'kjell martin olsen' 3 weeks ago
the price will fall. i ts a flying... its a tv no its a laptop. traweling with this on back and still listening to R.E.M s.o.a.d . playing doom 4k 8k no problems.
Kay Mutua
'Kay Mutua' 3 weeks ago
im sure you never get pussy
robert frederick
'robert frederick' 3 weeks ago
Waste of money
'blackcatooow' 3 weeks ago
Plz. Give me that. My iPhone 7 is boring... I can do most things except gaming. (Mobile games suck)
Rex Winz
'Rex Winz' 3 weeks ago
GTA 5 i kaldırır mı?
'SpermatoZO' 3 weeks ago
Hemant Rawat
'Hemant Rawat' 3 weeks ago
this is only 300 laptops built which one you buy bro serial no 0 to 300
Dehar1 Elezi
'Dehar1 Elezi' 3 weeks ago
well 9000 for a laptop i can buy car with that money or i cn go to dubai for 3weeks or 1month
'코지원' 3 weeks ago
Bro Man
'Bro Man' 3 weeks ago
to big of a screen... but perfect for Netflix and chill
'TheRasx' 3 weeks ago
3:43 LOL
TacSik Storm
'TacSik Storm' 3 weeks ago
my dream pc
Fab Sab
'Fab Sab' 3 weeks ago
and people say my alienware is too big...psh wait till I show them this next time someone makes a comment like that
Kyle Billheimer
'Kyle Billheimer' 3 weeks ago
It's not even a laptop anymore... No one's gonna put this thing on their lap
'제로。' 3 weeks ago
you'll need a nuclear power supply for this laptop .
Gods RagingWarlords
'Gods RagingWarlords' 3 weeks ago
I'm going to buy this and hook to acer predator monitors to it 35 " it will look so sick
tesla b
'tesla b' 3 weeks ago
Can I walk it?
nicolas chrichton
'nicolas chrichton' 3 weeks ago
great review
'ThePityu85' 3 weeks ago
BIG FAIL 9000$ but the name is PREDATO... where is the R ? 3:20
Brian C
'Brian C' 3 weeks ago
All this money and Acer still puts in an off center keyboard.
deano maw
'deano maw' 3 weeks ago
And give it 7 years it will be $300
Gabriel Martinez
'Gabriel Martinez' 3 weeks ago
So this computer its not even 4K... WTF?
Leito Mitch
'Leito Mitch' 3 weeks ago
wow i do wonder what the battery life going to be if you need two psu to keep it running, or does it just limit the power when battery is being used???
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