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The BIGGEST, HEAVIEST, Laptop EVER - $9,000 Acer Predator 21X -
Published: 2 months ago By: LinusTechTips

By: LinusTechTipsPublished: 2 months ago

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Weighing in at 18 pounds and featuring TWO GTX 1080s, a 21" CURVED display, the Acer Predator 21 X is one monster of a laptop...

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Geo Engel
'Geo Engel' 35 minutes ago
My god, that thing reminds me of the boss ship from FTL.
ivan bašić
'ivan bašić' 2 hours ago
i will... make love with that laptop.. and stream it online, please give it to me?
ivan bašić
'ivan bašić' 2 hours ago
can i have that laptop
Marco Antônio
'Marco Antônio' 2 hours ago
It's ugly as hell
Super Fan
'Super Fan' 3 hours ago
Battery Life 28.8 seconds
Mateusz Zimowski
'Mateusz Zimowski' 4 hours ago
is it still a laptop? ; o ive seen desktops that are smaller and weigh less
Daniel Hawks
'Daniel Hawks' 6 hours ago
Gathers for a allnighter just for gaming* Everyone takes out normal laptops* Me - Takes out Acer predator 21x My friends - Gtfo
Sprinkleserino 2
'Sprinkleserino 2' 6 hours ago
laptops same specs as pc but 7 times the price
Sprinkleserino 2
'Sprinkleserino 2' 6 hours ago
Wtf happend to acer...
Eamon Jaber
'Eamon Jaber' 7 hours ago
im only 8 and i am a tech geine
'REMIX STEMS' 11 hours ago
What a stupid guy you are. Can you stoop yelling like a goat, and make a nice review? Pathetic!
'NotSpiritualEnough' 12 hours ago
this is so fucking ugly, looks like something straight outta doom 3
'Jude' 12 hours ago
...or you could have to titan x in sli
Brian Tep
'Brian Tep' 18 hours ago
but can it run crysis?
'The VCR's' 19 hours ago
What is this, the next mac pro highest configuration?
i suck att games lol
Bruh 9000$ are you fucking series my gaming pc cost 1000$ and 1 gtx 1080 intel core I7 7820 HK 😂 I am not paying so Mutch money on a gaming laptop
Savage Scientist
'Savage Scientist' 1 day ago
It should come with a car battery and wheelbarrow to lug this thing around
Black Mafija
'Black Mafija' 1 day ago
Vorname _
'Vorname _' 2 days ago
'' Laptop'' who need it? I play games on my Nokia
FARIZ kruwel
'FARIZ kruwel' 2 days ago
so now we have alien VS predator,
Mon Mi
'Mon Mi' 2 days ago
Homer Simpson designed this one
'MacVirus' 2 days ago
turns on laptop with the fans on the back..... flys away
how much does it weigh?
'Funsense' 2 days ago
'..Because they are going for the best of the best..' few seconds later the letter R can't even stick to the frame x')
Kevin Bricks
'Kevin Bricks' 2 days ago
or you could have just bought a gaming PC that is future proof
'superawesomeboy' 3 days ago
This is what happens when a 16 year old-Monster chugging-CS:Go and LoL-gamer finds a magic lamp and the genie only grants him one wish
Parker Barandon
'Parker Barandon' 3 days ago
i want this but with mac OS... i know ill get a lot of shit for saying that but I just hate windows
Dr Axton
'Dr Axton' 3 days ago
More like tabletop cuz good luck trying to put it on your knees
Tristan Thomas
'Tristan Thomas' 3 days ago
But can it run Minesweeper?
Yaman Alsaho
'Yaman Alsaho' 3 days ago
how did you got this laptop
'BeatmasterAC' 3 days ago
don't talk shit about that beast. It stopped my Table from wobbling. XD
Flowey the Flower
'Flowey the Flower' 3 days ago
This puts my new laptop to shame. And I though it was huge...
Game Factor
'Game Factor' 4 days ago
There will be a kid who buys this and plays only Minecraft on it.
Anderson David
'Anderson David' 4 days ago
isso existe mesmo.
Lee Sin, the Blind Monk
This is stupid. Suuuuuper stupid. Very impractical. I love it, I want one.
ADC Main
'ADC Main' 4 days ago
It would be much better if you could build a gaming PC for 9,000 Dollars
'JC!AwesomenesS!' 5 days ago
"Someone might just walk of with this" No! Not again!
'Luna' 5 days ago
for that price, it better do my tax
Good Guy
'Good Guy' 5 days ago
windows 8 lol. get with the program
Super Kulantro
'Super Kulantro' 5 days ago
Laptop? No thats portable desktop.
Sy An Nguyen
'Sy An Nguyen' 5 days ago
who would even buy this shit
Foysal Zami
'Foysal Zami' 5 days ago
it kills with money...9000$..oh my me with holly's will never come in my dream also for overcost.lolz
Romick Vieira
'Romick Vieira' 5 days ago
U dont need anything else, well why dont you get out and go have fun alone?? shut up. fking whores, be a hoe, but dont lie.
Romick Vieira
'Romick Vieira' 5 days ago
Its good but... you cant game for long without plugging it in... some guys like taking their pc around, but... for the price ud get the same hardware and a bigger screen, more comfy setup imo. but thats just me, i dont like laptops. And i would have no reason to get one cuz i dont leave home, much less carry my oc around. LOL for 9k?? so 2k on gpus, 1k 4k screen or 3440x1400 100hz screen LOL, 1k on watercooling - thats 4k... still 5 to go... well... spend 1k on cpu... still 4k to go around... 2k on rest of the pc... still have 2k left. so paying 2k more for portability lets say...
Roberto Margiasso
'Roberto Margiasso' 5 days ago
0:51 hahahahahhaha
Aravindh Dnivara
'Aravindh Dnivara' 5 days ago
i want join with u your great
Donald Kam
'Donald Kam' 5 days ago
I like this one as I am always running three programs at the same time to do my job.
Jamal Aledwan
'Jamal Aledwan' 5 days ago
why creating such a thing for 9000$ ? i just wanna ask WHY?
AwesomePela GT
'AwesomePela GT' 5 days ago
I saw 10,000$ pc and it was like 1 tb of memory I decided buy it BUT when i see this Battery life: 3 mins max i quit
'VykingHD' 7 days ago
be careful who you call ugly in middle-school.
Vito Corleone
'Vito Corleone' 7 days ago
9000 dollar for one notebook? After 3 years is hold!
'TDKNdany//DanyTES' 1 week ago
Next meme of the internet...
Living Cats
'Living Cats' 1 week ago
"Get a PC"
francisco andrews
'francisco andrews' 1 week ago
observer course strength act advance dad herb metal adult
Lubos Handzak
'Lubos Handzak' 1 week ago
really overpriced ....
'SamIsBae' 1 week ago
But will it be more resistant than the legendary Nokia 3310?
'FoResT' 1 week ago
Zengin Orosbu Çocuğu
Trap boi
'Trap boi' 1 week ago
I do agree they could of put a desktop chip in there but if you are going to put a desktop chip in there YOLO it and but a desktop board in there and become the first LEGIT all in one.
Robert Rosenberger
why not carry yor desktop on your back?
Kjosh 034
'Kjosh 034' 1 week ago
its a beast!!!
Digital Infotainment
Mother of Laptops !! :O
Sapphire Jasper
'Sapphire Jasper' 2 weeks ago
If there is one thing probably not known to all even if you want to spend this money: this laptop is a disposable BGA (2 GPUs and CPU soldered on board). For such an extremely large device, a BGA motherboard and soldered core components is ridiculous. BGA boards are something you find in thin laptops (such as Razer Blade, MacBooks or MSI G Stealth) which isn't the case here. So is it worth the money? No. Because if any of the GPUs or if the CPUs die, your whole board is trash and spending money to replace it will be the cost of another 2 GPUs, CPU and motherboard when this goes out of warranty. So for $9000 to buy this laptop? I would say, stay away. I understand that building a desktop is better, but this is a warning for mobile gamers out there (I am a mobile gamer myself too.) This laptop has decent innovation but poor engineering.
Lancelot Xavier
'Lancelot Xavier' 2 weeks ago
Stupid design ... Should have gone with Xeon and Quadro. Should be a dedicated trackpad. $9000 is way over priced for that configuration.
Julio Barragan
'Julio Barragan' 2 weeks ago
i have and 17x new and sucks im not sure if its the audio problem or video problem can you help me ? sounds like start frozen on any video or audio file
Thomas Gewecke
'Thomas Gewecke' 2 weeks ago
Has four usb c ports
Simon Byrgesen
'Simon Byrgesen' 2 weeks ago
acer predator is the best i have an acer predator desktop actully the best version thats EPIC
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 2 weeks ago
I would argue that you could take the parts of this "laptop" and put it in a desktop tower case
Johnny .Bravo
'Johnny .Bravo' 2 weeks ago
which is now a heap of old tech for $9,000.00. Please I bought a HP 20" for $1700 and does all that stupid thing does.
'logangarrison' 2 weeks ago
I wish somebody would do a giveaway.
'CorvetteCoonass' 2 weeks ago
For the amount of money you would paid for this you could build a system that can host multiple OSes, multiple GPUs, and have amazing LAN parties. Total waste of cash...
'Roryrayz' 2 weeks ago
You can really tell when Linus is excited
Rodney Brett
'Rodney Brett' 2 weeks ago
Finally, a laptop for Shaquille O'Neal's lap.
'SicanWarrior' 2 weeks ago
I would just carry my desktop for that size.
Navaneeth Sendhil
'Navaneeth Sendhil' 2 weeks ago
Lol the R in PREDATOR on the inside is missing
Manolo Miguel Valenzuela
you have a voice of a girl
Паша Madox
'Паша Madox' 2 weeks ago
i'd rather buy an used 2 doors mercedes e class 2011 for 9k$ than this fat overpriced laptop
Epoch The
'Epoch The' 2 weeks ago
I jizzed in my pants
Jeremy 25738
'Jeremy 25738' 2 weeks ago
if you have $9000 to afford this then just buy a desktop not a laptop
Nutter Natter
'Nutter Natter' 2 weeks ago
But it only has one screen...
SRYT StefanRistYT
'SRYT StefanRistYT' 2 weeks ago
03:46 PREDATO speaks for the quality
marter1234 gaming
'marter1234 gaming' 2 weeks ago
cool, whats the battery life?
'Zimba's Doom Corner' 2 weeks ago
Acer is OUT OF TOUCH with gamers. If I am running 1080's in SLI it isn't going to be at ANY 1080p resolution. I don't care if it's ultrawide or not.
'viksterRatz' 2 weeks ago
Any chance of them adding a heated cup holder & foot spa Ashtray & mini burger grill & beer pump next ?..
Erik Mattern
'Erik Mattern' 2 weeks ago
price is grossly inflated in proportion to the specs
'VOKE' 2 weeks ago
If someone got this they couldn't say they got a laptop because its portable
'bostonguy27' 2 weeks ago
This thing is the size of my iMac lol
asd man
'asd man' 2 weeks ago
when that thing is going to start iverheating it could heat uo an entire room
Brian Kang
'Brian Kang' 2 weeks ago
This and Project Valerie combined. I'm drooling.
Daniel Minelli
'Daniel Minelli' 2 weeks ago
That's fucking lit
Sanjay Sullivan
'Sanjay Sullivan' 2 weeks ago
just get a desktop
Omar Isayev
'Omar Isayev' 2 weeks ago
I will prefer to buy MSI GT 83 VR Titan SLI.
Альфа-АнаХронист Парадокс
МуДжик купи нормальный комп и не ипи лЮдям мозг!!!
Egan Rashad
'Egan Rashad' 2 weeks ago
Can it run Minecraft with lowest graphic?
Sander R.
'Sander R.' 2 weeks ago
And 3 years years later it's worth only $900..
Big Nig
'Big Nig' 2 weeks ago
'xray' 2 weeks ago
Rosalind - Alicia
'Rosalind - Alicia' 2 weeks ago
cant wait to get it and play space invaders
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