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The BIGGEST, HEAVIEST, Laptop EVER - $9,000 Acer Predator 21X -
Published: 6 months ago By: Linus Tech Tips

By: Linus Tech TipsPublished: 6 months ago

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Weighing in at 18 pounds and featuring TWO GTX 1080s, a 21" CURVED display, the Acer Predator 21 X is one monster of a laptop...

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Thug King
'Thug King' 52 minutes ago
Muito bonito pra olhar kkk pq pra pagar esse preço ai brother não rola kkk
'Reshy' 24 hours ago
Did anyone else notice that halfway through the video the R on the name the interior of the laptop fell off?
'SexCannonMusic' 1 day ago
why are mechanical keys so good ? i have them i don't understand the benefit ?
Shaun Rosner
'Shaun Rosner' 2 days ago
dam it, he didnt drop it..
Aditya Surendhra
'Aditya Surendhra' 2 days ago
Chuck Norris' Laptop
Moe b
'Moe b' 2 days ago
Battery life 5 min.
MR Neo
'MR Neo' 2 days ago
wooooowwww this letop is sick. Man i whant to buy this letop when i reach 18 or 19 years old but now im 17 years old.My dream leptop.
'IceZando' 3 days ago
9000 dollars must mean unprecedented build quality, right? *logo is peeling off below monitor **3:48*
Obedient Students
'Obedient Students' 3 days ago
the R is missing in the Predator labeling situated right down to the screen. PREDATO. Hahahahahahahahahahaha
'HacKnowTech' 3 days ago
awesome laptop
YJ Adventures
'YJ Adventures' 5 days ago
me? i can only afford to watch your reviews can't even pay my internet bills haha I'm so jealous
'Baka' 5 days ago
I fucking lost it when he freaked out about switching the touch pad to a num pad lmao
Crazy Gaming 500
'Crazy Gaming 500' 6 days ago
Damn.............this thing is 21 inches and my desktop monitor is 20 inches................
Jeremy Julaily
'Jeremy Julaily' 6 days ago
Coming Soon ! I wanna to have one of this things !!!!
'JOHN DOE' 1 week ago
in a couple of years will run games horrible.
'AquaCarb' 1 week ago
30 limited editions and the only ones who own one are the people who are rating them.
'AquaCarb' 1 week ago
Says PREDATO under the screen.
Finn Jensen
'Finn Jensen' 1 week ago
wow yes me get 1 to
The TragicPig
'The TragicPig' 1 week ago
This laptop is better then my pc! Not the keyboard and mouse but the specs ohhh boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!
'cdspiele' 1 week ago
not even cd/dvd/bd How do i install Age of Empires ?
Hades The Mighty {TotalWar}
Minesweeper at 20 fps?
7 hours
'7 hours' 1 week ago
>college computer
Medicated Education
You ever just jump into a fresh spAwn lobby and think "hey! I'm the only one not lagging!"? Me neither. Rip wallet.
Joshua Eaton
'Joshua Eaton' 1 week ago
I was just looking at one online and its only 1080p.... For that price, I want 4K
Hachiimon ™
'Hachiimon ™' 1 week ago
lmao 0:46 he tryna grab a mouse. xD
Zombie CREW
'Zombie CREW' 2 weeks ago
No Name
'No Name' 2 weeks ago
wow that is a big laptop bigger than mine i have a sony vaio laptop with core i7 4500u,16gb ddr3 ram,nvidia gt740m,1 terabyte hdd and win 10 but that it is a killer
Charles Zevisionneur
Haha the WutFace type of subnail is pure gold 😁
el mosquito
'el mosquito' 2 weeks ago
woooow..... shit :v
Andrew Vo
'Andrew Vo' 2 weeks ago
whats 9+10? Acer predator 21x HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA
Rocu Legends
'Rocu Legends' 2 weeks ago
it looks ugly as fuck
PrettyClevera Flora
'PrettyClevera Flora' 2 weeks ago
Am gonna buy this just to play plants vs zombies... :) :)
Zamora Robert john
'Zamora Robert john' 2 weeks ago
linus do u have xtra mouse. can i have it
'KnorpelDelux' 2 weeks ago
Still a Laptop...
Butter Science
'Butter Science' 2 weeks ago
Man where I live this costs 135,000
Gopro Hero
'Gopro Hero' 2 weeks ago
What happen when you drop it?
'watermydriedupsoul' 2 weeks ago
if you had a child born on the day that you purchase this i bet she'd still be able to play on this until shes of legal age LOL
'drbeekjeek' 2 weeks ago
TIL you can raid 0 with only 1 hdd
'Ouija1210' 2 weeks ago
Pay $9000 for the uber gaming laptop whih is going to be obsolete in 6 months... nah
':3' 2 weeks ago
Bulky ass keys suck. Might as well buy a rig
Suomiplayer 556
'Suomiplayer 556' 2 weeks ago
3:20 predator text In monitor missing one r
The World of Longthroughs
Will this be able to run Minecraft at max settings? 😂😂😂
has qqq
'has qqq' 2 weeks ago
Quantity Shit.
Wojciech Jaros
'Wojciech Jaros' 2 weeks ago
lol 9k usd laptop with backlight bleed xD 2:06
Black Shift
'Black Shift' 2 weeks ago
please give me this
Mikko Cruz
'Mikko Cruz' 2 weeks ago
I'll just build a pc?
'garramiro' 3 weeks ago
i dont understand why linus thought this wasnt real. i saw this on display at a Saturn store in München in april.
Rai Tukai
'Rai Tukai' 3 weeks ago
That almost twelve thousand for those up north.
'ohmytin' 3 weeks ago
This is the laptop controlling the US drones bombing Syria.
'RainyDragon' 3 weeks ago
Sebastien Robert
'Sebastien Robert' 3 weeks ago
c'est un pc portable de base , vla le monstre xD
'IzAustin' 3 weeks ago
I'm buying this for writing school work and Ima game on my school laptop so that will be better
'Philip' 3 weeks ago
in short : a useless piece of shit
Advance Minimus
'Advance Minimus' 3 weeks ago
I'm gonna buy this laptop to play roblox & minecraft ...
'xsagemdax' 3 weeks ago
i hope this supports windows 10S for projects and class
Leandro Lameirão Ferreira
lol kkkkk
soykan bas
'soykan bas' 3 weeks ago
Think is ultradesktop (ultrabook of desktops)
That Ho Go Fed
'That Ho Go Fed' 3 weeks ago
Can it run over watch?
'Blabla1928' 3 weeks ago
bought it! using it for MS office mainly
Masnun KABIR
'Masnun KABIR' 3 weeks ago
Imagine Producing Music with this thing :D
'rbesfe' 3 weeks ago
John Smith
'John Smith' 3 weeks ago
Even if I were rich and had money to piss away, I wouldn't buy this thing. There's no point in even making it a laptop because there's no portability to it. I bought a Predator 17 a few months back (which was a significant investment for someone with an average, middle class income like me), and even with that, I had to do some searching to find a laptop bag that would fit it. I doubt there's a laptop case in existence that fits this thing. At that ridiculous $9K price point, Acer should include a bag for it; that'd be the least they could do.
Octavian Boiciu
'Octavian Boiciu' 3 weeks ago
How come the "R" from Predator was missing from below the display? 3:40-3:45 .... and this at 9K, unbelievable :P
IGotBallsOffSteel Ita
PREDATO for the "R" you need 3k$ more 3:49
'Nathan' 4 weeks ago
Alien vs predator!
Haroldo Silva
'Haroldo Silva' 4 weeks ago
deve dar BGA todo dia
King Hazard
'King Hazard' 4 weeks ago
can't use touchpad and numpad together.. useless..
'Carneus' 4 weeks ago
Wouldn't mind if they replaced our work laptops with these.
'SpankAgoose' 4 weeks ago
@1:51 did the top part of the laptop actually sparkle with rgb?
Asrei Murasame
'Asrei Murasame' 4 weeks ago
But does it come with a cup holder?
cuenta clon
'cuenta clon' 4 weeks ago
loved that spare space between the kb and the screen,you can rest your drink of choice,cut some lines,have a meal,let your kitty have nap,etc
'ryantres85' 4 weeks ago
This thing is so big I bet it turns into a damn Transformer at night to fight crime.
'Radwar99' 4 weeks ago
As a left handed individual, no numlock keys=crap.
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Alexis Francisco
'Alexis Francisco' 4 weeks ago
My Alienware 17R4 was already something of a mammoth to me. The 17 inch size distinction is nothing but lies, its screen may be 17.3 inches diagonal (It honestly seems larger than that) but its size beyond the screen makes it almost a 20-inch laptop when considering laptop bags. No 17-inch laptop case or sleeve will fit the thing, its heat exhaust extends the length by about an inch. This Acer Predator 21X would be just ridiculous. How much does it weigh? A17R4 weighs 10 pounds (4.5kg).
Trap Droid ft Nasty Beats
Mac portable reincarnated
'RO SAD' 4 weeks ago
I guess it is time to sell my car!
Mr rodger
'Mr rodger' 4 weeks ago
The R fell of the predator logo under the monitor... 3:45...
'Semirotta' 4 weeks ago
That's like 100 times more powerful than my PC... great.
'Devastation_' 4 weeks ago
That's not a laptop, that is a mobile computer with a flip up monitor. Dose it come with a roller case?
GreekGod-Perverseus weee
and its ACER which's really gonna suck :)
Arch Stanton
'Arch Stanton' 4 weeks ago
"BIGGEST"?? "HEAVIEST"???? This KID wasn't around for the Osborne or the first Compaq "portable" computers...........
ANT music
'ANT music' 4 weeks ago
ACtual Jora
Sir Trollsalot
'Sir Trollsalot' 1 month ago
Is it just me or do the screen dimensions look a bit odd? It looks 'too' widescreen.
Sir Trollsalot
'Sir Trollsalot' 1 month ago
Even with the cooling system, I bet I could cook sausages on this... Hell, it even looks like a Foreman grill.
'W4R71G3R' 1 month ago
but the main question can you run ark survival evolved on max settings no game launcher changes and have no lag at all basicly have 60+ fps all time
Captain Macmillan
'Captain Macmillan' 1 month ago
$9K and it does not even have a floppy disk slot. Total ripoff
Kiraro The Kitsune
'Kiraro The Kitsune' 1 month ago
The most powerful PC made by the worst company! Acer!
Mohd Ashraf
'Mohd Ashraf' 1 month ago
buy $9000 laptop , get your file attacked by ransomware
'evilstars' 1 month ago
Wheels are included in the price?
Soon Yew Liow
'Soon Yew Liow' 1 month ago
Where is the battery?
Shinji D
'Shinji D' 1 month ago
hf paying for replacements if this thing breaks after the expiration date of the warranty lol One reason I will never invest in expensive laptops are the repair costs.
Android smart guy
'Android smart guy' 1 month ago
R is missing PREDATO 3:47
Mihai Craciun
'Mihai Craciun' 1 month ago
Lol on the main screen the R from PREDATOR is missing (3:47)
Avetiq Hovhanyan Avetiq999
Gandoni cnund xaxer@ cuyc tur ay pidaraz
Aidil Ipbal63
'Aidil Ipbal63' 1 month ago
what price
Matthew Cassidy
'Matthew Cassidy' 1 month ago
how does one take that thing on a plane.
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